An early look at the depth chart spots

Posted by Darren Urban on July 23, 2017 – 9:34 am

There is no official depth chart until right before the first game of the preseason (which, given that the Cardinals play Aug. 3 in Canton against the Cowboys, is sooner than normal anyway), but after the first practice of training camp, we get an idea at least of how the players are stacked for now.

Among the areas to note: The base defense and the offensive line.

On the line, the first unit was pretty plain during offseason work:
LT D.J. Humphries
LG Mike Iupati
C A.Q. Shipley
RG Evan Boehm
RT Jared Veldheer

The second unit lined up this way:
LT Ulrick John
LG Kaleb Johnson
C Cole Toner
RG Tony Bergstrom
RT John Wetzel

Interesting to see that rookie guard Dorian Johnson is not even second unit right now, considering so many have talked about him challenging Boehm for a starting spot. But realistically, it’s not a surprise. A lot can change over the five weeks of camp, but this is where they are right now.

Defensively, here’s how they lined up in base (first-second unit)

DT Josh Mauro           Robert Nkemdiche
NT Corey Peters          Rodney Gunter
DT Frostee Rucker     Olsen Pierre
OLB Markus Golden   Kareem Martin
ILB Haason Reddick   Gabe Martin
ILB Karlos Dansby      Scooby Wright
OLB Chandler Jones   Alani Fua
CB Patrick Peterson   Jumal Rolle
CB Justin Bethel         Brandon Williams
S Tyrann Mathieu       Budda Baker
S Tyvon Branch           Antoine Bethea

Things change in sub-packages — Bethea, for instance, is ahead of Baker at this point, on the first unit — but again, this will ebb and flow to a certain degree.

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8 Responses to “An early look at the depth chart spots”

  1. By red2616 on Jul 23, 2017 | Reply

    Williams will be starting at Corner and Bethel back 100% at Special Teams. That what ST has lost the last 2 ears. I Hope Williams steps up FAST. I think about other teams. I listen to Sirius and they talk about Windows and it’s closing losing those this “IF” they Big 2) decide to retire. They ALL HAVE Said they said they could play 3 other years. THRey also talk about age. But I look at Seattle who they can beat regularly if ANY of their QBs are throwing decent and DJ runs at 8 speed.they can beat the Patriots. They lost. Y one Kick that kicker had a Bad year who lost 3 other games. Back to the Window. You look at this team and they are not old other than maybe 6 guys. Yea two are a QB and WR. But better medical procedurera, better o-Line, Fitzy switch (without a acting like a 12 year old girl like most plays of their caliber. Sam as the o-line era. THANKS from a die hard fan.
    Why is Seattles window not closing? Wilson has some years about the same as DJ when compare positions. Their WR’s and Graham should be about done. Bennett is old as well as their entire secondary but 1-2 guys. Technically their worse off. Their o-Line SUCKS and wasn’t addressed. D-line older. NE who is young besides their new WR and Cooks. Fro know is held together with Duct tape. The rest is 70/30 past the “age” last time I looked. Steelers are closer to what the Cards are by they have NO defense. Bell and Brown will carry that team. ben’s heart retired. Cowboys are the only one with the young team and did good/got lucky in the Draft. They have.a/had a offense Line.. if Johnathan Cooper is ther than their is a HOLE. So not near as. Good as people think. Plus a puppet Coach and a Owner who is Very Knowledgeable BUT is not a Coach as he acts. Daily. Garrett was going to be Fir d two years ago it now “here’s” was it him? No Zeke and dak. Dak looks let’s see no injury or pressure issue and Dak will be legit. Zeke? Well he like to beat woman from what I hear. If it happen again he’ll
    Make Ray Rice look like Husband of the year. But all these teams are up and coming and ready yet Cards people report nothing negative. This team has the best record up till week 7 of this last year. Over 4 years but Pats. Take out a kicker and they are damn good and would have won 14 games last year. If Seattle can get Lynch whom Cards have DJ (DJ is hands down more well rounded). They have the 3 of the 5 fastest runners in the NFL. If they lose Fitzgerald, they sign Evens, Hopkins, Allen Robinson. Alshon Jefferies or even someone better? Who know will let be go and the Draft? Also look at QB’s, teams Draft them . Some pull a Brady round 6, Wilson earlier roy da and some Palmer Round 1. Man, what Arians coins have done with Pamer in his prime. People to u derstand Dak was drafter as a backup. Wilson of Seattle? Charlie Whitehurst was their future NOT Wilson. Not sure how the idiot fans think Carroll didn’t draft Wilson to start. Cards are. Or to old, not rebuilding. I’d no injuries and if some of their Coaches were not Poached. They’d be top 3. In realitty they are top 5 maybe 7 only due to last year. They kicked those FGs and they’d be ranked so much higher. I don’t get how they can be ranked position to position better or a tie and when better I mean JV high school NcAA1 better and they haven’t lost to this team but when the Cards Starting QB is out. Reporters say “forget last year about teams all the time or it overall means who they are like a 3-5 year span. cards keep churning player. Doing what Pats do and their punished for it. They’ll go NFC West game and I don’t see a team unless the Falcons or surprise Ravens crush can beat the cowboys. Test Cards don’t get injured thi

