Warner named Hall of Fame finalist again

Posted by Darren Urban on January 3, 2017 – 6:48 pm

The Hall of Fame announced their 2017 finalists Tuesday, and once again, former Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner has made the list. It’s not a surprise — Warner was close to making the Hall of Fame last year and it is expected to be just a matter of time before he is voted in. This is the third time Warner has made the final 15.

Warner isn’t the only one with Cardinals ties to make the fine 15. One-time Cardinals guard Alan Fanaca and former coach Don Coyrell also are on the list, as both were last year. Former Cardinals running back Edgerrin James, who was in the final 15 last year, didn’t make the cut. The full list:

— Safety Brian Dawkins
— Defensive end Jason Taylor
— Running back LaDainian Tomlinson
— Kicker Morten Andersen
— Coach Don Coryell
— Quarterback Kurt Warner
— Wide receiver Isaac Bruce
— Running back Terrell Davis
— Wide receiver Terrell Owens
— Tackle Tony Boselli
— Guard Alan Faneca
— Tackle Joe Jacoby
— Cornerback Ty Law
— Safety John Lynch
— Center Kevin Mawae

Warner has said he would be patient with the process. The vote occurs Feb. 4, the day before the Super Bowl. The 15 will be whittled to a list of 10, and then as many as five — plus the possibility of the Seniors committee possibility, safety Kenny Easley, and contributors committee nominees Jerry Jones, the Cowboys owner, and former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue.

“It’s always an honor. … Now you go into it and you appreciate the process, but you feel more than you’re not a Hall of Famer until you actually get the call,” Warner told NFL Network.


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33 Responses to “Warner named Hall of Fame finalist again”

  1. By JTDG on Jan 3, 2017 | Reply

    Could you imagine having these guys on the same team?

    An Oline with Jacoby and Boselli at Tackles, Fanica at guard and Mawae at center.
    you go with a two back system of LT and TD, and put Warner at QB throwing to Bruce and TO with Coryell drawing up the plays.

    and let me tell you, receivers going over the middle would have lots of aligator arms with Lynch and Dawkins at safeties.

    Not a bad team.

  2. By CardsNation on Jan 3, 2017 | Reply

    This is what Steve Keim should do for the draft:

    No QB in the first round. Why? 1. He wont be the starter. 2. I don’t like any QB in this draft, wait for next year. 3. Carson Palmer will have a good offensive line and he will be the 2015 Palmer again. He was under pressure and sacked so many times this year but he still posted 4000+ yards, 26TDS, 14 Ints and 61% completion rate (He was forced to throw away for many times). That’s better than average.

    WR Mike William from Clemson or ILB Reuben Foster Alabama in the first round. I love Mike William, he even looks a little bit like Larry Fitz. I believe he will be a hall of famer in the future. The Cardinals must draft guard Dan Feeney in the second round, this guy will fix our offensive line issue.

    Wait for the combine…

  3. By CardsNation on Jan 3, 2017 | Reply

    IF they do consider to draft a QB this year. Trade up in the early second round and get Patrick Mahomes. But I think Dan Feeney will be a better pick. Many QBs will fall to the second round because no one needs a QB after the Cardinals draft their player in the first round. It;s also possible that the 49ers, Bills, and the Jets won’t draft a QB in the first round. And that left with the Browns and the Bears.

  4. By faster on Jan 4, 2017 | Reply

    fingers crossed for warner, it`s time for him.

    and happy for another ex card, floyd played well last sunday, i wish him a lot of success in NE.

    by the way, there was a hillarious comment about him, about his bloodalcohol level,
    ” …been arrested for being passed out in a vehicle because a fifth of … blood was alcohol ….”
    i thought, with this amount of alcohol he would be a perfect fit to new england, no frost protection needed :-).

  5. By JTDG on Jan 4, 2017 | Reply


    Glad to see you coming around to my side. Mike Williams might not be there at 13, but if he is, he is an easy target. Best receiver in the draft.

