“Bored” in camp and more receiverpalooza

Posted by Darren Urban on August 16, 2017 – 1:05 pm

Bruce Arians was happier overall with practice Tuesday (although he’s still making them put on full pads again today), but the Cardinals are “getting bored with each other” at this point in camp.

“Have to fight through that,” Arians added.

Games mean something, even preseason games. And the players look forward to those. But with some teams already breaking camp around the league — teams that didn’t go to camp until well after the Cardinals — and the Cardinals still out at University of Phoenix Stadium and their hotel home through next week, the dog days are definitely here.

“That’s what training camp is,” quarterback Carson Palmer said. “It hardens you, makes you a better team. … Everybody wants to get to the season but we still have a lot of work to do.”

— The ongoing story about the wide receivers remained ongoing. Arians was asked about wide receiver John Brown, who had noted that his sickle-cell issue slows his healing process. “That’s a fact,” Arians acknowledged.

As for having to wait on Brown’s return, “I don’t have any choice,” Arians said. “If he can’t run he can’t play. Now, if he can’t run long enough (after he returns), you’ve got to replace him.”

Brown’s stamina looked fine before the quad injury, so that shouldn’t be a problem once Brown gets back. But the Cardinals are clearly watching the situation. Palmer, noting there is still nearly a month before the regular season, isn’t worried about one of his close friends.

“He wants to be out there, but at the same time, we have a ways to go before we play our first game,” Palmer said. “He’s a big part of this offense. We want him in Detroit and we need him in Detroit.”

— Safety Tyrann Mathieu, asked for his perspective on the struggling wide receivers. As teammates, the secondary tries to help motivate, he said. He also noted (with a smile), “They’re not going up against any scrubs.”

— Larry Fitzgerald practiced yesterday when it was supposed to be a day off. “He wanted to help lead his group,” Arians said. What does that say about the veteran Pro Bowler? “You can’t say anything more about Larry that hasn’t been said,” Arians said. “He takes care of his room as good as anybody.”

— Arians said the Cardinals will “probably” keep six receivers on the 53-man roster.

— LB Josh Bynes (hamstring) will probably miss a week. LB Philip Wheeler (foot) is probably out another week, while LB Jarvis Jones (back) isn’t responding and may need another epidural. LB Markus Golden (foot) is day-to-day. T D.J. Humphries (hamstring) should get extended work today.

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  1. By MichaelE on Aug 16, 2017 | Reply

    I have to believe the Cards would’ve grabbed a receiver in the first round if one fell, I’m no GM but I could clearly see it was the weak link last year. So many drive killing plays where the receivers just didn’t rise to the occasion

  2. By JTDG on Aug 16, 2017 | Reply

    “LB Josh Bynes (hamstring) will probably miss a week. LB Philip Wheeler (foot) is probably out another week”

    wow. So how much Reddick and Scooby will we see? Only a couple ILBs besides them healthy. Personally, give them both 3 quarters. Why not ?

  3. By Darren Urban on Aug 16, 2017 | Reply

    JTDG —

    RE: ILB

    Reddick won’t get three quarters. Scooby might. Don’t forget Zaviar Gooden!

  4. By Adam Smith b1723 fka DTL on Aug 16, 2017 | Reply

    we know from BA comments some of these hurt guys will just get cut… wish cut down was sooner so we see who is on the market…patience is hard! will be good to see CP in person saturday

  5. By carlsonchemist on Aug 16, 2017 | Reply

    I like John Brown not only as a person but as one who has the skills of an elite pass receiver. He has an infectious personality and conducted himself both on and off the field in a professional manner. I loved to watch his end zone dancing after catching touchdown passes. He has become one of my favorite players and one whom I root for the most.

    Unfortunately, I believe he might have met an obstacle, that despite his Herculean efforts, will not be able to overcome. To be an elite receiver, one’s body has to be fine-tuned while physically pushed to the limits. Anybody who understands the pathophysiology of sickle-cell trait (SCT) knows that this disease is systemic (as opposed to local) and is chronic (as opposed to acute). SCT prevents him from recovering in a timely manner from the nicks, bruises, and injuries that are part of his profession. SCT is by far more of an obstacle to overcome than torn ligaments, which are local and can fully heal in time either with time or after surgery. SCT affects the entire body; respiration, metabolism, and injury recovery. It isn’t local or short-lived, it’s chronic and will remain with him for a lifetime. SCT makes multiple torn ligaments in a knee look like a paper cut to the finger.

    I know this is frustrating to him, the Cardinals organization, and fans as well. As much as I continue to hope and pray for John Brown’s ability to manage his disease (because there is no recovery), I fear that there is no escape from reality. He’s been dealt a cruel hand, one that would take nothing short of a miracle for him to achieve the lofty expectations thrust upon him as a reliable elite NFL receiver.

    I relish the thought of being wrong, but I can’t hide from what I currently believe to be his reality from a clinical perspective. It’s still too soon to pronounce him dead and I support every effort made to assist John Brown to be successful. But should those efforts fail, I hope that the organization treats him fairly with an injury settlement. You don’t know me John Brown, but as one of your many fans, I know you. God bless, and don’t give up the fight.

  6. By carlsonchemist on Aug 16, 2017 | Reply

    Just an addendum to my previous post, I’d like to offer s simplified understanding of sickle-cell trait (SCT). It’s all genetic, so there is no cure at this time. SCT defines the type of hemoglobin (an iron-containing pigment that dictates how oxygen binds to red blood cells). SCT reduces the efficiency of oxygen to bind to hemoglobin in red blood cells (rbc’s). As such, without adequate oxygen binding capacity, the normal oval shape of rbc’s fold, giving them a sickle shape (thus the name).

