Keim: Managing the injuries

Posted by Darren Urban on October 2, 2017 – 8:15 am

Sunday’s game wasn’t the textbook win, but Steve Keim doesn’t much care about that. “Anytime you can win a game ,it’s a positive,” the GM said Monday during the “Doug and Wolf” show on Arizona Sports 98.7. “I would’ve preferred to win 38-10, but I think winning a game like this early in the season can do some things for your team internally to build confidence.”

The Cardinals are now 2-2, but Keim, once again could have a significant injury with which he has to deal. This time it’s linebacker Markus Golden, who is getting an MRI after hurting his knee. “I’m always fearful anytime a player can’t return to the game,” Keim said. “If I was going to bet on anyone, I would bet on Markus for two reasons. One he walked off the field and I’ve had two ACL (injuries) and I know what it’s like. And there’s no tougher player on our team in terms of playing through pain.”

UPDATE: Ian Rapaport is reporting that Golden is out for the season after tearing his ACL.

Still, Keim said it’s his job to have a “plan in place” if there is a player lost. Losing Golden would be a blow. Keim said it would be “hard to say” if left tackle D.J. Humphries (knee) will be back this week. Guard Alex Boone (pectoral) might be ahead of schedule, Keim said, but he too is iffy.

— The Eagles are another team with a good pass rush and the fractured nature of the offensive line gives pause. The Cardinals managed to protect Carson Palmer pretty well in overtime Sunday as opposed to a rough afternoon the rest of the game. But Palmer was hit 16 times, which is way too many, and they have to find a way to drop that number.

— Keim wasn’t saying wide receiver John Brown, who is still dealing with the quad issue, is 100 percent healthy. But he “just brings another element to the offense that we’ve missed.” The question is how well Smoke bounces back. Brown played in the opener and found that his quad got worse. The Cardinals have to hope Brown can start playing every week.

— There was praise for Palmer — “Two weeks in a row Carson has played very, very well,” Keim said, but again, there is the obvious: Without better protection, Palmer’s success is somewhat limited.

— There were too many holding penalties on the offense, while the defense did some bend-but-not-break work to keep the Cards in it (and the way the Cards’ D performed in the fourth quarter was excellent, to force overtime.)

— Keim said running back Andre Ellington is playing with a lot of confidence, which isn’t  surprise given that Ellington is now healthy. “He is a natural fit in this offense, especially in the passing game,” Keim said.

— As for 11? “To finish is with a kiss by Larry Fitzgerald was special,” Keim said.

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  1. By D on Oct 2, 2017 | Reply

    Hard to discuss football after what happened in Vegas.

    I’ll never question C. Palmer’s toughness, he is taking a beating.

  2. By JTDG on Oct 2, 2017 | Reply

    Unfortunately, I was unable to sell my tickets but Personally, if the NFL keeps playing games like yesterday, they won’t have to worry about fans leaving from players taking a knee, instead they will leave for the poor play of the players.

    Penalties, dropped passes, errant throws, poor blocking, mental issues, poor refs, it was not up to NFL standards in my eyes.

    The niners had multiple receivers open, who dropped passes, including a couple deep ones. Then, to top it off, Hoyer missed so many open receivers by 10 yards or more. Sometimes, I wasn’t even sure who he was throwing to. Then, after a FG, the cards would drive down (inside the 5 twice) only to have penalties and sacks, move them back.

    The cards offensive line is so bad, I think it is becoming hard to comprehend. Yes, there was 6 sacks, but I believe two were taken away because the holding penalty was accepted.

    Boehm had so many holding penalties, I thought he got confused when the players were supposed to lock arms.

    The line protected on the last drive? Wasn’t there a sack , that was taken away because of a hold by Boehm? I saw it so much, I could be wrong.

    Both teams dropped how many ints. Even the int the niners had went right through one niners hands into another. The cards had Dansby miss one, Bethel miss one. It was horrible how neither team could make plays when needed. Everyone in the stands around me were saying, well that’s why these two teams will be in the top 10 in the draft. No one, Niners or Card fan, around me in the stands thought this was a good game.

    Then to top it off, I think they let some Pop Warner refs do the game. If you watched the game on TV, can you tell me how Peterson had a PI in overtime, and how Bethea had a PI. Both times, Mathieu was on coverage, so the PI’s were away from the ball. As for John Brown’s TD, after seeing the replay, even the niner fans began gathering their stuff. How was that not a TD. Same with Ellingtons.
    Terrible job by refs.

    This was really bad football.

  3. By Adam Smith b1723 fka DTL on Oct 2, 2017 | Reply

    Cards gut check? Check.

    Monday prayers.

  4. By Kevin S Mesa on Oct 2, 2017 | Reply

    Ellington came up big in that game. Hope he can keep contributing like that.

  5. By Scott H on Oct 2, 2017 | Reply

    It’s Keim’s job to have a plan in place? Oh, my…..I think I’m just gonna leave that one alone.

  6. By CARDS62 on Oct 2, 2017 | Reply

    Since we have been discussing Steve Keim a lot lately I think it will be good if you look at BA victory speech in the locker room and notice Steve Keim in the background. You can find it on this website. Keim does not look happy to me especially compared to Michael Bidwill or BA. This actually makes me very happy as Steve Keim understands we are not going anywhere but down the way we are playing.

    Now the big question is can Mr. Keim do anything to improve our chances of winning which is what all of us have been discussing these past weeks? I must admit my opinion of him has been going down last year and much more so this year. I know some have already made up their minds and I understand why and they have facts on their side, and I am very angry about this year, but I am not ready to write him off just yet. I do not think there is any skill harder to obtain than the ability to be able to evaluate talent. Just hoping Mr. Keim learns from his mistakes and drafts us a franchise QB next year and improves our lines, special teams, CB and WR position.

    Go Cards beat those Eagles and please protect Carson Palmer. The old guy is getting killed.

  7. By Scott H on Oct 2, 2017 | Reply

    This may not be a popular thing to say but since very little of what I say turns out to be popular, I got nothing to lose.

    Look, as much as Palmer is struggling behind an O-line that is beyond decimated at this point…..AND as much as I have the utmost respect for his willingness to tough it out…..does anyone else think that MAYBE he wouldn’t have to take as many hits and sacks as he does if he would just throw it away sometimes? Even if he is doing so in the interest in trying to make a play, he has always had a tendency to hang onto the ball too long.

    OK. But I think that is a part of the problem, too. And maybe that is something he needs to work on. Because the sacks aren’t just hurting him. They’re hurting us, too, when a 15-yard sack takes us out of FG range or when a 2nd & short becomes a 3rd & long or when it puts our punter 15 yards further back.

