Keim: Looking at receivers, and Gabbert praise

Posted by Darren Urban on November 20, 2017 – 8:13 am

Bruce Arians said after the game Sunday he would be looking at different receivers potentially going forward. GM Steve Keim echoed that sentiment Monday during his appearance on the “Doug and Wolf” show on Arizona Sports 98.7.

“We’ve been looking at wide receivers in a lot of different scenarios,” Keim said, noting that the current group — outside of Larry Fitzgerald — haven’t made the plays they had made in the past. That includes consideration of signing guys off the street, Keim said, as well as potentially poaching one from another team’s practice squad.

Who is catching the ball is one of the storylines going forward, as is who is throwing it. Keim praised Blaine Gabbert’s play —  calling him decisive, saying he got the ball out quick and was accurate “for the most part” — as one of three players who really jumped out to him on a positive note. (The other two, of course, were Budda Baker and Ricky Seals-Jones.) He said Gabbert wasn’t helped by a lack of run game or the drops. (A quick aside: Pro Football Focus said the Cardinals only dropped two passes but it’s clear Arians and Keim thought it was more. Keim said six in his interview. I’d have to go back and watch, but at first glance I didn’t not think Sunday was as bad as the Seahawks game.)

Keim gave no hints on who might start at quarterback this coming week. He did say Drew Stanton’s knee was healing quicker than expected. He also said the quarterback decision would be made by Arians, but “we’ll talk it through and it’ll be a team decision.” (In my opinion, it sounded like Keim would lean to giving Gabbert another start. We will see.)

— The inability to run the football is getting under Keim’s skin. “Some of it is getting our tail whipped at the point of attack, some of it is fundamentals,” he said. Keim was disappointed in the blocking from the tight ends, and it the ability to block at the second level.

— Baker is “fun to watch. He plays at a different speed.” Keim loves both his explosive movement, his physical play and how much ground he can cover. He is “fantastic” in pass coverage, Keim added.

— Asked about the fourth down call, Keim said “I have a lot of faith in Coach.” Noted that Arians did drop passes, miss tackles or get dominated on the line of scrimmage, all of which were issues Sunday.

— Keim was asked about, with a 4-6 record, he was now going to focus on the future in terms of roster building and also perhaps how the Cardinals determine playing time. Keim said he’s looking at every scenario as always, scanning practice squads for other players, scouting college players, combining a look at the future as well as now. In terms of playing time, he used the Seals-Jones example of giving a guy a shot who also in term makes things better short-term. “If other guys aren’t getting it done, give other guys an opportunity,” Keim said.

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51 Responses to “Keim: Looking at receivers, and Gabbert praise”

  1. By Austen on Nov 20, 2017 | Reply

    My guess is that they give Williams and Agudosi a shot.

  2. By Tye Dunn on Nov 20, 2017 | Reply

    I’m sorry but it seems to me that they always want to blame players and not coaches. What is it gonna take for Bruce and his coaches to go. 4 and 12 please.

  3. By Eric G on Nov 20, 2017 | Reply

    The run game stinks for two reasons. First, the obvious reason of a terrible offensive line. But more importantly, terrible play design. Every single run play has 8 offensive linemen in with one WR. It’s blatantly obvious when they are going to run. No play action either. It’s terrible play calling by BA, plain and simple. This team just stinks and it’s an unimaginative offense. Terrible and frustrating.

  4. By Scott H on Nov 20, 2017 | Reply

    Gabbert has ABSOLUTELY earned the right to remain the starter going forward. Shame it took an injury to Stanton to open the door, but…..the door was opened and we went through it. There is no reason to go back to Stanton.

    There is nowhere to look but to the future for this team. Let’s embrace that and move forward.

  5. By D on Nov 20, 2017 | Reply

    At least BA took the blame on a bad play call on 4th down. C. Johnson has been correct on his assessment. Even R. Barber stated during the telecast how their run game lacks creativity. When your center is too small to create openings and your RG was unemployed a few weeks ago, what do you expect? No one fears the QB, so of course defenses will stack the box against the run. I think Mr. Keim and BA need to look in the mirror. You blame your TE on poor blocking.. I noticed several plays where Gresham was one on one with Clowney do they really believe Gresham should win that battle?
    I believe BAs system works for Olines that are good, or at least 2 good tackles that can survive on a island but as we can all see, Mr. Keim poor draft picks for the Oline is biting them on the behind.
    Playing well for 3 qrts. At the QB spot and throwing picks in the 4th qrt should show everyone that Gabbert is a nice backup QB with accuracy not a future starter QB for the franchise.