  6. By Dynosoar on Jan 4, 2017 | Reply

    I cannot see the 49ers passing on a QB. I just don’t see them keeping Kap. I could be wrong, but the 49ers were dominant for many years until the front office and Harbaugh had their split. I feel if Chip could’ve had a team without the controversial (not saying right or wrong, but definitely controversial) Kap on the team, they’d have done better. Kap is a cancer to the team.

    I recall watching him after a loss to us in the 2015 season and in the interview he was wearing BIG headphones and was hardly paying attention. He just exuded “I don’t care.”

    Personally, I feel the whole kneeling movement is wrong. Others do not. His team suffered.

    The 49ers pick a Qb in the first round.

    I like the idea of picking a WR or ILB in the first round. Two positions that we can use. How about a punter in any round? Or do we finally have one?

  7. By Dynosoar on Jan 4, 2017 | Reply

    Kurt Warner took two teams who hadn’t sniffed the playoffs to the Super Bowl, winning one of them. Then after his departure, both teams were again only sniffing the playoffs.

    He transformed two teams into playoff caliber and went to the Super Bowl with them the times.

    Larry Fitzgerald said he took him aside and asked “are you going to be great or the best?” And Larry said it changed his entire perspective. That is from the Kurt Warner Football Life episode.

    He holds the 1st, 2nd & 3rd most passing yards in SB History. He had a game throwing more touchdowns than incompletions.

    Please tell me how he’s not in the Hall of Fame already? TO may have gaudy stats, but he’s no Warner. Not even close.

    Kurt Warner transformed teams. He made those around him better. Isn’t that what a Hall of Famer is? How did Brett Favre get in first? I don’t get it.

  8. By faster on Jan 4, 2017 | Reply

    @dynosoar, kurt warner is not a member of the manning mafia, and tehrefore he is not worth a first year ballot for the HOF. maybe it will be easier with the second year ballot.

    about the draft, it`s a bit early, isn`t it? but nevertheless, i would not draft a QB, neither in the first round nor in the last, i would draft two fitz clones, two PP clones, a CC clone, a freeney clone and a david johnson clone, and maybe a frostee rucker clone, if he leaves.

    and try to get a good QB and a good punter (how is our actual punter wile doing in the numbers?) in free agency.

    so, trade down, if possible, as much as possible, get as much picks as possible, and add healthy clones 🙂

  9. By faster on Jan 4, 2017 | Reply

    well, that was quick, my wish for a punter in FA got fullfilled. richie leone should be our new competitor with wile for the punter.
    looks like keim is takling the next season early and very serious 🙂

  10. By Dynosoar on Jan 4, 2017 | Reply


    Warner’s going for his third year ballot. Hope it’s easier and you’re correct, he’s not part of the Manning OR Favre fan clubs.

    I’m not sure I’d take a QB this draft, but I do believe San Fran will. I like Josh Dobbs from Tennessee, but I’m not sure how well he’ll do in the NFL.

    Too many questions, sure wish we still had several weeks to play.

  11. By D on Jan 4, 2017 | Reply

    Two nuggets of Info in case you all missed it recently…BA has stated:
    1- First Round Draft pick most likely won’t be a WR ( guessing that may change if Larry the Legend hangs it up)

    2- Mr. D. Bucannon will be staying at LB.

    Early Draft Guess-

    I don’t see a QB worth taking at #13 in the First Round.
    If R. Foster is taken before AZ (Saints make sense) then I
    would be okay with the following:

    Round 1- Best CB available. I would think and like C. Tankersley from Clemson
    Round 2- J. Davis ILB FL- he would be great next to Bucannon. Cards will still need to bring back either S. Moore or Minter as insurance.
    Round 3- J. Chesson WR. Michigan Big Body WR.
    Round 4- D. Johnson G. Pitt.

    If Mr. Keim can fit both Campbell and Jones under the cap along with Swearinger, Cap space will be tight, young players will need to step up next year. Or Jones and Jefferson, won’t leave much room for other Vet Free agents. The future QB may have to wait until next draft, or develop a Z. Dysert or sign a M. Glennon who probably wouldn’t sign here because of Stanton..

