Keim: Learn from 2017, no “woe is me”

Posted by Darren Urban on December 26, 2017 – 8:16 am

The Cardinals are analyzing their free-agents-to-be and with some of them, the team has/will be formulating extension offers, General Manager Steve Keim said Tuesday during an appearance on 98.7, Arizona’s Sports Station. The players Keim wants back are, not surprisingly, not only competitors on the field but good in the locker room. That was a focus last year as well.

“That’s an ongoing process and we have made some of those players extension offers,” Keim said. “The bottom line is we have a lot of work to do, as I said last week.

“We’ve dealt with enough adversity this year with the injuries and with some of the losses, so we have to make sure we use this season and, in particular, our issues that we have dealt with, as learning things, where we can look back and grow from it instead of having the attitude of ‘woe is me.’ That is something I believe in wholeheartedly, not only on the scouting side of it but as an organization in general.”

— The many injuries have made it more difficult to evaluate some key players here and there, Keim acknowledged, but “at the end of the day there are still one-on-one battles these guys have to win.”

— Does having a chance to knock the Seahawks out of the playoffs mean a lot for Sunday? “Anytime you are playing a division rival it’s big regardless of what is at stake,” Keim said. “We are all competitors. We want to win every game. In my opinion, you can’t look at where your draft slot could potentially be. Let the chips fall where they may. We owe it to our fans, we owe it to our organization to compete every week and to try and put the best product on the field. We will deal with draft and free agency when it comes. This week our mindset is to go up to Seattle and get a win.”

— The Cardinals’ first shutout since 1992 “says a lot of things about players on the field and the character in our locker room.” Keim credited the game planning of defensive coordinator James Bettcher. He also said he though $LB Deone Bucannon not only played his best game of the season, he had arguably his best game in the NFL, period. Chandler Jones provided pressure and drew a couple of holding calls, Frostee Rucker and Karlos Dansby are invaluable leaders, and safety Antoine Bethea was “exceptional” in getting a pair of interceptions.

— Keim added his thoughts to the huge game of wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald, who Keim said took over the game offensively. “There’s no doubt he willed us to win on offense.”

— Keim added that it was nice to see John Brown contribute with a touchdown and a key third-down conversion with his two catches.

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  1. By JTDG on Dec 26, 2017 | Reply


    True or Not True;

    Report: Cardinals & Bruce Arians Will “Agree To Part Ways” After Season |
    NFL Trade Rumors

    Hub Arkush of Pro Football Weekly is reporting that the Cardinals and HC Bruce Arians will “agree to part ways” next week. According to Arkush, the health issues Arians dealt with in recent years and the possibility that the Cardinals could be headed for a rebuild that may include moving forward with a new quarterback is likely enough for him to take a hiatus from coaching. Arkush adds that this is expected to be an amicable split and Arians won’t be fired. Cardinals owner Michael Bidwill and GM Read the full story

  2. By Darren Urban on Dec 26, 2017 | Reply

    JTDG —

    RE: Arians

    1) I can find “reports” of recent vintage saying both that he’s leaving and that he’s staying, which tells me nobody really knows.
    2) From what I know, I do not think anything has been decided.

  3. By JTDG on Dec 26, 2017 | Reply

    As for Keim,

    Here is the number 1 thing he needs to learn. Learn from history or you will repeat it.

    In 2016, Palmer was one of the most hit QBs in the NFL. Flash to 2017, Keim does nothing to fix the OLine. Injuries aside, it was not a good oline when healthy.

    In 2016, the receivers (not named Fitz) struggled on a whole. Flash to 2017, the cards roll with basically the same receivers and suffer through the same fate.

    In 2016, the cards struggled at CB2. Flash to 2017, and it looked like more of the same till 34 year old Tramon Williams finally got to play. Will he run out Brandon Williams, resign 35 year old Tramon Williams, or will he finally address this spot.

    In almost every draft, the cards choose immature first rounders who are projects. Will Keim finally learn and draft someone who is ready to step in (which you see all over the league)

    Until Keim learns from history, he will continue to make the same mistakes that have plagued this team. Stop with the loyalty or thinking this guy is a nice guy, if he can’t block, catch, cover, tackle, then move on.

  4. By Kevin S Mesa on Dec 26, 2017 | Reply

    2017 was simultaneously a maddening and yet impressive year for the Cardinals.

    7-8 (most likely 7-9 when all is said and done), but with the team’s best player — a guy who was one of four featured on SI’s preseason cover along with Brees, Brady and Rodgers — out for all but three quarters of one game, and the team’s QB out midway through the 7th game. And, of course, the devastating O-line injuries…

    And yet the fans would come on here and complain about the team’s performance as if we should expect to still have a playoff contender despite these injuries.

    News flash — not many teams are going to contend without their starting QB, unless they’ve got DeShaun Watson or Jimmy Garoppolo waiting to take over.

    GB loses Rodgers, and they immediately go 1-4 over their next 5 and essentially drop out of contention. Dallas loses Elliott — not even for the season, but just six weeks — but they immediately drop 3 straight (putting up single-digit points in all 3 games) and likewise drop out of contention.

    Meanwhile, we lose our QB (admittedly not as good as Rodgers), and our star RB (who is at least as good as Elliott), and we stumble forward to the same record (at this point) as the Packers and just one game behind the Cowboys.

