Cards reportedly close to McCoy for OC

Posted by Darren Urban on January 25, 2018 – 6:11 pm

Ever since he was hired, Steve Wilks has been working on hiring his staff, and Thursday night came multiple reports that he’s closed in on an offensive coordinator — former Chargers head coach Mike McCoy. He was a name that has been connected to the Cardinals for a while now. McCoy was reportedly the OC choice for former Cardinals defensive coordinator James Bettcher had Bettcher gotten the head coaching spot. McCoy was the offensive coordinator in Denver this past season before being let go in November.

UPDATE: It’s official.

There are no official announcements yet on the coaching staff beyond Wilks, although names — as they tend to do — have started to trickle out. For a few days multiple reports have Panthers linebackers coach Al Holcomb coming as defensive coordinator. The Cards are expected to keep Byron Leftwich (QB) and Larry Foote (ILB) from the previous staff with the possibility of other holdovers (Kevin Garver for WR and Steve Heiden at TE). Other reported names have been Ray Brown (OL), David Merritt (DB) and Don Johnson (DL).


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  1. By Dr. G. on Jan 25, 2018 | Reply

    Why am I not just super excited with McCoy? Well, he has only proven that he is fairly good with STAR QBs. He has little success in his stats that can show results in development of the young QBs. I could elaborate, but I want to remain optimistic as things develop with SK and Wilks….hmmm..

  2. By mitchaz on Jan 25, 2018 | Reply

    Retool is On…QBOF? Dream Deferred…

    For those of us who had visions of Baker Mayfield or Lamar Jackson in Cardinal red dancing their way into the end zone, it’s time to sit down, take a deep breath and accept the reality that those visions are never going to happen.

    Well maybe it could happen years from now—when they are grizzled veterans.

    If the Cardinals’ priority was finally, at long last, to draft a QBOF and put him the hands of a QB guru (like John DeFilippo who has helped to develop Carson Wentz or Darrell Bevell who started a 5’11” rookie 3rd round draft pick and turned him into a perennial Pro Bowler), well, then, he Cardinals wouldn’t have appointed Mike McCoy as their new OC.

    Perhaps it has something to do—once again this year—with winning two meaningless games at the end of the year which dropped the Cardinals out of the prime draft spots to select a QBOF…

    Or perhaps it has something to do with the organization’s penchant for signing veteran QBs at the tail end of their careers in the hope of a stunning swan song—and let’s face it—Kurt Warner got the Cardinals to the Super Bowl in 2008—and Carson Palmer got the Cardinals to the NFC Championship game in 2015—so there is a track record of coming close—and—ever so close in 2008.

    Mike McCoy is a veteran ex-head coach and OC who will bring—once again—a sophisticated offense (a la BA’s) to Arizona, one that only a seasoned veteran can grasp within two or three seasons.

    When Steve Wilks was so adamant that his new job as HC is a “retool” and not a rebuild—obviously he was completely serious. The only way that the hiring of McCoy makes sense is for the Cardinals to trade for or sign their next Kurt Warner or Carson Palmer.

    Rumor has it that McCoy wants to bring QB Brock Osweiler with him—but Osweiler is not veteran enough—but, maybe he can be McCoy’s version of Drew Stanton, the trusty backup who “knows the system”—but oh the irony—seeing as the head coach the Cardinals were rumored to want more than any other, Bill O’Brien, of the Texans, did everything he could to get rid of Osweiler—and now a year later O’Brien has a gem of a young QBOF in Deshaun Watson—the very QB last year whom the Cardinals supposedly wanted, but the Texans traded one spot ahead of to snatch.

    So—if the Cardinals, as Steve Willks insists—are retooling and are going to be super aggressive in acquiring a QB through FA or a trade—who is that QB?

    Alex Smith? Oh the irony of having to trade with Andy Reid again—and oh the irony of Reid’s asking price—a 1st or 2nd rounder (sound familiar?). A combo of McCoy and Smith is intriguing and could be a good match. But, Smith becomes a UFA in 2019 (sound familiar?), so if the Cardinals trade a 1st or 2nd round pick for Smith, it would compel them to sign Smith to a long term deal.

    Moreover, giving up this year’s 1st or 2nd rounder after having traded away their 4th rounder (Bears), their 6th rounder (Saints), sixth round comp pick (for the AP trade) and their 7th rounder (Chiefs), means hat the Cardinals, with all of their needs from two years of ushering 25 free agents out the door, would now be left with 6 draft picks. How then could the Cardinals even consider taking a rookie QB in Round 1? Or Round 2 (if that’s their first pick of the draft)? And what QBs would be available in Round 3? None of the top 7.

    The point is—if you sign Alex Smith to a 3-4 year deal—a rookie 1st or 2nd rounder goes to waste.

    How about going hard after Kirk Cousins? Wouldn’t signing him to a $30M a year deal feel like buying a $30 steak at Appleby’s?

    Sam Bradford?

    Trade for Andy Dalton? That actually might be a very good match: McCoy and Dalton. But what would the Bengals want in return? Dalton has 3 years left on his current deal at $13.M (2018), $16 (2019) and $17.5M (2020). Very reasonable.

    I kid you not—I awoke in the middle of the night from a vivid dream once because the Cardinals had just won the Super Bowl and Andy “Big Red” Dalton was the Cardinals’ MVP.

    Hopefully, Steve Keim can find the best veteran QB for McCoy and have enough money and draft picks left over to add the other key pieces to make the retool a reality.

    But, at least for this moment, it’s difficult not to feel QBOF envy for our NFC West nemeses who all have their very good young QBs in their buildings for the next 10-12 years.

    It’s also difficult to try to accept once again that the Cardinals just cannot wrap their heads around deciding on—and pulling the trigger on—a 1st round QBOF. They misfired on Matt Leinart 12 years ago, who was beaten out by the veteran, Kurt Warner.

    Maybe it’s the ghost of Joe Namath who eschewed the Cardinals and their taking of him in the 1st round in favor of bolting to a new league called the AFL.

    Maybe—actually—the Cardinals have thought this out to perfection—so that history would NOT repeat itself…let’s say if, Baker Mayfield or Lamar Jackson would stand the Cardinals up and bolt for the XFL.

  3. By El Gallo on Jan 25, 2018 | Reply

    – McCoy

    Hmm you have to wonder why he was let go in Denver most recently.. Were his schemes not made for their QB and the rest of offensive pieces or was it personal reasons?

    But also why didn’t he last for the Chargers? Obviously being the HC they didn’t win enough and it falls on him..
    •McCoy had QB Rivers in SD and couldn’t make it work well enough to keep his job.
    •In Denver he had the combination of QB’s Siemian, Lynch, Osweiler. Had terrible results and was let go mid season..

    – If he is to be the OC then the Cardinals need to bring in a hell-ova QB Coach!

    I can no longer see JDF making a lateral move, going from Eagles QB-C to Cardinals QB-C. Doesn’t make sense now. Hope to be proven wrong.

    I believe in second chances for sure but idk man.. But you can’t deny that he’s got something to offer. Or he wouldn’t have been around this long or had the opportunity to be a HC.

  4. By Ottis Anderson Fan on Jan 25, 2018 | Reply

    Nooooooo! Try someone else without a proven track record of failure at the OC position.

  5. By El Gallo on Jan 25, 2018 | Reply

    Looks like Leftwich will be retained as QB Coach.

    This means he not only impressed our FO and BA last year to bring him on as QB-C but also managed to be the more outstanding option for Wilks.

    Hey, if he can do it I’m all for it. Time will tell. But was expecting an outside option.

  6. By Jo Ball on Jan 25, 2018 | Reply

    Every single time I think that the cards might be onto something, they go pull a move like this.

    McCoy’s system: A pocket passer QB. He is going to have to be a very gifted QB who is also intelligent enough to break down an overly complicated and inflexible system that Keim and Michael seem to love for some odd reason(Whiz and BA). Good luck behind that line. The cards will either not take a QB in the draft or take one and watch him fail. Unless you’re thinking the cards will find a QB better than Rivers or any of the 1st rounders in Denver that McCoy has already failed with. We will once again be fed lines like “the players aren’t executing” and nothing will change.

