Keim: A few spots left and CJ2K’s place

Posted by Darren Urban on August 28, 2017 – 8:13 am

Steve Keim figures there are four or five spots still left to be determined on the 53-man roster, with one preseason game left and the starters not playing Thursday. It seems that one would be at running back. It makes sense the Cardinals would only keep four running backs. David Johnson is in. Kerwynn Williams, as a back and return man, is in. (T.J. Logan will be going on injured reserve.) If you keep four, that would leave two spots for Chris Johnson, Andre Ellington and Elijhaa Penny. Penny, who is the only one of the three who plays special teams, seems to be trending as a guy who gets a spot. So does a final spot for to Johnson — who fumbled twice Saturday before coming back with a couple of good runs — or Ellington?

Keim, during an appearance on the “Doug and Wolf” show on Arizona Sports 98.7 Monday, kept it vague when talking about Johnson’s situation. “I’m not going to critique Chris on the radio,” Keim said. “The one thing I’ll say is that he’s a pro’s pro, he gets it, and it’s not just his performance in one preseason game that is going to make a difference. It’s the body of work throughout camp that Coach and I will look at and we’ll determine the best 53 and more importantly, who is really going to be active on game day?”

(Johnson, for his part, feels like after an offseason off, he is finally getting his game legs under him.)

— The positions still most in the air, in Keim’s eyes: Punter, a fourth outside linebacker, inside linebacker and offensive line depth. Cap Capi flashed as he tries to make a push for a final OLB spot, but the Cardinals may still be looking for a fourth guy who may not be on the roster. Jarvis Jones was supposed to be that guy but he’s been hurt virtually all of camp.

— Keim did say the third OLB spot deservedly goes to Kareem Martin. “There’s no player who has worked harder this offseason than Kareem,” Keim said, calling him the most improved of anyone on the roster.

— Keim was happy to see John Brown play well. “We all know the player John Brown can be when he is healthy,” Keim said. “He is a dynamic player who can create mismatches, which is something we desperately need from him.” Keim added that Brown is a “very important part of this puzzle,” singling out Smoke and Tyrann Mathieu as the guys who change field position.

— Keim admitted he wasn’t feeling great about Brandon Williams early in camp but that the second-year cornerback has completely changed his mind. “I feel like we have four solid corners, which is a sigh of relief,” Keim said.

— The wide receiver group responded to Bruce Arians tough words. Keim said that has shown not only on the field but “they got out of the training room,” underscoring that Arians’ frustration a couple weeks ago may have been a little bit less about play and more about availability.

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  1. By D on Aug 28, 2017 | Reply

    Imagine the work that the personnel people will have to do this weekend with over 1100 players getting released within a few days…will be crazy going through those players to see if any Punters, WR, DE, RB, etc could help this team..

    If Iupati is going to miss time, that game in ATL didn’t give my any confidence in those young G’s. They both appeared overmatched. May need to look at a Vet G this week too.

    Cap should make it as 4th OLB. Jones most likely will be a injury settlement..

    Two perfect passes to J. Brown by Palmer and Stanton.

  2. By Luis Section 214 on Aug 28, 2017 | Reply

    It’s encouraging to read that E. Penny and B. Williams may make the 53 man roster. We need penny 2 wear down defenses and special teams. K.Williams and TJ Logan need big plays. B.Williams should continue 2 improve and give He cardinals some needed depth at CB.

  3. By mitchaz on Aug 28, 2017 | Reply

    Added Post-Game Review Thoughts:

    Zone Run Blocking:

    The Cardinals “tackle zone” run plays are TFLs (tackles for loss) waiting to happen. The basic problems are personnel and technique. The Cardinals’ offensive line is slow and not very athletic, particularly the center (Shipley is only good in a phone booth, he can’t run) and the two guards. They have trouble versus quicker defensive tackles and ends. Their strength is in playing straight on power football with clear inside gap responsibilities and running quick traps by doubling the DT to one side and pulling the guard to trap the first threat, or if the play side is sealed off, lead up the A to B gap hole.

    But the problem in the power game is that the guards or center rarely get to the second level to block the ILBers…which means the ILBers typically have free shots at the RB. The Cardinals try to side block the ILBers with Fitz or with the flanker in motion, but the ILBers know it’s coming and they typically slip underneath the blocks keeping a clear path to the RB.