    6 games left and they face 4 good defenses, maybe Bettcher and the D can learn a few things. At least Keim appears right on drafting Buddha, he looks like the Honeybadger pre injury.

  6. By Coach K on Nov 20, 2017 | Reply

    Why is it that Larry catches everything and our other smaller receivers seem to get the drops?

    The answer I believe is their body type. Defenders can easily reroute and throw them off course with a simple hand stab or bump. They are just too small to overcome a physical defender.

    Next year, we need to bring in receivers who have some size and great hands. I don’t care about speed. I care more about receptions. Larry is no longer a speed receiver, yet, how many times is he running wide open.

    Speed is great, but if you cannot catch, give me a guy with good hands and superior size and I’ll win.

  7. By mitchaz on Nov 20, 2017 | Reply

    It would make no sense to cut John Brown. If he gets a good contract as a UFA this off-season, the Cardinals could at least qualify for a compensatory pick. As for J.J. Nelson, he still has another year on his contract and there’s a chance he can turn things around with a new coaching staff, if one’s on the way.

    Activate Chad Williams this week and promote Carlos Agudosi from the PS. Waive Andre Ellington.

  8. By JTDG on Nov 20, 2017 | Reply

    My Observations of the team/game;

    1. Once again, the announcers noted no sense of urgency for the cards and how they lacked fire. This has been a theme the last 2 years. I am not sure why, but it has to point at the current coaching staff.

    2. This defense is only missing Golden and Branch (with Baker and Reddick filling in), yet week after week, they struggle to stop teams, especially in the 2nd half. This defense lacks identity. Again, it has to start and end with the DC. To watch a guy like Savage who had a 47% comp ratio take the Texans for 3 drives over 70+ yards is unacceptable.

    3. The offensive play calling is predictable and poorly coached. Last week, they would have the center try to reach an end as the guard blocked down. It was impossible for Shipley. The schemes seemed poorly designed at times. This week, you have Barber (who in no way do I consider a cardinal expert after calling Larry Johnson for the TD), but he repeatedly said the run blocking is not very advanced. Made me think of Todd Gurley last year say Fisher’s offense was like a Jr High scheme.

    4. I hate when this front office comes out and says, we need to get better on offensive line, CB or Receiver over the past 6 or 8 weeks. That is what the offseason is for and the question comes back to you Steve Keim, why didn’t you get us better at OLine, CB2, and Receiver?

    Right before the draft, (April 27th) here is what I put down; (no hindsight)
    First round:
    Mike Williams – WR -, strong and can go get the ball
    Tredavious White – CB – Great cover CB
    Adore Jackson – CB – just scratching the surface on how good he can be.
    Marlon Humphrey – CB – solid tough CB who has issues with deep ball
    Second round;
    JuJu Smith Schuster – WR – Dez ? Q ? Plays his game like them.
    Marcus Williams – FS – great centerfielder
    Budda Baker – FS – Another great centerfielder, who can also cover in the slot.
    Sidney Jones – CB – Top CB who got injured at pro day.
    Zay Jones – WR – Most catches in CFB history. Senior Bowl stud.
    Third round;
    Pat Elflein – C/G – this guy is a beast and great leader
    Alex Anzalone – ILB – Athletic, fast and big. Great Senior Bowl.
    Dorian Johnson – G – will be a starter day one.

    Notice something? Secondary, Receivers, Olineman. If I could see it, why can’t the guys who get paid big money? It was so obvious to me. First two rounds I had receivers. I could tell these guys weren’t good enough. So 10 games in, BA now says he needs new receivers. How do I see it and they can’t?

    We need a new front office and coaching staff.

  9. By Steve on Nov 20, 2017 | Reply

    Blaine Gabbert should be the starter going forward as he showed yesterday that he could be a candidate to be the Cards future starter for a few years. Give Blaine a better line and running game and he could continue to blossom in this offense. I’m not anointing him yet to be the future franchise QB of this team but I liked what I saw yesterday.

