Larry Fitzgerald’s return, and what it means

Posted by Darren Urban on February 15, 2018 – 12:12 pm

Fitz’s future remains on the field.

We know that now, after the wide receiver let his new head coach know Wednesday night and then Steve Wilks told the world Thursday morning. The speculation had been going on for weeks, and even in the times Fitz talked about it, he sounded like someone who wasn’t ready to retire but there was always that little thought that he still might. That’s what happens when you don’t say you are playing for sure.

But that’s a question to park until next November/December (and yes, it’s going to come up again then, unless, of course, Fitz makes some definitive statement before that time.) What this news means now has a few levels to it:

— The Cardinals keep their best wide receiver. The wide receiver corps has a ton of questions around it. John Brown, Jaron Brown and Brittan Golden are scheduled to become free agents in a month. J.J. Nelson had times when he shined last season, but times when the Cards wanted more consistency. Chad Williams, 2017’s third-round pick, remains a question mark. Plus there will be a new offense. The Cards need to address the position this offseason. That doesn’t change even with Fitz’s return, but his presence makes any transition that much easier.

— He made the decision before knowing who the quarterback will be, and that’s a sign of belief in the franchise, if nothing else. It’s not like the Cardinals can make any QB moves at this point. Fitz has caught passes from 17 quarterbacks in his 14 years after Blaine Gabbert joined the group last season, so he knows what it’s like to be flexible. “I’ve had some years in Arizona where things weren’t always easy, but they’ve always done a good job of addressing that position, and they’re trying to,” he said last month. Faith reigns.

— He entrusted the news to Wilks, which feels like a sign of respect. Look, Fitz doesn’t love this storyline, he doesn’t like talking about his status one way or the other (his retirement news, whenever it comes, is going to be absent a live Fitz as well, I’m guessing, since he’s all but promised as much). I’m still not sure he’s met Wilks face-to-face, even. But Fitz flew off to New Zealand and told his new coach to tell everyone, and that bodes well for the relationship.

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  1. By Scott H on Feb 15, 2018 | Reply

    He’s baaaaaack!


    All just seems right with the world when you know Larry is gonna play. I’ve been back and forth on what I thought he would do but I really thought 2017 was going to be his last year. Happy to be wrong once again!

    Now, can we please get this man a damn QB?

  2. By ChrisB on Feb 15, 2018 | Reply

    Who really thought he was going to be done? He is blessed and worked to still be healthy. There is a lot of money to walk away from and he is so close to moving up the record boards.

  3. By CARDS62 on Feb 15, 2018 | Reply

    Happy Days are here again with Fitz returning. He just makes watching our team play so much more enjoyable no matter our record or score in the game.

    Have not been posting lately because Tax Season is my busy time of year for work plus the off season of course.

    Concerning Keim extension. I like Keim more than Graves as I think he has tried to improve our team especially the OL more than Graves, and Graves made a real mess of our QB position. I was okay with Keim being let go after this past season, but did not think it would happen because of his relationship with Mike Bidwill. The extension at this time is a risk we did not need to take and it makes no sense. Keim was under contract really for the next two years and his results are mixed. A lot of people work best under pressure and we really need the best from our GM this year and next year so why not let him know the pressure is on him.

    JTDG win or lose you better not be going anywhere as like most people I love your posts as they are very insightful.

    MitchAZ like most people I also love your posts with your facts and opinions so you to better get your butt back on here posting.

    Concerning QB I still hope we can get our man in the draft. This will just save us so much cap room for other positions. Everyone is seeing how much 49ers have to pay for Jimmy G. and he is also at this point not a sure thing, but will be paid like a franchise QB. We can also be patient and pick up a veteran QB or two at a good price as a bridge to our rookie.

    Hope all of you fellow fans are doing well and look forward to going thru this very important off season with you.

    Go Cards!

  4. By JTDG on Feb 15, 2018 | Reply


    If you like my post and are looking for something positive, how about this one?

    First, glad to have Larry back. It is just fun to watch his ultra competitive spirit out there. You can tell he leaves it all on the field and that is what you want out of a player. I have said many times, he is the GOAT.

    Joe Thomas, the great OT for the Browns has been posting some interesting tidbits towards Kirk Cousins.

