Palmer, Brady and continuing to play

Posted by Darren Urban on March 27, 2017 – 4:19 pm

Once, I asked Carson Palmer about Tom Brady’s claim in 2015 that he wanted to play 10 more years. It was in the context of Palmer’s desire to play longer. “I would love to play 10 more years,” Palmer said at the time, with the caveat that he was taking things in a lot shorter bites than that. Year to year was the best-case scenario, and frankly, the fact Palmer mulled retiring this offseason likely means that possibility is much closer than not.

But there was Patriots owner Robert Kraft at the owners’ meetings at the Arizona Biltmore Monday, saying that his quarterback Tom Brady said he plans to play another six or seven years. Brady, mind you, is older than Palmer — Brady turns 40 in August, Palmer 37 in December — but Brady also has been playing at an incredible level. We’ll see if his body can hold up. Peyton Manning had no desire to retire when he did, but his body just gave out. Brady has shown zero signs of that, but things change quickly in your 40s (I can personally attest to that.)

With Palmer, it’s not just holding up physically. It’s holding up mentally, which in a lot of ways is what took Kurt Warner down when he retired — not that he couldn’t play anymore, but he lost the will to grind day-to-day mentally. That hill can get more and more steep as the years go by.

Everyone will wait to see if Brady playing another six or seven seasons, assuming Bill Belichick is still around. Palmer, I think it’s safe to say, is going to fall far short of his love-of-another decade. It just doesn’t work out that way. Unless you’re the Patriots.



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  1. By KMART on Mar 27, 2017 | Reply


    Is this the last rodeo for Palmer or is he going to take it year by year? Is this the last year of his deal?

  2. By Darren Urban on Mar 28, 2017 | Reply

    KMart —

    RE: Palmer

    He has said many times now he’s taking it year by year. His contract runs through 2018.

  3. By Scott H on Mar 27, 2017 | Reply

    I can only be grateful that Palmer stayed for 2017 and is giving us all another shot at the Lombardi trophy. I expect it will be his last go ’round – win, lose, or draw.

    I think the offense of this team is loaded and up to the task. If Palmer stays healthy, the O-line gives better protection than Palmer got last year, and we are not ravaged by significant injuries elsewhere on the offense, this side of the ball is going to do its share and then some.

    And they might have to because, sadly, I don’t see the defense holding up its end. The other CB spot could kill us again if it is not more adequately addressed before the season starts. There is no way we’re getting by with Bethel and / or Williams. Not unless one of those two guys is a quantum leap better than he was last year. I don’t see it in either of them.

  4. By GARY HICKERSON on Mar 27, 2017 | Reply

    I think that CARSON PALMER is as good as any QB in the league when protection is good !! his TD to int,. ratio has improved a lot since joining the CARDINALS and he proved he can get hit and take it ,and play all season,he can still throw the long ball(80 yrd TD pass to nelson vs SEATTLE) AND hes not affraid to stand in the pocket to get the throws completed!!and by the way a lot of PALMERS interceptions were when the CARDINALS were behind in the 4th otr. when cards had no choice but to throw!!..I hope hes the CARDINALS QB.for the next 2 years at least!! HOWEVER THE CARDINALS NEED TO DRAFT a QB soon!!..GO CARDINALS

  5. By Coach K on Mar 27, 2017 | Reply

    Palmer should start on Brady’s special low carb diet and play for 5 more years.

  6. By Patrick on Mar 27, 2017 | Reply

    So if the cardinals select a qb of the future with their first round pick, it will be the third year in a row the cardinals will get little production from their first round pick in year one. Not saying they should not do it, but just not your typical expectation for first round picks.

  7. By aschatte on Mar 28, 2017 | Reply

    What a winning organization the Patriots are!!!! Their whole systems needs to be studied and mimicked by teams all around the NFL…Picking the right players at the right time, trading up and down to get players as needed, just the mentality of the organization has been remarkable in the last 15 years and counting…Brady wants to play another 5-7 years, I wouldn’t be surprised if that happens, nobody should and the most remarkable aspect of it is the pay cuts he has been willing to take to build the roster around. Expecting Palmer to play this season was a stretch in itself, 2017 season will just be going through the motions. Brady will take the Patriots to another SB and probably win MVP again, not much surprising any more. Cardinals and Palmer can hopefully for the sake of Larry can at least limp to the playoffs, and maybe with a little luck even meet the Patriots in the SB

  8. By mitchaz on Mar 28, 2017 | Reply

    ESPN put out its Top 10 rankings for each position group. Here were the results:

    Top 10 QBs:

    The Cardinals did not make the top 10 and yet QB Carson Palmer has the second highest 2017 cap hit in the NFL at over $24M.