    Our defense, which looked horrible during a number of games, has really come around in the second half.

    Unfortunately, all of this is happening with an aging team. If we were a young team, and managed to get to 7-8 with all these injuries, there’d be reason for optimism. Instead, it’s just kind of a letdown, because, while I think the team can be proud of getting to 7 wins under these circumstances, it’s hard to see this team making the leap to greatness next year — unless somehow David Johnson turns into Superman.

    So close and yet so far… you have to figure that, with Palmer and David Johnson, we’d have won at least 2-3 more games… certainly the Washington game was winnable, and Houston vs. Tom Savage. 9-6 and we’re battling for the last playoff spot…

    The saddest are these, “what might have been.”

  5. By Hammy on Dec 26, 2017 | Reply

    I dont know what to take from this years Arizona Cardinals team. I along with many other fans had high expectations and really did not see the writing on the wall. We lost David Johnson for the year, Palmer goes down, and our offense even with the trade for Adrian Peterson was mediocre at best. Our wide receivers were garbage except for Fitz how has been Mr. Consistency his entire career. Really hope to see Fitz come back for another year regardless of who our coach will be assuming the reports about BA are true. If BA retires, I am forever grateful of being able to have him as our coach for the past few years. He brought that swag and attitude that could not be matched with any coach in the league. He made us a respectable football team definitely changed the culture here.

  6. By Adam Smith b1723 fka DTL on Dec 26, 2017 | Reply

    “Fitz tends to be accurate when it comes to money”, funny, true. And the beauty of Fitz is he deserves every penny and nobody hates him for it. Hard to pull that off. Damn that was a great pass on the run by Fitz…

    WAG: no way he retires.

    Bubble to return: Dansby, Rucker. Tick tock. Thought mathieu might get cut, but he seems to be improving, even if a step slow.

    GOTTA have: Bethea, Tramon, Kareem, Boone, Lee, Palmer, BA, Fitz… IMO…

  7. By Kevin S Mesa on Dec 26, 2017 | Reply

    JTDG —

    I saw the same PFF report. It makes sense to me. As much as I’ve loved the Arians era, we’re probably starting fresh with a new QB — might make sense to bring in someone new with him.

    As mentioned in the PFF article, probably makes it less likely that Fitz returns as well.

    I think 2018 is going to be rocky for the Cardinals, but hey, we’ve seen teams turn around quickly if they get the right QB.

  8. By JTDG on Dec 26, 2017 | Reply


    “News flash — not many teams are going to contend without their starting QB, unless they’ve got DeShaun Watson or Jimmy Garoppolo waiting to take over.”

    I think what bothers many fans is, why wasn’t there a Jimmy G or Watson there to take over?

    For me, I am more frustrated about Keim. Go back to the beginning of the year and you will see me questioning the line, receivers and CB2.

    The line was terrible before injuries and got worse with them.
    The receivers were worse than I can remember.

    And until Tramon Williams stepped in, we had to lose a couple games with Bethel. Do we win against Detroit if Tramon is the starter? Probably, since Bethel gave up 2 4th quarter tds. How about Dallas, as Bethel gets burnt again in the 4th quarter. The defensive turn around happened when Williams replaced Bethel.

    These issues seemed to me as clear as the nose on your face. Why did Keim not see them ?

    So yes, losing Palmer and DJ was huge and with knowing we could pull out 7-8 wins with those guys down is an accomplishment. I normally would be happy with the team in this situation. To expect more, isn’t realistic.

    But does Palmer and DJ get hurt with a good oline? If we had better receivers, is Palmer releasing the ball earlier and not getting hit. Could we have had a couple early season wins with a CB2 instead of Bethel and have 9 wins and a shot at playoffs in spite of the injuries.

    Just seems to me like such a waste of an opportunity.

  9. By chris on Dec 26, 2017 | Reply

    BA does some of the most crazy/odd coaching decisions
    i have ever seen. In truth I have complained about him for 3 years and that included the 13-3 year. BUT.. I think we should try to keep him on a 1 year extension.. Here is why.. He wins at the end of the day. This is the best 5 years in Cards history. 7-8-1 and 7-9 would be his Bad years. Look at the history of Cards bad years. Wiz went 8-8 and we all thought we were in heaven. He also wins with every QB he plays. The back-ups have won as much as the starter and that is not just this year. What has he done to be fired? He does stupid stuff, but he does not lose enough to be fired. If next year he goes 6-10 … Let him go

  10. By Steve on Dec 26, 2017 | Reply

    JTDG: Good points, I’m frustrated to see every team in our division has their franchise QB in place except us…Rams with Goff, Hawks with Wilson and now Garappolo in SF. If this is truly a good QB draft and the Cards identify a QB they really like such as Rosen, Allen, ect they need to go all in and get their guy.

  11. By Steve on Dec 26, 2017 | Reply

    I think Keim will try to fix the O-line through free agency after releasing Veldheer and Iupati. I think BA has nixed the idea of the team drafting a QB early the last few drafts because he doesn’t want to rebuild but try and get one last run at a SB. Bruce the window has closed, we have to rebuild, with or without you.

  12. By mitchaz on Dec 26, 2017 | Reply

    A Theory

    When the news leaked out recently that the Cardinals had interest last year in Sean McVay in light of BA’s health concerns, it would seem reasonable to assume that conversations between MB/SK and BA about BA’s potential retirement (immediate or otherwise) took place back in late January. At that time, it wasn’t even public yet that BA had suffered through another cancer scare. Also, during that time BA was putting the finishing touches on his autobiography.