  7. By Dan Nicholson on Jan 25, 2018 | Reply

    I wouldn’t be so pessimistic as a few of you already are. Lets not forget he had Tebow in Denver and made the playoffs & won a game. With Chargers and Rivers they could put the points up, don’t remember how many times their defense gave it up, plus chargers WENT thru a lot of kickers because of missed game winning FG’S or Tieing missed FG’S. Seen enough of their games to know it’s a good system and not always predictable. Rivers would also try & will team to win and throw crucial interceptions, but a tough dude. The points will come, good hire.

  8. By jeffcardinalfan on Jan 26, 2018 | Reply

    the last qb that was “developed” by hc was jim hart. lomax had the goods-he just needed playing time and jake never really got any better(with proper development he could have been great). maybe McCoy will scale down some as he found out with Denver that his scheme may be too complicated. I just don’t understand not hiring SOMEBODY from patriots-whether you like them or not you have to admit their system works and works without superstar players(cept brady of course) and works when starters are injured.

  9. By Larso on Jan 26, 2018 | Reply

    Haha, that Andy Dalton dream made my Day. If the Trade happens now, we know for sure that you are the 3 eyed Raven.

    I have mixed feelings about the new OC and the Osweiler rumor. But it cant get worse on offense. I hope its a less Injurie ridden season.

  10. By Chris G. on Jan 26, 2018 | Reply

    I hope McCoy is one of those coaches who learns from previous failures and comes back strong. If this rumor is true then, we will just have to wait and see. My excitement level about the next era just went down. Kind of like when I was 16 and having a great party only for my parents to come home a day early.

  11. By clssylssy on Jan 26, 2018 | Reply

    Ilike Mike McCoy, liked him with the Chargers and don’t really put anything into his last short stayt in Denver. Denver would be a tough organization to work in and I don’t think working for Elway would be a dream job as he’s always going to be looking for a fall guy if the offense isn’t tops and they aren’t going to SBs. The upside to McCoy is that he is a respected coach around the league who players respect, and he has had some pretty good successees in the draft. A big upside would be, I think he is a guy who Fitz might come back to play for.
    I’m liking everything about this new HC and have every confidence in his judgement for who he wants on his staff as ultimately, their performance will reflect on him. I would have liked to see us bring in DiFillipo but realistically, don’t think it would have been a good career move for him when he already seems to have great opportunity within the Eagles.
    Mike McCoy has done very well with his players in San Diego and has taken teams to the playoffs, so I am glad to have an OC with success at play calling and is a “player’s coach”. If Wilks sees him as fitting into his “culture of excellence” then I’m good with that. I’m thinking that he and Wilks are probably on the same page when it comes to selecting a QB, who will be a combo of Cam and Phillip Rivers (hoping) and their combined football knowledge will help SK have a better draft all around, and this will become a “culture of learning”. I also think with Wilk’s emphasis on physicality that we will see an entire new look on offense with big bodied receivers and TEs (Antonio Gates like) who are actually weapons.
    The reality is, as fans, we never really know the many reasons why a coach or player moves on to a different job but sometimes they are factors that aren’t as dramatic as we or the media like to make them. Sometimes, family has a lot to do about employment situations, or there might be organization dysfunction, etc., When McCoy left the Chargers, they were moving to LA and it could be that he didn’t see that move as being in his best interest or his family’s and Denver seemed like the lesser of two evils, who knows?

  12. By thomas manoogian on Jan 26, 2018 | Reply

    –terrible choice if that is who we get.period

  13. By mitchaz on Jan 26, 2018 | Reply

    Pressure on Keim

    Now that the Cardinals are reportedly signing OC Mike McCoy under the auspices that the Cardinals will be “very aggressive” through free agency or via a trade (as HC Steve Wilks avows) to acquire their QB, a great deal of weight falls on Steve Keim’s broad shoulders.

    What is so curious about the hiring of McCoy is that he finds himself this year in a nearly identical situation he was in last year with the Broncos—becoming the veteran OC under a newly appointed first-time defensive oriented HC (Vance Joseph) who came to the job with one year of DC experience.

    The only major difference this time around for McCoy is that he inherited a trio of QB with the Broncos (2016 starter Trevor Semien, 2016 1st round draft pick Paxton Lynch and 2012 2nd round pick Brock Osweiler), whereas in Arizona the QB cupboard is bare.

    Word is that McCoy likes Osweiler and wants to sign him as a free agent. If that’s the case, Osweiler should not command top money this time around and could be the bridge QB for a 1st or 2nd round draft pick. But, is the signing of Osweiler going to excite and raise the confidence of the players and fan base? Could Osweiler, with a vote of confidence from McCoy, suddenly become a diamond in the rough?

    McCoy favors an offense that is very similar to Josh McDaniels’ offense in New England. It’s an offense predicated on creating a strong balance between the running and passing games, one that takes full advantage of the RBs and TEs in the passing game and one that tries to lure the safeties up to the second level so as to take some deep shots over their heads.

    In Denver last year, Vance Joseph made it clear to McCoy in training camp to “put the players first, the scheme second.” The way Joseph demanded this from McCoy it sounded very much like a warning, and in retrospect, it was indeed a warning due to the fact that McCoy was fired in mid-season for what seemed to be putting his sophisticated scheme first and the players second. One Broncos’ beat reporter described McCoy’s voluminous playbook as a tome that “would make the Cheesecake Factory menu blush.”

    There was a great deal of frustration that McCoy was not focusing the offense enough around their prolific trio of RBs, C.J. Anderson, Devontae Booker and Jamal Charles. The running game never quite got on track and the RBs were not being utilized nearly enough in the passing game.

    So, let’s get back to the QB conundrum. If Steve Wilks is correct that the Cardinals are going to be “very aggressive” in FA or via trade and the draft to address the QB position—could the signing of castoff UFA QB Brock Osweiler be considered a “very aggressive” move? Hardly, right?

    The most aggressive move Keim could make would be to try to reunite McCoy with his QB in San Diego, Philip Rivers. Keim, a fellow NC State alum, loves Rivers. Who doesn’t? Rivers is 36, he has two years left on his contract @ $15M (2018) and $16M (2019)…which, in terms of today’s QB salaries is a flat-out bargain. Rivers passed for over 4,000 yards again last season at 62.6%, 28 TDs, 10 ints., a QBR of 96.0.

    The Chargers have been focusing a great deal of their attention on drafting Rivers’ successor this year. One of the QBs they reportedly are enamored with is Wyoming’s Josh Allen. The Chargers, however, pick 16th in the first round, and would likely have to trade up to select Allen.

    What if Keim offered the Chargers the Cardinals’ 1st round pick, #15, to the Chargers for QB Philip Rivers? What that would do for the Chargers is give them a back-to-back package of picks which could enable them to move up to take their QBOF. But would they be willing to move on from Rivers in favor of a rookie when their defense is starting to dominate? No. But, who knows? I couldn’t hurt to ask.

    In Denver, the word is that they are going to try to do everything they can to sign QB Kirk Cousins. Whether they are able to do that or not, they apparently are not happy with Paxton Lynch and would like to trade him. Lynch, per the Broncos’ beat reporters, is not well liked in the locker room. His play in 2 starts this year was up and down. Before injuring his knee he passed for 295 yards, @ 66.7%, with 2 TDs, 3 ints. and a QBR of 72.0.

    Lynch did not start any of the games while McCoy was OC. Word in training camp was that Lynch was having trouble picking up the playbook. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? But, just the same, it would be interesting to know Mike McCoy’s thoughts on Lynch, because chances are Lynch could be had for a 3rd or 4th round pick. And he has three years left on his rookie contract.

    In free agency, the absolute best fit for McCoy’s offense, is Kirk Cousins, because of his pinpoint accuracy on short and intermediate passes. Which begs the questions, is McCoy and his style of offense enough of a lure for Cousins? And, could Steve Keim win the bidding war for Cousins over the likes of the Broncos, Browns and Jaguars? All this, assuming the Redskins back out of the picture.

    if the Bills release Tyrod Taylor, he could be a very good fit. His TD to INT ratio is superb, and with a very good defense as he had in Buffalo, he could win a lot of games.

