Paydirt drought, and Washington aftermath

Posted by Darren Urban on December 17, 2017 – 4:36 pm

It was the kind of catch you just expect Larry Fitzgerald to make, because he’s simply done it so many times before – fourth down, a gotta-have-it-grab from the guy you go to when you gotta have it. But the ball dribbled out as Fitz hit the ground. So close, just like the rest of the day for the Cards.

“None bigger than the one I needed to make at the end of the game there,” Fitzgerald said. “Going a whole 60 minutes not scoring a touchdown offensively, that’s obviously below standard.”

It’s been a whole 60 minutes two games in a row. Plus the second half of the game before that. It’s not that the offense is doing nothing. The Cards had 141 yards rushing Sunday, and reached the red-zone six times. It’s that they can only get three points at a time, which makes winning so hard.

Blaine Gabbert will remain the starter at quarterback. Gabbert took the blame but had no specifics on why the offense stalls so much. As well as Gabbert began his games as a Cardinal, the recent work, even behind the beat-up offensive line, will give the Cardinals’ braintrust a lot to consider when looking at Gabbert for the future

— Larry Fitzgerald is 18 yards shy of 1,000 yards receiving this season, and he would have been a lot closer had he been able to make that catch.

— Speaking of missed catches, tight end Troy Niklas was understandably upset with himself for not pulling in that last would-be touchdown. He was a stand-up guy to talk about it. Truth be told, if he doesn’t pull a sure interception away from linebacker Zach Vigil early in the drive, he wouldn’t have even had a chance to get the TD.

— Bruce Arians was right. One touchdown would’ve been enough. I think of two specific times: After the long onsides kick to open the second half – the fans, who booed the Redskins off and on all day even though they led the whole game, were ready to turn if the Cards could’ve put it in the end zone – and then, of course, right before the half. Two straight plays to D.J. Foster were open for TDs. Foster didn’t look soon enough for the first one – off his helmet incomplete, and it’s possible he and Gabbert didn’t see the same hot read – and the second one was batted away with Foster by himself in the end zone. Epic levels of frustration there.

— If Brittan Golden was going to end up with a fractured arm on his last excellent punt return of 15 yards to set up a short field, it would’ve been nice to reward him with a win. Golden is one of those guys you root for, busting his butt to have whatever role he can fill.

— Chandler Jones sack counter: He got one Sunday, giving him 15 on the season, putting him third on the franchise single-season list and putting him 1½ shy of Simeon Rice’s franchise record with two games left. Jones also pressured Washington QB Kirk Cousins a ton of other times.

— You know D.J. Swearinger wanted this one. And he made sure to let the Cardinals sideline – and coach Bruce Arians – know it on one of the last plays of the game, an incompletion to Fitz on third down, the play before Gabbert’s final throw.

— Speaking of that final throw and Swearinger, there was a moment where Swearinger’s emotion almost cost the Redskins dearly. After the ball came loose from Fitz – on fourth down – Swearinger ripped his helmet off in celebration. The problem? You can’t take your helmet off on the field. If it had been third down, the Cards would have had an automatic penalty. But because it was fourth down and it came after the incompletion, it ultimately didn’t hurt Washington.

— Phil Dawson seems to be well past his accuracy problems, right?

— Speaking of special teams, Andy Lee has had a tremendous second half of the season. He’s punting like he did when he was dominating as a 49er all those years (and making life miserable for the Cardinals).

— If you would’ve told me the Cardinals would outrush Washington, 141-31, I would’ve expected a win going away. The defense did enough to win.

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  1. By Scott H on Dec 17, 2017 | Reply

    I’m not even sure how to feel after this one….by rights, with all the injuries this team has incurred, and as depleted as we are at so many positions, did we even have a right to expect them to win an early game on the east coast? No, probably not.

    But the game WAS there for the taking at the end. We just couldn’t convert when we needed to. Not at the end, and not at several other points along the way, apparently.