    What likely happened is that BA expressed his desire to coach the 2017 season and that he would retire at the end of the season. This would explain why Steve Keim was so conservative and forward looking in free agency. It would also explain why the Cardinals did not draft one of the top QBs in the 2017 NFL Draft, seeing as adding a QBOF should be a decision made in unison with BA’s successor.

    Prediction: BA wants to head into broadcasting. He has hired a media agent. With Jon Gruden likely heading to TB to be their HC, it may even be possible that ESPN would consider adding BA to their MNF crew (in some capacity—-either on the set or in the booth with Mike Turico). If anyone is made to order for this—-it’s BA.

  13. By mitchaz on Dec 26, 2017 | Reply


    As an avid Cardinals’ fan since 1963, I am going to exercise my right to complain.

    Look—who planted the seed of All or Nothing?

    This wasn’t a mandate from the fans.

    Amazon even filmed a whole season on the promise of All or Nothing.

    It’s kind of like being proposed to on the third date and now it’s two years later and there still is no ring.

    I think as Cardinals’ fans we have had a right to complain about the inconsistent and self-destructive football we have witnessed over the past two seasons. When the same mistakes keep happening over and over and so little is done about it, as a fan this is maddening….about as maddening as watching the Cowboys’ DeMarcus Lawrence sack our QB 3 times and pressure him 6 other times—and never see a chip or double team on him.

    This off-season, following a miserable 7-8-1 answer to getting throttled in the NFC Championship game in Carolina, and on the heels of the national airing of All or Nothing, it was reasonable for any Cardinals’ fan to expect Steve Keim to do just what he vowed he would do: “Be aggressive in free agency.”

    That never happened…save for signing 3 veterans in their 30s on the 2nd day of FA…and then…as the days and weeks rolled by and with so many holes to plug…nothing but crickets.

    Then, to see the Cardinals go out and make the same mistakes as they did last year, over and over, was, imo, inexcusable and infuriating.

    Every team has to deal with injuries. Yes, David Johnson was lost in game 1 and Carson Palmer was lost in London, but the Eagles lost Darren Sproles and Carson Wentz and they are still winning. The Vikings lost Dalvin Cook and Sam Bradford and they are still winning.

    But, to me, it’s not so much that the Cardinals lost more than they won…it’s how they lost. A miserable 1-5 in EDT 1 PM games. Losing by a combined 65-16 to the LA Rams. Getting schooled on MNF by the Cowboys at home…getting schooled by the Seahawks on TNF at home.

    This season has been a whole lot more of nothing, than all.

  14. By Cali Card fan on Dec 26, 2017 | Reply

    I asked this question a few posts back and didn’t really get any responses….Who would you guys (and gals) like to see as the next Head Coach if BA retires? I liked Pat Shurmur, I think he has done a great job with the Vikings offense. The problem is he may not be available until February! Let me know what you think.

  15. By Eric G on Dec 26, 2017 | Reply

    Fitz only comes back if Palmer is there, which means that I want Fitz to retire because I don’t want Palmer in there. He is a liability with his immobility behind that atrocious line. Time to start anew, time to trade everything for a top 3 QB pick. Not saying we need to trade up to #3, but may need to with the Browns, Giants, Broncos and Jets sitting in the top 7. I don’t think Josh Allen gets past the Broncos, definitely not past the Jets. So, the Cards will likely have to trade up to #3 or #4 with the Colts or Browns. That’s going to cost a lot thanks to their meaningless wins late in the season. However, I just don’t see Steve “let’s just sit and do nothing and select a project with the #1 pick” Keim pulling that move. The Cards need QB, OL, CB2, WR. So, let’s talk about what LB or Safety Keim will draft.

  16. By lloyd wolf on Dec 26, 2017 | Reply

    i agree wholeheartedly with jtdg. hit the nail on the head…..too many what i would call “cute” picks trying to prove something like he can find diamonds in a coal mine….

  17. By JTDG on Dec 26, 2017 | Reply

    Here is what becomes interesting;

    I am not saying I want this or I don’t want this. It is just a statement of fact:

    If BA retires and Palmer, Fitz and Veldheer retire with him and the cards release Iupati, and AP, here is what the cap would look like;

    2018 – The cards would have 63 million in cap space

    2019 – (excluding signings in 2018) – roughly 110 million to work with

    What this means is this, Keim can sign anyone. He will need to formulate a plan to fill spots, but he has lots of money to do it with.

    2018 – He has many pieces in place on defense.

    D-Line – Pierre has come on in 2017 and could become a solid starter in 2018. You have Peters locked up for 3 years and Mauro for the next two. Gunter is in his final year, and you would hope to get something out of Nkemdiche. A low dollar vet or some young depth will be needed.

    LBs – Golden is back and is in his final year. Chandler Jones is locked up for the next 4 years, Bucannon is a FA in 19 and Reddick is locked up for 4 more. Depth is needed and Kareem Martin and Josh Bynes would be solid if resigned.

