Stanton hurts knee, Gabbert could play

Posted by Darren Urban on November 11, 2017 – 10:13 am

Multiple reports Saturday morning (first by Chris Mortensen) say Cardinals quarterback Drew Stanton sprained his knee against the Seahawks Thursday night. Everyone could see the play — it came at the tail end of the first quarter, when Seahawks defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson hit Stanton low on an incomplete pass. Richardson was flagged for roughing the passer, one of a handful of penalties the Cards had on their initial touchdown drive. Stanton threw a TD pass on a screen to tight end Jermaine Gresham two plays later. In fact, Stanton played the rest of the game, throwing 47 passes, although he was clearly favoring the leg at times.

The Cardinals will reportedly re-sign Matt Barkley as a third-stringer, which makes sense because Barkley spent a season with the Cards in 2015. (UPDATE: Barkley tweeted Saturday night he was back with the Cardinals.)

Meanwhile, Blaine Gabbert could get a start or two depending on Stanton’s health. The Cardinals don’t play again until a week from Sunday in Houston. That would certainly resonate with the part of the fan base who have been begging for Gabbert to play. It doesn’t sound like Stanton has been ruled out for the Texans game. Players are off until Tuesday, so there will likely be a few days before this is officially addressed and even longer, I would think, before Stanton’s status for the next game is sorted out.

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  1. By Marlin on Nov 11, 2017 | Reply

    We love Drew…… but this may give us a chance to see what we have in Gabbert.

  2. By nate on Nov 11, 2017 | Reply

    We’ll be seeing Matt Barkley in if we don’t start protecting our QBs. How many teams have been down to their 3rd QB in the last 5 years? Do the Cardinals have bad luck or is a pattern emerging?

  3. By CardsNation on Nov 11, 2017 | Reply

    The season is pretty much over, but it will be great to see Gabbert plays because if he is throwing the ball well under this offense, this means that we don’t have to necessarily draft a QB in the first round and perhaps draft someone else instead. It is almost certain that we need a better o-line and CB opposite of PP. If Larry leaves after this season, we should also consider drafting a WR as well. It seems like no big names o-line men are available after this season besides Nate Solder. However, couple of CBs and DTs are out there to boost our defense

  4. By Adam Smith b1723 fka DTL on Nov 11, 2017 | Reply

    Stanton was Stanton vs. Seattle. Personally I’d put more focus on certain TD pass pass he completely airmailed, missed to wide open (Nelson or Brown?) than “dropped” ? pass on 4th and 9 in end zone. He played as well, especially with sprain, as he can. But that’s the problem, that’s his best, gutty as it was.

    He’ll probably be ready for Texans.

    Prospect of Gabbert will keep many interested a bit longer.

    So, one more week…

  5. By Big Ken on Nov 11, 2017 | Reply

    Feast or famine.

  6. By SCarolinacard on Nov 11, 2017 | Reply

    It’s bad when we’re yellin’ for Gabbert. There is nothing in his career to make someone think he is a starter in the NFL.

  7. By jeffcardinalfan on Nov 11, 2017 | Reply

    first let me state that im a lifetime mizzou fan and saw every game gabbert played at mizzou. he clearly should have stayed at mizzou for his senior year but in reality who can pass up the money? one thing i do not want to see or hear is the gabbert bashing that will surely happen when he does play and doesnt produce miracles. i agree completely that cards need to find out if he is next years guy or not but unless ol suddenly gets great and wrs/tes suddenly catch everything the offense will still struggle. in todays nfl new coach means new qb so unless ba is back gabbert is likely auditioning for a job with another team. in my perfect world gabbert shows enough to become cards starter and cards can use top 2 picks in next draft to get a @2 corner and a lineman and for the love of GOD bring in a top level ol and dt in free agency…with carson and iupati gone and if the cards would cut gresham there is money under cap to do this.whats probably gonna happen is ba is gone…new coach wants new qb, cards pick the wrong qb in draft, bring in average free agents and miss on most of next 3 years draft picks, david johnson signs with another team and we are in for a decade or more of bad teams. i have to hope that mb burns for a winning team and is embarressed by the team now.

  8. By AndyM on Nov 11, 2017 | Reply

    Stanton has to be commended for his toughness. The full extent of a sprain is often not felt for about 48 hours. Of course none of us can tell how serious the sprain is other than Stanton. If given the choice for a game or two between a healthy Gabbert or hobbled Stanton, it would seem Gabbert should be the choice. Stanton is not the most accurate of throwers, and seemed particularly off-target against the Hawks. If for no other reason, it would seem foolish to put an injured, immobile QB into a game with a decimated line.

  9. By dobie on Nov 11, 2017 | Reply

    I am with Farley Malorros 8 or 9 in the box. that all Arian knows never goes wide with his fast backs if you can’ go long nickel dime them in other words go short AD is over rated but the receivers did drop a lot of balls Does Stanton know how to audible or does AD don’t let him I just don’t know I am not an expert but it a disappointing years so far I save all year to buy season tickets for this crap then they raise the price too they should lower the price next year for this disappointment win or lose players still get there Millions me I straggle butt I do love the game and this is the only on in town and I am am not a bandwagon fan that root for the winning teams Win or Lose I root for the home time. do fans know if they get a new coach he is going to get his assistant coaches maybe retool and start getting younger players look what the Rams did suck for a while good coach young players yes some of those older guys are still very good so I still will go to the games do I yell and scrim to protect the nest I don’t know the nest is burning up well as they say GO CARDS

  10. By dobie on Nov 11, 2017 | Reply

    Remember Wisinhime later days the team went like 4 Quarter backs but it was because no offensive line sort of we go now ha so give Gabbert his stats are bad cause he played for some funkiy teams

  11. By NJAzCardsFan on Nov 11, 2017 | Reply

    And…. What happens if Gabbert plays, does well and beats the Texans…. Are we still jumping #3 over #2 like BA said? This could get interesting???

  12. By Scott H on Nov 11, 2017 | Reply

    Adam –

    RE: Stanton

    That is a good point and probably stated about as well as anyone could state it. I think I agree with you. I love Drew Stanton, have probably never paid more attention to a Cardinals back-up QB than I have to him. And we may never have HAD a back-up QB that as is good as he is. But as you say – he is good for a back-up QB, and maybe that is as good as he is.