    So….I end up feeling disappointed over a game we lost when there was probably little chance we were gonna win, anyway.

    Well, I hope DJ Swearinger enjoyed his big win. It ain’t like he’s going anywhere. Heck, winning today only made them EVEN with the Cardinals. So, live it up, DJ. Go on with your bad self. That said…..I still wish he’d stayed here.

    If nothing else, it is warming my heart to see what the Rams did to the Seahawks today. That was sweet! They may be a division mate and I guess you’re never supposed to wish your division mates well, but….I’m kinda happy for the Rams. We’ve been pretty much out of this thing all along. And the Rams have been down for a long time. But I did NOT want to to see the damn Seahawks walk away with it again. So…..GO RAMS! ANYONE other than the Seahawks OR the Eagles ( and, damn, the Giants came REAL close to taking them down today! ).

    And where was THIS kind of consistency from Phil Dawson earlier this year??? Glad he has found it…..seeing as he is our whole offense now.

  2. By Steve on Dec 17, 2017 | Reply

    Second crappy season in a row..time to rebuild. New QB, O-line, A DT, CB, and some more receiver help, new ST teams coach. I hope B.A comes back. Nothing to gain by winning these last 2 games, I hope we have a top 12 pick.

  3. By joe holst on Dec 17, 2017 | Reply

    3rd request to stop this garbage Blain Gabbert experiment.

  4. By CardsNation on Dec 17, 2017 | Reply

    Possible offseason moves
    1. Sign Andrew Norwell
    2. Sign Allen Robinson to one year deal
    3. Release/trade/pat cut veldheer and iupati
    4. Re-sign Bynes, Williams, and Boone

    People like Rosen. I just feel like Josh Rosen is gonna throw at least an interception every game like a Young Carson Palmer. He has the accuracy but very bad decision making sometimes. It’s too early to say anything until the combine and see what Keim is gonna do in the offseason

  5. By Greg L on Dec 17, 2017 | Reply

    Looks like the 49ers may have a quarterback now as well. That would include in a division that already has Wilson and Goff. Where do the Cardinals go from here?

  6. By mitchaz on Dec 17, 2017 | Reply

    WAS 20 AZ 15



    * Rushing Offense (kudos to the makeshift OL, RBs Williams and Penny)
    * Time of Possession in the 1st Half


    * Shoddy Pass protection
    * Passing game out of sync
    * Erratic QB play
    * Dropped passes in key situations
    * Costly turnovers

    Tough Game POW:

    QB Blaine Gabbert:

    Needs a lot of coaching—not sure if he has the right temperament—might be too laid back—the Redskins speeded up his clock and it repeatedly affected his throws—for a mobile QB he is ineffective passing on the move—his clock runs even faster on the move—every time he bootlegged the Redskins had their DE in his face, fine, you ball fake him and extend the play into a RPO (run, pass option)—instead Gabbert throws the ball too quickly—he continues to lack touch on short passes—was getting his passes batted at the l.o.s as if he was a sub 6 foot QB—but, he keeps fighting and threw a perfect pass to Niklas that could have won the Cardinals the game. He kept some drives alive with his feet—and he threw a good deep pass to Nelson which Nelson didn’t need to jump up to catch and might have run away from the DB for a TD—so many close plays the Cardinals missed by inches—the passes to D.J. Foster—so frustrating—but the Redksins got in Gabbert’s face and got their hands up in key situations—and thus took advantage of Gabbert’s antsy-ness. Two poor choice passes, for example, on 1st and goal, throwing a 4 yard pass into coverage for RSJ—and same thing late in the game—throwing a 4 yard pass to Niklas that should have been the 2nd interception.

    Surprise POW:

    Elijaah Penny—really took over in the 2nd half, 10/45/4.5. Great to see a Cardinals’ RB lower his shoulder and keep his legs moving.

    Unsung POW:

    Kerwynn Williams—once again, while playing with sore ribs, he runs his heart out on every play—plus he blew up the blitz this week.