    Are ALL of these sacks because of the O-line? I don’t think they ALL are. I applaud Palmer’s toughness and his willingness to hang in there to try to make a play. But when a play is just not there to be made, you have to throw it away and live to fight another day. SOMETIMES, even great QB’s need to do that.

    I think he needs to be coached to be more mindful of that.

  8. By jeffcardinalfan on Oct 2, 2017 | Reply


    during the broadcast the tv replay CLEARLY showed ellington and browns catches were good. the ex head of officials agreed and like us was fumbuzzled when both were ruled incomplete.

    the 2 early trips to the red zone-not counting the 4rth down fg-6 plays-NOT ONE THROW TO LARRY…*(^%##&((^^%$%()(**%…if carson is gonna force throws, why not throw to a covered larry WHO CAN JUMP instead of jj and smoke who are not tall????????

    based on our ol i would keep te’s in for extra protection, throw short passes to backs if no blitz and at least once every series throw larry a 50/50 ball…that would have to be better than all the hits on carson.

    even so, cards showed grit…esp after golden left-you could tell entire defense was tired

    if goldens out, deone plays and reddick takes goldens spot-maybe with his speed we can get some sacks.

    IF jj and smoke can at least play some and IF we can limit somewhat blount cards will win at philly.

  9. By CARDS62 on Oct 2, 2017 | Reply


    The Boehm line made me laugh. Thanks I needed that.
    You are correct that this was a poor game from an execution point of view by players, coaches and refs. I do think the players gave effort on both sides.

    I am so glad we won, but deep down I have to question how badly did the 49ers coaching staff want to win? Last 3 possessions in regulation we just need a FG to win and we can not even pick up a first down. Overtime starts and 49ers go to a prevent defense which plays right into our hands. If me I keep the pressure on and rush at least 5 every play, and you are correct we did have a sack/hold on the same play in OT and gave up like 7 or 8 sacks.

    I think the 49ers punted 7 times and we had like 7 return yards and when you add in our penalties I think our punt return yards are negative.

    When are the position coaches going to be held accountable? Do we really have to wait to go 4 – 12 for something to be done?

  10. By Scott H on Oct 2, 2017 | Reply

    JTDG –

    That had to be a tough one to sit through.

    I may suffer a similar fate out here in Philly this week. I don’t think it will necessarily be bad football because the Eagles are a good team that is doing a lot of things right these days. So, it won’t be two bad teams who just can’t make a play between them. Unfortunately, I think it might just end up being a pounding. The Eagles do a good job of getting to the QB. They probably have the best pass rush we’ve seen so far. Palmer could take the worst beating he’s taken yet.

    If the Eagles get ahead and have the Cardinals in a position where they have to throw on every play?? Ugh.

    I have to say, I can only envy the Eagles for being able to do things like drafting good young QB’s and good young kickers…..making FA additions ( Blount ) that actually up-grade the team.

    But how could anyone watching that game anywhere yesterday think it was anything other than bad football? What else could anyone possibly call it? a close game? Please.

  11. By Eric G on Oct 2, 2017 | Reply

    So the takeaway is that Keim knows injuries as well as he knows how to draft. We have Boehm, Cowboys have Dak. Thanks Keim. Golden gone for the season hurts. I live in philly but not going to spend my hard earned money on scalped tickets and this swiss cheese offensive line tear apart Carson. I know Larry legend will have a great game too, he always torches them. Ugh.

    I have to imagine that Dorian Johnson is a better option than Boehm.

  12. By GrumpyBird on Oct 2, 2017 | Reply

    Sorry to hear about Golden. I would give the edge rush responsibility in Golden’s absence to Reddick. Where is Nkemdeche?

    I think Boehm is out of his league at guard and is better suited at center. When D.J comes back, it should get better, but I think that the O-Line, no-matter who is in there, has been neglected by Keim and the Cards are paying for it. I realize it is difficult to juggle salaries and players, but I think the O-line is need of new youth – of a caliber superior to Evan Boehm. It seems that skilled players are garnering more pay than ever and lesser skilled positions – like the O-line are not. I think that it is evident that colleges are not preparing the O-line players for the NFL, and when they get here – they aren’t ready. In today’s NFL it seems that a good
    O-lineman is a skilled player, but isn’t so compensated. Then there are the ones that do get compensated and don’t perform – JV.

    Also I think Elijah Penny has some potential at RB, but doesn’t get many snaps. He seems like he’s more of a north-south up the middle runner, and if
    used once in awhile, might keep the opponent’s D-Line respecting the run instead of bull rushing our O-line at every opportunity.

    Wanting and trying to believe – but with all these injuries, it seems like a daunting task to stay competitive.

  13. By jeffcardinalfan on Oct 2, 2017 | Reply

    D i think football should be separate from politics…however if anyone watches the ENTIRE video and reads the nevada police statements its clear that bennett panicked and ran from police BEFORE he was paid any special attention…he should have to face charges for false accusations and have to apologize publiclly…just so its clear my fiance is a black lady… im caucasian and american indian…police have treated me unfairly at times…i live in missouri…i have walked into a bar and have been told WE DONT SERVE WHITE PEOPLE HERE and have been told by 2 churches that WHITE PEOPLE ARENT WELCOME employment made it necessary for me to be in minority neighborhoods and narrowly escaped several beatings cause i was dating a black well as having my car searched twice for drugs by black police just because i was in their area and was told that even though i showed id and there was nothing about me in their computer that i had to leave and could not work in that area because i was white….enough of this-JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN RUN FAST OR CATCH A FOOTBALL DOES NOT QUALIFY ANYONE TO HAVE A PUBLIC FORUM ANYMORE THAN THE AVERAGE PERSON IS ALLOWED TO EXPRESS THEIR OPINION

  14. By mitchaz on Oct 2, 2017 | Reply

    Last Minute Heroics:

    What the Cardinals have proven in their two wins versus the Colts (away) and 49ers (home) is that they can overcome a myriad of mistakes in all three phases of the game and still win with last minute heroics.

    In the Cardinals’ two losses against the Lions (away) and the Cowboys (home) the Cardinals proved that they cannot make a myriad of errors in all three phases of the game versus playoff caliber teams and keep the games close enough to win.

    At 2-2, the Cardinals amazingly find themselves 1 game behind the top record teams in the NFC, although their 1-2 record right now versus NFC teams would push them down the ladder with NFC teams they are tied with.

    Disturbing Patterns that Go Back to the Seattle Whooping at Home in Week 17 of 2015 and the Carolina Debacle in the NFC Championship Game of 2015:

    * Offensive drives stalling left and right due to penalties, costly turnovers and red zone miscues.
    * Slow starts.
    * 3-4 poor decisions by Carson Palmer a game, sometimes with him panicking and throwing the ball right to the other team.
    * Poor pass protection.
    * No added help by TEs, slot WRs and RBs to chip DEs.
    * Predictable snap counts.
    * Poor adjustments at half-time.

