Jefferson, Campbell and “aggressive” FA efforts

Posted by Darren Urban on February 17, 2017 – 11:59 am

The Cardinals want to keep safety Tony Jefferson. They want to keep defensive tackle Calais Campbell. Whether they can is to be determined, with the free agent “tampering” period beginning March 7 and official free agency starting March 9.

“I’ve always been adamant about not negotiating through the media,” Cardinals GM Steve Keim said Friday during the “Doug and Wolf” show on Arizona Sports. “But we have been, in my opinion, very aggressive with trying to re-sign the players we would like to have back. As we get closer to free agency, some players would prefer to test the market. We understand. It’s a business. But when you find guys who are core players, who you want to move forward with, you have to try to be active and aggressive and try to re-sign them.”

Will it matter? Matt Miller, an NFL writer who has had friendly interactions with Jefferson on Twitter before, tweeted Friday that Jefferson is expected to hit the free-agent market and garner offers at $7 million a season. The news has been a lot quieter around Campbell, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything either way.

The key part to this is that it is Feb. 17. That’s an eternity before March 9 in this context. Talks with everything tend to ramp up before a deadline, and we’re just too far from a deadline right now. It’s also good to note that Jefferson getting that nugget out there helps his leverage, much like the Cardinals continuing to point out they will franchise tag Chandler Jones if a deal cannot be reached with him.

(Keim said the team has had “great dialogue with Chandler” so perhaps a long-term deal isn’t out of the question quite yet.)

Still, this comes down to reality, and the reality has always been that the Cardinals have been longshots to retain Jones, Jefferson and Campbell.

“You can’t have everybody back,” Keim said. “The way the salary cap is situated, you have to make some tough decisions. You have to make some tough decisions based on what the salary is, their age, their injury history. So many things go into it. That’s the tough part of the business, because we all get emotionally attached to these guys.”


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  1. By Scott H on Feb 17, 2017 | Reply

    Dammit. I hate the salary cap.

    That’s all I got.

  2. By joe holst on Feb 17, 2017 | Reply

    Why would Tony Jefferson go play for the “Los Angeles Chargers” ? Play in front of 26K people ? They are a minor league NFL team and an embarrassment to the league.

  3. By Darren Urban on Feb 17, 2017 | Reply

    Joe —

    RE: Jefferson

    Who said he’d play for the Chargers?

    That said, if they offer the contract he is looking for, it’s about getting his payday. Which he has earned.

  4. By D on Feb 17, 2017 | Reply

    If I am a player that doesn’t have family obligations, then I would wait until free agency to open. Why limit your options unless your wife and or kids are entrenched locally.

    I hope Mr. Keim is keeping DJ Swearinger’s agent friendly, hate to lose the fallback option if Tony J get’s 7 mil per year on the open market.

  5. By Craig on Feb 17, 2017 | Reply

    You have to make some tough decisions based on what the salary is, their age, their injury history. Really Keim, that’s why you gave 62,500,000 to Mathieu? and are going to franchise tag Jones for 15+ million. That’s why we are not winning super bowls and New England is.

  6. By JTDG on Feb 17, 2017 | Reply

    “You can’t have everybody back,” Keim said. “The way the salary cap is situated, you have to make some tough decisions. You have to make some tough decisions based on what the salary is.

    These kind of comments bug me.

    You can have everyone back. Go to the blog “Palmer, your body says no”

    Me and Darren had a nice back and forth, where I showed how you can manipulate the cap to make it work. So saying you CAN’T is the wrong phrase.

    Truth is, you may not WANT everyone back. Or you may not WANT to pay the salary they will demand because you don’t think it is wise or you don’t think the player is worth it.

    But to say Can’t isn’t correct.