    Question for BA:

    With all those trips to the red zone—why were the vast majority of the plays designed to go to the young players (Foster, RSJ and the brand new TE signed off the street) at the expense of ignoring Fitzgerald, Jaron Brown and J.J. Nelson?



    * Aside from two poor plays, both of which cost the Cardinals 14 points, the defense in the 1st half was outstanding—stopping the run—pressuring Cousins—and making timely pass breakups.
    * Chandler Jones and Kareem Martin
    * Antione Bethea’s strip of TE Vernon Davis and CB trombone Williams’ scoop fumble return
    * Getting the ball back for the offense twice late in the game


    * Soft zones in the 2nd half which left a number or Redskins wide open—by then with the pressure they had been getting on Cousins, it made no sense to take the pedal off the metal.
    * A number of missed tackles in the 2nd half.

    Tough Game POW:

    Patrick Peterson:

    * Very poor efforts on both TDs—(1) when playing a WR like Crowder in the slot on the goal-line, the first thing a CB cannot do is lose leverage and let the WR cross his face—PP gave it up badly and way too easily—then, as PP tends to do when he gets beat, he slips—even worse, he didn’t even try to get up quickly—he basically quit on the play, as he did last week when he complained to the refs while his man was running with the ball. (2) with the Cardinals playing zone, the Redskins called a screen to PP’s side where he has the flat (been saying for a long time that teams know to run screens to PP’s side, because they know he will panic and take himself out of the play—which is exactly what he did—when a CB is playing the flat in zone coverage—and no WR or TE is in his zone, he has the luxury of being able to read the screen and bust it before the RB can get any speed going—the play is coming right at PP—but he inexplicably backpedals with no receiver to cover, then, when he sees the screen coming his way and sees the tackle coming for him, instead of juking and out-quicking the tackle or at least breaking down to then make a move to get to the RB, he does what he always does in that situation, he panics and runs away from the play (almost out of bounds), not toward it.

    Surprise POW:

    Kareem Martin: Made a couple of big plays—staying home and making the tackle on the end-around and batting down Cousins’ pass right before the 2 minute mark which helped get the offense the ball back.

    Unsung POW:

    Corey Peters: he plugged the middle like a pro, as he has been doing all year.

    Special Teams:


    * Aaron Brewer, Andy Lee and Phil Dawson
    * Dawson’s pooch KO to start the 2nd half, recovered by Budda Baker
    * Brittan Golden’s punt return (during which he unfortunately broke his arm)


    * A couple of kickoff returns of 30 & 34 yards respectively.

    1 PM Game Woes:

    1-5 this year and the one win at Indy was a minor miracle—remember the fumbled snap that bounced CP’s way for a first down deep in Cardinals’ territory?

    The offense looked sluggish all day—just like it does with Palmer—not getting out of the huddle on time (other team hustle their OL to the line, not the Cardinals—they practically crawl to the line)—play clock ticking down to 1 or 0 too often—yes, there were technical issues for 10 minutes, but the sluggishness did not change. The Cardinals’ lack of tempo on offense, no matter who the QB is, has been at the crux of the Cardinals’ inconsistencies on offense the past two seasons.

    Thanks in part to Larry Fitzgerald sprinting the ball back to the official—the tempo in the hurry-up offense was better this week. But, alas, the 10 quarter TD drought continues, thanks to a number of near miss and poorly timed passes.

    Best News of the Day:

    The Rams dominating the Seahawks in Seattle with the NFC West championship on the line.

  7. By dkerry5242 on Dec 17, 2017 | Reply

    No doubt after watching today’s games we will be in last place next year in our division. The 49ers have their future QB in Garappolo and they will get off the bottom next year.

  8. By Paul on Dec 17, 2017 | Reply

    I just can’t understand the play calli I love B.A. but his play call No makes me believe he has given up on this team

  9. By Canadian Redbird on Dec 17, 2017 | Reply

    Great that BA went to the no nonsense QB sneak on 4th and inches instead of the previous handoff to the running back through the 4 hole a few games ago. I still think that part of our shortcomings is PLAY CALLING.

