Painter promoted as Iupati goes to IR

Posted by Darren Urban on September 30, 2017 – 11:56 am

Bruce Arians had said a roster move was likely with the news Mike Iupati was likely headed to injured reserve, and the Cardinals did so Saturday, promoting tackle/guard Vinston Painter from the practice squad. Iupati was officially placed on IR with a triceps injury.

Painter was just added to the practice squad a couple of weeks ago, and has been around in his brief NFL career. Painter — 6-foot-4 and 318 pounds — was a sixth-round pick of Denver in 2013. Since then he has spent time with the Browns, Giants, Dolphins and Redskins. With all the injuries, another offensive lineman was needed. If D.J. Humphries can’t go Sunday and Will Holden has to play, Painter would join Daniel Munyer as the only healthy backups on the line.

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31 Responses to “Painter promoted as Iupati goes to IR”

  1. By Richard S on Sep 30, 2017 | Reply

    LaRod Stephens-Howling is only 30 years old. I wonder if he’s still in good enough shape to play football. He was one of my favorites.

  2. By TucsonTim on Sep 30, 2017 | Reply

    Went from “The original offensive line?” to “A banged up OL”” to “Painter promoted…” in less than 5 days. Briefly I thought it was a real painter.

  3. By Coach K on Sep 30, 2017 | Reply


    Despite all the negativity this week from myself and others, I actually think the Cardinals will win this week and B.A. will use a more balanced approach to the offense based on his comments Friday.

    It was music to my ears

    I’m also anxious to see what Smoke and Bucannon bring this week.

  4. By Steve Keim on Sep 30, 2017 | Reply

    Darren, please stop reporting if all you are going to give us is more bad news. I’ll be honest, with the line dropping like flies, I honestly wonder how much impact dj would have. Palmer is going to die out there.

  5. By sbrown on Sep 30, 2017 | Reply

    Glad he was on the PS and ready to move up. Now SK needs to sign a couple more O linemen to the PS and get them ready, if needed.

  6. By CARDS62 on Sep 30, 2017 | Reply

    Wow Iupati!

    Darren maybe I misread but I thought he was very close to being ready.
    Did he have a set back at practice this week?

    I was so in favor of this acquisition when we made it and if I was GM I would have signed him in a minute, but it just has not worked out for us and he has not played well for us.

    Go Cards beat 49ers and it looks like neither of our former 49ers guards Iupati or Boone will be playing for us Sunday. How is our boy Watford doing ?

  7. By Darren Urban on Sep 30, 2017 | Reply

    Cards62 —

    RE: Iupati

    I think the hope was that he was going to be able to play through the problem. He could not.

  8. By Shooter28 on Sep 30, 2017 | Reply

    I think DJ Humphries plays and as long as he does the Cardinals will be fine, so Humphries has to play. With 6″5 Humphries next to 6″7/328 LG John Wetzel those two make FOR A SOLID left side, good in pass-protection but outright dominant in the run game as people movers. Wetzel was a hell of a find, he played both OT/G at a high level last year and this year ranked as the 4th best OT wk2 & 8th best wk3, he is a baller. AQ Shipley is a very solid above average Center, 6″3/325pd RG Evan Boehm dominates his matchups physically & is very good 90% of the time, when he makes a mistakes he beats himself running the wrong play or not blocking someone. Now against Dallas that did not happen and he looked really good. he needs to keep that up because he has a very bright future at RG. 6″8 Jared Veldheer has been one of the very best top 10 best OT’s in the NFL for a long time now and he just needs to play like it, I think he gets it worked out because he is to good not to , he needs to start using his hands violently n throwing guys around, Arians will likely use a TE to help Veldheer as well, I think Veldheer plays much better this weekend against a weekish SF pass rush. As long as Humphries plays I think we will see a much improved AZ line. This combo would give AZ an offensive line more than good enough to win with this year.

    In a week when Alex Boone comes back I think Arizona will Booke in at RG which would be an instant giant upgrade, its no slight on Boehm they just NEEED
    To protect Palmer and the combo of Wetzel/Shipley/Boone would give AZ a Rock solid interior line that would protect extremely well.

    Over the off-season I think they let Shipley go and move Evan Boehm back to Center, Draft a OT in round 1that can play both RT/LT and u have next years line in Humphries/Wetzel/Boehm/Boone/1st rd pic, unless AZ signs a big name f/a guard as well.

  9. By dkerry5242 on Sep 30, 2017 | Reply

    I don’t remember these many injuries when John Lott was the strength and conditioning coach.

  10. By Scott H on Sep 30, 2017 | Reply

    Good lord, what a mess. We probably never realized how bad our O-line was last season because we had DJ, who never let it look that bad. With DJ out of the line-up…..we are seeing how BAD it really is. And it is bad. And there appears to be no real hope of improvement any time soon. I mean…..WHERE is that coming from?? Rookies? Practice squad players? Guys who haven’t been part of the first team offense at all? Doesn’t seem likely.