    In Jefferson’s case;

    Last year Tashaun Gibson signed a 5 year 36 million dollar contract averaging 7.2 million a year. with a 4 million bonus and 12 million guaranteed. This is roughly what Jefferson wants (from the tweets info) Now the biggest bonus in that safety pay class is to Rodney Mcleod at 8 million and 5 years 35 million. So lets match it

    8 million bonus – 15.6 million guaranteed
    2017 – salary of 1 million (giving him 8 million in year one) Cap hit is 2.6 million
    2018 – 6.6 million salary with a cap hit of 8 million
    2019 – 7.13 in salary with a cap hit of 8.7 (if released dead cap of 4.4, freeing up 4.1 million)
    2020 – 7.13 in salary with a cap hit of 8.7 ( if released dead cap of 3.2, freeing up 5.5 million in cap space)
    2021 – 7.13 million with cap hit of 8.7 (if released dead cap of 1.6, freeing up 7.1 in cap space)

    Basically getting Tony for 2017 at 7.2 million a year and a huge bonus of 8 million (highest in that price range) would have only a cap number of 2.6 million in 2017 and could release him after year 2 or 3 of the contract.
    If you release Branch, it would cover the cap hit of Jefferson in 2017 and actually have a few hundred thousand left.

    So, can you sign Jefferson to his 7 million a year with a huge bonus like he wants and still sign everyone else? Being it doesn’t cost any cap space in 2017, I would say yes.

  7. By JTDG on Feb 17, 2017 | Reply

    To take it a step further,

    The only free agents that you might have to pay a bigger contract to in 2018 is John Brown.

    Not really any other 2018 AZ Card free agents will demand big money.

    So, pushing contracts into 2018, Where we could have between 70 and 110 million, depending on Palmer and Fitz and if you keep Iupati is very smart. Go young with a QB in 2018.

  8. By D on Feb 17, 2017 | Reply

    JTDG-refresh my memory and math for 2017 on your proposal to keep Jones, Campbell, Jefferson and Gresham for the upcoming season and the Cap hits..

  9. By JTDG on Feb 17, 2017 | Reply

    Some interesting names floating out there to be cut;

    At ILB, ;

    Right now, Lawrence Timmons would make sense to bring in. He plays ILB for the Steelers 3-4, next to a smaller speeder ILB like Bucannon.

    But soon, others may be available via cut or trade.

    DeAndre Levy – This is interesting because he has been injured the last two years and really hasn’t played. But before the injuries, this was a pro bowl LB and at 29, isn’t that old. Could sign one of those 1 year prove deals.

    Mychael Kendricks is available for trade and it will take a late round pick to get him. The Eagles switched D.C.’s last year and he doesn’t fit anymore. Outstanding blitzer, could be a nice addition inside.

    David Harris is an older player but can still play. At age 33, it would be one of those 1 year specials.

    Now at center, I know the cards like AQ and may want him back for another year, but there are two pro bowl names that will soon be on the market.

    Nick Mangold – After starting 156 of the possible 160 games in his first 10 years, he was banged up in year 11 and only started 8 games. At 33, some they he is on the down swing. Maybe, but he is as good as there is at Center.

    Jason Kelse – at 29, this is an interesting one. He is a pro bowler whocan anchor a Oline.

    If you feel Boehm will eventually take over at center, Mangold is your guy. If you bring in guard Kevin Zeitler at RG and Iupati at LG, David Johnson will run for 1800 yards. I like Mangold so much more than AQ.

    and please, do not give me the cap reason. I could make it work.

  10. By JTDG on Feb 17, 2017 | Reply


    Refresh – Sure

    Chandler Jones (for reasoning, please go back to Palmer – Body says no blog)

    So I would sign him to a 6 year / 105 million dollar contract. with 53 million guaranteed.
    Here is the structure;
    Signing bonus – 27 million
    Year one salary – 2 million – Cap hit = 6.5 million in 2017
    Year two salary – 15.2 million – cap hit 19.7 million in 2018 fully guranteed
    Year 3 salary – 15.2 million – cap hit of 19.7 million in 2019
    Year 4 salary – 15.2 million – cap hit of 19.7 million (18 million dead money- 1.7 in cap relief if released)
    Year 5 salary – 15.2 million – cap hit 19.7 million (if cut, cap hit 9 million, cap relief of 10.7 million)
    Year 6 salary – 15.2 million cap hit of 19.7 million (if cut, a dead cap of 4.5, with cap relief of 15.2 million.


    4 year 40 million with 12 million in signing bonus.
    He has a 2 million dollar salary in 2017 making his cap hit at 5 million.
    That gives him 14 million in pocket year one.
    2018, he has a 8.6 million salary with 11.6 million cap hit. if released, he counts as 9 million in dead money.
    In 2019, he has a 8.6 million salary, 11.6 against the cap and 6 million dead money against the cap, freeing up 5.6 million if released.