    And if that’s true?

    I’ll ask again – Where we goin’ with this?

    If we HAVE seen Stanton at the level of the best Stanton can be, then….why do we need to see 6 more games of that? I just don’t get the point. It will most likely be 6 more games of rather lackluster wins against bad teams and not being good enough to beat any of the good ones.

    Reality is, we ARE going to see Gabbert, it’s just a matter of how soon. If they try to roll with Stanton on his sprained knee, he is not going to last long. We already know that. I was surprised he made it through the game Thurs night, I really am.

    I suppose some will refer to when Kurt was back-up to Matt Leinart during that strange period of 2006-early 2007. OK. If we’re being technical, OK. But when you look at how that played out…..should Kurt Warner have ever been considered a back-up QB??? I will never see him that way. Hence, my previous statement that Stanton is the best Cardinals back-up QB I remember.

    Going with Gabbert – right now – would be a show of some forward, out of the box thinking.

    Staying with Stanton is just strictly by the book, paint by numbers thinking.

    I know which one I’m tired of and which one I’d like to see more of. And I just think it will probably have taken an injury to Stanton to have “forced” them to play Gabbert. And I think THAT speaks volumes about what is wrong at the upper levels where the decisions get made.

    And just to go back to Drew Stanton for a moment, I think that man is going to be TERRIFIC QB coach someday. You heard it here first. And couldn’t you just see him on the sidelines, as a QB coach, doing that freaky, funky dance we saw that wonderful night up in Seattle???

  13. By georgiebird on Nov 11, 2017 | Reply

    Drew played the whole game – this injury stuff may be true to some degree but could Stanton play if Cards were on a roll?
    I think this is a win/win for the Cards.
    BA saves face because Gabbart plays due to Drew’s injury AND Cards’ organization and fans get to see what Gabbart has against a mid-pack Texans’ team.

  14. By Coach K on Nov 11, 2017 | Reply

    Drew is one of the best backup QB’s in the game today.

    But it’s time to see what Gabbert brings to the table.

    Drew did play well enough to win. Our receivers (excluding Larry) just were
    intimidated all night by Seattle. Frankly, playing afraid.

  15. By Steve on Nov 11, 2017 | Reply

    Darren: Why exactly is Bruce Arians referred to as a QB whisperer? He is given credit for developing Roethlisberger and Luck but lets be honest, those two QBs were so talented to begin with that they would have excelled in anybody’s system. Carson is also very talented and played very well before coming here. The raw unknown QBs that have come here like Zac Dysart, Logan Thomas, Matt Barkley, Ryan Lindley, Trevor Knight, ect, have not exactly developed and gone on to have success in the league after working with Bruce. I am also disappointed in Arians apparent distaste for drafting QBs since he almost never does despite this team needing a QB of the future, what is he afraid of?

  16. By Dr. G. on Nov 11, 2017 | Reply

    Who doesn’t like Stanton’s attitude and personality. Maybe I’ll help him write a book on how to be the perfect NFL QB backup and never gripe.

    A sprained knee…I know how the pain can mess with your brain. But if the play caller sprains his brain again, the QB has a huge challenge, especially if the OLine doesn’t get their job done. If Gabbert plays, he needs a team effort behind him. ((Stanton too!)) And, make some damn holes for AD ((a ScottH quote!))

    My sympathies for Stanton; always had the workman-like effort. I have always been curious how the Cards would have done had Palmer not arrived??

    Now, do we see MBercovici being activated just in case Drew is iffy? Gotta…

    I am trying to figure out how to cheer for our team…perhaps studying individual efforts will do it. Hmmmmm…

  17. By CARDS62 on Nov 11, 2017 | Reply

    jeffcardinalfan – None of us are expecting Gabbert to save this season or even win us more than a couple of games, and others are correct in that there is plenty of film on Gabbert from his Jags and 49ers days but lets remember the following.

    1) Gabbert was so young with the Jags and they were so very bad, as were 49ers when Gabbert played with them. It is a long shot for Gabbert to bounce back and have a successful career, but it is risk free for us in 2017 and the man throws a nice ball. Warner came back from being benched by both the Rams and Giants and Palmer came back from a disaster with the Raiders. Gabbert is a long shot, but hopefully he has matured and learned much better the mental side of playing QB.

    2) Like the Barkley signing and hoping Clowney of the Texans does not kill Gabbert. Someone mentioned without BA back that Gabbert will not be back but I do not think that is that case. I think BA and even Keim can be gone and Gabbert back next season if he plays well.

    3) Play calling is the QB best friend and it has been poor and we have to think it will stay poor for Gabbert so lets remember this while we evaluate him.

    4) Offensive line in QB second best friend and with Humphries out we all know we need to pray for Gabbert’s health.

    5) I know Gabbert can throw a nice ball but I do not know if he has the it factor like Wilson or Brady or Kurt Warner. Long shot but worth a look in 2017. I will really like to look over to the sidelines and see Gabbert getting after a WR or TE or O lineman for not doing their job after he plays for a couple of games.

    6) Most important is even if Gabbert plays well I think we have to draft a QB in round 1 and I will not be upset if we draft a second QB later in the draft like the Redskins did with Cousins. I wanted Palmer bad and we acquired him and took our shot, but we came up short and now I think its time for us to move on from Palmer as he is too expensive. Start Gabbert next season if he plays decent this year which I predict he will and develop our rookie QB. We need so many upgrades – WRs, TEs, OL, DL, LBs, CB, K, other special teamers. Too many needs that the next two year drafts will not solve so we need money for free agents, and that means Carson and others have to go. Will be very interesting to see what we do with Honey Badger.

    7) JTDG and I both said to draft OSU Center Pat Elflein last draft as he played G for OSU also for several seasons, but we did not and the Vikings drafted him I believe in the 3rd round. I am telling you guys exact situation again OSU Center Billy Price is playing great and played guard for several seasons so very flexible. We have to draft this guy even if it means moving up to the end of the first round. Billy Price will start for us and play well for 10 seasons. I do not even think BA could bench his young man as he will start as a rookie for us.