    If the Vikings choose to move on from Case Keenum, as there appears to be growing sentiment that the Vikings would like to re-sign Teddy Bridgewater, there could be a natural fit for Keenum in McCoy’s offense. Sam Bradford is a potential match as well, if he can finally stay out of the tub. But, if you sign Bradford to be the bridge to a 1st round rookie QBOF and he gets injured again, well, then the clock starts early for the QBOF. So be it, right?

    In the draft, at #15, the Cardinals could have the opportunity to trade up to snatch Oklahoma’s Baker Mayfield, or they could find matches for McCoy in Oklahoma St.’s Mason Rudolph or Washington St.’s Luke Falk. Even though some draft gurus feel that Rudolph and Falk could slide to round 2, the odds are they will be off the board by the 47th pick.

    The wild card at #15 remains Lamar Jackson, if he is on the board. At first glance it wouldn’t appear that Jackson would be a match for Mike McCoy’s offense, but, in light of how creative McCoy was in helping Tim Tebow get on a roll as far as to win a playoff game over the Steelers, maybe the drafting of Jackson is a possibility.

    Whatever the case may be, if there ever was “Keim Time”—that time is now. Keim gift wrapped the arrival of Carson Palmer to BA. Now Keim needs to hook up Steve Wilks and Mike McCoy with a starting QB who can go head to head and toe to toe with Wilson, Goff and Garoppolo.

    In the Shawshank Redemption, when Red describes Andy Dufresne’s remarkable escape, he talks about Andy’s fascination with geology and Andy’s true understanding that geology is a study of “pressure” and “time.”

    Well, in relating this to the 2018 Arizona Cardinals and their potential escape from the celllar of the NFC West, in terms of passing “the rock” this off-season should prove to be a study of “pressure” and “Keim.”

  14. By Doug on Jan 26, 2018 | Reply

    Really? I am underwhelmed. . Brock is a bottom-of-the-barrel QB (PFF’s words not mine). Blaine Gabbert’s stats were equivalent to Brock’s in 2017. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Larry retire; if I were him, I would. An ineffective QB and no go-to receiver; another year of 8 losses coming. DJ better negotiate a great contract he’s going to get a heavy load this coming year. Hope still springs eternal, wife and I will be in our seats…maybe our defense and special teams (which can’t do anything but improve) can score enough to win more than 8 games.

  15. By Big Ken on Jan 26, 2018 | Reply

    @ mitchaz- Another great post Mitch. Bring Phillip River to AZ? Now that’s some real magic.Josh Allen, I have read, is not having a great practice week at the Senior Bowl.

  16. By Gary on Jan 26, 2018 | Reply

    The very last person I would consider for the OC job. We will have the leagues worst offense under McCoy. It will be just like under Buddy Ryan with the famous Run, Run, Pass, Punt offense.Might as well get ready to stay in the cellar of the NFC West because this team will go nowhere under McCoy.

  17. By JTDG on Jan 26, 2018 | Reply

    Mike McCoy,

    A QB coach and OC History;

    Hired by the Broncos in 2009, He had a career journeyman in Kyle Orton. He put together a 7th ranked passing offense and Orton was in the top 4 in passing.

    He then was asked to take Tim Tebow and make it work. The Broncos led the league in rushing and Tebow beat the Steelers in the playoffs.

    He became the hot OC to be a Head Coach. The Chargers hired him to lead an offense with Phillip Rivers. Unfortunately, after 4 years, he was unsuccessful as a HC and fired.

    He was hired again by Denver, but unable to get the motley crew of QBs in Denver going, he was fired again.

    Looking back, here is what I see.
    He has the ability to adjust his offense and run offenses that fit his personnel.
    The Chargers had a horrible offensive line and he never got that fixed, which lead to a huge issue with SD.
    In 2017, He showed in Denver, you can make chicken s… into chicken salad.

    What his history tells me;
    If someone else gives him the players, he can coach them. He can adjust to whether the cards draft a Josh Allen, A Baker Mayfield , or a Luke Falk. He needs the offensive line fixed and must be able to run the ball to be successful

  18. By JTDG on Jan 26, 2018 | Reply

    Who might be a big winner by the new coaching staff;

    1. Brandon Williams – the kid has speed but never was developed and thrown in before ready. He then was an after thought in 2017.

    Wilks has produced nobodies into good CBs. Josh Norman gives Wilks credit for where he is today. Daryl Worley was drafted in the 3rd round and is a pretty good starting CB in Carolina. Bradberry has become a solid CB as a second round pick.

    Could he revive Williams career?

    2. Evan Boehm – He was a center in college. Starter 52 games. Known as a phone booth player with poor movement skills. His profile said, Squatty frame with short legs. Doesn’t have the height or arm length that many teams require from draftable centers inside the first four rounds. Much better straight line mover than laterally.

    In comes Ray Brown (rumored), who has had a history of powerful inside lineman. A more straight ahead, power running style could benefit him.

    3. Mike Iupati – See Evan Boehm. Same thing.

    Mike McCoy has shown he can develop a run game. The team has AP and DJ, so it doesn’t get better than that. Ray Brown could be the magic wand to save Boehm and Iupati, while Wilks could save Williams

  19. By clssylssy on Jan 26, 2018 | Reply

    Always enjoy and look forward to your posts. However, there is a thing called reality which many fans lose sight of when making out their “wish list” and playing armchair Owner/GM. The reality is, that many of the young guys on our original wish list had better job opportunities elsewhere, including those still in the SB. And, even if things don’t work out in those situations, was Arizona ever a consideration any way? We may not get everything we hope for in one season but I’ll be happy to improve over the past two years, that would be showing progress. Retool vs. rebuild? All things considered, including assets and funds available, I’m OK with retooling if it enables us to continue growing without taking steps backward.
    I am one of those “long suffering fans” who has come to enjoy winning games and having a measure of respectabiity and would like to see us moving forward. I like what I have seen from Steve Wilks both here and in Carolina and believe he will put the Cardinals on the same path as the Panthers if given the opportunity.
    Not everyone makes a great HC but that doesn’t mean they don’t know the game of football or have the respect and affection of their players, which is really what coaching is all about, not the organizational politics and media stuff.
    Part of the issue in Denver was the fact that Lynch didn’t turn out to be the next Peyton Manning or John Elway and the choice for drafting a QB was on Elway but do you think he was going to take the hit? LOL,
    Ultimately, I’m hoping that this is going to be a blending of minds and don’t think Wilk’s would have agreed to McCoy if he was as bad as our local fans believed. Wilks doesn’t strike me as a guy who makes impulsive choices or is easily bulldozed so, while things may appear to be moving in a different direction, there may be much that remains familiar and “if it ain’t broke, why fix ?” We may not get our entire wish list this year but any improvements will be progress!

  20. By mitchaz on Jan 26, 2018 | Reply

    Big Ken–

    Yes, Josh Allen is having accuracy inconsistencies at the Senior Bowl just as he had at Wyoming. But, he has physical traits that coaches and scouts drool over. Some team will believe that they can tap into his talent and mitigate some of his flaws.


    I appreciate your doses of reality and while i understand your points, I have to be honest and say that i do not think Mike McCoy is the right fit at OC. There is very little about him and his scheme that generates excitement. I wouldn’t be surprised if Fitz decides to retire (although I am often wrong on what Fitz will do—I thought he would have left AZ after the Warner years—Darren always has a much better sense of what Fitz will do). The other thing that concerns me about McCoy is having just come from a highly complicated offense in BA’s, I think it is a mistake to do so again with McCoy’s, particularly because of assimilating new QBs into it.

    Offensive schemes do not have to be so sophisticated and difficult to learn—look at the Cowboys’ scheme—it’s all about overloading the box numbers in the running game and exploiting mismatches in the passing game. Look at how fast and smoothly Dak Prescott and Zeke Elliott assimilated into that offense. Look at how Deshaun Watson stepped right into Bill O’Brien’s offense. Look at what Pat Shurmur was able to do with Case Keenum in just a few months.