    8 million bonus – 15.6 million guaranteed
    2017 – salary of 1 million (giving him 8 million in year one) Cap hit is 2.6 million
    2018 – 6.6 million salary with a cap hit of 8 million
    2019 – 7.13 in salary with a cap hit of 8.7 (if released dead cap of 4.4, freeing up 4.1 million)
    2020 – 7.13 in salary with a cap hit of 8.7 ( if released dead cap of 3.2, freeing up 5.5 million in cap space)
    2021 – 7.13 million with cap hit of 8.7 (if released dead cap of 1.6, freeing up 7.1 in cap space)

    Bringing in FA

    Kevin Zeitler

    Kevin Zeitler is looking at a 5 year 60 million.
    Giving Zeitler a 10 million dollar bonus with 30 million in guarantees and 2 million in salary in 2017.
    2017 he will count 4 million against the cap.
    2018 salary of 10 million with cap hit of 12 million
    2019 salary of 10 million and cap hit of 12 million
    2020 salary of 12 million and cap hit of 14 million (releasing him would have a dead cap of 4 million and relief in the cap of 10 million
    2021 salary of 16 million and cap hit of 18 million (releasing him would count as 2 million against the cap freeing up 16 million in space)

    Gilmore – Janoris Jenkins inked a 5 year 62 million dollar deal with the giants with 10 million in bonus and 29 million in guarantees. Same thing applies.
    5 years, 65 million with 14 in bonuses, 32 in guarantees. 2 million in salary in 2017 with a 4.8 million cap hit .
    2017 – salary of 1 million with cap hit of 3.8
    2018 – salary of 12.5 million with cap hit of 15.3
    2019 – salary of 12.5 million with cap hit of 15.3 million
    2020 – salary of 12.5 million with a cap hit of 15.3 million (if released , count as 5.6 million giving almost 10 million in cap relief
    2021 – salary of 12.5 million cap hit of 15.3 (if released cap relief of 12.3 million

    To sum up, according to Spotrac, the cards have just under 36 million. The release of Branch would free up another 3 million. The release of Washington is blurry but according to them, it would be around another 4 million. That gives the cards 43 million in cap space in 2017.

    My proposal – the cards get Jones, Campbell, Jefferson, Zeitler and Gilmore
    the 2017 cap hit for all 5 players would be = 21.9 million.

    You would still have 21.1 million to sign players like Gresham, Lawrence Timmons and Nick Mangold, plus rookies.

    – Remember, Bethel also could save 4 million if released to allow more cap space.

  11. By jeffcardinalfan on Feb 17, 2017 | Reply

    i realize that this comment will b laughed at by many readers…the free agency signing frenzy always makes me sick…I have zero respect for anyone who goes to a horrible team just to make more millions…I understand a young player making less than a mil per year, but come on , really 10 million a year for 5 years with half guaranteed..really they need 25 million to buy food for their kids?? I would play for much less money to play on a team that has a chance to win a sb. I also understand that that’s the way pro sports have always been but it makes me sick and I will be glad whwn the season starts.

  12. By Don on Feb 17, 2017 | Reply

    I would really like to see us keep CC for a couple more years.

  13. By mitchaz on Feb 18, 2017 | Reply

    Here are my favorite players (fit-wise) for the Cardinals in the 2017 Draft. I would love to see the Cardinals draft any of these players.


    Day 1: DeShone Kizer (6-4, 230, Notre Dame)—best combination of physical traits, and playing for the meticulous Brian Kelly was good prep for playing for BA.

    Day 2: Davis Webb (6-5, 229, California)—has the length, vision and arm strength, needs to correct bad habit of throwing off back foot.

    Day 3: C.J. Beathard (6-2, 209, Iowa)—flourished as a junior leading Iowa to 12 straight wins, but did not have a go-to WR as a senior. Plays tough, smart and within himself.


    Day 1: Christian McCaffrey (6-0, 202, Stanford)—magnetic triple-threat as RB, slot WR and punt returner.

    Day 2: Curtis Samuel (5-11, 200, Ohio St.)—explosive RB/slot WR combo.