    This is exactly why the Cardinals would be wise to use a fullback (or an H-back that they can motion to the hole) so that they can run straight-on block isolations on the ILBers. Trying to block ILBers with WRs is not a great idea.

    Shotgun Passes to David Johnson:

    The one touch David Johnson got in the game was a bread and butter play the Cardinals are going to use very frequently. They’ve been running it a lot in practice. Johnson lines up to the weak side of the defense next to Palmer in the shotgun. Then he runs an option route — meaning he runs opposite of where the LB is shading him. If the LB is shading to the inside, he runs an out route away from him — if the LB is favoring the out pass, he runs an inside route or a skinny post.

    It’s this one play that is going to make teams play a lot of zone or zone-man combinations versus the Cardinals. The reason is, there aren’t many LBers in the NFL who can cover David Johnson one-on-one. By playing zone, teams can provide immediate help to the outside or inside.

    What this means is — this is very good news for Fitz and the Cardinals’ TEs. Fitz is a pro’s pro at finding and sitting in the soft spots of zones. Gresham and Momah are good at it too.

    What it also means is that the Cardinals should try to develop another one of their WRs as a slot WR. The best candidates on the current roster for that, imo, are Jaron Brown and Jeremy Ross. Speedsters John Brown and J.J. Nelson won’t be able to withstand the pounding of catching the ball in traffic.

    The Hard Count:

    It was great to see Drew Stanton employ a hard count…something that has been glaringly missing from the Cardinals’ game plans on offense. It worked 2 out of 3 times…and led to the “free play” TD pass from Stanton to Brown. The one time it didn’t work was when John Wetzel had a false start. That’s the worry. But, hopefully the Cardinals’ offensive line will have the discipline to execute hard counts, because snapping the ball on one 95% of the time gives the defense a distinct advantage.

    The RB Screens and WR Bubble Screens:

    The good news is that the offensive linemen are selling the plays well and slipping to the perimeter well.

    The bad news is that the offensive linemen stand around too long, rather than just picking and taking out the first threat. And too often they let the inside pursuit pass right by them.

    This slows down the RB or WR to the point where they either run quickly out of bounds or get a late start cutting inside where all the help is coming from.

    In this game, Chris Johnson dropped what looked to be a very well set up screen and Jaron Brown in scraping for extra yards took a wallop from a charging ILB which could have knocked Brown out (thank goodness he wasn’t), but the tackle jarred the ball loose and fortunately Brown was ruled down by contact. Still, if the offensive linemen whiff on those blocks and the WR can’t catch and go quickly, those plays are going to hurt.

    The 3-5 Step Passing Game:

    Carson Palmer was at his very best in his 3-5 step passes in this game. This could have had to do with the fact that BA was calling the game, which Palmer is most used to and most comfortable with. BA criticized Palmer for holding on to the ball too long versus the Bears and clearly this week the emphasis was to clean that up. Mission accomplished, as all 3 QBs were very decisive and clean with their throws. The Falcons were playing mostly off coverage, so that helped. But when they did try to get a bump or early stick on the WRs that’s when Palmer and Stanton threw the fades to John Brown.

    Perhaps Palmer’s best timed and most accurate pass of the night was the 3rd and long conversion he made to the outside of J.J. Nelson with a Falcon’s CB draped on Nelson’s inside. That conversion led to the Cardinals first TD drive.

    Stanton’s best pass, other than the TD to Brown, was the drop back strike he had to TE Jermaine Gresham up the right hash marks.

    Gabbert’s best drop back pass was the 22 yard laser he threw from near his own goal-line to Carlos Agudosi. That pass was the epitome of what scouts call an “NFL throw.”

    Gabbert’s Mobility:

    It was great to see BA run a bootleg for Gabbert on the first play…which Gabbert executed well but under threw the pass to the TE. It looked as if Gabbert was expecting a shallower route from the TE, which may account for the low throw. But that play is a good one for Gabbert.

    Fortunately, Gabbert dodge a knee injury when he was rolled on by Cole Toner’s man. He limped around for a while afterward. But, on the next drive, Gabbert kept the drive alive by escaping the pocket and bolting up the left sideline for a first down. A few plays later, RB James Summers scored on his dive to the pylon.

    A Tip of the Cap

    Watching the tape a second time was a real treat when it came to studying OLB Cap Capi. Cap put on a 34 OLB clinic out there in every facet of OLB play.