    The Seahawks (Russell Wilson) are ranked #4

    Top 10 RBs:

    The Cardinals are #5 thanks to David Johnson. With greater depth at the positon this ranking could be higher.

    The 49ers are ranked #7 and the Seahawks are ranked #8.

    Top 10 WRs/TEs:

    The Cardinals are no longer in the top 10 of the NFL. The perception is that Fitz has only one 100+ yard game in his last 23 games and that there is no bona fide #2 WR on the roster.

    The Seahawks are ranked #5.

    The Top 10 OL:

    No NFC West team made this list. The Cardinals have paid big bucks for G Mike Iupati and T Jared Veldheer and have invested a #1 pick in T D.J. Humphrey — and yet the perception remains that they have one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL.

    The Top 10 Front 7 vs. the Pass:

    The Cardinals are not ranked here? Didn’t they lead the league in sacks? Was that a mirage? Yes, they have two good edge rushers in Golden and Jones, but with Calais Campbell’s defection, there is not one proven inside pass rusher.

    The Rams are ranked #1 and the Seahawks are ranked #4.

    The Top 10 front 7 vs. the Run:

    The Cardinals are ranked #6. Will Josh Mauro be able to help maintain the run defense in Campbell’s absence? Possibly.

    The Rams are ranked #2 and the Seahawks are ranked #3.

    The Top 10 Secondaries:

    The Cardinals are ranked #8 thanks to Patrick Peterson and Honey Badger, but how will they fare without Jefferson, Swearinger and Cooper? Antoine Bethea should be solid in the box. Is CB Brandon Williams as ready as BA claims? Who plays FS?

    The Seahawks are ranked #3.

    The Top 10 Special Teams:

    One would expect the Cardinals to be ranked near the bottom. Adding PK Phil Dawson is a plus, but other than Dawson, no other STs aces have been added this off-season.

    The Seahawks are ranked #9.


    In the current NFL Power Rankings the Cardinals are holding steady at #16…which leaves them out of the playoffs with 8 NFC teams ranked ahead of them.

    The overall perception is that the Cardinals are regressing and, in light of a very passive approach to FA, there is now a strong perceptions that the Cardinals have already gone into a rebuilding mode.


    In my opinion, the Top 10 rankings are accurate, save for the Cardinals being ranked at the #8 secondary (which was a tad generous, seeing at the #2 CB and #1 FS positions are unsettled and vulnerable at this point).

    On offense, what the Cardinals have to hope is that Carson Palmer can play like a top 10 QB again, thanks to continued excellence from RB David Johnson, more cohesive and effective offensive line play and a resurgence from the WRs and TEs. Finishing off drives this year and reducing costly turnovers and poor decision making in the red zone (both in the play calling and the execution) should be paramount to the team’s success.

    On defense, what the Cardinals have to hope is to continue to bottle up the run, to find a balanced pass rush from the outside and the inside, to get squared away at CB and FS and to start creating the kinds of turnovers that helped them win the NFC West in 2015.

    On special teams, what the Cardinals have to hope is to add young talent through the draft, to find an answer to the perennial return game woes and to upgrade their kicking game in a big way.

    The Biggest Dilemma?

    By being passive in FA, the Cardinals have boxed themselves into a corner heading into this draft. Number 1, they HAVE to draft for need. There is no getting around that. The immediate needs are at RG, RB, WR, TE, inside pass rusher, edge rush depth, CB, FS and STs.

    With 8 picks and so many needs — and with wanting to draft a young QB — it would seem to behoove them to trade down to acquire added picks.

    The QBOF is a searing dilemma — in a draft where the top QB prospects are 2-3 year projects — and with the question of whether BA would have the patience to go with a young QB next year, knowing that in most cases it takes young QBs 3-4 years to build command and confidence.