  10. By lacardinalsfan on Nov 20, 2017 | Reply

    Broncos fired their OC today because their team stinks. Yet Betcher and Amos can be the worst in the league and keep their jobs. (Although ST finally want disgusting yesterday)

    Exactly why the fans ditched Whiz, no accountability on the coaching side. Fo what you want and if the Scheme isnt working blame the players.

    Now all we need is BA to say: we know the plan works, we see it everyday in practice working. Only problem is you are going against Betcher in practice Nd we all know he cant stop anyone on third down.

  11. By Adam Smith b1723 fka DTL on Nov 20, 2017 | Reply

    Biggest stat again: had lead on road, in 2nd half, and D gave it up. 2nd biggest stat, explains in part 1st, Texans ran it down our throat. 3rd stat, our run game stuffed, all night long… so, why?

    1) We misjudged our D linemen, weak or soft mentally, poor skills, not sure which

    3) OL injured, but have drafted poorly, neglected OL, emphasized “athleticism” instead in brute power/strength on OL;

    4) BA poor decision maker when pressured, makes desperate moves… exh A, gotta punt or use deception on run, or throw over top, but we all KNEW we couldn’t get a yard mano y mano…#SMH .

    PS: bothers me BA faux blame acceptance as says “I shouldn’t have trusted OL to get 1 yard” so he takes blame? no, he threw them under bus when he already knew he made wrong call and blamed them for failing, after putting them in position he knew they’d likely fail… shhhezz

  12. By dkerry5242 on Nov 20, 2017 | Reply

    Teams that run the ball successfully spread the defense by putting two or three guys wide, suggesting that it might be a pass play so the defense can’t overload the box. You have to keep the defense guessing as to what play you might run. QB stays under center and you have a back in the backfield. You have to create running lanes. The offensive line doesn’t line up shoulder to shoulder; but rather has some splits so the back can pick a hole. The Cards on the other hand bunch tight together and there is no place for the back to run, hence no or minimal gain.

  13. By Adam Smith b1723 fka DTL on Nov 20, 2017 | Reply

    Lots of dubious calls both ways, but 1 grossly impactful and wrong: 39 yard penalty on AP and Veldheer block on 24 yard completion to Niklas. Got screwed…changed game…

  14. By dobie on Nov 20, 2017 | Reply

    This team lost heart and fire when they lost to the Panthers in that play off game in North Carolina Arians play is predictable so much for his offense genius when you play the same plays over and over they are probably play David Johnson when he gets better see if they can win some games for the fans cause play off is out the door let him heal good for next year but he is a warrior and he want to play defenders will be shooting for that injured hand next year will be very interesting are they going to get a new coach and who a new manager and who and are they going to start retooling younger players which they should have been doing three years ago just check what the Rams did and have done young players young coach Bidwell what you going to do it is your hand if you need help look me up I would make a good consultant and I work for cheap

  15. By Rick on Nov 20, 2017 | Reply

    4th and one try a QB sneak.. Maybe a bunch pass to Fitz.

  16. By JTDG on Nov 20, 2017 | Reply

    Going forward,

    My receivers would be Fitz, Chad Williams and Ricky Seals Jones. Yes! Jones as a receiver.

    Ricky Seals Jones was a WR at Texas A&M.

    Lining him outside or bringing him in on the slot and bouncing Larry outside, gives the cards better size.

    It will be interesting how teams play him. Do they send a LB outside or a safety, or do they put a CB on the 6’5″ 240 pound receiver?

    He is in no way Travis Kelce, but let’s use the guy flexed out like Kelce is used a lot. You can’t discount his two TDs this weekend.

    Let’s get Chad Williams out there as the 3rd receiver. Reading the preseason hype, Fitz used the “A” word in describing him (Anquan). OK, let’s see.

    Now you have a bigger, more physical receiving corps that can be utilized in a quicker passing game. Let’s see if Gabbert can get the offense going with these receivers.

    Also, all three can block and will get physical for the run game.

    Our Oline can not protect for all these deep passes that the receivers can’t get open or drop the ball. Time to change it up.

    Personally, I’ve seen all I need out of Jaron, John, and JJ.