    First of all, not only did he and Kareem Martin set a very hard edge on their sides, when the Falcons ran to Cap’s side, not only did he force the run inside, which is his primary job, he also made the tackles or assisted in the tackles. One of those hard tackles on the Falcons’ big RB Brian Hill, forced Hill out of the game.

    Secondly — and this is what was so exceptionally impressive — with the Falcons marching toward the end zone, they called a “submarine boot” which is a very popular misdirection pass in the NFL today, where the o-line pretends to run a zone running play to one side, but the QB bootlegs while the play-side TE sneaks across the formation into the weak side flat. If you watch Cap on the play, he immediately stayed home, which is his job, then he picked up the TE and took away the pass option which caused the QB to throw the ball away. This is EXACTLY the kind of role discipline the Cardinals’ defense needs more of. It would have been an easy wide-open TD had Cap not stayed at home.

    Thirdly, Cap’s “dip and rip” move in his pass rush was textbook. He looked a lot like Markus Golden who dipped and ripped his way to the strip sack earlier in the game. Cap’s pressure was relentless. He was teeing off every pass play. Two sacks and a handful of other pressures. Plus, he’s got a bull rush aspect and a spin move to his game…he’s not just a one trick pony.

    Low on Toner This Week

    We saw why BA and HG like John Wetzel as the 6th man and first G or T in. Wetzel’s size and strength at the point of attack is superior to Toner’s. Wetzel got beat a couple of times on inside penetration on the zone running plays, which he needs to correct and should correct. But, Toner got beaten on 2-3 bull rushes by the Falcons’ DT Derrick Shelby (who is a good interior pass rusher), one of which led to a sack on Gabbert and another led to Gabbert getting rolled up from the side.

    One would expect Toner to be further along at this point. The good news is that he has fared well in his primary focus this training camp as the backup center — and having someone as athletic and smart as Toner in the pivot could bode well for his and the team’s future. But they are playing him at guard so that he can be one of the 2 swing players on game day. Hopefully, Toner bounces back this week with a stronger performance, otherwise it might behoove the coaches to keep Tony Bergstrom, who has been solid at guard and center — which creates the potential for the Cardinals having to waive Dorian Johnson or Will Holden, a scenario which the team is likely trying to avoid.

    Or — could the team keep Bergstrom and waive Toner? That would be tough. Toner’s only in his second year and he has shown versatility and up until this past week has garnered good blocking ratings. Bergstrom is a journeyman veteran on a one year deal.

    Special Teams Preparation

    In looking at the special teams lineups against the Falcons, especially in the first half, it appeared as if Amos Jones used a number of players who do not figure to make the 53 man roster. It also was curious to see Tyrann Mathieu used as a gunner on the kickoff coverage team. What would be very wise this week is to go with special team lineups that likely will be the ones in the first game versus the Lions. Those special team units need coordination and continuity asap.

    What could be a worry as well, is BA’s suggestion that they might claim a punter off waivers, in which case Phil Dawson would have to groom a new holder for the first game. It appears that Dawson is comfortable with Matt Wile as his holder. Wile was superb on kickoffs this week and his punts have greater hang-time than Richie Leone’s, while the yardage is pretty similar. Both punters have missed on a couple of punts. Not sure, however, if it is worth it for the Cardinals to make a waiver wire claim heading into the first game. Wile was pretty solid last year and certainly was an upgrade.

  4. By Greg on Aug 28, 2017 | Reply

    Dang, Mitchaz – thanks for the in-depth!

  5. By NJAzCardsFan on Aug 28, 2017 | Reply

    Darren- Care to guess at the 10 PS players at this point?
    Is the cut down to 53 players on Friday or Saturday?

  6. By Darren Urban on Aug 28, 2017 | Reply

    NJAz —

    RE: Questions

    I haven’t even guessed my 53, so I’ll hold off on PS. I’ll post an article Friday morning on my guesses.

    The Cardinals won’t announce their cuts until Saturday, most likely. Cuts have to be done by Saturday afternoon.

  7. By Scott H on Aug 28, 2017 | Reply

    Geez, I’m just thinking about a choice between CJ and Ellington IF we can only keep one. But I gotta say…..I think I go with CJ. Neither one plays ST’s, so…no advantage there for either. Neither one is a return guy. And I don’t know that either player has a long-term future here. For me, it comes down to who seems best suited to carry a work load if we lose DJ for any period of time. And I gotta go with CJ there. Ellington has just never been able to be durable, and he’s too small. CJ isn’t exactly Eddie Lacy, but he has shown the ability to handle a feature back work load during his career. And he still has the speed. I go with him.

