Niners overtime aftermath

Posted by Darren Urban on October 1, 2017 – 7:53 pm

Two overtime games, two wins. It’s not ideal, the way the games got to overtime, because in both cases the offense couldn’t score the kind of points that were expected against the competition – the 49ers gave up 41 to the Rams their last game before keeping the Cards out of the end zone all the way until the final play – but the Cardinals made it work in beating San Francisco, 18-15.

It was close. A 17-play field goal drive almost sapped all of the now-10-minute overtime period before the Cardinals could even get the ball. Thanks in large part because of the previous OT game at University of Phoenix Stadium – the 6-6 tie that ate up all 15 extra minutes last year – overtime was changed to 10 minutes. Bruce Arians, on the competition committee, was part of that, and don’t think it didn’t cross his mind as time ticked down.

“I was kicking my ass for bringing up this 10-minute overtime rule, but it worked out pretty good,” he said.

Things are not perfect. At this rate, Carson Palmer will not last the season getting hit so much. He was hit 16 more times Sunday, bringing his season total to 43, with 17 sacks.

“I’m tired, but hopefully we have a walkthrough Wednesday and we don’t have to practice,” Palmer said.

There were some key penalties too, ones that prevented the defense from getting off the field in overtime, especially. But there was an offense that was clicking in the extra frame, there was a Smokey Brown sighting, a Jaron Brown career-high 105 yards, and there was Fitz. And there was a win.

— There is no official update on linebacker Markus Golden and his knee injury, but it’s never a good sign to see a guy writhing around on the ground after it happens and then later getting up to walk off. That usually means the writhing was less about pain than anger about something bad, and multiple reports say it could be torn ligaments. We will see what happens. Carson Palmer talked about Kareem Martin getting his chance, and if Golden is down, Haason Reddick can play some rush linebacker too. But losing Golden, sackless but the team’s 2016 leader, would be a rough one.

— I was thinking John Brown’s two-toes-down OT catch in the end zone was going to be overturned.

— From my view, it sure seemed like the 49ers got very conservative in OT. I get it — the Cardinals had done little on offense, and you figure a field goal might be too much to overcome — but I thought the Niners should’ve gone for the kill. It end up biting them, especially when they were playing that prevent defense, for whatever reason.

— Andre Ellington did have a couple of drops, but he too had a TD-that-wasn’t that left Cardinals scratching their heads on the call, and he was huge in overtime. His catches on the first two plays, dump-and-runs gained 11 yards each and jump-started the offense.

— The Cards got good receiving production from both Ellington and Chris Johnson. Now they just need to get production in the running game.

— Fitzgerald ended the game with a game-winning touchdown. He began the game with a blocking assignment on rookie defensive lineman Solomon Thomas, and it didn’t go well. Thomas belted Palmer on an incompletion.

“The first play, I felt so bad,” Fitzgerald said. “I had to block a defensive end and got him hit. I told him as soon as (I could), ‘Carson, I’m so sorry man. I’m sorry, man.’ ”

Understandable. That’s not why Fitz is out there. Asked why he was blocking Thomas, Fitz just said, “I don’t ask those questions.”

— Fitzgerald becomes the only player in NFL history with an overtime touchdown catch in both the regular season and the postseason.

— I want to go back at look at the video. I didn’t notice right tackle Jared Veldheer in a bad way as I had the previous two games. With the pressure Palmer was under, it doesn’t mean he was perfect. But I want to see him against the others across the line.

— Kicker Phil Dawson goes 4-for-4 on field goals. The Cards win. But he said it doesn’t make up for missing three field goals in the first three games. “There’s no getting those back,” Dawson said.

— Patrick Peterson had a big smile, telling me he was 8-0 in overtime, dropping last year’s tie with Seattle. Close, Patrick, but not quite. You’re forgetting the 2012 overtime loss to Buffalo, the game when Jay Feely booted a 61-yard field goal to tie it. Peterson is now 8-1-1 in 10 OT games since arriving with the Cards.

And the Cardinals are 2-0 this season, which keeps them breathing in the NFC West.

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23 Responses to “Niners overtime aftermath”

  1. By NJAzCardsFan on Oct 1, 2017 | Reply

    Awesome pass by Palmer and a great catch by Fitz to win the game!!!!