    * Defense disorganized and late getting set up before the snap.
    * Defense readily losing contain virtually on every bootleg, waggle and misdirection play.
    * Defense not covering TEs, WRs and RBs on bootlegs.
    * Defense not blowing up screen passes and sniffing them out.
    * Defensive line not getting inside push, nor getting their hands up into the passing lanes.
    * Defense: sloppy tackling, slow to shed blocks.

    * Special teams being outperformed each week.
    * No pressure on other team’s punter and kicker.
    * Missed FGs, XPTs and rushed punts.
    * Slow, sloppy coverage on punt and kickoff teams.
    * Poor blocking on punt and kickoff teams.

    * Coaching: poor half-time adjustments.
    * Coaching: wasted timeouts that come back to haunt the team.
    * Coaching: throwing challenge flags on obvious calls.
    * Coaching: constantly f bombing the refs.

    Apply these pattern to yesterday’s 49ers’ game.

    * Great first drive ruined by a rookie-esque panic throw from a veteran QB which set the tone for the rest of the game.
    * Only 6 first half points.
    * QB gets hit 17 times and is sacked 5 times.
    * Little to no added help to OL from coaches as RBs, TEs and slot WRs all go right into their routes on the snap.
    * Three times in a row late in the game on 3rd and 3 situations, Palmer gives no hard count and thus the 49ers’ pass rush a head start, which led to 2 sacks and throw short of the sticks. There was even a quarter break on the first one where the offense could have been alerted on the sidelines.
    * 96% of the snaps went on first hut.
    * After half-time the 49ers get the ball and march down the field. They were the team fired up, not the Cardinals. Fortunately they got their TD called back on an illegal pick, but they took at 9-6 lead. In fact, the 49ers never trailed in regulation.
    * On one key 4th down and short with the 49ers going for it, d-line was late setting up and gave the 49ers an easy 1st down right up the middle.
    * Defense gave up contain to Hoyer all afternoon, never defended it or put pressure on him once, nor did the LBers and DBs pick up the coverage soon enough.
    * Special Teams outperformed again. The 49ers P Pinion flipped the field every time for well back…and averaged 50 yards a punt. Not only that, the Cardinals get their typical 3.0 punt return average and that was on the rare times they didn’t get flagged for holding. Punting from inside their 20 yard line led to the Cardinals getting the ball back inside their own 20 yard line. That’s the epitome of flipping the field.
    * P Andy Lee was mostly good but he got pressured into a short punt in a situation where he could have pinned the ball inside the 10 and the punt coverage team gave up an average 10 yards a punt return to rookie Travis Taylor.
    * Again, little to no half-time adjustments from Cardinals’ coaches.
    * Again, another wasted timeout in the 3rd quarter on offense right before the 3rd quarter break, only for an ensuing 2nd down running play that got stuffed at the line of scrimmage.
    * BA had a couple good reasons to bark at the refs…still can’t figure out how the Ellington TD was over-turned. Even Mike Pereirra was convinced it was a TD. The TD to John Brown looked legit as well. Still, one has to wonder if all the barking at the refs continues to work against the Cardinals.

    YET…despite this LITANY of errors…Carson Palmer, the makeshift offensive line and a quartet of eager and thirsty WRs…pulled the proverbial rabbit out of the hat just when it appeared the rabbit had fallen into the deepest and darkest rabbit warren.

    The much embattled Carson Palmer somehow some way managed to turn a 60 minute Jackson Pollack splatter canvas into a 3 minute Rembrandt when he threw the picture perfect game winning pass to G.O.A.T. Cardinals’ WR Larry Fitzgerald!

    Kudos to the defense for giving up 5 FGs instead of the 5 TDs the Rams allowed to the 49ers. The defense bended a lot in this game, but, in the end, they dd not break like they dd against the Cowboys on MNF.

    What’s Next?

    Was curious to hear during BA’s post-game presser that he told the team all week that the game was going to come down to the wire and that the team needed to build on whatever ways they could find to pull the game out.

    What do you make of that strategy on BA’s part?

    On the one hand, what did it say to his team that he thought they wouldn’t be able to put away the 0-3 49ers at home?

    On the other hand, was it a smart move to prepare the team mentally for a tight game and what it could mean going forward to pull it out?

    The answer to this question will be what happens in Philly this week. BA said he made that forecast because he believed the team needed to build on whatever it was that would get them the win.

    Keim Time Trade?

    At 2-2 the Cardinals find themselves, unlike last year, very much in the thick of the NFC West championship race and the NFC playoff hunt.

    Could much needed offensive line and quite possibly pass rushing (the ACL injury to Markus Golden) help be on the way?

    If Keim’s off-season moves are an indication of where Keim’s focus is, he will not mortgage any aspect of the future to help with the present. And if so, what does this continue to suggest about Keim’s view of the team’s present chances?


    * It would be very timely to get T D.J. Humphries back this week and slide John Wetzel down to LG. Word is that G Alex Boone is farther along in his rehab than expected. That should be big to get him back, especially now that Mike Iupati is on the IR.
    * Would Daniel Munyer be a better option at G versus Philly than Will Holden? With Holden struggling in pass pro, Carson Palmer was loath to step up in the pocket (even at times when he could), which made things all the more challenging for the tackles, as Palmer stayed pretty much transfixed on the deep back arc of the pocket.
    * Can Evan Boehm bounce back from his worst game as a Cardinal, like Veldheer did versus the 49ers?
    * Can John Brown play again this week? His presence was a big lift.
    * How can Fitz be targeted so much versus the Cowboys and so little versus the 49ers? Does Palmer pay too much attention to the Browns and Nelson?
    * Why does BA sub in Penny in the red zone when Ellington is killing it in the passing and sprint draw game and Chris Johnson is already running hard between the tackles? Nothing against Penny, but why make changes when the top 2 players are playing well?
    * Will the Cardinals get any consistency out of their TEs this year? What a woeful unit.