    DBs – Peterson is locked up till 2021, Budda Baker is locked up for 3 more years, Bethea is signed for 2 more years, and then it gets tricky. Badger is signed till 2022 but counts as 14-15 million against the cap and is due a 5 million dollar bonus in march. If released, the cards have an additional 15 million in 2019 to play with. The cards can absorb it, but is he 10 million a year better than Bethea or Branch? But assume they keep him. that leaves CB2 as a need, as Williams is a FA and 35. Is this a spot they spend money or hold off till 2019 and resign Williams?

    Oline – What a disaster this has become. Frankly, they have Humphries at LT and need 2 guards, a center , and RT. Do they bring Boone back? Norwell and Pugh are two of the best FA guards out there. Is this addressed in the draft?

    RB – David Johnson will be back. He will be a FA in 2019. The cards have TJ Logan coming back. Guys like Penny and Foster will be back in camp and they may bring back Kerwynn Williams. I think AP does not return.

    WRs – Wow this group is in trouble. Chad Williams and JJ Nelson are the only ones under contract and it is obvious where some of the FA money will need to go.

    QB – A low dollar vet coming from the system the new coach runs (ie, if Pat Shurmer of the vikes was the head coach, he would bring FA Case Keenum with him) But now this is the moment of truth. Can they move up to get that QB of the future?

    So, with 63 million in cap space in 2018 and 110 million in 2019, the most pending FAs are 2019 guys (DJ, Golden, Bucannon). Signing all three would be easy with the cap room. So, when planning, cut out 2019 money for them.

    Frankly, I think this would be an exciting time for Keim as he could shape the team the way he wants to. For me, if I was GM, I would look at FA for Olineman and receivers and do what ever it takes to move up for the QB. Obvious teams to deal with would be the Colts or Bucs, who will be in the top 5 picks.

  18. By D on Dec 26, 2017 | Reply

    I believe I was looking for a Jimmy G trade for AZ since July and upgrades to the Oline last March, but we fans are fanatical.
    AZ won’t have a shot at the top 4 QBS coming out this year (Keim won’t sell the future to Indy to move up in the draft) so we need to adjust our expectations to a Rudolph or Falk in round 2 for a future QB and hope Palmer or Staton be that bridge QB next year. The question should be will Keim get serious this offseason on fixing this Oline. A. Robinson at WR would be a nice free agent target signing.

  19. By playedthegame32 on Dec 26, 2017 | Reply

    Listen, Steve Keim has drafted horribly!! Every team has injuries this late in the year. But what the injuries have done is expose kermis inability to draft. When you have to supplement key positions with older free agents, that says you have NO FAITH in your ability to build through the draft. How come you still don’t have a 2nd corner (even though you drafted one in the 2nd round who NEVER plays). You draft Buchanan to play Safety but he struggles to tackle in space, so BA moves him to LB where hid physicality can be an asset. But he’s always injured because he’s only 210 lbs. Humphries is terrible and the OL is still a mess….AND YOURE A FORMER OFFENSIVE LINEMAN YOURSELF!!! Nkemdche hasnt produced and where his draft slot would suggest!

    Lets be honest, outside of hitting on Tyrann Mathieu and David Johnson (whom you admitted you “settled” for after hoping for another player), which one of KEIMS 1st 2nd round picks are actually producing at the level in which they were drafted? i.e playing at pro bowl/ borderline pro bowl level?? NOT ONE!!!

  20. By Dr. G. on Dec 26, 2017 | Reply

    Cards Fans~ ~ On post game wrap, I just heard B-Train ((Berry)) list a number of players he would like to see return, including Fitz…and then “”let’s get away from the no-riskit no-biscuit stuff and play straight up football.”” Direct quote…

    Nuf said……..!

  21. By El Gallo on Dec 26, 2017 | Reply

    SK Method

    Come 2018 Draft and FA Period, we will see if the GM and FO have really identified all the issues of 2017 along with his decisions as “learning things”.

    – You can only point to injuries so much when referencing lack of success, it’s nothing new they (injuries) are expected. Who do you have on the roster in the waiting? We’d expect to be able to count on the majority of our draftees at some point, especially those in the premium rounds.
    FA’s mostly consist of 1year discount players, if successful they leave. Throw in a couple of above average multi-year contracts. Chandler Jones trade is the singular best deal as of late. This is what we’ve become accustomed to in this regime.

    – SK method. Is it cost effective, yes. Does it keep the organization flexible and not tied down to long term contracts, yes. Able to keep players like Fitz and PP because of that, yes. Now add Jones to that list. So that’s a credit to him.
    Successfully been able to clear out a lot of dead money contracts since taking over the reigns as GM. In this aspect you have to respect him for this type of Financial forethought.

    – 2015 was an incredible time of success and production on both sides of the ball. But there were still flaws with the depth that doomed the post season. Unfortunately in many cases it came down to the 3rd player on the depth chart, most importantly QB. So it matters a lot who we bring in and it begins with the draft. Cardinals exit NFC Championship game embarrassingly.
    2016 more injuries, marquee positions still lacking quality starters, depth tested again and unable to get over hump. Result, losing season 7-8-1.
    2017 more of the same. Heading for at best 8-8, unlikely. Is SK’s method working?

    Financially yes, but when it comes to competing at a high level, perennial playoff contender, and ultimately winning?? Maybe a slight or massive change in philosophy when selecting is in order? His choice of course but currently it’s not translating on the field for enough success or production. Or we’d be speaking of playing in “t-shirts and hats” games (playoffs).

