Cardinals’ opponents set for 2017

Posted by Darren Urban on January 1, 2017 – 2:10 pm

It’s not exactly on par with the news that the Cardinals will play a game in London next season, but the opponents the Cards will play in 2017 is just about set. The only part left is Sunday night’s Packers-Lions game. The Cards will travel to play the loser of that game next season. UPDATE: The Packers beat the Lions, so the Cardinals will go to Detroit.

As always, the schedule is to be announced, although we know the London game will be either Week 7 or 8 (and will be followed by their 2017 bye). The full NFL schedule comes out in mid-April.


— Dallas Cowboys
— New York Giants
— Jacksonville Jaguars
— Tennessee Titans
— Tampa Bay Buccaneers
— Seattle Seahawks
— San Francisco 49ers
— Los Angeles Rams


— Philadelphia Eagles
— Washington Redskins
— Houston Texans
— Indianapolis Colts
— Detroit Lions
— Seattle Seahawks
— San Francisco 49ers
— Los Angeles Rams (in London)

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22 Responses to “Cardinals’ opponents set for 2017”

  1. By rod on Jan 1, 2017 | Reply

    I can tell by the replay. He’s done… Great going paying David Johnson. There was a thing a couple of weeks back should David go for the record or sit him. I voted for sit and got a bunch of thumbs down… How do you feel now ?


  2. By rod on Jan 1, 2017 | Reply

  3. By Victor on Jan 1, 2017 | Reply

    Rod, that’s football. Don’t like it, go watch tennis. David deserved to be out there and I’m sure there is no place he would have rather been today.

  4. By JohnnyBluenose on Jan 1, 2017 | Reply

    Next year’s schedule does not look too scary. It will look even better if we are playing Detroit indoors instead of Green Bay, especially if the game is played in December. Hoping for the Packers tonight. Also hoping David Johnson does not require surgery. It’s a shame that his injury today prevented him from establishing the record he was sure to achieve.

  5. By Tomasnomas on Jan 1, 2017 | Reply

    Hindsight regarding Johnson doesn’t fix Johnson now. Hope the meniscus tear is small, they can be lingering. I’m cheering for the Packers right now only because I don’t want to send our Cardinals to Lambeau Field in the middle of December to play in their god awful frozen tundra, which out to be outlawed. Go Cardinals in 2017. Can only hope for a Cowboys loss, no matter how ugly. We’ll need Carson and Larry, and David Johnson, and John Brown, and Tryronne, and……able bodied players.

  6. By vinma98 on Jan 1, 2017 | Reply


    Besides the division games, how do you know which non-division games the Cards will play? I’m curious.

  7. By Darren Urban on Jan 1, 2017 | Reply

    Vinma —

    RE: Division games

    I’m confused. All the opponents — in an out of the NFC West — are listed above.

  8. By Don on Jan 1, 2017 | Reply

    Really wish David could have lasted long enough to get his 100 yrds, know he wanted it and deserved it.

  9. By rod on Jan 2, 2017 | Reply

    Victor –

    I happen to enjoy tennis a lot so there! Face!

  10. By minton06hd on Jan 2, 2017 | Reply

    Vinma98, non-division opponents are rotated each year. The NFC West plays the East one year, the North the next year, the South the year after that. Same for the AFC division; it rotates each year with 4 games against one particular AFC division (South, West, North, East in order). With 6 division games, 4 games each against a designated NFC and AFC division that is predetermined, that makes a total of 14 games. The other two games come from playing one team that finishes in the same position as the Cardinals from each of the two NFC divisions that the West doesn’t play. So if the West plays the East, like in 2017, Arizona, who finished second in the West, plays the second-place team from both the North and South. If Arizona had finished third in the West, they’d play the third-place team in both the North and South.

  11. By clssylssy on Jan 2, 2017 | Reply

    Good to know DJ’s injury wasn’t as serious as it looked and nothing was torn. Sounds like he’ll still be ready to go for the ProBowl with Fitz and Pat. Unfortunate that he wasn’t able to finish the season and get the records that were within reach. Being the fierce competitor he is, I’m sure he wouldn’t have wanted to be sitting on the sidelines “playing it safe”. Unfortunately, RBs usually do have a relatively short self-life as we have seen with Chris Johnson, Marshawn Lynch, etc., and I’m happy that he was able to accomplish what he has within such a short period of time and looks to back next season still hungry and wiser.

  12. By Darren Urban on Jan 2, 2017 | Reply

    Clssy —

    RE: DJohnson/Pro Bowl

    I would be stunned at this point if Johnson played in the Pro Bowl.

  13. By clssylssy on Jan 2, 2017 | Reply

    Actually, I would too, but was just going with what Fitz said about “blocking for him in a few weeks in the ProBowl”. Just being positive…part of my goals for the New Year, lol! One can always hope for the best and begin 2017 on the up swing.

  14. By Adam Smith b1723 fka DTL on Jan 2, 2017 | Reply

    Manageable schedule. Seattle win set me up with optimism. All I can ask for, The draft, free agency just parties before we start practice.
    Go Cards, 2017 is here.

  15. By rod on Jan 2, 2017 | Reply

    All these thumbs down are hurting the one feeling I had left, so STOP IT !!

  16. By clssylssy on Jan 2, 2017 | Reply

    And…according to his interview onTwitter…David Johnson will not be playing in the ProBowl, has six to eight weeks for his injury to heal.

  17. By joe holst on Jan 2, 2017 | Reply

    Several passing teams on the road, they are going to want to load up on defense and o-lineman

  18. By krehbieo14 on Jan 2, 2017 | Reply

    Come on, grow up man. Why should any of us feel shame about anything? Why is David Johnson done? Why should he not be paid? David wanted to play to help the team and set new records, so why not? His injury is not serious. Good news right? Lets move on and enjoy the new year!

  19. By clssylssy on Jan 3, 2017 | Reply

    Aww geez, I HATE playing in Philly. And, we’re going to have to get over our “time travel issues” East, as I can see four built-in losses based on our time issues alone!

  20. By clssylssy on Jan 4, 2017 | Reply

    Another year, I would hope that we could win all of our home games. For most teams that is considered “home field advantage” and a sort of gimme. We won the Division by a game over the Seahawks and if we could have, at least won our home games, or even played as well at home as we did against our division rivals, it would have been a totally different outcome and we would be going to the playoffs. All we needed was to get our foot in the door, and I believe we are better than some of the teams who did get in, and we would have been on our way. We had the stats, the records, just lacked the wins:(

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