Coach patience, and the dates of hire

Posted by Darren Urban on January 9, 2018 – 11:41 am

Michael Bidwill said he isn’t in any rush to hire a new coach, nor did he want to be. It’s not so much about going slow as much as not speeding into the wrong decision. Since I started covering the Cardinals full-time (at the time, the Tribune) back in 2000, this will be the fifth head-coaching hire. Vince Tobin was in place when I got the beat covering the team. He didn’t even last until mid-season before he was let go and Dave McGinnis was made interim boss. Here are the dates on which the hires of the four previous head coaches were official:

— McGinnis, Dec. 19, 2000 (He had the interim tag removed before season’s end.)

— Dennis Green, Jan. 7, 2004

— Ken Whisenhunt, Jan. 14, 2007

— Bruce Arians, Jan. 17, 2013

Every search is different, obviously. Of that list, only Arians was coming off a staff that had made the playoffs — and the Colts had lost Wild Card weekend — so they were all available fairly quickly. Of the current list of coaches the Cardinals have talked to, most (as of today) are still in the playoffs, and it’s possible the desired choice will remain in the postseason beyond this weekend. One interesting date to consider coming up: Senior Bowl week begins Jan. 22. Will there be Cardinals’ coaches there, or just scouts?

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  1. By creditcard on Jan 9, 2018 | Reply

    Looking at that photo of BA at the podium, he certainly has aged in his 5-yrs. I think the pressure of being a head coach has its marks on your body.. I am in hopes that BA’s health improves and can continue to be a voice for the Cardinals in some capacity.

  2. By Scott H on Jan 9, 2018 | Reply

    Wow….never saw BA wearing a suit before. His look definitely got better as the years went by!

  3. By Fmr USAF Pilot on Jan 9, 2018 | Reply


    Do you give Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down to posters?

  4. By Darren Urban on Jan 9, 2018 | Reply

    Fmr USAF —

    RE: Thumbs

    I definitely do not. That’s for all of you.

  5. By JohnnyBluenose on Jan 9, 2018 | Reply

    Obviously one thing was made perfectly clear to BA when he was hired by Bidwill and Keim…..grow a mustache and goatee. I think Patricia might have to trim his a bit but, if he’s willing, he might be our guy. We should know in a few weeks.

  6. By joe holst on Jan 9, 2018 | Reply

    They will get Pat Shurmur and 1 one the Viking Free Agent QB’s most likely Sam Bradford.

  7. By NJAzCardsFan on Jan 9, 2018 | Reply

    Darren- Any idea of which coaches are coming back for a 2nd interview???

  8. By Darren Urban on Jan 9, 2018 | Reply

    NJAz —

    RE: Second interview

    No word yet. Most of the guys already interviewed are still in the playoffs and can’t talk again for at least a bit.

  9. By CARDS62 on Jan 9, 2018 | Reply

    Darren do you think there is a chance of any of our assistant coaches coming back next year?

  10. By Darren Urban on Jan 10, 2018 | Reply

    Cards62 —

    RE: Assistants

    Yes, I think there is a chance. Not sure who, and it would depend on who is head coach.

  11. By MichaelFromSTLwhoLOVEStheCardinals on Jan 10, 2018 | Reply

    Know the playoffs are still going, and it’s not officially offseason, but I miss talking about the Cardinals…

    Quick Speculatuons and Hopetul Moves

    Coach: They will find one. This organization will provide the fans another hope in the desert.

    QB: Tyrod Taylor, & Blaine Gabbert… two young QBs that would thrive in a system if they had time to learn and pass…

    Alex Smith & Blaine Gabbert…Vet QB gets the reigns until he doesn’t provide the spark we’d hope for…a QB that has a year with the team would benefit the long run… Not betting on any of these two quarterbacks, but the game is getting younger. If we get smith hope it’s at a different price tag to build around the defense.

    Drew Stanton & Draft Pick… Say what you want about Stanton but the man is a class act and has been with the organization long enough to bridge a young eager rookie to join such a marvelous franchise.. but we must reinforce D to be unstoppable, because Defense wins championships, regardless of offense potential….

    THE MAN LARRY FITZGERALD: Um 50/50 as a fan of football, id hope stay one more year because of the element he adds to the game, but as a person….Larry has nothing to prove that he was not excellent on and off the field… I was sad when we let had to let Amquam going because we had two of the best receivers ever to play the game on team, but was relieved Larry had stayed for the long haul….

    But now he is in a similar situation, and I don’t believe losing drives him to want to retire, but his love for his life outside of football does… Think Alex Smith would be a sigh of relief or deja vu…

    Larry in my generation is the greatest WR to play football
    I grew up watching Issac Bruce and Tory Holy,, and I see both of them in Fitz. Class & Act.

    Plus, I’m banking on a Super Bowl next year, regardless of what the team looks like on paper Bc I’ll always say remember 2008 when the Cards were 9-7 with a poor defense?