    Scott H. I have no problem with Drew being a QB coach for us as I to like him, but first I think he will be appearing on Dancing with the Stars ha ha.

    Go Cards and let the Blaine Gabbert era begin!

  18. By Robert on Nov 12, 2017 | Reply

    BA looks burnt out..his play calling is more predictable as the years have gone bye..Keim has gotta go too..his drafts over the last 5 years overall is not good as measured by the number of players that have contributed. Again, don’t know why they don’t throw to TE Nicklous more than once or twice a year. The cardinals are so dissapointing but predicable this year. Stanton is so inacurate in his passing. Also i though he was more mobile than he showed the last game. We drafted Boem, pull up the soundbites after he was drafted, and he can’t even get on the field at his natural position at center. When they went to the super bowel in Tampa, i remember telling everyone that we better enjoy this game because we are never going to get back to the SB in my life time

  19. By mitchaz on Nov 12, 2017 | Reply

    The Tooth Fairy

    So—with 12:49 in the 4th quarter with the Seahawks having just scored on Russell Wilson’s 2nd TD pass to TE Jimmy Graham to make the score 22-10 Seattle—did any of you think it was time for the Cardinals to bring on the Tooth Fairy to try to overcome what had been a 3 quarter root canal for the Cardinals’ offense?

    I did. I found myself begging and pleading for the Tooth Fairy.

    I thought of the Disney song and mantra that “dreams can come true—they can happen to you.”

    I thought it was the perfect time.

    How sweet it would be to awaken on Friday morning with a 5-4 record.

    For those of you who may have missed NBC’s pre-game show, they had a clip of QB Blaine Gabbert dressed up as the Tooth Fairy (for having lost this week’s Bucket Challenge) doing nifty footwork drills up and down the middle of the field.

    With 12:49 left in the game, I thought to myself that if the Cardinals could just get a little smoother tempo in the passing game and just some added accuracy on their throws, with CB Richard Sherman out of the game and no Earl Thomas—they could do what the Redskins did to Seattle the previous week. Beat their secondary and pull the game out in the nick of time.

    As it turns out—QB Drew Stanton, who had missed a handful of wide open receivers, which in three cases led to missed 3rd down conversions and 4th down punts—was limping for a good reason. He was nursing a sprained knee. The Cardinals’ coaches, just as they had elected to put star RB David Johnson back into a game when Johnson had broken his wrist, stayed with the injured Stanton—and it backfired.

    The Cardinals’ answer to Wilson’s TD was a 3 play -7 yard possession and yet another Andy Lee punt from deep in their own territory.

    Stanton, despite his injured knee, tried like crazy on the final two possessions, but his coach shunned the two minute drill on the first of those possessions with less than 5 minutes left in the game, which made scoring on the last possession a relatively moot point…that is unless you can convert an on-side kick with 20 seconds left and successfully throw a Hail Mary.

    Yesterday it was reported that Stanton’s injury might cause him to miss one or two games—and that, if so, Blaine Gabbert will get the start in Houston.

    Later it was reported that it’s still a “wait and see” on Stanton and that if he can practice this week, he might not miss any time at all.

    And so the Cardinals’ QB tease continues…

    Carson Palmer chimed in yesterday to assure everyone that he could make it back for the final two games.

    But, as a long-time believer in fairy tales and in the critical importance of maintaining hope where dreams are concerned, I am going to say that Blaine Gabbert, by virtue of his sharp accuracy in the pre-season, especially going through his progressions (which surprised me), combined with his ability to escape a busted up pocket and score in the red zone with his feet, completely captured my imagination.

    Yes…it was only the pre-season…but your eyes have to see it first in order to dream it—and what I saw gave me hope.

    For a couple of years now, I have dreamed about what a mobile QB could do in BA’s offense.

    To me, I am totally on board with BA’s spread 0 RB offense in passing situations—if the QB is mobile, but not if the QB is stationary. Look at the issues Aaron Rodgers or Russell Wilson present when they pass out of the spread. Teams either have to play zone coverage or they have to take a player out of their man coverage to spy on the QB, which likely means going with one safety, not two. And—good QBs can exploit single safety coverages left and right.

    I like Gabbert’s chances because he is mobile and he can extend plays. I don’t know yet how tough he is under pressure within BA’s system. He’s had 7 offensive coordinators in 7 years, the first 6 of which were for losing teams that rarely won games.

    For Gabbert the stars could align in Arizona. He has a supporting cast unlike any he’s ever had. And he is playing for a coach who knows how to get receivers open on all three levels, short, intermediate and deep. In addition, he also gives that coach a dimension that the coach hasn’t had for years (save Andrew Luck’s rookie season)—a QB who can keep drives alive with his feet, which in today’s NFL is a boon and pretty much a necessity, unless that QB is Tom Brady.

    If Gabbert can take control at this critical time in the season, Gabbert might be the spark that gets the team on a roll and back into playoff contention.

    Give the Tooth Fairy a chance. Maybe he can provide surprisingly shiny dividends and sweet mornings after.

  20. By D on Nov 12, 2017 | Reply

    2018 NFL draft for AZ

    Round 1 M. Rudolph QB. OK. St. Best case situation, learn next year from C Palmer who maybe could be talked into returning for his last year under contract.

    Round 2 O. Brown RT. OK. Guessing they will release Veldheer, or at least for a pay reduction for 2018.

    Round 3. J. Jackson CB IA. Bethel won’t be brought back, maybe T. Williams could be on a one year deal.

    Keim and company needs to have their best draft of their regime if this team wants to move forward, maybe need to find better scouts.

    Going to need to have roster turnover at some point.
    Time to move on from Iupati, could bring back Boone at LG.
    Need to decide on Brown and Brown at WR. Guessing Fitz will retire so that room will need additions. Also need new blood in the TE room.
    I actually like the kid on the PS squad from USC at center over Boehm to take over from Shipley.
    Should be interesting rest of the year to see if Keim is preparing for 2018 or waiting on BA and his future plans.

  21. By Dr. G. on Nov 12, 2017 | Reply

    Steve ~ QB Whisperer? Examundo! BA gorges on the long ball riskit part of the game. When it works, it’s impressive, but the NFL is a basically a short yardage grinders game with quick pass releases…less OLine pressure…less QB rushes. Let other skill players do the work.