  21. By mitchaz on Jan 26, 2018 | Reply


    That said, I think you are 100% correct about Steve Wilks. I am very excited about him as HC. Already he has been emphatic about establishing and sustaining a power running game. With that, my one concern is that both DJ and AP are upright RBs who leave their bodies and legs exposed and vulnerable to fumbling and injuries. If we are truly going to commit to a power running game we will need to get stringer up front and add power RBs who lower their shoulders on contact.

    One huge plus in that favor is that we finally will add a FB back into the offense. And there should me more focus on employing the TEs in the passing game.

  22. By Corgon on Jan 26, 2018 | Reply

    Really? The guy who shamelessly said the name Osweiler once again??? The one who almost always had a bottom half O without a QB legend (and be honest, that was Manning’s O, not his)? Meeeh whatever, it was a sh**y week anyway.

  23. By creditcard on Jan 26, 2018 | Reply


    So far, i am impressed with Wilks’ decisions:

    1. Keeping Bryon Leftwich — good move
    2. Insert a tough run blocking line coach in Brown — excellent move
    3. Rodgers — He was very good in Denver and in Chicago, another good move
    4. Holcomb — raw, never been a DC., but he has Wilks to lean upon. This will be good.
    5. McCoy — seasoned OC coach. Let me say, I think it would VERY difficult to be a OC in Denver with the three QBs the Broncos have / had, AND having John Elway as GM. Arguably one of the greatest QBs to ever play the game, is the guy judging current QB play — tough. McCoy is seasoned on the offense side — which Wilks is NOT. Brave move to hire a seasoned coach like McCoy. This will be good for the Cards.

  24. By creditcard on Jan 26, 2018 | Reply

    This off-season will be unique in the QB area. there are several QBs that will either be released or as free agents, Taylor, Bridgewater, Keenum, Bradford, Oswieler, Smith, Stanton,Gabbert, Siemman, and more …. lots of options.

    Plus the draft has some potential QBs. (I sure hope the Cards stay away from Mayfield), but there are others

    The Cards want to win, they will select a seasoned pro, and probably draft a young QB. I sure hope the Cards do not mortgage their future in getting a seasoned QB.

  25. By Joe C. on Jan 26, 2018 | Reply

    So here’s a thought. Trade the 15th pick down for a late 20 and a second (or whatever makes that work) Draft one of these tweener QB’s that’s expected to slide into the second but might not. Then you can grab another talent. better then reaching for a second rounder with #15. get a QB in free agency and develop the rookie.

  26. By Ottis Anderson Fan on Jan 26, 2018 | Reply

    Hopefully Coach Wilks can entice Panther’s free agent guard Andrew Norwell to come and join him in Arizona!

  27. By Louis Callegari on Jan 26, 2018 | Reply

    LET’S all calm down and give the coaching staff a chance. IF it doesn’t work out then the whole front office.

  28. By D on Jan 26, 2018 | Reply

    Should the Cards attempt to trade for D. Kizer if the Browns draft a QB in the first 4 picks of the draft?

    Is Kizer a better option than the 5-7 best QB prospect in this year’s draft?

    Cards will need a veteran QB first in free agency..
    Bortles if released?

  29. By D on Jan 26, 2018 | Reply

    3 Free agents to watch in March that know McCoy’s offense

    1- Cody Latimer WR. AZ needs WRs
    2- V. Green TE. Cards need depth behind injured Gresham.
    3–A. Barbre OL. Can play G and RT, area of the line that AZ could use help

  30. By El Gallo on Jan 26, 2018 | Reply

    I am definitely liking the other additions of assistants. Wilks is assembling quite a group, keeping his word. Looks like Wilks’ has got a good roll going.. Excitement returns haha..

    Everyone deserves another chance (McCoy) and I will remain positive. He is now one of us, Welcome to the Birdgang! Look forward to seeing what he can do. Who he goes after QBs, WRs, OL, RBs.

    Under BA’s regime, they had one of the NFL’s largest coaching groups. Lots of teachers to give more time individually to players perhaps. Wonder where Wilks falls on this, micro vs macro..

  31. By El Gallo on Jan 26, 2018 | Reply

    Also, I’m very interested in who will be the Strength & Conditioning Coach?

    Under Buddy Morris, felt like there were quite a few soft-tissue injuries and others more serious.

    Did it fall on Buddy? Or BA for pushing players the way he did (especially during summer months 🔥)??

    But then again football is known for this, it’s not the gentlest of sports..

  32. By El Gallo on Jan 26, 2018 | Reply

    Funny enough I forgot about TEs ha!

    Not sure why BA was so adamant about solely having blocking TEs? If you wanted them to exclusively block might as well just call em’ an OL.
    Always felt it limited our offense considerably.

    Most certainly looks like we will see them being a part of the passing game for once under McCoy. RSJ and whoever else is there get ready!

  33. By dobie on Jan 26, 2018 | Reply

    Just see what happens all you guys with opinion don’t mean nothing First year with a new coach if you 500 your doing good second year you have better improve third year be good to be in the play off picture remember how long it took the Rams to get where the are now and all the good teams that have struggle during the bad years

  34. By Dan Nicholson on Jan 27, 2018 | Reply

    Keep Tyrann Mathieu
    The Badger plays with passion and heart and is a FOOTBALL PLAYER. Just because we have Budda people should not say oh, we got that covered. Depth is big in NFL and no team can foresee injuries. I know people were on him last year but he was tough down the stretch. Maybe his deal can be re-structured which helps in a big way. I remember Calais taking heat and look what happened this year. 76 pass defended without a touchdown last year and he wasn’t right early on. Watch him be all-pro this year, as a Card, not elsewhere

  35. By Scott H on Jan 27, 2018 | Reply

    JTDG –

    RE: Can he revive Williams’ career….

    Oh, my. This is just sounding a bit too much like Justin Bethel and 2017 all over again…..trying to make it work on the other side at CB with a guy who hasn’t shown any real ability to do it. Meanwhile, aggressiveness in FA? Nowhere to be found.

    No, I can’t watch that movie again. May Williams have been thrown in too soon in 2016? Maybe. But even if he was….how does that justify his being NOWHERE TO BE FOUND during the entire 2017 season – when we were so sorely in need of help at the CB position.

    IMHO, Brandon Williams is a piece of the recent past we just need to close the book on. I’d feel different if he had a chance to come to our rescue in 2017 and showed some promise. He didn’t. He didn’t even seem to be an option. So, how is he now a contender for 2018? I’ll pass.

    I keep looking at that trade the Eagles made for Darby last off-season and how amazingly well that worked out for them….because THAT matches any reasonable person’s definition of aggressive. So, if we are supposedly going to try being aggressive ( again ) in FA, then let’s see something like that.

    And let’s not hold our breath in the meantime.

  36. By Scott H on Jan 27, 2018 | Reply

    I can’t say I’m feeling all that psyched about McCoy either. But with the points that JTDG makes here in regard to McCoy in mind……I hear that. For me, what the Cardinals become from here is more on Steve Keim and what he does, personnel wise, than it is on our coordinators. So, I’m keeping my focus there.

    Keim needs to do a better job. Period. And if that happens and a better job is being done bringing better players here, then we’ll find out if these coordinators are up to doing their jobs.

  37. By Joe C. on Jan 27, 2018 | Reply

    Darren, we’re all having fun speculating on moves. Are there dates before any free agents or trades can be made? I mean, nothing is going to happen until free agency opens right? Even trades?

  38. By Darren Urban on Jan 27, 2018 | Reply

    Joe C —

    RE: Trades

    Correct. Trades can begin same time as free agency starting. March 14.

  39. By JTDG on Jan 27, 2018 | Reply

    Scott H,

    Brandon Williams and Even Boehm;

    I agree neither has shown anything and , NO, I would not forgo picking other players with hope they develop (see Bethel).

