Super Bowl doesn’t include Floyd

Posted by Darren Urban on February 5, 2017 – 4:24 pm

When the Cardinals released Michael Floyd in December, he was quickly claimed by the Patriots off waivers. It was noted by more than a few Floyd could end up benefiting greatly by making it too the Super Bowl. The Patriots, of course, are playing in the Super Bowl today. Floyd is in uniform — but only for warmups. Floyd is inactive for the game — Bill Belichick allowed all players to dress for warmups, even those inactive, just to allow them that experience.

Floyd didn’t play in the AFC Championship game either after being named inactive. He struggled in the lone playoff game he was in. Top Patriots beat writer Mike Reiss said it was a numbers game that kept Floyd from playing in the Super Bowl. He also said Floyd would like to re-sign with New England and that the Patriots have interest. We will see if that comes to pass — and also what market develops for Floyd after his rocky 2016 season.

UPDATE: But because Tom Brady is Tom Brady, Floyd did get a Super Bowl ring.

Michael Floyd

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15 Responses to “Super Bowl doesn’t include Floyd”

  1. By Scott H on Feb 5, 2017 | Reply

    Wait….a “numbers game” that kept Floyd from playing in this game?? What does that mean??? Why does that sound kinda fishy to me? It’s the SB. If you are one of the players that gives your team the best chance to win a SB, you are gonna be in uniform. Period. I can’t think of a numbers game that would change that.

    Keeping it real, Floyd played very poorly for the Cardinals this year. Then came a DUI ( even though he wasn’t really DRIVING, he was passed out behind the wheel ). Then came his release. Then came a lousy performance for the Pats in a divisional game. Then he is in-active for the AFC title game and the SB. Oh, but this is a numbers game? Yeah, I guess I can believe that if we’re talking about the numbers he HASN’T put up this season.

    No. Floyd isn’t active today because he hasn’t done anything to give the Pats a reason to believe he can help them in this game.

    Then again, after watching the first half….I’m not sure anyone can help the Patriots. The Falcons D looks awesome. Man, how bout Dwight Freeney? The Cardinals didn’t need him and now he looks like he might be holding up a Lombardi Trophy in a couple of hours. Good for him.

  2. By steve on Feb 5, 2017 | Reply

    Stupid Falcons……Floyd doesn’t deserve a ring this season because he was a knucklehead.

  3. By Jacob Hewitt on Feb 5, 2017 | Reply

    On a scale of 1% to 100% what are the odds of cards getting Clemson Watson

  4. By Jacob Hewitt on Feb 5, 2017 | Reply

    Floyd is a stupid nucklehead he does not need ring he should have no team falcons should deserve the win.

  5. By shannon robinson on Feb 6, 2017 | Reply

    He looks sober. Good for him. I hope he does well for the Pats and makes the team. We traded Floyd for Dobson.

  6. By mitchaz on Feb 6, 2017 | Reply

    In the first half and much of the 3rd quarter, the Patriots looked like the 2016 Cardinals:

    * Costly turnovers while in or close to the red zone
    * Interception thrown into double coverage
    * Dropped passes
    * Overthrows
    * Getting pressured and sacked
    * Giving up chunk plays on defense
    * Trying to cover fast RBs with slow LBers (looked like the Pats missed Jones on the edge and Collins at LB)
    * Untimely PI penalties
    * Missed extra point

    But then some genius coaching nuances and quarterbacking took place:

    * Rushing Hightower from the edge (his sack strip turned the game around)
    * Moving Flowers inside over rushing him over C Alex Mack (broken fibula) and getting inside pressure on Ryan
    * Getting their best CB, Malcolm Butler, settled in to take away Gabriel, while doubling Jones with Rowe and McCourty
    * Masterful execution of two 2-pt. plays (how many times do you see a team tie the game on 2 possessions, down 16 pts.?)
    * Double teaming Grady Jarrett, riding the DEs wide, and creating clean pockets for Brady in 4th quarter and OT
    * Masterful decision and execution to kickoff short of end zone to one side, to pin the Falcons deep

    But, to be fair, the Patriots were also the beneficiaries of some extraordinary luck:

    * Falcons electing to pass in red zone well into FG position—much akin to the Seahawks electing to pass on 1st and goal from the 1 yard line (which led to sack and then holding penalty and no FG attempt at all)
    * The incredible catch by Edelman
    * Winning the coin toss in OT (with the Falcons’ defense gassed)
    * The PI at the goal-line in OT
    * Not intercepting the ill-advised fade pass to Bennett on 1st and goal at the 2

    Yes, the Patriots:

    * Avenged deflate-gate in the most thrilling of manners
    * Won anyway despite trading away two of their most athletic defensive players (Jones and Collins)
    * Will now receive a high draft pick or two for Jimmy Garoppolo
    * Will be just as good if not better next year
    * Are prepared to compete in any situation, pre-season, regular season and post season
    * Even got away with Brady taping a commercial with a 5th ring, prior to the game, thus defying superstition and the scorn of the football gods.