    -Respectfully, long time fan here

  22. By El Gallo on Dec 26, 2017 | Reply

    The Gresham extension, at its amount vs his production 2016 and Definitely 2017 is a Major head scratcher.. SK in past mentions rewarding players financially.

    I understand wanting to reward Bethal as a longtime ST Ace. Honey Badger for exceptional production before injuries. But Gresham, where is he among all other TE’s in the league? Not a top tier candidate. You can count on him to get penalized though.

    Would’ve rather seen that investment go to keeping Calais, despite his age. Year in year out he produced, you can count the number of missed games on one hand, definition of consistency.
    Can you say that for anyone that’s taken his place or for those SK chose to extend?

    CC made it a point to want to stay a Cardinal, had his agent reach out one last time to SK even though he said they (SK/FO) weren’t interested (lowball offer from SK had been given) seconds before CC made his choice to go to Jacksonville. And still CC took it gracefully, outstanding character. Wonder how the GM feels about it now. As fans, good on CC wish him more success, as for our team it lost out. Sweet move SK, we see you..

  23. By NJAzCardsFan on Dec 26, 2017 | Reply

    If BA doesn’t want to get rid of Amos (ST Coach) then he should go as well as Keim. ST has been a detriment for the last 3 years, the Cards need a more aggressive Front office, better coaching in a few areas, the play calling has stunk, the O-Line is an embarrassment (granted the injuries), the 1st round draft choices were basically unproductive (the Cards would have been better in trading them away-retrospectively). Historically, this team can’t draft a successful QB if their lives depended on it. It is really sad when the fans can name the most successful Cards QB’s on one hand since Jim Hart in the 60’s….. Why didn’t Keim draft a needed CB in the last draft when the quality was there….??? Still scratching my head on that one….???
    It is a time for change or expect more of the same from Keim in 2018… We are going to here “this is unacceptable” for the whole season after every game….

  24. By Scott H on Dec 27, 2017 | Reply

    I hear Keim using the word “we” a lot but it my mind, it is HIM who has a lot of work to do and it is HIM that needs to do a better job. No, it is not him alone, but….as the GM, HE is the one whose name is on the disappointment that has been the last two seasons. And it is HIM whose name is going to be on whether it gets better from here, more than anyone else.

    I’m glad he’s not feeling sorry for himself. Because I’m sure as hell not.

    Looking at our immediate future….it seems like a mess. We’re waiting to see if our HC will be here or not. We’re waiting to see if our QB will be here or not. We’re waiting to see if our face-of-the-franchise WR / our most recognizable player / our most popular player, hands down, will be here or not.

    What this team is going to look like in 2018 could fall anywhere from very familiar to drastically different. And at the moment, I’m not even sure which one to root for. But even if Palmer, Fitz, and Arians ARE all here again in 2018 ( familiar ), drastic changes ARE still needed everywhere you look. So, really, it’s not a one-or-the-other thing.

    I would welcome Palmer back but would only REALLY feel OK with that if our QB of the future is on board. Or, at least, we believe he is.

    I want Fitz to return. Next question.

    Arians….I love the guy, but I do not like what I perceive to be a fatal flaw, which is his loyalty. It’s an admirable trait in a human being. BUT as an NFL head coach….it can reach a point where changes need to be made and sometimes that involves the tough choices to fire people you are close to. But failing to recognize those changes – and to act – can be your un-doing if you choose loyalty over sensibility.

    It’s not that I want Arians to go. But I would want / need changes made to his supporting cast to be OK with him staying. And I wonder if he is willing to do that. If he is not, I’d have to come down on the side of wanting to see a change.

  25. By Scott H on Dec 27, 2017 | Reply

    Kevin –

    First, my best wishes to you for a happy and healthy New Year.

    RE: Fans complaining….

    Just to weigh in on that from what my perspective was….yes, I had my complaints BUT they were NOT for the fact that the team wasn’t performing better after the devastating injuries took hold.

    MY complaints, for the most part, went back to before the season started and were related to things that had roots that maybe went back even further than that. My complaints were related to vows from the GM to be aggressive, then showing virtually NONE whatsoever. They were related to a sham of a “competition” at the CB position – because that’s exactly what that was. They were related to not keeping a player like Swearinger, a player that was SO completely keepable for this team. Heck, all he did was go to Washington and become one of their team captains right off the bat. Like we couldn’t have used that here?? They were related to keeping coordinators who who SO obviously needed to be gone ( Amos ). They were related to high draft picks we were getting little to nothing from. I could go on, but….

    You get the idea. All of that related to things that had nothing to do with injuries after the season started.

    AFTER, the season started, yes I had some complaints about what seemed like ridiculous play-calling in some situations. I had complaints about what looked like a team that totally failed to show up – then just quit – in the Philly game. I complained about Veldheer being played out of position, even after Humphries went down. And, yes, I complained about going with Stanton after Palmer went down instead of a QB I believed we needed to be taking a look at. Because that just smacked of stubborness and paint-by-numbers thinking when I believed maybe it was time to think outside the box a little. I could go on, but….

    Basically, none of that had to do with how the team was playing after all the injuries took their toll. I’ve actually been very impressed with how hard they have continued to play. Among ANY teams that you could say are even comparable to the Cardinals in terms of being depleted by injuries this season, the Cardinals are probably playing better than any of them ( or at least every bit as well ).

    This was not intended to sound defensive. Just clarifying that for myself, and probably for some others, the complaints were not about how the team didn’t play better after losing so many key players.

