Again, Larry Fitzgerald with the tackling

Posted by Darren Urban on December 13, 2017 – 10:14 am

First, the background. Everyone knows Larry Fitzgerald likes to tackle. Not necessarily in games, mind you — no one wants a turnover — but off to the side, when guys aren’t suspecting. I’ve written (and ranked) about it before. After the Cardinals beat the Titans last Sunday, Fitzgerald was in a particularly frisky mood apparently. Maybe it was the victory. Maybe it was the fact Fitz now was third all-time in both receiving yards and catches in NFL history. Maybe it was because he rarely plays against Eric Decker, fellow Minnesota native and University of Minnesota product. Maybe it was his way to celebrate Peters’ recent contract extension.

But there was Fitz, postgame, taking down Decker and Peters. As always, around Fitz, you better have your head on a swivel.

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  1. By Scott H on Dec 13, 2017 | Reply

    I love this silly / playful side of Fitz. And I would consider it an honor to be one of his victims. Clearly, this season has not been what Fitz ( and the rest of us ) would have wanted. But I’m glad to see he doesn’t get too down about it.

  2. By Adam Smith b1723 fka DTL on Dec 13, 2017 | Reply

    They’ve worked out Barnes, so maybe he can help? Surprised we didn’t have another experienced LT signed 5-6 weeks ago… Painter cut and resigned, obviously not that guy. Keim failed to properly address this key position, among many successes elsewhere…

    What are 3-4 most important positions, obviously QB CB LT… 2 of 3 neglected (until Tramon brought in very late)… maybe Holden now ready? Praying so…

  3. By JTDG on Dec 13, 2017 | Reply

    Thanks Darren,

    I saw the Peters one but couldn’t tell who it was from the other side of the field, but missed the Decker one.

  4. By Richard S on Dec 13, 2017 | Reply

    It looks cute but these are high paid guys whose career end you don’t want to be responsible for messing around. I had a fellow high school basketball teammate knock my front tooth into two pieces messing around. If you mess up another professional’s career messing around he just might sue you for millions.

  5. By Richard S on Dec 14, 2017 | Reply

    Unrelated thoughts. I like how Gabbert does press conferences. You can tell he is serious about his game. I like how Kerwin plays with broken ribs. I hope he stays with the team for many more years.

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