Palmer to reserve/retired as QB question lingers

Posted by Darren Urban on February 6, 2018 – 11:33 am

As the speculation bounces on a daily basis about what the Cardinals will do at quarterback, the big reason it’s a question — Carson Palmer’s retirement — got an official designation Monday when the team placed him on the reserved/retired list. It’s a formality, really, since Palmer is the type that wouldn’t have made such a decision unless he knew for sure. Still, it’s prudent to leave a retired player on a reserve list rather than just cut him loose. (It’s been popular for some to speculate that Palmer could be talked out of retirement, but that’s not going to happen.)

In terms of the QB search, there is so much time before anything can truly happen. The new league year — meaning free agency and trades — isn’t until March 14, so more than a month away. As Kansas City and Washington showed, talks can be ongoing and deals can be figured out between teams, but nothing can be finalized. There is a lot of chatter about Nick Foles and whether the Eagles could deal him, but I keep wondering about the health of Carson Wentz and the risk of not having a good backup in place.

Chances are good that the next five weeks or so are going to be filled with guesswork about a quarterback with no way to really know the answer. That doesn’t even include the draft speculation, and the draft isn’t until April 26. That’ll be a little different — because the Cardinals have a new coach, the players and coaches are back to work April 2 and the conversation can be a little more than speculative at that point. Until then, though, what’s filling the void is mostly wondering aloud.

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  1. By Matt on Feb 6, 2018 | Reply

    If we dont make a play for Nick Foles I will be mad. I’d give anything but a great player and a first round pick for him.

  2. By joe holst on Feb 6, 2018 | Reply

    everyone is waiting for them to make a big splash for the QB position but Cousins and Foles is unrealistic, most likely will be Sam Bradford or Teddy Bridgewater and a 3rd round draft pick, the problem is they don’t have the salary cap room to take on and too many holes on team. I would trade back in the draft and load up on OL/DL lineman,

  3. By mal on Feb 6, 2018 | Reply


    What do you know that we don’t know that lets you say so definitively that Carson would not un-retire?

  4. By Darren Urban on Feb 6, 2018 | Reply

    Mal —

    RE: Palmer

    I’d be curious to know what makes anyone think he’d come back? Why retire then? (And please don’t use Cutler as an example — you can’t find two complete opposites.)

    Knowing Palmer the little that I do, I have zero doubt he is done.

  5. By Keith on Feb 6, 2018 | Reply

    Darren, I am curious to know, in your opinion, if the Cardinals might have any interest in A.J. McCarron. He would likely come less expensive, via trade and salary, than Foles, let alone Cousins.

  6. By Darren Urban on Feb 6, 2018 | Reply

    Keith —

    RE: McCarron

    Haven’t heard that name, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t consider it.

  7. By John Hogan on Feb 6, 2018 | Reply

    Bring Palmer back and invest the the offensive line.

  8. By mitchaz on Feb 6, 2018 | Reply


    McCarron is currently appealing his RFA status because the Bengals redshirted him on the IR his 1st season and McCarron claims he was healthy enough to return to the field. He should know soon and if he wins his appeal, he becomes an unrestricted FA.

    McCarron appears to be super hungry to get his career jumpstarted. He’s got talent. And, of course, he was nearly traded to the Browns at the trading deadline, but the Browns failed to get the paperwork in on time.

  9. By D on Feb 6, 2018 | Reply

    We are good at wondering out loud.

    I believe with the limited Cap Space, (even when Palmer’s $ comes off the book) the Cards are not in a position to give up valuable draft picks to trade away for a QB.

    Resign: T. Williams CB. J. Byrnes ILB. K. Martin OLB. Jar. Brown WR.

    Free agency: S. Bradford. QB, K. Clemons QB, C. Latimer WR, . A. Barbre OL, V. Green TE,

    Round 1: Vita Vea DT
    Round 2: M. Rudolph QB
    Round 3: T. McFadden CB
    Round 3: C. Wilson WR
    Round 4: C. Gossett G

  10. By Matt on Feb 6, 2018 | Reply


    Does the reserve/retired list mean we’re still carrying Palmers full cap of 14 million?