    We get Humphries back….OK. Maybe that helps. And maybe we find out that he really isn’t a good fit on the left side. That is a possibility, too. But even if Humphries is solid, he’s one man on a line comprised of FIVE men. One man can’t save the whole operation.

    But right now, this O-line doesn’t have a weak link. The whole line IS a weak link.

  11. By shannon robinson on Sep 30, 2017 | Reply

    I wish we had been able to keep Tony Bergstrom, he was really tough and competent. One of my favorite linemen during training camp. This is all part of winning.

  12. By Coach K on Sep 30, 2017 | Reply


    You wrote: “AQ Shipley is a very solid above average Center”

    He is undersized with short arms and easily defeated by long armed defenders
    who simply use simple swim moves to blow by him.

    He is a good run blocker only. Grade: Average at best.

  13. By clssylssy on Sep 30, 2017 | Reply

    Let’see, this new guy Painter was signed to the PS a few weeks ago after spending time with five other teams (different systems) since first being drafted in 2013. If our playbook is as complicated as we have been led to believe, I question how much better off our line is going to be? I’m beginning to feel like rather than football we’re watching an illusionist’s smoke and mirrors.
    While this may be the best hat trick we can come up with, I would hope SK ciould put forth a little more effort to find additional help even if it means spending some money.
    This could be a very long and frustrating year.

  14. By Darren Urban on Oct 1, 2017 | Reply

    Clssy —

    RE: Line

    It’s not better off. He wasn’t promoted because they thought they’d be better off. He was promoted because guys got injured.

  15. By Dan on Oct 1, 2017 | Reply

    Lets put in the awesome draft pick that Keim drafted…….think his name was Cooper? Oh wait, he was a big swing and a miss, U think a former offensive lineman could draft an offensive lineman……….not even close. I have a great knickname for our stellar offensive line………..The House of Cards.

  16. By Dan on Oct 1, 2017 | Reply

    One more thing……….remind me to cancel my season tickets next year so I can save a bundle and buy them on craigslist for half price.

  17. By Scott H on Oct 1, 2017 | Reply

    Is anyone wondering if Larry Fitzgerald and Carson Palmer would have opted to come back for another season, to try to take another run at it, if they knew it was going to look like THIS???

    I can only feel very sorry for both of them. Because IF this is to be their final season, they are going out on a very low note. They both deserved better.

    They are both such consumate professionals…..both warriors…..both competitors. They will never stop trying, they will never give less than all they have to give. And you’ll never hear them say anything. But… they are watching this unfold, you do have to wonder what they are thinking.

    Very sad to see it go down like this.

    It’s almost become a running joke that even as Fitz gets older, he continues to be the best WR on this team. For ALL these years, and players like Michael Floyd and John Brown and other assorted varieties coming and going, there is always the expectation that Fitz is going to pass the baton. And yet, as he approaches age 34, he continues to carry it. As much as that is a testament to the greatness of Larry Fitzgerald, it also puts a real loud spotlight on the failure of the FO to make this position any better, either. One of many positions that has just not seemed to improve.

    Take a bow, Steve Keim. The spotlight is all yours.

    Carson Palmer is not the player that Fitz is and he hasn’t played an entire career here. Nevertheless, I feel bad for him. As I watch a 38 year-old man trying to survive behind a tragically bad O-line – and no running game to help him – I have to feel bad for him.

  18. By steve on Oct 1, 2017 | Reply

    A.Q SHIPLEY a good center? Give me a break! If you want to start where our o-line needs help, it is at center. How long has it been since we’ve had anything but a back-up playing center for us!!!

  19. By clssylssy on Oct 1, 2017 | Reply

    That’s kinda my point; at this stage we’ve been reduced to “promoting” warm bodies to take up space.
    In all fairness to Iupati and Veldeer, they were god when they came but have been misused & not maintained. It all goes back to being in touch with your players so that you can assess their ability to do their job to the best of their ability in helping the team move forward. Kinda like waiting all season & then at the 11th hour determining Bucannon needs surgery. Serious breakdown in communication and management of resources!
    And, Scott I totally agree, I don”t think either Fitz or Carson would have returned for this. Makes you wonder how many other core players are beginning to look around for the Fire Exits.

  20. By Joe Cardea on Oct 1, 2017 | Reply

    Folks, Its a long season. We’re in trouble. But don’t forget 500 will win this division. We win today and we’re 500. Obviously we have to improve. Play calling, playing to our strength and away from our weakness can help the offense. The defense is good enough. The goal is to win the division. Classy, you are negative and you’re constant harping to go out and spend money to get “good players” shows a lack of understanding. There are no “good players” out there. This team is the team we have. We have a good front office and a solid team. We’ve lost our top RB, top WR, two or three top OL men. Maybe the FO knew how good this team was and purposely didn’t mortgage the future over paying old free agents or flashes in the pan? I’d love to see you posts from the 2007/8 season. I bet you ripped that team to shreds.

