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Posted by Darren Urban on July 10, 2017 – 1:51 pm

As I come back off vacation, things are still quiet around the Cardinals’ facility. Coaches and players won’t start filtering in until next week (report day for training camp is a week from Friday, with the first practice on July 22, a week from Saturday.) This is the time when the radar gets raised for a potential veteran signing for training camp.

The Cardinals currently have one open spot on the 90-man roster, a vacancy created the last time the Cards made moves more than a month ago. Odds are that it would be more of a fringe guy to fill out a position heading into camp, a name that most won’t recognize. But it certainly wouldn’t be a surprise to have someone with a better chance of making the roster. The last we heard from GM Steve Keim, the team was monitoring a bunch of veterans who were possibilities (assuming the price was right.)

There are cornerbacks out there, although if  you are floating around right now, there are questions: Darrelle Revis is price v. age (and since he is already making $6 million this season and has offset language, he may not be motivated to play), Sam Shields has dealt with concussions, Brandon Flowers and Alterraun Verner are smaller. When last we heard from running back Chris Johnson, he said he was still in contact with the team. Maybe there is a guard to compete with Evan Boehm (besides rookie Dorian Johnson.)

One thing that seems certain: Adding whomever it is won’t be the only move of camp. Since Keim took over as GM, the Cardinals have averaged 18 roster moves from camp-opening week through the first cut to 75. (Again, don’t forget that a new rule means there won’t be a cut to 75 this season, only the final cut, which will take teams from 90 to 53.) The roster, through performance and injuries, will be churned soon enough.

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  1. By D on Jul 10, 2017 | Reply

    Welcome back Mr. Urban, I myself returning from vacation, already missing that SD weather…

    I am not crazy about any CB’s currently on the market, although I would probably bring in S. Shields for a workout/review of medical/kick the tires. It was not that along ago he was the #1 Corner on a very Good GB team.

    I did see that AZ had the most turnover I believe from last year’s roster in the NFC…and if you look at the possible 2018 free agents for the team, they could lead the league next year…going to be many more changes after this season, we better enjoy/appreciate Palmer/Fitz/Dansby and Co while we can.

  2. By JTDG on Jul 10, 2017 | Reply


    On, when you click on Marcus Golden, they have him starting only 3 games.

    I know it is petty, but isn’t he a starter?

  3. By Darren Urban on Jul 10, 2017 | Reply

    JTDG —

    RE: Golden

    He played starter snaps but starters are the ones on the field for the initial defensive snap of the game, and he was out there only three times. In the other 13 games, the Cardinals used 5 DBs and three LBs — Bucannon, Chandler Jones and Minter — on the first play.

  4. By jeffcardinalfan on Jul 10, 2017 | Reply

    heres my 2 cents worth:

    sign at least 2 of these corners mentiond by Darren. then we have camp plus 5 games to evaluate them and the other cbs. I gotta think revis would be motivated to play in same division as Sherman and a chance for a ring.

  5. By jacob hewitt on Jul 11, 2017 | Reply

    Hey DARREN i don’t know if u rememberd me the CLEMSON FAN that bugged u about watson. anyways will we get to see Trevor Knight is the HALL OF FAME GAME aug 3rd?

  6. By Darren Urban on Jul 11, 2017 | Reply

    Jacob —

    RE: Knight

    I would say yes, he will play that day.

  7. By Scott H on Jul 11, 2017 | Reply

    Wow, again, I really don’t get the change from the previous way of making roster cuts ( gradual / incremental ) to al 32l teams cutting their rosters from 90 players to 53 AFTER the final pre-season game. That just sounds….really chaotic.

    Then again, I’m not agreeing with many changes the NFL has made in recent years. This just looks like another one. I find it quite telling that the commisioner of the league was booed vociferously every time he stepped to the podium to announce a pick at this year’s draft…. EVERY TIME. The fans never backed off that night. In that regard, I was very much with them. Even if it was in Philly….:)

    Darren – can you say, is this a change that that was made after approval by a majority of team owners? Is the Players Association involved in changes like that??

  8. By Darren Urban on Jul 11, 2017 | Reply

    Scott H —

    RE: Change

    In this case, yes, the owners have to approve it. The players didn’t necessarily have a say, but I don’t know in this case why they would object. What it does mean more than anything is that the final preseason game is even less likely to have “regulars” playing.

  9. By D on Jul 11, 2017 | Reply

    Hopefully Palmer can create enough Magic this year for BA to write a follow up book.

  10. By Corgon on Jul 11, 2017 | Reply

    Verner was a pretty good corner few years ago. I’m not a guy who like to throw in familiar names just because he’s out there, but if somehow he could get back to his previous form he could be a big win in the cb2 spot. I think now he should be humbled enough to understand how the prove it deals are working. Don’t think he’s a must, if SK makes a deal where he get paid only if he makes the 53 roster, what could go wrong? Of course he has to want it as well.

  11. By Kevin S Mesa on Jul 12, 2017 | Reply

    I always assumed (perhaps incorrectly) that players might have preferred the incremental cuts because if you aren’t going to make the team you’re currently playing for, you might have a chance to make another team. Sure, you could argue that under the new rule, you get an entire preseason to prove yourself to the team that signed you originally, but I suspect most teams have a pretty good idea whether you’ve got a shot or not well before the final preseason game is played … the battles for the final 53 are probably, realistically, only among a few players, not all 90.

  12. By chris on Jul 12, 2017 | Reply

    What about using the extra money to lock up John Brown for a few more years? Give him until week 4 to see if he is back to form. He might be priced out if he has a monster year for the Cards. Now you lose Fitz and Brown. That could affect Palmer wanting to play the last year of his contract. The wait to the last year has cost the Cards a lot of good players over the years.

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