    “I hear Cleveland is nice this time of year,” wrote the All-Pro tackle, “that is, if you’d like to have a statue someday…”

    Thomas went on to tout Cleveland as the perfect landing spot to become an instant hero and, incidentally, very, very rich.

    “You could make MORE money and MORE history in Cleveland than anywhere else, by FAR,” Thomas wrote. “Don’t just go and be another quarterback somewhere else!”

    How would that effect things at the top of the draft?
    Got to believe the Browns take the RB Barkley with the number 1 pick to pair with Cousins and also go get a receiver like Allen Robinson.

    So, the Giants then grab Sam Darnald at two. The Colts then have some very valuable real estate at 3. With the Jets, Cards, Broncos, Bills, Vikings, heck maybe the chargers and steelers all needing a young QB.

    Still don’t believe Rosen and Allen make it out of the first 6 picks, but there is hope that, if you want a QB, you may need to deal from 15 to #3. I think if Darnald’s at 3 and the Giants take Rosen, I’m giving up the 15th pick, next years one and 2020’s first to move up to the 3rd pick.

    To have a QB for the next 15 years and now only worry about finding protection and weapons is priceless. A move like that could keep Larry through 2019.

    Again, If the Browns sign Cousins, maybe, just maybe, that #1 overall come into play.

  5. By creditcard on Feb 15, 2018 | Reply

    What it means ….

    Cards are competitive

    Card fans have someone to cheer / root for

    Having arguably one of the finest WRs to watch for another year.

  6. By cardy on Feb 15, 2018 | Reply

    gosh if we can just sign Brees the only negative this off-season will be losing Amos Jones to the Browns!

  7. By Corgon on Feb 15, 2018 | Reply

    Please, give him (and us) a QB and a good, fast WR.
    Pretty please, with sugar on top.

  8. By Scott H on Feb 15, 2018 | Reply

    I remind people again that Kurt Warner walked away from $10 million and quite possibly another chance to win with a team that was still quite capable of being a contender – IF he stayed.

    It’s not all about the money.

    And it’s not always about winning / records.

    Sometimes, there are other reasons to walk away. Let’s just be glad Larry is staying for 2018.

  9. By D on Feb 15, 2018 | Reply

    What if the cost to move up turns into this years first and second and next years number one. It could get very costly. Would you still do it.?

    I wonder if the statute of limitations has run out from the weirdness between Mrs. AJ McCarron and Dockett. He would make more $ in Cleveland than anywhere else, but guessing he will look at all interested parties.

  10. By Coach K on Feb 15, 2018 | Reply


    Why is nobody talking about Tyrod Taylor who lead the Bills to the playoffs this year? I just pulled his stats for the last three years. 62% completion average, 2800 yards, 51 TD’s and only 16 int’s, and an average passer rating of 91.3

    Would he not be the best bridge Quarterback for the Cardinals with those stats?

    Am I missing something? Or is Taylor still under contract?

    His three years stats look better than most of the Quarterbacks being mentioned as possible bridge QB’s.

    Why isn’t anyone talking about Taylor?

  11. By Dan Nicholson on Feb 16, 2018 | Reply

    So happy Larry is coming back. I have been wondering if their is a QB
    In this draft that could come close to what Watson did for Texans.
    Got to say I could see Keim pulling that draft trade off. I remember when USC played at ASU and Cards had bye week,Keim was asked on Doug&Wolf show what he did over weekend and he said he went to that game. Way he said things about Darnold I could see that trade happening. Good Call

  12. By Steve on Feb 16, 2018 | Reply

    Our starting QB next season could very well be AJ McCarron, a solid QB that McCoy can work with.

  13. By mitchaz on Feb 16, 2018 | Reply

    Welcome back, Fitz! Now that he is back…

    Will the Cardinals Bust a Move for their QB?

    I once watched a good friend of mine, John “Troosh” Truccio, despite looking at an empty dance floor, go and ask woman after woman after woman to dance—and each time he got shot down I got more and more red in the face, while Trooosh remained steadfast and undeterred. Six women, seven, eight, nine—all said no. Some laughed at him—some rolled their eyes. Finally, the 14th woman said yes! They were on the dance floor all night and a year later, I had the honor of giving the toast at their wedding.

    That night I learned that if you really want something, you’d better go after it and stay after it.