    Day 3: Wayne Gallman (6-0, 215, Clemson)—good size and smooth, downhill running style.


    Day 1: Corey Davis (6-3, 212, Western Michigan)—the David Johnson of WRs.

    Day 2: Cooper Kupp (6-1, 198, Eastern Washington)—always open, great hands.

    Day 3: Ardarius Stewart (6-0, 204, Alabama)—can win from the slot or wide.


    Day 1: O.J. Howard (6-6, 244, Alabama)—has elite physical abilities.

    Day 2: Evan Engram (6-3, 236, Mississippi)—superb receiver, improving as a blocker.

    Day 3: Adam Shaheen (6-5, 277, Ashland)—small school stud with tremendous catch radius and hands.


    Day 1: Ryan Ramczyk (6-5, 315, Wisconsin)—equally good pass and run blocker.

    Day 2: Garrett Bolles (6-5, 296, Utah)—moves well, good mirror technique.

    Day 3: Erik Magnuson (6-4, 303, Michigan)—plays with good leverage, plays to the whistle.


    Day 1: Forrest Lamp (6-4, 305, Western Kentucky)—tough LT switching to G, compares to Zach Martin.

    Day 2: Dan Feeney (6-4, 304, Indiana)—All Big 10 stalwart, plays with power and strong base.

    Day 3: Nico Siragusa (6-5, 308, San Diego St.)—tough, nasty, combative.


    Day 2: Pat Elflein (6-2, 300, Ohio St.)—has a knack for opening holes up the middle.

    Day 3: Jon Toth (6-5, 308, Kentucky)—4 year starter and SEC All-Star.


    Day 1: Solomon Thomas (6-2, 275, Stanford)—best penetrator in draft, can line up anywhere on line.

    Day 2: Carlos Watkins (6-3, 305, Clemson)—has strength and short area burst.

    Day 3: Jaleel Johnson (6-3, 309, Iowa)—makes big plays at key moments.


    Day 1: Malik McDowell (6-5, 276, Michigan St.)—some liken him physically to Chandler Jones.

    Day 2: Chris Wormley (6-4, 303, Michigan)—moves well for a big man, plays hard.

    Day 3: Larry Ogunjobi (6-3, 304, Charlotte)—small school dynamo, a la Rodney Gunter.


    Day 1: Takkarist McKinley (6-2, 258, UCLA)—is going to skyrocket up draft boards with his speed.

    Day 2: T.J. Watt (6-4, 243, Wisconsin)—aggressive, physical at storming the edge.
    Tarrell Basham (6-4, 262, Ohio)—MAC DPOY, blends power with edge burst.

    Day 3: Tyus Bowser (6-3, 244, Houston)—made to order as a 34OLB in the Steeler mode.


    Day 1: Reuben Foster (6-1, 236, Alabama)—highly instinctive, always around the ball.

    Day 2: Raekwon McMillion (6-3, 240, Ohio St.)—stops RBs in their tracks.

    Day 3: Anthony Walker (6-1, 235, Northwestern)—fiery, tenacious leader.


    Day 1: Haason Reddick (6-1, 233, Temple)—TFL machine, plays with speed and finished off tackles.

    Day 2: Ryan Anderson (6-2, 258, Alabama)—clutch playmaker.

    Day 3: Steven Taylor (6-1, 228, Houston)—rushes the QB like Adrian Wilson.

    CB 1:

    Day 1: Marshon Lattimore (6-0, 192, Ohio St.)—has superb blend of size, athleticism and technique.

    Day 2: Tre’Daviuous White (5-11, 192, LSU)—quick-footed closer with punt return skill.

    Day 3: Fabian Moreau (6-0, 205, UCLA)—deep CB class could make him a Day 3 steal.

    CB 2:

    Day 1: Sidney Jones (6-0, 181, Washington)—best pure cover CB in draft.

    Day 2: Cordrea Tankersley (6-0, 200, Clemson)—fast, tough playmaker.

    Day 3: Rasul Douglas (6-2, 204, West Virginia)—has a knack for making plays on the football.
    Damontae Kazee (5-10, 184, San Diego St.)—small pit bull, relentless effort.


    Day 1: Jamal Adams (6-0, 211, LSU)—hard charging box safety.

