London — and Palmer injury — aftermath

Posted by Darren Urban on October 22, 2017 – 4:11 pm

The story became so much more than just a week in London and what that meant for the Cardinals and why they played poorly in Sunday night’s across-the-pond loss to the Rams. Now it’s about the quarterback positon, the loss of Carson Palmer to a broken arm, and what that means for the future – on a couple of levels.

For Palmer, a player who no one was really sure how many seasons he still wanted to play, it leaves big questions. If he’s out eight weeks like Bruce Arians said, that’s basically the rest of the season. Does he stay on the active roster for that possibility?  A trip to IR is at minimum eight weeks. Maybe that’s what Arians was talking about, but bringing Palmer back would mean the end of bringing both T.J. Logan and David Johnson back, because you can only bring two players total back from injured reserve.

For Palmer, does he try to come back for 2018 for sure, so this isn’t the way it might end? There is so much that is potentially in flux for the Cardinals this offseason, especially given the age of many on the roster, that I doubt it’s a question that can be answered anytime soon.

As for the QBs that remain, Bruce Arians was adamant Drew Stanton would be his starter the rest of the season. Stanton is the backup and Blaine Gabbert the third-stringer for a reason, Arians said. And maybe the Cards have seen all the need to in order to evaluate what Gabbert can do for them. But I had thought Gabbert might get a chance if the season got away in the won-loss column. Perhaps not.

The Cardinals are going into a bye week. There is time to sort it out, but obviously, Sunday couldn’t have gone any worse.

— Stanton’s first start of the season is going to be in San Francisco. That’s where he had his lone start of 2016, when he threw a pair of TD passes to beat the Niners as Palmer missed his only game of last season because of a concussion.

— The Phil Dawson 32-yard field goal miss was his fifth of the season, more than he had all of last year. The footing was not great at Twickenham and the snap was low, but holder Andy Lee looked like he did a nice job getting it in place. It was also rougher when Rams kicker Greg Zuerlein converted all four of his field-goal attempts.

Arians said Dawson is “our guy” and all he can do is tell him to make the next one. But it’s hard to believe Dawson has struggled so much because it goes against everything he has been up until this season.

— Todd Gurley 106 rushing yards, Adrian Peterson 21. Boiling the game down really far, that’s it right there.

— I don’t know what would’ve happened if Palmer hadn’t been hit on his interception. He doesn’t break his arm. He probably doesn’t throw a pick. And the game was only 6-0 at that point. It just got ugly after Palmer left.

— Larry Fitzgerald is usually quiet after bad losses, but he seemed particularly so after this one. Bad loss, loss of QB, that can happen. He’s another guy for whom retirement talk lingers. Now what does he have coming the rest of the year?

“We’re confident Drew can lead us and do the same things that we were able to do in terms of play calling that Carson was able to do,” Fitzgerald said.

— So the London week is over. No one really knows what it meant. The Cardinals lost big and did it have anything to do with being overseas for a week? It’s difficult to imagine the Cards doing any better in Los Angeles if Palmer is getting hurt and the excellent Rams defensive front is plugging any potential Adrian Peterson holes.

In any case, the bye week is here. Before that a long, long plane flight, in which the Cards will have time to ponder what went sideways in England and how exactly they can try and make things better the second half of the season – if they are able.

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  1. By Kevin Powell on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    I am afraid this is not a playoff team with Carson and definately not without him I think it is time to give Gabbert a shot Stanton has never been a game changer. This team needs a major overhaul and I believe the Coach even thought I like him is becoming outdated. Cards will have to make major changes I hate to say it but I think this year is doomed.

  2. By Tradersbrain on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    Another sub-par outing on the road. I understand players play the game, but let’s face it, our road record is abysmal. Game-in and game-out, on the road, the players are simply not prepared to play and it shows on the field. I’m sure we all have an opinion as to where the blame should rest, but the sample size is now big enough to where the issue is undeniable. Anyway, my hope is that CP gets well and back on the field.

  3. By Dylan Howard on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    I know it is tough, but it is rebuilding time. We need new DC and STC. We were a hair away from looking to the Colts an 49ers, this is a bad team

  4. By dkgambler1 on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    “No one really knows what it meant.” Technically true, perhaps, but I think it’s the end of Arians.

  5. By Kevin S Mesa on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    A few observations:

    — When the Cards’ opponents have, say, a 3rd and 5, they run to the sticks, turn around, and catch an easy pass because our defensive backs are playing 5 yards off them. Then they turn and gain another couple yards for good measure.

    — Meanwhile, when the Cardinals have 3rd and 5, they either throw a low-percentage pass 20 yards over the middle into double coverage, or an over-the-shoulder pass thirty yards down the sideline, OR they throw a pass to a well-covered running back in the flat at the line of scrimmage and he gets tackled after a 2-yard gain. The idea of running a curl right at the sticks seems foreign to them.

    — FIVE times the Cardinals jumped offside. Complete lack of discipline.

    — The Cards had a delay of game penalty called on them afer a change of possession, for Pete’s sake. How does that happen? A bunch of guys stand around in the huddle while waiting for the refs to signal it’s time to play again, and then they still can’t get a play off in 25 seconds??? Yeah, I understand, sometimes it happens when you throw a 25-yard pass and guys are slow to get up or whatever. But coming after a break in the action, that is simply inexcusable. Result: 1st and 15; we end up gaining around 12 yards that series, and have to punt.

    — And notice — with our head coach who’s been around for eons and our QB who’s played over a decade, we allowed that to happen. Meanwhile, the Rams’ rookie head coach was paying enough attention to call timeouts the couple of times that they were in danger of a delay of game.

    — Dawson has now missed three FG’s under 40 yards, plus he’s 2-4 beyond 40 for five misses altogether (not four, Darren). I don’t have updated stats after today’s games for other kickers, but going into today, 21 teams had not missed a FG under 40 yards, 9 teams had missed one, and only one other team (Denver) had missed two. We’re up to three in that category. If the team wants to send a message about accountability, they should release Dawson and pick up a kicker off the street. He’s missed more FG’s under 40 yards than Cat Man did all last season, and his four misses under 50 yards are equal to Cat Man’s for the whole season. The only other kickers who started out worse than Dawson (like the SD guy) no longer have a job, and Dawson shouldn’t have one either.

    — I see that Arians has announced Stanton is the starter for the rest of the year. No idea what is to be gained from that.

    — Meanwhile, the Suns are terrible as well, 0-3 with two of the losses by over 40 points, and the Coyotes are 0-7. It looks like Valley sports fans can go into hibernation for the winter and emerge for spring training.

  6. By Kevin S Mesa on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    My reference to “like the SD guy” should be “like the Chargers guy” — still can’t get used to them not being in SD.

  7. By NJAzCardsFan on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    Ugly and Humiliating…..

    I never imagined the Cards would get worse than their performance at the Eagle’s game. They managed to accomplish that in London. Dawson missing the field goal may have set the tone for the downward spiral. He really needs to go. Amazing how the Rams Kicker kick’s were all down the middle….. Why can the Cards find someone like that??????

    BA’s statement regarding Stanton starting, shows how out of touch with reality he has become…. He and Keim should be looking towards the future and next years draft. Gabbert should play period. This is the perfect opportunity to let the Cards really see what he has to offer…. I don’t understand the Cards Mgmt way of thinking….

    Looks I like, I will have the rest of my Sunday’s free for the rest of the NFL season….

  8. By Akos on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    I was there at the game with my wife. We travelled from Hungary for this game only (could never afford to see one in AZ) and no matter how bad it went, it was still a dream come true for me.

    Just one more thing I’d like to mention. It was great to see at least ten times as many Cards fans as Rams supporters at the stadium. It felt more like an away game for the Rams… but it did not matter in the end. 🙁

  9. By steve on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    .”With the 4rth pick in the 2018 NFL draft, the Arizona Cardinals select Josh Rosen, QB UCLA”………

  10. By Coach K on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply


    Really sad to see Palmer out with broken arm. I think it’s time to take a serious look at Gabbert right now instead of Stanton starting. We know what we have in Stanton, but Gabbert gives us mobility and we need to see if he’s in the cards for the future.

    If Gabbert plays well and manages to get this team several more wins, we can look forward to drafting a QB next year who can sit behind Gabbert, or compete for the starting position with him.

    But we must see what he has to offer now.

    I realize this may not make Drew happy, but we need to see Gabbert now.

    As for BA, if he doesn’t stick with the run game and play action, it’s time to turn over play calling to someone else. He obviously doesn’t understand you cannot panic and start throwing 80% passing plays just because AP is off to a slow start. AP takes time to get rolling. You have to stick with him to keep the defense honest.

    I feel BA showed no patience and put the offense once again in high risk mode.

  11. By Marlin on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    Here it is:

    Play Gabbert, see what he can do.
    Play young guys across the board.
    Release Iupati and Dawson, sign a cheap kicker, use the cap space to help extend a couple contracts.
    Extend contracts for Jaron Brown, David Johnson, Kareem Martin.
    Start searching for a new head coach – the BA era has been fun, but its time to move forward. His mojo doesn’t work anymore. It happens.
    Draft a QB in the first round.

    You all now I’m right….. consider that before the thumbs down starts.