    My point was, they were left for dead after the last staff. Williams wasn’t even a thought at CB after starting the year before. He was left for dead. And, after the way he played in 2016, he should have been.

    But then comes in a guy who takes Josh Norman, an unknown 5th round pick in the 2012 draft and by 2014, people are taking notice. By 2015, he is being mentioned as one of the best CBs in the game. Same goes with some of their other picks at CB in Carolina.

    So, to be clear, I thought at the time both were terrible draft picks. I think they both are flops. I think in no way , shape, or form you count on them to start anywhere in 2018. But they have been given a second chance. The heart is showing a beat and if either is going to show something in this league, it will be with this coaching staff.

  40. By JTDG on Jan 27, 2018 | Reply

    Dan Nicholson,


    What are you saying?

    “76 pass defended without a touchdown last year and he wasn’t right early on. ”

    This is Fake News. I remember He gave up a TD to Terrence Williams in the Cowboy game for one. I believe he gave up one in the Eagle game also. Plus 76 passes defensed???? That would be the single greatest year ever. He has 41 passes defense in his 5 year career.

    Truth – he had 7 passes defensed in 2017 . which isn’t bad for a safety. Pretty average. I would keep him.

    Until you see he counts as 14.1 million in cap room, is due a 5 million dollar bonus in March and in 2019 will count for more cap than everyone except Chandler Jones on the cards, including Pat P.

    You just can’t do that contract. It is so foolish. Again, he has a bigger cap than every safety in the league. Every one ! Including the super bowl safeties in McCourney and Jenkins. More than Earl Thomas and Harrison Smith.

    He also is the 5th highest defensive back. Think of all the great CBs you could have playing opposite Pat P. Now think, Mathieu has a bigger cap hit than all but 3.

    Crazy to keep him. Stupid to keep him. Makes no sense to keep him. Keim will probably keep him.

  41. By Darren Urban on Jan 27, 2018 | Reply

    JTDG —

    RE: Mathieu

    The stat, which was shown during the AFC championship game, was not that Mathieu had 76 passes defensed but that he was targeted 76 times (defended on a pass) without giving up a TD. I’d have to go back to the Cowboys game but whether that was on him or not, I wouldn’t be so sure.

    UPDATE: And as I do go back to look, Williams did not have a TD. Butler beat Bethel on one, Bryant ran over five tacklers for another. Mathieu was not involved.Two other TDs were rushing.

  42. By faster on Jan 27, 2018 | Reply

    jeff rodgers special teams coordinator.

    if someone dismissed the last season at the bears, it looks promissing.
    especially the broncos time looks like a upgrade to our last sc.

  43. By John S. on Jan 27, 2018 | Reply

    McCoy… somewhat disillusioned I think and would prefer a fresh face so to say. I thought we could, and would, do better actually; but guess I can only hope for the best. I’m just not “feeling it” as a nice fit for us, or gets me looking forward to the future with him as OC, but stranger things have happened. I wonder what most of the players think..?

    On the Osweiler rumors… ‘puh-leeeze.. tell me this would be along the lines of a move of last resort and not part of the game plan. Sure didn’t work out well for the Texans, or Browns, without even considering history in Denver really driven by their defense at the time anyway; why would it here? And no-way would I give up any real “cha-ching” to sign him either.

  44. By dynosoar on Jan 27, 2018 | Reply


    I had not even considered Phillip Rivers coming here.

    Rivers, Johnson and of course Fitzgerald, now that intrigues me. That should give Defenses fits (Yes, pun was intended.)

  45. By Scott H on Jan 27, 2018 | Reply

    clssy –

    RE: Moving forward…

    As one of your co-long-suffering fans…..yes, I often relate to much of what you say.

    In regard to the whole thing of moving forward… occurs to me that THAT is a difficult thing to do for a team when they ride the Kurt Warner train or the Carson Palmer until it runs out of track and no real plans have been made for the future at the QB position. And, don’t get me wrong, the success we had with both of those QB’s was a wonderful thing while we were in the midst of it. Not complaining about that.

    BUT look where we were when Warner walked away. Look where we are now that Palmer has walked away. The three years that followed Warner’s departure were bloody-God awful. We were rescued by a trade for Palmer. We NEEDED to be rescued by a trade because the team was getting NOWHERE with drafting a QB. So now, that savior has walked away when we were all hoping he might give us one more year and look where we are. WE DON’T EVEN HAVE A QB UNDER CONTRACT, for crying out loud. How’s THAT for being prepared?

    Maybe that is why I have been so out-spoken recently about not going the Alex Smith / veteran QB train again. Because once that train drops us off, where will we be? Again?

    It is really hard right now to feel great about our future at QB. Because there is NO recent success of drafting QB’s that we can point to. And we’ve seen how it ends when we ride the veteran QB train. Based on that… do you even pick a side right now in terms of how we find the right guy, ya know???

    Yeah, I want them to draft a QB who will turn out to be the right guy. Ask me how much confidence I have in their ability to do THAT right now??

  46. By joe67 on Jan 27, 2018 | Reply

    El Gallo, I was also wondering about the strength and conditioning coach. BA brought him in, and it seemed hamstring injuries immediately skyrocketed. Did any team have more hammy’s than us. Would be interesting to know.
    I like the choices so far.

  47. By JonnyYuma on Jan 27, 2018 | Reply

    Sounds like Denver will make a hard press for Cousins, who was too expensive for us anyway – that would leave Washington in the mix for Smith along with Minny if they move on from their trio – could we outbid those teams for his services? Would we want to with our other needs? Next tier seems to be my man Tyrod if we were aggressive and the price was right. Obviously if Smith went to Minny that would give us 3 other free agent options – out of those if we were to miss on Tyrod or price wasn’t right for him, then what makes the most likely scenario IMO is Bradford on incentive deal with Gabbert-esque backup and a potential QBOF drafted. If Mitchaz thinks this is halfway plausible then you heard it here first!

  48. By JTDG on Jan 27, 2018 | Reply


    That stat is very different. He was in coverage on 76 passes. Do we know how many were completed?

    We know he has 7 passes defensed and 2 ints. So, what happened on the other 67 passes?

    But regardless of that stat, there is still the contract. I think you know it doesn’t make sense to not have a CB2 while Badger counts for more cap than any safety and all but 3 CBs besides Pat P.

  49. By JTDG on Jan 27, 2018 | Reply

    So, while everyone is looking for that 2nd or third round QB, the Senior Bowl might have shown everyone an unknown QB is being known.

    Mike White was thought of as a very intelligent QB. He is big at 6’4″ and 225.
    Charles Davis and Mike Mayock talked about how the sat down with Mike White and asked him about plays. They said he went on to say what they should do and where the ball should go against each type of coverage. They came away thinking this guy is smart.

    Then he gets in the game and plays flawless. Looking for that next level guy after those 4 guys everyone talks about, Mike White might have become QB number 5 after a strong week at the Senior Bowl.

  50. By Jonathan on Jan 27, 2018 | Reply

    Hey Darren, what happened to Harold Goodwin again? I already forgot. Also, am I a bad fan for not remembering?

  51. By Darren Urban on Jan 27, 2018 | Reply

    Jonathan —

    RE: Goodwin

    As of right now, Goodwin doesn’t have a job.

  52. By Dan Nicholson on Jan 27, 2018 | Reply

    Thanks for clarifying the stats on Mathieu Darren. It came out wrong on my end. And yes JTDG, I was saying keep him with the caveat of contract adjustments. Disagree it would be foolish or stupid to keep him, unless you are referring under that contract. Don’t forget he played at 12 pounds heavier last year, so if he knocks half of that weight off it benefits him .

  53. By Joe C. on Jan 27, 2018 | Reply

    JTDG- does the amount of dead money Mathieu counts for impact your opinion at all? Really he counts $6 million more if you keep him. So if you cut him and sign another safety for $6M you just paid Mathieu. I think you keep him this year and restructure next year. Obviously if he’s willing to give money back you take it, but he’s got two big guaranteed years. H’snot giving that money back. Maybe next year you extend him and roll his one year left into some extra years.