  17. By joe holst on Nov 20, 2017 | Reply

    He keeps fighting a rebuild for some reason- Conner Barth just got waived from the Bears I think he would be an upgrade of Phil Dawson. I also think a Fullback would help out the running game but that will never happen. Look for the to let John Brown walk after this year due to injuries .

  18. By Dr. G. on Nov 20, 2017 | Reply

    Darren – – With about 320 men on the NFL practice squads, do you ever have insight of who our Scouts target…gotta be a few good prospects out there from 31 other teams?? …some must have decent practice//playing results.

    One of the worst play calls ever…ball on “”our own 35″” with 6:36 to go ((plenty of time)) and BA calls for a run in 4th down to try to keep the ball…

    On TV, Gabbert looks at BA like WTF? Way to gàmble and put your QB//team in a gigantic hole.

    FWIW = We got a QB, a new TE, and a Budda for 2018. ((And a new HC))

    In his interview, Keim appears guarded and protective of his and BA’s future…understandable. Many Fans have pointed to needed changes for good reason…the time has come. I wan to hear what MichaelB is thinking now!!! NOW!

  19. By Darren Urban on Nov 20, 2017 | Reply

    Dr. G —

    RE: PS

    I do not know who they might be looking at.

  20. By jeffcardinalfan on Nov 20, 2017 | Reply

    gabber played as I expected-a little tentative but careful with the ball-I don’t hold the 2 pics against him much-we were down, not much time left and he had to take chances

    asidefrom the fact that jj, jb and ja b have forgot how to catch there is this about them-2 are fast but HAVE NO MOVES. I could be wrong but I could see golden developing as a poor mans edelman

  21. By Coach K on Nov 20, 2017 | Reply


    He takes back his terrible call and blames the players again.

    Says one guy blocked the wrong guy.

    When I watch the replay they had 9 defenders in the box. There was no way in hell that play was going to work. We were outnumbered.

    BA shows no class and rather than keeping the blame for his bad cal, blames the players for his stupidity.

    This shows me a complete lack of character and it’s going to cost him the trust of his players.

    No class BA. You just have no class whatsoever I’m sorry, but its shameful.

  22. By georgiebird on Nov 20, 2017 | Reply

    Sometimes Keim need to go back to Football 101. The running game is not working- this has been the analysis for a few years now. But let’s look at 2017. Who have been the two most disappointing players on the offense. The answer is John Brown and JJ Nelson. That is the basic answer to the running game problem. Opposing defenses have no respect for Nelson and Jo Brown making the tough catch down the field. A fly pattern is the only hope and defenses usually play two deep against the Cards (and have for many years, making the Cards earn their points in small increments before penalties or a fumble ruins the drive}.
    Granted, the OL is not the greatest but blocking against 7 and 8 man fronts is the norm-
    The evaluation of Jo Brown and Nelson by BASK has been a major reason for the Cards poor season on Offense. The defense is loaded with John Brown’s and JJ Nelson’s.

  23. By Scott H on Nov 20, 2017 | Reply

    Coach K-

    RE: Why does Larry catch everything / size / smaller receivers

    Oh, I hope your’re kidding with this size-matters stuff. I say absolutely not. What Larry does – and what Larry does also separates him from MANY other WR’s past and present who are bigger than him – has to do with his concentration, his motivation, and how damn hard he works to be as GREAT as he is. That, and the God-given ability he was born with.

    Larry Fitzgerald just plain works harder and is more self-driven to be great than any of these other WR’s. Period.

    Hey, we’ve seen Smoky make some great catches. Same with Jaron and JJ. What is different? The consistency of how often the greatness occurs.

    But it’s more than just the great catches. It’s all of the “routine” catches that Fitz makes, week in / week out, and these other guys don’t.

    I respectfully disagree, I think size has nothing to do with this. Hey, Wes Welker didn’t need to be big to be a GREAT WR, probably one of THE greatest smaller WR’s of all time.

    Bottom line, I just don’t think any of these other guys have worked hard enough to become as good as they have appeared capable of being.

    But Larry? He works at being great every damn time he steps on the practice field. For him, it is an un-pardonable sin to not catch a catchable ball. Even in PRACTICE.

