Nkemdiche still out, but other Cards are playing

Posted by Darren Urban on October 15, 2017 – 11:32 am

In the world of questionable, most Cardinals are playing today, except for defensive lineman Robert Nkemdiche, who is still not ready with his calf injury after working out pre-game with head athletic trainer Tom Reed. All the other players listed as questionable — tackle Jared Veldheer, defensive lineman Corey Peters, cornerback Patrick Peterson and linebacker Karlos Dansby — are active for the Cardinals against the Buccaneers.

It’s good news to have all those guys available, especially on defense. We’ll see if Bruce Arians also uses some subs on the offensive line for Alex Boone and D.J. Humphries at some point. Both those guys are starting, but Arians did express concern about their game conditioning after all this time out.

The full list of inactives:

— QB Blaine Gabbert

— WR Chad Williams

— RB D.J. Foster

— C Daniel Munyer

— DL Olsen Pierre (ankle)

— TE Ricky Seals-Jones

— DL Robert Nkemdiche (calf)

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28 Responses to “Nkemdiche still out, but other Cards are playing”

  1. By Jo Ball on Oct 15, 2017 | Reply

    Nkemdiche is the worst kind of bust…

    Never healthy and when he is… he’s not that good.

  2. By georgiebird on Oct 15, 2017 | Reply

    Do you realize that from whistle to whistle an NFL game lasts about 12 minutes. Conditioning?????

  3. By Coach K on Oct 15, 2017 | Reply


    What is the exact injury Nkemdiche is dealing with?

  4. By Darren Urban on Oct 15, 2017 | Reply

    Coach K —

    RE: Nkedmiche


  5. By Eric G on Oct 15, 2017 | Reply

    I don’t know how I feel about this trade for AD. Wait, oh yeah, not after that first drive. Where has this freaking team been all year? I get it that the left side of the line is back, but WOW OH WOW what a start.

  6. By Scott H on Oct 15, 2017 | Reply

    Robert Nkemdiche – we CONTINUE to thank you for NOTHING. If you had any decency, you’d give back the money you’ve been paid. You’ve done NOTHING to earn it.

    And with Chad Williams, I see another of our draft picks is joining the ranks of the in-active. How nice.

    Can someone PLEASE tell Steve Keim that our draft picks CAN actually play in their rookie year. For 31 other teams around the league, they often do and sometimes, then even make an impact.

    As much as I WANT to see AP have an impact here and put some life back into this team, I feel like it will be a shame if he does – because it will just cover up the HORRIFIC job that Keim is doing recently.


  7. By Scott H on Oct 15, 2017 | Reply

    Hey, I almost got my wish, which was a TD run from AP from our side of the 50. Watching that play, the way he got through that whole ( which, right now, for THIS team, was a thing of absolute beauty ), had that run started on our side of the 50, he would have done it!!!

    Welcome to town, Adrian Peterson! Perhaps you and the Cardinals will be perfect together! Heck, right now, I’d settle for just really good!

    And how ’bout Troy Niklas, joining the party! Welcome to you, too, sir.

  8. By Eric G on Oct 15, 2017 | Reply


    When did the pod/lizard/alien people replace this team? Did you see the difference or can you tell? These are not the same people that played the first 5 games. Hopefully Rowdy Roddy Piper doesn’t show up to practice out of bubble gum.

  9. By Scott H on Oct 15, 2017 | Reply

    Hard to complain, but….man, we just had 1st and goal from the 1 yard line and we end up losing yards before settling for a FG? C’mon, that should have been another 7 points.

    OK, let’s see what happens from here. We were cruising early in the game against Dallas, then we had a TD wiped out by a penalty, missed the FG, and we lost momentum for the rest of the night. Not that we just lost momentum in this game, but…..let’s see what happens.

    And maybe they were going to come out and play like this today, anyway. BUT after being demoralized the way we were last Sunday, I’d like to think we are seeing this team taking that personally and responding.

  10. By Scott H on Oct 15, 2017 | Reply

    OK, we’re up big in the 2nd half…..I say keep attacking to put AT LEAST another TD on the board, then turn it over to the running game. And give this O-line a chance to GRIND. O-lineman love to run block, so….serve it up.

    It’s AP time!

  11. By Coach K on Oct 15, 2017 | Reply

    Well, it’s the 4th quarter and BA is reverting to his old ways with high risk play calling that it totally ridiculous. AP is running great but BA decides to get greedy and now the Bucs are back in the game.

    I’m hoping BA gets back to involving the tight ends and sticks with AP running the ball.

    Keeping my fingers crossed BA doesn’t mess this up. He called a perfect first half.

  12. By Scott H on Oct 15, 2017 | Reply

    OK, it WAS 31-0…..but more recently, it’s been 20-0 the other way. Um….what was I saying about momentum?

  13. By Scott H on Oct 15, 2017 | Reply

    Gresham has taken us BACK 25 yards on the last two plays with penalties….what a dope. Way to take us out of FG range, big guy.

    Yeah, the 14-yard reception may have been nice if you hadn’t BURIED us.

    Ah, but Tramon Williams to the rescue! Man, everyone’s getting in on this one.

    Gotta tell ya, I’d like to see another score. By the Cardinals, that is. Two reasons – we need to see some killer instinct. Hell, the Eagles didn’t spare us last week, did they? And when you FINALLY get the offense going, you don’t stop. Screw the Buccs. Don’t take your foot off the gas.