    BA has no patience for this approach…just observations from many games here.
    We are all very surprised with the run vs pass disparity in the last outing…was BA pressured to stick it out? Big changes coming…

  22. By Dr. G. on Nov 12, 2017 | Reply

    Cards Fans~ ~ My hope is that Cousins DOES NOT NEVER EVER NO WAY NO HOW become a consideration when and if he goes to free agency. ((I know- syntax)) Some naive team will open their wallet with the shortage of QB starters.

  23. By Dr. G. on Nov 12, 2017 | Reply

    Mitch ~ ~ Never been a fan of this unnecessary foolish frat type hazing in public…maybe behind the scenes…not very professional for the public to see. The public needs to see them having fun in support of one another…

  24. By Dr. G. on Nov 12, 2017 | Reply

    So Matt Barkley is back in the fold and Bercovici will remain on PS. If Stanton can go, does this mean we will have 3 QBs active? Why does this unseemly transaction not surprise?

  25. By clssylssy on Nov 12, 2017 | Reply

    Cards62 , mitchaz…
    Gabbert has been in the league for six years and I think by now teams know what he can do & in such a QB needy league, if he were the hidden gem some think he is, the Cards would have received (and taken) offers & he wouldn’t be backing up our backup. There are many teams much better at assessing talent than the Cards who have passed on Gabbert for a reason. The fact that we have done little to help develop him has been a huge waste of his time also as he is basically in another year on a PS and a warm body. To
    I know it’s always interesting to see what’s behind door #2 but I have no illusions
    that this season is going to have a Disney storybook ending. I have no doubts that SK had anything better planned than a roll of the dice; his inactions are enough said. Sorry Fitz came back for such a sad ending to a great story of a career.

  26. By creditcard on Nov 12, 2017 | Reply

    I like Stanton, he is an excellent back-up Q, that is the beginning and ending of his talent and position on an NFL team — and that’s the brutal truth.

    Gabbert has the potential to move the Cards forward — because he is mobile. I sure hope the coaching staff will allow Gabbert to extend plays vs. just staying in the pocket. Lets face it, the Card’s O-line is woeful.

    Time to experiment. This team, even with a healthy Carson Palmer would not be going to the play-offs. The defense finally showed some real grit in the Seattle game, but eventually got tired.

    I agree in an earlier post, Stanton would probably become an excellent QB coach or OC etc.. in the future.

  27. By Scott H on Nov 12, 2017 | Reply

    Robert –

    RE: BA looks burnt out

    Interesting. Could be. I don’t know what word I would use to describe how BA looked when they had the camera on him. All, I can say is I really didn’t like what I was seeing. I mean….look at how Pete Carrol looks during a game and put that up against what BA has looked like lately. One looks focused and decisive, like he knows exactly what needs to happen next. BA just looks…..lost.

  28. By Johnson on Nov 12, 2017 | Reply

    Fitz might just end up playing for another organization next year, I am really hoping against hope it would be the Patriots or Maybe even his home town Vikings – both look good for a SB run. I am sure the man wants to win a ring, and its clear as daylight he wont with this organization.

    As for Cards are concerned, rebuild at WR/O-Line/CB and most importantly QB. I dont see us winning a SB at least for another 8-10 years. This whole coaching front is done. BA has done a great job for the cards but its now time to retire or even maybe coach another team. A complete overhaul of coaching is required as well starting from Special Teams.

    Its time again to create that winning culture again at any cost!

  29. By Dan Nicholson on Nov 12, 2017 | Reply

    Arians is a good QB coach. Palmers mechanics were not consistent before he came here. Case in point, first game of year vs. Lions Carson’s footwork was out of whack and BA said so.Next game his accuracy was better. For the most part, the Cards qb’ s when called upon in last 5 years were making throws in vicinity of wr’ s compared to years prior.. Their are other mechanics as well they work on, too much too mention. And I don’t remember Thomas, Barkley, Lindley or Knight having success elsewhere, although Barkley got games with Bears, but not a real success. That’s why he’s the whisperer….

  30. By Dan Nicholson on Nov 12, 2017 | Reply

    I would be willing to bet if us fans could ask any QB Arians has coached, including Rothlisberger, they would tell us he helped them get better in whatever capacity they had a shortcoming.

  31. By Jon on Nov 12, 2017 | Reply

    These supposed Cardinals fans calling for Fitzgerald to play for another team have completely lost the plot.

    Larry Fitzgerald isn’t Lebron James, he’s not just gonna latch onto some superteam to put a ring on his finger.

    Larry will be fine. His consolation prize will be traveling the world in retirement and swimming around in a giant silo of money.

    The man has been blessed and I’m sure he would say the same. He’s not entitled to a championship. And he knows that, its the fans who don’t get it. Larry chose loyalty to our team, he was either going to win here or not win at all by HIS choice.

    #11 is a Cardinal for life. End of story.

    Not all great careers end in championships. And that’s ok….

  32. By bob on Nov 13, 2017 | Reply

    Scott h. Either burnt out or drunk uncle again

  33. By Scott H on Nov 13, 2017 | Reply

    CARDS62 –

    HA! I just caught your comment about Stanton being on Dancing With the Stars! Hey, he’s got some moves…..we’ve seen that! But I think he would be hard to choreograph. He’s more of a spontaneous, in-the-moment guy. Hey, some birds aren’t meant to be caged, ya know?

    Keep doin’ what you do, Drew!

  34. By mitchaz on Nov 13, 2017 | Reply

    The Cardinals’ do not lack talent and the rest of the NFL knows this.

    Sometimes, when a team is struggling it’s convenient to think that the problems are for lack of talent.

    When mediocrity sets in, as it has with the Cardinals’ players over the past two seasons, in the minds of the fans, it becomes very tempting to think that the players aren’t as good as we thought they are.

    Just look at the feeding frenzy the NFL had on the Cardinals’ free agents last spring.

    The fact is—many of the Cardinals’ free agents from last year are flourishing on their new teams. Calais Campbell looks like the prize free agent of the 2017 class. Tony Jefferson and D.J. Swearinger have assumed leadership roles on Ravens and Redskins respectively.