    If the Cardinals do spend a high pick on a QB, they are going to have to hope they can cash in some June 1st cuts in order to fill in the remaining holes on the roster.

    Making a Splash?

    At this point, it would seem that a big splash kind of move could help rejuvenate the hopes and aspirations of the team and the organization. Steve Keim has been trying to create added cap space. Does he have an ace up his sleeve? Could it be a trade for DT Sheldon Richardson, for example? A splash move such as that could help erase the perception that the Cardinals have abandoned the “win now” mode.

  9. By Scott H on Mar 28, 2017 | Reply

    Brady looks, to me, like he CAN absolutely play for at least a couple more years. He still has the fire, still wants to play / win, and I see NO drop off in his physical ability. Good for him.

  10. By Scott H on Mar 28, 2017 | Reply

    mitchaz –

    That was some good stuff, there. And it is hard to dispute much of that – especially the part about a passive approach to free agency.

    I find myself feeling rather confused and highly annoyed. And for the same reasons. I say confused because the perception was ( hear that? WAS ) that the team was trying to keep the window open for 2017 and the approach to FA was going to be aggressive. It all started out on the right foot with Fitz and Palmer coming back on board. But FA has taken it all in the other direction. Just entirely too many defections on defense and we have CLEARLY lost more than we took in.

    This team came out of the 2016 with a glaring need at CB. And nothing was done – or. at least accomplished – to address that glaring need. Therefore, that glaring need remains.

    For that reason, this off-season just feels very….in-complete to me. It feels like we can’t / shouldn’t be done, but…..maybe we are?? Sure kinda feels like it.

    Yeah, there is still the draft to come. But….I just wasn’t expecting FA to go as it did. And, I agree with your choice of words – it seemed passive.

    Making that trade last year to get a pass rusher to address a glaring need felt aggressive. It felt like the need was recognized and they did what they needed to do to fill the need with a no-doubt-about-it player in Chandler Jones. As a fan, I feel like I had every right to expect them to do the same to address their need at CB. And….it’s been little more than the sound of crickets chirping.

    Aggressive? No. Not by any reasonable definition of aggressive.

  11. By mitchaz on Mar 28, 2017 | Reply

    Scott H—

    Crickets, indeed!

    Good post, btw, I agree with all of it.

    I think the best way I can think to put it is — why bring back Palmer and Fitzgerald and then spend the rest of the off-season (wherein Steve Keim vowed to be “aggressive”) signing 3 UFAs in their 30s (who are not necessarily upgrades over their own UFAs lost, save for Dawson) and going into what clearly is a rebuilding mode?

    That makes no sense to me — save that maybe they think that Palmer and Fitzgerald will keep filling the seats at U of P a year after the Cardinals went a disappointing 4-3-1 at home.

  12. By JTDG on Mar 28, 2017 | Reply


    Simply put, I agree with your assessments.

    Thanks for taking a step back and seeing it from the outside (and not a fan)

  13. By mitchaz on Mar 28, 2017 | Reply


    Just heard Steve Keim on NFL Network telling Daniel Jeremiah at the Combine how he owes it to “the guys like the Carson players and the Larry Fitzgeralds to try to win now and we really owe it to our fan base and to me the mindset you have to have is that you are going for it every year—to me you can never put yourself in a situation where you’re thinking or you’re letting your fans know you are in a rebuilding phase, that doesn’t exist in the NFL anymore.”

    This is not a “win now” off-season. Nowhere close to it. This is a build for the future off-season, which is fine if that’s what the FO is telling us. But because they are telling us the opposite—as classy says—they are punking us.

    It makes absolutely no sense to bring back Palmer and Fitzgerald and then sign no new younger UFA to 3-4 year deals at a key position who can help the team win now and in the future.

    I’m not a big Dansby fan and never have been. I think he is a “me first” athlete who tries to act like he’s a leader when it suits his purposes, especially when he is playing for his next contract. I think he takes the easy way out on a lot of plays and in terms of playing with a physical toughness, on a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate him a 6. Just run a screen pass to his side and watch him run away from it instead of trying to bust it up like tough guys do for their team.

    Signing Dansby was a lazy PR move to get the fans nostalgic.