    Nice to see that Tyvon Branch is looking as good as he has. He never got a chance last year with the injuries. In my mind, that means we may as well consider him a FA pick-up THIS year. Better late than never.

    And GREAT news that Bucannon is back at practice, for real. Even if he isn’t quite ready for the opener, it sure beats not having him until Oct.

  8. By JTDG on Aug 28, 2017 | Reply

    I think when looking at back ups, two things come to mind.

    One, special teams. can this guy help the ST be better.
    Two, what if my starter goes down. No one wants to think of that, but it happens.

    So, looking at RB, who fits the two areas. Well Kerwynn Williams is helping on teams. So is Penny. But I would not feel great if DJ was lost for the season and those were the RBs.
    I think you have to keep CJ. He is a vet, who will pick up the blitz, can catch the ball out of the back field, and is clearly the best runner of the bunch.

    You have to keep CJ., I believe Logan would force Williams out if healthy, but that won’t happen till next year because of the injury. So williams is in. I do not see Penny as a guy catching passes and making plays in space. But if he can help in Teams and get an occasional short yardage carry, keep him.

    That for me, leaves Ellington out.

  9. By D on Aug 28, 2017 | Reply

    With BA saying today that CJ isn’t playing Thurs, that leaves me to believe he will be on the team, unless a younger, faster cheaper RB is released this week that they could sign. I think they will hope Penny is lost in the sea of released players on Friday and they can bring him back to PS. I am not a big fan of Ellington but BA sure likes him.

    I still believe they need another DL to add to the mix along with a possible Vet Guard and Punter.

  10. By Scott H on Aug 28, 2017 | Reply

    JTDG –

    Don’t ya just know that as soon as we cut Ellington, he’s gonna go somewhere else and find that niche he just never seemed to find here?? I am positive that’s gonna happen! Let’s just hope it isn’t with an NFC West team. Wouldn’t that be our luck, too?

    I like Ellington. I really do. I just don’t see where he fits. Would be great if we just SO set everywhere else, we could keep Ellington as a luxury player ( for lack of a better word ). But….that is hardly ever the case for any NFL team.

  11. By Don on Aug 28, 2017 | Reply

    As far as the RBs go I think you keep Ellington simply because CJ has ended up on IR the last 2 years. I know Ellington has had his health issues too but that is when he is over used and I think if DJ goes out it’s RB by committee.

  12. By JohnnyBluenose on Aug 28, 2017 | Reply

    mitchaz…about six months ago when the 49ers were looking to hire a new GM I suggested that they consider Scott H and JTDG. Obviously I should have included you in that group too.

  13. By Kevin S Mesa on Aug 28, 2017 | Reply

    Just saw Stafford became the NFL’s highest paid player ever. Also just saw an incredible stat — the Lions are 5-46 lifetime in games he’s started against teams with winning records (meaning, teams that finished the season with a winning record, not a team that was 1-0 at the time the Lions played them, but finished 5-11).

    Obviously, any player is going to have a worse record against good teams than bad teams, and on top of that, the Lions have been really bad in a couple of the years Stafford played (including a 2-14 and a 4-12), but they’ve had some good years too — 11-5, 10-6, along with 9-7 last year… That’s an unbelievably bad winning percentage against good teams. Hopefully we are one of those teams with a winning record that’s going to add to Stafford’s futility against such teams.

  14. By Kevin S Mesa on Aug 28, 2017 | Reply

    Scott H —

    Ellington is, quite simply, dispensable at this point. And it’s not like other teams are beating on our door to get the guy.

    I’ve said this before but he reminds me a lot of Larod Stevens-Howling, another guy with whom Cards’ fans fell in love, probably because he was a little guy, easy to root for, and occasionally had a dynamic play. But Cards fans consistently overrated him on this board and elsewhere. When talking about players that the Cards “had” to re-sign, he’d be mentioned by fans consistently.

    If Ellington goes on to help someone else, so be it. I don’t see it happening.

  15. By mitchaz on Aug 29, 2017 | Reply

    BA and Steve Keim sat down after the Falcons game to discuss the roster and Keim approached it this way. He asked BA to determine right off the top of his head the 45 game day actives.

