Niners QB Hoyer returns to where he started

Posted by Darren Urban on September 28, 2017 – 9:44 am

Brian Hoyer played for the Cardinals for a very brief time, less than a month, in the dying days of the Ken Whisenhunt era. He was claimed off waivers from Pittsburgh in early December, with Kevin Kolb headed to IR, got in to the next-to-last game at home against the Bears and started the season finale in San Francisco. It wasn’t much time to learn the offense.

“Well, it definitely got you to the point where I remember just saying, ‘OK, where’s Larry?’ ” Hoyer recounted. “Like, throw to number 11. I remember (Fitz) telling me that in that huddle. He was like, ‘Don’t worry, just throw it to me.’ In the Chicago game, it worked, and then we came up to play San Francisco. They basically just tried to double him the whole game, and I remember Michael Floyd had a pretty big game that game.”

(Floyd did, the rookie notching his first 100-yard game — eight grabs for 166 yards and a TD.)

Hoyer comes back to Arizona Sunday as the starting quarterback of the 49ers. It’s been an interesting ride. The Cards gave him his first chance to play after he was locked on the bench in New England behind Tom Brady in his early years. But it got sticky after the season. Hoyer, because of the accrued seasons rule, missed out on being an unrestricted free agent by only a couple of days. The Cards tendered him an offer, even though new coach Bruce Arians was going to likely go in a different QB direction.

Kevin Kolb and John Skelton were cut. Hoyer remained on the roster, while the Cards intially signed Drew Stanton to be the starter in free agency, and then when they traded for Carson Palmer to be the starter. Stanton would be the backup. And Hoyer had to wait before the Cards finally released him, about five weeks after the Palmer trade.

“Getting released by the Cardinals was the best thing that happened to me because I was able to go to Cleveland and play,” Hoyer said. “I mean, had I been there, I don’t know if I’d have ever seen the field. For me, when Carson (Palmer) was traded, it became pretty apparent that I wasn’t a part of their plans.

“I remember (former Cardinals director of player personnel) Jason Licht was the main guy that I spoke to, and I just remember asking him, ‘If I don’t fit in here, just let me go sooner than later so I can get somewhere.’ ”

Hoyer was cut. He signed with Cleveland and actually had a winning record with the Browns before getting hurt in 2013. (Hoyer was actually 10-6 in 16 starts with the Browns over two seasons.) Arians said he had been impressed with Hoyer in the brief time he coached him. Hoyer said he’ll always have a “soft place in my heart” for the Cards because they gave him a chance to play.

“I was barely there,” Hoyer said. “I think about it, I was there for basically three weeks at the end of the season. I came back out, basically up until the draft, and I was there for a few workouts, and then I was gone.”

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  1. By D on Sep 28, 2017 | Reply


    I read this the other day and believe it summarizes the issues that need to be addressed-

    “Players are protesting supposed police brutality while new data shows there is a growing epidemic of violent crime in America, which is likely the result of dissuading police from proactive law enforcement work. Sadly, the biggest victims of this rebounding epidemic are African Americans. Where is the protest or outrage over violent crime in inner cities rather than the police response to it (or lack thereof)? ”

    Rather than Protest during the National Anthem, I would like to see the NFL and the owners/players actually attempt to do something about this issue Monday through Saturday if they really want to enter the discussion of Non Football/Social topics of the day. Look what JJ Watt did for the City of Houston. Imagine a few JJ Watts in 32 Cities across the Nation and the Impact/Change that could be accomplished towards the Inner Cities.

    Sitting/ locking arms/kneeling/ may make the players/owners feel good about unity and themselves but does it really accomplish anything? No one ever said that this Country was perfect, it has it’s flaws like all Societies, but with the freedoms and opportunities that exist in this Great Country (fought for by our military), the NFL/Owners/Players wouldn’t be at a level of success that it / they enjoy today.

  2. By Marlin on Sep 28, 2017 | Reply

    Well put, D. Thanks for the thoughts. But if I can’t “escape” into this blog, I gotta bow out. If we’re going to be writing about politics, this isn’t the space for me.

  3. By Dr. G. on Sep 28, 2017 | Reply

    Darren, JTDG, Mitch, CoachK, Scott, & ??? With Palmer signed through 2018 with a “”guaranteed”” deal, I would like to hear how we may proceed if and unless he bails. If he gets cut, he gets paid anyway.

