Resetting the Daryl Washington info

Posted by Darren Urban on January 9, 2017 – 4:20 pm

It’s about that time of year, that time when I get a bunch of Daryl Washington questions (and I have been, pretty consistently, since the end of the season on various platforms). Now Mike Jurecki has gotten a response from the suspended linebacker — albeit brief — with Washington telling Jurecki he has optimism the NFL will reinstate him for 2017. (That doesn’t necessarily mean he’s applied or will apply. We will see.) It does mean more questions coming my way about D-Wash. So this is as good a time as any to lay out (again) what I know/think:

— After missing three full seasons of NFL play, there’s no reason to think Washington — who will turn 31 in early October — will be reinstated. His was an indefinite suspension. Most indefinite suspensions that are at least a year have ended by now if they are going to end. Washington’s, obviously, has not.

— There were good reasons the Cardinals didn’t release Washington from his contract even if they planned to move on from him. They wanted to look into the bonus money he had been paid and their options there. Plus, the bonus money that had been paid is a cap hit that the Cardinals didn’t want to foul up any single cap year. Suspended, Washington a) wasn’t getting any salary/costing any actual dollars and b) wasn’t taking up a roster spot. So it hasn’t been hurting the Cardinals to hold him in place.

— This would have been the final year of Washington’s contract, so this is the first year they could release him and not have it adversely impact the cap. This season, Washington is scheduled to count $2.5M against the cap whether he is released or suspended on the team.

— People ask me about these big cap hits Washington had, as seen on various sites that address NFL contracts. The cap hits were never going to be beyond his prorated bonus, because they always were taking into account salaries that Washington was never going to draw because he was suspended.

— It’s my understanding that Washington’s contract “tolled” on his suspension — essentially meaning his suspension suspended his contract as well — which means if Washington were to be reinstated, it would revert to his 2014 terms. That’d mean a $2.9M scheduled salary, and four years remaining on the deal.

— Not that it means much, because I feel confident in saying the Cards have moved on from Washington. I personally do not believe he is going to be reinstated.

OK. That’s my Washington post for the year, unless something happens. I know, famous last words.

Daryl Washington

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48 Responses to “Resetting the Daryl Washington info”

  1. By Matt on Jan 9, 2017 | Reply

    Hahaha good pic with you in the background

  2. By D on Jan 9, 2017 | Reply

    Getting off his couch after 3 years will only help one thing….his couch..

  3. By Marlin on Jan 9, 2017 | Reply

    let’s hope he does get reinstated and some other team wants to trade for him…. even a late round draft pick. long shot, but what the heck.

  4. By johnzy520 on Jan 9, 2017 | Reply

    I just don’t believe him anymore…Good luck Daryl, on all your adventures.

  5. By Carlo Milano on Jan 9, 2017 | Reply

    Give him another shot if he regrets his past actions
    Best linebacker on rhe roster, even at 50%

  6. By Mark on Jan 9, 2017 | Reply

    IF he can still play, let him play for us. Other players in the league have done worse. Could be cheap!

  7. By joe holst on Jan 9, 2017 | Reply

    He can go hang around with Aldon Smith and they can wait for something that is never going to happen-reinstatement.

  8. By CardsNation on Jan 9, 2017 | Reply

    Yes, Steve Keim is not that great of drafting players, but he does draft great players some time. The thing I love about Steve Keim is that he understands what to do. He knows what’s wrong and he knows how to fix it, that’s why I like him as a GM for the Cardinals. We have QB issue before he becomes the GM, we changed QB so many times just like the Browns this year. He fixed the issue in the first year by signing Carson Palmer and we went 10-6. Our pass rush ranked 20 last year and 9 of the sacks came from the packers game. He fixed the issue and this year we ranked first in sacks (48). The special team is a huge issue for the Cardinals this year. But our special team performs really well at the end of the season and we finally have a punter and Chandler Catanzaro is good as any kicker in the final two games. He also fixed the offensive line when the season begins

    DJ Humpries- Ready for the NFL and showed his talent as a first round pick
    Mike Iupati- one of the best guard
    AQ Shipley- a very consistent player
    Evan Mathis- Two times pro bowls, one of the best run blocking RG, won an SB with the Broncos。
    Jared Veldheer- one of the best LT.