    My guess as to which 45 players BA has in mind is just as good as yours. But, if i were to guess for week 1, here’s my best prediction:

    Offense (21): (* STs contributor)

    QB (2): Palmer, Stanton (Gabbert emergency-46th)
    RB (4): D.Johnson, K. Williams*, C. Johnson, Penny*
    WR (5): Fitzgerald, Jaron Brown*, John Brown, Nelson, Golden*
    TE (3): Gresham, Niklas*, Momah*
    OL (7): Humphries, Iupati, Shipley, Boehm, Veldheer, Wetzel*, Toner*

    Defense (21):

    DT (5): Rucker, Peters, Mauro, Nkemdiche, Gunter*
    ILB (4): Bucannon, Dansby, Reddick*, Bynes*
    OLB (3): Golden, Jones, Martin*
    CB (4): Peterson, Bethel*, B. Williams*, T. Williams*
    S (5): Mathieu, Branch*, Bethea*, Baker*, Ford*

    STs (3):

    LS: Brewer
    PK: Dawson
    P: Wile

    Thus, including Blaine Gabbert…there’s the top 46.

    Veterans who could be on the bubble:

    1. RB C. Johnson—waiver wire claim RB who can play STs?
    2. WR B. Golden—Ross? Dobson?
    3. LB J. Bynes—waiver wire claim? Wright? Wheeler?
    4. S A. Bethea—Miller? Gallon?

    That leaves 7 spots:

    Draft Pick protections (3):

    1. WR Chad Williams
    2. G Dorian Johnson
    3. T Will Holden

    The Pool for 4 Best Remaining Players:

    1. RB Andre Ellington
    2. WR Jeremy Ross
    3. WR Aaron Dobson
    4. TE Hakeem Valles*–PS eligible
    5. T Ulrich John*–PS eligible
    6. G Tony Bergstrom
    7. DT Xavier Williams
    8. DT Ed Stinson (IR?)
    9. LB Philip Wheeler
    10. LB Scooby Wright*–PS eligible
    11. LB Cap Capi
    12. LB Jarvis Jones (IR?)
    13. S Harlan Miller*–PS eligible
    14. S Ironhead Gallon*–PS eligible
    15. P Richie Leone*–PS eligible

    Now—look at that list of 15 players and ask yourself who are the 4 best players?

    Who are your 4?

    First, I ask myself: of the PS eligible players, is there anyone who might be claimed off waivers?

    The only one who might be, imo, is T Ulrich John. The questions then become: (1) is Ulrich John more valuable than Dorian Johnson or Will Holden? (2) Will Holden is another swing tackle behind John Wetzel, do we need a third in John?

    My answer to those questions are no (have patience with Dorian Johnson and Will Holden) and no (we have 4 tackles with Humphries, Veldheer, Wetzel and Holden).

    Maybe, Steve Keim can trade Ulrich John for a LB?

    Thus, I already feel safe about being able to keep Valles (or I prefer Ricky Seals-Jones), Wright, Miller and Gallon on the PS.

    Therefore, my top 4 are:

    !. WR Jeremy Ross
    2. WR Aaron Dobson
    3. DT Xavier Williams
    4. LB Cap Capi

    All 4 of these players could very well be claimed off waivers. Ross’ versatility is too valuable—plus we don’t know yet how well K. Williams will hold up as the kickoff and punt returner—having Ross as Plan B is good insurance. Dobson gives us a taller deep threat and big-play ability that we missed from Floyd last year. Williams can play NT and 34DE. Capi gives us an added edge. Plus, when active on game days, all 4 of these players can contribute on STs.

    But…what? Keep 8 WRs?

    Yes…here’s why…(1) how healthy can John Brown and J.J. Nelson stay throughout the season, week to week? (2) Chad Williams doesn’t figure to be active until at least Thanksgiving according to BA. (3) Brittan Golden is a key STs player. So, if on a given week John Brown or J.J. Nelson isn’t active, nor is Chad Williams, and B. Golden’s forte is STs, that would give us Fitzgerald, Jaron Brown, Jeremy Ross and Aaron Dobson with either John Brown or J.J. Nelson.