    I’ve been looking at the college prospects, but before I post some preferences, I would like to read some of your ideas. Additionally, should we trade out some picks to move up? We might be picking high anyway!!

    I’m thinking, if BA is still here, he will campaign for a trade for an average vet. And based upon recent history, SK will be OK with that. I’m not liking it.

    With Palmer’s deal, they’re thinking he starts ((2018)) and get the heir apparent… could it be Gabbert if he gets the opportunity?

  4. By lacardinalsfan on Sep 28, 2017 | Reply

    Any update on John Brown? We need Smoke back.

  5. By JTDG on Sep 28, 2017 | Reply

    Dr G,

    Yes Palmer gets paid but if he gets cut in 2018, he will save 14 million in cap space.

    I personally think in 2018 it is time to move from Palmer. Not because he isn’t good, but because I think it is time to move from Keim and BA.

    Because of that, I believe it is always best to have a new coach be married to a rookie QB. Look at Leinart who, drafted by Denny, was left for Whiz the next year.

  6. By Dr. G. on Sep 28, 2017 | Reply

    jtdg = OK. That may be the first time I recall you thinking BA and SK should definitely go rather than offering critiques. Frankly, I think it’s time as well based upon some things I have posted, esp BA’s penchant for antiquity and we really need a separate HC and OC,

    ???Have you looked at QB prospects like Darnold or Rudolph. They’re gone very to move up?….be well

  7. By CARDS62 on Sep 28, 2017 | Reply

    I would not be so quick to dismiss BA. We did that before with Don C. who went to San Diego and had great success and we suffered for many years with bad coaches.

    If Keim is the problem with bad personnel moves then no coach can continue to do well if the GM is making mostly bad moves.

    Now I definitely want the special teams coach removed and have for years, and the same goes for our o line coach. I hope BA is open to having his coaching staff upgraded, and he might not be and just quits.

    Now if we are going to remove our GM and HC I need to know who we are going to replace them with. So if anyone has ideas lets hear them.

    I am not ready to move on from BA yet and wish to see how this year plays out, but I do not see this year going well for us, and we have a favorable schedule. I hope I am wrong. Couple of things that continue to bother me about our coaching is that I believe we are the only team in the league that when we win the toss takes the ball instead of taking it in the second half. If you have a great kickoff return squad and/or a consistent offense I can see doing this, but we do not have either. We have success when we go to our TEs but we abandon going to them for the rest of the game, waste our timeouts on poor challenges and time clock, never try to block a punt, when a lineman is getting beat we seldom or never give them help and let one defensive player from the other team beat us.

    Dr. G if USC Darnold or OSU Rudolph are there when we pick or few picks up from us I think we have to make the move and take them in the first round. This is the year to risk it if you want to get the biscuit, a long time NFL starting QB.

    I would keep Gabbert, and no problem keeping or trading Palmer. QBs always get hurt and Philly did very well trading Bradford to Minnesota. We will not get anywhere near that much for Palmer at his age, but every little bit helps.

    Go Cards beat those 49ers that I still hate.

  8. By JTDG on Sep 28, 2017 | Reply

    Dr G,

    You are right , I never called for the firing until lately because to me, it is clear the window closed.

    The mess on the oline, lack of offensive talent besides DJ for the future, a defensive line in flux, a defense that is getting outscored in the 4th quarter by a lot. It is a mess. Play calling that seems stale.

    Yes, I really, really like Darnald. He is the cream of the crop. Rudolph looks good. Rosen has some issues. Jury still out.
    Then, Josh Allen is under the radar. Big strong athletic. Need to see him in a big game or bowl game this year.

  9. By JTDG on Sep 28, 2017 | Reply


    Todd Haley – The last three years with Haley calling the plays Pittsburgh has finished 2nd, 3rd, and 7th in offensive.

    Jim Bob Cooter – OC for the Lions. Explosive offense and Stafford playing at his best under Cooter.

    Todd Downing – OC Raiders. Lots of buzz after his work with Carr the last two years.

    If you are getting a rookie QB, shouldn’t you have someone who can coach him up. Look at McVay and Goff.

  10. By Scott H on Sep 28, 2017 | Reply

    So, per Hoyer, the best thing the Cardinals did for him was cut him! It sounds kinda funny…..

    Ah, memories…..memories of where we have been since Kurt Warner left town. Good lord. And we were even spared the mention of the names Derek Anderson and Matt Leinart. Oh, and Hall, whose first name escapes me. I wonder why. Actually, you would think anyone who played that bad would be a name you would never forget.

