McDonough gets second 49ers interview

Posted by Darren Urban on January 24, 2017 – 3:00 pm

The 49ers still don’t have a head coach, although it would seem to take an act of God at this point for Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan not to get the gig once his season is over. The 49ers also don’t have a general manager, but that all along has been something that multiple reports said need to go hand-in-hand with the head coach, and in this case, if Shanahan is the guy, then he will have a say in the GM.

That brings us to Cardinals vice president of player personnel Terry McDonough, who recently had an interview for San Francisco’s GM job and now is going to get a second interview. There were once many candidates for the GM job, but a host of possibilities have withdrawn from the process. It’s now (believed to be) down to two: McDonough and Vikings assistant GM George Paton. This round of interviews will be in Atlanta with Shanahan involved, as he also preps for next week’s Super Bowl.

What kind of time line this leaves is unknown. It seems likely (if Shanahan is the guy) that the 49ers just wait and make a package announcement after the Super Bowl. News seems likely to leak out before then, but either way, the Cardinals should know soon whether McDonough will be sticking around or instead become a second branch of the Steve Keim tree (after Jason Licht) to move on to a GM job out of the Cardinals’ front office.


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  1. By D on Jan 24, 2017 | Reply

    My Doomsday Offseason Check list
    (if both Larry and Mr. Palmer retire)

    The good news would be AZ would have More Cap Space!

    Resign: J. Gresham, DJ Swearinger, Franchise C. Jones, C. Johnson
    S. Moore, M. Cooper, AQ Shipley, and Catanzaro.

    New FA additions: K. Stills WR, John Hughes, DE and K. Zeitler RG
    Bring in competition for CatMan.

    Big $ would go to C. Jones, K. Stills and K. Zeitler.

    AZ still won’t have enough $ to afford C. Campbell and T. Jefferson.

    Trade the #1 and the 4th Round pick to NE for Jimmy Garoppolo, QB of the Future.

    Draft: Round 2- T. Kpassagnon DE Villanova
    Round 3- R. Douglas CB W. Virginia
    Round 5- Best Special team player available.

  2. By Wild Blue Yonder on Jan 24, 2017 | Reply

    If McDonough gets the 9ers’ GM job, who do you think will fill the vacancy from within? Or, do you think that Michael and Keim will go outside?

  3. By Darren Urban on Jan 25, 2017 | Reply

    Wild Blue —

    RE: McDonough

    Not sure. I think there are probably some internal candidates.

  4. By LadyBird04 on Jan 25, 2017 | Reply

    I’m torn between wishing McDonough the best of luck…and then wondering if SF is a good spot…I believe a GM should have the ability to choose his head coach. SF has been a cesspool of bad management decisions for the last 5-8 years – it all starts at the top – ownership. There was friction (to say the least) between Harbaugh and his GM that fractured causing Harbaugh to escape back to Michigan.

    I felt the same way when Bowles went to the Jets. I love the idea they are getting wonderful opportunities but neither team have stable/rational ownerships, fan bases or media let alone a functional player roster.

    In any event, I wish Terry the best for himself and his family. If he is offered and accepts the job, congratulations and good luck, he will be missed in the Cardinal organization.

  5. By mitchaz on Jan 25, 2017 | Reply

    Man, I sure hope that Terry McDonough to the 49ers doesn’t happen. Not only is McDonough a valuable asset as a personnel director and in helping to negotiate contracts, he has his hands all over the Cardinals’ off-season blueprint and with 19 UFAs ready to hit the market, McDonough would have the money and authority to cherry pick some of the Cardinals’ best free agents and to go after some of the Cardinals’ top UFA targets.

    With Steve Keim and Terry McDonough in house, Keim has been able to focus more on free agency because McDonough has emerged as a key figure in evaluating the draft. Keim’s handling of free agency has been his strength and McDonough’s influence on recent draft picks such as OLB Markus Golden, RB David Johnson and DE Rodney Gunter has been noteworthy.

    Would McDonough be inclined to bring one of the Cardinals’ promising young defensive coaches (Larry Foote, Brentson Buckner) with him as his defensive coordinator? The 49ers run the 3-4, so it would be a natural fit for Larry Foote, in particular. Foote’s extensive understanding of Dick Le Beau’s and Todd Bowles’ versions of the 34—as Foote was the play caller in the huddle in both systems—would make him an intriguing candidate.

    This Saturday the 49ers will be meeting in Atlanta with McDonough and Minnesota Asst. GM George Paton for a second time. The 49ers’ top choice for HC, Kyle Shanahan will be in the meetings and will likely have a strong say as to whom they hire as GM. An interesting dynamic will be in play here because, by all rights, Shanahan will want to be assured that he has a strong say in the addition and construction of the 49ers’ personnel. Would McDonough be willing to give Shanahan some or much of the personnel control?

    Some SF pundits are predicting that the 49ers might open up the GM search further (if neither McDonough or Paton emerges as the clear choice) once Shanahan is officially hired.

    McDonough has earned his chance. But it would be tough to see him go to the 49ers

  6. By Scott H on Jan 25, 2017 | Reply

    Ah, the price of being successful……can’t keep all your players and other teams come after your coaches and F/O people. But when you have the right people at the top, you tend to weather the storms.

    Of course, I say that now. If Fitz retires, I will be losing my damn mind and looking for the nearest bomb shelter.

    At least I haven’t lost my sense of humor! 🙂

  7. By Chad on Jan 25, 2017 | Reply

    I realize I might be in the minority, but what responsibilities does the VP of Player Personnel have? Is it like an assistant GM?

  8. By Darren Urban on Jan 25, 2017 | Reply

    Chad —

    RE: VP of player personnel

    Essentially. Oversees all the ready-lists the team has of available free agents, oversees the scouting staff.

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