Healthy-looking pool jump for David Johnson

Posted by Darren Urban on February 9, 2017 – 8:03 am

Once the initial scare was over, there was never really any fear about David Johnson’s knee injury suffered in the final game of the season. He had an MCL sprain. He’d be fine in about a month or two. (OK, had he suffered the exact same injury in Week 4, sending a season sideways, that’d be different. But timing is everything.)

Well, here we are, about six weeks later, and as expected, Johnson looks fine. He’s been coming to the team facility for rehab most days, and now tweeted out a video of himself leaping out of a pool. There is no doubt Johnson is well on track to be ready whenever offseason work begins. Just like he thought.

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  1. By Scott H on Feb 9, 2017 | Reply

    You go, DJ! Take care of yourself and get strong.

  2. By Adam Smith b1723 fka DTL on Feb 9, 2017 | Reply


  3. By D on Feb 9, 2017 | Reply

    Darren-do you think we will have some type of announcement about C. Palmer returning soon in the next 24 hrs, since his contract is guaranteed tomorrow, or does Mr. Keim already know and it will be business as usual?

  4. By Darren Urban on Feb 9, 2017 | Reply

    D —

    RE: Palmer

    I’d expect sooner rather than later. But if a player retires, he doesn’t get his salary anyway, so Friday’s deadline doesn’t really impact anything.

  5. By krehbieo14 on Feb 9, 2017 | Reply

    Maybe my comment appears old school, but I can’t imagine the Cardinals Brass being happy with this jump. Your in the process of recovering from a knee injury and you jump onto a slippery pool deck? DJ, do your jumps like the last video we saw of your physical prowess! Thank you.

  6. By steve on Feb 9, 2017 | Reply

    Darren: Do you feel it’s more likely than not that 2017 will be Palmer and Fitzgeralds final season?

  7. By Darren Urban on Feb 9, 2017 | Reply

    Steve —

    RE: 2017

    If I had to guess, I’d say yes.

  8. By D on Feb 9, 2017 | Reply

    Great Poker face Darren.

    Post Palmer Announcement offseason guess checklist:

    Free agency: AZ resigns: T. Jefferson, J. Gresham, AQ Shipley, M. Cooper, S. Moore, C. Johnson, Franchise C. Jones, Keep Catanzaro, but bring in competition in offseason. Releases DWash and Stinson.

    Sign free agents for OL, DL, CB, ILB ie; Joeckel, Warmack, Warford, / M. Hunt, T. Jerod-Eddie / S. Gilmore CB / M. Smith ILB

    The reason why I listed so many free agents is because Cap Space will open up when C. Campbell is $ whipped in free agency and AZ won’t be able to match.
    Cards could afford to sign a starting CB and a good G with the extra Cap Space while filling in some role players.

    Round 1 M. Williams WR (goes against Keim’s draft history and the fact R. Foster will be gone by 13.) This will be Larry’s last ride, need to grab a franchise WR.

    Round 2– C. Wormley DE. I know AZ has Gunter, Nkemdiche, Mauro and they like X. Williams but you can never have enough DL. Replacing Campbell will be a combination of young players and a veteran DL free agent signing.

    Round 3–D. Webb QB. Need more hope for future than Dysert. He fit’s BA’s liking.

    Round 4– J. Butt TE. Can we ever find a young TE to groom to be a decent player? Butt was injured which is the reason he falls to Round 4.

    Round 5– L Daniels Jr. RB, a big back to help replace Ellington and Taylor and to learn from Johnson & Johnson.

    Rest of the draft WR/CB for Special teams.

    It would be difficult to lose Campbell but money talks.

  9. By dobie on Feb 9, 2017 | Reply

    Don’t need a RB, Penny is a bruiser I think they out to keep him he will give you
    a 1st down on 3rd and short just an opinion

  10. By Scott H on Feb 9, 2017 | Reply

    Here’s what you DIDN’T see in this video – right before Johnson made his jump, he got the news that Carson Palmer IS playing in 2017! Heck, it damn near made me want to jump for joy, too!

    Well, we’ve got the band back together for one more go ’round. Let’s make it count. Here is something that occurs to me – Palmer was playing well at the end of 2013 and it carried over into 2014 ( then he was injured ). He went sour at the end of 2015 and it seemed to carry over into 2016. BUT at the end of the 2016 season, he was getting hot again. See where I’m goin’ with this? Let’s hope he carries it over into 2017.