    Was it Max??? Max Hall?? Or am I thinking of a bad movie?

    How’s this for a really bad memory – when I went to see the Cardinals play in Seattle in 2010, I got to see Hall start that game and make some of the worst pass attempts I’ve ever seen. At half-time, he was benched for the mighty Derek Anderson. Can ya imagine being happy to see Derek Anderson??? Seahawks won 22-10, courtesy of 5 FG’s. Good lord, what a lousy experience. Anyway…..

    Good lord, take away the years we’ve had with Warner ( SOME of them, anyway ) and Palmer ( SOME of them, anyway ), and we may have been the worst overall team at the QB position since….well, we’ll say since Jake Plummer. And he was no HOF’er, either. And that is going 20 years, man.

    This team NEEDS to find a good young QB to build a team around. Or, as the Cowboys did, focus on putting a really solid O-line together FIRST, then find a good young QB to play behind them.

    We need to be done with this trying to catch lightning in a bottle with a veteran who might have a bullet or two left in the chamber. Damned if we didn’t come real close with Warner, but…..this rotating door of veteran QB’s is much more likely to result in what we’ve seen with Carson Palmer than what we did with Warner. It’s just not good enough.

    Especially with where our roster appears to be headed after this season. No veteran QB is going to come in and make that legit. At least I don’t think so. And because I think that, that is why I don’t want to go that route again. It feels like it’s time to strip it down and get it ready for a new paint job. And not one of those crappy Maaco jobs, either. We need to take it down to the metal and get her ready for a REAL paint job!

  11. By georgiebird on Sep 28, 2017 | Reply

    If I had a team , I would want to have BA as the coach. BA can get the best out of players and get them playing competitively as quick as anyone.
    However, BA has a ceiling when it comes to talent evaluation-as does his GM-.. BA can’t seem to evaluate talent on a level necessary to get teams past a certain level of performance. Yes, the Cards have won 13 games but very few were convincing type wins- rather they were wins where BA was the MVP.
    There was a baseball manager named Billy Martin who was very similar to BA. Martin was great at taking teams to a competitive level but somehow Martin could never finish the job
    I think it’s time for BA- and of course SK- to give someone else a chance. But a big thank you to BA for turning the culture around in AZ.

  12. By JTDG on Sep 28, 2017 | Reply

    Scott H

    Go back to the 2017 draft and you would see me saying again and again 2018 is the year of the QB.

    Darnald, Rosen, Rudolph, Lamar Jackson , Josh Allen and even Baker Mayfield and Luke Falk,

    Or do you take a shot at Bridgewater or Garoppolo. Both 25 yrs old.

    I personally would draft one.

  13. By JTDG on Sep 28, 2017 | Reply

    This should be interesting to cards fans

    The Giants also signed LB Deontae Skinner and promoted DE/LB Cap Capi off the practice squad.

  14. By mitchaz on Sep 29, 2017 | Reply

    Dr. G:

    I concur with JTDG. It’s time for a change…a new voice…and a new direction…and it’s time for Carson Palmer to retire.

    Hire a new coach and get him the QBs that fit his system. Hopefully, this time around the system favors mobile QBs and a commitment to a hard-nosed running game.

    I like JTDGs three HC candidates in Haley, Cooter and Downing…but I think this time around it would be better to go with a HC who doesn’t call the plays…someone who could oversee all three phases of the game and who could be skillful as a game and clock manager.

    That HC, in my opinion, is Mike Vrabel. We need toughness, discipline and charisma. Vrabel manifests all of that and more. I think he will be a stud, alpha HC who we could build around for 10 years.

  15. By lloyd wolf on Sep 29, 2017 | Reply

    quite a few thoughtful comments….concern is right around the corner….if we can’t thrash sf this weekend…bad sign…

    i do think that ba is going to hang it up at the end of the year…albeit he did a fine job.

    ot: too lazy to check…did bears sign glennon before cards signed gabbert?
    yikes! living in chicago the radio was in meltdown mode this morning. glennon should be sending part of his check every week to pace and fox..could have been the worst display (including some of cardinal classics) i ever saw last night…for about a quarter before i watched hogan’s heroes reruns!

  16. By Darren Urban on Sep 29, 2017 | Reply

    Lloyd —

    RE: Gabbert/Glennon

    Yes, the Bears signed Glennon long before Gabbert was signed. Gabbert was a late sign, free-agent wise.