  12. By Scott H on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    Well, it doesn’t matter what continent the Cardinals play on or what time zone they play in. They are a BAD football team, regardless. And BAD football teams are going to play bad no matter what.

    I’m guessing the NFL will get a nice thank you card from London, thanking them for sending the Rams and the Cardinals over for the weekend. And it will probably end with a PS asking that they NOT send the Cardinals again any time soon.

    OK, I have a question. A rather simple question and I hope some people will respond – is it time to fire the defensive coordinator now? Have we seen enough? Is it FINALLY time? I say yes, it most certainly is. Someone should have lost a job after the Philly game and it was an outrage that it never happened. After THREE consecutive defensive no-shows, it is NOT acceptable that Bettcher keep his job for another week. This should be his last game as our DC. Period. He should be gone tomorrow.

    And not just because I think somebody should get fired to send a message. He should be fired because he is doing a HORRIBLE job and nothing on the defensive side of the ball is getting any better.

    What we are seeing is an organization that, at this point, either cannot recognize what is wrong OR they are just not willing to address it. Either way, it is in total collapse at this point. And what I can’t stand for is seeing this team continue to do the same things with the same people in the same places. We all know what that is, right? That is the definition of insanity. And insanity is not functional. Insanity is DYSFUNCTIONAL.

    And dysfunctional is embarassing.

    And embarassing is what this team has become.

    We have become an organization that does not hold people responsible. It is OK to under-perform. You get to keep your job, just try to do it better. We saw it with Butler, who was a lousy punter for…..what, two-plus seasons? But he kept his job. We saw it with Amos. He STILL has his job. Again – EMBARASSING.

    And if Bettcher keeps his job past noon tomorrow, we will be seeing more of the same. More of the insanity. More of the failure to function. More of the embarassment.

    And Phil Dawson’s sorry ass should be out of a job, too. He’s been a very good kicker for a long time. Everywhere else he’s been. But right now, he flat out sucks. And there is NO reason he shouldn’t be gone tomorrow, either. WHAT are we holding onto with him at this point???

    And here is the part that is really hard. Because I’ve loved BA, just as we all have. But just hearing that he’s already decided that Stanton is his starter for the rest of the season is just another example of how / why this is all going wrong. BA has a loyalty problem and it is getting in the way of sound decision making at this point. Period.

    Stanton? OK. Um…..WHY? And don’t think that many people in many places aren’t asking the same question right now. Look…..your season is over. And Drew Stanton is not a part of your future. So…..WHY are you going to ride out a lost season with DREW Stanton while Gabbert – a QB who MIGHT be part of your future – holds a clipboard and wears a baseball cap? That is just so damn foolish.

    But that’s where we’re headed, folks. As the great Jimmy Buffett says, we’re about to push the fool button Our HC just told us so. Done.

    Yeah, I was in favor of keeping Stanton – for THIS season. Because he provides a comfort level for Palmer that I thought was important THIS season if we were counting on Palmer to take us somewhere. Well, that’s over.. Palmer is done ( for this season, anyway ). So, things have changed. And when things change, shouldn’t how you’re doing things change? Yeah…..they SHOULD.

    But will they? Apparently not. Because we’re being told that we’re going with Stanton, which really makes no sense at this point. And THAT is the problem.

    We should be taking a look at Blaine Gabbert but instead, we’re going to be stubborn and honor our loyalty to Stanton. And for no reason that seems to be in the best interests of the team.

    BA is just appearing to be an old dog that is incapable of learning any new tricks. And that never goes well.

    We need change, we need youth, we need to re-build. And seeing as Palmer is done as far as 2017 is concerned, we may as well start NOW

    But….we’re not going to. So….get ready for more of the same.

    Seriously, Bettcher has got to go. If people are being held accountable in this organization, he has to go. Changes are needed.

  13. By Red Page Band on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    No comments thus far? now, that´s scary!!

  14. By Scott H on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    Last week, we were all blinded by Adrian Peterson and his explosion. And it prevented too many people from seeing that our defense was doing everything it possibly could to give that game back to the Buccs. And they almost did. Lord knows they tried. THAT is what I was seeing last week more than anything ( although the offense was fun to watch ).

    Well, now that the floodlights have gone off again, we can see what we need to see – how utterly horrific this defense is. That is the one phase of this team that has just gone beyond un-acceptable.

    Bettcher may not be the only coordinator around here that needs to go but he DOES need to be the first one out the door.

  15. By anish on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    well, i did call this a loss to begin with so no issues in that but losing 33-0 and palmer in the process sums our shitty organization up. all i am going to say to other cardinals fans ..dont reveal you are a cards fan if you live out of arizona cause i dont want anyone else to be a laughing stock how i have been today. and it was embarrassing to be fan. it makes me question my sanity to support this garbage organization for years but this is the last straw. i am so disillusioned to be cards fan that i question my own sanity for the last 15 years. i am frustrated fan who wants this organization to be sold to someone who knows and desires to win …the bidwells need to think about moving on from this organization period – i may sound like a mad fan but i am done with this team – its just pure garbage. the signs were there when we gave up 27 points in the last 4 quarter to a shitty quarterback and fought for the wins against 49ers and colts. we have to rebuild now and there is no short cuts to that. the bidwells need to let this organization go. even belichick and brady if they played for this organization – they wont be able to sustain the crap this team has become in the last 30 years. SHAMEFUL!

  16. By NJAzCardsFan on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply


    How can a team have Highlights in a 33-0 loss, where they lose their QB also…..???????

  17. By Dr. G. on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    Dammit Carson, We feel for you man…you are a real trooper…tell them just to give you some pain medicine and quiet time for the flight home. Needing surgery? …must be something out of place…stress fractures normally need to just be immobilized for a couple months.

    Any details Darren? No way he gets surgery until he gets home!

    At first, the way he looked at his arm, I thought the play cards on his arm were twisted and may have caused a small cut…but my hopes are dashed…wow he’s tough.

    Now on to Gabbert BA…no way you can’t test what he can do…you already know what Stanton can’t do…

    Again, the Fans want you to do the LOGICAL thing here. We will forgive this move if you work on the OLine for him. If not, you need to explain why Gabbert is not your man…he has the right stuff! Don’t be stubborn with loyalty.

  18. By anish on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    Darren – does Larry still wants to stick to this team? at this point this team has no chance to make the playoffs …should he be asking for a trade or something or is that even possible …. i just hate such a HOF to end his career like this with such a bad team….Carson at this point is probably going to retire but larry still looks fit enough to play and win a ring..should the patriots search for him and Cards maybe get a few 6th and 7th round picks which they like so much! its cheap! Larry just deserves better than this debacle

  19. By JTDG on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    Darren’s comment;

    “After getting great pass protection most of the first quarter-and-a-half, Palmer was belted by linebacker Alec Ogletree as he tried to maneuver around a collapsing pocket.”

    What?? Great?? Really, Great?

    As Sporting news put it;

    “Palmer had been under consistent pressure from the Rams’ defensive front, taking a sack from Aaron Donald before being hit by Alec Ogletree on a pass that was intercepted by Lamarcus Joyner.”

    Darren, Great? I think we have a different definition of Great.

  20. By Darren Urban on Oct 23, 2017 | Reply

    JTDG —

    RE: Pass pro

    Circling back to this, I’ll just say Sporting News obviously wasn’t watching. We just looked at the game again.

    Palmer dropped back 19 times. Before he was hit and hurt — so 18 dropbacks — he was touched twice. Once was a sack, when the OL got beat. The other was a blitzer who just grazed Palmer, didn’t even hit him, as Palmer stepped up to throw. Even the injury play was a blitz in which it looked like Peterson missed the pickup, not the OL. And Palmer probably should have gotten rid of it sooner.

    So yeah, I’ll stick with “great pass protection most of the first quarter-and-a-half.”

  21. By Eric G on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    -Well, my worst nightmare scenario is less likely now. 8-8 team that’s not good enough to make the playoffs, but stills screws themselves out of a game changer first round pick. With Stanton at the helm, defenses will throw 8 in the box and stuff the run, not that this team had any run game. Pathetic effort against one of the worst run defenses. Crashed back in to reality today. Bettcher continues to be exposed for his piss poor play calling and inability to adapt to offensive schemes. I hope he’s fired at the end of the year. Too much talent to be this bad at defense.

    With Stanton at QB, this team will probably go 5-11. Hopefully no better than that. Time to look at the future as the season is officially over. Hopefully, they don’t win any more games and are a top 5 pick, Cleveland is #1 and the Cards trade for the pick. This requires the Cards to lose to SF, which they will likely do.

    Carson, it’s time to hang it up. You helped bring legitimacy to this team, but its over now. Don’t risk another injury. Do yourself and your family a favor and retire.

    Fitz, I will enjoy your last games this year. He doesn’t return with a rookie QB. Thank you for everything. It’s been an honor to be able to watch you play every weekend. You were a class act on and off the field. Sorry you played for an organization that was incapable of giving you a super bowl ring. You deserved one. We’ll see you at the hall of fame.

