Hurricane Harvey stresses Brittan Golden

Posted by Darren Urban on August 28, 2017 – 11:38 am

The Cardinals have a handful of players impacted by the flooding in Houston and its surrounding areas, including wide receiver Brittan Golden. Golden, fighting for a roster spot, doesn’t have the bank account of a Larry Fitzgerald — not after years of bouncing from the practice squad to off a roster, never knowing for sure what the future holds.

His wife and daughter aren’t at his house. When Hurricane Harvey and the rains approached, Golden made sure they headed out to visit his wife’s mother in Austin. But he has been getting video from a neighbor, and as the water creeps closer to his front door and his life inside is threatened with flooding, Golden worries. Since he was already worried about his job status, the stress level is high.

“I just don’t want the house to get flooded,” Golden said. “That’s the main thing.”

Fitzgerald jumped in, saying there was $2,500 for anyone who could get into Golden’s house and move Golden’s furniture from the first floor to the second floor. “We got you,” Fitz said, as Golden chuckled at the gallows humor.

“It’s a pretty big concern,” Golden said. “If I were to lose everything downstairs, couch, refrigerator, tile, the floor, it ain’t cheap. (But) as long as everyone is safe, I’m not that worried. It can be replaced.”

The fact he’s had a good camp doesn’t make him any more confident in a roster spot either. “Never,” he said. “You never know what can happen. Make sure you’re ready to go and do what you can to put good film out there.”

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  1. By Scott H on Aug 28, 2017 | Reply

    My best wishes to Golden and his family. Good lord, can you imagine this kids’ stress level right about now? He’s already working his butt off to win a roster spot….doesn’t even know if he will have a job in a week. He has to be here but also has to worry about his house and his family’s safety in an area struck by a natural disaster. That is pretty heavy. I hope he gets good news all around.

    Can’t imagine living in an area where weather events could destroy your home, could make you leave everything you own behind to flee for safety, could take people lives, etc. That blows my mind. New Jersey may be the brunt of a lot of jokes but….gotta tell ya – for safety from any kind of natural disasters, there is no better place to be. No tornadoes, no earthquakes, no hurricanes, no crazy wildfires or flooding…..

    But the mosquitos and the property taxes COULD make ya want to board up your house and hide in the basement! Then, there’s Governor Christie….now THAT is scary.

    Again, best wishes to Golden.

  2. By Scott H on Aug 29, 2017 | Reply

    Really?? Doing nothing more than wishing a player and his family well is getting thumbs down reactions from people? Oh, for the love of God….

  3. By JTDG on Aug 29, 2017 | Reply


    Got to stop looking at thumbs up or down.

  4. By JTDG on Aug 29, 2017 | Reply

    I coached in Port Arthur, famous for having Jimmie Johnson and Janis Joplin at the same time. In fact, Janis eched her name in a crawl space above the stage at the middle school that is still there.Since then, many pro players came out of that area. I got to coach 3 of them.

    Anyways, this is the area both my daughters were born and we lived. It is getting pounded right now. In 2008, we had friends whose houses were flooded. I haven’t heard from them yet, but this storm is concentrating in that area.

    I remember when Katrina hit. I had moved to AZ before, but it was devastating. I went back to help. In NO, I went back to help build homes (although I am not much of a builder). We slept on cots in a church with no power. There were boats in the middle of the street. Buildings were empty. Trees and debris everywhere. The Six Flags was abandoned and it looked like a zombie movie. Thugs would roam and take shots at people helping. We were warned that in some neighborhoods, we would need look outs, and if someone started shooting hit the ground.

    As I went into neighborhoods, homes were destroyed. People lived in FEMA trailers while trying to make their houses livable. There were marks on the outside walls saying this house was checked and how many were found dead. One of the eerieest things I ever saw. But as I spent time in the neighborhoods, I found many of the people wanted to tell their stories more than get a hand.

    So, I began to listen. I dropped my hammer and sat with them. The stories were unbelievable.

    One man told me how he was on his roof and the water was over the bottom part of the roof. As he sat there, he had a stick and had to fight off snakes trying to find refuge.