  12. By Scott H on Jan 4, 2017 | Reply

    What Warner did during his career stands on its own. Though he may not be adored by the media quite to the extent as Manning or Favre, he is no less deserving of HOF enshrinement. I’m not surprised he didn’t go in in his first year of eligibility but he should NOT be snubbed this time around. He is a HOF player and there should be no more delay in putting him there.

    Am wondering who will introduce him….Dick Vermeil, perhaps? That is my first guess.

    Don Coryell was the Cards coach when I first became a fan in the mid 70’s but I scarely remember him. I remember many of the players from that time much better. I remember it was kinda ugly at the end for him….we were the only the 2nd team to lose to the lowly Buccs in their 2nd season ( I think ) and if memory serves, that was toward the end of the season that got him fired.

    Geez, I also remember that that was the beginning of a miserable stretch that didn’t end until Jake Plummer came along and they made the playoffs in 1998. That was a LONG time, and I salute anyone who endured those years with me! I know some of you did.

    Anyway, he did have some great years with the Cardinals in the early-mid 70’s, so it would be cool to see him get in.

  13. By georgiebird on Jan 4, 2017 | Reply

    Too bad Cards’ defense let him down in SBXLIII. Otherwise, with 2 X SBs, Warner would be a shoe-in.

  14. By georgiebird on Jan 4, 2017 | Reply

    @ Scott
    Don’t know if Coryell was fired or got a nice deal from the Chargers. He was a West coast guy and coached at SDSU.
    Coryell was an innovator in the passing game but never won a playoff game with the Cards and was 3-4 in playoffs with the Chargers.
    Coryell gets in as an innovator- although he had some nice regular season records.
    2nd best Cards HC after BA.

  15. By NYCardinals on Jan 4, 2017 | Reply

    Hey Darren,

    I was just reading over your chat, and I saw a jerky comment from NYCcardsfan.


    Also, just wanted to add that I do appreciate your quality insight. (not like you were sitting up at night worrying about this, just wanted to reiterate)

  16. By Darren Urban on Jan 5, 2017 | Reply

    NYCardinals —

    RE: Chat question

    No worries.

  17. By clssylssy on Jan 5, 2017 | Reply

    The thing about drafting a QB is, I have to wonder when the last time was that we drafted a QB that turned out to be a guy who could lead this team to the playoffs…Jake Plummer back in the mid 90″s ? And, who do we have to develop a talent, say we get “that guy”? BA isn’t as patient as he was when Big Ben first came out and seems to not see his role these days as a teacher, but, more a General in questionable health. (I base this on statements he made following the LA game that there were health things he needed to take care of in the next few months and also his tendency this year to expect the veterans to take care of everything within the team and the guys to take care of things themselves). Tom Moore has been a gift but is getting up there in years and we don’t know what Harold Goodwin’s future may be, if he gets a HC gig, we’ll likely be left with another “project coach” who’ll be more concerned with learning the Arians offense and the job itself, than molding a franchise QB. There is always the possibility that the Cardinals may be looking at a new HC in another year and then will that person want his own guy, a la Matt Leinert?
    We’ve had guys come and go without doing much with them, although Matt Barkley did get the opportunity to start in Chicago, after he left the Cards and received some good reviews by Chicago standards,(doubtful he’ll be starting next season though after Cutler’s return). Still, have to wonder if he would have ever been even a potential interim replacement had we put more into the effort.
    By all accounts, this draft class isn’t rich with material and most aren’t going to be ready for the NFL anyway, so I’m wondering just why so many believe we can get our franchise QB in this draft, and, if perhaps they aren’t a little unrealistic given our circumstances; this isn’t a one size fits all league.
    I agree we need to begin looking for Palmer’s replacement but, given the realities of things like CBA training restrictions, roster size, our current roster structure (I don’t see us bumping Stanton to a #3 position so a new guy can get reps etc.) just what are the odds this will can be accomplished? Thoughts anyone??? JTDG? Creditcard? Mitchaz? Dyno? Scott? Cardsnation…anyone, anyone?