  14. By Scott H on Oct 15, 2017 | Reply

    We’ve been out-scored 20-7 in the 4th quarter. I don’t like it. The Buccs have tried three 2-pt conversions and missed them all. IF they kick extra points on all of those occasions, they are only trailing by 9 right now and this game would be feeling quite lose-able.

    Dammit, put this one away.

  15. By Scott H on Oct 15, 2017 | Reply

    And now the game IS very losable.

    Ryan Fitzpatrick? Really? Have we had ANY pressure on their QB all day????

  16. By Roro on Oct 15, 2017 | Reply

    How the cards let Fitzpatrick almost make a unbelievable comeback. The cards need to figure out how to finish and BA should had punt the ball pin them inside the 20 instead going for it on 4 and 2 with 2min. to play bad coaching and 1 more thing bethel is a liability to the defense start williams. Beside all that great game AP you still have it also good game to Palmer, the o line and of course Fitz.

  17. By NJAzCardsFan on Oct 15, 2017 | Reply

    Finally, some highlights worth watching!!!!

    It will be interesting when DJ returns to see him and AP in a two back set…..

    Great game by Fitz and Palmer…..

    It was great to see the O-Line actually blocking…..

    Hopefully, the Cards can beat the Rams next week….

    BTW- I listened to the game on the radio, and had the NFL network on, to see the highlights….

  18. By Ric Italia on Oct 15, 2017 | Reply

    Big problem with the Cards defense. In todays NFL you cannot miss on high draft picks. Keim seems to take players higher then he should Chad Williams hopefully will be good but no one had him going in the 3rd round. Keim picks seem to receive redshirt years.

  19. By Richard S on Oct 15, 2017 | Reply

    Imagine what AP can do when he learns the playbook. This game he didn’t need the playbook, just give him the ball and meet him in the endzone.

  20. By NJAzCardsFan on Oct 15, 2017 | Reply

    Darren- While it may be a little early to speculate on this, do you see Fitz playing another year since his good friend AP is here now….. Palmer looks like he could go another year also…..???

  21. By TucsonTim on Oct 15, 2017 | Reply

    WOW. Best 2 1/2 quarters of Cardinals football we have seen.

    See you in London!

  22. By Dan on Oct 16, 2017 | Reply

    Peterson looked awesome……………what a shot in the arm. If Bethel could just learn how to look for a football at the correct time he would actually be halfway decent.

  23. By Dan Nicholson on Oct 16, 2017 | Reply

    Way to go Big Red. That was fun to watch and did not expect that many carries and yards from AD. Was thinking maybe 80-90, great to be surprised.

  24. By Raymond on Oct 16, 2017 | Reply

    Bethel is a liability to the defense. I think in every game he has been beat down the field for a TD or more. At what point, do you consider a change at the position, and is it possible that cards could still bring in anybody ?????

  25. By clssylssy on Oct 16, 2017 | Reply

    Well that was more like it! It was a good game to get some questions answered about how flexible BA could really be and a good road test for AP, to see what he really had left. The first half was actually fun again and it was good to see our guys out there ball’n and feeding off each other’s energies.
    BA built this offense around DJ and AP was a better substitute DJ type physically, especially given a healathier 0-line which even DJ didn’t have to begin the season. Add in the brand recognition and the AD legend mystique with a heavy Larry Fitzgerald endorsement and, the team got a much needed shot in the arm. Even the Special Teams played better and had some “special” plays a la Budda Baker (for which he hardly got a mention)..
    However, with a 31-0 lead at the half, giving up 25 points in the second half exposed our poorly coached defense for what it is, and our inability to score from the 1 yrd line and numerous stupid penalties and mistakes revealed a poorly disciplined and impulsively coached team that was great out of the gate but had no endurance and could get worn down by a smarter and more physical team. While P. Peterson got the credit for defensive successes, it was actuually Bethea and T. Williams who were really impressive and who were still on the field in the end. If this game had gone much longer, I’m not sure we wouldn’t have ended with the W, without going to overtime, b/c we were giving it away bit-by-bit.
    Granted the offense got three of our linemen back which was huge, however, BA did make some changes in his play design with Boehm even going in as a FB to help block for Peterson, which made me think this would have made a major difference to the beginning of our season had he been as flexible before. As good as AP still is, he had a lot of help with more players blocking for him than just Larry, and seams getting opened up for him through the combined efforts of TEs, receivers, as well as a more solid 0-line.
    What really concerns me is that this wasn’t the quality team win we have been capable of in the past but more an effort to put lipstick on the pig with the result being a false sense of self-esteem and accompanying short-lived improvement in performance, This is not going to be enough to sustain us alone, and our defense is going to have to REALLY do some reaching in re-assessing their individual personal goals to see how they can help this team finish stronger. The Rams game should be the real test of just how improved this team really is.

  26. By Rick on Oct 16, 2017 | Reply

    A win is a win . Now we have to win the next one. We looked better than we have. So lets keep it up.

  27. By Dan on Oct 17, 2017 | Reply

    Shut down the Rams running game and force rag arm to beat you.

  28. By Dan on Oct 17, 2017 | Reply

    I’ve got a better arm than Goff.

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