    Cards certainly deserved to win this game. I thought Gabbert was decent enough to warrant having him either in the number 1 or 2 slot going forward.

    Go Cards !!!!!!!!!!!

  10. By Tradersbrain on Dec 17, 2017 | Reply

    The 2015 season seems like a lifetime ago.

  11. By georgiebird on Dec 17, 2017 | Reply

    One week its the offense, another week it’s the defense and another week it’s the STs. Some weeks, it’s more than just one of the units.
    That’s what makes analyzing the Cards so tough- there are breakdowns in all our units but the breakdowns change from week to week. There is a performance inconsistency that shows up each week.
    And it’s the inconsistency that makes the Cards a losing team.

  12. By D on Dec 17, 2017 | Reply

    Fans should pay attention to how the team finishes in terms of draft order. (Realize players on the current team don’t want to hear about this)

    AZ is currently sitting at 11 for a draft pick after today -If the fans want AZ to take one of the top 3 QBs (assuming Rosen and Darnold declare), appears J. Allen will come out, then
    Cards won’t catch the Browns or the Giants, both teams most likely will draft QBs in the top 3 of the draft.
    Currently , Denver, Jets and Bengals all could take the 3rd best QB, all have only 5 wins, with AZ having 6 wins.

    Remaining schedule for AZ is home vs Giants and at Seattle. I see one win for AZ to end the season with 7 wins. I don’t see AZ moving any higher (10 or up) in terms of the draft, they may fall back to 12 when the season is over. In other words the only way AZ could move above Denver, Jets and Bengals is to make a trade up with the Colts who are sitting at 3rd in the draft order with 3 wins. ( I don’t see Indy winning) AZ would really need to love that QB because a trade won’t come cheap.

    If the Cards don’t trade up for a future QB and can’t move down, then I see them drafting whoever is left on the board from Q. Nelson, best Guard in the draft, or M. McGlinchy the best OT in draft, both from ND. Cards need both.

  13. By Dan Nicholson on Dec 17, 2017 | Reply

    Like the effort cards continue to give. Team just has to make the play when chance for it is their more consistent. Got to say I agree with Scott H. Amazingly they are right their to win with all the injuries, so kudos to SK and scouts for building quality depth. This team does not need a major overhaul, just be nice to have all the injured players back. Will say that cards could add 2 guys anywhere and it could be the difference between winning and losing. Thanks for the playing hard Big Red, the worm will turn in 2018.

  14. By AYRW on Dec 17, 2017 | Reply

    The offensive line next year: (people might get released in the offseason, but only considering the 2018 free agents right now).

    Release Veldheer

    LT: DJ Humpries

    LG: Andrew Norwell (Free agent signing) Unless Keim decides to keep Iupati at LG. Lupati is gonna earn 8 million next year and he is coming off an injury. So a pay cut/trade/release would make sense. But Norwell is a better choice.

    C: AQ Shipley (You could make a change at the C position, but I think he is just fine for next year)

    RG: Alex Boone (Fantastic with the 49ers at RG; re-sign).

    RT: Andre Smith/Justin Pugh (If I remember it correctly, Keim did offer Smith a contract one year or two years ago. But Smith decided to sign with another team. Justin Pugh provides versatility for the offensive line. Both are pretty solid options)

    Drafting an offensive lineman always take a long time to develop. We need immediate impact players to protect the QB, especially if Palmer decided to stay.

  15. By DZ on Dec 17, 2017 | Reply

    I’ve seen enough of the QB experiment to know that Gabbert is not the one. I appreciate the opportunity over the past 5-6 games as a fan to satisfy my curiosity about Gabbert.
    I like his toughness and his determination.
    What I don’t like is the batted balls at the line of scrimmage, the lack of touch on short passes. Pass accuracy in general and poor decisions in the moment, like running out of bounds for a loss instead of throwing it away. Going to the turf short of the first down on third down when it is there to get. And protecting the ball.
    I think Stanton should get the last two starts as a reward for all his loyalty to the coaches and the team. Besides, he and Gabbert are a toss up.