    Here’s something else…..consider that as a kid, Larry had a chance to be around greatness all the time, when he was a ball boy in Minny. He got to work out with Cris Carter, Andre Reed, and Randy Moss and to see how hard they worked. He learned from that and incorporated their example into how he prepares. But these other guys? They have a chance to be around Larry Fitzgerald every day and to learn from the example he sets. And it just doesn’t seem like they have the same motivation to incorporate that into THEIR preparation.

    And there ya have it – the reason why Larry catches everything and these other guys don’t.

  24. By tom manoogian on Nov 20, 2017 | Reply

    —it was a fun few years,but it is obvious the entire coaching staff must go and sadly that means fitz and palmer are all but retired.keim is another who must go.ok start with defense,it is one of worst in league,i mean just terrible,i thought offense was pitiful,hell might be better than defense.OLD COACHES AND OLD PLAYERS,MINUS FITZ NEED TO GO.MICHAEL BIDWELL YOU BETTER STEP IN OR YOU WILL BE REMEMBERED LIKE YOUR FATHER,A NICE GUY BUT DID NOTHING TO BRING IN WINNING PEOPLE.YOU TRIED THIS ,IT WORKED OK A COUPLE YEARS AND NOW BACK TO ST LOUIS CARDINALS.AS LONG AS STADIUM IS FULL YOUR FATHER NEVER CARED ABOUT WINNING,ONCE THE FANS FINALLY QUIT COMING IN ST. LOUIS,HE LEFT FOR ARIZONA.if you don’t fix this where you moving to

  25. By Tradersbrain on Nov 20, 2017 | Reply

    At the least, we know Blaine can be productive. We need a larger sample size, but if his play is consistent until the end of the year, CP can retire knowing the team is in decent shape at QB. With Blaine assuming the starting QB role in 2018 the team can draft and groom a QB in 2018. I’m a little more optimistic about the position going forward.

  26. By Coach K on Nov 20, 2017 | Reply


    I could agree with you partially on your point. It’s true. But if you look at the tal receivers in this league that do not have great speed, they know how to use their body to shield the defender away from the ball. They all can high point the ball and catch it.

    I agree with you on the concentration. I use to tell my receivers to make a basket like a picture window on the ball and look it in. So I do agree concentration is one of Fitz’s greatest assets.

    But if Fitz was 5-9 and 165 pounds, I can Guarantee you he would not be where he is today without that 6’3″. 220 lb body.

  27. By Patrick on Nov 20, 2017 | Reply

    I like Andre Ellington, but he would catch the ball and angle for the sidelines every time. Need five yards, catch and angle to the sideline and come up two yards short. Just seems like many Cardinal players, making business decisions instead of football plays. This team need players like Jefferson, Swearinger, instead it extends Gresham. Then tries to sell us this is a super bowl contender.

  28. By Canadian Redbird on Nov 20, 2017 | Reply

    Just listened to BA on, taking back the comment that he was responsible for the 4th down blunder. Now he blames it on the missed block or somebody other than himself. What about the other 10 + similar plays that had the same result. WHAT A GOOF YOU ARE BA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Time to call the press conference; we need new blood; plain and simple !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. By Dr. G. on Nov 20, 2017 | Reply

    CaochK ~~ I’ve been harping on this over-the-top riskit crapolla for about 2 years now to the little speedsters. A little bit of this goes a long way…and as I have said prior, if the ball is off just a bit, these smurfs can’t play defense to prevent an INT…and they can rarely get a jump ball.

    Most of the time, they are doubled or tripled… I like the jump ball with a strong guy like Fitz or JulioJ who fights for the ball like a Rottweiler as if you were trying to steal a T-bone steak off his plate. ((Big strong hands))

    Just ‘cuz they can run a 4.3 40, does not make them a great receiver. If that were true, we should go get Usain Bolt, since he has retired from track. I can see the smurfs on a quick out and let them scat…otherwise, it is gambling…and with injuries also…later

    Now my olê poker friend ((CaliasC)) is up next…I’m sure he will be congenial and take it easy on the team that let him get away!!

  30. By Dr. G. on Nov 20, 2017 | Reply

    ScottH ~~ Size matters???

    We are talking about the stuff I just posted again… OK…you’re the QB…you have 2 wideouts spreading headed for the end zone one on one defense…a smurf and a big guy with similar athleticism…if you have an equal critical opportunity, who you gonna go to for the best shot?