    Even TE Darren Fells has scored 3 TDs for the Lions…which is more TDs than any current Cardinals’ TEs.

    Curiously, this week the Cardinals tried to sign former TE prospect Hakeem Valles off the Lions’ practice squad—the Lions countered by offering Valles the same money he would make at the minimum on the Cardinals’ roster—and Valles accepted the offer to stay on Detroit’s PS instead of being back on the Cardinals’ 53 man roster.

    Now that the Cardinals are mired in their second straight season of mediocrity, a number of fans have pointed the finger at GM Steve Keim.

    The question then becomes—if Keim is such a poor evaluator of talent—then why are the Cardinals’ free agents so heavily coveted by other teams?

    Anyone watch LG Jonathan Cooper on the Cowboys yesterday? I honed on him and him alone for a quarter and I have to say he dominated the Falcons’ good DTs. None of them got an ounce of push on him in the pass rush.

    The problem for the Cowboys was LT Chaz Green who was filling in for injured LT Tyron Smith. Green gave up 5 sacks to Adrian Claiborne. I bet the Cowboys would have loved to have John Wetzel.

    When I look at the depth that Steve Keim has crated on this current football team, even despite losing 9 players to free agency last spring, he has done a very good job of creating balance…and when he needed to fill in the gaps he signed CB Tramon Williams, P Andy Lee, LG Alex Boone, RG Earl Watford, QB Matt Barkley and he traded for RB Adrian Peterson.

    While the Cardinals keep losing players to the IR…Keim’s depth is being tested to the max…and look what the options are:

    1. Good thing Keim signed QB Blaine Gabbert this spring, now that both Palmer and Stanton are injured.
    2. With D.J. Humphries’ injury, a rejuvenated Jared Veldheer switches back to LT and solid 6th man, John Wentzel takes over at RT. In the wings, Keim also has 5th round draft pick T Will Holden.
    3. With S Tyvon Branch now injured, in comes 2nd round pick Budda Baker, who played well in his first expanded role on the defense versus the Seahawks. In the wings, keim also has 6th round pick Rudy Ford.

    This Cardinals’ team, even with the injuries, still has a strong core of talent.

    The young players of the defensive line, Nkemdiche, Gunter, Pierre and Williams are starting to emerge as legit DTs.

    Tramon Williams may have just turned in the best performance from a Cardinals’ RCB over the past few years with his stellar play versus the Seahawks.

    Haason Reddick garnered his first sack this week and added 3 QB pressures.

    DE Chandler Jones is on track to be named to the All-Pro team.

    If the defense can get on the same page and cohere—it could get the Cardinals on a roll.

    Now it’s time to get the WRs and TEs, most under-achieving units on the team to step up. As the Seahawks showed, teams are going to stack the box versus RB Adrian Peterson and dare the Cardinals to beat them in the air.

    Larry Fitzgerald is still playing at an All-Pro level, production-wise.

    John Brown is a major league WR talent.

    J.J. Nelson has all-world speed and has legitimate home run ability.

    Jaron Brown is tough as nails over the middle.

    Jermaine Gresham and Troy Niklas are getting open and have been all year, if the QB can target them more often and if they can grow more confident.

    The talent is there—now it is time to start maximizing it

  35. By Scott H on Nov 13, 2017 | Reply

    bob –

    RE: Drunk uncle again

    Whoa, whoa, whoa. C’mon, man, I’m not saying anything like that.

  36. By Scott H on Nov 13, 2017 | Reply

    mitchaz –

    RE: The talent is there, now is the time to start maximizing it.

    I would have thought the time to start maximizing it would have been long before now! But I get your point. So, the question becomes – and it’s pretty obvious – IF the talent is there and it’s NOT being maximized…..well, isn’t that a coaching issue?? If yes, then….now what?

    But let’s not let the GM off the hook here. Yeah, there is SOME legit talent here. But when you look at a personnel debacle like what the Justin Bethel situation became….no, that is not talent that is not being maximized. That is talent that just isn’t there. And many of us seemed to be feeling that way all along. It seemed destined to fail. And it has. And….we’re supposed to give Keim credit for picking 38-year old Tramon Williams of the scrap heap so we were “ready” just in case???

    So….it is both coaching and personnel. Translation – we got problems.

    BTW, you continue to put out some great stuff, both in terms of quality AND quantity.

  37. By Joe C. on Nov 13, 2017 | Reply

    Darren, If Palmer (or any other player) retires does that wipe the salary off the cap? i.e. Palmer is owed $20M next season, with $14M in dead money. Are there any options out of that besides a trade? If not, I think it makes great sense to bring Palmer back next year even as a back up. I could see Palmer, Gabbert, and a rookie in this scenario.

  38. By Darren Urban on Nov 13, 2017 | Reply

    Joe C —

    RE: Dead money

    If a player retires, his salary comes off the books but dead money does not.

  39. By dobie on Nov 13, 2017 | Reply

    BA just might play Barkley cause he is so stubborn, cause ever body wants to see what Gabbert can do and that is one of is down falls I ‘m just saying

  40. By Coach K on Nov 13, 2017 | Reply


    I don’t understand some of the badmouthing on this blog regarding Gabbert. The guy had multiple coordinators and multiple head coaches his entire first few years. There is no way to judge this guy under those circumstances. I want to see him in action under one system and given time to develop in that system. Some guys take time and when they find the right system and coach, they flourish.

    Look at Case Keenum for the Vikes on Sunday. Guy played lights out and looked like a first round pick after years of mediocrity.

    Gabbert has all the tools. He just needs one system to perfect and then lets pass judgement on him at that time.

    Bird Gang is ruthless to a flaw at times.

  41. By Joe C. on Nov 13, 2017 | Reply

    Excuse me, dead money for Palmer is $6M and cap savings is $14M. Upon further review my comment is overturned. While I think Palmer was playing fine and would not be a bad option next year if the QB of the future was on the roster, saving $14M in cap space would be tempting.