    And, please, above all else, no injuries.

  11. By mitchaz on Feb 10, 2017 | Reply

    * Larry Fitzgerald and Carson Palmer are back and both DJs (Johnson and Humphrey are tweeting their pledge to do everything they can to deliver them rings)—which means the 2017 season is truly the “All or Nothing” season.

    * It looks as if the Cardinals will have somewhere between $32-$40 M of cap space depending on some trimmings of the current Top 51 roster.

    * Last night on Fox Radio, Steve Keim spoke passionately about what acquiring a franchise QB means to the legacy and longevity of any NFL GM. While having Carson Palmer back for this season could buy Keim a little more time, it sounded like Keim wants to put the QBOF in place this season—to groom him behind Palmer.

    * Thus—with the number of UFAs the Cardinals would like to re-sign, plus other UFAs they would like to add, and such limited cap space (with Palmer’s and Fitzgerald’s taking up nearly 1/4 of the cap)—and with the urgency of trying to win it all this season—can the Cardinals afford to draft a QB at #13, knowing that there will be a number of players at that spot who can give the team a much needed immediate contribution?

    * Moreover—is there a QB in this draft who with one year of grooming can take over the starting reins from Palmer in 2018? The QB in this draft who would seem the most ready to step in after a year is Deshaun Watson. The odds of Watson being available at #13 are slim. His leadership alone should warrant him a top 10 selection.

    * So where does this leave the Cardinals?

    * Furthermore—let’s consider the tendencies of Bruce Arians, the head coach. Does anyone believe Arians would be comfortable grooming a rookie for a year and then starting him as a wet behind the ears sophomore? Arians will want to go with a young or older veteran. Arians will always be in the win now mode.

    * Further compounding the QB situation is the presence of Drew Stanton. If Keim drafts a QB in the first 3 round this year, it would make no sense to have the rookie run the scout team while Stanton gets the reps as the #2. You have to do what the Patriots do—they give the #2 reps to their young QB.

    * In looking ahead to the list of 2018 UFA QBs—the only two who stand out are Jimmy Garoppolo and A.J. McCarron.

    * Jimmy Garoppolo—to acquire him would most likely involve offering the #13 pick. The Browns, 49ers, Bears and Jets are interested in trading for Garoppolo, but will one of them pony up a top ten draft pick? if not, the Cardinals could be in play at #13. If Keim thinks JG is the QBOF, wouldn’t JG be a much smarter bet at #13 than Trubisky, Kizer or Mahomes? Perhaps even Keim could get the Pats to flip 1st round picks and give them a 2018 3rd or a 2017 4th rounder.

    * A.J. McCarron—to acquire McCarron it likely would take the #45 pick. Again, would AJ be a smarter bet than any of the rookie QBs who would be available at #45?

    * What’s appealing about acquiring JG or AJ is that they would fit comfortably this year under the cap and the Cardinals could add $1.5 M of cap space by trading or releasing Drew Stanton. Plus—and this a big plus—they will have a year to learn BA’s elaborate system and be one year ahead of the curve in 2018. It wouldn’t hurt either, in the case of Garoppolo, to incorporate some aspects of the Patriots’ offense that he is particularly enamored with. Same with McCarron and the things he loves about the Bengals’ offense.

    * If Keim elects to wait and draft a QB later in the draft—let’s face it, he’s drafting the QB who would most likely be Stanton’s replacement as the #2 in 2018…unless Keim gets lucky and hits home run with someone like Chad Kelly, Nate Peterman or C.J. Beathard.

    * Keim could wait another year and stick with Palmer, Stanton and Dysert for this season—particularly if he wants to add impact rookies in this draft. In therms of “All or Nothing 2017” that may be the best way to go…and let the chips fall where they may next year.

    * If you were Steve Keim, what would you do?

    * I believe in Jimmy Garoppolo enough to offer the #13 pick, especially if we could get the Pats to flip their 1st rounder (#32) for our #13 and give them our 2018 3rd rounder or 2017 4th rounder.