    Day 2: Obi Melifonwu (6-4, 219, Connecticut)—has Kam Chancellor-like traits.

    Day 3: Lorenzo Jerome (5-10, 202, St. Francis)—small school ball magnet.


    Day 1: Malik Hooker (6-2, 205, Ohio St.)—elite speed, range and ball skills.

    Day 2: Budda Baker (5-10, 192, Washington)—Ed Reed like, small but highly skilled and tough.

    Day 3: John Johnson (6-1, 205, Boston College)—has CB skills and centerfield playmaking ability.


    Day 3: Zane Gonzalez (6-1, 201, Arizona St.)—accurate and consistent.


    Day 3: Austin Pehkow (6-3, 205, Idaho)—big leg, hang-time.

    STs Ace:

    Day 1: Jabrill Peppers (6-0, 205, Michigan)—can do it all on STs, return, tackle and block kicks.

    Day 2: Adoree’ Jackson (5-11, 185, USC)—electrifying return man, slot CB skills.

    Day 3: Sam Rogers (5-10, 231, Virginia Tech)—all-out baller on STs. Has running and blocking skills as FB.

    Who are your favorites and why?

  14. By shannon robinson on Feb 18, 2017 | Reply

    John the Draft Guy, Muy Bueno! This is what you do best – You are our GM machine this time of year. To back up JTDG : Go to Over the Cap and take the Arizona Cardinals contracted players and then add the free agents you choose. As a rookie GM I kept my dealings to two or three year contracts/deals and was able to keep Jefferson, Swearinger, CAQ Shipley (the man with three initials), M Cooper, Mr. Gresham, Minter, Sio Moore, Gabe Martin, Catanzaro, and Wetzel. To be honest you have to sign Dysert and then I threw in Pierre and I like Jeremy Ross (my poor man’s Doucet, who’s was a poor man’s Q). JTDG is right about moving money to a signing bonus for a player on a multi year contract. It makes big contracts get affordable. In my scenario I haven’t signed Calais Campbell or Frosty Rucker but I didn’t cut any contracted players either. I say you can have it all! Why not? It’s our team and now’s a good time. A tip of the Cards’ Wing to JTDG for giving us the rundown and some hope!

  15. By shannon robinson on Feb 18, 2017 | Reply

    Oh, by the way – any cap predictions for the Cardinals requires assuming C Jones being franchised for 15 million US.

  16. By Scott H on Feb 18, 2017 | Reply

    Kinda surprised there has not been any reaction from people here to the news of Floyd being sentenced to some jail time. No surprise about THAT, though. I’m guessing a suspension will also be forth-coming? Though who knows how many games. I would think it has to be at least 4, doesn’t it? Hmmmm….one wonders if the Pats will continue to love Floyd as he believes they do. That still makes me chuckle. How foolish could he possibly be??

    I bear no ill will toward Michael Floyd. I liked him when he was here….I wanted him to be the guy to take the torch from Larry Fitzgerald ( who has continued to out-play him every year, probably will until he retires ). But he never came close to being the player OR the man that Fitz is. So it goes. From a human perspective, I will hope to see him get himself together off the field. But…..

    All that said? Now that jail time and probable suspensions have become part of the problem, I’m glad he’s not OUR problem any more.

  17. By CARDS62 on Feb 18, 2017 | Reply


    As always I appreciate your work and the work of all of our other fans, and I like the players you wish to bring back and free agents you want to sign.

    Few questions for all Cardinal Fans for input.

    1)Dolphins just released a starting T that could also play G/C. He was highly regarded but battled injuries last year. Is he worth a roster spot?

    2) With the knowledge of bringing in Gilmore and a few others at DB would you trade Patrick Peterson for players/draft picks? I commented numerous times on how well PP played last year, but he is expensive and I want a QB in the draft this year.

    3) Are you guys okay with Drew Stanton being our backup again in 2017? (I want him gone before 2017 starts)

    4) Do you want Iupati back for 2017 or should we try to trade him for player/draft pick?

    Go Cards!

  18. By mitchaz on Feb 19, 2017 | Reply


    Very good questions!

    1. There are some good UFA guards available such as Larry Warford (DET), Chance Warmack (TEN), T.J. Lang (GB), Ronald Leary (DAL) and Anthony Pasztor (CLE).