  7. By Big Ken on Feb 6, 2017 | Reply

    If the Patriots don’t re-sign him will they get a compensatory pick for him?

  8. By Darren Urban on Feb 6, 2017 | Reply

    Big Ken —

    RE: Comp pick

    Again, there is no one-for-one comp pick equation. All a team’s free-agent losses are compared to all their free-agent signings, with some factors thrown in (contract, playing time) and that’s how comp picks are determined.

  9. By JTDG on Feb 6, 2017 | Reply

    Jacob Hewitt,

    At this early stage, the odds of the cardinals getting any player would be all over the place depending on who you asked.

    I think someone can make an argument for Deshaun Watson to the Cardinals.
    It is the last year possibly for Palmer and getting a young QB behind him is needed at some point.

    I, on the other hand, would not take Watson because I would want to take someone who could help the team win it all in 2017. Any QB does not help the team short term.

    The odds though?? I would guess 50%. But besides Myles Garrett or Jonathan Allen (who will go in the top 5), every player is 50% right now.

  10. By Big Ken on Feb 6, 2017 | Reply

    Okay, throw in factors. Lol The comp pick process is a little wacky.

  11. By Eric G on Feb 6, 2017 | Reply

    Let that be a lesson to you kids, if you get a dui, maybe you too can get a super bowl ring.

    Sickens me to the core.

  12. By Scott H on Feb 6, 2017 | Reply

    Michael Floyd getting a SB ring for this game has got to be about the most ridiculous thing ever. Honestly, my 16 year old daughter had about as much to do with the Pats winning the SB as Michael Floyd did. So…where do I take her to be fitted??

  13. By Scott H on Feb 6, 2017 | Reply

    Damn, I CANNOT believe how that game turned in the 4th quarter. Amazing. How can you not be absolutely SICK this morning if you are a Falcons fan? That was a collapse of epic proportions. I mean, give the Patriots all the credit they deserve – and they deserve a lot – but a 28-3 deficit cannot be overcome in any game without a significant contribution from the team that had the 28. That was just crazy.

    If I heard correctly, from the point that the score became 28-3, the Falcons ran the ball 5X ( FIVE TIMES ) the rest of the way. HOW DO YOU GO WITH THAT KIND ON PLAY CALLING??????? You pound the rock and take time off the clock. You play keep away. That is pretty much Football 101.

    But I think where the Falcons truly gave it away was when they were in FG range ( at about the 22, I think? ) late in the 4th quarter. All they have to do is RUN the ball for two plays right up the middle, take time off the clock, and even if they don’t gain an inch, they are bringing Bryant in for a 39-yard FG to put that game AWAY. And Bryant is pretty much money in the bank from there. But no. They go with a pass play and take a sack. Puts them back at the limits of FG range. Next play, another pass, holding call against the Falcons, 10 more yards further back, now you’re punting the ball back to Tom Brady. And we all know what Tom Brady does at that point.

    Man….what a collapse. We, as Cardinals fans, got kicked in the gut pretty good at the end of SB43, but….I really think this was worse. FAR worse.

    Watching the progression of Arthur Blank over that 4th quarter was hard to watch. It went from dancing in the streets….to quiet concern……to panic…..then to utter shock and disbelief. Ouch.

    And if anyone is STILL denying the greatness of Tom Brady…..after THAT game, you couldn’t be more clueless.

  14. By D on Feb 6, 2017 | Reply

    K. Shanahan took a page from BA on that passing call in 3rd Qrt when Ryan was sacked..(when in field goal range) ..just needed 3 pts, game over then everyone would be talking about one of the greatest (non lucky) catch of SB history…can’t dismiss that J. Jones catch…Edelman catch was great but it took some luck landing on the defender’s leg…

    ATL needed a 3rd Pass Rusher last night…I could see Okafor landing there to replace Freeney…

  15. By Richard S on Feb 6, 2017 | Reply

    Once again a team, Atlanta, in field goal range where a field goal would win the game opted to gamble and quickly got pushed out of field goal range and lost the game. When they were inside the 25 yard line I was just saying run the ball and tell your offensive linemen they should not draw a holding infraction, just kick a field goal and win the game. At least they didn’t separate themselves from the Cardinals as one of the teams to never win a Super Bowl.

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