    * I like Patrick Mahomes a lot—but #13 seems too risky as i am not sure Mahomes can be ready to start in 2018, nor that BA would be willing to roll the dice with him that early. The #45 pick would likely be too late, as Mahomes will likely go in the top 35 picks. However, if Mahomes is still on the board come Day 2, I could see trading up to take him.

    * I like A.J. McCarron enough to offer the #45 pick. I think McCarron is poised and steady and throws a better deep ball than people give him credit for. I think he’s a good fit for BA’s offense.

  12. By D on Feb 10, 2017 | Reply

    After listening to Mr. Keim, It sure appears that they will look into free agency for a RG. Protecting Palmer and reducing sacks should be priority in 2017.

  13. By JTDG on Feb 10, 2017 | Reply


    Keim and the QBs;

    Jimmy Garapalo –

    What stands out to me with him are a few things. He has 2 starts under his belt and was hurt during one of them. After Kolb, that is a red flag to me.

    I also think he is made for a team like Cleveland or San Francisco, but not AZ. He is quick with getting the ball out, accurate and good decisions, but that is all in the short to intermediate passes.

    He isn’t throwing those deep outs or driving the ball down the seem. The velocity isn’t there and we know one thing, BA likes the chunk plays.

    AJ Macarron;

    I liked him in the draft. I find it interesting if Cincy will trade him. Especially to the Browns. Why the Browns? Because Cleveland’s head coach was AJ’s OC in Cinncy before taking the job. I am sure Cleveland would want him, but not sure Cinncy wants to give him to a rival unless they don’t believe in him. Interesting how it develops.

    AJ’s knock was he was surrounded by the best players at Bama. He dropped to round 5 in the draft. But coming in for Dalton in 2015, he showed leadership and some talent. He is an interesting guy.

    Here is the catch. Dalton will be 30 and takes up 16 million in cap space. Are the bengals sold on Dalton? Are they sold on AJ? Trading Dalton in 2018 would free up 13+ million in cap space. I think the bengals hang on to McCarrens to see how 2017 develops. If I believed in him , I would. And if the bengals don’t believe in him and want to trade him, do you want him?

    So what to do;

    I am interested in one guy in this draft. Deshone Kizer.

    But this is where I find it all interesting. If you have a chance at a difference maker to help you win in 2017, how can you pass that up ?

    I actually feel Keim has the hardest decision of his career if Kizer is there and so are one of these guys; Mike Williams , Teez Tabor, Rueben Foster, Malik Hooker, Jonathon Allen, or Jamal Adams .

    If you are looking at BPA, no way can you take a QB. And you don’t need one today. You need one tomorrow.

    This is a tough one. I really like some of the top guys in this draft. Actually like some 2nd and 3rd rounders too. But that QB question won’t go away.

    I guess if I am Keim, presented with the issue and depending on what happens in FA (ie if Gilmore , Bouye and Logan Ryan are all resigned by their teams) it would be very difficult to pass on a guy who helps us win now. So, I would probably pass on QB.

    But if I landed Gilmore in FA, and Williams is gone and Kizer is there, I think I draft my QB.

    So, it is a long answer saying “it depends”.

  14. By Richard S on Feb 10, 2017 | Reply

    Be careful David. You don’t need to reinjure yourself doing something akin to Bill Gramatica. I remember the old St. Louis Cardinals even made the team wear their helmets during pre-game warmups because a Cardinal had a collision and pretty near swallowed his tongue if I recall correctly.

  15. By mitchaz on Feb 10, 2017 | Reply


    Good post. Always appreciate you thoughts.

    I like Kizer and Mahomes. I just wonder if BA would ever have the patience to turn the job over to one of them in year two.

    Plus, it would be hard to pass on Reuben Foster, Solomon Thomas, Mike Williams, Corey Davis, O.J. Howard, Teez Tabor or Sidney Jones and not get the immediate contribution one of them could make.