  2. By D on Jul 23, 2017 | Reply

    MRI for two depth CBs tells me Keim will bring in some Vets soon.

  3. By shooter28 on Jul 23, 2017 | Reply

    I don’t think it’s weird that Dorian Johnson isn’t 2nd string, Johnson is a rookie. Being that Dorian Johnson is a rookie Arians is going to start him at the bottom and make him work his way up, that is what Arians does with rookies. Arians also currently has Bethea 2nd string behind Tyvon Branch even though Bethea is better, that’s because Branch has seniority & he isn’t going to just gift Bethea starting spot, he has to earn it.

    As camp goes along Dorian Johnson will move up, I’d bet that in a week Johnson is 2nd string. At 6″5/315pd’s (35.5in long arms) as talented as Dorian Johnson is he will move up the more he proves. As one of the top 2-3 best OG’s in the draft with an early 2nd round grade, I personally think Dorian might push for the starting position if he picks up the offense fast enough and performs.

  4. By Scott H on Jul 23, 2017 | Reply


    Well, I think the primary reason the window is not closing for the Seahawks is because their QB is young, not even in his prime yet. AND he’s already played in TWO SB’s, won one of them, probably SHOULD have won both.

    Meanwhile, our QB may be playing his last season this year and we have no QB of the future behind him.

    And their defense…..even though they are getting older as well, they are still together and they are still among THE best units in the NFL.

    Hey, believe me, it gives me no joy to make a case for the Seahawks, but…..there ya go. Even if it’s just me who thinks so, I do NOT see their window as closing.

  5. By Coach K on Jul 23, 2017 | Reply

    Dorian Johnson needs to get command of the playbook and at that time he will move up.

  6. By sbrown on Jul 23, 2017 | Reply

    three quick comments about early depth chart.

    just my opinion, but with Baker missing a lot of mini camp ( due to the college rule ) I think BA has Bethea next to Baker on the second unit, just to have the vet help with Baker getting the feel of the NFL and the speed of the game.
    I personally like that Bethea could be the mentor to Baker.

    as for Dorian Johnson, I read a report that physically he was good to go against NFL talent, but that the huge Cardinal playbook is what is slowing him down.
    If true, that would not be a surprise, that offensive play book has given almost everyone a tough learning curve.

    and for the D line, I’m not too worried as the Cardinals really rotate all their linemen in during the game. No knock on any of the second unit, they all will get plenty of playing time.

  7. By Scott H on Jul 25, 2017 | Reply

    I must say, I continue to be so amused – and mystified – by how it goes with these thumbs up / thumbs down ratings. I can point to so many posts I’ve done ( right now ) that DO NOT even say anything negative and they’ve been panned. Yet, my post above, that basically defends the evil empire of the Seattle Seahawks, seems to have gone over pretty well.


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