  42. By cactus jeff on Nov 13, 2017 | Reply

    I hope you listened to the broadcast with Cris Collinsworth last night. Broncos have 2 weapons and the Patriots have 20. That is how you construct a team. Also that is how you turn an average arm into the most successful QB in history with an average OL. Throw 6 yd routes over and over again to weapons that can get open. Throw down field > 20yds 4-6 times a game when the pass rush is exhausted.
    This OL and QB talk is just flat out wrong. Get weapons that get open 6 yds down field, complete 2 out of 3, the chains keep moving and the pass rush dies. Cooks, Amendola, Gronk, Edleman, White,Lewis, Dorsett, Gillislee, Burkhead, Allen, and Hogan. Fitz, Brown and Johnson are the only ones that make the roster. If one of them goes down the season is lost. The season is lost. The Cards OL and defense are very comparable to the PATs.

  43. By cactus jeff on Nov 13, 2017 | Reply

    Crap…I’m sorry add Martellus Bennet to the list. They just keep loading up.

  44. By Scott H on Nov 13, 2017 | Reply

    Coach K –

    RE: Gabbert

    Ya know what? What Gabbert has done up until now doesn’t mean squat to me right now. All I DO care about is what he can do from here. I say, let’s see it.

    But that’s the problem. We aren’t getting to see it. Shy of an injury to Stanton, the powers that be have already decided you don’t play the #3 guy ahead of the #2 guy.

    But I agree with you in general principle. Mostly. I don’t know what Gabbert is. None of us do. Right now, I don’t see any point to taking a side in that debate. Who cares? I had stronger feelings about this during the off-season and I was strongly in favor of Stanton at that time. But those were different circumstances. Again, we’re past that. It’s more about looking forward now. Well… SHOULD be, anyway. We need to see what he can do now.

  45. By Adam Smith b1723 fka DTL on Nov 13, 2017 | Reply

    Old saw: “we don’t know what we don’t know” applies to Gabby. He looked damn good preseason. obviously, regular season not the same. But his early play for bad teams, coaching changes, makes the point he deserves fresh chance. just hope we find out. Not praying for Drew to recover slowly… but we all agree we got to know what he’s got.

    Also clear to me, BA knows his job on line, less interested in experimenting with Gabby, but he may have that decision taken from him by Drew’s knee. But admittedly, BA also knows best who has best chance to win and he decisively chose Drew, gotta respect his judgment.

    Finally, our team had (and still has) issues far beyond QB and OL. Recall Dallas (and other) game(s). D, Special Teams let us down as our LT went down 1st time as I recall…

  46. By mitchaz on Nov 13, 2017 | Reply


    You asked the important “chicken or the egg” question: is the current mediocrity the fault of the GM, the coaching, or a combination?

    I think that Steve Keim, to his own detriment, has done everything he can to accommodate BA’s wishes.

    Let’s just look at the QB position.

    Upon BA’s arrival, Keim landed BA a strong pocket passer in Carson Palmer and did so for a mere pittance. BA fell in love with Palmer so, Keim re-signed Palmer through 2018.

    BA loves Drew Stanton as his #2. Stanton was the first UFA SK signed for BA. BA wanted Stanton back, Keim re-signed him through 2017.

    What these to moves did–theyt basically handcuffed Keim from drafting a QBOF.

    BA himself said that if you draft a QB in the 1st round—you need to play him asap. He said it makes no sense otherwise.

    In 2014, BA personally went and worked out QB Logan Thomas and gave SK the thumb’s up—so SK drafted Thomas in the 4th round of the 2014 draft. The thought was that Thomas could develop into a possible starter when Palmer retires, or, at the very least, take over for Stanton as the #2 in 2016.

    BA sours on Thomas almost immediately and SK went ahead and re-signed Stanton in 2016 to a 2 year deal as BA requested.

    Some people are now blaming Keim for the lack of a QBOF.

    But, his own HC was planning t play Palmer for years to come. BA said even this year that he thinks Palmer has 3-4 more good years in him.

    I would be willing to bet the ranch that neither Drew Stanton nor Logan Thomas would have been QBs whom SK would covet or sign.

    Need i go further?

    Need I talk about other positions?

    When BA arrived he told SK that he didn’t care whether a RB could catch.

    You mention Justin Bethel. BA raved about Bethel at the end of the year and said Bethel now was ready to start. BA also raved about Brandon Williams.

    Tramon Williams was signed because early on in camp, SK didn’t like what he was seeing in Bethel or Willliams. He said so on Doug and Wolf’s radio show.

    It goes on and on.

  47. By JTDG on Nov 13, 2017 | Reply

    Cactus Jeff,

    The Patriots have something special. It starts with their coach. He is the ultimate in making adjustments to fit his personnel.

    When they had Randy Moss, Brady threw deep and set a record for TDs in a season. With Welker, he began working the slot and finding mismatches.

    In 2001, the Pats won with defense. A secondary with probowlers Malloy and Law to go with studs like Richard Seymour and Willie McGinest.

    In 2003, they built a great oline and ran the ball. They threw to backs a lot out of the backfield (more than receivers), while they added players like Rodney Harrison to that already great defense.

    In 2007, they did it with speed down the field with Moss and Donte Stallworth. They had 3 probowl lineman to allow them to throw deep.

    In 2011, they changed the passing game again throwing over the middle to slot receiver Welker and TE Gronk.

    Point is, You can’t take what the Patriots do and compare to other teams because other teams do not have their coach.

    I once heard Billicheck say he doesn’t know who his team is till late in the season. He doesn’t try to make the players fit in a system but instead uses the strengths of the players and creates a system that they can play well in. I can’t think of another coach who does this.

    So, to say he uses a bunch of receivers vs having a couple good ones or he would rather have multiple backs over a star back is tricky. IMO, if you gave Billicheck David Johnson (healthy), Larry Fitzgerald and Patrick Peterson, he would gladly take them and use them in ways to win a superbowl.

    He would also see the weaknesses of this team and adjust the team accordingly.

    For example, (Just off the cuff, not a lot of thought) the oline has struggled to pass protect. John Brown is very quick out of breaks. Why not move him inside and instead of running him deep, use him on quick slants and outs. Use two TEs and work the middle of the field, this would help the oline with run blocking. and try to create one on one situations for Larry and JJ outside.

    On defense, with Golden out, move to a 4 man front with blitzers coming from different levels. in a 4-2-5 set. Lock down the best receiver with Pat P and use Williams as a man guy on the other receiver with a safety over top allowing Williams to take chances underneath.