    Our offensive line was great until multiple injuries, you can’t blame Keim for that. For those of you who blames Steve Keim on the season, I think you should reconsider.

  9. By NJAzCardsFan on Jan 9, 2017 | Reply

    D Wash… What a waste of talent. He has no one to blame except for himself….

  10. By birdsfan602 on Jan 9, 2017 | Reply

    Nice timing on posting the article, ha!

  11. By Don on Jan 9, 2017 | Reply

    Just when I was thinking this off season would end the DW questions for all time he starts the conversation going again. Darren you have my sympathy, I have been amazed at your patience with the DW questions. You didn’t do anything to make him mad did you? Hate to think he would start things up just so you could spend the next next year answering questions. 😉

  12. By CardsNation on Jan 9, 2017 | Reply

    I just hope that we don’t draft a QB in the first round. Please don’t, he’s gonna sit anyway and make no impact to the team and now we need immediate impact in order to reach the SB. I would say draft one next year or draft one in 4th or 5th round this year. Carson Palmer did good this year 26 TDs and 14ints over 61% completion and 4000+yards despite missing one game and was under pressure a lot and forced him to throw away, that’s pretty good numbers. Carson Palmer could help to develop a young QB next year.

    Draft *****Dan Freeney******* in the second round because he will make an immediate impact at RG. Then draft either Mike Williams or Rebun Foster in the first round. If both were taken, draft a CB. If both were not taken, draft Mike Williams. We still have a lot of ILB to work with. Go Cardinals, SB52!!!

  13. By JTDG on Jan 9, 2017 | Reply

    For those who doubt the pick of Mike Williams in round 1, I have one question, Did you see the championship game?

    Yes, I will agree he will be gone by pick 13, but remember I was talking of taking him back when we were looking at a pick in the top 10 when we had 3 games left.

    Unfortunately, unless we trade up, he is out of reach.

    I think Deshawn Watson just solidified himself as a top 5 pick. I think we will see him twice a year with the niners.

  14. By JTDG on Jan 9, 2017 | Reply


    A few blogs back you mention Barnett.

    The answer is yes, he is a huge talent. But unless you are going to let Chandler Jones walk, where are you playing him.

    For the first time since I can remember, the cards have two good edge rusher in Jones and Golden. So, this is so strange for me to say, in round one, we should pass on a stud OLB.

    I think it is simple. If you can not land Mike Williams, then, move down in the draft and look at a defensive or offensive lineman.

    I also wouldn’t be surprised to see the cards at 13 take a safety like Jamal Adams or even Jabril Peppers (who I think is a safety). I think CB seems like a logical pick depending on who is there. Humphrey or Tabor would be tough to pass on.

    So, that is a long way to say Barnett is a stud, but I really would not take him for the cards, instead, consider taking Williams, Peppers, Adams, Humphrey or Tabor or trade down and take an Oline or Dline man (there are several at the end of round one) . And most of all, don’t sleep on a late round TE like OJ Howard, Jake Butt or Jordon Leggett.

  15. By Scott H on Jan 10, 2017 | Reply

    Unfortunately, I had pretty much forgotten all about Washington…at least as far as him playing for the Cardinals was concerned. All that stuff with the numbers, what counts against the cap, etc, just makes my head hurt. All I can say is what a colossal waste. Just like Josh Gordon. A player that is / was capable of such greatness on the field, but…..just kept making the wrong choices.

  16. By LadyBird04 on Jan 10, 2017 | Reply

    I’m so sorry we are still on the DW watch.

    One other item, even once he IS reinstated, he will then face sanctions for the domestic violence issue. So, if/when he gets his act together regarding substance abuse, there will still be a multi-game suspension for the DV which happened while he was under this current suspension.