  54. By Joe C. on Jan 27, 2018 | Reply

    also, everyone forgets we made a big move for Kevn Kolb after Warner/Leinert. It didn’t work out but Kolb is the equivalent of Cousins this year. Everyone was in love with Kolb back then. Maybe a better comparison would be McCarron, but my point is the Cardinals didn’t ignore the QB situation after Warner. Lienert was a top 10 pick and they went after the QGOTF everyone wanted. Missing on that cost Graves and Whiz their jobs and SK doesn’t face a biiger threat to his job then swinging and missing on a QB. If I was him I might overpay for a sure thing (Smith?).

  55. By Dan Nicholson on Jan 28, 2018 | Reply

    I do not know how many of you heard John Clayton on Doug & Wolf last Friday morning ,but he is saying trade value to get Alex Smith has diminished because of his age, 34,. Clayton said it may only take a 3rd or 4th round pick to get him. As for Kirk Cousins, he stated too much for Cards as it would take 27.5 million and Denver is most likely. Now that is very helpful for Cards if they are thinking of going after Smith.

  56. By El Gallo on Jan 28, 2018 | Reply


    Due to HIPAA regulations (privacy issues), anything involving personal medical history is hands-off. So there are no compilations, records for us the public to view.

    It’d be interesting though. To see the trends by team, position, severity, duration of injury, and treatments. Also, who’s considered the best Strength & Conditioning group among all teams.. To see what we might learn from them and the stats.

    I remember week to week hearing players dealing with a variety soft-tissue injuries or worse.
    At one point or another players suffered from:
    •bad toes, foot, ankle, calve, knee, hamstring/quad, groin, back, pectoral, shoulder, elbow, wrist/hand, and neck.

    That is just what I remember, I may be wrong.

    But it’s important because we’ve had 2 years recently under BA’s staff where injuries decimated the roster. Had to resort to the “Next man Up” mantra and not for good reason. Happened in 2015 and 2017 where both star and backup players went down in high numbers.

    I also like the recent additions of assistants. Solid Coaches and well respected.

  57. By JTDG on Jan 28, 2018 | Reply

    Dan and Joe C;


    Badger is due a 5 million dollar bonus in March. If he gets it, he will count for 14 million in cap money in 2019 also and no cap relief if released.

    But if released before the bonus, he counts as 5 million in cap relief in 2018 but 14 million in 2019.

    To me, it is more about 2019. To allow him to get that bonus means, no matter how he plays or if he gets hurt in 2018, you are stuck with the 14 million hit in 2019.

    Why does that matter? David Johnson is a FA in 2019, so is Marcus Golden. so is Bucannon, Olsen Pierre is not under contract and Humphries enters his option year, which means his salary will be around 10 million.

    I guess to me, it makes no sense to keep an average safety at money that guys like Pat P gets. His cap is higher than the pro bowl safeties and pro bowl CBs.

    Does that make sense to anyone?

    As for restructuring his contract, help me out here Darren. Has any player said they don’t want a 5 million dollar bonus and will take less money in Mathieu’s situation?

    I would think every player would push the issue of getting his money or being released. Remember, Tyrann keeps saying he is one of the top players in the NFL. He thinks he deserves the bonus and money. He isn’t taking a discount.

  58. By mitchaz on Jan 28, 2018 | Reply

    2018 Cardinals’ Top Salaries (Rounded) and Cap Hits

    1. $16.9M—WR Larry Fitzgerald (#2 highest paid WR in NFL behind Antonio Brown)

    2. $15.5M—OLB Chandler Jones (#3 OLB)

    3. $15.0M—CB Patrick Peterson (#4 CB)

    4. $14.1M—S Tyrann Mathieu (#1 S) * Key Roster Bonus Decision-March

    5. $10.2M—T Jared Veldheer (#15 T)

    6. $9.7M—G Mike Iupati (#8 G)

    7. $8.7M—ILB Deone Bucannon (#7 ILB)

    8. $7.3M—TE Jermaine Gresham (#10 TE) *Key Roster Decision—March

    9. $4.9M—S Antoine Bethea (#27 S)

    10. $3.5M—K Phil Dawson (#6 K)

    11. $3.3M—DT Josh Mauro (#34 DT)

    12. $2.8M—RB Adrian Peterson (#23 RB)

    13. $2.1M—C A.Q. Shipley (#17 C)

    * Did you realize that the Cardinals are scheduled to pay 8 player Top 10 $$$ at their positions in 2018?

    Justifiable Salaries:

    1. WR Larry Fitzgerald—legends deserve to be paid coming off another fabulous season.
    2. OLB Chandler Jones—coming off best season as pro.
    3. CB Patrick Peterson—talent is obvious.
    4. S Antoine Bethea—coming off one of his best seasons.

    Questionable Salaries:

    1. Tryann Mathieu—coming off two mediocre seasons in a row.
    2. Jared Veldheer—may need a $2-3M adjustment, coming off solid season.
    3. Mike iupati—will need to accept a significant pay cut and could be willing.
    4. Deone Bucannon—two sub-par seasons in a row, not worthy of top ILB money.
    5. Jermaine Gresham—being paid as a top 10 TE is unfathomable.
    6. Phil Dawson—might be worth the salary this time around.
    7. Josh Mauro—coming off sub par season at a position where the team has depth.
    8. Adrian Peterson—coming off neck injury, can he accept a secondary role?
    9. A.Q. Shipley—his salary is reasonable if he remains a starter, but should the team get younger and more athletic at C?

  59. By CARDS62 on Jan 28, 2018 | Reply

    I will give new coaching staff a chance. Excited about a young HC in Steve Wilks. Lots of risk but also lots of upside. Hoping coach lights a fire under our secondary especially Patrick Peterson so they obtain new levels of excellence. We could have had Norv Turner as OC if we would have moved sooner and I would have liked that move.

    I believe Cleveland Browns hired Amos Jones as their special teams coordinator. Poor clueless bastards in Cleveland!

    If Bengals QB Carson Palmer did not lead us to the Super Bowl there is no chance Bengal Andy Dalton is leading us there. Pass on Dalton. He does not have the IT factor and he has had good weapons in Cincinnati.

    Looked at Bucky Brooks mock draft and he has 6 QBs going in the first round with 3 gone when we select and he has us taking WR Ridley from Alabama. I will not hate that pick, but would rather we use it if we think we have found our QB of the future or trade back some for extra picks and select Billy Price, OSU to play Center for us, and he can also play G.

    We need cap space to fine tune our team, so Badger has to take a pay cut or return to form, and we can not spend 18 million plus on a Alex Smith, Blake Bortles, Andy Dalton, or fill in the name of many more middle of the road QBs. Trust me with all the teams drafting QBs this year and an abundance of available QBs we will be able to pick up an experience QB or 2 on the cheap but just like finding our new head coach we will have to be patient and wait. If we can draft our future QB and pick up a cheap veteran or two and promise the veterans they will enter preseason as the starters and will start the first 2 preseason games, but it will be an open competition. I am also okay with B. Gabbert being one of those two veterans. I think a veteran QB will find our team attractive if Fitz returns and we improve our OL. I am also okay with bringing Veldeer back next year but at LT and not RT if healthy and moving Humphries back to right tackle.

    I do not think there is much of a chance of this happening but if Phillip Rivers or Drew Brees are available I think you change your plans and pay the price for them as they do not come around often and find a QB later in the draft or wait for next years draft for a QB, and use our early picks on OL, CB, WR.

    Tis the season to play general manager, and lets face it our success is firmly in the hands of Steve Keim.

    Go Cards!

  60. By Big Ken on Jan 28, 2018 | Reply

    The Giants drafted Davis Webb out of Cal. last year in the third round. I read a blurb he could be available for trade, didn’t play one regular season snap. They seem to be thinking Eli Manning has another 3 or 4 years left. Should a guy like Webb be considered?