  22. By joe holst on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    The Rams knocked Carson out a few years ago and we just sit back and let it happen They need to pinpoint which QB they want in the draft and go all in for him, No pass rusk ,terrible o-line and special teams is awful, same story,

  23. By georgiebird on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    Amazing how the injuries occur when we play the Rams

  24. By drblogubc on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    I predicted 34-17 for LA. As pessimistic as I am, I still overestimated the Cards, thinking they would at least put some points on the board. Pretty easy, though, to stay with my early prediction of a 3-13 season. All that remained of this team until today was Adrian Peterson hype and a reasonably good Carson Palmer. Both gone now.

    Arians gets on my nerves a little more every week. Who would he throw under the bus today? “Obviously we weren’t blocking well enough, and Adrian missed some holes,” coach Bruce Arians said. Player morale must be at an all-time low. I feel sorry for David Johnson having to return one day to this mess of a football team.

    And who will start rest of the season? Drew Stanton, with Arians stubbornly sticks with him as #2. I fear he is the next injury waiting to happen anyway. Then Blaine Gabbert will get his chance.

  25. By georgiebird on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    What a horrible day. But one play really piqued my interest. In the 2nd period, Carson threw a deep fly down the left side to Smokey. The play was incomplete covered by three Rams’ defenders. My questions:
    1) Who were all our guys open with three Rams on JB ?
    2) Did the Rams know what plays we were running ?

  26. By anish on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    @EricG … Fitz aint done with NFL yet..if he decides to go to another team this season or next season that would be great..hopefully a team that can win a SB like the Patriots. Its a debacle and absolute travesty if fitz decides to retire without a ring with a crap organization. I hope he decides to play further cause I just dont see myself being a Cards fan after he retires. after supporting garbage for years, one feels the need to win and iam sure fitz feels it that way. if he doesnt, then good for him – he will still be a great ambassador for the game. But i just wish he did win a ring and I will always respect him to be a cardinals

  27. By Rod on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    If BA doesn’t start Blaine the rest of the way, BA absolutely needs to let go!

  28. By Rod on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    Needs to be let go.

  29. By AndyM on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    Most troubling to me is that BA is doubling down on his inflexibility. Sounds like at least 90% of the fan base and analysts are suggesting Gabbert should be given a tryout–perhaps not in the next game–but within a few weeks. Why would BA paint himself into a corner by declaring Stanton will be starting for the remainder of the season (or until Palmer returns)? Loyalty is a beautiful trait, but without results, the loyalty to the organization and fan base is compromised. With an offensive line that is leaking like my kitchen faucet, Stanton (a short, immobile QB) will be doomed. It was obvious that Stanton could not move the offense and this kept the defense on the field for most of the second half. The defense was both tired and shell-shocked by Palmer’s injury. There is time to regroup, but the lack of effort by the defense was very revealing. BA’s lack of flexibility is manifesting in so many ways. If the Cardinals manage to beat SF, it will mask the issues. If they don’t it would be a ship that has taken on too much water..

  30. By georgiebird on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    Once again- stop blaming the coaches- there isn’t much talent on this team. If someone thinks this is a talented team- then name all the talented players on the Cards. (and we all realize that every player in the NFL is a talented player but we are talking about comparing NFL players to NFL players so let’s not see names like Matthieu and Bucannon)

  31. By Vinny on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    How bout that Phil Dawson?

  32. By Dan Nicholson on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    Get well Carson. Amazing how cards good players sustain season ending injuries vs. Rams. Like I said 2 weeks ago with JTDG, kicking game kills teams moral & momentum. Great drive to start and Carson was not touched, 9 plays ,65 yards & Dawson misses 32 yard FG. Changes the game because it’s happened too many times last 2 years and players say here we go again. An assumption, but I think Dawson is kicking not to miss instead of I am going to blast it thru the posts. Talent is there to win, adjust to run more to help Drew, clean up penalties, kicking game. Secondary played good, no pass rush and had to cover too long. Kicking game, who is available if team makes change? Bye came at a good time so time is their to figure out issues.

  33. By anish on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    in the last days and weeks, the LA teams have annihilated AZ teams mercilessly – I would advise all AZ fans who live especially in LA to to keep it shut if they are AZ sports fans – I have already got a earful from the dodgers fans and now the Rams fans – even the Lakers fans couldnt hold their breathe to throw one at me…its a debacle being a AZ fan right now and it will be case for at least a few years from the looks of things – In a funny way – I cant wait for the coyotes to face the Kings … I expect the quadrangular humiliation to be complete!

  34. By Rick on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    Blaine will get his chance if the line doesn’t block better. It will not take long. Every one will be on IR.

  35. By Dan Nicholson on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    Pretty easy to blow up another teams O-Line when they know pass is coming 95- 100% of the time. Nkhimdeche lost gap control 2 times and too eager to get in opponents backfield, thus offsides penalties . At least he got some reps Hope Buckner can get him on right path.With his speed and quick get off I wonder if he could be better as an edge rusher… anybody .

  36. By creditcard on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    Bye week to do list:

    1. Dismiss Bettcher, promote Adrian Wilson to D.C. (He might not know all the defensive calls, but his assistants will, AND the players respect Wilson.)
    2. Cut Dawson, find any replacement
    3. Name Gabbert as starter. (Season is lost, Stanton will not be with the team next year, so, at least do a logical step by inserting Gabbert to hone in for next year).
    4. Replace Goodwin with Brian Leftwich as OC and do the play calling.
    5. Replace Amos Jones with Mike Leech as ST coach.
    6. Start looking for a new Head Coach or just cut bait now.
    7. Replace Kiem immediately after the season, with a person who has a better understanding of college talent.
    8. Call Rashad Johnson — to coach the secondary
    9. Call Darnell Docket to be the DLine coach
    10.Call Lyle Sendlein to be the OLine coach

    Best to do the changes now. Season is lost. Current situation is that the Cards might muster up one more victory. Do the above changes, the Cards will still only win 2-3 more games, but have a base for next season.

  37. By GARY HICKERSON on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    DREW STANTON should be the starter for the CARDINALS WHEN THEY PLAY AT 49ERS. after the by week,but if he is not effective then put GABBERT in the game. STANTON does have a winning record as a starter!!and he knows all the plays better than GABBERT. I think that with a full 2 weeks of complete practice with STANTON at qb,should yeild better results..i hope!

  38. By Ken Moroney on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    Season tkts since they got to AZ. Fan when lived near St Louis. Great man, BA. Horrible now as head coach. Got to much Hollywood press and it got to him. Way, way too stubborn. Why are the Cards the oldest team? Why are we short on talent? I get pissed when people blame Mr. Bidwell. His father would not spend money but Michael has. He has given his coaching staff plenty of time. Clear houses….now! Put Gabbert in rest of season. Try every DB and linemen on taxi squad or down in depth chart to be prepared to draft way better. BA will no longer tell it like it is. He totally blows off -preseason problems and they continue today. Our defense talent is way better than our current coach can scheme. We have been far too patient waiting for our QB of the future. I said we would not win 5.

  39. By JR on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    We know what we have with Stanton – what we have is a quarterback who has a 6-3 record as a starter. I would like to see what Gabbert can do, too, but first we need to see what Stanton can do with time to prepare.

    I feel bad for Carson. He is a good man but it is time for him to retire before he gets even more seriously hurt.

    As for the coaching, it seems like something is missing.

    But, we’re 3-4. Just because the handwriting seems to be on the wall, it doesn’t mean it can’t be erased. Let’s see what the Cardinals can do.

  40. By clssylssy on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    I guess what surprises me is the reaction of the fans–like this came completely out of left field? What short memories we have that we so quickly forget that horrific game just a few weeks ago in Philly, our home opener against Dallas, barely squeeking a win out over the Colts and giving up a 25 point lead just last week to barely escape with a W! Last season was terrible but seems almost a lifetime ago, probably because we don’t want to renenber it. And, then there was that shutout in Seattle 58-0…geez, this seems almost tame by comparison. I guess maybe after twenty-five years, I’ve come to expect the worse so I can be pleasantly surprised when we win. And, while that sounds cynical I DO REMEMBER how thrilling and fun it was to watch this team just a few years ago when we had the “No Fly Zone”, the Badger was healthy and creating mayham against our opponents. I remember beating Seattle in Seattle when they were unbeaten and the thrill of Larry Legend and that overtime win against the Packers!
    Yes, this was a gut punch and emotionally draining but, this is what being a Cardinal fan is all about. It’s not for the faint of heart!
    I have never liked the idea of having to play a game in London that we could just as easily drive to and be away maybe a day. I know the toll that trip takes and how fatigued being away from familiar surroundings and the comforts of home can be, and I wonder why any owner would want to stack the deck against his team that way, especially when we’ve had so many injuries and struggled so? But, I guess that’s the upside of having a winning record b/c then the NFL doesn’t expect that…perhaps, they don’t feel we have that much to lose?
    As far as being a bad team goes, I would say we are no worse than some others, who have Super Bowl rings or have consistently made the playoffs (Ravens, Bengals, Giants, Broncos,Colts etc.) and that perhaps after this bye, we will emerge with a new outlook. Losing Carson, is huge, and I hate that it happened but, I’m surprised he’s lasted this long with our 0-line, and poor technique Maybe this is why he was considering retirement at the end of last season. We have won with Drew Stanton and the team trusts him so. I can understand BA’s logic. Who are we as fans to want to coach by commiittee? Perhaps BA will loosen up and be willing to try some series with Gabbard, but for now feels like he knows what he has in Drew and that is the safest route.
    More than about anybody, I have felt that Keim was not our best option for a GM. that he did absolutely ZERO in the off season to make this team better and give us the best chance of succeeding. I have steadfastly believed we needed coordinators with resumes reflecting previous success in other systems who could bring something different and fresh to contribute. But, perhaps Mr. Bidwill has SK on a short leash financially but, IMO, a good GM would push and lobby to bring i quality players.
    While, I can understand the desire to fire everybody and clean house, I do think that it’s a little late in the game for that now, and our best bet would be to stay the course, learn from this and hopefully win some games. Maybe the FO will even bring in some replacement players after hitting a wall!
    LOL…i keep seeing Drew Stanton dressed as Wonder Woman and get the sense that was a really bad omen!