    O-Line tryoust will be at 10am in the stadium parking lot….come one come all, especially if you are over 300lbs…. Women invited too at this point….

  2. By TucsonTim on Oct 1, 2017 | Reply

    You realize that we were 30 seconds from watching the first 9 (perhaps 10) field goal game without a touchdown in the HISTORY of the NFL. Dreadful

  3. By JR on Oct 1, 2017 | Reply

    We won. That’s all that counts. Considering all the injuries, they came through when they had to. Now they can rest, recooperate and game plan for the Eagles. One game at a time.

  4. By Dan on Oct 2, 2017 | Reply

    Robert Nkemdiche playing anytime soon? What a bum…….trade him/her for a 2075 future 7th rd draft pick.

  5. By Scott H on Oct 2, 2017 | Reply

    OMG, it was horrible to see Fitz have his head slammed to the ground on the TD catch and then not be able to get up afterward. I hoped for a second it might have just been an emotional reaction to ending the game with a win, but clearly it was not

    Darren – HOW IS HE?? I’m not really hearing anything about this, which seems really strange to me! Are the words concussion protocol anywhere in the picture for Fitz right now???

  6. By Darren Urban on Oct 2, 2017 | Reply

    Scott H —

    RE: Fitz

    Postgame: See for yourself —

  7. By Marlin on Oct 2, 2017 | Reply

    Carson Palmer is a MAN!

  8. By Eric G on Oct 2, 2017 | Reply

    Just a reminder, Keim selected the revolving door that is Boehm while Dallas selected Dak Prescott 7 picks later. Boehm is horrible. He couldn’t block a colon with corn starch and a pound of cheese, he couldn’t block traffic on an alley with an overturned semi. Cardinals are not going far with this line. Palmer is doing a fantastic job considering what little protection he is getting and no run game thanks to the line. Atrocious.

  9. By shannon robinson on Oct 2, 2017 | Reply

    A tough game for tough men. This win is one for the ages. I admire when players have to play above their experience or even talent level to deliver for their team. I’m real proud of Jared Veldheer and a Tip of the Cardinals’ Wing for Will Holden. Like Jared said, “Everybody fought their asses off.” For me these are the great victories you remember for ever – games where your team is getting beat up and guys don’t quit. If you are a complainer after this one, go check your pulse rate – What’s not to like?. Palmer to Fitz with no time on the clock, must win, and our guy makes a beautiful throw to a spot so Fitz can go up and strong hand it and complete the catch. I’m glad Hoyer was OK and came back, since he was one of our own. God bless Marcus Golden, prayer for him is important now. Too many heroes to thank them all. No risk it, no biscuit wins again – thanks BA for your indomitable spirit!

  10. By shannon robinson on Oct 2, 2017 | Reply

    NjAz fan – I coached women’s rugby at UNM for 20 years so I know you don’t denigrate women’s athletic ability as a step down from warrior class. It’s not your fault, you’ve just never been part of a women’s championship team in a national competition.

  11. By Scott H on Oct 2, 2017 | Reply

    After watching that play and seeing how Fitz DID have his had slammed to the ground, I cannot believe he just had the wind knocked out of him! Good lord… did he NOT have his bell rung on that play??? That is amazing.

    BUT if it was just having the wind knocked out of him…..all the better.

    Hey, I’ve got tickets for the game out here in Philly this week! And my primary reason for wanting to be there was to be able to see Fitz play one more time, maybe for the last time.

    Gotta be honest, I can’t say I’m feeling all that optimistic about the Cardinals winning. I’ve heard recent references to needing to swerve from the path of 2016. Well…..if that’s gonna happen, this is the game to do it. 2016 was defined by us beating up on bad teams and not being able to hang with the better ones ( except Seattle ). And frankly, 2017 hasn’t even been THAT good! We’re not beating up on anybody and have needed miracles to scratch out OT wins against the bad teams.

    Right now? We look like road kill for the Eagles this week. Hate to say it but we do, especially in a game on the east coast. But if they want to be taken seriously, the Cardinals have to win a game with some authority, some decisiveness, AND against a good team.

    That opportunity is there this week. So…..stand up and make a statement or sit down and be quiet.

  12. By Coach K on Oct 2, 2017 | Reply

    Losing Calais Campbell really hurts when you see what he is doing in Jacksonville, and what girly-man Kimdichi has to offer.