    I like Antoine Bethea (if he can hold up all year, unlike veterans Powers and Rashad in 2014 and 2015), but a D.J. Swearinger in his prime is better, tougher and far more versatile, especially seeing as he proved last year that he can play well at FS, both in intimidating RBs and WRs over the middle and in the alleys and in making plays in coverage. At $4.5M a year he would have been a bargain.

    A one year deal for Jarvis Jones is intriguing, only if he can show some semblance of a pass rush. Okafor has had greater success as a rusher — in fact in one year Okafor had more sacks (8) than Jones has had in his 4 year career. They both signed 1 year deals at $2M a year — with Okafor thinking he has a better chance to start in NO. the fact that Keim couldn’t seal the deal on Okafor is troubling.

    BA says CB Brandon Williams is more than ready to start. Really? The Cardinals now find themselves in the exact same position they were in a year ago with Bethel and Williams 1-2 on the RCB depth chart. This is inexcusable and just plainly obtuse.

    The Cardinals currently have 7 interior DL and none of them is a bona fide NFL pass rusher. Not one.

    How about special teams? The area that Steve Keim and Bruce Arians have sworn they are going to upgrade. The move to sign UFA Phil Dawson was the best move they’ve made all off-season. But, other than that, are Dansby, Bethea, Jarvis Jones and Andre Ellington (don’t get me started on him) going to upgrade STs? If they are even on any of the STs, we will know how poorly this supposed upgrade plan is.

    This has to go down as one of the most pitiful off-seasons in Cardinals’ history.

    The only reason now that i can think of to bring back Palmer and Fitzgerald at a combined $40M (1/4th of the salary cap) is to offer the illusion of the Cardinals still ‘going for it” so that fans will keep buying tickets.

    This team on paper right now is much worse than last year’s and last year the team lost or tied half (0-3-1) of their 8 games at home.

    This off-season is BA&SK’s so-called “aggressive” reaction to that disappointment? Wow. And Keim says “I owe it to the fans”???

  14. By Scott H on Mar 28, 2017 | Reply

    mitchaz –

    Man, you are bringin’ it! I feel like you are inside my head, reading my thoughts word for word. Though you may be saying them better. Your last post is just so right on….one of the most perfect posts I have seen in a long time. And THAT is unfortunate because of what it says.

    You have my agreement on virtually every word. I have always loved Dansby for how he plays but…..I do not see him as a guy who makes WINNING his priority. Think about it….he’s been here two times….played superbly…..and went to lesser teams both times for the best money he could get. And I think we all remember how crystal clear HE was about GETTING PAID when he left here the first time. It was ALL about the money. Hey, that bothers me. But regardless of what his motivators are at this point… 36, do we even know if he has enough left to help this TEAM win???

    Can’t – CANNOT – agree with you more about Swearinger. Of all the loses we’ve incurred this off-season, that is definitely the hardest to swallow. He was a play-making machine for this team last year and he was absolutely affordable for 2017. He had combination of nastiness and intensity that this defense feels like it is now sorely lacking for. HE is going to be missed. It pisses me off to hear him referred to as a guy who was on the streets last year before we signed him. Yeah? And? Who cares where he was, what he was doing then? What matters is what he BECAME as a player in THIS defense! THAT is the player that left. Oh, but now that he’s gone, we’re supposed to forget about that and remember he was homeless before that. Are you kidding me??? WHO is falling for that crap??? That sounds like the Jedi mind trick from Star Wars!

    Look, I could go on, but…..I’m preachin’ to the choir, I know. But I will end by saying that as a fan of this team – and after 40 years on board, I’ve paid my dues and my vote counts – this team has done a LOUSY job this off-season. I had certain expectations and I now feel VERY let down by what has transpired this off-season. It is furthermore insulting to me that our GM spoke of being aggressive in FA and then he followed that up with …..THIS??????????

    Don’t imagine they will but I will hope that somebody in the F/O might hear this.

    Not surprised that JTDG is on board with your thoughts, too. That man knows the truth when he hears it!

  15. By GARY HICKERSON on Mar 28, 2017 | Reply

    I think that there were some locker room distractions last year!!’THAT WERE ADDRESSED’ this off season “i think that this training camp will be like 2015 when the CARDINALS went 13-3. the CARDINALS were star struck..with the ALL OR NOTHING….ending up being nothing!! in the words of an old rocky movie “THE CARDINALS NEED TO GET BACK THE EYE OF THE TIGER!!go CARDINALS!!