    2. I would be very surprised if the Cardinals sign Gilmore or any other high priced UFA CB. They want to re-sign Marcus Cooper…and they still are very high on Brandon Williams who started to figure some things out by the end of the year. Justin Bethel is healthy again and should be in the mix. Harlan Miller could be a big 2nd year surprise as a combo CB/FS—and Canadian standout Elie Bouka, after a year on the IR, has superb speed and athleticism (can return punts, too).

    3. The most apt scenario in which BA trades or releases Drew Stanton is if they sign UFA QB Mike Glennon as the QBOF. Gambo has been reporting that there is mutual interest between Glennon and fellow Wolfpack alum, Steve Keim. If they don’t sign Glennon and they draft a QB early, knowing BA, he will stick with Stanton as the #2. Like you and other fans, I am not confident in Stanton—but BA is.

    4. Yes, I want Mike Iupati back. The guy plays hurt, which unfortunately has been too often the past two years. But maybe this year he avoids the injury bug and returns to being as All-Pro LG.

    The OL who could be dangled in trade scenarios is Jared Veldheer, if the price is right. BA and SK like John Wetzel, Ulrich John and Givens Price. I thought Wetzel played well and was an upgrade over Veldheer in the running game. If the Cardinals do trade Veldheer to a tackle starved team, they would absorb $6.5M in DM, but add $3.8M in cap space.

  19. By mitchaz on Feb 19, 2017 | Reply


    I tried twice yesterday to post my favorite Day, 1,2,3 draft picks for the Cardinals and it hasn’t been posted. The second time I tried, the screen said it had already been submitted. Can you please let me know what happened? Thank you.

  20. By Darren Urban on Feb 19, 2017 | Reply

    Mitch —

    RE: Post

    I found it in the spam file. I would suggest trying to be more succinct in your posts to avoid that.

  21. By Big Ken on Feb 19, 2017 | Reply

    About this time last year we were staying DJ Humphies was a wasted pick, a first round bust. A year later he’s being anointed the starting left tackle. Wow! What happened? And are Boehm, Toner etc. following the same foot steps?

  22. By mitchaz on Feb 19, 2017 | Reply

    Thanks, Darren. I will try. Maybe I will just write a post like that in sections.

  23. By JTDG on Feb 19, 2017 | Reply


    1. Not sure who the tackle was the dolphins released. I know they released at DT, and may make a major trade with Brandon Albert to the Jags. If I miss someone, please let me know.

    2. OK, First, I think Peterson is the best CB. I also believe in the window of 2017.
    That is why I would do what is needed to sign the players to help us win in 2017.

    But 2018, Palmer and Fitz are gone, and without a QB, the cards will struggle to win 5-6 games. We need a rookie QB that can be the guy for the next 12-15 years.

    Lets say we win it all in 2017. We pick 32nd in 2018. Tougher to get that franchise QB. Lets say the QB from USC Darnold or the kid from UCLA are in the draft. They are going in the top 5, maybe 1 and 2. So, how do you climb up?
    If a team like the Jets, who blow there team up and go with a rookie QB in 2017, ends up being the top pick, Peterson could be what you need to go get that top pick. In that case, yes I would move him.

    So, I would not plan on trading Peterson, unless it meant the ability to jump up to get that QB.

    The team can afford both CBs. Now Badger, well, if he can’t play at least 14 games this year, he would be released in 2018, That would save about 5 million, and that would help with the added salary of Jefferson.

    3. If Palmer goes down, it really doesn’t matter who is backing up. Stanton is 4 million against the cap, which isn’t out of line. At this point, it is what it is.

    4. I bring Iupati back for 2017 but not 2018. He only saves 2.6 million in cap money if released in 2017. That really isnt enough of a savings to release a starting guard. But, he will save 6.9 million in 2018, which would help offset the money going to Zeitler.

  24. By JTDG on Feb 19, 2017 | Reply

    shannon robinson,

    Thanks for the kind words but agreeing with me will get you plenty of thumbs down.

    FYI, I made a comment a few blogs back, that if I had my wants, I would have Jones already signed. Darren asked how. So I wrote up a quick plan on signing him. I gave him a smaller signing bonus and Darren thought it would take more up front. I changed it to what is above.

