Ellington out against Rams, Nkemdiche will play

Posted by Darren Urban on October 22, 2017 – 8:31 am

The Cardinals will have to do some offensive shuffling today in London, because running back Andre Ellington (quad) won’t be able to play. That should increase the role of Kerwynn Williams — D.J. Foster remains on the sideline as inactive. The good news is that defensive lineman Robert Nkemdiche is active, so he will finally return from his calf issue.

The weather, while chilly, also looks decent for this game. It is windy, which could impact things, but the moisture should stay away.

The full inactive list:

— QB Blaine Gabbert

— WR Chad Williams

— RB D.J. Foster

— RB Andre Ellington

— C Daniel Munyer

— DL Olsen Pierre

— TE Ricky Seal-Jones

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42 Responses to “Ellington out against Rams, Nkemdiche will play”

  1. By Coach K on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply


    It’s right before kickoff and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Nkemdichi give us that push up the middle and that Reddick has developed a second move from the edge rush to beat the tackle.

    We shall see.

  2. By D on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    BA getting back to over passing and getting Palmer hurt, his act is getting stale. He turned into S.Peyton and froze out Peterson. A week in London to still play like crap and BA pushes his veterans to coach up their respective rooms, why have asst coaches then, this train wreck season can’t get over quick enough.

  3. By creditcard on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    I’m stating it right now: Tampa Bay 1st half was a fluke, m/b the Bucs stayed up late,didn’t eat right … something.

    Right now it is Rams 13 Cardinals 0 near the half with Palmer out, Stanton in.

    The Cards are simply poorly coached. Poor execution, poor play calling, poor tackling, and of course comical blocking.

  4. By creditcard on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    Sorry, I forgot to mention poor clock management. This very well could be under the category of over-all poor coaching. Rams are up 20-0. Pathetic

  5. By Rod on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    I guess it doesn’t matter if our O can’t even muster a FG. Totally sucks.

  6. By Coach K on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    Reddick still has not learned an inside move on his pass rush.

    Running game not working and without a running threat, we cannot win.


  7. By Jametruis Judge on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    Let’s be honest about our defense. We have talent on that side of the ball. However, Bettcher success came with the players that Todd Bowles had on defense. B.u.t, once we let those players go, and brought in new players, it shows that Bettcher had benefited from the old players. He’s not a good defensive coordinator.

  8. By creditcard on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    Stanton, we’re the guys in red. If you don’t believe me, look at your own jersey in the mirror at halftime …. we’re the guys in red.

  9. By creditcard on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    Look on the bright side; our most mobile quarterback is listed as inactive. And we addressed our most pressing concern … who will be the punter for the 2017 season.

    Lee is doing an Ok job.

    Other than the pressing punting situation, the team is a disaster.

  10. By georgiebird on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    Just saw LOGAN THOMAS with a TD pass reception for Buffalo. That caps the day for the Cards. Game over, season over- we will never win with “Jim Hart” at QB.

  11. By D on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    Whole team is too old and slow. BA and Keim can’t locate talent on Offense line and the inside DLine is a joke. Rams have all kinds of talent with a young QB getting better. This rebuild needs to start by cleaning house in coaching and all his lacky players. Keim will be lucky to save his own job. I hope M.Bidwill is very angry

  12. By Canadian Redbird on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    Can we please activate Gabbert in place of Stanton next game. The Stanton project is just another example of Arians playing the loyalty card even if it weakens the team. Just ask Drew Butler.

    There is so much wrong with the coaching on this team ( play calling , offensive and defensive schemes, special teams ) . We need a shake up. Come on Bidwell, step up to the plate and do what’s right.

  13. By creditcard on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    Dang, the Rams are using a no-huddle. Who would have guessed. The Cards have yet to stop the no huddle against anyone this season. Literally clueless against the no-huddle.

    No worries, we addressed the most pressing issue: Punter.

  14. By creditcard on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    If Goff was above average. I’m not stating spectacular, just above average. Instead of the score being 26-0 in the 3rd; the Rams would be winning in 60+ to zero right now.

    Coaching changings is a must for the Cards.