  11. By Darren Urban on Feb 6, 2018 | Reply

    Matt —

    RE: Palmer cap

    No. Just whatever dead money he might be leaving.

  12. By Scott H on Feb 6, 2018 | Reply

    As Darren points out here – and I have in the recent past – there is the issue of Wentz’ health and his status for next season. I live right in this back yard, folks. Doesn’t mean I know exactly what is happening with Wentz and his recovery. I don’t. BUT right before the SB, the latest I heard was that even with Wentz believed to be slightly ahead of schedule for next year, his return looks to be some time in October.

    October. Which could mean half the season.

    With that in mind, it may not matter if we want Foles or how bad we want him. If the Eagles aren’t going to deal him, then he’s not going anywhere.

  13. By D on Feb 6, 2018 | Reply

    If AP is released, including his 2.8mil contract, Cards Cap Space for Top 51 will be around $25-$26mil. That is around 18th in the league. The league average for Cap Space is $36 mil. So, clearly, AZ won’t be in the market for K. Cousins or a high priced QB this Spring or be able to sign the top level free agent players.

    Top Cap Hits for AZ in 2018:
    Larry Fitz $16.8mil
    C. Jones $15.5 mil
    P. Peterson $14.9 mil
    T. Mathieu $14.1 mil (releasing him only saves $4.8 mil)
    J. Veldheer $10.1 mil ( releasing him saves $6.9 mil )
    M. Iupati $9.7 mil (releasing him saves $6.3 mil )
    D. Bucannon $8.7 mil

    The question is if you released Veldheer and Iupati, who replaces them, currently there doesn’t appear to be solid options under contract in 2018 for AZ. Keim would have to look towards free agency and or the draft to replace.

    The team also wants to extend D. Johnson contract sometime in the near future.
    Another thing to remember, AZ could be major players in free agency in 2019 when they have currently $90 mil in Cap Space, so Keim could be waiting until next year at this time.

  14. By JTDG on Feb 6, 2018 | Reply


    ASU Product Kalen Ballage;

    What do you think of him ? Not for Cards, just in general. Do you think he could go second day or is he a 3rd day guy?

  15. By Darren Urban on Feb 7, 2018 | Reply

    JTDG —

    RE: Ballage

    I’m leery of a player who should’ve been a lot more productive in college. I know ASU had issues, but still. Given how RBs tend to fall, I’d lean to third day, but it only takes one team.

  16. By Jim Richardson on Feb 6, 2018 | Reply

    I know it is a long shot, but it would be nice if we could get Foles. I watched him play at the UA. He can see the field and spot receivers, he is somewhat mobile and he throws an accurate, catchable ball. Can you believe Ernst didn’t drop one pass all season. It seemed like our receivers were dropping one pass each game, or more.

  17. By faster on Feb 6, 2018 | Reply

    @mitchaz and darren,

    i agree with michs arguments about foles, with one exceptions and there i agree with darren, no first round pick this year.
    i would offer foles all of your incentives and a big contract in 2019, if he ican show consistency. a proof it year, if you want to call it so. with a big incentive for the next 8 years.

    and i would offer the eagles a second round pick for 2018, and a conditional pick for 2019 and maybe 2020, if foles is on the roster for 2019.
    and i guess to get a trde, it would have to be a first round pick for 2019, if foles is on the cards roster in 2019. and maybe again a second round pick for 2020.

    a superbowl mvp, who can show his consistency, then imo he is worth it.