  41. By Dr. G. on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    Cards Fans…((Hall of Famer)) Fitz does not need to leave just to get a ring. If he chooses to play, my guess is Arizona. After a hiatis, he may be on MB’s payroll in some developmental mode.

    Now, it seems posters here keep reiterating what I write, so here you go…

    Josh McDaniels ~ HC for 2018? Jon Gruden won’t give up his $7-Mil at ESPN!

    (((Please don’t mention Goodwin as heir apparent…ever)))

    If MB goes HC hunting, that guy needs to have his own crew…ala BA did.

    Major changes are in the offing… delaying the inevitable equals time wasted.

    My critique is always a wish for the betterment of our team.

    Be well Cards Fans

  42. By Rick on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    This is a broken team we are seeing right now that has lost faith in the coaching staff. We as season ticket holders expect better than what we are seeing. BA is starting to sound like Ken Whisenhunt did in his final games with us. It’s only a matter of time before BA’s stubborness to adapt accordingly will cost him his job. I put Palmers injury solely on BA but in a way I am happy Palmer because he no longer has to jump through hoops to make a dam play because of horrible play calling. Steve Keim needs to address this issue and fast. Start Gabbert because at least he is able to run for his life and maybe pick up a first down. We already know what we have in Stanton. And as for the defense man I am really disappointed in them they can’t stop anybody. Third down after third down converted by the opposing team. Do what works and quit playing that zone BS that just isn’t working. Ok I’m done for now … Go Cards !!!

  43. By Fmr USAF Pilot on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    Keim owns the Cards’ team. He assembled the roster.
    The O-Line is his.
    The defense is his.
    The results are his.
    Michael Biewill needs to replace him after this season.
    If he doesn’t, HE OWNS THE RESULTS and the fans should let him know by not attending 2018 games.

  44. By Dr. G. on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    Moroney…agree…BA has certainly earned the notoriety with his successes, but yes, he came to love the Hollywood-like limelight… The Emperor has new clothes; what he says goes! No disputes.

    The glare from limelight can be blinding. He needs a life coach to help in the looking glass.

    P.S. GABBERT! !

  45. By CARDS62 on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    JR seriously give Stanton time to prepare? He has been here at least 3 years! Don’t you think that is enough time to prepare? Add to that a poor offensive line and a statue of a starting QB and it is not a question of if you will play it is only a question of when you will play. Stanton had his chance and I think we had what 1 first down in the entire second half.

    Scott H. fire any and all coaches you want. There is not any coaching being done and it is obvious. I keep asking you guys to show me a second half adjustment we make and no one ever answers me. Fire ST coordinator first, then offensive coordinator/offensive line coach second and third fire defensive coordinator.

    JTDG the good news is what our o line lacked in pass blocking they more than made up for in run blocking right. Just kidding everyone. Did not even look like the same line from last week.

    Yes I am a Carson fan, but hit or not that ball was going to be intercepted and he never should have thrown it. Our receiver was double covered well. I feel sorry for Carson but honestly for our team it is best he is not playing, because even with him we are not a good team.

    Listen I trust we all now accept the fact that we are not a good team so I am actually happy we are starting Stanton at home against the 49ers as I think he gives us the best chance to lose and therefore better draft choices. I know our coaches, our offensive line, our play calling, and Drew Stanton size so I know it is not a question as to if we are going to see Gabbert play QB for us in 2017 it is only a question of when.

    The only problem with the draft is Steve Keim history is not good especially at the positions we need, QB, D line, O line. So if we also do not replace him will we actually get better even drafting higher?

    Michael Bidwill Arizona is burning and we the fans are seeing nothing out of you. Are you at home playing the fiddle? The Suns waiting all of 3 games to replace their coach and you have now seen 7. We need you and we need you now!
    Cardinal fans please write him voicing your great displeasure.

    I love Fitz. and he is a true Cardinal and will always be remembered as a true Cardinal, but like Aeneas Williams we need to let him go before the trade deadline so the nation can see his greatness one more time in the playoffs and hopefully Larry gets his Championship. I know I want to see Larry make a run in the playoffs one more time.

  46. By Dan on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    See Nkemdeche is really stepping up, too bad its mostly stepping up too much, more like offsides. Arians has been a dud since week 1 of 2016 season, he hasn’t been the same Coach for whatever reason………..time to move on……….he’s stubborn and loyal to a fault. He punched his ticket. Key to winning is a stud offensive line……with a stud O-line all u need is an average QB, average RB and average WRs and load up on a good defensive line………simple. Great offensive line controls the game and give the defense a breather……..not rocket science.

  47. By Blakew on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    Ughhh !!! this is ugly , somebody needs to call OSHA and complain , as that offensive line / trench shoring has too many gaping holes in it and our quarterbacks are getting killed !!!!!!!! .
    i am Surprised it can open holes wide enough to let the opponents defense waltz right in, but cant open a hole for any of our running backs to gain a few yards , oh wait , they have , but then someone is called for holding ( usually Gresham or Jaron Brown ) . nice job guys
    i am surprised poor Carson made it this far 🙁
    oh, and Dawson, i never thought i would say this but i actually think we might be better off with Neil O’Donoghue ( horrible early 80’s Cardinal Kicker ) , After 47 years of following this team , as dumb as i am, and it has taken me this long, but i finally realize that this team is ” CURSED ”
    You know, even the Dodgers finally found NEXT YEAR ( 1955 World Series win )

    Maybe i will start following the Jets Todd Bowles ( good coach ) , Josh McNown ( playing ok football , i know interception today ) , and Chandler Catanzaro ( who has been kicking pretty good lately , at least better than our kicker , but then again who isn’t)
    Oh and did it look to any of you, if the Rams looked TIRED today … just asking
    like i said “CURSED”

  48. By Dan on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    Stanton blows……..Gabbert much better but Arians wants his boy to play……..Arians should just retire. Honeybadger has now lost his knickname, he’s just Honeypot……..took the money and ran and has no legs. He doesn’t have it anymore………he lost it…damaged goods…..another bad investment, might want to wait and see how he looks after the injury ….trade him for Andrew Luck and a 2nd rd pick if he have one……send them Bethel too.

  49. By Dan on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    Alex Boone looked more like Pat Boone……getting owned as usual. Our Defensive line flat out sucks…….special teams flat out sucks Amos……but Arians needs his boy………fire him dude…………Arians doesn’t care, he tapped out after All or Nothing season……….I noticed it as soon as the season kicked off in 2016 that his heart was not in it……he’s done…………….HE’S DONE!!!! I called it back then………I’m a friggin genius……………I can build a better team……looks like I missed my calling. Although I was wrong about Nkemdeche……..I thought he was going to be good but only thing he’s good at his sitting on the bench or jumping offsides.

  50. By Dan on Oct 22, 2017 | Reply

    Yeah, Betcher sucks…….or whatever his name is……….fire him, not doing the job………..Keim should be on a short one too………u think a former offensive lineman could spot an decent offensive lineman? Apparently not……….not even close for that matter. Big old fat swing and a miss…….again and again, and again……..and one more again.

  51. By Marlin on Oct 23, 2017 | Reply

    Boetcher has got to go, if for no other reason than he employs this “zone defense” that his players don’t understand. Its NOT about mental errors. Its abut a zone defense that leaves talented athletes “undecided” about where to be. Let them use their talent to play ball…. not guess about where to be in coverage.

  52. By tom manoogian on Oct 23, 2017 | Reply

    well michael bidwell,it’your time .don’t do what your father did all those years and just let it keep happening.since you have taken over you have tried to do what ‘s best to turn team around,tough decisions are now for you,and they need to be made now,we get outcoached and outplayed by a coach who has only been of legal drinking for 10 years.i know you can’t fire everybody today but you have to kmow they basically all have to go,everyone under you must fan since 1968,will be forever,just don’t do what your dad did,make the changes,pay to get the right people here,good luck michael,you are going to need it.

  53. By Larso on Oct 23, 2017 | Reply

    The Defense was on the Field all day and could not rotate at will, rams did a good job with a fast offense. Bucannon showed Energy and was all over the field. PP did not look injured at all.
    The Rams stuffed the box and the oline could not open it up. The pass protection was nice at the start and AP did a couple of rlly cool looking blitz pickups.

    I light a candle for Palmers surgery, hope he gets well soon!