    Bethel went from starter to sucks when in truth, he is probably decent in the slot if he has help over top.He doesnt have long speed making him a poor choice outside. Anyone could see that. He can tackle and play the run and can be physical with a slot guy. . They made him all or nothing when he never was good enough for all but isn’t nothing. If you had Budda Baker in center field, Bethel on the slot and Badger bouncing around the line, not knowing if he is back or blitzing, they each would do better.

    IMO,I think the coaches believe they have a formula that works (and maybe they do from the success they have had). But instead of using the players strengths and protecting the weaknesses, they run the same plays regardless of who is out there.That is not what the Patriots do, so you can’t compare the two.

  48. By Scott H on Nov 13, 2017 | Reply

    mitchaz –

    RE: Bethel, BA raved about him

    Wait a minute – didn’t BA also refer to Bethel as a failure in progress???

  49. By JTDG on Nov 13, 2017 | Reply

    Scott H,

    But Logan Thomas is a starter !!

    He started two games this year for the Bills…… At TE.
    Heck he even has a TD.

  50. By mitchaz on Nov 13, 2017 | Reply


    BA said after the season following Bethel’s improvement the last 2 games that bethel was now good to go as the starter—BA even said that Bethel’s father credited him for motivating his son.

  51. By mitchaz on Nov 13, 2017 | Reply

    Updated 2018 Compensatory Draft Picks and Designations:

    Current projected 2018 compensatory picks after Week 10: 3.DEN 3.HOU 3.ARI 3.CIN 3.BAL 3.GB 4.DAL 4.ARI 4.NE 4.NYG 4.DAL 5.CIN 5.GB 5.DAL 5.GB 5.GB 5.DAL 5.ARI 6.HOU 6.KC 6.OAK 6.OAK 6.HOU 6.MIN 6.OAK 6.OAK 6.MIN 6.TB 7.LAC 7.CIN 7.ARI 7.CIN

    Arizona Cardinals:

    3rd rounder (3rd of 6)
    4th rounder (2nd of 5)
    5th rounder (7th of 7)
    7th rounder (3rd of 4)

    Good news this year:

    SEA = 0
    LAR = 0
    SF4 = 0

  52. By JTDG on Nov 13, 2017 | Reply

    As for the Gabbert vs Stanton argument.

    I think it is pointless if this team can not protect the QB and open holes for AP.

    Then, when the QB is protected and he throws a ball to the receivers, they have to do something really surprising. Catch the Ball.

    If receivers don’t catch and the line can’t protect, how can you evaluate a QB?

    Funny, some scouts are unsure of Josh Allen of Wyoming because he is faced with a similar thing. He is running for his life, throwing to receivers who can’t catch, while trying to find ways to win and look good.

    To me, this guy has everything you look for in a QB. It would be very important to interview the kid and find out his football knowledge. To me, drafting Josh Allen in 2018, and getting back DJ, drafting a receiver or two and signing a couple olineman, could get this offense back on track even if Palmer comes back for 2018.

  53. By Rick on Nov 13, 2017 | Reply

    When you are on your one how about a QB sneak. When you need 9 yards and its your 2 string guy try to get 9 and a half. If they are stopping you in the middle go wide.

  54. By Joe C. on Nov 13, 2017 | Reply

    I think its a little unfair to Kiem tp criticize all his decisions. In 2015 we were in the NFC championship, 2016 favored to go to a Super Bowl and well positioned for playoffs at the start of this year. Some decisions such as going with Palmer and Stanton had to be heavily influenced by the teams success in 2015. Certainly Kiem wasn’t going to bail on Palmer before the start of last year and he was playing pretty good this year before he got hurt. Can’t find fault with that. Cooper looks like a solid pick now. Not Kiems fault he broke his leg. Bethel was an all pro ST and they redid his contract after he failed at CB. So hard to criticize that. Calais is being overpaid for the last two years (or three) of his contract. I think losing Rashard Johnson hurt this team more than we know. Hindsight is 20/20.

  55. By Coach K on Nov 13, 2017 | Reply


    You are correct about Josh Allen. He is doing it without protection and his top receivers from the previous year. That branding under fire does wonders preparing him for the NFL. I like his arm and his mobility for a big man.

    I actually like him better than Rudolph who is very system oriented.

  56. By CARDS62 on Nov 13, 2017 | Reply

    JTDG – Good point on the Patriots and also remember their QB is special and also takes a lot less money than he could. Brady does this so the team can spend at other positions plus I think he knows Bill B. just might get rid of him if he cost too much.

  57. By CARDS62 on Nov 13, 2017 | Reply

    Good points are being made about Steve K. Keim is not horrible, but he has missed a lot. We also do not know the power levels between Bidwill – Keim – and coach.

    MitchAZ wrote – The fact is—many of the Cardinals’ free agents from last year are flourishing on their new teams. Calais Campbell looks like the prize free agent of the 2017 class. Tony Jefferson and D.J. Swearinger have assumed leadership roles on Ravens and Redskins respectively.
    Mitch you are right but great GMs know what they have and they do not let the great ones leave. Jacksonville calls Calais Campbell their Reggie White.
    Keim also extended Honey Badger midseason which he did not have to do, and everyone and I mean everyone knew we needed a new punter for years, new special teams coach for years, new center last couple of years, and a new CB for couple of years. There were other moves also that could have been made to get us to the Super Bowl and they just were not made.

    My opinion our coaching staff has to go, and if Keim is also let go I am okay with that decision. I actually favor letting him go, but I will not yell and scream if Keim is brought back for a year or two as long as we draft a QB, Center, and find a 2nd CB.

  58. By Dan Nicholson on Nov 14, 2017 | Reply

    JTDG, Re: Draft of a QB. On board with possibility of Mason Rudolph, he was good other day and made clutch plays.Sam Darnold coming on again, probably will be gone if he comes out by time Cards pick. Drew Lock of Missouri tearing it up also .Dont pay attention to his completion % as his receivers drop 5-7 a game. They dropped 2 easy ones last game and he still had 4 TD’ s. This is the year…..