  61. By Joe C. on Jan 29, 2018 | Reply

    JTDG-How does cutting HB prior to 2018 impact his dead money cap hit in 2019? Bottom line, you either pay HB in 2018 or you pay his replacement and his cap hit the same as you would have paid him. In 2019 with one big year and one little one left you can work a restructure. I agree, in 2018 he’s not giving any money back. And latest update, per overthecap if you cut HB after 1 June he’s only a $3M cap hit. But Mr. Bidwell paid him $5M to go away.

  62. By JTDG on Jan 29, 2018 | Reply


    8 players with top 10 money.

    Not a Keim fan but I will say, Numbers 1,2,3 are worth it. Iupati wasn’t a bad move, it just hasn’t turned out well, and Bucannon is in an option year.

    With that being said, you can right your wrongs and create space in the cap and sign new players. You always have to look at old teams where the coach comes from to see possible FAs and two guys stand out like sore thumbs.

    Carolina has cap issues. Guard Norwell and DT Star Lotulelei are FAs. The cards could use help on both fronts.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing some salaries cleared out and new faces brought in.

  63. By JTDG on Jan 29, 2018 | Reply

    Joe C,

    You have his replacement. Your two safeties are Baker and Bethea, who both had better years than Badger.
    So, no, you don’t need to find his replacement and pay them.

    Now, here is how I understand Badgers deal works.
    His cap number in 2018 is 14.1 million. His dead money (which covers bonuses extended and guarantees, ect) is 9.3 million. So, released in 2018, he saves 4.8 million in cap room.

    But in 2019, he is off the books. Currently he would count for 14.1 million in 2019, but released, that would go away. But not if you pay his 5 million dollar bonus.

    But here is what is interesting for 2018. If released after 6/1/2018 and before the season begins, here is his cap numbers;
    2018 Dead Cap: $3,100,000
    2019 Dead Cap: $6,200,000
    2018 Cap Savings: $11,000,000

    Freeing up 11 million in 2018 and freeing up 8 million from his current number in 2019.

    Either way, take the 9.3 million hit now and free up 4.8 million in 2018 and 14 million in 2019 or release after June 1 and take a 3.1 million hit this year freeing up 11 million and 6.2 million hit in 2019 and free up 8 million in 2019.

  64. By JTDG on Jan 29, 2018 | Reply

    Big Ken;

    The Giants are a little bit like the cards were with Palmer. How can you pick the number 2 over QB and not play him by mid year?

    So, is Manning going to play for 3-4 years? If so, how do you sit the number 2 overall pick for 2-3-4 years ? You can’t. So, do you look to draft Barkley at RB with the #2 pick?

    Interesting situation.

    To further that, Denver says they have the picks to get their QB . OK. Does Cleveland trade out with Denver giving Darnald to Elway and Cleveland having the number 4 and 5 pick (along with other picks/players) . If the Giants don’t take a QB, does Cleveland get their guy in Josh Allen with the 4th pick?

    I love the offseason.

  65. By RBledsoe on Jan 29, 2018 | Reply

    I agree with JTDG regarding Mike White. I thought he was the most impressive player at the Senior Bowl.

    He displayed more poise and pocket presence than Josh Allen who seemed a bit shaken early on.

  66. By D on Jan 29, 2018 | Reply

    Not sure what is worse, the NFL Pro Bowl or SB Media Day. Both should be Extinguished.

    More than likely of Mathieu, Buccannon, Iupati and Veldheer, I only see possibly Veldeer being released to free up some additional Cap because AZ could play Holden at RT. (or could draft a OT in Rounds 1/2) I don’t see replacement players on the roster for the other 3. I also see a release of A. Peterson. Peterson and Veldheer could save another $9.5 million which could increase the total Cap room for AZ to around $37 million. Still doesn’t compare to many teams in the NFL that will be active in free agency.

    AZ won’t have the $ compared to many of the league when Free Agency arrives.
    Meaning, K. Cousins, A. Smith, P. Rivers and A. Norwell won’t be coming here since they will command and get top $ in free agency and or if they are released. The Cards have multiple holes to fill and need to make the $ last.

    Realistic free agents for AZ

    Fans need to look at the MN cast offs as AZ potential 2018 starting QB.

    WR free agents: C. Latimer, P. Richardson, Donte Moncrief
    TE free agents: V. Green, T. Burton, E. Dickson
    OL free agents: A. Barbe, G. Gilliam, A. Boone
    DL free agents: S. Paea, S. Siliga, P. Taylor
    CB free agents: B. Maxwell, T. Williams, K. Fuller

  67. By JTDG on Jan 29, 2018 | Reply


    What I really liked about Mike White is the fact he looked guys off. He moved the safeties with his eyes and got receivers open.

    That is Brady type stuff. He also was so calm in the pocket going through progressions. I came away impressed.

    Josh Allen was shaky at first but the way he could drop the ball in the bucket, brake away from pass rushers, throw on the move and then that rocket he has, man, he can throw the ball. Like Carson Wentz and Jared Goff, 2018 will be an up and down year for Allen. But year two, he could be elite.

    Comparing Allen and White is like comparing Elway and Alex Smith. Yes, Smith can win and run an offense and get you into playoffs, but Elway, there just aren’t many on the planet like him. I see Josh Allen (especially if he ends up with Elway in Denver) as elite.

  68. By Steve on Jan 29, 2018 | Reply

    JTDG: Don’t forget about Richmond QB Kyle Lauletta, the Senior Bowl MVP, he looked pretty darn good too showing accuracy, mobility and a quick release. He said during the week at Mobile that he heard others comparing him to Jimmy Garopollo, thats not a bad comp. Cards could consider him in the middle rounds to develop behind a veteran.

  69. By D on Jan 29, 2018 | Reply

    AZ is 18th in the league at $27 mil in Cap Space

    League Average is $34 mil Cap Space Available.
    49 players signed.

    SF $114 mil available
    Clev $102 mil available
    Colts and Jets- $77 mil available

  70. By Johnson on Jan 29, 2018 | Reply

    Supposedly Cards have the lowest Cap space in the NFC West – can anyone confirm this? I think its around 10 MIL.

    I wish Keim had the guts to trade up to that 4th spot with Cleveland and get our future QB….but alas

  71. By mitchaz on Jan 29, 2018 | Reply

    While the hiring of Mike McCoy as OC came as somewhat of a disappointment to some of us, including myself, having heard what i heard from McCoy today, I completely understand why Steve Wilks, MB&SK tabbed him. This seems like a compatible fit, more so than i first imagined.


    * Said he talked to several people in Carolina and was impressed with what he heard about Steve Wilks.
    * Said he has maintained a relationship over the years with MB&SK and appreciated their interest in him for HC in 2013.
    * When asked about where the priority is in terms of scheme or matchups, MM’s response was “the priority is the players.”
    * The scheme will be dictated on the strengths of the players.
    * He called Larry Fitzgerald and Fitz asked him if he would consider keeping a similar play calling terminology, MM said that having worked with Whiz he’s familiar with the Whiz/BA terminology so he is willing to adapt some of the familiar terminology.
    * He said that Fitz sounded excited. Kurt Warner said to Bickley today that he believes Fitz wants to keep playing.
    * Regarding picking the QBs he said they have a lot of hard work to do to find the right QBs, but “it’s a great challenge,” “I am excited about it.”
    * When asked about style of QB, MM said that the game has changed “since Tim Tebow came into the league” and that the only thing that matters is finding a QB “who is going to win you a lot of games.”
    * ‘It’s all about winning and adjusting to your personnel.”
    * When asked about a FB—he said, “if we have a FB on the roster and we think he can help us, yes.”
    * QBs “come in all shapes and sizes.” Went from Rodney Peete to Jake Delhomme…from Kyle Orton and Tim Tebow to Peyton Manning, and then Philip Rivers in San Diego.
    * “It’s all about how to push the right buttons” in each player, as every player is a little different.

    Steve Wilks stressed one of his own coaching mantras of “clean—concise—clarity” and wanting a staff who is in “constant communication.” Wilks said “I believe in empowering people.” With regard to Mike McCoy, Wilks said that McCoy is the kind of communicator and experienced coach that he wants to work with and in terms of what the style of offense will be, Wilks emphasized that McCoy “is not locked into a system.”

