Corners wrecked by injuries again

Posted by Darren Urban on July 30, 2017 – 10:47 am

Sometimes, especially in training camp, it seems like a rash of injuries stays concentrated to a certain position. It’s got no empirical evidence to back it up, but Bruce Arians has alluded to it. Back in 2015, it was the running backs. Now, for a second straight season, it’s cornerback.

Yes, Justin Bethel should only be out a few days after hyperextending his knee. And the ankle issue for Elie Bouka isn’t supposed to be long-term. But the Cardinals already released Jumal Rolle with an injury settlement after Rolle couldn’t get straight with his hamstring, and now it seems Ronald Zamort — who had slid into Bethel’s first-team role while Bethel sat out — has torn his ACL and would be lost for the season.

It is reminiscent of last season, when the Cards had a bunch of cornerbacks get hurt. It started when Bethel, who was supposed to be the starter, broke his foot again in the offseason, needed surgery and never could get quite right. The Cardinals signed veteran Mike Jenkins, who tore his ACL. They signed veteran Alan Ball, who received an injury settlement after hurting his quadriceps muscle. Bouka ended up on IR after a hamstring issue.

UPDATE: The Cardinals are signing CB Tramon Williams.

It would make sense that the team sign someone sooner rather than later. Right now, the healthy cornerbacks on the roster are Patrick Peterson, Brandon Williams, and undrafted rookies Sojourn Shelton, Gump Hayes and Ryan Lewis. One plus: safety Harlan Miller has gotten a lot of reps at cornerback. Rookie safety Rudy Ford can also play there.

The Cardinals recently worked out veteran cornerbacks Brandon Flowers and Tramon Williams.

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36 Responses to “Corners wrecked by injuries again”

  1. By cardsbaby on Jul 30, 2017 | Reply

    Let’s sacrifice a large healthy Seahawk, a full grown Ram and an old gold miner to get back in the good graces of the football gods. These injuries have to stop.

  2. By chris on Jul 30, 2017 | Reply

    With so many deep roster spots the team is going to have to cut some very good players. I cld see them going with 5th RB or 6th WR…. 9 Oline.. 3QB..the list goes on and on.. Scooby might be finding a place on the team at ILB that already had 5 guys fighting for what shld be 4 spots….Final cuts will suck for Keim and crew.. Good problem to have for a team. I worry about OLB behind Golden and Jones…TE depth and as everybody keeps talking about CB

  3. By Scott H on Jul 30, 2017 | Reply

    I guess this is what you get when you ignore a glaring need during the off-season by doing nothing to address the glaring need.

    If we were the BEST we could be at CB right now ( = everyone healthy ), we would be no better than hoping Justin Bethel somehow emerges as a reliable CB. And even that was shaky ground to be on, at best. If we were the BEST we could be at CT right now, we would be no better than a bunch of question marks.

    Now? Somehow, if it even seems possible, we only have more question marks.

    I ( continue to ) agree with JTDG on the general premise that we basically have nothing, no evidence at all, that points to Bethel being a solid #2 CB. And, he is somehow our best hope. There is just something so…..surreal about this whole thing.

    BTW, we also have very little evidence that supports the liklihood that Bethel can stay healthy.

    Boy, that Brandon Williams pick is really coming up Aces, huh?

    Looks like we are gonna need another Marcus Cooper-like savior to ( maybe ) bail us out again. In other words, we are in trouble. When camp has started and you have no idea who your’ #2 CB is going to be – a position made even harder by the fact that you have Patrick Peterson on the other side, a guy that teams are NOT gonna go after – you are in more than a little bit of trouble.

  4. By Scott H on Jul 30, 2017 | Reply

    Dang it, just noted the typo in the last post, CT instead of CB.

    But I’m guessing we don’t have a decent #2 CT, either!

  5. By creditcard on Jul 30, 2017 | Reply

    I have concern about the D-line being able to stop any type of rush, and CB2 being able to cover their own shadow.

    I think it will be a long year.

  6. By joe holst on Jul 30, 2017 | Reply

    Darrell Revis.