    I get that Keim will slap the franchise tag on him. That will make it so much harder to sign the players we need, when 15 of your 35 million is eaten up before you get going.

  25. By Steve88 on Feb 19, 2017 | Reply

    The NFL is an offensive league…Period. Look no further than the Super Bowl and the explosive Atlanta offense laying the wood on the #1 defense in the League. A falcons offense that featured tremendous speed at the skill positions and 2 very dynamic rb’s. Dominant defenses don’t guarantee rings anymore. Henceforth, I WOULD NOT WASTE the 13th pick of the draft on a defensive player and I am not sold on the top two receivers in this draft.
    Dalvin Cook of Florida State is a phenomenal talent that has rare quickness and what I like to call jukeability in the hole. The guy is a big play waiting to happen.You put this guy with a healthy John Brown, JJ Nelson, UFA signing of DeSean Jackson , Larry Fitzgerald and David Jonson and you have an offense that can score 35 pts per game. Imagine 3 receiver set of JJ Nelson, John Brown and DeSean Jackson with Cook/DJ in the backfield. Send DJ in motion and you can attack a defense in so many ways. A delay draw to Cook and with a DJ block he gets the corner and he’s gone. So many options that defenses would not know what to do. We can easily build a top 5 defense without using 13th pick in the draft and Jackson buys us a couple years to replace Fitz.

  26. By JTDG on Feb 19, 2017 | Reply


    Bottom line from your post, there are several good players in this draft that can make the cardinals better.

    Love Forest Lamp. Remember last year when BA said the best center wasn’t a center in college. This is who he was referring to. Lamp could be a pro bowl player.

    Zach Cunningham for LB. Long rangy inside LB who could be a terror in the passing game. I think in the cards defense, this guy will be a star.

    Mike Williams, JuJu Smith Schuester, and Zay Jones are the 3 top receivers imo.

    I like Adore Jackson in the slot. Teez Tabor is a very good CB. I like CBs with swag and attitude.

  27. By JTDG on Feb 19, 2017 | Reply


    I can’t disagree more with you regarding the CB spot. I am not saying the cards won’t do what you say either.

    But I pray they do not go into 2017 hoping Brandon Williams (who may have the worst skills at CB I have ever seen ) Justin Bethel, (who wasn’t hurt his first 4 years and showed nothing at CB) and Marcus Cooper (who plays off receivers and is afraid to challenge them because receivers can beat him with speed).

    Those 3 didn’t work in 2016, they won’t work in 2017.
    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and hoping for different results. So, are you insane? 🙂

  28. By Marcelof on Feb 20, 2017 | Reply

    Seen around the net some people poiting J. Garoppolo to the Cards….

    Wonder if that’d be a nice move?
    os he is just another folk who works well under BB’s system and may be a bust elsewhere…

  29. By Kevin S Mesa on Feb 20, 2017 | Reply

    I love all the posts from folks analyzing the draft, our free agents, the salary cap, etc. I don’t have a lot to contribute on those points because I’m just not as well informed as you all are. I save my analysis for NFL playoff tie-breaker scenarios.

    I did see one post above that I wanted to comment on, though. Jeffcardinalfan asserts that he would play for “much less” money to be on a team with a chance to win a SB.

    I just don’t think that’s true. You mention someone with a 10M/year contract with half guaranteed. First of all, that may be the only big contract a guy ever gets. Second, of the 25M guaranteed, nearly half is likely to go to taxes. Top federal rate is now nearly 40%, plus you have your state tax wherever you live, plus most states in which games are played also tax you on the income you earn for the games you play there. So let’s say your take from that guaranteed 25M is 13M after taxes.

    Still very good money, but remember, that may be all you earn from football. And only a small percentage of these guys get lucrative post-playing day careers in broadcasting or coaching. A lot of guys coach at lower levels just to stay involved in the game, but they aren’t making a ton of money doing that.

    Don’t get me wrong, 13M is a lot of money. But many of these guys also donate significant money to charities/foundations, and there’s also a pretty high-end lifestyle associated with being a player, which they don’t “have” to participate in, but I imagine it’s kinda hard not to.

    Equity partners at some big NYC law firms make over $2M a year, so in a decade or so they’d earn around as much as your guy with a 25M contract, and I don’t see anyone saying they should agree to work for less.