  18. By faster on Jan 5, 2017 | Reply

    right, warner is on his third ballot, how the time flies.

    sbout a drafted qb, i see the risk reward at the moment to low. better to trade for one. the best at the moment would be stafford, but he would be exceptionally expensive. kaepernick has his pros and contras, but he is bound for new york. romo is to risky, health. that leaves garopolo and moore, maybe garopolo could be traded for a sensible price.
    but maybe we should wait a year, and see how the qb situation in minesota develops, bradford played a nice season. and gamble with a compensatory sixth round pick for a brady clone?

  19. By Scott H on Jan 5, 2017 | Reply

    georgiebird –

    RE: Coryell

    I can’t tell ya I remember for sure but I’m almost positive he was fired by the Cardinals, then landed in San Diego. Wait, hold on a minute….

  20. By Scott H on Jan 5, 2017 | Reply

    Darren –

    RE: Coryell

    Can you verify for us, was Coryell fired from the Cards HC job? I say he was, but….hard to be sure about something from that long ago.

  21. By Darren Urban on Jan 6, 2017 | Reply

    Scott H —

    RE: Coryell

    The things I find say he left, upset with how the team was run, and went to the Chargers.

    UPDATE: Found this in SI from Feb. 20, 1978: “Last Friday, two months to the day from Coryell’s outburst, the Cardinals patched up one of their leaks by announcing that through a ‘mutual agreement’ between Coryell and and team owner Bill Bidwill, Coryell would no longer be the coach.”

  22. By Richard S on Jan 5, 2017 | Reply

    Don Coryell brings back pleasant memories. He brought life back to the Cardinals with walk on undrafted quarterback Jim Hart and the Senior Terry Metcalf. I think Dobler and Dierdorf were on that team too. Metcalf was very elusive but held the ball out away from his body when he was making cuts that drove everyone crazy. Some kind of disagreement between the ownership and the coach eventually led to him leaving for San Diego if my memory serves me right, maybe whether to resign Metcalf or not? I can’t recall the details. They were a few good years though and when I google Coryell’s name I see he was signed to be the Cardinals coach due to an unsolicited letter. Interesting history that kept me a Cardinal fan even though I had moved to California. It was a long drought after that before the Cards became a team to watch. I remember seeing the Cards scheduled on local TV thinking I’d see them but the network would always seem to find a more interesting game and switch the coverage. Then the VCR was invented (Dad would send me the games and I’d watch a few days later) and then satellite TV allowing viewing different games to be seen.

  23. By texascard on Jan 5, 2017 | Reply

    D. Or anyone who heard it
    What did ba say about not drafting a 1st rd wr? Specifically. I didnt hear it. Radio reception of cardinal brodcasting network not good here.

    Qb conundrum. It seems like kind of an unstated rule. New coach picks his qb. Is that the future. I dont know but if it is then we are years away from the next solid qb situation after this one retires.

  24. By Darren Urban on Jan 6, 2017 | Reply

    texas —

    RE: No WR in first-round

    Arians said it in his season-ending presser.

  25. By CardsNation on Jan 5, 2017 | Reply


    As I said, I don’t get why people are talking trash at Carson Palmer when he posted

    4,233 yards
    26 TDS
    14 INTs

    He was under pressure a lot and forced him to throw away, otherwise, his completion rate will be higher and he will definitely throw fewer ints. Now, you’re gonna say we need to fix the offensive line, but we have the same situation as drafting a QB, we don’t draft a great one.

    Matt Barkley, on the other hand, did pretty well in the first two weeks but then choked– an interception machine.

    2017 NFL draft, I have my eyes on Patrick Mahomes if they do decide to draft a QB, most likely an early second rounder so they have to trade up to get him. His status is amazing. But he looks like Jonny Manziel that kind of guy, so… Then you look at Carson Palmer, one of the most handsome QBs in my mind. Not sure about him.

    Many experts expected the Cardinals to draft DeShone Kizer in the first round, I know he is a bust and he will be a bust.