    Keep Fighting Cardinals!!!! never give up!! get the FuN back!!

  54. By Scott H on Oct 23, 2017 | Reply

    So, upon being asked the possibility of Gabbert starting instead of Stanton, BA says because Stanton is number two and you don’t skip number two to go to number three.

    OK. See my comments about stubborness and loyalty above. Because this response tells you all you need to know.

    That is just paint-by-numbers coaching and that is sad. It might be time to think just a little outside the box right now

  55. By Scott H on Oct 23, 2017 | Reply

    To continue my last post on BA’s quote…, coach, this IS a situation where you should probably skip number two and go to number three. Because doing that gives you a chance to see what you have in Blaine Gabbert. And knowing that NOW – BEFORE the draft – would be a big help in knowing whether you need your QB of the future or maybe you already have him. Long-shot or no, why is it not a good idea to KNOW what you have in Gabbert before you go into next off-season??? It’s SO basic…..isn’t it?

    In other words, recognize that 2017 is a sunken ship ( regardless of a record that provides the illusion that you’re right there in the race in the NFC ) and start building a better ship for 2018. That is the course we need to be plotting at this point.

    Stop the insanity ( as defined by continuing to do the same things, with the same people, and expecting a different result ).

    And BTW, I found the wording of BA’s quote to be rather humorous in regard to his reference to number two. Because “number two” would be a pretty fair description of what we looked like yesterday.

    Admit it, that was funny.

  56. By Hammy on Oct 23, 2017 | Reply

    I really feel for all the Cardinals fans who have invested their time and money into supporting this team and organization. The Cardinals owe us all a major refund for this one! What is our identity??? Nobody knows! Coach Arians says we had a good week at practice and we produce this? As probably the only Cardinals fan living in Jacksonville Florida where the Jags are doing great (with Calais Campbell playing like a beast) I am truly DONE with the Cardinals organization!

    Looking at the Cards roster from top to bottom, we do not have great depth and a lot of our starters are old or overrated at best. Our defense sucks! I dont know if it is the play calling or the players? Special teams hasnt been anything since PP rookie year.Offense is too predictable. I think Arians and his old staff are way past their league. The game has evolved and we need a young, fresh mind to get this team back on track. Listening to BA talk during these press conferences he always seems so dejected and depressed. Its almost like he knows the team is garbage but refuses to throw out some of the trash! Keim and Co. have not drafted well and built this team into a championship caliber football team! We just dont bring in the type of talent we need to win. If Ken Whisenhunt had a good quality quarterback he would have done as good as BA. Hell at least he took us to a Superbowl. Love BA’s personality and his toughness while fighting cancer but I think its time to move on and rebuild this organization from the bottom up! We cannot fall back into all those years where we were irrelevant and an “Easy” Win for the opposing team. #FREEFITZ

  57. By Ottis Anderson Fan on Oct 23, 2017 | Reply

    Maybe the Cardinals need to move the east coast so they can avoid having to travel to the east coast. No more excuses then. *Sigh*

  58. By Lifetime Fan on Oct 23, 2017 | Reply

    YOU ALL NEED TO SCROLL UP AND READ CLSSYLSSY’S post. If you are here as a cards fan you need to realize that the team will collapse and disappoint you often, but there are some great moments sprinkled throughout.

    Disagree with you all, Gabbert should not play yet because the season is not yet lost. We still play the rams, and the seahawks twice, with some luck we can still win division, though i realize this is unlikely. But you cant throw the season after a bad start.

    Second those of you hating on Dawson should look for the real culprit. I give you Amos Jones a man whose employment is an affront to all Cardinals fans. Catanzaro is solid this year but was bad here. Dawsom was great last year, terrible now. Amos Jones is the common denominator in all our punting and kicking woes.

  59. By jeffcardinalfan on Oct 23, 2017 | Reply

    stanton should start next week because he does know the system and im very sure that gabbert has gotten very few reps in practice. as bad as this is the cards at 3-4still have a chance to make playoffs-the nfc looks reallly weak this year. a key difference between cards and rest of league was shown in the packer/saints game -packers fought their tales off with a backup qb after suffering the loss of rogers. if cards come out listless against 9ers that will be the end. lets hope that gabbert has been studying playbook cause he will play this year BUT i dont want to see him bashed on this board when he doesnt produce miracles. the ol will still be bad and all the other ssues(defense? kicking? st’s? will not go away).as a lifetime mizzou fan i saw EVERY game gabbert played. he should have stayed at mizzou for his senior year. it was not until his last game at mizzou that he looked like a take charge kinda guy. physically he is the protype nfl qb-great arm, mobile-it remains to be seen if he can be a winning nfl qb-fwiw i think he can but it will be unfair to him if he plays and cards still lose and he then gets cut and will then be doomed to be a back up the rest of his career.

    im not sure about firing ba and coordinators in the middle of the season-new hc and staff couldnt put in a new system in the middle of the year but there needs to be housecleaning after the season. as bad as the coaching has been its not all their fault-THE PLAYERS STILL HAVE TO BLOCK, TACKLE AND MAKE KICKS-HOW MANY MISSED TACKLES WERE THERE IN RAMS GAME? ive seen several posts calling for josh daniels to be our new hc-i dont know-he was pretty bad at denver thoughg i agree that new hc needs to be a young guy with new ideas.

    lets hope that mb is stunned and angry with this performance and takes appropriate action.

    as far as qbs in next years draft i like baker mayfield and the linihan kid from idaho-i dont like darnold at all.

  60. By Marlin on Oct 23, 2017 | Reply

    I agree with Dan about our defensive line. Man, that’s a bad defensive line. Almost need to start all over at that spot.

  61. By JTDG on Oct 23, 2017 | Reply

    I wrote on Friday (to several thumbs down)

    “Everyone is high on the oline, and point out that they are now healthy. As I pointed out before the Tampa game, Tampa had no pass rush. None. 4 sacks on the year coming in and they got 2 sacks on only 24 drop backs.
    This is a scary stat, because the Rams can bring it. 2nd in the NFL in sacks, they don’t just have one guy like the cards do. Their sacks are spread out. Therefore, everyone has to protect. With the cards leading in hits on QB and sacks given up, this seems like a bad combination.”

    And bad combination it was. With only 19 drop backs, Palmer has a broken arm.

    But what surprised me was, we couldn’t run on the 29th ranked run defense. How bad is this line when you can’t get any yards for AP against the 29th ranked run defense and your QB is taken out in just 19 drop backs?

  62. By clssylssy on Oct 23, 2017 | Reply

    What a bunch of fair weather Nancies! Look around…there are other teams who are getting shredded too and most of the rest are up and down–even the Patriots and Seahawks have been erratic. Many teams have had some pretty awful injuries, losing key players, without panicking. Quitting now or impulsively firing everyone would be not only REALLY shooting ourselves in the foot, but would show we lack the toughness and grit to suffer our losses with grace. We need to own our mistakes, learn from them, reset and move on. For all of those who want to trade Larry, perhaps he should be consulted about that; he has stayed the course and given enough to this organization that he doesn’t deserve to have his future decided by a bunch of over reactive armchair QBs!
    Obviously, many fans have never worked in recruiting for an Organization like an NFL Team, but it’s a process in which haste makes waste. There are good people out there but most of the people we would want are already employed. As I suggested before, I would let our FO know that a search is underway for their replacements. and they will be responsible for the way they want o end their chaapter here. Beginning the search process now, interviewing candidates and having a deadline of February 1st, would avoid chaos and the rush of end of season competition by other teams. I would also be sure to have Adrian Wilson Larry Fitz, AP, and maybe PP be a part of the search committee and hiring process as they are more qualified than anyone to know what traits players respond to in a HC and stay very connected to the college football scene as well.. Having player representation would also go a long way in developing a cohesive relationship between management and players
    For the short term, I would bring in some senior advisors to help Bettcher, Special Teams and our 0-line and I would focus on improving technique and a review of basis skills such as ball security (Ohio State has time set aside in every practice devoted to working on just ball security). And, if Michael Bidwill is serious about football he needs to throw the checkbook out the window when hiring.
    In most large organizations these days, there is some sort of quality assurance, which we do not have in the case of the NFL where billionnaire owners are allowed to continue unchecked for decades but I do think Michael Bidwill is approachable.
    We have a bye, and an opportunity to take a time out and reset. We DO have good players who could be valuable resources, and in comparison to years past, our situation doesn’t seem quite as bleak as it appears,

  63. By Scott H on Oct 23, 2017 | Reply

    Lifetime –

    Um….you’re not telling us anything we don’t know by saying Amos is a / the culprit for our kicking AND punting AND special team’s woes. Many of us have been saying that since beginning of last year. So….why is he still here? They can fire him any time they want and SHOULD HAVE by now.

    See the big picture. Amos can’t fire himself. And he probably won’t, I would imagine. The organization continues to tolerate him and his poor performance. Just as they have tolerated several other poor performers for entirely too long. The organization is failing to address its problems.

    That is the big picture.

    And I really don’t get your opinion that we can still win the division. I will respect that as your opinion and I cannot tell you are wrong or that won’t happen. But I will say that I feel like I am watching a team that is not a playoff team, not a division winner, not a winning team, not even a .500 team.