    * Good to see the interior defensive linemen show up stronger versus the 49ers (Peters, Gunter, Pierre and Williams in particular). Can they build on this performance?
    * Why has Markus Golden been crashing down and losing contain so much? Is he coached to do that? Why has he been missing so many tackles? Who takes his place? Kareem Martin can set the edge, but he’s not very athletic. With Deone Bucannon back, can the coaches switch Reddick over to SAM OLB? It would be superb to make the defense faster and more athletic.
    * Kudos to Tyvon Branch for his stellar play. He has the Caridnals’ only “elite” PFF player grade for the season (91.8) thus far. The next highest PFF player grade on the whole team are Corey Peters at 81.4 and Chandler Jones at 80.1. On offense, the top 3 are Larry Fitzgerald (78.9), Jaron Brown (75.3) and John Brown (74.4), Carson Palmer is at 74.1.
    * While he had his fair share of struggles at times, again Tyrann Mathieu seems to be getting stronger as the game goes along. Will his return to Philly be an inspirational one?
    * Man, Karlos Dansby came so close to swiping his 20th interception. Could this be the week?
    * Is Budda Baker at FS going to happen sooner rather than later? Good to see him and Bethel sniff out the 49ers’ deep pass attempt to Robinson late in the game.

    Special Teams:

    * Great to see Phil Dawson return to form. Those pressure packed kicks were clutch. Will be build on this?
    * Is Patrick Peterson really all that interested in returning punts? What a boost that could be if he was.
    * What about D.J. Foster as a punt returner?

  15. By Kevin S Mesa on Oct 2, 2017 | Reply

    Jeffcardinalfan —

    There was no replay that showed Brown’s catch was definitely good. There were replays that showed he might have been in bounds, but you couldn’t tell for sure whether his toe was partly on the line or not. I have no idea whether the call on the field was correct, but the replay booth did the right thing on that one by not overturning it as there was no indisputable evidence.

    Eric G —

    Can you give it a rest please on Boehm being drafted 7 spots before Prescott? We get it. Boehm over Prescott looks stupid, given the benefit of hindsight. But ANYONE over Prescott looks stupid, given how great he’s been. 31 teams passed on Dak for three full rounds and some more teams passed on him for the 4th round, so every single team has one or more picks where they’re saying “we could’ve taken Dak instead of [Player X].” So it’s not like you can single out Keim for making a huge mistake there.

    Next you’ll be telling us how stupid Bob Ferguson was because he drafted Jabari Issa in the 6th round in 2000, and 23 picks later the Patriots picked Tom Brady.

    Cards62 —

    We seem to do a lot of stupid things but one of the dumbest is special teams penalties. Our punt returners typically call for fair catches anyway (you point out our dearth of return yards) so it makes little sense for our blockers to risk getting called for holding or blocks in the back… and yet I think we’ve had a few of those penalties already this year on punts that were fair-caught.

  16. By JTDG on Oct 2, 2017 | Reply

    Can anyone answer this? Darren?

    If you watched the game on TV, can you tell me how Peterson had a PI in overtime, and how Bethea had a PI. Both times, Mathieu was on coverage, so the PI’s were away from the ball.

    Live, I saw nothing either one did.

  17. By Darren Urban on Oct 2, 2017 | Reply

    JTDG —

    RE: PIs

    In neither case was I watching those players. I think the Peterson call might have been on Mathieu and they called the wrong number. I can check when the all-22 video comes out.

  18. By Fmr USAF Pilot on Oct 2, 2017 | Reply

    I posted a comment during last season when it was apparent that the Cards wouldn’t have a good season and Keim and Arians weren’t doing good jobs (IMO).

    In that post, I wrote something like this: If Keim and Arians don’t get the Cards’ ship turned around by the end of the 2018 season i.e. make much better FA and draft decisions and make the playoffs, at least by 2018, Michael Bidwill should relieve them of their duties.

    In reflecting on that, I now believe that Mr. Bidwill will show restraint and allow Keim and Arians to continue into the 2019 season, although I believe that he’ll find that 2019 won’t have any better results.

  19. By Jason Niemoth on Oct 2, 2017 | Reply

    Instead of blaming the poor performance of the players (granter they are not completely guilt-free for the poor play,) it’s time to start looking at the coaching staff. How many weeks has it been witnessing poor performance of the O line? This goes beyond this year. Sorry Larry Zierlein, but I think a change is needed.

  20. By D on Oct 2, 2017 | Reply


    I was referring to the biggest mass shooting in the country’s history…

  21. By TucsonTim on Oct 2, 2017 | Reply

    It’s not just a bad O-line, it’s terrible blocking schemes and play design. Larry apologizing to Palmer for not blocking a DE is ridiculous. Who uses a HOF receiver to block a DE on a pass play?

  22. By Scott H on Oct 2, 2017 | Reply

    And now Markus Golden…..I swear, we are dealing with more next-man-up in the first month of 2017 than we did during all of 2014.

    This is ridiculous. We were already at the point of too much to over-come. This is just over-kill.

  23. By Kevin S Mesa on Oct 2, 2017 | Reply

    JDTG —

    I am pretty sure the PP interference call was actually on Mathieu. Not sure about the Bethea call.

  24. By JTDG on Oct 2, 2017 | Reply

    Kevin S Mesa,

    Comment towards Eric,
    Next you’ll be telling us how stupid Bob Ferguson was because he drafted Jabari Issa in the 6th round in 2000, and 23 picks later the Patriots picked Tom Brady.

    We didn’t need Brady, we had Jake The Snake. 🙂

  25. By Dr. G. on Oct 2, 2017 | Reply

    Look at this startling link…

    Some of you say “”OMG”” or “”WTF”” …Etc…. In checking the O-Line performance for the league, “”WE LEAD THE WORLD IN HITS//SACKS!!””

    As I posted last night, it hard to see how Palmer is not in a wheel chair..!

    Gotta FIX this NOW before we have our QB on IR… NOW…

  26. By Martin on Oct 2, 2017 | Reply

    Please respond to my question!

    I’m a die-hard Cardinals fan from Germany, visiting Phoenix the second time in 3 years just to see my Cardinals (the first one was the season opener against the Chargers in 2014). I cannot understand why the stadium was half-empty! What is going on in the USA? Why people are boycotting the games? Why? Please tell me why! A veteran sitting next to me told me its abouit politics. I cannot understand that. As a European, and as a German guy I cannot, I cannot, I cannot understand why you people are boycotting NFL games? Its about sports, not about politics. It doesn’t matter what skin color people have or if they stand up or kneel down for the anthem. Or what am I getting wrong? Is this politics or is this sports? Tell me, please, because my HUMAN MIND CANNOT UNDERSTAND WHY YOU AMERICAN ARE BOYCOTTING NFL GAMES. Isn’t it about sports? Tell me, please tell me, ISN’T IT ABOUT SPORTS? You Americans have such a problem with racism, why can’t you just go to a football game and ENJOY SPORTS? Please tell me, because me as a European i cannot understand HOW IN THE WORLD YOU CAN COMBINE SPORTS WITH POLITICS. Please tell me. How. How. How. How can you combine such a beautiful thing like AMERICAN football with politics? Is it just because I’m a German that I respect every facette of race, skin, historical background, gender or political orientation? As a European I have to wonder if you Americans know whats the point on watching sports. It’s not a military event. It’s not a political event. It’s a sports event. So tell me why are people all over your country are selling their tickets! I cannot get it into my mind and I have to wonder – sorry for that – about your correctness when mixing sports with ANY OTHER subject. Man, you Americans have the – in my opinion – greatest sports all over the world. Why not just celebrating it.