    I don’t know how the league will charge him because they changed the number of games suspensions DV engender AFTER he hit his girlfriend (see Ray Rice) so it could be the old suspension of 2 games or the new minimum of 4 games.

    Wish this story would come to an end once and for all. I hope he is getting his life together and wish him nothing but the best, but this story has been a cancer hanging over the team for far too many years.

  17. By Jacob Hewitt on Jan 10, 2017 | Reply

    Do u get on sidelines every cardinals game and did u put the pic of u behind Washington in the photo and did u know you were in it ha ha ha

  18. By Darren Urban on Jan 10, 2017 | Reply

    Jacob —

    RE: Sideline

    Yes, I am on the sideline for the end of every game.

  19. By Adam Smith b1723 fka DTL on Jan 10, 2017 | Reply

    Good read; torturous, absurd rules. Good Riddance #DWashedUp

  20. By Steve on Jan 10, 2017 | Reply

    JTDG: I wanted to ask you about Texas Tech QB Patrick Mahomes, I think he would be a good QB for the Cards to try and get in the 2nd round if they can’t get Trubisky in the 1st. What do you think of Mahomes as a potential replacement for Palmer?

  21. By Steve on Jan 10, 2017 | Reply

    Darren: Nice suit man, do you have your suits custom tailored or do you buy off the rack like the rest of us working stiffs?

  22. By Darren Urban on Jan 10, 2017 | Reply

    Steve —

    RE: Suits

    I’m a off-the-rack-and-then-tailored guy.

  23. By CardsNation on Jan 10, 2017 | Reply


    Don’t you think Corey Davis is a more consistent player? Three straight seasons with 1400+ receiving yards? No injury, I feel he is a safer pick, I don’t want a receiver like Kevin White. Alhough, I like Mike Williams, he will be pick by the Titians most likely, I’m expecting the Cardinals to pick Corey David because I’m sure he’ll be there at 13.

  24. By jkiest on Jan 10, 2017 | Reply

    D-wash can still ball and be elite he is fairly young and the time off will only help rest his let’s and avoided the beating of tackling rbs.idiots will always say move on and not give a guy a chance. I’m born and raised in phx and a die hard cards and suns fan that only want chips for my team he can help the cards greatly he’s well rested big strong and a really fast Lb .if I’m in charge we bring him in and resign him what else do we got to loose I’m positive he would have been on can newton ass last year in the NFC playoff game where we couldn’t even pinch or let alone tackle can///we can use d-wash he can still ball!

  25. By Darren Urban on Jan 10, 2017 | Reply

    Jkeist —

    RE: DWash

    How do you know he can still ball?

  26. By jkiest on Jan 10, 2017 | Reply

    By the way it very ignorant to keep a person from tier job especially when they been playing since 5years old and sacrifices everything for the game…yes domestic violence is not right for man and woman but everyone made bad choices so why do you still have your job! Keep it real if that’s the case no one would be in the NFL or NBA or employed period .where is the fairness and second chance america is supposedly known for ray rice had a clean criminal history until that unfortunate day and he lost everything that’s ludicrous ignorant and unfair!

  27. By rod on Jan 10, 2017 | Reply

    Darren –

    It’s almost like you miss us asking about this guy.

  28. By RagingREDBirds on Jan 10, 2017 | Reply

    D-Wash is like a girl that breaks your heart. First you want to fix it and make it work Next you accepted it and just get angry over why it did not work. Last you move on with the entire thing and get a new girl. I am sooo sick of D-Wash. Fans need to move on with it and stop hoping, wishing and being so bitter. The real question is…. do we want to resign Kevin Minter? He struggles in coverage and is more of a between the tackles guy over a true sideline to sideline backer. I like the guy, but in a 3-4 I want 100-125 tackles.. That Sio Moore kid start three games for the Cards off the streets and had 35 tackles

  29. By Jonathan on Jan 10, 2017 | Reply

    Thanks for the news Darren, you’re the best AZ has got! (And I like that Odegard kid when I say that)

  30. By jkiest on Jan 10, 2017 | Reply

    I just feel as an athlete myself ,which I didn’t make it to the pros by a long shot that you take pride in working out and staying ready this guy been playing his whole life and I’m positive if the cards said jump? Dwash will ask how hi! He knows its a chance he can get back on the field and it can come at anytime I just think after all the the work he put in he wouldnt let anything else stop him from being ready and in good enough shape to get all the way in actual football shape.I know Im in the gym 6-7 days a week lifting because the love and the athlete in me he has a lot more riding on his conditions including million… Lol……..I do miss y’all,your apart of the cards organization I like your input.