  16. By Daniel Thompson on Dec 18, 2017 | Reply

    Too many dropped balls…….QB aiming too much…….then again the offensive line couldn’t block a Lego, can’t way I blame the QB.

  17. By Louis Callegari on Dec 18, 2017 | Reply

    it’s time to face reality people we need a new g.m. and a younger coaching staff.

  18. By JohnnyBluenose on Dec 18, 2017 | Reply

    mitchaz….as always, a very good analysis

  19. By JTDG on Dec 18, 2017 | Reply


    I like most of the signings a lot. I think the cards approach next year is to get younger. I would not sign anyone over 28 years of age (with one exception – T Williams)

    Therefore, signing Justin Pugh (to play left guard) and Andrew Norwell at Right guard is an instant upgrade.

    At center, I am looking at round 2 of the 2018 draft. Billy Price, Mason Cole, or sleeper Frank Ragnow.

    If you solidify the inside of the line with these 3, you hope that DJ Humphries can actually come back and contribute at LT.

    In round 3 , I am looking at RT. Joseph Noteboom or Jamarco Jones makes sense.

    The release of Veldheer and Iupati should be a given as it frees up 13 million in cap numbers in 2018 and 20 million in cap room in 2019.

    I would not resign Boone or Watford, I would release Shipley and save 1.75 million in cap space.

    An Oline of

    LT – Humphries
    LG – Pugh
    C – Price
    RG – Norwell
    RT – Noteboom

    Is so much better and is attainable in both cap and availability at this point.

    If you look to use the 2019 1st round pick to move up, drafting the athletic and mobile strong armed QB in Josh Allen now helps a ton.

    Unfortunately, The cards need two wrs in FA. You need someone with some speed to spread the field and someone else to take the mantle as a number 1 receiver.

    I would look at Sammy Watkins and Allen Robinson. Both are young receivers that could be huge targets for a young QB. Again, very easy to make them fit under the cap.

    Understand this, in 2018, if Palmer and Fitz decide to retire, 25 million is freed up. If they don’t retire, you can still afford these players by pushing contracts into 2019. Palmer and Fitz will free up 30+ million of cap space in 2019.

  20. By Dr. G. on Dec 18, 2017 | Reply

    Darren – – ((Re: MitchAZ post game reviews))

    I don’t want to whip the dead horse here, but I would like your take on how Mitch describes PP’s play in this game and in general, especially this year. I think Mitch does a good knowledgeable job in general on his past reviews…trying to state facts without obvious bias ((which, fairly, you say I have on PP))

    As a rookie, and maybe a sophomore, PP was excellent, but my opinion points to his seeming lack of passion to lay it on the line fot his team mates esp for the $$$ he collects… Thanks in advance.

  21. By Darren Urban on Dec 18, 2017 | Reply

    Dr. G —

    RE: PP

    1) My problems with your analysis of Peterson is that you have delved into the personal. If it was just the tackling, for instance, I can see it. But you come across like he is a bad person because, I’m not even sure, because I guess he doesn’t defer or he is willing to say how much he believes in himself.
    2) I simply disagree with your assessment that somehow he cares less.
    3) Peterson is so much better of a cornerback in 2015/16/17 than he was in 2011/12. I don’t even get how you can see it otherwise.
    4) As for Mitch, I have not re-watched any screen. On the slip in the end zone, he slipped. I mean, I don’t know what to tell you. If people want to hold him responsible for the ground giving way, I can’t stop you. Sorry, but I find it tough to pin that on a player, Peterson or otherwise.