    Please respond! And no offense please! Just want to know why you are boycotting the games since for me there is NO REASON IN THE WORLD – THE LAST REASON COULD BE POLITICS BECAUSE POLITICS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH SPORTS, NOTHING.



  27. By Scott H on Oct 2, 2017 | Reply

    With all these injuries…..let’s face it, folks – the re-building may as well start now. It is going to, anyway. We are already so reduced from the team we thought we were going to see this season. We ARE re-building as we speak just to put 11 guys on the field right now.

    So…..we may as well start thinking in terms of the future.

    It’s not that I’m really OK with that…’s more that I really just don’t have a choice. There IS no choice.

  28. By Scott H on Oct 2, 2017 | Reply

    So, to continue where I left off on the topic of re-building….IF you for some un-likely reason agree with me ( very few people do ), stay with me here….

    Why don’t we start seeing what we might be able to get for Stanton in a trade now? Look, why not? He’s not our QB of the future… he? So? Might what we can ( maybe ) get for him be of more value than he is standing on the sidelines? Might there be a team out there with O-line depth to deal from and in need of a QB with starter potential?

    Yeah, I know, Stanton is a part of Palmer’s comfort level. And I, myself, was totally in favor of keeping Stanton here as back-up for that very reason. But…..look, if this season reaches the point of a lost cause, what is the point of continuing to put Palmer out there? And if we’re gonna reach THAT point ( I consider it pretty likely )…..why do we need Stanton here for Palmer’s comfort level?

    Now, IF we’re going to reach the point of all that is described above, it is time to start taking a look at Gabbert. Isn’t it? I mean, I’m even starting to feel NOW that if Gabbert is here at all, WHAT GOOD IS HE DOING ANYONE ON THE IN-ACTIVES LIST EVERY WEEK? That seems like a waste.

    OR, how ’bout even this – put PALMER on the trading block and roll with Stanton / Gabbert or Gabbert / Stanton, whatever. Flip a coin. Yeah, might sound ridiculous because one short month ago, we were all still thinking that Palmer was capable of leading us back to a division title or a conf title game. But by no fault of Palmer’s, the ship under him is taking on water and sinking.

  29. By JTDG on Oct 2, 2017 | Reply


    “You Americans have such a problem with racism”

    Really? A German is going to lecture us about racism.

    As for people not going to games, it has nothing to do with politics.

    Players feel that there are injustices, so to protest, they are taking a knee during the Anthem.
    Meanwhile fans, who are offended by the disrespect towards the Flag do not want to support people who do it.

    It is that simple.

  30. By Marlin on Oct 2, 2017 | Reply

    Next 3 weeks………….. If we win 2 of the next 3 before the bye….. and get Humphries and Boone back with no new serious injuries…… we’ll be right in the hunt. Go Cardinals !!!!!

  31. By clssylssy on Oct 2, 2017 | Reply

    Keim was probably not smiling because he has been taking some heat lately about our 0-line and his failure to competently build our roster in the off season,as well as, the decision to pretty much gut our defense of those players who allowed us to pull off a rather lack luster season last year that has only gotten worse since so grossly misjudging the capabilities of our rookies to step up and fill the gaps.
    Now we’ve lost Golden and things seem to be going from bad to worse with injuries.
    When I hear phrases like “depending on how well Smoke bounces back” it blows my mind since John Brown has an inherited condition for which there is no cure but can only be managed and to think he will “bounce back” implies that this is not serious and is fleeting. This tells me alot about how out of touch this FO is with the reality of our situation.
    I am thrilled that we won but am not deluding myself intoo believing that was a well played game when we had so many penalties and the only TD we had was in the final seconds of overtime by the guy who always seems to have to ride to our rescue and save the day. Surely, the thrill of the W was most likely clouded by anticipation of another fan uproar on the horizon.

  32. By Coach K on Oct 2, 2017 | Reply


    Thanks for deleting my rant for Kimdichi.

    It was a bit overboard.

    Spur of the moment thought.

  33. By georgiebird on Oct 2, 2017 | Reply

    1) A win is a win is a win.
    2) So much parity in the NFL that everyone can hope
    3) Russell Wilson gassed Colts DL in 1st half with his scrambling
    4) since Palmer can’t run, DLs stay fairly fresh against the Cards
    5) Palmer holds the ball too long for a Veteran- just get rid of the ball
    6) TEs have to be used more
    7) Golden is the closest to Boldin and Dockett- we will miss his fight
    8) Jaron Brown finally being used big time- he can be a star
    9) Push of DL is impressive- but no finishers
    10) Hope Kareem Martin comes of age-real quick

  34. By krehbieo14 on Oct 2, 2017 | Reply

    Here’s hoping you have better luck selling your tickets for the next home game!

  35. By CARDS62 on Oct 2, 2017 | Reply

    Martin you are correct in that sports are wonderful and can bring people together from the same nation and from all nations, but like the Olympics politics seem to enter our lives. I do not live in Arizona or I would attend more games.

    Martin I do not think the issue is politics but rather economics and improvements in home theater.

    I still love being at a college or pro game of football, baseball, or basketball over watching on TV. Now I am old but there is just something special about being there in person and feeling the atmosphere first hand. With that said Martin going to college or professional sports is very expensive and takes up your day with driving, parking, eating, and crowds. Now we Americans can stay home and order in a feast, and watch the game from the most comfortable seats with the best views on 82 inches of magnificent high definition color, and if we need a break we just pause the game for a few minutes and miss none of the action.

    Just so you know most of us Americans think you Europeans and Central and South Americans take your soccer way tooooooooooo seriously.

    Thanks for visiting the USA and stay safe my fellow Cardinal.

  36. By Dr. G. on Oct 2, 2017 | Reply

    Martin… When you hire someone to work in your business, you’d be OK with them to insult you regularly in the course of their daily work, right? Does Free speech in your pompous vitriol feel good?

    When you post in our house, you should be considerate not to question things you don’t understand. I will spare you any insult by omitting commentary on your country’s history. Rational patriotism confuses some people.

    Auf Wiedersehen

  37. By CARDS62 on Oct 2, 2017 | Reply

    Scott H

    All teams have injuries and we could be better off than a lot of teams if we do not kill Carson first. Carson can throw away the ball sometimes but man most of the time it seems like the defense is just in his face in a few seconds or in our RB face . I just think it is the line play and too many penalties.