  18. By faster on Feb 6, 2018 | Reply

    @ d, bradford

    i see a different problem, but the same solution as with foles.

    bradford has to proof, he can stay healthy.
    so offer him a contract for a year for 5 mio, add stanton as a quality backup, with that i could live. but i doubt, bradford will accept a contract like this, he got this year about 15 mio. and any orther contract is with his injury history a risk to big to take.
    foles on the other side is due about 7 mio. thats effectively a proof it contract.

    draft, as a armchair gm, lol

    1 a replacement for fitz or a offenseline guy, depends on best player available for this position.
    2. a trade (think about it, a certain qb would cost about 7 mio, the dead money of carson would count additional 6,6 mio. if someone considers wilson as measurment, his 22 mio woulld allow another 8,4 mio for a offense line addition.
    3. a replacement for fitz or a offenseline guy, depends on who was available for the first pick.
    4. and 5. defense (best player available
    6. the famous qb pick round, if the trade in the 2. round doesnt work.
    7. and all the compensatory picks goes to defence, if not used for trades in the 3. or 6. round

  19. By JCH on Feb 6, 2018 | Reply

    Anyones opinion do ya think that the cardinals will draft a qb or sign one?

  20. By JCH on Feb 6, 2018 | Reply

    I think the Cards will take a kid from the Draft because i dont think the Cards have enough cap room for Cousins or Foles?Thats what im thinking……? If cards had a chance I would not be surprised to see them make a move for Baker Mayfield but i also think someone will trade up prob maybe one spot before the cards and snatch him up. Just saying i think the Cards will draft a QB.

  21. By Chris on Feb 6, 2018 | Reply

    In my opinion, acquiring Nick Foles via trade HAS TO be Arizona’s #1 goal ! I say trade Mathieu and our 2nd round pick for him. Your thoughts on that ?

  22. By Chris on Feb 6, 2018 | Reply

    Cards are made to win now ! Zona has one of the top defenses now. Some say, draft a QB and develop him……there’s no rush. UH, yes there is ! By the time, the rookie “develops”, our defense will be older and weaker. Get Foles and draft an OT in the 1st round ! With that, Cards can make a SB run next season !

  23. By Fmr USAF Pilot on Feb 6, 2018 | Reply

    I agree that it’s unlikely that Palmer will UNretire.
    HOWEVER, stranger things than that have happened.

  24. By Big Ken on Feb 6, 2018 | Reply

    Kinda glad we dodged the Josh McDaniel’s bullet. Accepts the Colts HC position then backs out. He sounds nutty.

  25. By El Gallo on Feb 7, 2018 | Reply

    – Palmer

    Got us so close to the big game, MVP level play.
    Displayed admirable leadership and supreme toughness.
    But most of all played with class.

    All-around Professional.
    Thank you.

    Farewell Mr. Palmer..

  26. By El Gallo on Feb 7, 2018 | Reply

    – JUCO Football

    What is going on with the Arizona “football” programs at the JUCO level..?

    Are they really canceling them..
    Not sure how many programs, but that’s a shame.

    Takes away one of the few possible avenues for student athletes to make it to the University level.
    Whether needing to raise grades and then moving on.
    Or gaining exposure on the field, playing to earn a scholarship or walk-on invite.

    Let alone a select few who reach the NFL.
    Cam Newton started off in JUCO.

    Just saying, it’s a bummer..

  27. By JCH on Feb 7, 2018 | Reply

    Why trade mathieu because my opinion hes better than Pat Peterson? NOOOOOOO NEVER TRADE MATHIEU FOR FOLES BAD TRADE!!!!!!!!!

  28. By creditcard on Feb 7, 2018 | Reply

    Article about Cards using Facebook: Please don’t use that social media, until they get their act together about accepting foreign trolls.

  29. By Scott H on Feb 7, 2018 | Reply

    Not related, but….damn, this is depressing, being out here in the Philly area, watching and hearing the celebration of a fan-base that FINALLY got their SB win. It is everywhere you look and everywhere you listen. And it just serves as a harsh reminder that we still haven’t had ours. Nor do we really appear to be on track to get ours any time soon.

    A couple of years ago, the Cubs ended their drought. So that list got smaller. But we’re still on it. With the Eagles winning a SB ( their first ), that list just got smaller. But we’re still on it.

    We don’t have a QB. Fitz may be stepping down, bringing that era to a close.

    Seriously. It is depressing.