    Mitch Trubisky will be drafted before the Cardinals and I don’t expect them to trade up to draft a QB.

    Deshaun Watson is super inconsistent and struggled against the big schools. I think he will be an interception machine in NFL.

    Overall, it’s too early to say anything until the combine.

    ***Mike Williams and Dan Feeney. Remember their names, they will have a bright future. The Cardinals need to have their eyes on Dan Feeney in the second round because he will be one of the best OG in NFL.

  26. By dynosoar on Jan 5, 2017 | Reply


    I don’t know if we can get a franchise QB in this draft. I see QBs drafted all the time and it just seems like a position that is difficult to become elite at. So much is expected of the position these days. We are blessed to have had Warner and now have Palmer, but you’re correct, neither were drafted by us.

    Maybe we need to find that veteran, but we’ve tried that rout as well to no avail. I like Josh Dobbs from Tennessee, but his accuracy is abysmal. If he fixes his accuracy, he’ll do very well in this league, if not, he’ll last a few years.

    Unfortunately, outside of Tennessee and their opponents I really don’t watch much college ball. So I will echo your last thought… anyone? anyone?

  27. By mitchaz on Jan 6, 2017 | Reply


    You ask a great question about Stanton. If the Cardinals draft a QB in the first 3 rounds, it would not make sense to give Stanton all the #2 reps and thus relegate the rookie QB to scout team QB.

    Were Steve Keim to sign Mike Glennon as Carson Palmer’s successor, then it would behoove the team to trade or release Stanton. Again, they would be foolish to sign Glennon and relegate him to #3 QB.

    If Bill Belichick were running the show in AZ, Stanton would not be on the roister. Belichick would be grooming a young QB as #2 and he wouldn’t be using up $4M of cap space on a backup veteran QB. Belichick’a answer to your question would be crystal clear.

  28. By Christian on Jan 6, 2017 | Reply


    Re: QB

    I agree that this is probably not the year to find a QB, but I also don’t think it could hurt to try. As Keim said when he first got the job, these picks are like lottery tickets. You have to be willing to take your shots. They do need to be more patient with whoever they choose, though.

    Despite this, the Cards appear to have been correct on everyone they dropped so far. Thomas is nowhere to be found. Barkley became a turnover machine at the end of the season. And I just don’t see Dysert as the guy (I think that’s how you spell his name).

    Unfortunately, any QB we pick over the next two seasons will likely be our last shot at Palmer’s replacement before Palmer leaves. Stanton will get his shot as the bridge (which I think he deserves), but the new kid will have to be ready fairly soon.

  29. By Scott H on Jan 6, 2017 | Reply

    Darren –

    Wow, thanks for looking into that. Sounds to me like it it was a situation that had become that he could either “agree” to leave or he was gonna be fired. I DO remember that something kinda ugly had happened with Coryell at the end of that season. That little nugget you provided refers to an “outburst”, so…. I guess that was it. And it probably was ugly.

    But looking at what he did with the Chargers, ya can’t say the man didn’t have something to offer.

    Can you verify something else for me? Totally from memory – I didn’t look anything up – I believe the coach who directly followed Coryell was Bud Wilkinson….yes? Personality-wise, he was quite different from Coryell. Which would have made sense….guess they didn’t want any more outbursts.

    Georgiebird, you following this? Looks like we were both kinda in the ballpark.

  30. By Darren Urban on Jan 7, 2017 | Reply

    Scott H —

    RE: Coaches

    Yes, Bud Wilkinson was next.

  31. By Michael E on Jan 6, 2017 | Reply

    BA has also stated that people shouldn’t believe anything he says in regards to the draft

  32. By dynosoar on Jan 7, 2017 | Reply


    here’s a bone for I’ll throw your way.

    Derek Barnet, Tennessee, 6’3″, 265, broke Reggie White’s four year sack record in 3 years. I understand he’s playing his Senior season, so he’s someone for the 2018 draft. We’ll never sniff him as we’ll be too far down the draft list.


    clssy, nice discussion you got going.

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