  17. By Kevin S Mesa on Sep 29, 2017 | Reply

    Reality check — Neither BA nor Keim are getting fired any time soon (certainly not after this year). I don’t know how many games the team will win this year … I could see it being as few as 5, perhaps as many as 9. But whatever that total is, they’ll have the excuse of losing their best player (36% of last year’s offense) for most of the season, plus their #2 receiver, plus multiple O-linemen, etc. for portions of the season…

    The only way BA leaves the team at the end of this year is if he retires. He was 41-22-1 lifetime as HC of the Cards going into this year — better than any Cards coach in the Super Bowl area (and the only other coach who comes even sort-of close is Coryell and he was 40 years ago).

    And the BA area is simultaneous with the Keim era. So while I agree with much of the criticism of Keim in terms of not going out and getting the extra pieces we all saw as sorely needed at certain times (like last year, a #2 cornerback), the fact is, this is the most successful management regime in the modern history of the franchise. MIchael Bidwill isn’t going to blow that up, even if this year is a disappointment, especially given the built-in injury excuses.

    Note that I am not saying people are necessarily wrong that it might be time for a regime change — I’m just saying that it is not going to happen, unless those guys decide to walk away voluntarily. I, like everyone else, get irritated sometimes at BA’s stubbornness — at taking shots 20 yards downfield twice in a row instead of just trying to get a first down to keep a drive going. And I, like everyone else, get irritated with some of Keim’s moves or, more to the point, the moves he doesn’t make. But the team has been very successful under these two men and they will get a pass for at least another year regardless of what happens this year. That is, if they even WANT that pass — Keim certainly will, of course, want to continue; not sure about BA, as I’m not sure he’ll want next year’s Cardinals to be part of his legacy.

  18. By Kevin S Mesa on Sep 29, 2017 | Reply

    Lloyd —

    The Glennon signing just proves, again, how desperate teams are for a QB.

    I’ll never understand, though, why NFL teams seem to think that their next franchise QB is another team’s backup. I can understand this thinking if the backup rarely gets to play because the starter is so good (say, Garoppolo). But not if the backup had a chance to be the starter at one time and wasn’t good enough, like Glennon. I mean, if Glennon was a franchise QB, the Bucs could’ve parlayed that #1 pick into a gold mine. Chip Kelly was rumored to have offered the Titans the Eagles’ 1st and 2nd round picks that year, their next year’s first-round pick, plus any QB and any defensive player of the Titans’ choosing on the Eagles’ roster for the #2 pick that the Titans ultimately used for Mariota, so presumably he would’ve offered at least the same to the Bucs. Instead, the Bucs decide Glennon isn’t good enough, so they want Winston… and yet, that makes him good enough for the Bears?

    And then the Bears either realize their mistake or double down on it, depending on how you look at it, by spending a motherlode to draft Trubisky, making Glennon nothing more than the guy who keeps the seat warm during a down period for the franchise.

    Of course, we made the same mistake a few years ago, deciding that Kolb was good enough to be our starter even though he wasn’t good enough to be the Eagles’.

  19. By Darren Urban on Sep 29, 2017 | Reply

    Kevin S —

    RE: QB

    But the Bears did not have a QB when they signed Glennon. Maybe he was going to pan out or not — and obviously they drafted a guy, so clearly they had that in mind for the future — but you still need a QB, especially when you aren’t sure at that point who you will be able to draft.

  20. By Kevin S Mesa on Sep 29, 2017 | Reply

    Fair point, Darren, but they had the #3 pick even before the trade up, so if the plan was to draft someone, they knew they were in pretty good shape — it’s not like they were drafting 25th.

    The Glennon contract, as I understand it, is reasonably team-friendly (and he’s probably just going to be cut next year with a fairly small amount of dead money), but even so, it was something like $18M guaranteed to a guy that was, as I mentioned, not good enough to make it for someone else. Heck, they could’ve just signed Kaepernick (OK, not trying to start that debate again).

    If I were the Bears and just wanted to keep the seat warm, I’d have gone way cheaper, a Case Keenum type.

  21. By Darren Urban on Sep 29, 2017 | Reply

    Kevin S —

    RE: Glennon

    I don’t disagree that they overpaid, but that might’ve been the market for Glennon. No matter. Not my money. If teams want to spend, that’s their call.

  22. By mitchaz on Sep 29, 2017 | Reply

    The NFC Chase For T Joe Thomas

    As key NFC contender wannabes peer into the crystal ball, the looming figure that keeps emerging is the Browns’ All-Pro LT Joe Thomas. If one man can make a difference for several NFC teams, Thomas appears to be that man.