    Teams that fit those descriptions do not have defenses that allow 30-plus points against them in 3 consecutive games – while scoring a combined 7 points in two of those same games. HOW do you see that winning a division????

    Yeah, maybe if the NFL does a quick re-alignment and we land in a division with San Fran, Cleveland, and Indy. I could see that….

    But a division that includes the Rams and Seahawks? I just don’t know what you can possibly be seeing right now that makes you say that.

  64. By Andre on Oct 23, 2017 | Reply

    There’s usually a reason why in emergency situations the best thing to do is relax and make decisions that are not hasty or reactionary.

    From what I see the loss has put anxiety into the fans. They want to see something change and seeing Stanton play after what we have already seen of him tells us that this isn’t going to play well for the rest of the season. This MAY be true but there is a process. This is Stanton’s job to lose. I don’t care to see him play, but he IS the backup quarterback for a reason because he has proven himself. It’s up to Gabbert to prove his play and Stanton to prove he can’t play. We will see against San Francisco. If we lose that game or it comes down to the wire with poor QB play from Stanton, maybe we do see Gabbert come in. Until then calling for Gabbert is a reactionary move that would show desperation. Frankly I would lose respect in BA and Keim if this happened. They know what they are doing and they are methodical about it.

    The season is LONG and we have time. This is exactly what you do if you want to build and maintain a playoff caliber team for years to come. It’s up to players to prove themselves. One thing I do have to mention is the age of the team, it is old and I do see it being transformed into a younger team in a few years. We do already have young talent and building on top of them when Carson, Fitz, etc. leave is a positive that was maintained and put in place by both Kiem and BA. The sky isn’t falling and the point I’m trying to make is that we should think long term AND NOT GIVE UP.

  65. By lacardinalsfan on Oct 23, 2017 | Reply

    Interesting phil D. Good before Amos got a hold of him now bad.
    Catman bad while working with Amos now gone and good

    Anyone see a common denominator?

  66. By Joe C. on Oct 23, 2017 | Reply

    Clssy, I give you credit for hanging in there. No one has been more optimistic then me. While mathematically I suppose they have a chance I don’t see it. I do think there has to be some eye on the future. If BA wants to give Stanton a chance I suppose that’s fair, although I’ve seen enough to know he’s a good back up no more. Would I throw Gabbert in immediately? I might, unless I thought it would hurt his development I see no reason to not get game evaluation. And if it hurts his development that answers that question. Special teams are a huge weakness. Coach has to go. Even if its not fair, you pay for failure. This offseason you have to get a couple real good o-line guys and a d-line guy. If you can do that and find a QB (pay big bucks in FA?) they can saddle up next year and make another run. I’m okay with Kiem but coaching has to pay. If Arians stays take the defense away from hm.

  67. By jeffcardinalfan on Oct 23, 2017 | Reply

    it really all comes down to mb doesnt it? if he is content just rolling in the dough not much will happen during offseason…if he is committed to win then there will be changes. clearly amos has got to go…maybe replace moore with a younger guy(read new ideas). since the denny green era i think the biggest mistake cards have made is in overvaluing the existing players and when there is a clear weakess hoping? thinking? players on the roster will play better. these fall directly in the gm’s lap. i would like to see us hire someone from the patriots and packers organization-their methods work-these teams remain good while players leave/get injured. there have to be things they are doing that other teams are not.. our roster has some superstars but not enough guys who just get the job done. belichek would cut/trade a guy no matter who he was if the guy didnt DO HIS JOB ON THE FIELD. and he sure as hell wouldnt put up with lack of effort. mcarthy continues to win even with players hurt and packers played hard against the saints without rogers.

  68. By Coach K on Oct 23, 2017 | Reply


    Start Blaine Gabbert. With this offensive line, he gives the team the
    best chance for success right now. He also has a much stronger arm than
    Stanton and is a better scrambler. It’s time to start Gabbert right now, NOT AFTER Stanton fails.

    If the team can design plays that suit Gabbert’s strengths, we may be able to create an offense with bootlegs and other options that fit his athletic ability and take pressure off the offensive line with his moving pocket.

    The Houston Texans remade their offense to match what their young quarterback does best. It worked. The Cards should do the same with Gabbert. We have the bye and this is the time to install a new offensive format.

    Defensively, would some coach please teach Reddick a second inside move on his outside pass rush. Looping 5 yards outside the tackle is ridiculous. Who the hell is coaching this kid?

  69. By Rick on Oct 23, 2017 | Reply

    Carson Palmer is a trooper at his age taking a beating like he has under BA and that offensive line. Time after time taking a beating behind that sorry a** offensive line and still getting up and trying to will this team to win. He was actually fighting with the training staff to get back into the game after breaking his arm. That guy is amazing. He was chosen 1st overall in 2003 draft and I feel bad for him because i know he did not expect to end up here at his age taking a beating. I applaud you Carson and if this was your last game with us it has been an absolute pleasure to watch you play this game with your will and determination and passion. As for BA and this offensive line and the entire Defense you should be ashamed of yourselves. CHANGE IS COMING !!!

  70. By Dr. G. on Oct 23, 2017 | Reply

    Clssy…It is never sound argument to excuse bad team performance by pointing to other bad teams’ performance. We can’t fix those teams.

    MBidwill is a lawyer; he will not see things in a comparative sense to excuse this anemic play. Frankly, based upon many, many things to include our negative (-72) point disparity between points scored and points allowed, anyone would be baffled how we won 3 games.

    MBidwill may take pause to see if his team can save face for the season, but in the end, if it goes that far, ((probably will)) most of us see rainy days coming and enevitable major changes. …be well…


  71. By JTDG on Oct 23, 2017 | Reply


    “Patrick Peterson is on pace to allow 16 catches this season
    The WRs he’s shadowed”

    Unbelievable. So, why did we play so many zones all day? Answer – for the CB2 and nickle.

    The other guys couldn’t cover, so you have to play zones. Why in the world the CB2 wasn’t addressed in the offseason is beyond me.

    We basically play a majority of the time a 4-2-5 defense with 3 safeties and try to drop into zones. The Eagles and Rams found mismatches in the zones and exploited us.

    It is not being talked about, but what about the blow up by Pat P or his frustration he showed this week.

    This defense has given up 28 or more points in 5 of their 7 games. They have given up 33 or more in each of their last 3 games.

    You have the best CB in the game. You have Jones playing at an all-pro level, but you can’t figure out how to hold teams under 30?

    This is a combination of bad coaching and bad GM. It is a mess on defense, yet some of you think we still have a chance?

    A defense that gives up 30 points a game and an offense with Drew Stanton QBing, and you want to call fans fair weather nancies, and say hang in there it is a long season? Are you guys watching the games.

    Please tell me, what can we hang our hat on going forward in 2017? That incredible defense, the 5 for 14 performance for 62 yards by Stanton. This Offensive line who gives up more sacks and QB hits than anyone. What do you think is going to keep us in till the end?

    Oh I know, the 0-7 niners will make fans feel good for a week. Till the Hawks come to town.

  72. By JTDG on Oct 23, 2017 | Reply


    I couldn’t agree more

  73. By carlsonchemist on Oct 23, 2017 | Reply

    Hi Cardinals Fans,
    I believe that most of us remember that when BA accepted the head coach position, he was quick to say that he intended to do things his way. He admitted that he was at the end of his coaching career anyway and was prepared to retire even years ago…until he was offered a HC position with our beloved Cards.

    It shouldn’t be a shock to any fan that he is going to do things his way and just do more of the same on his way out. He told us exactly what he intended to do and at the time we accepted it because he was generating wins.

    That’s no longer the case (yes, injuries have definitely muddied the water, and at least for me, I was empathetic). But other teams suffer casualties and it’s painfully clear to me that our backups are a huge step below our first string players and are ill-equipped to confront opposing teams.

    You did things your way, BA, and they’re not working anymore. So it’s time to thank you for the wins, and move on. I know this can’t be a surprise to you as you admitted to having been fired close to a dozen times before. This is a competitive league that demands what have you last done for me? The answer is very little of late.

  74. By Steve on Oct 23, 2017 | Reply

    I think the smart thing to do is give Blaine Gabbert a chance. He is faster and more elusive than Stanton… Stanton is and always was horribly inaccurate so I don’t think he (Gabbert) can be worse in that regard. Gabbert probably will commit more turnovers but make more big plays… and this team needs to figure out what to do with the quarterback position for 2018, since I feel Palmer has played his last game. I also think it’s time to move Mathieu. (if you could find a trade partner or bench him). I think in this system as a slot corner he is done. Put Baker in and let him learn on the fly… Play Nkendichie -, gotta find out what he is? I think the team has enough talent to compete with these changes and will win some games….and besides can it get any worse???

  75. By Dr. G. on Oct 23, 2017 | Reply

    jtdg… Your post reminded me – – I forgot to mention that 2 of our wins were the Colts and 9ers…a combined 2-12. A win at 9ers will artificially skew our record to appear better than reality. If you remove the 2 byes ((Colts//9ers)), we could easily be 1-6.

    Darren…please update Palmer’s situation as you get new info…thank you

  76. By Darren Urban on Oct 23, 2017 | Reply

    Dr. G —

    RE: Palmer

    I’d like to think I always update a situation if there is new info.