  15. By Richard S on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    After the Cardinals drove all the way down field to start the game and they ended up with no points it looked very familiar. I’ve seen this before. Yards and no points to show for it. The Big Red not only need a low draft pick to get a quality QB of the future, we also need a lot of draft picks to beef up the offensive and defensive line so the QB of the future lasts a long time. .

  16. By Dr. G. on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    I hope I didn’t miss anything…for the first half.

    A fairly accurate synopsis of our well-rested OFFENSE to show off in London.

    Missed field goal
    Half time

    For our DEFENSE, things can’t be worse…uuh, yes. It can. 23-Zip!

    For any questions- – got nuthin for ya. Not explainable. ((Oh, wet grass, wrong shoes, dunno?))

  17. By Roro on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    This is not a playoff team let’s face it they are not a 500 team. No veteran team and coaching staff should lose games in this manner. I knew Palmer wasn’t going to make through this season…….playoff your talking about playoff!!!!! Lol

  18. By Dave the realistic season ticket holder on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    …..Who cares about leaving early pr staying in the US for london…Clearly we are terrible today….so what was the point of any of that all week.

    Time for Dose of reality…

    In reality we have been out coached / on both sides of the ball.

    We have been outplayed on both sides of the ball.

    We are not a potential playoff team.

    We need to let old players & old coaches go, and start rebuilding this team.

    Sadly just like and follow the Rams blueprint.

  19. By creditcard on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    How come Bruce Arians keeps reminding me of that old San Diego Charger coach, Tommy Prothro.

  20. By Dr. G. on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    Well, to be sensible, isn’t it obvious that Stanton in not the guy going forward? Plus, his age is a major factor long term.

    If Palmer is injured and/or he isn’t effective, we need to see if Gabbert can be developed going forward… prepare for other options for 2018. ((Trade//Draft))

    Ayone think this team will go 8-1 or 7-2 to “”maybe”” be a wild card? The Fans will appreciate a visionary approach, trust me.

    Going to be an embarrassing loooooooong flight home. 33~0 now…later.

  21. By creditcard on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    I feel sorry Gabbert.

    He will be inserted as the QB for the rest of the season, with a coaching staff that has completely checked out. Many current Cards will retire or seek better pastures.

    Gabbert will have yet another O.C. and new system to adjust in 2018.

  22. By creditcard on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    I mentioned it during OTAs — Palmer will not last to the bye week. The Cards were horrible last year at offensive line, and literally did nothing to improve during the off-season.

    I also mentioned it last year to do anything they can, in order to get Tom Caughlin as a coach. Caughlin knows on how to select and coach Offense and defensive lines. Arguably the weakest sections of the Cards.

  23. By creditcard on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    Sand has literally been pounded down our behinds. But be of good faith, we addressed the most pressing issue … punter.

  24. By Ric Italia on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    The one more year experience needs to be blown up. It is back to being in the cellar years with too many blown drafts and age that has been creeping in for years. Every team in the West has better talent. No more Stanton. I live in Chicago but have been a live-long Card fan. The Bears defense is young and fast and coached by one of the best in Vic Fangio. The Cards are old and stale. Hope everyone enjoys the long plane ride home.

  25. By Coach K on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply


    You are absolutely correct. BA gave up on the running game too soon and typically put Palmer in a bad situation against a stout Defensive line.

    He panics, starts throwing on every down and this is the result. 33-0

    AP is a back you have to keep giving the ball until he finds his stride. You have to keep the defense honest even if AP is only getting 2 yards. Otherwise, you become one dimensional and against the Ram defense, they eat up one dimensional teams.

    Stanton is a decent backup, but against a defense that knew he had to pass, he had no chance. If we cannot run the ball, we don’t have an offense.

    BA simply panics and resorts to the passing game 90% when behind. 90% passing will get you nowhere against a good defense.

  26. By Rod on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    I never thought I’d say it but it’s time for BA Anand his guys to go.

    Or at least start Blaine the rest of the way and see where this team lands.