  31. By Aaron Yang on Jan 10, 2017 | Reply


    I know I’m not JTDG, but I want to express my opinion on this as well.

    I doubt that the Cardinals will draft a QB in the first or second round. It is possible that Patrick Mahomes is available in the third round. DeShone Kizer, Mitch Trubisky, and Deshaun Watson will be drafted before him and perhaps Davis Webb. Patrick Mahomes is good but I don’t expect the Cardinals to draft him until the third round if he is still there. Franchise QB is not our target in this draft. Instead, draft a tall and physical receiver like Mike William or Corey Davis in the first round. Then fix the RG issue by drafting Dan Feeny in the second round. All of them have the potential to start right away. If would be a steal if they draft him in the third round.

    If we draft him in the second round, then it would be another case that our top pick sits again, just like DJ and Nikmediche.

  32. By jkiest on Jan 10, 2017 | Reply

    I think we desperately need a good qb I don’t know if it will come in the draft but having coach Arian’s who does great with qbs I think kapernick can be salvaged. He was great before they let harboug go,I think with coach Arian’s he can get back to that level and be even better I love palmer but come on do we really wanna re visit the nightmares we did when warner retired! Heck no I know I don’t were right there man one of the best rb/receiver DJ. Decent wrs,defense is also above average and lead in some categories. We need a dual threat qb with a arm and legs that’s where the NFL has been going tom bradys and Manning’s are instinct now day we need kapernick or tyrod Taylor we need to get on board,tussle Wilson and can ain’t going no where…dbl negative and all. I love the cards but they don’t do what it takes to win spend my ney and get top notch players we could have gotten Vince Young. Instead we got Kevin kolb who’s he again. Let’s get on board. Dual threat qb in draft free agency or via trade that’s the only way were gonna win the chip we tried everything else palmer is just about it done after next year then were 5-11 again hell no! I can’t take it we need a chip I’m tired of not being able to say as got one. For 32 years my whole life.

  33. By dkerry5242 on Jan 10, 2017 | Reply

    Mike Williams would be a great addition to replace Fitz when he retires. He will be a front line player.

  34. By JTDG on Jan 10, 2017 | Reply


    Williams and Davis;

    It is unique and special when a WR wins the one on one battles even when he is covered. It is special for a guy to track the ball down the field, adjust his body and make a play on the ball. That is elite.

    To me, Mike Williams has that and with Corey Davis , I’m not sure. Williams did it against a 1st round corner last night, while Davis has made a living against Toledo.

    Now, Corey Davis looks the part and has great route running , good hands, a big frame. He beats his competition with his precise routes and getting separation.
    The only contested ball against decent competition I have seen him have is in the bowl game in the end zone where he got away with Offensive PI.

    So, everything looks good for Davis, but can he get separation against NFL CBs and if not, can he make plays on contested balls? That I do not know.

    So, the combine and workouts usually do not mean much. But his matters to me because I need to see if he can be a 4.45 guy or better. I also want to see him in a all star bowl game. I’m not sure if he is in the East West or Senior bowl, but that is a big week for him.

    Davis is a 1st rounder but 13? We will need more info.

  35. By JTDG on Jan 10, 2017 | Reply

    Steve ,


    Well, he can be deceiving as his stats are off the charts and at 6’3″ and 220, he has the size and arm strength.

    But then comes who he plays for. Texas Tech runs a run and shoot offense where QBs rarely go off of a first read and NEVER take a snap under the center.