    Hey, at least we’re not the Colts…..that McDaniels thing is a real kick in the gut for them. That is just wrong.

  30. By JCH on Feb 7, 2018 | Reply

    – Aye atleast we have an NFL championship under our belt haha!! like 80 years ago tho but aye they won something!!

  31. By mitchaz on Feb 7, 2018 | Reply


    The Cardinals’ #47 pick (Round 2) will not be enough to obtain Foles. We have 4-5 teams in front of us who need QBs and they have higher 2nd round picks. That’s why i proposed trumping them and offering the #15, which puts us out of contention for the top 4 QBs, which those competitors are in striking distance of, which is why they won’t trade atop 10 pick.

    I would make the same offer you presented 8 days a week, if I thought it would work.

    I’ve been interested in Foles for years now—I am not just hopping on the bandwagon. I watched every one of his games during Chip Kelly’s first year and I was immensely impressed with Foles’ poise and clutch passing late in games—plus, in his first year of starting games he passes for 27 TD and 2 ints. I mean, what firs- time starter does that?

    I would be doing cartwheels if we were able to acquire Foles. He reminds me very much of Kurt Warner—humble, family-oriented, spiritual—and has a superb combination of poise, smarts and tenacity on the football field.

  32. By JCH on Feb 7, 2018 | Reply

    Also guys wanna see a future big name QB check this kid out “Justin Fields” Highschool kid but he will prob big a great future QB for any team.Look up Justin Fields highlights this kid is near where i am from and he kills it at qb! He is going to UGA so lets go Bulldogs!! Just check em out i mean he is a sweet QB but it will be a while before hes in NFL. Just watch out for his name in the future.

  33. By creditcard on Feb 7, 2018 | Reply


    Josh McDaniel might be reflecting on his half season stint with the Broncos. As I remember it, most of the Bronco players thought the guy was nothing more than a Billachick wanna be.

  34. By mongo on Feb 7, 2018 | Reply

    Nick Foles…..seriously!!! So Nick Foles is the answer, you all have been drinking to much Super Bowl coolaid. Anybody remember Doug Williams? Nick Foles will always be Nick Foles and nothing more, stop making him out to be the next Tom Brady.

  35. By D on Feb 7, 2018 | Reply

    Cards will need to add some 4/3 LBs this free agency period. I would look for AZ to go after N. Bradham from the Eagles. 2 yr 12mil should get it done

    I wonder what will happen with D. Buccannon, he may not fit as a LB anymore. Does he have any trade value? I know he was a first round draft pick and is in his prime, but what happens if he doesn’t adapt?

    DBuc is in his last year of his deal, making around 8.7 mil this year.
    I may call the the Houston Texans who need Safety help for K. Jackson
    At CB, who also is in his last year of his deal making 8.5 mil and is 29 yrs old.

  36. By faster on Feb 8, 2018 | Reply


    i meant the second pick for this year, and then a conditional pick (first or second) next year, if foles can show consistency. this is maybe his only weakness, and with splitting the picks (maybe even one second this year, and then two optional picks (second) for 19 and 20 we can reduce the risk.

    i think, foles is the best available qb at the moment as a trade, and our gm should at least try it. a mvp for 7 mio and a second round pick for a prove it contract, and if it works with some more picks in 19 and maybe 20, as an armchair gm i would be happy.

    but i agree, there will be competition, especially the vikings have a similar situation, zero qb under contract. nevertheless, as i`m more conservativ as keim (lol) i would not offer a first round pick for 18.

    for foles, his contract this year is especially friendly, and if he shows consistency, next year there is enough cap space to give him an excellent contract, with a lot of incentives. but this year he would be cheaper then palmer, even if we count carsons dead money to foles salary.

    and if foles shows some consitency, imo you can count him under the 8 best qbs, that would mean a salary like wilson, at about 22 mio.
    now, for 2018 that would mean, 7 mio foles, 6,6 mio dead money palmer, and a additional virtuall cap space of 8,4 mio (cousins would be even more expensive) and thats a nice offense line man.

    but, other gm can count too, and i expect a fierce competition. add the injury of wentz, i`m happy to delegate this to keim, lol.