    Keep in mind that most CBs are just as fast as any receiver. I’m going SIZE… Quick outs and crossings are best for the smaller guys. (((See the Pats, as you mention technique and work ethic)))

    We were talking the only riskit stuff….be well

  31. By Big Ken on Nov 21, 2017 | Reply

    Said this last summer. So we have Larry Fitzgerald and a bunch of other guys at WR? Still holds true.

  32. By Lifetime Fan on Nov 21, 2017 | Reply

    Don’t be so quick to jump on the Gabbert train, let’s see him win a game first. Truth is, and I know you all won’t like this but, if Stanton plays versus the Texans we probably find a way to win. Let’s see Gabbert win a game before he is crowned our next starter…lol (9-32 all time)

  33. By Johnson on Nov 21, 2017 | Reply

    @tom manoogian – Very well said, unfortunately in 30 years of AZ football, we have only seen playoffs in 5 years, not a winning product at all, and it feels like fans are used to this pile of rubbish. Bizarrely, they even support this clearly knowing its a bad product and the upper management has no reason to change. Winning a SB isnt the concern.

    I think we all can see it that Fitz signing for 1 more year is a grave denial of justice. He has made a huge mistake and absolutely needs to review his decision to stay make playing for this pile of rubbish.The coaching is in denial and players have all but given up this season again. Keim vomits the same crap again and again “WE ARE LOOKING AT ALL OPTIONS” ….it wasnt Rocket Science that you needed a Corner back opposite 21, it wasnt Rocket Science that you needed to rebuild your offensive line, it wasnt Rocket Science that you needed faster and stronger WR’s. The defense is atrocious – you just gave 31 points to a Tom Savage led Texans! Offensive play calling is a bust!

    Gabbert has been revelation but its too early to tell how long he can play well with this pile of rubbish coaching. At this point, I dont see us winning 1 game in the remaining schedule. We dont have a chance in hell even against the 2-8 Giants!

  34. By Jon on Nov 21, 2017 | Reply

    I think BA throwing his players under the bus TWO times (yeah he did it the first day too, by saying he “trusted the wrong guys”) then went all-out the second day.

    Look, the call was freaking terrible. Its obvious it was terrible. Its fourth down at your own 38 with 6 minutes left. Nobody goes for it there. Seriously, not one other coach in the NFL goes for it there.

    Secondly, it wasn’t one guy that missed a block. Watch the tape, there are three Texans on Peterson at the exact same time less than half a second into the play. So no, it wasn’t one guy missing a block. And even if it was, we hadn’t been able to run that play for any gain all game, so its a terrible miserable call any way you slice it

    I think BA just had his Denny Green moment trying to blame the players for that. Who respect that? Does he think that looks like a winner? It was classless to throw his players under the bus like that

    We’ll see whether the front office agrees, but in my mind his time is now up.

  35. By clssylssy on Nov 21, 2017 | Reply

    To bad we blew that very winnable game with our lousy defense as the Rams & Seahawks both lost their games and this is such a weak division. I have believed all along that we needed a DC with experience & credentials but if you planned on starting your own “coaching tree” it would at least take some nurturing & teaching w/o expecting to learn on the fly through osmosis. Bettcher has been over his head from the get go since Bowles left & this year it really showed when Kevin gutted our defense & the team not only lost it’s heart & soul but also some knowledgeable teachers. In the NFL, you really do get what you pay for!
    I think about now a lot of fans would like to hear from Michael Bidwill as he seems to have become a ghost that only appears when the team is winning or there is an award or honor being given out.
    Accountability starts at the top and isn’t just for players.

  36. By Scott H on Nov 21, 2017 | Reply

    Today’s power rankings have the Cardinals at #27….a mere 5 spots above what be the worst team in the league. Given the recognizable talent that we have on our roster, we shouldn’t be THAT bad. But….given how we’ve actually PLAYED, I would offer no argument to the Cardinals being ranked that low. Hate to say it, but that is a completely reasonable rank for this team.


  37. By Dr. G. on Nov 21, 2017 | Reply

    Coach ’em up hard and hug ’em later? This approach was always distasteful to me. ((Bluster))

    Coach BA, you forgot the part about trashing your guys in the media. They will reject any hugging later as snake poison. There are alternate ways to handle these sensitive things.

