Nkemdiche active against Saints

Posted by Darren Urban on December 18, 2016 – 12:38 pm

The Cardinals had a lot of roster change this week with injuries and other moves impacting the roster, and that includes the inactive list against the Saints. Coach Bruce Arians praised the practice work of first-round pick Robert Nkemdiche, and now Nkemdiche will be active against New Orleans. I’m sure he’ll have to show some things today and in practice to remain active every week the rest of the way, but it’s a good sign, and Nkemdiche could use some momentum heading into the offseason.

Young wide receiver and local product Marquis Bundy is also active, for the first time. As expected, tight end Jermaine Gresham, safety Tyrann Mathieu and wide receiver John Brown are also playing. The full inactive list:

— QB Zac Dysert

— WR Jeremy Ross

— CB Tharold Simon

— DT Olsen Pierre

— T D.J. Humphries (concussion)

— DT Xavier Williams

— DT Ed Stinson

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7 Responses to “Nkemdiche active against Saints”

  1. By Robert on Dec 18, 2016 | Reply

    game means nothing..brings back bad memories of all those worthless December games than means nothing..they never recovered from last years blow out vs panthers. This whole season has been a disaster…Nothing good..resigning Bethel, Honey Badger, Mathis, terrible draft picks, and i think terrible coaching by BA.Very predicable play calling. Kept the punter and cut our 5th round draft pick, now cut the punter. Weird, as if the last few years never happened and we are back to same old cardinals..

  2. By Scott H on Dec 18, 2016 | Reply

    RE: Nkemdiche active

    Yeah? ’bout friggin time. Who knows what he will come to be going forward……but right now? A major disappointment and another first round bust. Another poster child for what is wrong has gone wrong with this team. Or….maybe instead of a poster child, what we need is a MT Rushmore for the 2016 season. And my four faces are –

    Carson Palmer
    Michael Floyd
    Drew Butler
    Robert Nkemdiche

    I strongly considered Steve Keim in place of Carson Palmer but, really, I don’t even care enough to bother to think it through. How sad is that??

  3. By creditcard on Dec 18, 2016 | Reply


    Chandler Jones is having a heck of a game … no tackles in he 1st half. He checked out several weeks ago.

  4. By kevintobeygop on Dec 18, 2016 | Reply

    wow good fans.1 Bad year and ready to throw under the bus our players and coaches,I see Carolina needs to do the same bad QB and bad coach never the same after beating us lol get a life people we have had great seasons and one bad. I stand behind my Cardinals. Go Cardinals. Still laughing at ones saying our coach needs to go and ect lmao

  5. By Big Ken on Dec 18, 2016 | Reply

    Dump Chandler, keep Calis

  6. By CARDS62 on Dec 18, 2016 | Reply

    This is just not our year now is it Cardinal fans.

    This could have been Carson Palmer’s best game of the year. Leads us on an opening drive TD, and brings us back couple of times without throwing any interceptions. Our offense scores 5 TDs while only having the ball 23 minutes.
    David Johnson breaks several records, plays great, and we do not overuse him.
    Our depleted oline plays a heck of a game.
    If you would have told me we scored 41 points and Carson has no turnovers I would have told you we win this game 41-24 or 41-17 based on the way the Saints offense has been playing.

    My top five defense plays like a bottom 5 defense today. I do not think we could have covered Brandon Cooks if we were allowed to have 13 players on defense. Our two WR fumbles of course hurt a lot as did Bethal being off sides on the FG from our 7 yard line, and the roughing the passer penalty on us when we sacked Brees late in the game, but man I have to put this one squarely on the defense. Could not get off the field and Saints have the ball for 37 minutes. Just so bad in all areas.

    Now we have to play Seattle in their house in 6 days and they are allowed an extra 3 days to plan and rest/heal up for the game. We did it to ourselves this year, but NFL schedule has not helped either.

    Guys I truly believe we bounce back next year as long as we have Palmer, Fitz, and Arians. I am also hoping we can keep the big guy CC next year.

    Question for all of you. Taking every thing into consideration including their ages and health issues, if you can only have one of them back next year who would it be? Chandler Jones or C. Campbell

    Go Cards beat those Seahawks!

  7. By clssylssy on Dec 19, 2016 | Reply

    Beat the Seahawks? With this defense we won’t even beat the Rams! Clearly, we weren’t playing up to our ability and our secondary was either asleep-at-the-wheel or falling all over themselves–pathetic.
    I knew this was going to be a trap game and the Saints were better than their record, who have been getting better, (while we were not paying attention, consumed with our own “issues”) and have thrown in the towel with the only guys left playing are the ones who will be looking for work anyway. Still, I was hopeful that our LSU guys would have enough personal pride to live up to their reputations (and pay grade) and allow us to prevail.
    Unless we do some serious house cleaning, there is nothing to suggest that next season will be any different from this one, or sooooo many others we’ve seen replayed year after year, only with new actors in the starring roles.
    Keim has been in the organization for fifteen years without learning the job at a level that will ensure success. He is not going to develop an eye for talent, or become some Draft ace if he hasn’t learned to do it already and the President tries to be a football guy but just doesn’t get it. I don’t put the blame all on BA, as he has only been able to work with what he’s given and allowed by the non-football “managers”. Nonetheless, there is enough blame to go around the front office.
    As far as choosing between Chandler Jones and Calais, not even a contest. Calais has demonstrated his leadership and loyalty to this team with a positive record for long enough that, while maybe not having the numbers, he will be a loss to the team. Chandler Jones has not shown me anything in the time he’s been here, certainly has not been the “impact player” advertised, and comes with
    an even sketchier off field background than Daryl Washington, Bobbie Massie, Alex Okefor, and Mike Floyd, plus he wants rock star money! We are going to need veteran leadership and big bodies on the defense and the wise thing would be to attempt to reach an agreement with Calais that isn’t insulting…if he even wants to stay? I mean, really, we are a dumpster fire, and who in their right mind would actually CHOOSE to stay when it’s obvious that our players usually gain success only after leaving the Cards…ask Boldin, Hightower, DRC, Andre Roberts, Dansby, lol, even MATT BARKLEY!

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