  22. By Adam Smith b1723 fka DTL on Dec 18, 2017 | Reply

    Looked like Swearinger knocked the ball out from Fitz, fwiw. Metaphor for our roster construction? nah, too deep…but interesting timing… Still want to know why he’s not a Card, especially since his work ethic was reported as legendary by some…

    Foster made me miss Ellington.

    Gabbert so bad, yet so gutty. So hard to evaluate with 2nd stringers especially n line. What if he beats Seahags on road and looks good. It aint over yet…but thinking back to all those prior QBs, still better than all except Warner and Palmer, imo…

    Cards keeping it interesting, albeit frustrating… this off season biggest since BA et al hired…

  23. By AYRW on Dec 18, 2017 | Reply

    The thing I don’t understand is that why did BA called a timeout at 2:10 right before the punt. You have two mins warning then u pretty much waste a timeout since the punt+return took more than 10 seconds.

  24. By D on Dec 18, 2017 | Reply

    Rumors yesterday about how BA could retire at years end.

    Would love to pull the coach in Ann Arbor back into the NFL, dreaming is free…

    Will probably need another Offense minded HC if BA retires, Todd Haley?

  25. By JTDG on Dec 18, 2017 | Reply

    To weigh in on the Pat P conversation;

    I’m really not understanding the criticism on him. Let me put it this way.

    If, for 16 games, someone had to cover Fitz. At the end of the 16 games, Fitz averaged 30 yards on 2 catches and finished with two TDs on the year.

    I think most would find shutting Fitz down like that would be next to impossible. Now, think of the 2008 version of Fitz and for 8 of the 16 games, he is the receiver, yet the stats are the same.

    Now, I would think most would say that is completely impossible.

    For Pat P, that is his job. He lines up against the best receivers in the league week after week and shuts them down to those kinds of stats.

    Will he slip and give up a TD? Or give up on a play? yes, that will happen from time to time. But to throw out the baby with the bath water is not fair.

    I watched Fitz drop 2 balls on the final drive. You have to remind yourself he is human. Same goes for Pat P. He is human. But he is one talented shut down CB human, that is rare to find.

    Now, I have mentioned in the 2017 and 2018 drafts I would consider moving him. But only for deals that net the franchise QB (ie, with Tennessee for picks 5 and 17 last year or with Cleveland for #1 pick.)

    It would take a block buster, other team won’t do it, type of deal for me to trade him.

    The cards are lucky to have him, which is why these zones Betchler runs become more and more puzzling. If you want to be a zone team, then you don’t need a Pat P.

  26. By JTDG on Dec 18, 2017 | Reply

    Could you imagine if Keim listened to me and drafted Tredavious White or Adore Jackson to pair with Pat P.

    That is when you would see greatness. Just leave those CBs on an island and blitz like mad.

    I miss Todd Bowles

  27. By JTDG on Dec 18, 2017 | Reply

    Young guns are ruling the division;

    Garappolo has won 3 straight games for the Niners in 3 starts. He threw for almost 400 yards yesterday and is missing key players on offense.

    Goff lead the Rams to a huge victory as they will win the West and be back in the playoffs in his second year.

    Wilson is the older QB at 29, who has 30 TDs and will finish with 4000 yards.

    The cards are hoping a 39 year old QB doesn’t retire, comes back from injury, to lead the cards.

    One of these things does not fit. Keim must, and I mean must, get their QB in 2018 in the draft and Keim must not be scared or think the price is too high to go get him.

    As the rams and eagles would tell you, its worth all they gave up to get their guy.

    Got to come away in 2018 with one of the big 3 ( Darnald, Allen, Rosen) . Or this division will be looking back at them for years to come.

  28. By Aaron Allery on Dec 18, 2017 | Reply

    Is Bruce Arians ruining David Johnson by continuing with an archaic offensive scheme he doesn’t have the personnel for? It is like fitting a square peg through a round hole. Secondly, how is Steve Keim supposed to improve the team when he and Arians are lock in step towards their yearly search for mediocre DL and OL talent and QBs. It is evident that their egos were writing checks that their talent and schemes could not cash.