  27. By Kevin Powell on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    Palmer out for 8 weeks with a broken arm and Arias is talking about Stanton May be time for a coaching change anybody could look and see that Gabbert gives us the best chance to win Stanton will never pull this out We probably have a lost season at this point Time to rebuild now Mr. Bidwell

  28. By Kevin S Mesa on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    I guess now Peterson knows what CJ felt like.

    Cards now -72 in point differential. How bad is that? The 0-7 Browns are -66.

  29. By JD on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    It’s time to give Gabbert a shot.

  30. By georgiebird on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    Average yardage per rush attempt for the Rams- 4.9 that says it all.
    QB sacks- Cards OL allowed 1- protecting statues.
    The biggest problem on the Cardinals is the defense, followed by ST and then the OL. Most of the fans were blaming the OL and completely giving the defense a pass.
    Well as I have said for years, the defense is the problem. If a team can’t cultivate young LBs and doesn’t have a NT that has to be doubled then the 3-4 defense is a
    NO-NO. Don’t care how stubborn BA wants to be.

  31. By DZ on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    Losing to a better team is not shameful in itself.
    Not playing smart and focused from start to finish and hard hitting on every snap against a better team is shameful and unacceptable.
    Especially 3rd down… AGAIN, D.
    This was a total team loss from top to bottom…. AGAIN.
    What an embarrassment to the fans of the AZ Cardinals.
    COME ON, have some pride in what you are paid very generously to do.

    Whiz, I mean BA, your failure to recognize the fact that your play calling is so predictable, it’s actually getting your best players hurt and defenses are licking their chops waiting for the play to start.
    But, I know, “you want to announce your presence with athourity”
    Isn’t that right, Meat?
    The battle is won on the line of scrimmage. If you can’t block or open a hole between the tackles or on Defense, get to the QB quickly throughout the game, you have to change your approach.
    Or, I could be completely wrong here and your players are not responding to you.
    Either way, it’s not a good situation for any of us.

  32. By CARDS62 on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    Well if we were lazy we could just cut and paste our comments from the Eagles game, but that will not help with removing the rage inside of us.
    . I do have some questions for everyone.
    1) Do we really stink this bad or is this just a team that can not play on the road anywhere? I am serious what do you think? I have to go to a sports bar to watch our games and definitely will not go for any more away games, but should I at least go to home games?
    2) Is there a worse defensive line in all of football? Why do our d lineman who get no sacks always jump off sides but the other teams d lineman do not?
    Listen our secondary has issues, but no secondary can cover as long as we give opposing quarterbacks. I think ur lack of a pass rush is our #1 defensive weakness, What say you?
    3) Would Notre Dame or Penn State have beat us today?
    4) Will Carson Palmer ever learn not to throw stupid passes? We know BA will never learn to defer or not to call stupid pass plays.
    5) Our punter pins them deep on one punt, but we let them return the ball for like 20 yards and our punter pins them again and we have a guy down there but it look to me like he did not even try to prevent the punt from going into the endzone. Did I see that play correctly?
    6) Do you think the Rams played well? This is the really sad part as I think they just played okay and they spanked us 33 – 0.
    7) How many of you are now ready to write Mr. Bidwill with me? 7 weeks into the season and this is all we can produce on offense, defense, and special teams. I agree they were all very bad again but I have to place this loss on the offense as they were our only hope and they hardly did anything.
    8) Can any of you tell me a half time adjustment we made after being down 23-0? My favorite was after the Rams take the kickoff and hold the ball for 5 minutes and take a 26 – 0 lead we run the ball on the first two downs and then on 3rd and 4 we throw a 2 yard pass with no pressure on the qb. Down 26-0 and we have no urgency.
    9) I told you guys Gabbert was our backup QB so tell me how long do you think it takes our coaching staff to figure this out???

    Once again fire couple of coaches and cut couple of players starting with # 84 Gresham.

    To travel so far to play this badly. If not for the Revolutionary War, and the War of 1812 I would feel badly for the Brits for paying their money to sit through this crap game where one team did not even bother to show up yet again. I sure hope Michael Bidwill attended this game, oh I mean Rams Scrimmage.