  16. By JTDG on Mar 28, 2017 | Reply


    Saw the same conversation with Keim.
    I said after what Keim did last year, we should move on from him and most fans disagreed with me.

    You are now seeing what I saw last year. So preach on.

    The cards will draft a QB . After not winning the Super Bowl , Palmer and Fitz will retire. Keim will dangle the possibility of this QB just needs players around him and time and he will lead us to the Super Bowl .

    Fans will eat it up and tell everyone next year or the next year or the year after that is our year.

    It seems the same every year. And if you question management, you have those who come out and say find a new team.

    There is a reason we are the team with the longest streak in any major sport not to win a championship.

    Very disappointing as we were close in 2015 and decided to leave huge holes in 2016 and it appears the same things are happening again in 2017.

  17. By jasonc on Mar 29, 2017 | Reply

    I know right!!!!! Keim should be run out of town! It is ridiculous that he thinks his .650 winning percentage is acceptable. I mean sure he tripled the amount of 10 win seasons this franchise has had since moving to Arizona, but c’mon really…he said he was going to be “aggressive” and he lied to us. It’s March…how are we ever going to fill the holes in our roster? You can’t just trade a 7th round pick and get an alternate pro bowl corner right before the season starts. He let Swearengin go for nothing!!!! We used a pretty good pick to get him I think and we just let him walk out the door? And Tony Jefferson!!!! What round did we draft him in again? Ugh!!!! It’s so infuriating that I’m filled with all of this football knowledge and Keim is just some guy who was handed the job without paying his dues. I’m on board with you guys…this guy is a bum and he needs to G-O!!!!

  18. By Scott H on Mar 30, 2017 | Reply

    Gary –

    RE: Locker room distractions

    Interesting…..even if we consider the whole All Or Nothing thing a “distraction” – which I really don’t think it was – what else are you referring to?? Through it all in 2016, I saw no real turmoil around this team.

    Our coach was hospitalized 2X during the season, and that is nothing to take lightly, but the problems were short lived and he was right back on the job both times. Heck, if anything, I was hoping that would serve as a point of INSPIRATION for the players, but…..not really.

    Honestly, I think we could have used a little more in the explosion department last year because this team just seemed flat too often. It felt like we needed someone to cut loose in the locker room or on the sidelines during a game just to try to get the pulse going.

    But in terms of distractions, like guys holding out or a QB controversy or a suspension for legal problems…..we were pretty distraction-free, if ya think about it.

    Just my 2 cents…..( which, with inflation, isn’t even worth that much anymore ).

  19. By JTDG on Mar 30, 2017 | Reply


    I’m glad you are finally on board after years of me showing you how Keim has repeatedly missed the mark. I figured, once seeing the truth year after year, you would come around.

    For a while there, I thought you were one of those people who is happy with just winning games. I mean, who cares if you win a few games if you can’t win it all. Isn’t that the goal every year? Super Bowl or Bust?

    Sure he has a .650 winning percentage , but one playoff win. Heck, Vince Tobin did that, and his win was on the road over the heavily favorite cowboys. Whiz/Graves had 4 playoff wins and took us to the super bowl. Keim/BA has one home win in the playoffs and followed that up with that great Carolina game. What was the score again?

    Wait, are you telling me, he traded a 7th rounder for a pro bowl alternate? What? Well surely he resigned him and he is a center piece of the defense, so why are we saying we need a CB? Thanks for pointing out our star CB.

    Funny, Jefferson was so upset they offered him a low tender in 2016. But wasn’t that his 4th year. Surely Keim knew what he had in TJ, so why wouldn’t he have signed him then to a long term deal , which must have been a much lower number then the number he got in FA. Huh ??? Maybe they didn’t think he was that good back in 2016???

    Those are the kind of moves that make it easy to understand why we have the longest streak of any team of winning a championship. Oh, well that .650 winning % erases that, right?

    Just heard Mike Tomlin on Says they never rebuild and his goal every year is to have the confetti rain down on him at the end of the year. For some reason, I kind of believe him.

