No Palmer or Fitz in Hall of Fame game

Posted by Darren Urban on July 22, 2017 – 1:02 pm

The Cardinals will have an extra preseason game this year but that doesn’t mean everyone will be playing in an extra game. Coach Bruce Arians said Saturday that quarterback Carson Palmer and wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald will not play in the game against the Cowboys in Canton, Ohio, on Aug. 3. Veteran linebacker Karlos Dansby may not play. “I doubt Karlos plays,” Arians said. “We’ll see.”

It’s not a surprise, nor will it be if there are others who also do not play (for instance, all-everything running back David Johnson, whom Arians was not asked about.)

Arians did say the more-rested Palmer will play more this preseason, although he followed up by saying that just meant that instead of six plays in a a game, he might get 12.

Most of the main players usually don’t play in the preseason finale either, a point Arians reiterated Saturday about Palmer in particular.

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16 Responses to “No Palmer or Fitz in Hall of Fame game”

  1. By Scott H on Jul 22, 2017 | Reply

    Hey, I say the more guys we DON’T expose to risk of injury in a completely meaningless game, the better. I think the HOF game is about as relevant as the Pro Bowl. The NFL wants it to matter, but…..really, does it??? It serves no purpose. I don’t even really see it as a pre-season game. BUT….if it IS? Then, the NFL has some nerve trying to sell it as something more.

    Then again……it IS the NFL. They’ll try to sell anything as long as they think anyone still has a dollar left in their pocket.

    Anyway, back to the Cardinals……I don’t care who doesn’t play, I don’t care if they lose 45-6. I care about our players being ready, but healthy and adequately rested for the games that do matter.

  2. By clssylssy on Jul 22, 2017 | Reply

    The HOF Game is an exhibition game to honor the players being indudcted into the Hall, and I would think that with Kurt Warner going in the Organization would want to be at least as classy as the Cowboys will be and put up a good appearance. It’s not like every year a former Cardinal goes in so, I’m a little shocked and somewhat embarrassed. It’s a powder puff game, for crying out loud!
    While the HOF game is to some extent an additional opportunity for the guys to get out and play in full pads, it’s less competitive than a high school game and the risks for injury are not all that,
    Some things like the HOF game and ProBowl are tradition, and when I hear a bunch of whining about players possibly getting hurt in these games, it’s a total turnoff and a signal perhaps this franchise just isn’t mentally tough enough or ready to play with the big boys.
    Sorry Kurt, they should probably have gotten the Rams for this!

  3. By Darren Urban on Jul 22, 2017 | Reply

    Clssy —

    RE: Powder puff

    Seriously? A Powder puff game? Shaun Suisham disagrees.

    Honestly, preseason or no, characterizing a game with NFL players as little risk for injury is simply incorrect.

  4. By Johnzy on Jul 22, 2017 | Reply

    Nay, I say NAY! I would just start the game with ALL the backups and rookies. Maybe it’s dumb to not evaluate guys like John Brown or Robert Nkemdiche throughout preseason, but eliminating injuries this time of the year could be the difference. Could you imagine a season where Carson Palmer were on injured reserve? Ludicrous. I almost feel like one preseason game should be ALL that our veterans do (like Palmer, David Johnson, and Patrick Peterson).

  5. By shannon robinson on Jul 23, 2017 | Reply

    I can’t begin to describe what a big deal it is that Mike Iuparti came in at 327! He got a Chef! He’s eating smaller portions! Ilanders love to eat fish and rice – all day. For Mike to understand the importance of diet is a huge breakthrough. For him to get a Chef to plan his meals is over the top. I am so proud of him and his beautiful wife to accomplish this is a miracle. Remember the first thing Coach Goody said to him at his first practice, “How’s your weight ?” and Mike said “OK” and Coach responded “When a big man says OK, that means about 350, right…?” Best sign yet he’s going to have an All Pro year again.

  6. By LadyBird04 on Jul 23, 2017 | Reply

    “Forcing” a team to play an extra pre-season game is certainly not the best way for the NFL to “protect players”. The game has always been as bad as the Pro Bowl. IF the NFL wants to have the first pre-season game as the Hall of Fame Game, it should be one of the four games that ALL teams have. That way, no two teams are putting their players to one more opportunity to get injured.

    Logic is not part of this scenario. The $$$ is the only thing driving NFL’s thinking on this. The field they play on is sub-par at best, there are fewer seats that at any NFL stadium (I believe) but the NFL gets one more game to televise and promote the Pro-Bowl Induction ceremonies.

    Classy – Kurt Warner’s teammates will and have honored him. No need for these self-same players to endanger their careers with one more meaningless game. I’m sure there will be a contingent from the Cardinals Organization if not players on hand to support and congratulate Kurt Warner. Kurt would NEVER want any player hurt in an empty gesture of playing in a game just to honor him. Larry, Palmer, and Dansby are not spring chickens and none of them need the extra practice just to “honor” another player.

  7. By Joe Cardea on Jul 23, 2017 | Reply

    This game is an inter squad scrimmage. The best thing about this game is to evaluate the bottom half of your roster. And the guys on the bubble playing? They would love to knock the crap out of a “real” NFL player.

  8. By Scott H on Jul 23, 2017 | Reply

    clssy –

    Come on, now…..don’t you think KURT WARNER would appreciate a decision by either the Cardinals or guys like Palmer and Fitz to not risk injury by playing in a 5th pre-season game in the first week of August???? I highly doubt Kurt would be playing, either.