    Not to mention that, in today’s NFL, what does it mean to say you’re going to work for less because you want to be on a team with SB aspirations? Didn’t we all think the Cards were a team with such aspirations going into this year? If I remember, early odds on the Cards had them among the top 5 or so teams in terms of lowest odds. Carolina was in the same ballpark. Atlanta, meanwhile, had much higher odds. So if someone shunned a higher salary being offered by Atlanta to play instead for the Cards or Carolina, wouldn’t they have ended up looking pretty stupid?

  30. By mitchaz on Feb 21, 2017 | Reply


    * We agree on Forest Lamp—and if he’s the target, then a trade down from #13 is the way to go—or a trade up from pick #45.

    * Having studied ILB Zach Cunningham at length, what concerns me about him is his poor tackling technique—his pad level is almost always too high and he is primarily an arm tackler. In the pros, RBs are going to bounce off him, if he doesn’t change his technique.

    * I prefer WR Corey Davis over Mike Williams because I think he is a more versatile and complete receiver—plus, Williams’ back issues are a cause for concern, particularly at his height and with all the 20/20 balls he goes up for and takes a physical pounding on. One has to wonder whether he will be a lot like Michael Floyd in the NFL, seemingly always nursing injuries. Davis has better body control and a sixth sense about how to break away from pressure and contact.

    * I too like Adoree’ Jackson and would love to see the Cardinals take him at #45—maybe we will finally have a punt eturner who actually wants to return punts.

    * I like Teez Tabor a lot—good call on him. I rate Sidney Jones higher because he is more physical and a little more consistent.

    * As for the CB situation—I think we actually agree—I was stating what I think the Cardinals will do, but, like you, I think we need to sign a veteran UFA CB and I am not all that enamored with Marcus Cooper. I am perhaps a little more optimistic about Brandon Williams than you are (largely because of his indefatigable work ethic and his physical skills) but I still think he could profit from playing behind a veteran for another year or two.

    * That said I am not as high on Gilmore as you. I watched a number of Bills’ games this year and saw him repeatedly get beat and caught with his back turned or caught out of position. The Cardinals like to press and play bump and run–but, Gilmore strikes me as a good zone CB, where he can keep everything in front of him and then make his breaks on the ball.

  31. By JTDG on Feb 21, 2017 | Reply



    2016 was not his best year. I will agree with that. But even on a down year he still had 5 picks and 12 passes defensed.

    But remember, he will be the number two CB, not the number one like in Buffalo. Peterson draws the number 1 guy, while Gilmore gets the number two. He won’t line up on the Julios or Dez Bryants, he will get the Mohammad Sanu and Terrence Williams of the world.

    I would compare that to Cromartie. (Antonio) , He wouldn’t carry a defense as the number one, but he sure could shut down the other guys.

    I do have to say another name is intriging me. Dre Kirkpatrick. I loved him coming out in the draft but he has never become the 1st round stud he should be. But that is because the defense the Bengals run.

    Kirkpatrick in a more man type defense might be a diamond in the rough. This is one player who might make sense for the cards to go after.

  32. By mitchaz on Feb 21, 2017 | Reply


    * Good points about Gilmore, but, John, he wants #1 CB money. SK won’t go there.

    * I am intrigued by Dre Kirkpatrick as well.

    * But, the UFA CB who is the best fit as the #2 CB, Imo, is Logan Ryan, who was the #2 CB to Malcolm Butler. What I love about Ryan is how physical he is. We need that, especially with Pat P. playing every game like it is the Pro Bowl in Honolulu–as in flag football. Ryan had 164 tackles and 6 interceptions the past 2 years.= and he is just entering his prime.

    * I also like Darius Butler—not flashy, but steady and versatile.

  33. By JTDG on Feb 21, 2017 | Reply



    Of course Keim won’t sign him. Never thought he would.

    I was just showing above that it is possible to sign our top FA and other top FA in areas of need, and still fit under the cap.

  34. By Andy Kw on Feb 21, 2017 | Reply

    If Jermaine Gresham doesn’t return, the Cardinals should bring back Jim Dray. He was always a solid blocker and we can get equal production from him on Offense. He is familiar with the system too.

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