    Why not a 2RB system like New Orleans with Williams and Johnson? Why not draft O-line like Dallas to make sure your MVP RB doesn’t get killed. E-G-O.

  29. By CARDS62 on Dec 18, 2017 | Reply

    Darren what is the rule on linemen down field and do you think Washington committed a penalty on their best offensive play of the day, screen pass for the td? Washington had 3 lineman down the field.

    JTDG – I am okay with Boone coming back next year as he looks good to me. Palmer has to retire or be traded for anything. We need the money for free agents especially at WR and DL, LB. I like Robinson and Jags owe us for Campbell. I worry about Sammy Watkins desire to play and injury history. I think he is another Michael Floyd. I like your draft picks, but we better get Price just like we should have selected Elfein last year.

    D – Please no Hair ball coaching our team. Too much of a drama queen.

    Everyone please feel free to argue with me, but I am just not seeing anything from Reddick or Robert N. Is anybody seeing any potential out of either of these guys? Baker and Bynes I can see potential.

    If Nicklas catches that pass he should have caught we win this game. Amazing! Why wasn’t the pass to Seals-Jones? Rookie already more productive than Nicklas in how many season?

    Dr. G – PP actually came up twice to tackle RBs. The 3rd time he whiffed but for PP 2 out of 3 aint bad. PP not perfect but I am glad we have him. I also think he will play better in playoffs than regular season.

    Canadian Redbird I am with you. My 2 favorite calls of the game are the QB sneaks. Almost impossible to stop. Can you or anyone tell me on the drive in Q4 when Penny was running the ball well and after having him run on first 2 downs and we have a 3rd and 2 from around Washington 20 yard line we do not have Penny run it again and if necessary QB sneak on 4th down ? Instead we try to pass the ball which we did not do well all day and we have Gabbert trying to throw to Foster. These guys were not only on different pages, but they were reading from different playbooks all game. Did not understand this play call and like another poster it should would have been nice to have Ellington in the game at that point instead of Foster.

    AYRW I agree why call a time out at 2:10? More than 10 seconds will run off if you have to run down field and spike the ball.

    Very strange game after watching first 10 minutes with the way our OL was playing and seeing Cousins with all day to pass I thought we were going to lose 56 – 12, and then after our second half kickoff I felt we were going to win this game until the final few seconds.

    We did not get enough pressure on Cousins, but Chandler Jones very much impressed me again. He ran hard from the first play to the last play.

    Go Cards beat the Giants!

  30. By creditcard on Dec 18, 2017 | Reply

    Chad Williams and Robert Nkemdichie had solid games …. did either of them play?

  31. By CardsNation on Dec 18, 2017 | Reply

    If we wanna win next year. We have to win in the free agency. Keim said he will make big changes, I truly hope that we are able to sign those big name free agents, especIlly Norwell and Robinson. They are key to the offense and the QB no matter who the QB is. People like Gresham, Veldheer, Iupati should take a pay cut or release or trade. Despite Keim’s inconsistency of drafting. But I gotta say he understands who to trade and sign in the offseason to improve this team.

  32. By JTDG on Dec 18, 2017 | Reply


    It is time to stop with signing 31 year olds to short term deals.
    I like Alex Boone, but I would rather sign a guy like Pugh and Norwell who is 25, 26, 28 to 5 year deals and end this shuffling.

    Think if you had Billy Price , Norwell and Pugh as your interior oline for the next 5 years.

    If you landed that RT in the draft and Humphries pans out, you could finally be done with the oline for many years. (obviously you would need to resign Humphries in 2020. )

  33. By Richard S on Dec 18, 2017 | Reply

    Garoppolo got only one TD in the Niner’s win and the rest all FG’s and is seen in the Bay Area as the future of the franchise.