  26. By clssylssy on Dec 27, 2017 | Reply

    Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me–SK has had enough opportunities to make changes that would keep this team competitive and has DONE NOTHING but TALK. I’m done with buying into all the hot air that has no substance. He is ALL SHOW & NO GO! Every team has injuries and loses important players but the good teams find a way to win. I don’t want to hear how beat up we’ve been, or excuses. The fact is that SK hasn’t done a good job drafting OR building a roster that will give this team the best opportunitiy to remain competitive and get to the next level. We are regressing and likely will find ourselves back in the cellar as the 9ers and Rams both actively are making all the right moves to get their teams back to the playoffs. The Seahawks have found the formula success and I have no doubt will be back stronger next season while SK and the Cards do nothing but talk about how me much learn from our mistakes and do better. (same rhetoric as we’ve heard before but with no action to back it up).
    Jimmy G. was available for months and months, and we had our shot. In this QB
    drought, that would have been a no-brainer and a better choice than Blaine Gabbert . So now, here we go again with Keim’s bargain basement retreds that haven’t sold. Fans were all in a twist hating on Stanton but he’s at least smart enough to know who his go-to guy should be to win games, and he has the football smarts and chemistry to get the job done!
    BA hasn’t seemed himself for a couple of seasons now and nobody should be expected to battle health issues and work at such a high stress job, irregardless. I understand that it is difficult for athletes and other professionals to walk away from their life’s work, but perhaps that would be the best thing for everybody. The question has been asked about who would be good prospects for a HC, and I agree that Pat Shumar, Todd Haley, and Todd Bowles would all be good candidates. I even heard on Rich Eisen that Shumar and Keenam might go somewhere as a package deal, which would be a very attractice prospect but likely wouldn’t come cheap, which is another thing this organization is going to have to change if we are ever to get to the next level–these days it’s a matter of paying the buy-in and a willingness to spend some $$$$ (Rams are an excellent example of the “new era NFL”).
    As for Fitz, WOW, it’s been such a surreal ride having one of the greatest of all times playing his entire career here with this raggety franchise. He’s made the entire time fun and kept us tuned in and proud (even when losing). However, if you really pay attention to what he’s repeatedly said over and over, (he doesn’t want to break in another QB/HC), there comes a point when reality is what it is and not what you wish it would be or what Steve Keim keeps TALKING about doing. I don’t expect him back if BA retires. This past game I DVR’d expressly in case it was Larry’s last UofP game, and what a good idea that was b/c it something I can watch again and again along with Larry Fitzgerald: A Football Life, our SB game, and the Football Lives of Pat Tillman and Kurt Warner. What an amazing human being Fitz is & I feel we are all better for breathing the same air as someone who doesn’t talk much but definitely walks the walk.
    As for Keim’s big talk, it’s no longer anything but white noise and there will be no more “shame on me’s”. I don’t see this organizaation moving forward until we can do an overhaul and change our stink’n think’n and it starts at the top.

  27. By Scott H on Dec 27, 2017 | Reply

    Wow, our road schedule for 2018 is going to be tough. Looks like for the two divisions we drew – the NFC North and AFC West – we get the tougher teams ( GB, Minn, KC, Chargers ) on the road.

    And it may not matter if we enter into a true re-building mode. If we’re going that route, 2018 won’t matter as much as 2020 will. I wonder if Fitz will still be our best WR at that point…..:)

  28. By JTDG on Dec 27, 2017 | Reply


    Bringing back Palmer or Stanton won’t happen with a new coach. My example above was based on BA leaving and causing a chain reaction of Palmer, Fitz and Veldheer leaving along with Iupati and AP (whether released or retire).

    As for not moving up to land a QB in the top 5, that is why we have never found a true franchise QB since being in AZ. The inability to take the risk, pay the price and make a move is a trademark of the cards front office. Again, let’s ask the rams and eagles if they thought selling the farm to get Goff and Wentz was worth it.

    Settling is what this team has done year after year. Don’t settle.

    Now, do I believe Keim has what it takes to make a move. Absolutely not. I have zero faith in him when it comes to the draft. I laid out how he could shape this team and build a champion with the cap space available, but do I have faith he can do it? Absolutely not.

  29. By JTDG on Dec 27, 2017 | Reply

    Reading the comments above, including mine, has a major theme.

    It reads as a “I told you so” to Steve Keim.

    I think many of us complained before the season started about the holes, the moves, the draft. Mistakes by SK were so obvious.

    The problem about being a fan of this team is that unless MB fires Keim, there really isn’t a lot of hope to repair the ship.

    Who really thinks Keim will find the franchise QB ? Who really thinks Keim will repair a horrible oline, or find a replacement for Larry? Heck, forget replacing Larry, can he even find a receiver just able to get open and catch the ball?

    As I detailed above, there will be 63 million or more of cap space(depending on the moves) and 110 million or more in 2019 cap space if Palmer, Larry, Veldheer, Iupai, and AP are gone. Contracts can be extended into 2019 to help sign everything you need.

    So Keim, show me I am wrong. Show me you can build a team that is not made up of old vets and 1 year deals. Show me you can draft. I don’t believe you can.