    Thomas has said that he wants to still be on the Browns when they finally are contenders, but he admits that it might not be realistic to assume he will. He has one year remaining on his contract beyond this year, for which his cap figure is $8.8M. That would be a steal for any team…to land Thomas for the balance of this year and for next year for a paltry $8.8M per.


    Last night we watched the Packers beat da Bears with 4 guards and a center. What a timely coup it would be for them to make a move for Joe Thomas. If the Packers would be willing to offer their 2018 1st round pick, the Browns might jump at the offer.


    The Seahawks already managed to acquire DT Sheldon Richardson. Could they pull the Thomas ace out of their other sleeve? Losing LT George Fant to injury has forced them to switch G Oday Aboushi over to LT. Adding Thomas would be a major coup and a possible panacea for their offensive woes. With a small window left with such a superb but aging defense, the Seahawks might feel the urgency to shoot for the moon and do whatever it takes to land Thomas.


    At 0-3, no NFC hopeful feels more desperate at this point than the Giants. Their LT Ereck Flowers remains a liability and is one of the reasons why the Giants’ high-flying offense has been under-achieving. adding Thomas could push them well over the hump and give them a chance to get quickly back into the playoff hunt.


    Anyone who watched the Cardinals offensive line get abused by the Cowboys’ 3 man rush on MNF knows what adding an All-Pro tackle like Joe Thomas would mean to their playoff chances. Talk about small windows. Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald are likely in their last seasons and it looks very clear that the Cardinals need some kind of a jump start and a morale boost. Adding Thomas could be the best answer possible. However, if GM Steve Keim’s ultra-conservative, frugal off-season moves are an indication of where he thinks the Cardinals are heading, Keim will likely prefer to pin his hopes on the return of D.J. Humphries with a belief that struggling RT Jared Veldheer can rediscover his mojo.

    The NFC is largely up for grabs. While the Falcons, Lions and Packers look to be clear front runners at this point, each of those teams has its warts.

    In the NFC West, the most significant off-season addition within the division already appears to be T Andrew Whitworth of the Rams.

    The NFC team that lands Joe Thomas (if the deal can be made) may be the one to punch their tickets for Minnesota.

  23. By JTDG on Sep 29, 2017 | Reply

    Kevin and others,

    Let me be clear about why I would fire BA and Keim.

    To me, BA has been an excellent coach. He has done wonders with the team. I think denying that is foolish. But this is a man who came off a cancer scare, has mentioned retirement in a subtle way. He is most likely not a long term coach.

    Now, if I had interaction with him everyday, maybe I would have a different feeling. If I thought he was up for sticking around the next 5 years and coaching up a young QB, I might keep him. I get the feeling he is looking to win it all and retire. I’m not sure he is in rebuild mode.

    So, although I am calling for him to be let go in 2018, I would put an asterisk there.

    As for Keim, again, it would be foolish to say he hasn’t done some good things. My issue is his lack of ability to find players to fix our biggest weaknesses.

    Going back to 2013, I think anyone could see this team needed help on the Oline.
    His 2013 draft completely missed with the oline. Going into 2014, he signed a LT in Veldheer, but did nothing with the interior. 2015, he realized his mistake, and signed Iupati. But instead of addressing center and guard (he had Massie at RT), he gambled with Cooper and Shipley who neither ended up being the starters.

    2016 enters, he drafts a couple late rounders, but lets Massie walk in because of Humphries who couldn’t get on the field. Palmer get killed behind a shaky line.

    Come 2017, he still does nothing to fix a weak oline that has Palmer getting hit at alarming rates and sacked 11 times in 3 games.The team is trying to come up with a quick passing scheme because the protection is so bad.

    This to me was unacceptable. He should be fired over his lack of handling the Oline.

    I think he should be fired for his lack of handling CB2. I think he should be fired for over paying Badger while he was injured, having no idea he would come back full strength (which he does not have the same quickness).

    He should be fired for the contract he handed to Gresham. A seldom used TE making 8 million next and 9 million the year after. This is not Travis Kelse or Gronk.

    He should be fired for his mishandling of Calais Campbell. He allowed him to have a 15 million dollar hit in 2016 and then let him walk in 2017. An extension or trade should have happened.