  37. By faster on Feb 8, 2018 | Reply

    @mongo, foles would get a salary of 7 mio for a proof it year.
    how much do you think will any of the others (who imo aren`t a bit better, on the contrary) ask for?
    cousins? 20+ mio for nothing to show?
    bradford? 12 + mio for a injury risk?
    bridgewater? the same risk.
    keenum, how much do you think he will ask after this season? i heard 19 mio.
    drew brees? 39 and will ask at least 25 mio.

  38. By mitchaz on Feb 8, 2018 | Reply

    Retooling the Cardinals’ Offense

    This year’s Super Bowl gave us a good glimpse as to the style of offense that Mike McCoy prefers.

    McCoy is an advocate of the Patriots’ style of offense which is predicated on a balance running game with a passing game that attacks the seams with the TEs, the middle with the slot WRs and the perimeter with the RBs out of the backfield on screens, flares and wheel routes.

    The Eagles do very much the same, only they have added a package of RPO plays in order to put pressure on the linebackers, defensive ends and cornerbacks.

    At first glance—what the Cardinals need is a QB, a pass-catching TE, a bona fide slot WR (other than Fitz), and an athletic trio of OL (G-C-G) in the middle. Plus, both teams at times employ a FB.


    We have already discussed this all-important decision at length. I think that Nick Foles would be an ideal match for Mike McCoy’s offense. if Foles cannot be had via a trade, then the next best options, imo, would be Tyrod Taylor or Case Keenum. Sam Bradford could be a fit, but his knee issues are a concern. The Cardinals’ medical staff would have to give Steve Keim the nod on Bradford. Josh McCown could be a good mentor and bridge QB, if necessary.

    In the draft, the best fits, imo, are Sam Darnold, Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson, Baker Mayfield, Mason Rudolph and Luke Falk.


    David Johnson and T.J. Logan are immediate fits. Elijaah Penny could serve as a utility RB/FB.

    The reservation about Kerwynn Williams is his pass receiving skill. Three affordable UFAs who could be dynamic in the offense are Rex Burkhead (Pats), Jerick McKinnon (Vikings) and Jamal Charles (Broncos).

    In the draft, Soni Michel (Georgia) is the Alvin Kamara of this year’s class, but he is going to be a top 40 pick. Three RBs to like in Round 3 are: Rashaad Penny (SD St.), Akrum Wadley (Iowa) and Royce Freeman (Oregon).


    Already paying TE Jermaine Gresham over $7M a year, limits what the Cardinals can realistically spend in free agency, particularly in light of other needs. The UFA TE who would be a great fit is Trey Burton (Eagles), but he is likely to warrant $5-6M+ a year. Sportrac currently rates his market value at $7M per.

    The hope is that Ricky Seals-Jones will build on his rookie performance and be a go-to receiver. But the Cardinals need to add another bona fide TE either through FA and/or the draft. The draft is deep in TEs this year with prospects Mark Andrews (Oklahoma), Hayden Hurst (South Carolina), Mike Gesicki (Penn St.), Dallas Goedert (S. Dak. St.), Dalton Schultz (Stanford) and Adam Breneman (Massachusetts).

    Steve Keim could pull a rabbit out of his hat with HB/TE/FB Jaylen Samuels of his alma mater NC State.

    Slot WR:

    For years the Cardinals have been lacking at this position as the more diminutive WRs they drafted like John Brown and J.J. Nelson could not hold up physically inside. Larry Fitzgerald has been dynamic in this role, although he has been used the past few years more like a TE.

    This a good year to draft a slot WR in the first 3-4 rounds. The ones that stand out are: Calvin Ridley (Alabama), Christian Kirk (Texas A&M), Anthony Miller (Memphis), D.J. Moore (Maryland), Keke Coutee (Texas Tech) and Dante Pettis (Washington). Antonio Callaway of Florida a potential stud, but has off the field issues.