    Why is that important? First, he will have to learn how to receive the ball under center, he will need to learn the footwork in dropping back, he will need to learn in play action passes, how to turn his back on a defense, then after the fake, turn back around and read a defense. That is huge.

    Just reading defenses and going to second and third options will be difficult. When he takes the ball, drops into a 7 step drop, will he have pocket presence to stand in and go through his progressions while a rush is all around him. He hasn’t faced that.

    It is difficult to project a guy like Mahomes because he hasn’t played in anything close to an NFL style offense. But his measureables and arm is there.
    Some one will fall in love with him and draft him too high. To me, third round is right, because of the risk.

    One other thing that none of us will get to know is how he does in interviews. Can he grasp pro concepts? Believe me, he will be working hard the next few months with a pro QB guru to help him. If the cards did take Mahomes in the 2nd, which is where I think he goes possibly, he will need to sit for at least a year, maybe two to grasp BAs offense and all he needs to do.

    So, to sum up, he is an unknown to everyone and someone a team will need to take a chance on to see if they strike gold or he never materializes.

  36. By scott on Jan 10, 2017 | Reply

    If D Wash gets reinstated we could use his size and speed at linebacker , if he still has it. Two things, the defensive backs this year had a tendency to play a few yards to deep against receivers and first downs were made too many times in front of them (note to our defensive backs coach). Also note to special teams coach and Pat Peterson, if you are going to return kicks and punts then do it! dont run out of bounds or slide feet first like a quarterback , try to run one back like you did as a rookie!!

  37. By dynosoar on Jan 10, 2017 | Reply

    JTDG, thanks

    Honestly if we got Barnett, I’d let Jones walk. Barnett’s got a lot more years left in him.

  38. By CardinalChris on Jan 11, 2017 | Reply

    I think that picture is just after the fatty he rolled the night before fell from between his fingers.

  39. By scott on Jan 12, 2017 | Reply

    Darren, what was your honest opinion about he way our DBS played when it was 10 yards to go and they stayed way off and continued to allow 10 yd passes completed in front of them. And what did you think of Patrick Peterson’s play at kick and punt returns , I really didnt like it and think he really could have done a lot better!I On the positives Carson is tough and very accurate.

  40. By Darren Urban on Jan 13, 2017 | Reply

    Scott —

    RE: DBs/PR

    There were time for sure when the DBs, especially Cooper, seemed to be too far off, but without knowing the scheme they were playing on that particular down, it’s dangerous to be laying blame in one place or the other. Certainly, I would understand, for instance, if Brandon Williams was gunshy about getting too close after the way he was burned early in the season.

    As for PP’s punt returns, right now it’s about securing the ball and not getting hurt above making a play. I do think they need to find a better PR option. Peterson didn’t return kickoffs.

  41. By scott on Jan 13, 2017 | Reply

    Darren , the reason I said Peterson returns kicks too is cuz with 2;44 to go in the Seattle game he was back for a kickoff return and slide feet first on purpose giving himself up when it looked like he had a lot of room on his right side ! And at that point in the game Seattle had momentum. I know its kind of a meaningless game for us but not, and , If we are afraid of Peterson getting hurt he should not even be returning punts or kickoffs . Anyway thanks for answering and your time and input!

  42. By hminus on Jan 14, 2017 | Reply

    Adam Smith,your right ABSURD RULES is what caused this problem…the domestic abuse is one thing,but jerking players around for smoking weed is a BIG mistake…hope they work this out in the new CBA in 2021…having Goodell as judge,jury & executioner has been a nitemare…

  43. By SeeingRed on Jan 15, 2017 | Reply

    Just hope he gets “right” for himself and goes on to lead a productive/happy life. You succeed and fail in life and he certainly did both in the NFL but it doesn’t have to define him forever. Made some good money too so don’t blow that D. Best wishes.

  44. By Robby on Apr 26, 2017 | Reply

    For 3 million I say we take a flyer on hikm tyhis year and cut him in camp if he is not even close to being on a roster…obviously odds are against hi m being good enough to play at age 31 almost 4 years out of league

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