    Kurt was Palmer’s age when he walked away. He knows ALL about this. Do you REALLY think Kurt Warner is feeling slighted or….whatever because the Cardinals aren’t going to go all out to win a game in the first week of August????? Is how the Cardinals play in this game going to make or break his day???? Good lord, I hope not.

    I’m really scratching my head, here… would YOU feel if Palmer shredded a knee playing in the HOF game, thus sending our 2017 season down the toilet??? How did you feel when the Honey Badger shredded HIS knee playing in the final minutes of a game in Philly in late Dec that was already over??

  9. By CARDS62 on Jul 23, 2017 | Reply

    We all know players can be injured any time they are on the field including non padded practices so we just hope for the best, but I have zero problem with the team keeping out veterans. I also hope Patrick Peterson and Honey Badger do not play.

    I will definitely watch this game to see how our young guys are playing so I hope the game is competitive. I like the extra game because much better to see how our young players will compete than a practice plus more time for us to watch and see what we have at backup quarterback.

    My best friend favorite team is the Rams so he is also a huge Kurt Warner fan so we looked into going to the game, ceremony, and touring the hall, but I believe he told me the cheapest package was around $ 500, and the game alone was around $ 100. He purchased a signed Warner Rams Jersey instead.

    I am also interested in seeing how our starting center and right guard plays.

    Go Cards!

  10. By faster on Jul 24, 2017 | Reply

    scratching my head, and wondering?

    the banana bowl against the eagles (and chip kelly) was meaningless two years ago, and arian regardless played full risk. we know how it ended, palmer was “out” for about half a season with his finger injured.

    and now they have only to play a play, without any risktaking, and then rest, and let the second and third tier show waht they can, and thats to risky?

    bidwill, is this really your team?

  11. By Darren Urban on Jul 24, 2017 | Reply

    Faster —

    RE: Risk

    What exactly are you talking about?

    The Philly game was meaningless? A win clinched the NFC West. Also Palmer hurt his finger in the first quarter of that game.

  12. By faster on Jul 25, 2017 | Reply

    a playoff spot was guaranteed, and the seahawks had to win the last three games, and the cards had to loose all of them. and then some had to happen, because of the head to head, so the division was pricticaly done.

    thats meaningless for me.

    and palmer and badger were injjureied, for next to nothing.

    and now they wouldn`t play even a single play in the HOF game?
    it would show a bit of respect for the best of the game.

    it`s not all about bussiness.

  13. By Darren Urban on Jul 25, 2017 | Reply

    faster —

    RE: “meaningless for me”

    If you are actually comparing a fifth preseason game to a potential division-clinching regular-season game, then there’s really no reason to debate this.

  14. By clssylssy on Jul 26, 2017 | Reply

    LOL…pretty much the reaction I was expecting. When I say powder puff game, we are talking an exhibition game for show among PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES who are experienced and whose livelihood depends on training and doing their job safely. They aren’t amatures who will take unnecessary risks, hotdogging it to impress , in a otherwise meaningless game. They play with high tech gear and knowledge of their craft, and while any sports activity has a degree of risk, this is nothing that is beyond their training and experience. This game is like an intramural game, probably a lot safer than some of their get up games shooting hoops, playing horse, etc. and less risk than driving from their home to the practice field. You devalue and deskill our players when you act like they are fragile little flowers with no self awareness on the field, or their ability to protect and take care of the instrument of their livelihood.
    The HOF game is NOT required and the Organization could have declined the invitation. But, it seems that while the front office may want the high visability and press such an appearance will bring, the coaches don’t want to do the work or expose themselves to “risk”. Not exactly the energetic and aggressive start to the season, I would hope to see for a team who says they are going to redeim themselves from a “fluke” last season.
    Of course I don’t want to see anyone hurt or their season cut short but risk is inherent in sports and this IS the business. When committing to something, it should be “All or Nothing” with everybody all in. It would be just fine with me if the Cards didn’t play in the HOF Game, I do think the Rams would be a better choice, for a number of reasons, but the committment has been made so making a half ass effort and whinning about it, doesn’t send the message that we believe in our players and truely are elite.
    From a business point of view this COULD be embraced as a golden opportunity to shake off the image left last season and show fans outside of Arizona we are not the “same old Cards” who are the oldest team in the league to not win anything, or the retirement place where everyone goes to end their careers. Instead, we could demonstrate that we are loaded with stars and veterans who are vital and as vibrant as some younger players but who have the wisdom of experience and know how to get the job done. Our players are very likeable guys and putting on a little exhibition of skill could go a long way in winning over fans (=$$$ in ticket sales, memorabilia, etc) and dispelling any misconceptions about them being chokers. In reality, people pay money to see the stars and having Fitz, Palmer, PP, DJ run through a few series would likely be no more risk than what they do in TC, fairly low risk/high gain.
    The message we are sending is not anything that is going to win over anybody outside of Arizona or make people think “Contender” but, I guess Steve Keim has finally admitted a Super Bowl isn’t really a priority!

  15. By Darren Urban on Jul 27, 2017 | Reply

    Clssy —

    RE: Keim

    Yes, you’re right. Nail on the head. A Super Bowl is way, way down Keim’s list.

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