    I think Kimdichi needs a pair of diapers and a box of band aids since he
    can’t seem to play with pain like a real man.

    Look at Palmer getting his ass kicked with massive hits and he keeps getting
    back up and fighting. That is man Kimdichi. Maybe you should take some notes.

    Man up or get a job baby sitting.

  13. By Kevin S Mesa on Oct 2, 2017 | Reply

    Darren, has there been any official explanation on the Ellington catch? I have to assume that the replay ref saw a slight bobble as Ellington was going out of bounds, but while the ball moved a little, it seemed pretty secure to me. If that isn’t a catch then I don’t know what is… Totally understand why the Brown call couldn’t be overturned, but am still boggled as to how there was found to be indisputable evidence to overturn the Ellington call, considering that most of us (including Mike Pereira) didn’t even think it was a controversial catch to begin with.

    As far as the game, sometimes you escape with a win. For those who think, “OMG, we almost lost to the 49ers,” that same 49ers team also lost in Seattle by the same margin as they lost to us, and by only two points to the Rams whom everybody seems ready to crown as the NFC West’s new best team.

    And while the final score does not show it, the Colts — on the road — were giving Seattle fits for the better part of three quarters.

    Once again, this week proved anything can happen on any given Sunday. Both of last year’s Super Bowl participants lost home games to teams that last year were under .500, plus last year’s 13-3 Cowboys lost a home game and let up 35 points against a team that won 4 games and scored the league’s fewest points last year. People were talking about the Jets going 0-16 and instead they’re tied with the Patriots at this point.

    Take the wins however you can get them. At this point, given the O-line injuries (and of course the DJ injury), and our complete lack of a running game, I don’t care if we look bad in a win… we’re just trying to bide time until we get some guys back. It’s not ideal, but Humphries-Wetzel-Shipley-Boone-Veldheer might work if we can get to that point in a couple weeks.

    I’m not expecting a win against the Eagles, but see above — no one expected the Bills, Panthers or Rams to win road games yesterday. Anything can happen, especially if we get a couple breaks, especially in the turnover battle. But if we don’t win that game, the Bucs game becomes critical. The Bucs have only one sack all year — so maybe our makeshift O-line can keep Palmer from getting killed that game.

  14. By Darren Urban on Oct 2, 2017 | Reply

    Kevin S —

    RE: Ellington catch

    You heard the same thing I did.

  15. By clssylssy on Oct 2, 2017 | Reply

    You are totally right, we have two OT wins against two of the weakest (according to the experts) teams in the league, although I don’t think the 9ers played us as hard as they did the Rams or the Hawks, Watching the Hawks game, I was beginning to be thankful we played the Colts when we did b/c they weren’t looking that bad either. Hopefully this win will put some pep in our step but even w/o Sproles, I don’t know how realistic our chances are given that we don’t travel well to anything west of Winslow! Perhaps Fitz and Pat will remember the history we have with the Eagles and that will help fuel a will to win (although I never have to worry about that with Fitz).
    The mistakes killed us and are inexcuseable. I loved the way they used Chris and Andre and didn’t try to make them into roadgraders which they aren’t. Seems a big problem has been for BA/SK trying to force players into “square holes” rather than playing to their strengths. Our defense is going to have to continued to play lights out till we get the W at the end and the loss of Golden is major.
    It seems that when John Brown is in BA ihas a tendency to make him the go-to guy and overuse him, I just don’t think he has the stamina to be used in anything but a special plays situation.
    Carson was superhuman and like a Timex watch that takes a lick’n and keeps on. While I had wondered if Gabbart might be a safer alternative b/c of his mobility, I don’t think he has the experience or the toughness to do what Carson did.
    And then there’s Fitz! What an incrdible guy…dependable, humble, simply the greatest of all time and he’s a Cardinal! What will this team ever do without him to ride in and save the day. Nobody can take his place, nobody has the skillset and wisdom, when guys were dropping balls and missing catches that he would have made, I kept thinking, “wish there was a way he could teach these guys how wto hang on to a ball or go up and fight for those catches”.
    We gotta clean things up and get our stuff together or else the Eagles will pick us a part. There are 0-4 teams that could beat us at this point and we have to start putting up TDs when we have the opportunitiy as well as getting a few picks here and there which use to be the signature of our defense back in the day.