    He should be fired for his draft of Nkemdiche. Yes, the jury is still out, but you passed on olinemen like Cody Whitehair and Dlinemen like Chris Jones. How, with all the info you have , miss so badly?

    I , lastly, would fire him because I have zero faith in him picking a QB of the future (see passing on Derek Carr and choosing Logan Thomas) or getting the ship straight from the mess it is in.

    That is my stance on the two.

  24. By Scott H on Sep 29, 2017 | Reply

    JTDG –

    RE: QB of the future

    No, not interested in Bridgewater or Garrappolo. I agree, I would rather find our guy in the draft.

    Also, on the topic of QB’s, perhaps we can put this whole Glennon thing to bed once and for all. Good lord. I never understood why so many people were banging the drum for him. But I hope we’ve heard the last of that nonsense now. He looked AWFUL last night.

  25. By Kevin S Mesa on Sep 29, 2017 | Reply

    JTDG —

    Again, I’m not disagreeing with your reasoning, which is well thought out as usual.

    I’m just saying it isn’t going to happen. Zero chance.

  26. By mitchaz on Sep 29, 2017 | Reply


    First of all, Steve Keim’s job is safe and will be for years to come. He and MB see eye to eye and MB trusts him 100%.

    My hunch is that Keim already knows this is BA’s last year, which explains for his deferring of the QBOF decision, because Keim wants to match the new QBs with the new HC.

    It would also explain why Keim has been so conservative this year in his free agent signings. 2018 is looking more and more like a clean slate for whomever is taking over as HC.

    I think there is much more of a disconnect between Keim and BA than anyone realizes. They put up a united front to the media, but behind closed doors there are some fundamental differences about personnel philosophies and how to develop players within the system. I would bet pretty much anything that Keim is not happy with BA’s croneyism when ti comes to his coaches (Amos Jones, especially) and to some of his roster favorites.

    My biggest fear has been that MB and SK would feel compelled to promote within the current staff someone like Goodwin or Bettcher to HC. There are too many things going wrong with the coaching to take that leap of faith. But, BA can be intimidating and very demanding. He says he’s a delegator, but he more of a control freak. And nothing would please BA more than to ride off into the sunset with his ‘coaching tree” in place. BA would have wanted to be the next man up as HC in Pittsburgh, so he wants that more than anything for Goodwin or Bettcher to get the treatmentt he never got in Pittsburgh..

    However, in light of Steve Keim’s current dispostion, it encourages me to think that he and MB are going to want a clean break from the current staff and start afresh with a HC they feel can take the Cardinals to the next level.

    BA and his staff helped bring the Cardinals back into contention, and for that he and they deserve the raises they got…but his brand of coaching and style of play have gone stale, exceedingly predictable and very much outdated.

    While Keim has made some mistakes personnel-wise (which he readily admits to), would anyone feel comfortable drafting for BA? BA leans on over the hill veterans and distrusts younger players. One reason why the Cardinals do not have a young QB is BA’s loyalty to Drew Stantton, for example.

    The player development as a whole from BA’s staff over 5 years has been negligible. Look at the offensive and defensive lines. They keep getting worse. When so many players fail and/or regress from one year to the next–it then speaks more to the coaching than the GM.

  27. By Scott H on Sep 29, 2017 | Reply

    Addendum to previous post – and the reason I don’t want Garrappolo is that I will never be able to spell his name right. Damn, man, it was hard enough getting Nkemdiche right…..

  28. By JTDG on Sep 29, 2017 | Reply

    I just heard on the radio this stat;

    In the two loses, Prescott and Stafford, in the 4th quarter omly, have a perfect QB rating.

    They went 11 of 12 for around 250 yards and 3 TDs.

    Not good Bettcher, not good secondary.

  29. By JTDG on Sep 29, 2017 | Reply

    Oh , and all 3 TDs given up by Bethel.

  30. By JTDG on Sep 29, 2017 | Reply


    Joe Thomas;

    Completely agree that Thomas would be a steal.

    The Pack has a good LT who came back last night , but the Seahawks and Giants would do wonders to help them self with that trade.

    And although 8.8 doesn’t seem like much, neither of those teams have the cap room. The giants are trapped in cap hell with Beckham coming up. I don’t know if there is anyone they can extend or cut. Same applies for the Hawks.

    The team that makes the most sense won’t do it. Releasing Veldheer would free up enough to bring in Thomas. The cards could move Humphries back to RT and Wetzel in to guard, but don’t hold your breath. It won’t happen.