  7. By DZ on Jul 30, 2017 | Reply

    Watching the Red and White pratice yesterday, I would say put Rudy Ford at CB and give him the reps and coach him up. He looks like he could be a stud and not a China doll that gets hurt every other week.
    Bring in a quality Vet, even if it costs a 2 or 3rd round pick you don’t want to give up.
    I can’t believe we are still talking about this position after all these years.

  8. By JTDG on Jul 30, 2017 | Reply


    Are you finally going to write about the Jones’ Brothers ?

    Jon Jones just solidified his spot as the greatest MMA fighter in front of his two brothers Chandler and Arthur.

    We all know Chandler as the cards OLB, While Arthur is a DT for the Colts.
    Pretty talented family.

  9. By Darren Urban on Jul 30, 2017 | Reply

    JTDG —

    RE: Jones family

    That’s on the to-do list.

  10. By Marlin on Jul 30, 2017 | Reply

    we need to make a trade for a cb… maybe send a receiver and a pick.

  11. By jeff on Jul 30, 2017 | Reply

    sooooo…sign 2 corners…trade ellington if possible

  12. By Steve W on Jul 30, 2017 | Reply

    Nice pick up on Williams. But man, I hate all the doom and gloom talk when these training camp injuries happen. Season is already in big trouble? Looking at a long year? Jeez… Let’s at least see how our starters look in game situations before we start worry about how the sky is falling…

  13. By clssylssy on Jul 30, 2017 | Reply

    Wow…that didn’t take long! John Brown didn’t even make it to a padded practice and now, HERE WE GO AGAIN. I echo Scott’s sentiments but find it kinda hard to work up any enthusiasm when the front office ignores the teams most glaring needs arrogantly clinging to the belief that some of their previous draft picks will finally “bloom” and become what they were hoping for through osmosis or wishful thinking.
    What Keim doesn’t seem to realize is that these young players want to be on a winning team and unless we start turning things around and can become a legitimate contender, he’s not going to have to worry about the Cap or paying extensions and big contracts because nobody will want to say on a mediocre team–that’s not the path to Canton or the SB, or even longevity in this league.

  14. By Darren Urban on Jul 31, 2017 | Reply

    Clssy —

    RE: Brown

    Um, John Brown got through a few padded practices.

    I don’t mind fair criticism, but let’s not put falsehoods out there.

  15. By Scott H on Jul 31, 2017 | Reply

    OK, I see where Tramon Williams was signed. His age, 34, is not exactly ideal but I am comforted by knowing this is a guy who CAN play the position and who has also been very durable throughout his career.

    Hey, after an off-season of bringing in guys like Bethea and Dansby, he fits right in with that age group.

    Let’s hope this offers us something.

    Again, NONE of this is speaking very well of Brandon Williams. Sure would be nice to have seen him step up at some point this off-season, but I’ve heard very little to that effect. Would seem if he’d progressed from last year, he would not have been passed by other guys on the depth chart ( who ain’t exactly household names ) and we wouldn’t need to bring in 34-year old guys who may have very little left. WHERE is this kid????

    All that said, I’m glad they finally did SOMETHING.

  16. By Big Ken on Jul 31, 2017 | Reply

    Tramon Williams is a little underwhelming. I know veteran signing…blah blah blah.

  17. By Sir60 on Jul 31, 2017 | Reply

    I think if every starter made the pro-bowl but one, many of you would be freaking out, claiming BA and Keim had failed. As Aaron Rodgers once said, “relax” it’s going to be OK.

  18. By D on Jul 31, 2017 | Reply

    Darren-you going to be on the sidelines for today’s practice? I know it’s closed to the public, just curious on how many F bombs etc will be disseminated by BA today.

  19. By Darren Urban on Jul 31, 2017 | Reply

    D —

    RE: Practice

    I was there, there were many F bombs, and as you will see from Kyle’s notes, it didn’t end well for the players.

  20. By Scott H on Jul 31, 2017 | Reply

    Darren –

    Can you clarity – in that over-time playoff game between Seattle and Green Bay several years ago, the one where Hasselbeck was heard saying during the coin toss “We’ll take the ball. And we’re gonna score!” – was that Tramon Williams who ended the game with that INT return for a TD?