  33. By Big Ken on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    33 to zero? Come on!

  34. By Big Ken on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    I wish Wade Phillips was our DC. Holy Cow!

  35. By Big Ken on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    Yeah yeah let’s see what we have in Gabbert. Coaching staff should be on Red Alert! I’m sorry but I’m angry and frustrated.

  36. By clssylssy on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    Gonna be a VERY LONG RIDE HOME for my guys, too bad they can’t put Keim and the coaches out on the wing! Unfortunately, it’s going to take more than Adrian Peterson to resussitate this team and I feel like he, along with the fans, once again have been “Lucied”.
    When Dansby was injured my thought was, that we probably had never considered that possibility despite all the “next man up” bluster, then Carson goes out,and Blaine Gabbard isn;t even dressed–probably the only guy who the Rams don’t have tape on and might give us a long shot with mobility and less predictabiity!
    I hate losing to the Rams more than about anyone (except maybe the Eagles) as it seems we always get key players injured, which I’m beginning to think speaks more to our lack of toughness rather than their brutality, The Bettcher experiment has proven unsuccessful and maybe we can get a real DC with actual experience.
    I’ve always thought it a little odd (or just plain lazy) that BA would work so hard at getting great offensive minds like Tom Moore and then not get Bettcher the same level of veteran mentorship/advisor. They talk about player matchups but the same goes for the coaches and coordinators. Bettcher was so out of Phillips league it was sad. It’s no wonder that our defense can’t establish anything b/c just as we start getting something going Keim can’t figure out how to keep the roster together.
    This is a gut punch, and while my brain realistically knew this was a likely outcome, there was enough hope still going to believe we were capable of an upset. But, I have been to Europe and know that the trip is enough to kick your butt even if you “think” you’re on top b/c you’re running on hype and false energy–coming down is like being hit with a sledgehammer and I can only imagine the impact of this loss will be.
    I feel bad for Fitz, AD, and Carson as they watch their careers circle the drain having given so much, to come up so short.

  37. By TucsonTim on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    At 6-0 my son and I said we can’t believe we’re still in this game. Don’t know if you can appreciate it on TV. The Rams are fast and explosive.

    Unfortunately, the game wasn’t nearly as close as the score indicates. Very much reminds me of that Seattle shut out. Players statement???

    Time for a big change.

  38. By Scott H on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    Hey, I had better things to do with my Sunday than pay attention to this team. And I’m glad I didn’t bother. Wasn’t even trying to tune in for scores. I heard 20-0 at one point….then something about Palmer’s injury….then 26-0…..then the final.

    We had people over, it was a beautiful day out here in NJ, and it was a day much better spent than watching this crap.

    We DID have the Dallas – SF game on and as I’m watching that score run up, I’m thinking that watching the 49ers right now is really no different than watching the Cardinals. Not sure when that happened, but… did.

  39. By NJAzCardsFan on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    In regards to the post on the Bills- Logan Thomas (former Cards QB). The Bills have converted Thomas to a TE. Something I actually said the Cards should do in a post of a couple of years ago…..

  40. By georgiebird on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    I have a problem with BA because he is stubborn. But when you look at the Cards, who are the above average players??
    On Ofense: Larry is still above average in the twilight and maybe AP and possibly Jaron -with a better team to show his skills.

    On Defense: PP is an excellent pass defender and a weak run defender but his overall grade is above average. Chandler is excellent at getting to the QB but he is also a poor run defender- but his overall grade is above average.

    Other than these guys, BA can’t be expected to make a playoff team out of so much mediocrity.

  41. By georgiebird on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    I have a problem with BA because he is stubborn. But when you look at the Cards, who are the above average players??
    On Offense: Larry is still above average in the twilight and maybe AP and possibly Jaron -with a better team to show his skills.

    On Defense: PP is an excellent pass defender and a weak run defender but his overall grade is above average. Chandler is excellent at getting to the QB but he is also a poor run defender- but his overall grade is above average.

    Other than these guys, BA can’t be expected to make a playoff team out of so much mediocrity.

  42. By Vinny on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    Did anyone else get a reallllllly bad feeling on the first drive when AP had like 3 yards on 3 carries?

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