  34. By JTDG on Dec 18, 2017 | Reply

    Richard S,


    His team was 1-10 and wasn’t playing well. Jimmy came in and they have won 3 straight. Garoppolo is 3-0.

    I would think he was the future also.

  35. By JTDG on Dec 18, 2017 | Reply


    Keim said he was going to be aggressive in the offseason between 2016 and 17.
    Instead, he did nothing about a horrible 2016 offensive line, a receiving corps that struggled, or finding a CB in one of the best drafts for CBs.

    What makes you think he will make the right moves?

  36. By vsancards on Dec 19, 2017 | Reply

    I agree the defense played great but they did not play well enough to win. The Redskins scored 20 points and we had 15. They need to hold the Redskins to 3 on that initial possession and we’re talking about a 6 FG game from Dawson and Coach bellowing there is no such thing as Ugly Wins…

  37. By Robert on Dec 19, 2017 | Reply

    The flaws in Bruce Arians system is now on display. You can bring in the best players at each position and the Cardinals will still have problems going far in the playoffs.
    Every team comes across this situation wether late in the season or the year after. Arians is a great X’s and O’s coach but translating that into successful plays requires players to decipher the playbook. That would be coaching 101. As a coach, you have got to make sure your players can operate within the system.
    Otherwise, we will continue to hear Bruce Arians complain of the missed opportunities after each game.

  38. By MoJoe on Dec 19, 2017 | Reply

    Is it Keim Time or time for Keim to go?

    I think the one of the most interesting situations this off season will be the move that Michael Bidwell makes or doesn’t make with Steve Keim. With BA under contract for one more year and Keim having more salary cap space and draft picks available than in previous years, what does Bidwell do with Keim?

    Does Bidwell believe Keim is still the right person for the job? Does he believe that Keim can build this team through the draft or has done so up to this point, does he trust his judgement on which players to extend or release, can he recruit and sign quality FA’s and then turn those FA’s and draft choices over to a coach who clearly has only one year left (in mind, body, spirit and contract) who, unless he is given a veteran laden team, will struggle to get the most out of a team while player development suffers, again?

    Or, does he make a housecleaning move and bring in a new GM with more experience who can identify and hire an up and coming offensive minded head coach who can shape and mold and grow with a newly drafted QBOTF and create a more modern day and less predictable offense, someone who can bring in an established defensive coordinator and a special teams coach,someone who has a proven track record of talent evaluation and player development whose credibility attracts players and coaches?

    If there ever was a time to make a change, to turn things over to new set of eyes, and build a team for the future that can compete with the fresh blood in SF and LA, now would be the time. Those new generational coaches and experienced GM’s will be out there. Its just a matter of whether or not Michael Bidwell is satisfied with the progress, direction and future of the team and the job Keim and BA has done over the last 2 years. If he is, then its status quo for one more year. If not, then the re-build is on.

    Stay Tuned.

  39. By Dan Nicholson on Dec 21, 2017 | Reply

    The rams are not as well off as many people think. They do not have many draft picks in 2018 for one, time to pay Aaon Donald, Gurley, Watkins a UFA, Whitworth is 37, Sullivan 33 and their cap is not that friendly , so Donald is going to be paid this year you would think, so the 49ers are a team more likely to watch out for. Cards can get back next year. Have faith Birdgang

  40. By Scott H on Dec 21, 2017 | Reply

    Young guns are ruling the division. And here we are, with no bullets…..

  41. By Aaron Allery on Dec 21, 2017 | Reply

    It would be nice to see Arians put away the Top Sheriff/Gene Hackman character from Unforgiven and become more the outlaw. Outlaws are unpredictable and attack from all angles. Sheriffs get a big posse and try and roll over the competition with big guns. The best coaches adapt and overcome no matter the personnel (with limitations of course). Sometimes the best outcomes originate from a struggle and perseverance through tough times. It should be a real time of introspection the result of which will be evident by the end of the draft. As a fan, a lot is riding on how both the Coach and GM react to this year.

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