    You made two fantastic trades in landing Palmer and Chandler Jones. But let’s face it, Fitz and Floyd were here. Pat P was here, Campbell was here. When thinking of the 2015 team, people thought you were great, because of two picks, David Johnson (who you wanted to choose a different RB) and Tyrann Mathieu (who Pat P begged you to draft ) .

    Well here is your chance to prove to all you made the moves. The core of the defense is there, the offense is in trouble. Can you bring in the right coach and players to fix the offense , while adding the missing pieces to the defense. You have the money. This offseason is all on you.

  30. By Darren Urban on Dec 27, 2017 | Reply

    JTDG —

    RE: Mathieu

    One thing here. You think the Cards drafted Mathieu simply because Patrick wanted them to? C’mon man.

  31. By D on Dec 27, 2017 | Reply

    I would be surprised if BA walked away from 6 mil. If BA is back, you would guess that either Palmer may return or if he does retire BA would bring back Stanton for sure as his offense is not easy to learn. I see quite a few current players not back in 2018, the first player outside of QB that needs to be addressed this offseason is RT. This draft does have some good ones coming out. Keim could Resign Boone for RG if they draft a RT in round one or round 2. Iupati won’t be making his current contract if brought back next year. Norwell, LG from the Panthers will get top dollar in free agency, not sure Keim would pay it.

  32. By JTDG on Dec 27, 2017 | Reply

    What does it take to move up and get your QB?

    Let’s examine the Carson Wentz trade.

    The Browns held the number 2 overall pick.

    The eagles held the 8th pick.

    The Browns received the 8th overall pick, a 3rd round pick, a forth round pick, a 2017 first round pick, and a 2018 2nd round pick.

    In turn, the Eagles received Carson Wentz and a 2017 4th round pick.

    So, if the cards made a move like that, what would they have given up?
    Our 1st round pick of 2016 was Nkemdiche
    our 2016 3rd round pick was Brandon Williams
    Our 2016 4th round pick was Evan Boehm
    Our 2017 1st round pick was Hassan Reddick
    and we would not have a 2018 2nd rounder.

    Grant it, this is just an example and we weren’t in the same draft slot as the eagles, but this is a good example of what you give up to move up.

    I mean, would you give up Nkemdiche, Williams, Boehm, and Reddick and this years 2nd for Carson Wentz?

    How about last year? would you have given up Reddick and this years number 1 for Deshaun Watson.

    If yes, then why would trading all those picks be too much this year (2018) to get our QB?

  33. By JTDG on Dec 27, 2017 | Reply



    Of course not. He was a first round talent. Everyone knew this. All 32 teams knew this. The issue was he was a druggie. He was dismissed from his team.

    Be honest, if Pat P doesn’t stand up for him, does he get drafted by the cards?

  34. By Darren Urban on Dec 27, 2017 | Reply

    JTDG —

    RE: Peterson

    Maybe not. But you make it sound that he was the reason, rather than a corroborating witness. It doesn’t get to the point where you ask PP unless you are seriously thinking about drafting him anyway.

  35. By D on Dec 27, 2017 | Reply

    Some other free agent names to know that could help AZ in 18:
    R. Succop K. TN
    V. Green TE, Denver
    T. Gabriel WR Atl
    A. Robinson WR Jax
    D. Adams, WR, GB
    D. Jones DE, TN (Frosty may retire)

  36. By Rick on Dec 27, 2017 | Reply

    The Cards need to be the most aggressive team in the concerning personnel.. There has to be answer why the same teams are at the very top. Injuries seem to eat us up. What keeps other teams players on the field while are are going on IR. Players that keep getting hurt should be let go. and move on. Its easy to see why the QB gets hurt there is no mystery there , it does no matter how much you pay a sitting duck. So why are our linemen always hurt and you keep the the same ones that are get hurt all the time ? If you draft em and there no good let em go or trade em. Jon Cooper good example . First he was supposed to be a no brainer then he was hurt never any good why we wasted so much time . Traded him to a good team they let him go.

  37. By jaime on Dec 27, 2017 | Reply

    m ok with season. I know that if we had David Johnson, Palmer and Humphries still we would of won the west with 11 wins. get those players back for 2018 and keep em for the season, the west will be won.

  38. By Aaron Allery on Dec 27, 2017 | Reply

    Well who could be cut to clear cap space? Could you gut Gresham (7Million)? Make Palmer restructure or kick rocks? I would pitch the idea of Eli Manning to come here next year in FA and pitch Eli at about $14 million.

    Sorry to say but Honey Badger’s contract needs to be restructured. He needs to be at $6-8 million per year. Get rid of Veldheer and Iupati. Sign Dansby, he still has value. Keep the defense as is pretty much if Honey Badger will restructure.

    Pay Larry whatever he wants to play one more year. This franchise has made 1 billion dollars from him alone.

    Draft O-Line, WR (Memphis WR, the next AB) and CB.

  39. By AndyM on Dec 27, 2017 | Reply

    In looking at the 2018 competition list, and extrapolating team strength based on 2017 competitiveness, it would appear that the only team the Cardinals might be favored to beat on the road, would be San Francisco–and even the Niners are ascending. Despite the company line of being competitive every game and every year, it would add fuel to the concept of 2018 being a rebuilding year.

  40. By clssylssy on Dec 27, 2017 | Reply

    Isn’t Honey Badger’s contract guaranteed for something like $40M?