  31. By D on Sep 29, 2017 | Reply

    As bad as the Bears are right now, their Oline is better than what’s in AZ.

    Everyone was aware that If Palmer returned in 2017, AZ had to do a better job in protecting the stats show, he is good when he has protection. There were quality Free agent OL players available in March….Fans clamored for upgrades along the Oline all summer, we got in return from BA and Mr. Keim is, “should be no problems flipping OT’s;, AQ has done a great job..Boehm will get better at RG…Iupati will be back good as new…”…Keim had 7-8 mil in Cap all offseason to add a Free agent OL..he picked up Boone, who in the short time playing did appear to be a slight upgrade..but if he was a great OL player, he wouldn’t have been released in MN…enough of the band-aids, spend High Draft picks on Oline players and coach them…or find a better OL coach if the current coach isn’t getting the job done…

  32. By JTDG on Sep 29, 2017 | Reply


    Interesting comments by mitchaz.

    Do you think there is anything to the suggestion that Keim and BA don’t see eye to eye?

  33. By Darren Urban on Sep 29, 2017 | Reply

    JTDG —

    RE: BASK

    Do they agree on everything? No. No one does. But it is not as dire as Mitch would suggest. Not even close. There are a handful of things he suggests that I disagree with from what I know.

  34. By JTDG on Sep 29, 2017 | Reply

    Kevin S Mesa,

    Oh I think you are right they won’t fire them. Just posting my preference.

  35. By Coach K on Sep 29, 2017 | Reply

    Dr G, JTDG, Darren, Scott, Kevin, D

    Regarding Palmer, I have no concerns with Palmer in 2018. Understand out problem this year and last is B.A.’s play calling. Pure and simple. We are not built for no risk it, no biscuit. That was three years ago.

    It’s not going to work anymore. We don’t have the players we need to run that offensive philosophy. Palmer is not going to survive the hits that high risk offense brings.

    BA needs to go with what worked in the first quarter of the Dallas game. Short quick passing game involving everyone and running the ball.

    If BA would have used his scripted plays from the first quarter and repeated those scripted plays in all four quarters, we likely could have won the game.

    BA was fired in Pittsburgh because he started putting Big Ben in too many 3rd and long situations and Big Ben was getting killed and sacked multiple times per day. The Rooney’s said no more..

    Fast forward to the last two Cardinal seasons. B.A. has put Palmer in the same high risk offense and if he doesn’t change, Palmer will end up on I.R. It’s really not about the offensive line to be honest. yes, they have not been good, but it’s BA’s play calling that has caused the offense to subject Palmer to impossible odds and the offensive line under extreme stress.

    If BA can take what the defense gives him and can mix up the plays like he did in the first quarter of the Dallas game where 6 or 7 different players touched the ball, we have a shot to win 9 games. If it’s more no risk it, no biscuit, then WE ARE TOAST.

    Nuff said.

  36. By Coach K on Sep 29, 2017 | Reply

    Watch Luke Falk start to rise up the draft boars when he beats the Trojans this weekend.

  37. By Richard S on Sep 29, 2017 | Reply

    With all the injuries and the way the Cardinals have been playing, I only hope the Cards have a high enough pick to get one of the quality QBs in the upcoming draft. Unfortunately, the experts have the Cards rated about right where they belong. At least for Arizona residents, with the Diamondbacks, you don’t have to wait for baseball season to begin but for this St. Louis Cardinal fan, that is becoming my mantra. Wait for baseball season to begin. .

  38. By mitchaz on Sep 30, 2017 | Reply


    Like I said, BA & SK put up a united front to the media…

    I would add that I bet Terry McDonough is not too happy with what’s going on with this team and the way it is being coached. On MNF, some of Sean McDonough’s remarks about the Cardinals’ failures seemed like an indication of some inside knowledge.

    And speaking of the media, you guys seem intimidated by BA. He doesn’t get the tough questions and scrutiny that coaches in major markets get. Why is that?

    For example, not one of you asked BA why he didn’t chip on or double team DeMarcus Lawrence when Lawrence was abusing Jared Veldheer and basically taking over the football game. No noe asked BA why he thought he could block Lawrence one on one with Gresham. Lawrence threw the $7.5M a year Gresham aside like he was a rag doll. You guys let BA get away with just saying Veldheer and the o-line need “to block better.” That’s such a cop out on BA’s part.

    Why didn’t any of you mention Amos Jones after another game in which the Cardinals displayed awful STs?