    That said, I’m not sure what can be added to the fact he’s out about eight weeks and there are just nine games left on the schedule.

  77. By Scott H on Oct 23, 2017 | Reply

    clssy –

    I gotta say, you said something there that made me laugh….you suggested that we bring in some senior advisors…..but how much older can we possibly get??? We can’t be any more senior than we are right now!

    Look, you’re a good person and I appreciate that. But I’m just not interested in bringing in senior advisors ( and again, I thought we had a whole coaching staff full of those already ) to help coordinators who have already been in place long enough to know their jobs. No thanks. I see that as going in the wrong direction.

  78. By Marcelof on Oct 23, 2017 | Reply

    Is Cairo Santos without a team?
    Sign this kid. He’s consistent.

  79. By Dominik on Oct 23, 2017 | Reply

    8. Call Rashad Johnson — to coach the secondary

    I like that!

  80. By aschatte on Oct 23, 2017 | Reply

    @clssylssy you need tone it down before calling others fairweather nancies! Let me know when you spend 5 grand on season tickets and go all the way to London to see a bunch of pathetic divas playing so called football and embarrassing themselves and others – calling others nancies is very easy for someone like you but when it comes to walk the talk, you will ne nowhere to be found! You are what is the problem with AZ Sports fans today – naïve thinking and living in a bubble and cant even see a failed sports organization for the last 70 years…The season is lost and if you cant see that even after yesterdays game – then its meaningless to talk logic with someone like you.

  81. By jocards on Oct 23, 2017 | Reply

    I think Arians is a good coach, good offensive mind but he simply does not have the personnel to run his down field passing system. Obviously losing Johnson hurt badly but when a team constantly shows up on the road and quickly is down multiple scores seemingly every time that is usually a sign that they are not ready to play and that is the sort of thing that gets coaches fired….It’s coming.

  82. By clssylssy on Oct 23, 2017 | Reply

    Joe C;;
    Thank you, but props for hanging in there? If you ask most people on this thread they would say I was a cynic or negative Nancy, as I’m constantly railing against the miserable job the front office has done in putting together a competitive roster, coached by competitive and accomplished personnel with documeneted success in their credentials. My point is that impulsive decisions never yield good results, just compound the problems that exist. In this kind of situation, I believe that a clear head and a plan of action going forward is the route to go rather than a frantic and desperate grabbing at whatever is convenient. I would have a team meeting and get input from the players, who, have history with Drew and seem to have confidence in him. I’m not suggesting coaching by committee, but I think it’s important when there is a serious loss like Carson, to check the pulse of the players. It would seem that Fitz has confidence in Drew who has had to step up before and has been here for five years, over the new kid on the block. I don’t think either one are the long term answer for our franchise QB and Stanton probably won’t be too far behind Palmer as he has ten years experience in the league. He knows this team, has chemistry with BA and the players and has a feel for the way we operate by virtue of experience. Perhaps, BA is sort of feeling his way by starting off with Stanton, while coming across as defensive and stubborn.
    Dr, G:
    You are a smart man and I am a little surprisedd that you interpreted fmy remarks as “making excuses for a bad team performance by pointing to other bad team performanaces”? Fact: football this season has been pretty erratic for nearly every team including perrennial heavy weights who have not been much worse than we are. The big difference is that most teams have made some attempt to go out and get replacement players so they at least gjve the appearance that they are trying to get better while Keim has not. I have belabored this point until I am blue so, to have the outcome we did, should come as no surprise.
    Carson is a good QB, probably the toughest guy in the league, who has caught so much crap from fans over a situation that wasn’t his doing, I feel bad for him and for Fitz and Adrian who just step into this situation. This didn’t happen overnight.
    As others have pointed out, we still have games to be played, and rather than quit ,I would rather go down fighting. Yes, Mr. Bidwill is a lawyer but he has been around this business his entire life and has weathered many storms so I’m sure he’s smart enough to recognize when there needs to be a complete overhaul.

  83. By Louis Callegari on Oct 23, 2017 | Reply

    Sorry its time to wake up and smell the coffie. fire the hole team.

  84. By Dan Nicholson on Oct 23, 2017 | Reply

    Lacardinalsfan: RE: Dawson. I posted that I think Dawson is kicking not to miss instead of just going out there and blasting it thru the posts. Think even Dawson said after Colts game he knew what happened here last year and it’s in his head. Don’t think it’s a coaching issue with him.

  85. By Steve on Oct 23, 2017 | Reply

    I have a crazy idea that wont happen…. trade Tyrann Mathieu for Jimmy Garoppolo ….

  86. By Dan on Oct 23, 2017 | Reply

    ANDREW LUCK! ANDREW LUCK!!! ANDREW LUCK!!!! We need all the Luck we can get. Of course we all know the Cardinals luck…………bad luck…….but hey, maybe this will blow the curse. Trade for the horseshoe QB……..whatever it takes.

  87. By Dan on Oct 23, 2017 | Reply

    I don’t even care, trade the Honeybadger and Patrick Peterson………….Andrew Luck.

  88. By Dan on Oct 23, 2017 | Reply

    Trade for Garropollo? Probably dislocate both hips with our offensive line.

  89. By Dan on Oct 23, 2017 | Reply

    All or Nothing……….I guess they were right.

  90. By Dan on Oct 23, 2017 | Reply

    Another point…………pretty sad when you get blown out by a division opponent………it’s not like we don’t know who they are. Fire Arians……he’s done…….been done…….he lost the fire….its not like when he was coaching in Pittsburgh and getting help from the Officials/NFL all the time………welcome to Cardinal land. We probably sell the least amount of merchandise.

  91. By Kevin S Mesa on Oct 23, 2017 | Reply

    Steve —

    No way NE would take Mathieu for Garoppolo straight up. What else you throwing in?

    Clssylssy —

    I agree with you about the people calling to trade Fitz. Fitz is a Cardinal. If he specifically makes a request to be traded, the team can consider it, but unless he asks, it’s silly for fans to bring it up like he “deserves” to play for a contender. Fitz has been to the playoffs several times and the Super Bowl once. Joe Thomas has played his entire career with the Cleveland Browns. His first 10 years he made it to the Pro Bowl (he won’t this year after his injury.) They made the playoffs as a WC the first year, lost the WC game, and since then they’ve been under .500 every year. Out of 11 seasons (including this year, where it’s pretty clear they won’t get to 5 wins), Thomas’ Browns teams will have won 5 of fewer games in 9 of them. Once they went 7-9, and in his first year, the playoff year I mentioned, they went 10-6.

    But I don’t hear people sitting around whining about how Joe Thomas “deserves” to be on a winning team.

    The vast majority of NFL players will never play in a Super Bowl, much less win one. Think about it — if you randomly distributed players among the teams, 1 in 16 guys would go to the Super Bowl every year. If you played 16 seasons, which would be a lot, you should get to go to ONE SB. Fitz has been to one. I’d love to see him get to another one, but if he retires without getting to go back, he can’t complain.

  92. By Dan Nicholson on Oct 23, 2017 | Reply

    Steve, re: Mathiue for Garoppolo. You are not crazy with that idea. Good idea, just have to start him off with so many play package and they have a good back and receivers…..

  93. By Dan Nicholson on Oct 23, 2017 | Reply

    Plus they have Buddha Baker weather he is far enough along or not

  94. By clssylssy on Oct 23, 2017 | Reply

    Andrew Luck isn’t even playing. He’s STILL injured (when wasn’t he?)

  95. By clssylssy on Oct 23, 2017 | Reply

    Fitz has been to 10 ProBowls and a Superbowl and has a stack of creds as tall enough to make him a HOFer! But, you made an excellent point about other players on other teams and fans not presuming to know what’s in their best interest!

  96. By jeffcardinalfan on Oct 23, 2017 | Reply

    trading for jimmy g-not gonna happen…colts would be insane to trade luck. im surprised to see posts thinking cards beat 9ers…my guess is that unless d plays much better and ol somehow gets ap loose for 150, the 9ers cram carlos hyde down cards throats and beathard finds garcon and te’s just enough for the w.

  97. By Joe C. on Oct 23, 2017 | Reply

    Clssy, You are definitely negative! Sorry if I wasn’t clear. I meant props for hanging in after THIS game. I expected a lot more blasting from you. If it was my team I’d blow it up this year and build for the next. I feel for Fitz.

  98. By Steve on Oct 23, 2017 | Reply

    I agree New England would probably want more …BUT… I think their secondary is so bad that they would be willing to do it…I’d throw in a 3rd they throw us back a 6th… I also think that New England would figure out how to use him best and he would flourish… rid Arizona of the big salary and we could have Garopollo for the remainder of the season and lock him up with a five year deal…cut Palmer and Stanton and the team with this trade would have cleared a ton of money off the books… sign Jason Pierre Paul with it.