    Man, the Packers have sure had some memorable playoff games against NFC West teams in recent years. Been on the losing end of most of them, too, the game mentioned above being the only one that had a happy ending for them.

  21. By Darren Urban on Jul 31, 2017 | Reply

    Scott H —

    RE: Tramon/Seahawks

    That I don’t know. Haven’t had a chance to look it up.

  22. By D on Jul 31, 2017 | Reply

    Fans should remember T. Williams as a Packer, he played CB and returned kicks for GB during that GREAT K. Warner 09 playoff game in Glendale. Dansby sure remembers that one.

  23. By Scott H on Jul 31, 2017 | Reply

    Darren –

    Look it up if ya want, but I already know it was not Williams. Thanks, though.

  24. By Scott H on Jul 31, 2017 | Reply

    Was just reading the story about BA being pissed about the quality of today’s practice and making the players run sprints at the end. Just hearing about these guys not looking sharp this early in training camp – even in the heat – really doesn’t sit well with me, either. With new limits and restrictions that have been put in place in recent years, NFL training camps are NOWHERE what they used to be. There is less contact….less hitting….less tackling…..more days off…..

    Yeah, I know it’s still hot and I know it is still physically demanding. But….c’mon, man. And everyone is at a point where a lot of these guys aren’t even sure of a job here. It should be intense out there, guys going all out to secure a place on this roster.

    And this was AFTER a day off?????????????????

    Another reason hearing this REALLY doesn’t sit well with me right now is the hangover that this team seemed to carry all the way through the pre-season LAST year. It carried right into the regular season and it took this team a long time to shake it off. A long time as in not until it was too late. I thought there was going to be an emphasis on making sure that @!&% doesn’t happen again. So, I applaud BA for blasting everyone and sending the message.

    Go home and get some sleep tonight, fellas. And be sure to hydrate. Because I’m guessing tomorrow isn’t gonna be the kindest / gentle-est practice you’ve been to.

    Makes me think of Herb Brooks and the 1980 USA Olympic hockey team. Did ya see Miracle? The scene where they had just played like crap in an exhibition game and he told everyone to get back on the ice after the game to do what the hockey version of wind sprints would be. His message was simple – you don’t want to work during the game? Fine. We’ll work now.

    Again, good for BA. When it feels like the team needs it, I WANT a coach that is gonna open a can of old-school whup-ass on the players.

  25. By Adam Smith b1723 fka DTL on Jul 31, 2017 | Reply

    Zamort out, Bouka,Williams and Carter in. Keim at his best. Fua oft injured, maybe we get him back week 8, but Scooby Wright seems ready. As the Cardinals world turns..C

  26. By michael on Jul 31, 2017 | Reply

    Lets remember that Cooper was a trade last year. 7th round pick for him. so trade is another possibility for that position. with so many rookies drafted at CB – albeit ZERO by the Cards – we could see a veteran about to get cut and take another 7th rounded from the Cards like we did with Cooper, as opposed to getitng nothing. Remember, Cards DO have a lot of comp picks coming their way. Darren, can comp picks that have yet to be assigned be traded?

  27. By Darren Urban on Jul 31, 2017 | Reply

    Michael —

    RE: Comp picks

    I do not believe the Cards can trade comp picks yet. But they know they are getting some, which might make it easier to deal their own picks.

  28. By clssylssy on Jul 31, 2017 | Reply

    Jnder the new rule, starting in 2017, draft picks can be traded.

  29. By Darren Urban on Aug 1, 2017 | Reply

    Clssy —

    RE: Comp picks traded

    They can be traded, yes. But as of now, no team has their 2017 comp picks. They aren’t awarded until March before the draft. That was what he was referring to. The Cardinals expect four comp picks, but it depends on the rest of the league and the free agents they lost and how they play.