    In your case, being employed by the Cardinals, I am not blaming you at all. I do not think it is your job to ask BA tough questions. I think you do fabulous job. You are a superb and extremely thorough promoter of the team, the coaches and the players.

    But, the media in AZ really seems to be wrapped around BA’s finger. The only one I can think of who has been openly critical of BA is Bickley…and he doesn’t even attend the press conferences any more, right?

  39. By Darren Urban on Sep 30, 2017 | Reply

    Mitchaz —

    RE: United front

    Well, given my position, I feel I have a better handle than most media.

    As for the questions, we asked the Amos questions a year ago. Arians was defiant and said nothing was going to happen. And I’m not sure what the ST questions are now — the Lee and Dawson moves are front office. Those weren’t Jones.

    Maybe the chip-block thing could be asked. But if we do, and Arians also says someone just needs to block better, are you any less unhappy? Because that’ll be the answer.

  40. By clssylssy on Sep 30, 2017 | Reply

    Seems like that most are in agreement that a change is needed if this team is to move forward and ever be successful. That won’t happen b/c Michael Bidwill sees eye-to-eye with a GM who, IMO, is not qualified for the job and has not performed his duties in a manner that would give the team the best chance to win. BUT, he has been tight with MB’s wallet, and is part of senior Bidwill’s old crew which probably accounts for MB’s comfort level, kinda a Graves clone.
    Love your response, Darren. Spot on anticipating BA’s answers to anything that approaches sounding like a criticism. And therein lies the problem; there are no problems really, the players just don’t do their jobs like they should and the fans expect too much!

  41. By clssylssy on Sep 30, 2017 | Reply

    I see where Joe Thomas was ranked the #4 tackle this week; the 49ers, Joe Staley the #1…geez!

  42. By JTDG on Sep 30, 2017 | Reply

    Coach K,

    Good Call

    By Coach K on Sep 29, 2017 | Reply
    Watch Luke Falk start to rise up the draft boars when he beats the Trojans this weekend.

  43. By CARDS62 on Sep 30, 2017 | Reply

    Coach K and JTDG boy were you right about Luke Falk.

    Must admit I never really knew his game, but watched the game last night and was very impressed. Not saying we should draft him, but we better darn well kick the tires as he totally outplayed Sam Darnold.

    I agree with most in that our first round draft choice has to be a QB, but with our poor line I hope we bring him along slowly and improve both of our lines before he starts.

    Really enjoyed the conversation from Kevin S Messa, MitchAZ and JTDG about our GM and HC. All make very good points. Not being in the building of course I do not have a clue what will be decided, but what I do know is that we need leadership and we need it now. Michael Bidwill, Steve Keim, or BA or a combination, has to grab this thing and get us going in a direction.

    Great thing about a young QB is that you have them for 5 years without much impact to your payroll budget so you can spend on other places. But we need to know that is the direction, and if Gabbert is the bridge he must be active on game day and be second string. I do not think Gabbert will be active for several more weeks unless an injury occurs.

    Okay BA loves older veterans and we have salary cap room so why are no older free agent linemen being discussed? I keep googling Nick Mangold and find nothing on his current status. I know he and others are old but they can help this year.

    It all depends on the plan. Are we going for it in 2017 or starting our rebuild for the future? 3 and even 4 weeks or 5 weeks into the season is too soon to know my friends so I think we all have to be patient and see how this plays out.

    Hopefully we will also get healthier, but if we are out of it or almost out of it by the time Logan and DJ are ready to return I hope we just sit them for 2018.

    I just feel sorry for Carson and Fitz. and our other veterans, but hey at least they are being paid very well.

    GO CARDS beat those 49ers and give the home crowd something to cheer about. 49ers were able to play on Thursday and we played on Monday. Thank you NFL scheduler that is real fair.

  44. By Scott H on Sep 30, 2017 | Reply

    JTDG –

    RE: Bethel

    Wait….you mean he isn’t playing well?? But they said he won the job….they said he clearly out-played Brandon Williams during training camp. Shouldn’t that mean he really is a good CB? I don’t understand this…..

    Ok, enough. Yeah, two 4th quarter collapses in games that were close going into the 4th quarter. And the scores that comprised the collapses are courtesy of Justin Bethel. Well, I said it then and so did you – this complete failure to address the CB2 position was leaving Keim / this front office wide-ass open to take the heat if this turned out to be the failure that was written all over it.

    And ya know what? It’s feeling pretty hot right about now.

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