    They are blocking out your bluster now and most are operating under fear…ala Ellington…after he was your favorite guy to exploit. Tough love is not manipulative; it creates eager awareness in the young guys.

    It has been said before that we need to thank you for your time here and point you to a nice recliner with a tv remote and a six pack of beer. You are a rich man now.

  38. By Scott H on Nov 21, 2017 | Reply

    DR.G. –

    I don’t agree that size universally makes a big WR better than a smaller one.

    When I think about guys like Julio Jones and Calvin Johnson, I don’t see guys who are as other-worldly good as they are simply because they were as big as they were. They were also freakishly fast and just had skill / ability to burn. YES, it helped that they WERE as big as they were. But how many guys can we point to who were real big but had nothing else to offer?

    When you look at Antonio Brown and Julian Edelman or even a Reggie Wayne, are you looking at guys with exceptional size??? Not really. But if you’re a QB, those are the guys you look for in ANY situation.

  39. By Dr. G. on Nov 21, 2017 | Reply

    Clssy ~ ~ Yep, I posted earlier that MichaelB needs to come to the mic and show some brass “”B***S””… Your observations are right on with many fans today.

    All is not lost going into 2018 if MB acts soon…as for 2017, some of us are conflicted….ugh!

  40. By michael on Nov 21, 2017 | Reply

    Agree with Jon, this was his “moment”. Though building for a while – evident evne last year when he refused to modify his long pass ofeense even though the o-line wasn;t giving plamer the time to let throws develop – but one moment does turn

    kind of like how Whiz couldn’t solve QB after Warner left. In my mind, his “moment” came when we were up 14-3 in atlanta vs 8-1 Falcons team, but pulled skelton in the 2nd qaurter because he missed an open Fitz fora TD that would have put them up 21-3. Yes, it was a bad miss. But pulling your QB who is winning on the road to replace him with Ryna Lindley – RYAN LINDLEY – showed he was too interested in making a statement and not enough in winning the game

  41. By Scott H on Nov 21, 2017 | Reply

    I’m kinda surprised that there is not more reaction to the news of Ellington being released. Then again…..what has Ellington even done in recent memory that prompt any real protest? I swear, from the point of 2014, there has just seemed to be no REAL role for him here. The last play I can even remember Ellington for was the TD run against Seattle in 2015 that spawned the infamous Drew Stanton sideline dance. And that play showed what Ellington COULD do – but never did anywhere near often enough.

    But I swear, I won’t be surprised if the Pats pick him up and find a way to use him in their offense. They seem to be able to find a role for just about anyone.

    And I will say, though this move hardly made the earth tremble, it does seem to be the kind of move we need to see more of going forward of. Getting rid of guys who just keep hanging around but aren’t really DOING anything. That was Ellington. And there are others. We need so many up-grades at so many positions….but it needs to start with just getting some of the dead weight out of here. It’s a start….one small step toward a large-scale roster turnover that needs to happen.

  42. By Scott H on Nov 21, 2017 | Reply

    Dr.G. / clssy –

    Regarding recent events elsewhere, I found myself looking at Elway coming out and having strong words for how poorly the Broncos have been playing, followed by the firing of their offensive coordinator and saying….hey, good for them. Because I see that as a very comparable situation to the Cardinals’ right now – a team with some very recognizable talent that should be playing better than they are. And when that happens, what do you need? Accountability. You need for the F/O to recognize it and act in a way that sends the message that this level of performance will NOT be tolerated.

    And, frankly, I would give THEIR offensive coordinator more respect than either our defensive OR special teams coordinators.

    But… organization ACTS while others just limp along, trying to do the same things and expecting different results.

  43. By creditcard on Nov 21, 2017 | Reply

    Lets face it, the players know.

    The players know that Keim’s drafts have been real dogs.
    The players know the predictability of the play calling. T
    The player’s know our small receivers are getting a quick hand chuck and getting off course and are frightened to go over the middle.
    The players know the unimaginative middle school line play calling and techniques they are having to use.
    The players know when large contracts are being offered to players that are undeserving
    The players know when good players are not tendered an offer during the off-season, but poor ones are
    The players know which players are seeking stats over the good of the team.
    The players know when the coaching staff is fundamentally retired.