    Practice Squad:

    1. RB James Summers
    2. WR Carlos Agudosi
    3. WR Krishawn Hogan
    4. TE Ricky Seals-Jones
    5. T Ulrich John
    6. DT Peli Anau
    7. LB Scooby Wright
    8. LB Alex Bazzie
    9. CB/S Harlan Miller
    10. S Ironhead Gallon

    Who do you like? How would you construct this roster?

  16. By clssylssy on Aug 29, 2017 | Reply

    This is the part of sports that is the least fun–having to make cuts and acknowledging that guys who have shown so much promise may develop into that household name in somebody else’s organization, as we’ve seen so many times before happen. We like to tell ourselves that it’s all about talent but as everyone knows there’s a lot more that goes into it and as with any company, organizational politics is a big decider when the balance is so tenuous. No coach/GM wants to give up on a project they have put their time and effort into, and I believe this is what it comes down to with BA even more so than other coaches around the league, and perhaps is a big reason why, at times, our team seems stuck or stalled.
    Between CJ and Ellington, I think CJ is the better player but Ellington has BA’s heart and was believed to be the next “face” a few years back. I have always liked Penny but he and TJ will have the same role and skillset when TJ returns and if he clears waivers I would like to see him on the PS another year (or is he still eligible for the PS), It seems that most teams are pretty well set for RBs but somebody might need more dept at this position as injuries are frequent and usually serious. Our offense desperately needs good pass blockers and CJ is a great asset here plus his tenacity and toughness, his football IQ, and leadership are intangibles that can only strenthen our offense,
    I’m not a big fan of this new system bc, despite the lip service, I think most coaches and GMs really have already decided on their final 53 and this is just added drama for dramas sake and to keep fans on the edge of their seat.
    As the commentators pointed out numerous times last week, these organizations are going to be hesitant to cut players they drafter bc of the fact that they have invested time, money, and committment to them when drafting them. When considering that teams will likely not even keep 53, to allow for room to pickup players, the competition for a job is increased even more.
    I do hope we keep more TEs this year to help fortify our shaky receivers. I am happy to see John Brown healthy again but just don’t see him developing into that future #1 because of his fragileness.

  17. By mitchaz on Aug 29, 2017 | Reply

    I just realized I did not include DT Olsen Pierre in my final 4. I had him on the actives for week one, but took him off due to his recent concussion, but I meant to keep him on the roster.

    With that I add Pierre and I flip a coin to decide whether to keep WR Ross or WR Dobson. Dobson’s been injured, so I would keep Ross. Plus Ross is the better STs player.

    Tough decisions.

  18. By dkerry5242 on Aug 29, 2017 | Reply

    Don’t forget Penny also fumbled against the Falcons. He didn’t really look great. He goes to the Practice squad. I think Summers actually is a better back than Penny.

  19. By clssylssy on Aug 29, 2017 | Reply

    There were a lot of players fumbling the ball in that game and one game is not an entire body of work.Summers did look good and might survive waivers and could benefit from a year on the PS. I’m not sure if Penny is PS elgible (I think he is) but they are the FUTURE of our RB room.
    I see several teams are already shopping RBs but having knowledge and experience in the system might serve us well in the future. A lot of these guys just need some time in a locker room around vets to hone their skills, mature and mellow out. Even Vets have bad games but last week was our first road game and it took a bunch of players some time to settle down.
    This team DOES need to work on securing the ball as well as tackling technique (although that seems to be somewhat improved from last season)

  20. By Scott H on Aug 29, 2017 | Reply

    JohnnyBlue –

    Dude, you crack me up! I forgot about that post where you suggested that either JTDG or myself should be considered for GM. And you are definitely going to get a ton of thumbs downs for including me in that statement.

    Yes, mitchaz should DEFINITELY be added to that list!

    And I would still cast my vote for JTDG. Maybe he’ll hire me & mitchaz as F/O

  21. By Scott H on Aug 29, 2017 | Reply

    Kevin –

    Hey, welcome back! Regarding Ellington….well, I think I would put him ahead of LSH but I have to agree – Ellington seems dispensable at this point. If released, he will get picked up by someone in a heartbeat. But here? Just no real role for him.

    Damn, I wish he could be a dynamic return guy. We NEED one of those, ya know? Or, if he were only durable. I mean…..look at Darren Sproles out here in Philly. Look how small HE is! But, damn, he is SO fast and SO durable and SO valuable to the Eagles as a RB AND a return guy….he IS in-dispensable to them.

    I guess some guys have it…..

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