And then there were four (QBs)

Posted by Darren Urban on June 5, 2017 – 3:35 pm

Zac Dysert wasn’t out of work long. He was cut by the Cardinals Friday and then claimed off waivers by the Cowboys, it was announced by the league today. Dysert didn’t last as long as the previous third QB, Matt Barkley, in terms of seeing what he had. Barkley at least made it through training camp.

But circumstances change. One, it means that Trevor Knight, the undrafted rookie out of Texas A&M, has shown enough in this short time to impress — at least impress enough to keep him over Dysert. It also means the Cards — not surprisingly, given the praise coach Bruce Arians has delivered anytime he is asked — are happy with Blaine Gabbert thus far. Third, it means that they are good with Carson Palmer having his normal workload in training camp, even with an extra week of camp and extra preseason game.

There is context needed everywhere. I don’t expect Palmer to get a lot more preseason work, so with an extra game, there should be more preseason game reps for Gabbert, Knight and Drew Stanton. As for Stanton — and Gabbert — last week Arians said clearly that Stanton remains the No. 2 QB. I don’t expect that to change this season, but camp can always make an impact. (It won’t, IMO.) Still, QB is always a sexy position, and there will be plenty of stories of all four guys once camp starts in mid-July.

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  1. By steve on Jun 5, 2017 | Reply

    I like Stanton but based on his play the last couple of seasons ( both preseason and regular) I am pulling for Gabbert to supplant Drew. I don’t think Gabbert is our QB of the future but he has a better skill set than Stanton.

  2. By Louis c on Jun 5, 2017 | Reply

    We need a coach and a GM to get a quarterback. We don’t have a coach or GM right now so it’s going to be a 8-8 season again.

  3. By georgiebird on Jun 5, 2017 | Reply

    So silly to be so high on Stanton

  4. By creditcard on Jun 5, 2017 | Reply

    My initial reaction to Blaine Gabbert — what is Kiem thinking!

    However, after a little research and reflection — this very well could turn-out to be a brilliant move. Gabbert is only 27-years old. He played for bottom dwellers with poor surrounding cast of receivers, running backs, and a porous line .Plus, he had to deal with annual new playbooks and coaching staffs. Coupled with poor defenses, for the most part he was playing behind (thus one dimensional). This would be difficult for any NFL QB to compete and be effective.

    Gabbert has the size, arm strength, intelligence, athleticism, and moderate experience. Allow Gabbert a year to learn and fit-in the Card system — I think the Cards and NFL would see a completely different and effective QB.

    I think Gabbert offers less risk than any of the 1st round QBs chosen this year.

  5. By Scott H on Jun 6, 2017 | Reply

    Saw where the Seahawks passed ( no pun intended ) on Kaepernick. Sigh….should we be prepared for another round of outrage from the pro-Kaepernick folks who feel he is being black-balled and that he deserves a job in the NFL because…..well, just because?

  6. By Jon on Jun 6, 2017 | Reply

    Stanton is fast becoming the Drew Butler of quarterbacks

  7. By MikeinMesa on Jun 6, 2017 | Reply

    This is one of the things wrong with Arians philosophy. Why say anything until after camp and preseason? Last year Barkley clearly outperformed Stanton in preseason. Looked sharp. Stanton airmailed every throw just about. If Gabbert or Knight shine why is it assumed Stanton is #2?

  8. By Scott H on Jun 6, 2017 | Reply

    MikeinMesa –

    RE: Why is it assumed that Stanton is #2?

    Gee, I don’t know…..maybe because he has a winning record as a starting QB for the Cardinals since he’s been here??? I mean, call me crazy but I’m just guessing that MIGHT have something to do with it.

    People can get as crazy as they want over Blaine Gabbert ( which I really don’t get ). But right now, Stanton is the #2 guy, as he should be, and we’re all just gonna have to wait and see how it shakes out during training camp.

    Shoot, we all know that if Palmer goes down this season, we’re pretty much done. So, why all the fuss over who is where on the depth chart behind him??? I’d rather spend my worry / concern on things like the CB2 spot or Bucannon’s injury or if Nkemdiche can play or whether we are getting the REAL Honey Badger back this season ( and for how long ), etc. No shortage of more important concerns here….

  9. By TiminChandler on Jun 6, 2017 | Reply

    Would not surprise me to see Gabbert supplant Stanton at #2

  10. By CARDS62 on Jun 6, 2017 | Reply

    Gabbert was a first round draft choice so I guess we can consider him our QB drafted in the 1st round in 2017 right. Just kidding but if we did draft him in the first round this year he would probably be our 2nd string QB.

    I hope Stanton plays well again but he seems to be getting worse every year so my prediction is Gabbert beats him out for second string by the end of the preseason.

    Go Cards!

  11. By Big Ken on Jun 6, 2017 | Reply

    Just a bunch of guys fighting for jobs. Gotta love this country!

  12. By MikeinMesa on Jun 7, 2017 | Reply

    Hey Scott if you go back to the short time Stanton played, the defense got them to the playoffs. Stanton didn’t play as well as Palmer. And again last year Barkley was clearly better than Stanton in preseason.

  13. By clssylssy on Jun 7, 2017 | Reply

    There is a lot to be said for a backup QB who knows the system, knows the team, and especially knows the coach and what he expects, likes, and how he tends to coach, add that into having proven success in the backup role and what’s not to like? Drew Stanton was hand picked by Arians before Palmer and has delivered every time he’s been called upon to step in, so, it would seem that he’s embraced his role as a backup for this team and there is a sort of unspoken acknowledgement between Drew and Arians, that he’s his guy and will be Carson’s #2 until he retires.
    In this league we don’t usually see the backup becoming the franchise QB of the future too often with contender teams, and that’s what it seems the Cards would like to be working toward. Now, it the time comes that the organization decides they want Gabbert to be our franchise QB of the future, I could see him taking more reps as he transitions into that role, but, I really don’t see that happening.
    A few years ago we had the misfortune of going through a record number of QBs just as we were going into the finals and had to sign a last minute QB for the playoffs; I think Gabbert is our insurance for that not happening again and is a temp while BASK continues to shop.
    Stanton is a good team guy to have around and I don’t see Gabbert beating him out of the #2 spot, as Stanton has too many intangibles and history leading this team that Gabbert can’t pick up overnight.

  14. By Scott H on Jun 7, 2017 | Reply

    MikeinMesa –

    RE: Stanton didn’t play as well as Palmer

    Um….OK. And? When do we get to the part where you tell us something we don’t already know???

    Dude, I never said, suggested, or implied that Stanton played as well as Palmer.

    RE: Last year, Barkley was clearly better than Stanton in the pre-season.

    Yeah, playing against 3rd & 4th string defenses and players not even likely to make NFL rosters…maybe he was! Funny, though…..that even though it was clear to YOU that Barkley was better, the entire Cardinals coaching staff didn’t seem to notice that. Hence, Stanton was our #2 QB and Barkley was…..released?

    Last I saw, Stanton played ONE game last year, he played solid, and the team won the game. Sorry, but…..isn’t that what a good back-up QB is supposed to do for his team??? Let’s remember that that’s what Stanton is – the back-up QB. So, your comparing him to Carson Palmer is ridiculous.

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