  59. By Scott H on Nov 14, 2017 | Reply

    JTDG –

    Well, we can’t evaluate Gabbert at all if he doesn’t play. That’s my point. Regardless of the limitations there may be with our O-line or WR’s, we can’t evaluate anything with Gabbert if he doesn’t play.

    I don’t see the point of continuing to “evaluate” Stanton when we pretty much know what he is. If he’s not part of your future, what are we doing?

    Gabbert is much less known, yet you kept him this year and you clearly did that with your future in mind. So? It does us no good to not find out as much as we can over the course of the rest of this year. Can’t evaluate anything if he doesn’t play.

    Unfortunately, I think the team / guys up-stairs are clinging to playoff hopes that I believe are nothing but a mirage. Hence, we stick with Stanton. Until he gets hurt and has to come out. Stanton is not taking this team to the playoffs because this is not a playoff team.

  60. By clssylssy on Nov 14, 2017 | Reply

    Joe C…
    The Seahawks lose Sherman & go out & sign B. Maxwell. We lose nine starters including our QB, star RB, key CB, & what has Keim done to give this team the best hope of making the playoffs? In the real world he would have been given his walking papers when it was obvious he had not prepared & for failure to perform.
    Kinda hard to think about comp picks unless we know there is a new GM/HC & crew, who actually knows how to use them!
    There are still games we could win IF our FO would DO THEIR JOB!

  61. By clssylssy on Nov 14, 2017 | Reply

    What makes you think that us keeping Gabbert had anything to do with plans for the future and not just having a warm body when our #1 & #2 QBs went down (which seemed inevitable behind our O-line). Actually Barkley has spent more time w the team than Gabbert, also looked good in preseason & has NFL experience starting for the Bears. What makes Gabbert a better choice than Barkley to lead the team. There are actually winnable games left & Ithe idea of quitting seems to me unacceptable. FWIW , I don’t see anyone of these guys in the plan for the future w the possible exception of Palmer to finish out his contract & provide a transition to a new guy they draft (if we have a new regime).
    You continue to be the voice of wisdom & it’s too bad you don’t work for the organization. It’s really sad when the fans are more knowledgeable than the paid professionals!

  62. By Joe C. on Nov 14, 2017 | Reply

    Classy, he signed Boone, Wartford, Peterson. 1st and 2nd picks at positions injured on defense and signed a vet at CB2. I know you think all-pros are sitting out there waiting to be signed if only Kiem would try. The Cards were admittedly short a couple players, as are at least 25 or more other teams. Add 9 injuries requiring IR and its amazing this team is even competitive. We have a good core of talent and a good cap situation. We have more draft picks next year than any year in recent memory. Remember when Kiem and BA took over this team they did not think they would win right away. Kiem clearly said he needed three years to clean up the dead money etc. Winning in 2015 probably set the team back because decisions were made short term to win now rather than long term.

  63. By Scott H on Nov 14, 2017 | Reply

    clssylssy –

    First of all, Gabbert has more NFL experience as a starting QB than Barkley does. A lot more. It’s not even close.

    Hey, maybe I can’t give you all the answers you are looking for. That doesn’t mean my questions aren’t valid.

    But you tell me – with Gabbert yet to even play a down this year in a regular season game, what can any of us do but ask questions? What do any of us KNOW?

    IMHO, a former first round pick is not a guy you keep around as a warm body to be your 3rd string QB. Nor do I really believe a former first round pick is going to agree to sign on with a team so he can be a warm body and spend most of the season on the in-active list. WHY is Blaine Gabbert going to do that?? How does that make sense?

    Look, again, I don’t have all the answers. Right now, the questions greatly out-number the answers. I guess when ( if? ) Gabbert gets a chance to play, we’ll all have more of an idea.

    And, honestly, I can’t even believe we’re talking about Matt Barkley again. It just feels too much like when we FINALLY cut Butler, then brought him right back a couple of weeks later.

    And RE: I don’t see any of these guys in the plan for the future…..How do you come to that conclusion about a QB that has yet to play a down this year? What are you basing that on? Will be interesting to see if your perspective on that changes IF Gabbert gets to play and plays well.

  64. By Kevin S Mesa on Nov 14, 2017 | Reply


    Always enjoy your posts, but especially liked that post about Belichick and the Patriots.

    Here’s something else — in addition to adjusting to the players, his teams simply play smart, and they are prepared.

    How often do you see a Patriot fumble the ball at the half-yard line trying to stretch for the goal line to pad his stats when he’s already got a first down and the team will have three or four shots to get it in from the one? How often do you see the Pats mismanage their timeouts? How often do you see a Patriot field a punt on the two-yard line like Williams did Thursday? (Funny thing is, it was just a few years ago that Patrick Peterson FAIR-CAUGHT a punt on the three yard line.)

    The Cardinals, and other NFL teams, do this kind of stupid stuff all the time.

    I still remember a few years ago, the Colts were playing the Pats and Pagano had his team out initially in punt formation, and then they went into this totally weird formation where they sent most of their players off to the side, with only a center and a guy under center where the ball was. Most teams would’ve been baffled by this (and, as it turns out, it was an illegal formation anyway), and probably called timeout. Instead, the Pats just put a couple guys near the ball and immediately tackled the Colts player who took the snap.

    Here’s another thing — penalties. All teams get some penalties, but some teams get called for what I consider “worthwhile” penalties. Seahawks’ fans may whine about their secondary getting called for more penalties, but that’s because they commit more — and get away with a lot of them. If you’re about to get burned and the guy is going to get away from you and potentially make a big play, a defensive holding call (5 yards and a first down) is worth committing — especially since the ref may not even see it. Or, offensive holding — hey, it’s worth it, if the guy was going to get around you and sack the QB anyway; maybe you get away with it, and even if you don’t, 1st and 20 is better than 2nd and 18. Meanwhile, other teams commit stupid penalties — literally running over a receiver in such an obvious fashion that the ref has no choice but to throw the flag, on a ball that was likely not going to be caught. I hardly ever see the Pats commit those kinds of stupid penalties, but I see them commit a lot of worthwhile penalties.

  65. By lloyd wolf on Nov 15, 2017 | Reply

    some excellent commentary…thanks for a nice break from work folks,

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