  30. By clssylssy on Aug 1, 2017 | Reply

    correction: I meant to say “comp picks” can be traded under the new rule (beginning in 2017).
    Darren: Thank you for correcting me, I was of the impression that the Red & White was the first padded practice but, I stand corrected. Nonetheless, you seemed to have missed the point, that we’re NOT “back” and at full force as advertised previously, and we still have major areas of concern that should have been addressed in the draft (CB, WR, linemen).
    From the sounds of BA’s pressor, it doesn’t sound as if the team is responding to his coaching style any better this season as last.
    You said that a SB was “way, way down on Sk’s priority list” which makes me wonder what exactly are his priorities then and if he had been honest with the players about this…bc, that IS what Larry came back for as well as other players (and many fans) and therein may lie the problem. It seems it would be good for everyone to get on the same page and work for a common goal rather than personal agends.

  31. By clssylssy on Aug 1, 2017 | Reply

    I guess it would go without saying that they can’t be traded until they are awarded,lol!👍

  32. By Joe Cardea on Aug 1, 2017 | Reply

    Classy, they drafted a WR and two o-lineman. I sense if they had drafted o-lineman in the first and second round you’d complain they neglected LB and Safety. They maybe could have used a CB though!. But I’ll take Reddick and Baker this year. And Chad Williams. And the two o-lineman. If Hump and Nkmche step up I’d say we’ve done okay on the youth side. Of course Buc, and D.Johnson and Golden and Gunter. And signing Chandler Jones to add to Mathiue and Peterson and John Brown.

  33. By clssylssy on Aug 2, 2017 | Reply

    Joe;;;you sense wrong. We are neck deep with safeties and our LB room is ranked as one of the best. However, it all starts at the line and our Center is iffy and we have a couple of guys new to their positions, so I’m not real confident. The fact that Boehm has hardly played is not good news either. Palmer is confident in Shipley which counts for a lot, just hope his confidence is well placed. Right now Chris Johnson is a better pass blocker than most of our linemen other than Iupati, who is also something of a question mark, and Chris doesn’t even play every series. We lost Campbell on our D-line which is going to make that a weakened area also–Robert may be improved this year but I don’t expect him to have what it will take to make up for the loss of Campbell with too little experience and lacking the football IQ of being a second year man who rode the bench most of last year. Yes, we drafted a WR and a few guys for the 0-line but typically Keim’s eye for talent is not for immediate results for rather as projects two or three years down the road. Hump and Robert are both BIG question marks, Buc is injured and Brown is, IMO, an even bigger question mark with all of his medical issues and size. I like Chad Williams but don’t see him as an impact player right away, which is what we really needed. Of all our new rookies I think Reddick probably has the best chance of doing anything, possibly Baker and I’m pulling for Chad Williams.
    What many fans like yourself forget is how much more complicated our playbook is and the huge learning curve these newbies must overcome–light years from college ball. I’m not saying we don’t have talent, we had talent last season but, nonetheless, that didn’t get the job done.
    I’m sure I sound like a skeptic but, I’m a realist who has watched a lot of football and for me actions speak louder than words, so we’ll just hope for the best, which is about all we can do!

  34. By Edward m on Aug 3, 2017 | Reply

    The cards messed up again Revis a future hall of famer a free agent would make the perfect 2cb but yet the cards won’t even bring him in for a interview. If you think about it he would follow the #2 we PP cover the #1. Not to mention he would make a great teacher for bethel and Williams.

  35. By Edward m on Aug 3, 2017 | Reply

    Darren can you ask Steve or Ab why not Revis? Why not put other than PP snd Sanders why not sign the best shut down corner to play the game why not sign him he can still cover a #2 and shut most of them down only team I can think of who would give him trouble would be the giants. I mean come on think about it with the badger PP and the island in the same secondary wrs and QBs would be smashed on all game long it would give golden and Jones even more time to get after the QB plus teams wouldn’t shying away from throwing at Pp they would have much choice in the matter plus with his knowledge and experience he would make a great tutor for the younger CBS on the team. Or am I the only one who thinks that way

  36. By Darren Urban on Aug 3, 2017 | Reply

    Edward M —

    RE: Revis

    How much money does he want? He’s already due $6 million from the Jets this season.

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