    The 2018 Cards have the incredible Defense which has too many names too list to keep this ridiculous post from getting longer than it already is

    They have Larry still, the next Marshall Faulk in David Johnson, a tank in Adrian Peterson, and the coach + quarterback will be figured out in 1 offseason

    I’m sensing we will either look like the Greatesr Defense of the Decade or The Greatest Show on Turf

    Just to list a coach/QB combo … thought Todd Haley initially, but does he have the Arians mentality I’d be hoping for…. Would have a lot of weapons…. but still may lack the fire…

    But to be a speculative kind of guy, and one to guess without much reasons

    1) Pat Shurmur- sign Keenum, & Taylor or Gabbert. Maybe Smith, and draft pick
    2) Brady & Belichick lose the Super Bowl, Kraft lets them leave respectively to join the Cardinals

    We win 12 consecutive Superbowls, and we call it a decade lol

    Just a fan

    Go Cardinals

    Enjoy the playoffs and the offseason Birdgang

  12. By mitchaz on Jan 10, 2018 | Reply

    There have been some very interesting and curious developments over the past 24 hours. Two of the more veteran and reasonably successful OCs in the NFC, Mike Shula (CAR) and Darrell Bevell (SEA) have been let go. Both of these OCs have coached in recent Super Bowls. Both Shula and Bevell have groomed young, mobile QBs and have tried to cater their offenses around their QB’s diverse abilities. Both OCs practiced each day against two of the top defenses in the NFL versus some of the top DCs in the NFL.

    Meanwhile, there have been reports that John DeFilippo’s interview with the Bears was not a ringing success. Perhaps the Bears were set on Matt Nagy anyway, but the biggest concern was whether JDF could put together a strong enough staff. Now it appears that the Bears have convinced Nagy to retain Vic Fangio as DC. With Teryl Austin signing yesterday with the Bengals, that takes two of the top DCs off the market.

    While all this was happening in Chicago, the Giants met en masse (both owners in attendance) with Carolina’s DC Steve Wilks. There was an anticipation that the Giants were going to put the full press on Wilks and wrap him upon the spot before he could take his scheduled trip to Arizona. However, the word that trickled out from the meeting was that the Giants were not enthused enough with Wilks’ choice for OC, Mike McCoy.

    Now—if true—Wilks’ McCoy proposal is a curious twist—for two reasons: (1) isn’t McCoy James Bettcher’s proposed OC? (2) because Peyton Manning used to rave about McCoy when he was in Denver, what has changed since then? Wouldn’t Peyton give Eli and the Giants his ringing endorsement of McCoy?

    Thus, in today’s meeting with the Cardinals, is Steve Wilks going to propose a staff that includes McCoy as his choice for OC?

    Could Wilks convince Mike Shula and Ken Dorsey to be his OC and QBC? If so, would that make Wilks a more attractive candidate in Arizona? One would think so.

    One of the biggest questions about Wilks coming in is whether he would want to convert the Cardinals’ defense to his version of the 43? How well do the Cardinals’ current defensive personnel fit Wilks’ 43?

    The first question is—are Markus Golden and Chandler Jones legit 43 DEs? As pass rushers, yes. But, what about as run stuffers? In Carolina they prefer thicker DEs.

    Wilks’ 3 linebackers have to be fast and physical. Haason Reddick’s most natural position is as a 43 WOLB. Imagine him in Shaq Thompson’s current role—where Reddick stands a chance to excel to a higher extent than Thompson has.

    That leaves two vacancies at SOLB (Thomas Davis) and MLB (Luke Kuechly)—which could be filled via FA and/or the NFL Draft. Imagine, for example, if Steve Keim signs or trades for a starting QB, the Cardinals could sign Nigel Bradham (PHI) in FA to take Davis’ role and Roquan Smith (Georgia) to take Kuechly’s. The trio of Bradham—Smith—Reddick would be the fastest and most dynamic trio of linebackers the Cardinals have had in decades. Other notable UFA LBs include Zach Brown (WAS), Preston Brown (BUF), Todd Davis (DEN), Demario Davis (NYJ), Najee Goode (PHI), Josh Bynes (AZ) and Kevin Pierre-Louis (KC).

    Then, what about Deone Bucannon? Where would he fit into Wilks’ scheme? On the outside or on the inside? My guess would be he would be better on the outside. Regardless, the Cardinals have a big decision to makes as to whether to pay Bucannon $8.7M this season.

    In the secondary, this is where things could get very interesting. Willks’ defense is predicated on his CBs being very physical in coverage and in run support. Because they have speed at LB they like to play a fair amount of zone and zone/man combo coverages. Could Wilks be the coach to help Patrick Peterson improve his play in zones and run support? On the other side, Tramon Williams already fits Wilks’ CB mold, if the Cardinals want to re-sign him. it would be very interesting to see what Wilks, who is a DB specialist, could do with Brandon Williams, C.J. Goodwin and Ronald Zamort. Zamort, if healthy, thrives in zones.