    Another story of how an elderly couple in a one story, were trapped and neighbors went to rescue them and bring them to a two story as the water poured over the levy.

    But the most amazing story I heard was so unbelievable, I had to hear it from others to verify. One family rescued a family next to them who had a one story. As the water filled the lower level, the water came up the stairs and they were standing in water . They had no idea what to do. So, they gathered together and prayed. Through the rain and wind, they saw a boat coming their way. It hits the neighbors house and lodges on the roof with some debris. They notice no one is in the boat. As the water poured over the levy, they thought their best chance would be the boat. So their son, around 18-20 years old (just a regular guy), decided to jump in and swim for the boat. He made it and climbed in. Inside the boat, he finds the keys, food and water. He starts it up and gets the two families and road off to safety.

    They found out later, the boat came from a marina miles away where a man wanted to save his boat, so he got food , water and was ready to take it to safety before the storm fully hit, but was stopped by authorities, forcing him to leave the marina.

    As I listened, you realize, when the chips are down, people rise to help each other. The media wants to push agendas and divide this country with false narratives. But truth is, whites and blacks banned together to help one another. Were there groups of thugs causing troubles? Yes, there were. But that is such a small minority. As I was with many many people who were helping. The groups in the church were from everywhere and the people in the neighborhoods would help each other.

    I can remember a electrician driving by that I stopped. A women in a FEMA trailer just needed to hook up her washer and dryer in her house to do laundry but something was wrong with the connections. The electrician said he had a job and would come back. You wondered if he would. Well several hours later, he showed up. I gathered up money from the volunteers to pay him and he refused. He said what kind of man would I be to take this money.

    Folks, there are really good people down in the Beaumont, Port Arthur area. Port Arthur really has so many really poor people in the area. They will need help. Please give if you can. Or find a group and go help once the flooding stops and things are restored. I promise it will be worth it.

  5. By Chris G. on Aug 29, 2017 | Reply

    Scott H.
    You must have pissed off the three people in the world who like mosquitos, taxes and Gov. Christie! I’m thumbs up #4 by the way.

  6. By Scott H on Aug 29, 2017 | Reply

    Chris G –

    Dude, that was LOL funny! Made my day! Who knew there were still three people left who love Christie???

    And thanks for your support. 🙂

  7. By Scott H on Aug 29, 2017 | Reply

    JTDG –

    A very thoughtful post, my man. I enjoyed that.

    Just to share an interesting something related to the spirit of how people DO rise up to help others at times like this….apparently, Texas was not particularly receptive to extending aid to New Jersey after super-storm Sandy hit almost 5 years ago. OK. I never actually knew that. But today, I am hearing that the congressional leaders in New Jersey are already voicing their total support of sending aid to Texas ASAP. And I was glad to hear that. I’d like to think that is how it SHOULD be among the states that make up the UNITED states.

    Some things bring out the best in people. But other things bring out the worst, I guess.

  8. By Nikki on Aug 29, 2017 | Reply

    What else others might not know is that even though he obviously has the stresses of his job and his own family and home, he still donated a good sum of money to his cousins who lost their home in the floods.

  9. By clssylssy on Aug 30, 2017 | Reply

    I really feel bad for Brittain Golden, seems like a really good guy and I can’t imagine the Hell he must be going through with all the tradgedy back home and the uncertainty of his job security. Most of our players whose legal residence is some place else have family there and so the burden is greater than just worries about immediate family. The important thing is safety & preservation of life, everything else can be replaced eventually. I’m really surprised that the Organization hasn’t stepped up to help Golden by giving him a yes or no about his job and possibly excusing him to go home and help his family (maybe they have). The only real importance I can see to this fourth game for him, is if he doesn’t make the 53, in which case, he might want the film for his resume.
    These natural diseasters are so devastating but as pointed out, they sometimes have a very sobering effect on everybody as to what is really important . Hopefully, Harvey won’t hit Louisiana with the same intensity as Texas, as many of those people are just recovering from Katrina.

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