  16. By Steve88 on Feb 11, 2017 | Reply

    The 2017 draft is top heavy with 11 possibly 12 franchise type impact players, depending on how you evaluate the top 3 quarterbacks. This is a draft that 4 years from now we’ll look back and see all the “wow” players that come out of this draft. And if that proves to be true, then we MUST get one or more of these players. O.J. Howard, the TE out of Alabama, is one of these players but he may still be available as late as the 18th pick, so that assures Arizona of getting one of these players. Another one of these franchise type players is the cornerback out of Ohio State, Marshon Lattimore, who is the best , out of a very deep and uber talented group of cb’s that will come out of this draft. There are as many as 6, possibly 7 cornerbacks that can go in the first round and when the run on cornerbacks begins….and that ,more than anything else, can push O.J. Santiago into the 18-22 territory where the Arizona Cardinals can trade back into the first round and grab “steal” this guy!!
    BUT, it’s all predicated on what happens with the 13th pick and to get a big clue as to what Steve Keim and his personnel people will do on draft day………look at their priorities;
    Obviously PRIORITY #1 is a fra

  17. By clssylssy on Feb 12, 2017 | Reply

    When has this franchise ever been one to go after the “wow” players? I agree with you there is a lot of talent out there, but our management is rigid and set in their ways and going after Howard, would be of waste of Howard’s talent because BA doesn’t use TEs wisely, prefers smurf receivers. If they can resign Greshem again on the cheap, he is the kind of TE BA likes, plus he has chemistry with Palmer and the offense already. We need to beef up our line(s) and focus on finding another big receiver and another corner.
    It’s starting to sound like Keim isn’t planning on keeping Campbell, which would be devestating to our defense, in that he is the only physically imposing guy we have on the line with any kind of intimidation factor, and great defense all start with the front seven. Look at all the teams who made the playoffs and look at their lines on both offense and defense and compare them to the Cardinals.
    Unless our front office can be a little more flexible in their decision making and in trying “new things” (we were better when BA actually used the TE position as an offensive weapon) we will be doomed again to be yesterday’s news.

  18. By sbrown on Feb 13, 2017 | Reply

    question to JTDG…

    what would think about Cards keeping their pick at 13, but then trade back up into the bottom of the first round to then draft a QB ( that is, if there was one there they really liked ).
    something that we were talking about, like what Denver did last year to jump back in and pick Lynch at #26.
    Denver traded their pick 31 and end of round 3, pick 94, to move up to pick 26.

  19. By JTDG on Feb 14, 2017 | Reply


    On the surface, it is a great idea

    But two things, if you love that QB so much, it is risky to let him slide past 13.

    If you kind of like him, why give up draft picks for someone you are unsure about.

    Remember, number 31 was Denver’s first pick. So they didn’t pass on Lynch, then trade up to get him later.

    So, what type of QB would I do this for ? Let’s say Pat Mahomes. He runs a spread offence, is a bit of a project, will take at least a year to develop, maybe two.
    He is a risky player to take at 13 but say you really like him.

    To me, with the development and questions, he just can’t be taken with your top pick. But you may think, if he pans out, I could have a franchise guy. So, now risk equals reward.

    If you felt some other team had him targeted at say 24th – 25th in round one, then, it makes sense to jump up to get him.

    But personally, this is a tough one for me. This team is not desperate for a QB at this point. Palmer is here in 2017 and no one knows who might be out there in 2018. Maybe Palmer comes back again, although I doubt it.
    Giving up a 2nd and 3rd to get a risky QB is tough.

    Now, if I landed an impact player at 13 and Forest Lamp, a guy who could play guard or center was there, I might come get him, because in my mind, huge reward with very little risk.

  20. By sbrown on Feb 14, 2017 | Reply

    JTDG –

    first, we all know that this draft talk right now is just for fun…no way will we know what will happen, until the Cards are on the clock with their first pick.
    As well as what the team can do with limited cap space, to sign any FA’s for this season.

    agree that I would not take a QB at pick 13, I would rather look for a skill position player, who can come in and either be a starter or a big rotation player in week 1.
    again, when we see how is available to grab at #13, then we can see what the team is thinking. ( take the pick or move down ).

    We could see maybe a small move down, to grab an extra pick, either to use or to use to move back up, if the player is there that they really like, maybe at the end of the first round.

    depends on how SK has the draft board set up, personally this year with the limited cap space, I think this is the draft that SK can really make solid selections and get seven or eight players to come in and be ready to contribute.

    IMO, I look for Cards draft, position wise could be , ( in any order ) …
    WR, CB, ILB, two O-Line men, D-line and either a safety or RB.

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