  99. By Gary on Oct 23, 2017 | Reply

    As an avid Cardinals fan I would WELCOME Colin Kaepernik with open arms

  100. By Steve on Oct 23, 2017 | Reply

    Another reason New England might do it, is because he may walk next year (unless they franchise tag him) and they will get nothing

  101. By clssylssy on Oct 23, 2017 | Reply

    OMG! You are so right and when I read your comment, I about fell out laughing at the way my comment sounded, lol, yes, we definitely have the oldest coaching staff in the league, but also, there are some pretty wise men in that group. What I actually meant was that Bettcher could benefit from some coaching supervision or mentoring since he was thrown into his job without the benefit of having coached in the league before. It was trial by fire and pick up the pieces of the Horton/Bowles defense and try to step into some pretty big shoes. The Rams have Wade Phillips for a DC and I was thinking about finding someone with that level of defensive experience/knowledge to help bring him up to speed. Still, my bad…pretty funny!
    I’m sorry, I obviously hurt your feelings and can only imaagine how angry you must be at laying out five grand on such a disappointing experience! Yikes! But, I do feel your pain as I think about all the money I’ve laid out over the years on season tickets, traveling to away games, buying merchandise, etc. Sometimes I kick myself but then I do savor the memories that maybe someday you will come to appreciate as well. And, I probably do need to tone it down, I sometimes forget not everybody jokes around as hard as the hardcore fans I’m use to commiserating with, and, I really was joking in my dry and somewhat cynical way. Growing up in Chiefs country and then twenty-five years here in Phoenix, I guess I’ve become desensitized?
    @Joe C:
    Funny, I see myself as an objective observer that sometimes (and apparently rather accurately) sees flaws and is outspoken about them (as are others like JTDG, Coach K, Mitchaz, Scott,…) Yes, I am disappointed at our losses and would LOVE to see my guys win a Superbowl in my lifetime.
    So, people, apologies to all who I’ve offended and GO CARDS!

  102. By Kevin S Mesa on Oct 23, 2017 | Reply

    Clssylssy —

    I’ve seen you post before about “mentors” or “advisers” for Bettcher.

    The Cardinals have a bunch of coaches on both sides of the ball. It’s not like Bettcher’s all by himself.

    Everyone is a first-timer at some point — whether it’s coordinator, head coach or whatever. No one is sitting around saying Sean McVay needs a mentor (even though he’s only 30), because the Rams are 5-2 after years of mediocrity under the very “experienced” Jeff Fisher. You’re just saying Bettcher needs help because the results aren’t there.

    So if you think he’s overmatched and underqualified or just not that good, just say so — in which case he doesn’t belong as the Cardinals’ DC. But let’s stop this silliness about “mentoring.” Either Bettcher belongs as the DC, or they should name someone else the DC and Bettcher can assist that person, like he assisted Bowles.

  103. By Dan on Oct 23, 2017 | Reply

    Sign Kaepernick and say goodbye to season tickets holders……..any team who signs Kaepernick, say goodbye to fans………thats why nobody has signed him, don’t want the circus and the majority rules…….fans will boycott……..try looking at all the empty seats in the stadiums.

  104. By Dan on Oct 23, 2017 | Reply

    So whos the next Coach going to be?? Arians has 1 foot out the door already, maybe dragging the other.

  105. By Dan Nicholson on Oct 24, 2017 | Reply

    Have to remember Tyrann’s contract is and would be in mix of a trade for Garoppolo , so, realistically don’t see it happening.

  106. By clssylssy on Oct 24, 2017 | Reply

    Yes, I do think Bettcher has been over his head and was unqualified for the job b/c of his lack of experience. However, it was quite clear from the outset that BA was more interested in starting his own coaching tree than bringing in a established DC. That being the case, my feeling is that the very least the organization could do would be provide some teaching, not only for Bettcher but also for the sake of the players and ultimately for the fans. Originally, I recall BA wanting Dick LeBeau to come on board in a Tom Moore type role but when that didn’t pan out, they just let Bettcher loose to sink or swim. When we had some players on the defense who could assist, we were able to feel our way along more or less.
    I don’t believe anyone ever reaches the point that they can’t benefit from extra mentoring or whatever you choose to call it, and what’s “silly” is thinking a person knows it all and can’t improve their craft. You are correct, that experience isn’t the only thing that matters. Sean McVay is an exceptionally bright young man who is probably the exception rather than the norm.

  107. By Scott H on Oct 24, 2017 | Reply

    Dan –

    RE: BA dragging the other foot

    Ah, but he did get both feet down in bounds while maintaining control through the process of the catch? Are we under two minutes? Is this a booth review?

    Sorry, dude, humor is the only think keeping me going at this point.

  108. By Sackman on Oct 24, 2017 | Reply

    WOW! Lets cry wolf before the season is over. Too much over reaction right now. So lets fire everyone! How about we wait and see before the world ends. So all the haters right now believes we missed the playoffs already. Have a little faith and a few prayers first. Amen!

  109. By JTDG on Oct 24, 2017 | Reply


    Since you circled back, I have to circle back too, right? 🙂

    “So yeah, I’ll stick with “great pass protection most of the first quarter-and-a-half.”

    OK, so he was sacked and then about halfway through the second quarter, he was knocked out with a broken arm.

    Projected out, he would have been sacked like 2.6 times (rounded up) or 3 times in the game. (which is how many they ended up with)

    Forget the hit that broke his arm, Has our line become so bad that if our QB gets sacked 3 times in a game, it is considered great pass pro?

    On another note, I said if he had to drop back 40 times, it was going to be a bad situation. 19 times and we weren’t even to half time in a 6-0 game. Got to admit, that is not good play calling. I know, Peterson wasn’t finding holes. But it was only 6-0. Got to keep pounding him against the 29th ranked run defense and not throw 40 times vs the 2nd best team with sacks.

    Doesn’t that just seem logical ?

  110. By Darren Urban on Oct 24, 2017 | Reply

    JTDG (and everyone) —

    RE: Pass pro

    You win.

    I certainly cannot.

    Time for me to step back from conversations for a while in the comments. I need to retain my sanity.

  111. By JTDG on Oct 24, 2017 | Reply


    Don’t do that.

    With a bad team, what else is there to do but argue.

    Hey, I grew up in a house with 5 boys and we argued and fought over everything(unless it was from outside the family) . Heck, we even would take a side when we actually supported the other side just to argue.

    Hopefully you don’t take things personnal, as very rarely am I serious about things. It’s a game. I have time from my work to hop on and argue.

    Just do what others do, give me a thumbs down. I could say Fitz is great for saving a kitten and can count on 3-4 thumbs down.

    No one said it would be easy working for this organization. Think if you worked for the patriots. All you would see is fans arguing over who loves Tom more. Or the Browns, where is has been bad so long, what’s the point in arguing. The only issue is the debate over when they bust out the paper bags over their head.

    Hang in there. It’s a long season and BA is going with Stanton the rest of the year, so it most likely will only get worse when the Gabbert chants become 89% of the post. 🙂

  112. By Scott H on Oct 24, 2017 | Reply

    Sackman –

    I can only speak to what I think I’m seeing. And the final scores of the last few games aren’t doing much to make me think I’m over-reacting.

    But even more than the scores, it is the way the games are being lost.

    Dude….when you are losing games by scores of 34-7 and 33-0, that means you aren’t doing ANYTHING well. It ain’t like we just keep getting a few bad bounces and we lose by a FG at the end.

    This team isn’t competing AT ALL. And that is a wide-spread opinion right now. Don’t know what to tell ya but I think that for fans of a team that was 13-3 and in an NFC title game barely a season ago and is now looking like the Cleveland Browns, I guess some of us are not taking that well.

    With all due respect, I’m GLAD that people are as angry about that as I am.

    Now, if prayer works for you, then help yourself. I’m more about practical solutions. And for me, that means when people aren’t doing their jobs very well and it’s been going on for awhile, you replace them with people who can do the job better. Happens every year in the NFL. It’s reality. So spare me the over-reaction stuff.

    BTW, your post was a bit of an over-reaction, too. I never said fire everybody. I suggested some specific people who are doing a lousy job right now. I also never said the world is ending. That would mean there is no tomorrow. But I’ve been emphatic in my statements that tomorrow is exactly where we need to look and we can start doing that NOW by making some changes. I’m looking forward to next season with better things in mind. That is hardly world-is-ending thinking.

    Look, do the fan thing your way and let me do it in mine. Amen to that.

  113. By Dan on Oct 24, 2017 | Reply

    I say we put Patrick Peterson on offense from time to time… least as a decoy.

  114. By Dan on Oct 24, 2017 | Reply

    should put

  115. By Jamie on Oct 25, 2017 | Reply

    Play Gabbert! We already know what Stanton CANT do so let’s see if we can put a spark back into the Cards with Gabbert. At this point there’s nothing to lose, everything to gain and he’s played well in practice and pre season…even the stubborn BA had to admit he picked up our program well and “could be a starter” Arians is too stuck in his ways to please the fans and try Gabbert but a girl can always dream

  116. By Lifetime Fan on Oct 31, 2017 | Reply

    Scott and JDTG –

    I was not trying to say that I think we WILL make the playoffs, only that right now, if you are the Cardinals your job is still to win games and until we are completely eliminated that should be their mindset, thus you gotta play Stanton, not try to `develop’ Gabbert. We CAN still get into the playoffs, obviously we need better play on def, OL, and we probably also need to fire Amos Jones to at least stop the spread of the perilious disease some would call our special teams units.

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