    On the outside one would hope that Chad Williams, J.J. Nelson and Carlos Agudosi can show dramatic improvement this season. Perhaps Williams and Agudosi can be a factor in the slot, if need be.


    When you look at the success of the Eagles’ and Patriots’ offensive lines—it all starts at center with Jason Kelce (6-3, 295) and David Andrews (6-3, 295). Both Kelce and Andrews are athletic, smart and tenacious.

    While A.Q. Shipley is a terrific, smart high-effort player, he lacks the requisite athleticism to be a standout in the middle. Evan Boehm is a strong anchor, but he has heavy feet. The wild card whom Steve Keim is going to have to pitch to Steve Wilks and Mike McCoy is Daniel Munyer, the most athletic of the three, but slightly undersized at 6-1, 305.

    The best centers in the UFA market are Ryan Jensen (6-4, 310, Ravens) and Travis Swanson (Lions).

    In the draft, Billy Price (Ohio St.) is a flat-out stud and worthy of a 1st round selection, imo. Chances are the Cardinals are not going to use their 1st round pick on a center, but others of note in this draft are Mason Cole (Michigan), Frank Ragnow (Arkansas), Will Clapp (LSU), Austin Corbett (Nevada), James Daniels (Iowa) and Bradley Bozeman (Alabama).


    A decision has to made about incumbent, oft-injured LG Mike iupati who carries a heft cap hit into this season. Steve Wilks and OLC Ray Brown have made it clear that they want to run the ball and a healthy Iupati would fit the bill, if he is willing to take a pay cut.

    However, the prize UFA LG this year is Andrew Norwell, whom Wilks and Brown coached in Carolina. While he is going to command a salary close to $11-12M a year, he could be well worth the investment and the clear signal that turning the OL around is of top priority. Other notable UFA Gs are Justin Pugh (Giants), Jack Mewhort (Colts) and Josh Kline (Titans). 32 year old Matt Slausen (Chargers) is a C/G option coming off a torn bicep, but could well be a favorite of Mike McCoy’s.

    At RG, re-signing Alex Boone on a 1 or 2 year deal may make sense. Boone played hard for the Cardinals last year and seems to like playing in Arizona.

    In the draft, if G/C Isaiah Wynn (Georgia) is available in Round 2, he could be a coup and start immediately at center or RG. Other top guard prospects are: Will Hernandez (UTEP), Taylor Hearn (Clemson), Skyler Phillips (Idaho), Sean Welsh (Iowa) and Braden Smith (Auburn).


    It appears that the Cardinals are in pretty good shape at tackle. D.J. Humphries returns to the lineup at LT and hopes to take his game to a higher level. At RT, Jared Veldheer rallied up big-time last season and would be worth keeping for the final year of his contract, perhaps if he is willing to take a small pay cut. Behind Humphries and Veldheer there is solid depth in John Wetzel and Will Holden.

  39. By Steve on Feb 8, 2018 | Reply

    Mitcham and all those wanting Foles: He has been a back-up most of his career and almost retired before joining the Eagles. He would be a bridge QB at best and not someone you trade the 15th overall pick for in the draft. Prior to the SB none of you clamored for Foles.

  40. By Dr. G. on Feb 8, 2018 | Reply

    Mitch ~ ~ McCoy could make Seals-Jones and DJohnson valuable weapons in a system that likes TEs and big receivers ((with Fitz too)) grinding the defenses down.

    I’m sick of seeing the big guys with talent used for primary blocking! That’s passé without a fullback in the NFL now. OPTIMISM can abound in 2018.

  41. By mitchaz on Feb 8, 2018 | Reply

    Dr. G—

    Thumbs up man!

  42. By ChrisB on Feb 12, 2018 | Reply

    Teddy Bridgewater is 26 years old and a free agent. QB coming back from a Knee injury is nothing. SO unless it looks like the injury will happen again why is this guy not being talked about all the time. Foles put together 3 great game. You can get him for much less and he seemed to be putting it together before the injury. Less money/zero Draft picks needed.

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