    It would be very interesting as well to see how avid Steve Wilks would be to employ Tyrann Mathieu as his utility CB. Here is another big decision for the Cardinals and perhaps Wilks could be a factor in helping Tyrann Mathieu return to stardom.

    The SS/FS combo of Budda Baker/Antoine Bethea returns with Rudy Ford in the mix as a nickel FS. The Cardinals are likely to draft a CB and a S to add to the depth of the secondary this spring.

    If MB and SK really like Wilks, could they be creative and pull some strings to hire John DeFilippo as OC, with Wilks as HC? Would Wilks be interested in hiring Chuck Pagano as his DC? Pagano is a 43 guy.

    Perhaps the most important question remains what hands the Cardinals are going to put their new QBs in moving forward.

    Pat Shurmur would appear to be the most attractive candidate where the QB situation is concerned. We have yet to hear who Shurmur would want as his DC. Perhaps the Cardinals would push for Shurmur to retain James Bettcher, but would Shurmur and the Cardinals be better off starting afresh? In that regard, would Shurmur be interested in Chuck Pagano as his DC?

    With Mike Shula and Darrell Bevell on the market (and perhaps John DeFilippo, if he doesn’t get a HC gig), if the Cardinals are enamored with Steve Wilks or Matt Patricia (if he isn’t committed to the Lions), could the Cardinals come up with a superb combination of a defensive minded HC and a QB guru as OC?

    Perhaps, there are some enticing combinations to consider.

  13. By Robert A Hajnal on Jan 10, 2018 | Reply

    I saw Teddy Bridgewater play against my Alma-Mater UCONN while we and Louisville were together in rhe Big East and we were really good under Randy Edsall. He and the current Louisville quarterback, I think would be great. Lets not forget that Drew took us to an 8-8 season. Remember, unlike 2O16 (7-8-1) we did not have the best NFL offensive weaoon this year- David Johnson who was out all year, and, played all of 2O16!!! Even with the lossofCalaisCaobell, to free agency we had a better team this year without him. Steve Keim. deserves consideration for executive of the year. What if all these playoff teams lost their starting quarterback, their all-pro MVP runningback, and, topo defensivelayerto free agency would they have finished 8-8? No one knows. Chandler Jones should be NFL Drfensiveolayet Of The Year PERIOD!!!!! The future looks bright. By the way, Jones, Patrick Oetersen and Budda Baker, any better young underrated defense than that!!! The Rams showed vulnerability against Atlanta. The Cards would have defeated them!!! No way theybeat us three times in one season, especially when the third one is the PLAYOFFS!!! Garapolo would notwin every game!!! Dsearrle, who can’tbeat us in Seattle and you see a Cardinals team primed for future greatness! I go back to my football hero, Larry Wison, the greatestlayer I ever saw and now Michael Bidwill building a Chaoionship team with class added!!!!Also nothing wrong with Jim Caldwell a winner let go by Detroit, because they wanted a coach to go 16-O. In other words, unrealistic. As coach Arians said we are in good hands with theNFL’s best owner, Michael Bidwill. Unlike other teams who need a coach, the Cards by far arethe closest to being a championship team. We do not need a lot of tweaking. Remember too, as John Brown gets healthier and stronger, he will return to form and with !larry Fitzgerald, the most unselfish class act in NFL history, and others includingunderratedkicker Dawson, the future looks bright ahead!!!

  14. By lloyd wolf on Jan 10, 2018 | Reply

    again….very thoughtful commentary…shurmur to me continues to make the most sense and along with the steelers ol coach probably have the deepest black book of guys who would come along. betcher has to be given a whole lot of credit…i hope he stays…kind of quirky the jints put a full court press on and walked away empty…i fully understand doing the due diligence that should be done, but somewhere along the way some quality coordinators and coaches are going to get swallowed up who are on the teams short list…..time will tell.

    whomever is hired…at least 50 percent of “us experts” are not going to like the pick.

  15. By vinma98 on Jan 10, 2018 | Reply

    The turnover rate for NFL coaches is ridiculously high and our chances of getting quality caliber coach like B.A. is not always easy. I believe it’s a matter of fit and circumstance. When B.A. came in, he just fit right in with Steve and Michael…Our next coach has to mesh with Steve. Bruce was like a big brother to Steve Keim. I wonder what the next coach-gm dynamic will be like. I believe that’s just as important as the coach-player dynamic.

  16. By James Smith on Jan 10, 2018 | Reply

    Yep with the retirement of Coach Arians… comparing his final news conference and when he was hired…. the pictures show how much he has given to this team. He has aged. Glad he retired on his own terms. Too good of a man to let the job eat him. Forever grateful Coach. Thank you

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