    OL – Hopefully we get DJ and Boone back this week or next week and that will help. Iupati honestly the way he has been playing will not hurt us. Keim I hope will get us 1 more quality interior lineman this year.

    RB – Yes this is the killer but just think if we can stay competitive and then we get DJ and Logan back for the stretch run and playoffs. A fresh DJ against banged up defenses wow!!!

    WR – John Brown just dealt some bad cards, but overall the group is healthy. I said before the season if we can just have JJ Nelson or John Brown healthy not both we will be okay. I promise you JJ Nelson was the best player on the field when he was on the field against the Colts. Just need one of them and Jaron seems to be getting better every week.

    TE – Healthy but does it really matter? We are the Cardinals and we have no use for TEs. Its like playing Chess and not using your castles.

    QB – PAGING Carson Palmer to table 1 for his daily massage therapy. The old guy takes a licking but keeps on ticking.

    DL – Only one really hurt is Robert N. that I can think of, and he should be back in a week or two, but once again what are we getting from him? Keim needs to get us some studs for the future as there is no one on our DL that strikes fear in any QB heart.

    LB – We lose Golden and his 0 sacks and his inability to protect the outside, but now we get Buc back, and Kareem Martin should also be able to help. Keim needs to get us a stud on the inside next year.

    DB – No injuries I can think of and Honey Badger seems to be getting better. T. Branch was one heck of a great pickup, but we should have also kept Swearinger. We are not getting pressure on QBs so Keim needs to get us an above average CB asap.

    Coaching- I think this is our biggest area of concern as of today. Injuries are part of the game and overall I think we are in good shape. We just need to come up with solid offensive and defensive game plans and be able to come up with adjustments. This is my question to everyone. When is the last time you came away from a Cardinal Game thinking man we really coached that game well or we out coached the other team to get the victory?

    Go Cards beat Philly

  38. By Dan on Oct 3, 2017 | Reply

    Kareem Martin’s time to shine……..I actually like him and for some reason we weren’t playing him enough…………..oh by the way, the 49ers out-coached us…….if it wasn’t for a few dropped balls by the 9ers that game was long gone. Seriously, got out-coached. Just calling it like I see it.

  39. By jeffcardinalfan on Oct 3, 2017 | Reply

    D my apologizes…i dont watch any news at all and not much tv in general and i was not aware of the mass shooting in vegas until i read your reply

  40. By shannon robinson on Oct 3, 2017 | Reply

    Scott H – when you go to the Philly game and wear your Cardinal gear, be careful and alert because in the wrong place you can get punched – Philly fans are brutal. I’ve been in that Stadium and have seen the fights break out. Their idea of supporting their team is to excess. Most folks there are polite and then….. So JTDG, you tried to sell your tickets but had to go to the game and had a lousy time, why are you a fan? Eric G you live in Philly and don’t want to go to see your own home team play? Why should we listen to you guys complain about everything? I’m going to give it a rest on this blog site for awhile since this seems like a daily rerun of the same vehement comments – analysis that leads up to firing Mr. Keim, calling men out because they are acting like women, saying nasty things like Evan Boehm is a stuffed colon, calling Mr. Nkemdiche a coward. There’s about 25 of us who write messsages, so I know most Cardinal fans stay away. I get a gut wrench that’s unnecessary because we’re trying to prove first that this organization makes stupid decisions every day. Maybe you all should go Coach a team that works to win against adversity and see what it’s like to develop talent. Start with Little League, or Pop Warner and work up. I’m going to enjoy the trip to Philly and know our team will play their hearts out. Thanks Darren for putting up with all of us Cards fans, I loved the pictures of our game against the 49ers and your team of journalist are extraordinary.

  41. By faster on Oct 3, 2017 | Reply

    the best joke today: “….that i had to leave and could not work in that area because i was white ..” hahaha..

    now, about sports, i watched sunday the rams and some plays of the seahawks, if the offense doesn`t get their game rolling, this will be a desaster. and the the first round of the divisional games (rams, 49`s and hawks) start in three weeks.

    darren, as we have not heard a timeline for the injured, nkemdiche, goldan, iupati, can you please provide a update? also about boone and nelson, if possible.

    the next game against the eagles, they are at 3-1, but with narrow wins against the giants and the chargers. a win would be very appreciated. and then tampa, with 2-1, also a win against the giants and the bears. at home it must be a win.

    with a bit of luck we could be at 4-2, when the first divisional rounds begin, and after the 11/9, we should know, if our team is a contender …..

  42. By faster on Oct 3, 2017 | Reply

    ha, just read about the signing of watford, guess that answers my question about iupati.

    but we have now three of our best players on ir, that would mean, at least one is not able to return this season. or must we expect the release of one of them?

  43. By clssylssy on Oct 3, 2017 | Reply

    What is the point of thinking about the future, to take our minds off the fact that here we are again, facing many of the same problems as when Warner left only this time without Fitz? As long as we have the same guy making draft picks and building the roster, deciding who will stay and who we can’t afford, do you really expect a different outcome? Isn’t that suppose to be the old saying about insanity being repeating the same behavior over and over and expecting a different outcome?
    I would say,, for myself, I am going to savor the time we have left to see Larry in action and not expect anything from this organization (I don’t say team b/c I don’t feel it’s the players who are flawed but the system) further. We got a taste of what it feels to be winners and reach the Superbowl and that is more some teams ever get.
    Who knows, we may gut out a few more ugly wins fueled on Larry’s determination to win. I do worry about Carson, he’s a good man and I don’t want to see him end up in a wheelchair.
    Back in the day I use to go to away games and I have been to Philly which is a really tough and ugly crowd reminiscent of the old Raiders, so I think we’re going to not only be facing a tough opponent on the field but perhaps an even more intimidating one in the stands. Expecting a win may be a longshot but if we can continue to battle the way we did against the 9ers with fewer mistakes it might be doable, just hope we can get out of their intact and without injury.

  44. By TucsonTim on Oct 3, 2017 | Reply

    Philly 6.5 favorites. Cards 0-4 against the spread. Opportunity knocks.

    Utilizing Larry for pass protection is probably not going to work.

  45. By Scott H on Oct 3, 2017 | Reply

    Wow….imagine being happy to see Earl Watford back on your offensive line! How’s that for perspective?

    Seriously. I am happy to have him back.