    As a result, the analyst are pointing out the over-all lack of urgency, effort, enthusiasm and hustle.

    The players know, we as fans are seeing their frustrated product.

  44. By Dr. G. on Nov 21, 2017 | Reply

    ScottH – – we are taking turns stiring the same pot. Yeah, it’s easy to use AntonioB as your example…some argue he is the best right now.

    Universal ((size)) is not the word I used for this discussion, but if I knew what I know right now and Julio and Antonio were my only draftable choices… Julio would be my pick going away. ((And the smurfs can’t decoy back for blocking a blitzer…BA unfairly expected Ellington to do that and he got pounded))

    You’ll agree that all the other stuff…blocking, the QB, the schemes, the routes, etc., are what makes a good athlete effective. When BA goes for the over the top stuff, he was hoping that his guy could out run the speedy CBs…When it worked, it looked good, but more than not it fails. A jump ball is a better option for a guy like Fitz if you’re a gambler… How many INTs have you seen Fitz yield compared to the Js on our team? …later

  45. By Dr. G. on Nov 21, 2017 | Reply

    Well it didn’t take long for the Texans to sign Andre Ellington. I wish him well…I thought early on that he was expected to weigh 225 lbs and run the middle every time to please his coach…results== nagging injuries…

  46. By Scott H on Nov 22, 2017 | Reply

    DR.G. –

    RE: Ellington to Texans

    Too bad they didn’t plan that better….the Cardinals were just in Houston! They could have dropped him off while they were there!

  47. By Dr. G. on Nov 22, 2017 | Reply

    ScottH ~ ~ through all your passion, I appreciate your occasional humor.

    Happy Thanksgiving Darren and Cards Fans.

  48. By Dr. G. on Nov 22, 2017 | Reply

    In no way is this necessary, but Chris Johnson just can’t let go…like a politician who lost a year-old election. He tweeted “”I am the fastest RB of all time.””

    Apparently, he is too niave to have heard of BO JACKSON at 4.12..!! He IS the best athlete of all time…his prowess will stun those who look at his history.

    You were at 4.24 Chris…4.24…perhaps 2nd or 3rd all time. Please let it go.

  49. By Scott H on Nov 22, 2017 | Reply

    Dr.G. –

    Andre could’ve just moved his stuff from one locker room to the other! But, no, they had to make my man come all the way back here, just so they could send him right back to the airport…..that ain’t right.

    Anyway, glad the humor is appreciated. Heck, what else have we got??

    You have a Happy Thanksgiving yourself.

  50. By Johnson on Nov 22, 2017 | Reply

    I see a lot of fans “hurt” by CJ2K saying a lot of stuff about the organization….is it because its true? Has he attacked the fans? No! Has he attacked the players No! ..He has attacked this garbage organization that the Bidwells have ran to the ground for over 50 years now. There is no accountability in this organization – the same filth of coaching will be back again next year and we will go 5-11 and the fans will be so happy and shout the same crap “Love my Cardinals!”

    I commend CJ2K for saying the things he has said. In order to improve, you first have to realize the fact that you are rubbish – unfortunately the AZ cards just never seem to learn that. The status quo will never change. I cry for the fans who want a Super Bowl badly, I cry for Larry Fitz who has given his everything for this long and still cant get an organization to do whats necessary to win.

    As far as the game against the Jags are concerned, good for that organization to do what was necessary to build the defense and the capable offense around a pretty bad QB. – I am sure they will fix that in the next draft and be a much better team next year. Good for Calais to invest in “winning” rather than being rubbish.

    As for the Cardinals – I say make Amos Jones the OC next season – whats the worst tat could happen – we will go 6-10 rather than going 5-11. As a 10 year season ticket holder, I will pass mediocrity.

  51. By Walt on Nov 24, 2017 | Reply

    Power ranking is #27. Don’t be deceived by the “talent” on the team. It is good but far from great!! Phoenix media and Cardinal’s insiders don’t see the forest for the trees. We have NO DEPTH at receiver, running back, O line, linebacker, etc……. We just keep telling ourselves we are VERY talented and we believe it.
    C’mon Man.

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