  21. By Joe clemans on Oct 1, 2017 | Reply

    If we would use the tight ends more to chip and then catch 4or5 yard passes I think everything would open up more.

  22. By steve on Oct 1, 2017 | Reply

    Darren: In your opinion, if these national anthem protests had taken place while Pat Tillman was alive and still a member of the Cardinals, how do you think he would have felt about all of it and do you think he would have joined the protests? Tough question I know, thanks.

  23. By Darren Urban on Oct 1, 2017 | Reply

    Steve —

    RE: Tillman

    I can’t say what Pat would do. It’s impossible to know — people can change over the years, and he passed away in 2004.

    That said, there is this:

    Whether he would join, I have no idea. I believe, knowing what I do know about him, that regardless of what he personally would’ve decided, he would’ve backed his teammates whether they wanted to stand, kneel, whatever. I also believe that, just like he hated the idea of being a media darling when he joined the Army when he turned down every interview request (including from me), he would not have wanted to be at the center of this situation.

  24. By faster on Oct 1, 2017 | Reply

    @shooter, i gave you a thumbs up, because so much optimism must be rewarded.

    and any critizism would be out of place, at the moment. don`t stop dreamin, we go for the playoffs, with this line …

    @tilman, wtf can you not understand about:

    “Marie Tillman, the widow of former NFL player and Army Ranger Pat Tillman, says that her husband’s service “should never be politicized in a way that divides us.””

  25. By CORMAC on Oct 1, 2017 | Reply

    You know what the real problem is? The Cardinals always bring in only “NICE” players. When it comes to the O line and D line, you want mean M Fers. Nasty mean. Like I am going to kick you in the head when your on the ground mean. I want to see some fines for some chop block kinda mean. No more snowflakes. I like Jared personally. Move the bastard back to the left, JESUS!!!

  26. By Big Ken on Oct 1, 2017 | Reply

    Iupati to the his season is over? If yes then I think we need to move on from this player. He’s never panned out.

  27. By Scott H on Oct 1, 2017 | Reply

    CORMAC –

    Holy cow, man! While I’m not sure if I really should be laughing at that….I really can’t help it!! That made me laugh.

    Dude, I wish we could put YOU on that O-line right now. Because YOU seem to have the attitude that IS lacking among our players. No, I don’t want to see them be stupid ( ala Beckham Jr ) or draw bad penalties that hurt the team ( ala Beckham Jr ) but……damn, man…’re right, a little NASTINESS couldn’t hurt right now.

    Frankly, the guy I want to see a little more fire from right now is Palmer. There comes a time when the QB has to get into people’s faces and tell them to get their $!#& together when it’s becoming a train-wreck. I’ve seen Troy Aikman do it. Heck, we’ve seen Kurt Warner do it. Maybe a little fire from Palmer wouldn’t hurt right now.

  28. By Scott H on Oct 1, 2017 | Reply

    steve –

    RE: Center / Shipley

    Right on, man. Agreed 100%. As much as I loved Sendlein just because he worked so damn hard to be as good as he could be, it has been a long time ( TOO DAMN LONG ) since we have had anything resembling an above-average player at center here. TOO DAMN LONG. I DO NOT and NEVER HAVE GOTTEN what they see in Shipley.

    But Shipley is becoming the face of the overall problem that is now becoming apparent for this team – the tolerance of below-average players.

    And it’s bringing me to the boil-over point right now.

  29. By Scott H on Oct 1, 2017 | Reply

    Jor Cardea –

    Your post is ridiculous, IMHO, for two reasons.

    First, this division is NOT going to be won with a .500 record. NO WAY. The Rams are a VERY improved team ( highest scoring team in the league so far, i
    believe ) and you are kidding yourself if you think the Seahawks are going to be a .500 team. WAY too much talent, too well coached, and you know ( if you’ve been a Cardinals fans for more than 2 weeks ) the Seahawks always start slow, then start to roll.

    Second, are you gonna tell me you would be happy winning the division with a .500 record??? Give me a break, man. That is just sad. Try expecting a little more from your team.

    And as a bonus – third, do you even think the Cardinals are capable of a .500 record right now???

  30. By Joe Cardea on Oct 1, 2017 | Reply

    Good luck Scotty. Seahawks will be lucky to be 500. I’d love to win the division with and record. I think if we’re 500 we’ll win it.Its way early in the season. We need to improve a whole lot.

  31. By Scott H on Oct 2, 2017 | Reply

    Joe –

    RE: The Seahawks will be lucky to be .500

    Must be nice to live in the fantasy land.

    And in case ya haven’t bothered to notice, maybe it isn’t even the Seahawks we should be worried about. Maybe it’s the Rams, already well ABOVE .500.

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