  46. By Kevin S Mesa on Oct 3, 2017 | Reply

    Scott H —

    Re: Stanton’s trade value:

    You’re really reaching here. Stanton is 33 years old. When he was considerably younger (2012), he was traded along with an early 7th-round pick for a mid-6th round pick. So, five years ago, when he was still reasonably young, Stanton’s trade value was moving up twenty or so picks at the tail end of the draft (where pretty much every player is a longshot).

    He came to Arizona as a free agent. We made it look like we wanted him, and Arians spent a couple weeks talking up Stanton as the starter before we went out and got Palmer instead, effectively acknowledging that Stanton really wasn’t starter material. And now five seasons later, and eleven seasons into his career of being a backup, we’re going to convince someone else to take him to be their starter?

    I don’t necessarily disagree with the part of your post about playing Gabbert (as opposed to Stanton) if this season becomes a lost cause. Just pointing out that Stanton isn’t worth jack in terms of trade value.

    Also, at this point, the Cards are 2-2, despite how poorly they’ve played. No one in Cards’ management is throwing in the towel on this season any time soon.

  47. By Kevin S Mesa on Oct 3, 2017 | Reply

    Scott H —

    I do agree with you about Watford. He may not have been the greatest, but at this point, I’m pleased to have him back.

  48. By JTDG on Oct 3, 2017 | Reply


    They are listed , hopefully they sell. I guess no one wants to sit on the 50, 5 rows up.

    Go buy them on NFL exchange

  49. By Scott H on Oct 3, 2017 | Reply

    Kevin –

    Oh, I’m reaching….you’re right about that. But what else can I do?

    No, I guess I really don’t believe Stanton has any REAL trade value right now. BUT I believe he COULD if a team that can be a contender this year loses their starter and knows that they would be hopeless with their back-up. I don’t think that is so far fetched.

    And I will maintain that what would convince another team that he can be a starter is that he HAS been a winning QB as a starter while he’s been here. It’s not just BA talking him up. The numbers are there – Stanton HAS a winning record as a starting QB here.

    Look around the league right now – you could do a lot worse than Drew Stanton.

    But….alas, I get your point. Unless lightning strikes just the right team really hard, there is probably no real trade value there.

    Heck, for that matter, I don’t even think Palmer would have much value either. Maybe for a team under the same circumstances, but…..I wonder.

    But you can see I’m starting to look forward, perhaps out of some degree of desperation. No, at 2-2, nobody’s season is over. But it’s about more than the record, ya know? We have just lost too many bodies. We’re hoping Earl Watford can help save our O-line. Our wins have come in OT against pretty bad teams. We’re not far from being 1-3 or even 0-4. Our wins felt lucky. Our losses felt like losses.

    We’ll see how it goes from here. But sooner or later, you have to be able to beat some good teams.

  50. By Kevin S Mesa on Oct 3, 2017 | Reply

    Scott H —

    I hear you re: barely squeaking it out in the wins.

    But keep in mind that our two losses are to teams that went a combined 22-10 last year and both went to the playoffs, and that we were leading in one and tied in the other going into the 4th quarter. The Lions have also beaten Minnesota and the Giants on the road and were literally a foot or so away from beating the defending NFC champion Falcons on the crazy play that was initially called a TD and then overturned with a 10-second runoff. There’s no shame in losing to them, or to Dallas.

    The final scores in neither the Detroit nor the Dallas losses are indicative of how close the games actually were. We closed to within 4 of Dallas with 6 minutes to go, and we outgained Dallas in total yards and first downs, and we had a huge time of possession advantage … but we allowed a few big plays when Prescott rolled out, and missed another easy FG. Detroit came down to turnovers (4 by us — all on our own end of the field; only 1 by them).

    I’m not trying to sugarcoat things — you are right that we are perilously close to 0-4. But we’re also not that far from 3-1 or, dare I say, 4-0. No one’s blown us out the way the Pack blew out the Bears, or Cincy (not a very good team themselves) blew out Cleveland, or the Saints (again, not a very good team) blew out Miami, or the Texans blew out Tennessee who a lot of people thought was going to make a big step forward this year. We were in a reasonable position to win the game in both of our losses. Considering we’re down our best player plus multiple O-linemen (and, in a couple of those games, our #2 receiver and others as well), that’s actually not so bad.

    I don’t have a ton of hope for this season — I’d say right now we’ll most likely end up around 8-8 — but all it takes to go from 8-8 to 10-6 or 6-10 is a couple lucky (or unlucky) bounces at the right (or wrong) times. Just think about last year, and how 7-8-1 would’ve been 9-7 just if Cat had hit two makeable FG’s, and 10-6 if we’d just won one other close game. That’s the big difference between the NFL and, say, the NBA or MLB, where each game is much less meaningful because there are so many. You can look back at entire season and it can hinge on a handful of plays.

  51. By Scott H on Oct 3, 2017 | Reply

    shannon –

    Thanks for your concern! I’m curious, though – when you speak of being in that stadium, are you referring to the Linc or The Vet? I remember the Vet and the Vet was legendary for how scary it was. But it seems like the some of the lunatic element was weeded out of Eagles home games when they moved into the new stadium.

    BUT….it’s still Philly.

    I will say this, though – I went to my first game there last year, against the Vikings, and I saw many people wearing Vikings colors without it seeming like anyone was giving them a hard time. Hard to believe they hate the Cardinals so much more that wearing Cardinals red is going to bring a whole different level of reaction.

    We’ll see how it goes. I’m curious to see how many other Cards fans will be there. I’m taking my daughter to her first game there, and she is a big Eagles fan. She is 21, not a little kid, ya know? Still…..I will hope people will take note of my being there with a daughter and will refrain from being overly rude or obnoxious. Good natured jabs are fine, I can roll with that. Just don’t go over the line, ya know?

  52. By Scott H on Oct 3, 2017 | Reply

    I swear…..I look at Keim in the picture above and I think to myself….ya know what Steve? I know how you feel. Because that’s what my face looks like right now, too, watching this team.

    This team that YOU have put together.

    Are we adding any more of your first round picks to the in-actives list this week?

  53. By faster on Oct 4, 2017 | Reply

    ” …Meanwhile fans, who are offended by the disrespect towards the Flag do not want to support people who do it. ….”

    jtdg, do you really think, to repeat a lie often enough is making it true?

    where did one of the kneeling players offered disrespect towards the flag?

    but as the overwhelmingly policy in the us of a at the moment is repeating lies, maybe you didn`t even get it. if so, i appologize …..

  54. By shannon robinson on Oct 4, 2017 | Reply

    Scot H – definitely the Vet. – Redskin days, watching Sonny Jurgensen throw to Charley Taylor with Pat Fischer at cornerback. But….Philly fans don’t change much, like their Cheese Steaks there’s really only one way they go.