  16. By Scott H on Oct 2, 2017 | Reply

    Dan –

    RE: Trading Nkemdiche

    And who is going to give you anything for him right now??

    But I get your frustration.

    My frustration is in seeing most of our recent 1st round picks on the in-actives list for yesterday.

  17. By DZ on Oct 2, 2017 | Reply

    Glad for the win but can’t stand the way we got there.
    Run the 2 minute offense /no huddle from the start of the game and we may build a lead that forces the other teams into mistakes.
    Seems very obvious to me. Get the ball out fast, use some damn play action so they can’t key on our obvious plays/players every damn time. Stop being stuburn BA, and exploited what they give you, and not what you want to impose on them. Everyone in the stadium knows where and what we are doing before the ball is snapped.
    It’s stuborness that eventually fires every head coach. See the guy before you.

  18. By NJAzCardsFan on Oct 2, 2017 | Reply

    This upcoming draft the Cards should seriously consider trading back unless they can get an A+++ rated QB. Since, they seem to pick better in the later rounds, this would be the best option. Especially, since their last few 1st round draft picks have been busts……

  19. By Scott H on Oct 2, 2017 | Reply

    Coach K –

    Yes. The loss of Campbell has left a gaping hole right in the middle of this defense and with Nkemdiche pulling another regular season disappearing act, that void is just there every week.

    This off-season, I say we send Nkemdiche back to Japan. And he can take Steve Keim with him. Both on one-way tickets.

  20. By Kevin S Mesa on Oct 3, 2017 | Reply

    DZ —

    Re: Hurry-up offense

    I tend to agree, to a point. And yes, at this point, I’d go with anything that’s effective.

    That said, one of the things about playing hurry-up all the time is that it lengthens the game. More plays. Your D ends up on the field more, and gets tired by the end of the game (see the Chip Kelly teams).

    If you are better than the teams you are facing, great. But if you aren’t as good as the teams you are facing — and I would submit that, with all of our injuries, there are a lot of teams that, on paper, are as good as or better than us — then I’m not sure it’s a good strategy. I always find it funny when I watch two college teams play, and one is a Top 10 stalwart with all top-of-the-line recruits up and down the line, and the other is a middling team from a middling conference, but the middling team comes out and tries to run their Chip Kelly-like hurry-up offense. And I’m thinking, all you’re doing is increasing the number of plays which will lessen your chances of winning. When you have a talent deficiency, you want to run 40 seconds off the clock as many times as possible and shorten the game.

  21. By Richard S on Oct 3, 2017 | Reply

    Everybody is giving Nkemdiche a lot of flack for disappearing. Who knows what his injury problem is? I don’t. I know when I did High School track the coach told me to join the pep squad because I pulled a groin muscle. He didn’t believe I was really hurt until he told me to run the quarter mile or forget about getting a letter. I ran the 1/4 mile and about ran over our expert quarter miler who paced himself at the start and then I limped all the way around the track sensing someone behind me at the end and I tried to block him out and finally I realized it was my teammate. Coach finally figured out I was hurt and told me I didn’t need to do anything else the rest of the year. It’s better to have someone out there in good condition than someone hobbling in my book.

  22. By DZ on Oct 3, 2017 | Reply

    I agree with what you said especially regarding Chip Kelly run offenses.
    With that said, my point in a hurry up scenario would take Carson out of having to go through progressions thus being sacked 6 times a game and hit another 10 times. Get the ball out and deliver it. Or hand it off up the middle or off tackle. Mix it up!
    Chunk plays. Get everyone involved and make the defense have to defend everyone eligible to touch the ball, not just one or two they do now.
    No-back sets on the 8 yard line tells anyone with football 101 knowledge what is happening. Our line can’t protect and our QB can’t run. Rush 3 and make Palmer thread the needle. He will force it every time. Hmmm?
    As for the no huddle, it doesn’t have to happen every play. The key here would be to mix it in here and there so you can catch the defense on the field with the wrong personnel and possibly gassed after a few big play. Or not. That is the idea and Carson isn’t thinking. We get in trouble when Carson thinks instead of reacting.
    Lastly, our defense is on the field all game now as it is with our offensive 3 pass plays and out. No huddle may extend some drives and give our defense a blow they aren’t getting now.
    My point is you can’t do the same thing over and over and expect different results. Especially this offense . The defense needs a little support here.

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