    The Cardinals are keeping all options open—which should please the skeptics like myself who wondered just how flexible and amenable they are to considering different styles of offense and QBs.

    McCoy was very humble about his career path—he thanked all the coaches he’s learned from (George Siefert was his first HC in Carolina)—and when asked by Bickley about getting fired in san Diego and in Denver, McCoy said “I learned something every day” and that he intends to keep on learning, to keep growing and to keep on adjusting to the players he works with.

    McCoy also stressed that game plans will change from week to week depending on the opponent and depending on which players are in the lineup.

    McCoy’s flexibility seems for real.

  72. By Joe C. on Jan 29, 2018 | Reply

    JTDG-Not to beat a dead horse. But if you cut after 1 June you get dead money of
    2018 $3.1M
    2019 $3.1M
    2020 $3.1M

    Before June 1
    2018 $9.3M
    2019 $6.2M
    2019 $3.1M

    So he’s dead money all three years. Cut him post June 1. I think I’d let him go.

  73. By Scott H on Jan 29, 2018 | Reply

    Not related, but I just finished looking at the piece elsewhere about PP’s pro bowl performance and how he feels dis-respected about not being named as an All-Pro.

    Hmmmm….maybe this won’t go over well but practically nothing I say ever does, so what am I worried about?

    I can’t help feeling irked by his feeling so dis-respected. Look….he is clearly one of the best players at his position in the NFL right now. That is not in dispute. But….I think PP needs to consider that there ARE some flaws in his game. Tackling, anyone?? And if HE doesn’t want to recognize that, maybe he should consider that others have. And maybe he should take a look inward instead of looking outward and being so quick to feeling dis-respected.

    HE has obviously considered himself the best CB in the game, probably ever since he expected to be paid that way when his last contract was done. And there have certainly been games / stretches when he has been that. But….honestly? I don’t know if I really see him as that at this point.

    Do others? Is it me?

  74. By JTDG on Jan 29, 2018 | Reply


    As of right now, and as D pointed out, the cards have 27 million in cap space.

    The Niners have 120 million in cap space.

    The Rams have 45 million in cap space

    While the Seahawks have 14 million.

    So, no the cards do not have the least amount of space at this time.

  75. By JTDG on Jan 29, 2018 | Reply

    Joe C,

    My website has it different. Obviously, it is a complex contract.

    But really the point is, it is a terrible contract signed when a player had a serious injury and on crutches and after two years, he isn’t the same player. He is far from that playmaker in 2015, who had 17 passes defensed and 5 picks and could take the slot receiver out of a game.

    You also have the issue of what is he. He really can’t cover in the slot anymore against quick receivers (see Detroit ‘s Golden Tate). He really is too small to cover TEs. When you see him live in person, he is little. real little. He doesn’t want to play center field. He was too slow to blitz the QB, and he really played like he was worried about being injured.

    So, being he is the highest paid safety and paid more than every CB but 4 in 2018, shouldn’t he be more than a nickle back.

    I think it is time to part ways with an average player paid like one of the top players in the game .

  76. By Scott H on Jan 29, 2018 | Reply

    CARDS62 –

    RE: Poor clueless bastards in Cleveland ( for hiring Amos Jones )

    Holy cow, dude, that is some funny @!&* right there.

    Really, can you believe they hired him? How much WORSE could it get for fans of the Cleveland Browns?? They passed on Carson Wentz in the draft 2 years ago. And now. they’ve hired a ST’s coordinator who has been one of THE WORST people in the NFL at that same position for the last few years. Granted, no one in Cleveland was probably paying much attention to our ST’s during that time…..heck, neither was our own front office. But if they WERE? Good lord. Should somebody tell them?? Nah, probably not.

    But, my God, what is wrong with that organization????

    Hey, if they need a punter in Cleveland, I’ll bet Drew Butler is available….

  77. By Dan Nicholson on Jan 30, 2018 | Reply

    JTDG. Re : Mathieu .
    I have to disagree that he is an average player. Yes, he was not good until last 6 games in 2017. Several notable people that used to play and commentators said he looked more like his old self last 6 games. Between him & Dansby they see most plays before they happen and line others up. I agree that’s a tough contract, but who replaces him? Don’t forget Branch had a horrible injury & Bethea got hurt too. Like Joe C. said we could beat the horse to death

  78. By JTDG on Jan 30, 2018 | Reply

    Scott H and cards62;

    Cleveland Browns;

    Yes, I was talking about this a few blogs back. What, over the last two years, did the Browns see in our special teams, that made them say, “we need that coach”?

    Last year, they passed on Deshaun Watson and choose Deshaun Kizer,

    In 2016, They passed on Carson Wentz.

    In 2014, the passed on Kahlil Mack (all 3 times they traded down). Also in 2014, they passed on Derek Carr and choose Johnny Manzel.

    In 2015, they drafted a OT who was so bad, they gave him away for peanuts in 2017.

    In 2013, they took Barkavious Mingo, who was a bust.

    In 2012, they took Trent Richardson over Luke Kueckly and Fletcher Cox.

    This goes on and on and on.

    So, people are getting excited in Cleveland about having the first and forth picks in 2018 draft, but history shows, they will mess it up.

    Here is a Cleveland thing to do. They trade the number 1 pick with the Broncos for the 5th pick, a 2019 1st rounder and other picks and Aqib Talib, then take Baker Mayfield with the 4th pick. Everyone marvels at how good Darnald is as he takes the Broncos to the playoffs, while Mayfield ends up another footnote to this posting.

  79. By JTDG on Jan 30, 2018 | Reply

    Joe C and Dan ;


    I guess we have to disagree on this one. I understand your point and I think many fans remember the badger in 2015 and hope he returns.

    Maybe he did play better the last 6 games, maybe he will return to form in 2018. Maybe the cards can absorb that huge cap hit.

    My preference, I like defined roles for players. I’m not a fan a undersized guys, and I can’t get around that insane contract Keim gave him. So, if I was in charge, we would part ways.

    Of course, if I was in charge, I would wait for Sherman to be released to pair with Peterson, bring back T. Williams to play the slot and if I couldn’t get my QB in round 1, I would look to draft Derwin James at SS and move Baker into FS.

    I think there are 4 players I target at 15 if I could not move up to get my QB;

    1. Tremaine Edmunds – would be a star in Wilks defense playing the Kueckly role
    in that case, I move Buc to SS and Baker to FS. Most likely won’t pass Niners or Raiders.

    2. Derwin James – see above

    3. Vita Vea – A welcomed addition to the Dline that would allow the smaller LBs to be free of blockers. In that case, Bethea and Baker are safeties and Rudy Ford and Harlen Miller are back ups.

    4. Christian Kirk – “baby Beckham” as he is being called is a Steve Smith type of playmaking receiver the cards could use.

    Then I would take QB Mike White in round 2. But only if I could not get in the top 5 to take Darnald or Allen.

  80. By Joe C. on Jan 30, 2018 | Reply

    JTDG-I think the contract has to go. You are right, its very complex. But you nailed it earlier when you mentioned Baker. He’s HB’s replacement.

  81. By Dan Nicholson on Jan 30, 2018 | Reply

    Great point about Cards having contracts for Golden,Johnson, Bucannon due . Perhaps Bucannon can move to safety, wondered for awhile what he can do there. Remember back in 2009-10, Cards had Boldin, Rolle& Dansby up and Graves tried to pay all 3 and blew it, as all 3 left. Should have just paid Anquan as he was big reason Cards turned around and Graves pissed him off , and that had a domino effect as 2 more left also. I am for keeping 3 if only 1 goes.

  82. By Dan Nicholson on Jan 30, 2018 | Reply

    Anquan was a proud man and he was hurt by not getting deal he deserved

  83. By Scott H on Jan 31, 2018 | Reply

    Dan –

    RE: Boldin

    It’s water under the bridge now, but if you remember what we were paying Fitz at that time ( or were going to be )….there really was no way to pay Boldin as well and have that much $ tied up in two WR’s. It’s just what happens in the NFL. You can’t pay everybody.

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