  20. By jasonc on Mar 31, 2017 | Reply


    I know you know that history of this team so I find it incredulous that you feel like Keim has done an inadequate job as GM.

    This team was 13-30 in the three years after Warner retired prior to Keim taking over. In three seasons he built a roster that made it within one game of the Super Bowl. Last season we had one of the most talented rosters, which is Keim’s job, and they didn’t live up to expectations.

    He has only been here four years and he answered the question of left tackle, edge rusher, quarterback, and running back in the draft and free agency. All positions that have eluded this team for years.

    I am a fan, and I am happy with wins because I know it’s like to suffer with horrendous teams and incompetent front offices. Steve Keim has proven his ability to construct a winning roster and therefore calling for him to be fired is a ridiculous premise and you all look foolish when you state as much.

    I believe you to be intelligent based on some of your posts so when you do these insane posts it makes you look like a troll who just wants people to respond to them. I actually feel sorry for you that you allow all of these pessemistic thoughts to dominate your psyche in March when the 2017 roster hasn’t even been finalized.

    I hope that when this team succeeds this year you are accountable.

  21. By JTDG on Apr 2, 2017 | Reply


    This is getting ridiculous.

    I have tried to be civil and overlook the attacks you keep saying, but you keep wanting to get personal. What’s up with that? I am just trying to talk football. Can’t you stick with that? You disagree ,so you call names? That is so weak.

    Although, I am so glad you think I might be intelligent. That really makes my day.

    Here is why I am disappointed in the off season so far. I look at things logically.

    Generally, Teams win or lose when they have a QB. The cards only winning seasons have been when they had Warner, Plummer, and Palmer. All the rest of the years have not been winning seasons.

    That is cardinal fact. You can’t dispute that. As for drafting a QB, the cards best drafted QB, Jake Plummer lasted here 6 years and had one winning season. Not a good record of drafting QBs.

    Logic tells you, and cardinal history, when Palmer retires (and there is a very good chance he leaves after this year) the cards chances of winning drops dramatically.

    So, anyone would conclude, looking at what happened once Warner left, this is a super bowl or bust year. The window closes when Palmer leaves.

    Knowing that, once the off season settles and the cards get ready for the first game, you tell me if Keim did what was necessary to win the super bowl.

    Then, When the season ends, we will see who is correct. If we win the Super Bowl, you can come on the board and rub it in, and I will say Keim is the best GM.

    If we don’t win the Super Bowl and Palmer does leave, how long will you give Keim of losing seasons ?

    Graves/Whiz – 6 years, 4 playoff wins, 1 super bowl game.
    3 years with Warner, struggled to find a QB. Kolb trade doomed them. Got to wonder, what they could have done if Warner played 5 years?

    Keim / Arians – 4 years, 1 playoff win,
    Palmer has been here all 4 years although injury derailed 2014. This is year 5 and most likely Palmer’s last year. Keim has been fortunate to have Palmer his whole tenor.
    I would imagine Keim will attach himself to a QB in the draft. Like Kolb with Graves/Whiz, Keim’s future will hang on who he hitches his wagon to.

  22. By jasonc on Apr 3, 2017 | Reply


    I’m not trying to call you names. I thought I was being careful not to be disrespectful when I stated “you all look foolish” and I was using the term “troll” meaning you write incredulous posts to incite arguments, not that you’re an actual troll.

    Even in your response, you say “I look at things logically” and “logic tells you” meaning that anyone who dissents with your opinion by definition doesn’t use logic and thus their opinion is inferior. Saying you look foolish is the same as you saying my opinion isn’t logic based and yours is..right.

    I understand what you’re saying. You’re unhappy with the offseason…I get it. However, you don’t fire someone based on what you think is going to happen. Keim has PROVEN to be a successful GM based on his record and his ability to build a competitive roster and he should be secure in his position until he PROVES otherwise.

    So, I apologize that you felt I was getting personal. My intention was to state that you have a wealth of football intelligence. However, I feel that you do not use logic when speaking about Steve Keim; nor do I believe that when you write posts regarding trading away young core pieces of our team in made up trades where you represent both parties involved, free agency signings that you negotiate for both sides, or drafts when you’re the only person selecting come from logical places.

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