  41. By Lifetime Fan on Dec 28, 2017 | Reply

    I know it is popular and fun to call for “aggresive” drafts and free agency, but the flip side of that is that if you miss you put your team in a huge hole, where the rebuild can last years, or eternity if you’re the Browns. I would rather see our GM stay smart and keep incrementally trying to build a good team rather than to go all in on a QB in the draft or free agency.

    A last jab at Arians, he has been great overall, but he is a complete buffoon in some situations (play calling, not protecting his QB or the ball), also he hasn’t fired Amos Jones, Jones still coaching is the most inexcusable thing from guys telling their fan base they want to win and be competitive, it is just nepotism. I would get fired from my job for that as would most people, why shouldn’t Keim and Arians?

  42. By JTDG on Dec 28, 2017 | Reply

    Lifetime Fan

    The Browns did the opposite. They traded down 2 years in a row for more picks. They weren’t aggressive, but the opposite.

    So, don’t be aggressive? It doesn’t work? Tell That to the Eagles, The Rams, and the Texans. Who knows, maybe the Chiefs also.

  43. By JTDG on Dec 28, 2017 | Reply


    Badger’s cap hit is a little over 14 million for 2018, but if released, the last the cap hit would be around 9.3 million.

    In essence, he would have 9+ million of dead money and free up 5 million in cap space.

    But that isn’t the tough part of it. In March, Badger gets a 5 million dollar bonus. If he receives that, His cap number for 2019 in around 14+ million, but so is his dead money.

    So, if he takes the bonus and gets injured in 2018, you have to keep him for 2019 because of the cap.

    If you release him before march, you save 5 million in 2018, but nearly 15 million in cap space in 2019.

    Basically, if I were GM, I would need to ask myself 2 questions,
    1) Is Badger (as a safety) worth being the highest paid safety and worth the 14-15 million dollar cap hit.
    2) Am I willing to roll the dice with his injury history by keeping him, not only for 2018, but 2019.

    Did Badger have a pretty good year? I think most would say he did OK.
    Is he worth the same kind if cap hit as Pat P? Uhh No.
    If Bethea and Budda were the safeties next year, would there be a big drop off? Not from what I saw this year. In fact, I thought Badger was our 4th best safety.

    Because of all these things, it makes sense to release Badger. And for those who say re-do his contract, why would Badger do that?

  44. By JTDG on Dec 29, 2017 | Reply


    Back to the Mathieu/Peterson issue;

    Every team looks at every player. At least they should. Rumor is, Pat P asked Keim several times to draft Mathieu.

    I am sure the drug issue came up and Pat P vouched for him. There were 31 other teams out there and Badger fell to the third round. Most didn’t want to touch a guy kicked off a team for drugs knowing he had countless chances at LSU.

    The thing that separated the cards from the other teams was Pat P.

    So yes, Keim pulled the trigger, but without Pat P, that move never happens.

  45. By Darren Urban on Dec 29, 2017 | Reply

    JTDG —

    RE: PP

    First of all, “rumor is.” I don’t love that. What rumors? I have never heard it that way.

    Did they want confirmation? I’m sure, just like they talked to Palmer before signing Veldheer. It just feels like you want to remove any credit from Keim. I don’t buy that. It’s like the David Johnson pick. We all saw they were going in a different direction. OK. But they still had to pick Golden and DJohnson. They had a ton of other pass rushers/running backs they could have taken.

  46. By JTDG on Dec 29, 2017 | Reply


    True. And I give credit to Keim for making those moves and his best two moves, trading for Palmer and Jones.

    He struck out on the 2013 draft other than Badger. He missed with the 2014 draft other than Bucannon (you could argue John Brown), He missed out on the entire 2016 draft.

    So knowing those facts, and seeing it on tape he wanted other players over DJ and Golden, it leaves one to believe the Keim’s successes are more about luck or outside influences (see Patriots calling him about Jones) than him truly knowing how to build this team.

    From the outside looking in, that’s what it appears to be to me.

  47. By clssylssy on Dec 29, 2017 | Reply

    It’s always such a pleasure to read your posts and know that somebody has their eye on the ball! Too bad you don’t work for the organization and we have the same detail, competent people steering this organization. I don’t pretend to keep track of the contracts, etc., except when something jumps out and makes an impression on my memory, which was the case with the Honey Badger’s contract. It got my attention b/c, like so many others around the league he was given, IMO, a contract that at the time seemed ridiculously high, considering his injury history and uncertainty of his recuperation or future abilities. The guaranteed part was what really grabbed my attention, all things considered. I thought it was a typical SK decision, and not what I would consider “brilliant”, allthough I know that guaranteed money is what agents are getting for their clients these days and is becoming the standard. Still, it seemed to me like SK was trying to make headlines more than he was doing any kind of contract negotiation that would be fair to both Tyrann as well as the organization.
    As far as trading him or cutting him, I think that would be unwise for the simple reason that Tyrann is just beginning to look like he’s getting back to his old form (realistically will probably never be 100%), he’s a leader and knowledgeable of our defense, and while we have Budda Baker, IMO, we can never be too strong in the secondary and a bird in the hand is a whole lot better than a bargain basement unknown. If we want to be competitive, why sacrifice the one area we are strongest at to save a few bucks that SK will mismanage anyway. I realize we need cap space but what do we want to sacrifice? I don’t consider SK to be that good of chess player.
    You do make excellent points, and if we had a different GM, who was good at building a roster, I could agree with your logic.

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