    Every cell in our body depends on receiving oxygen for the cells to survive. With a reduced capacity of the rbc’s to deliver oxygen to every cell in the body (all types of living tissues that make up muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments and organs systems), the body is unduly stressed.

    Furthermore, normally-shaped rbc’s are able to slide past each other to feed tissues where only a single might pass through narrow capillaries. The sickle-shaped rbc’s contribute to the bunching up of rbc’s that block the passage of rbc’s so that they cannot feed vital oxygen to tissues. The bunching up of rbc’s can easily result in life-threatening thromboembolisms (blood clots that prevent the distribution of life-sustaining oxygen to tissues and organs.

    This is but an over simplification of SCT so that fans of John Brown might have some idea of the obstacle that he’s trying to overcome.

  7. By Cactus jeff on Aug 16, 2017 | Reply

    Is it time to tank? Last they went 7-8-1 with Fitz, Calais, Palmer, and Valdeer, what will their record be next year when they are all gone? This year they missed on the draft again and lost Calais. JTDG, get your draft board ready. The cupboard is empty, thanks Keim.

  8. By Chris Whitaker on Aug 16, 2017 | Reply

    Ink WR Vincent Jackson to a 1 year deal.

  9. By mitchaz on Aug 17, 2017 | Reply

    BA’s Injury management has to be called into question, imo.

    Cases in point:

    * BA’s unorthodox and unprecedented insistence that team organized stretching and calisthenics is a waste of time.

    * Playing Carson Palmer on the eve of the playoffs in a relatively meaningless Seattle game (Week 17, 2015) when it was clear he was nursing an injured index finger on his throwing hand.

    * Throwing caution to the wind with RG Evan Mathis who was rehabbing from a surgically repaired leg and then started suffering ankle injuries, but was rushed back too soon and lost for the season.

    * Calling out Robert Nkemdiche last training camp, when clearly he was suffering through a bad ankle sprain.

    * Calling out Justin Bethel who clearly was impaired by his broken foot.

    * Playing Andre Ellington and even starting him as the kickoff returner when Ellington himself has admitted that he took dives at the first threat of contact because of injuries.

    * Calling out Josh Bynes for not being in football shape (“Bynes flashed, but street free agents think they are in football shape, and they are not”) now that he has a leg injury.

    * Calling out John Brown saying that if he can’t run, he has to be replaced.

    John Brown stood up to BA this week and said he wasn’t going to rush his rehab just to please the coach. “I’ll play when I’m ready,” Brown avowed. Brown says that his body takes longer to heal because of his sickle cell anemia and while BA concurred with Brown on that, he went ahead and made the statement:

    “Some guys are slow healers, some guys are fast healers,” Arians said, adding when asked how patient he will be with Brown, “I don’t have any choice. Can’t run, you can’t play. Now, if you can’t run long enough, we’ve got to replace you.”

    Sure, any time a coach is missing players in practice and in games because of injuries, it’s frustrating. But, is calling the players out a good answer? What does it imply?

    On the other hand, BA tends to spare others of the same kind of scrutiny and threats…like Karlos Dansby (knee) who hasn’t practiced for over 10 days.

    BA’s self-proclaimed style is to break players down and build them back up.

    One has to ask whether this style is rubbing thin on the players after four years.

    BA headed into camp raving that all 12 of his WRs are bona fide NFL caliber players.

    This week, after a poor practice, BA revised that number. It’s now, according to him, down from twelve to two. Larry Fitzgerald and Jaron Brown.

    And this makes one wonder…how well are BA’s WRs progressing from year to year. Other than All-Pro Larry Fitzgerald…have any of BA’s WRs in Arizona shown year to year improvement? One could actually make the case that they have regressed during their time here. Look at Michael Floyd. Now John Brown. J.J. Nelson, the rave of last year’s camp before he got injured, has had a very quiet camp this year, and according to his coach is no longer a bona fide NFL WR…at least for this week.

    BA just stated that 3rd round pick WR Chad Williams, whom BA has called out for being out of shape, “won’t be ready to contribute until Thanksgiving, except perhaps on special teams.”

    BA also indicated that Steve Keim is upstairs breaking down tape of available street free agents. But BA has aalready said that street free agents are typically out of shape…and by now the Brandon Marshalls, Eric Deckers and Jeremy Maclins have been gobbled up.

    With the departure of Michael Floyd many fans were expecting some sort of off-season WR acquisition…but BA kept insisting that the “WR room is deep”…kind of like insisting last year when no key free agent was signed to play CB, that Justin Bethel was ready to shine…that he is “just as talented as Patrick Peterson.”

  10. By Scott H on Aug 17, 2017 | Reply

    So, at age 33, Larry Fitzgerald is giving up his days off to practice. Because he wants to lead his group and for the general better-ment of the team.

    OK. I give up. Does this man have ANY flaws?? If so, what are they???

    There is just no end to this man’s greatness. It just goes on and on…..

  11. By Scott H on Aug 18, 2017 | Reply

    RE: Fitz giving up days off at age 33 to help the team

    Yet another reason why Fitz should be one of the players pictured on the team site skin. Are you kidding me????? Again, just a lousy decision by whoever made the decision. His omission is is probably more noticeable than if he WERE pictured.

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