  55. By clssylssy on Oct 4, 2017 | Reply

    I see that Fitz has been nominated Clutch Performer of the Week…lol, he was doing what Larry does! Probably should be the Clutch Performer of the Decade!
    Kinda makes one wonder how our season would have turned out last year if BA hadn’t thought he was to old to get those big catches in the endzone.

  56. By Scott H on Oct 4, 2017 | Reply

    So, I see where we finally added Fitz and PP to the skin on the home page. Oh, but only because DJ and Markus Golden were lost for the season, right? What a joke. They should BOTH have been there all along. Yeah, DJ should definitely have been there, too. But omitting players like Larry Fitzgerald and Patrick Peterson was just wrong, regardless of whoever else you wanted to include or not.

  57. By clssylssy on Oct 4, 2017 | Reply

    May be time to call Dwight Freeney and pay him $100 /sack incentive. Or, maybe they burned that bridge already…wouldn’t hurt to try.

  58. By Darren Urban on Oct 4, 2017 | Reply

    Clssy —

    RE: Freeney

    They’d rather use Reddick there.

  59. By Kevin S Mesa on Oct 4, 2017 | Reply

    Scott H and shannon —

    I’ve worn my Cardinals’ jersey in many opposing stadiums (though not Philly) and done the same for other sports. Including once, for fun, wearing Yankees’ gear in the bleachers at a Red Sox game (even though I was not a Yankees’ fan) just to see what would happen. I’ve never had a single problem. Perhaps that has something to do with the fact that I don’t drink large quantities of alcohol, or taunt the home team’s fans with “my Dad is bigger than your Dad”-type foolishness.

    Still remember standing up and cheering like a maniac among a bunch of Bears’ fans when David Johnson took the opening kickoff for a TD in the second game of 2015. Sure, I had a couple people behind me yelling “sit down, idiot!”, but I just ignored them — and they didn’t take it any further. I’m sure if I turned around and got into it with them, then it could’ve escalated.

  60. By clssylssy on Oct 4, 2017 | Reply

    I know, but Freeney is a proven commodity and great teacher and it couldn’t hurt to provide a little support and guidance to the newbie. I mean, it’s not like Keim’s judgement has been real sound with regard to Nkemdiche & I would hate to see the crowd turn on Reddick like they have Nkemdiche b/c he was thrown into the fray & over his head before he was ready. Part of what made that 2015 defense go was the veterans like Freeney. Dansby, IMO, is no Dwight Freeney.
    Just a thought…or a desperate clutching at solid ground.

  61. By Scott H on Oct 4, 2017 | Reply

    Kevin / Shannon

    Yeah, that is definitely a factor, not looking for trouble by acting like a jack-ass. And i’m not planning on making a jack-ass of myself.

    I will say, I encountered some real idiots at a Seahawks game back in 2010. I was wearing a Fitz jersey. Lousy game, both teams were bad, but Seahawks won. On the way out, some idiots were giving me a hard time. And what do you do in that situation, you know? You’re surrounded by Seahawks fans, most of them all jacked up because their team won. Not a good time to start trouble. BUT I will also say the idiots I encountered had obviously been drinking, so….but all the more reason to just walk away.

    Obnoxious people just suck, period. And it’s hard to avoid them an most NFL games, sorry to say. The combination of the natural emotionalism of football fans and alcohol….it’s a bad mix. BUT just as you find in many other places, MOST people are fine. It’s the FEW who cause the problems.

  62. By JTDG on Oct 4, 2017 | Reply


    “jtdg, do you really think, to repeat a lie often enough is making it true?
    where did one of the kneeling players offered disrespect towards the flag?”

    First, here is what I said;
    Players feel that there are injustices, so to protest, they are taking a knee during the Anthem.
    Meanwhile fans, who are offended by the disrespect towards the Flag do not want to support people who do it.

    What is the lie I am telling? Are you having trouble following comments?
    Truth, my statement doesn’t even take a side. It just states the condition.

    But since you asked

    “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag, for a country that oppresses black people and people of color,” Kaepernick told NFL Media

    Sounds like it is about the Flag and the country. And wasn’t he the one who started it? Whoops

  63. By Scott H on Oct 5, 2017 | Reply

    JTDG –

    RE: Kaepernick

    I find it a shame that Kaepernick is somehow becoming a “hero” for being the guy who started all of this.

    But here is something else about Kaepernick that I think gets too easily over-looked. Going back a few seasons, when he was playing better and taking the league by storm with his freakish athletic ability ( as opposed to REAL QB skills ) and was all over the highlight reels and making commercials and the 49ers were legit, he didn’t seem to mind basking in the celebrity spotlight that all of that afforded him. In fact, I recall hearing that he was a very regular guest at the Playboy mansion back in those days. The Playboy mansion.. Hmmm……so sexism is OK but racism isn’t?

    Yeah….some hero, huh?

    Where was all of the protesting when being an NFL star player seemed to be suiting him just fine? Give me a damn break.

    I don’t care who is offended by my saying so, I find Mr Kaepernick to be a hypocrite. And for that reason, I find it a shame that he has become the face of this whole thing.

  64. By Darren Urban on Oct 5, 2017 | Reply

    Scott H —

    RE: Kaepernick

    Under that line of thinking, no one would ever be able to stand for anything. You can find fault with anyone.

  65. By Scott H on Oct 5, 2017 | Reply

    Darren –

    Fair point, in theory. And I agree with you, in theory. Trust me, I know we all have faults.

    But….with Kaepernick? C’mon, you don’t se my point here? The turn-around from someone who seemed all too happy to enjoy being an NFL celebrity / star to someone who now wants to use being an NFL player as a platform for protest? Sorry, a bit much for me to over-look.

    That’s just me.

  66. By Darren Urban on Oct 5, 2017 | Reply

    Scott H —

    RE: Kap

    Again, everyone has their own opinion. That’s fine. Just feels like people are searching for reasons to pile on, because they don’t like what he is doing in the first place. Be honest, had he been a choirboy or not gone to the Playboy Mansion whenever that happened, you wouldn’t like him/his stance anyway.

  67. By Scott H on Oct 5, 2017 | Reply

    Darren –

    No, respectfully, I don’t see myself as piling on here. You may be right, I might not like his stance, regardless. That doesn’t mean my assessment of him as a hypocrite isn’t valid. Don’t you think that looking at anyone as a hypocrite is going to be a basis for not liking him?

    And, fundamentally, YES, I do have a problem with someone who lives here in this country, enjoying the freedoms it provides, but wants to protest its flag. To the extent that I see him doing that, no, I find myself not liking him.

    His being at the Playboy mansion in the past and how often he was there and whatever he did there is quite secondary. But it supports how I form my opinion of him as a hypocrite.

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