Jimmy G will he/won’t he, and Friday before the Niners

Posted by Darren Urban on November 3, 2017 – 3:18 pm

Jimmy Garoppolo is not playing against the Cardinals this week. Right?

“I’m expecting to see him, honestly,” cornerback Patrick Peterson said. “I think he’ll start. That’s just my opinion. What do they have to lose?”

(Other than maybe Garoppolo’s head, behind a struggling offensive line that now won’t have left tackle Joe Staley.)

Peterson isn’t the only one. Karlos Dansby said on the “Big Red Rage” Thursday night Garoppolo will play and many of the Cardinals defensive players have said similar things. It makes little sense to me, given how beat up the Niners are and how little time Garoppolo has had to get ready. Jacoby Brissett did start against the Cards for the Colts earlier this year, but that was Brissett’s second week with the Colts, not the first. Dropping in a quarterback that soon is just too complicated on the NFL level, not when you want good results. To be fair, Garoppolo will be active Sunday – as the backup, coach Kyle Shanahan insists – so the door is cracked. No, the Cardinals defense has not played consistently well. But I don’t see Jimmy G happening against the Cards this year. Beginning in 2018, yes.

— Speaking of that defense, which is around the bottom of the league in third downs and scoring, this is a chance to get better. The Cardinals played very well defensively against the 49ers the first time around. The last two road games, however, the Cardinals have surrendered a total of 67 points.

“You have a week off to have a chance to look at yourself in the mirror and be truthful with yourself,” Peterson said. “That’s where we were last week.”

— It’s stunning to believe that these teams met just about a month ago, and neither starting quarterback is on their team’s active roster.

— For all the struggles on the road of late – and there have been some ugly ones – if the Cardinals win Sunday it will be the 20th road win for coach Bruce Arians, which would be a franchise record.

— The Cardinals, especially with Drew Stanton, won’t make the mistake of underusing Adrian Peterson. He’ll get his carries. It’ll be up to the blocking up front, but Peterson will be getting more than 11 carries this week. If you go back to Stanton’s lone start/win in 2016, when he won in San Francisco, he threw a couple of TD passes to Larry Fitzgerald although he only had 11 completions. The Cards still scored 33, in large part because David Johnson had a season-high 157 yards rushing. That’s the formula.

— Peterson has 11,983 yards rushing in his career, so he’ll surpass 12,000 in this game. He needs 92 yards to pass Thurman Thomas for 15th all-time, and 138 to pass Franco Harris for 14th place.

— Arians was asked if he’s had any talks with veteran kicker Phil Dawson, who has surprisingly missed five field goals in seven games.

“Phil’s had talks with me,” Arians said. “I haven’t said a word to him. He got a chance to go watch his son and come back fresh and reloaded. I really anticipate him to have a great finish to the season.”

— Adrian Peterson and his wife will be featured on the Animal Planet show “Tanked” tonight at 9 p.m. pacific. The show is about people getting custom-made fish tanks. Peterson’s is a doozy.

— Without Staley, the 49ers could have a hard time handling Chandler Jones on the pass rush. Jones is already on fire with his eight sacks in seven games.

— The Cardinals could be thin at wide receiver. Brittan Golden (groin) and Chad Williams (back) weren’t practicing at the end of the week, although both are game-day decisions. Williams is usually inactive anyway, but if both can’t go, the other wideouts need to stay upright. Arians also said tight end Ifeanyi Momah, formerly a receiver, can play there.

— It’s a short week. The Cards have to turn around and host the Seahawks on a Thursday night, and regardless of what happens in the Bay Area, they will be much more short-handed than last year when they forged the heartbreaking 6-6 tie at home against Seattle. More heartbreaking would be an inability to get to .500 going into that game. As was being said the last time the Cards were playing the 49ers, this is kinda important.

“We cannot fall any further behind in our division,” Arians said. “I don’t think there is ever a must-game, but this is pretty close.”

See you Sunday.

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8 Responses to “Jimmy G will he/won’t he, and Friday before the Niners”

  1. By Big Ken on Nov 3, 2017 | Reply

    Yes Patrick Peterson. And if he comes to the window you take the shot! Go Cardinals! Fight On!

  2. By dobie on Nov 3, 2017 | Reply

    And you guys thing it might be easy let your guard down and you will be the first team to lose to the 49 er but I am hoping you get your crap together no mater how you wind up this year I will be there cheering for you please don’t let the Seahawks win here at home you let me down with the Cowboys it is a long way to the parking lot when the visiting teams wins and keep rubbing it in

  3. By clssylssy on Nov 3, 2017 | Reply

    It’s won’t be the first time the Cards have faced Jimmy G., and while this isn’t the Patriots, I hope the team takes the 9ers as seriously as if they were facing the Patsies.
    I hope Larry has another great game against San Francisco, to keep up the tradition and with AP now putting some teeth into our run game we just need the defense and special teams to do their part. This 9ers team isn’t as bad as their record reflects and they have the youthful energy and physicality to wear us down so hopefully BA has a few moves he’s been saving that will give us the spark we need right now.
    I think everybody knows how important this game is, and if not, then should consider it a good beginning to fluff up those resumes for the job hunting they will likely be doing after this season.
    Let’s go Cards! You can do it!

  4. By Dan Nicholson on Nov 3, 2017 | Reply

    Think all of us fans are ready for a win and consistent play. Big Red have fun and enjoy playing the game and start a streak. Life is short, play hard . Let’s go Big Red.

  5. By Scott H on Nov 4, 2017 | Reply

    I would not expect Jimmy G to play in this game, but…..two things – he HAS played against this defense recently and won ( and that was a defense that was playing better than it is these days ) and with how bad this defense has been as of late, what would you figure they have to lose by starting him?? Heck, they might even be looking at this as a GOOD opportunity to start him.

    But, really, probably not. The 49ers are 0-8, so they are clearly looking ahead to the future with him. They don’t need him to rescue a season that is already lost. They can get him much more prepared and still get a good 6 games out of him.

    I’m sure this game will tell us something about the Cardinals, but….I have no idea what that will be. As with the last time we played the 49ers ( and were lucky to escape with a win against them AT HOME ), I just don’t take anything from winning a game against a team that is THAT bad.

    But when you look at the Cardinals over the last 3 weeks…..frankly, we have been every bit as bad as the 49ers have been. EVERY BIT as bad. AND we’re going in with our back-up QB. So…..where do you even start?

    One could look at this as a good win for us…..but only because we have been as bad as they have been. That doesn’t do a whole lot for me.

    But bottom line, when my team is playing, I want my team to win, so….go get ’em!

  6. By clssylssy on Nov 4, 2017 | Reply

    Don’t let that record fool you! If you’ve watched the 9ers play, you will recognize they are young, physical, passionate & believe in their ability, and they play full throttle till the final minute of the game. They gave the Rams a real dogfight. We are going to need everybody at their best from start to finish with no bush league mistakes.
    Let’s Get This Done!

  7. By Johnson on Nov 4, 2017 | Reply

    49ers easily getting the first win of the season…. final score 24-3, Cards are garbage

  8. By CARDS62 on Nov 4, 2017 | Reply

    Honestly I just want to see effort and execution from our players and since we had 2 weeks to prepare some actual coaching from our coaching staff for a change, and finally I want to see leadership from Michael Bidwill during the season.

    I have not seen our Cardinals play a whole game well this year. First half against Tampa Bay was beautiful.

    Watched Oklahoma vs Oklahoma State today. Oh my gosh what a game by both QBs Mayfield and Rudolph. Worry about Mayfield getting injured in the pros running too much, but either one will look good in Cardinal Red.

    Go Cards play well!

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