    Thus, i would love to see the Cardinals be aggressive in their approach to acquiring their QB. Here are the scenarios that excite me the most:

    Doors Number 1, 2 & 3.

    1. Trade for Nick Foles. I love Foles’ poise, accuracy and character. In those respects, He reminds me of Kurt Warner. i believe that the Cardinals and Foles are a perfect match. Foles is heading into his prime and would be our QB for the next 5-7 years. If the cost of the trade is too much, then I fully commit myself to door #2.

    2. Trade up in the draft for Lamar Jackson. I don’t want to risk waiting for him, I want to go and get him. I don’t even care who the bridge QB would be, because I want to start Jackson asap. Jackson is humble, diligent, tough and ultra competitive. He is a big play waiting to happen on every snap. If we can’t get someone to trade up with and Jackson is taken, then I knock on door #3.

    3. Trade up in the draft for Josh Allen. Talent-wise, he’s the stud QB in this draft. He’s a turbo version of Carson Wentz. Yes, he’s struggled at times with accuracy (while surrounded with mediocre talent in a program he helped turn around), but I am convinced that because of his innate talent, work ethic, hunger and eagerness to learn, he will become one of the most dynamic QBs in the NFL.

    Fall Back Plan:

    4. If we miss out on Foles, Jackson and Allen, draft BPA at #15, then trade back up into one of the last few picks in the first round or early second round picks (giving up the #47 & #97 picks, plus, if it’s back into the 1st round, a 2019 3rd round pick) and draft Kyle Lauletta or Luke Falk. I like them both, but in different ways. Lauletta has the stronger arm and mobility, while Falk has the edge in length and accuracy.

    If the Price is Right:

    1. Tyrod Taylor. I think his best football is ahead of him. Surround him with talent and he could shine. Love the 51/18 TD/int ratio and his ability to dodge pressure.

    2. Case Keenum. He is a winner. Tough, gritty competitor who constantly looks to take what the defense gives him.

    3. A.J. McCarron. Sounds like he has humbled and become hungry to prove he’s a very good starting QB.

    * if we sign any of these three to a multiple year deal, then if Jackson and Allen are off the board at #15, take BPA and draft a QB with one of the 3 picks on Day 2.

    QBs To Avoid:

    1. Kirk Cousins. Too much hype and money.

    2. Sam Bradford and Teddy Bridgewater. Too risky due to knee issues.

    3. Sam Rosen. Immature and there are concussion concerns.

    4. Baker Mayfield. Immature. Lack of size and speed will make things much more difficult for him in the NFL.

    Back in the early 1980s, I had the opportunity to work for John Madden on a project. During a meeting at his NYC apartment in the Dakota Building, he slapped me on the back with a fwap. He wore huge rings on both hands. One was his Super Bowl XI ring and the other was a ring of 100 diamonds his wife bought him after he had become the youngest coach in NFL history to win 100 games.

    I will never forget the very first thing he asked me. He said, “There are three kinds of people in life: people who make things happen—people who watch things happen—and people who don’t know what the frack’s happening!” Madden guffawed and asked, “Which kind are you?”

    Well, I hope this year—the Arizona Cardinals are going to make things happen. You know, like Troosh did, as in—bust a move.

  14. By JTDG on Feb 16, 2018 | Reply


    Yes, if the price was a 1 and 2 in 2018 and a 1 in 2019, I would make that move to get Darnald.

    I would take it a step further and say, if it took moving Pat P and our 15th pick, I would.

    I would trade David Johnson and the 15th pick for Darnald.

    Frankly, landing a franchise QB makes everything so much easier.

    First, it frees up cap money for 4-5 years, till you give up that big contract.
    That allows you to sign vets and then gives you the opportunity to draft and develop players behind those vets.

    Second, how nice would it be to not be talking about the QB of the future every year on this blog. Knowing the next 10-15 years, you are done with the most important spot on the team.

    Third, FAs know this team has a chance to compete because of the QB. It makes it easier to draw in FAs. Think about the niners. How much easier is it to draw in guys they need now they think they can win with Jimmy G.

    Forth, a good QB can throw receivers open. They also can improve an Oline. We saw this with Warner and Palmer. Those lines were really bad with them, not much run games till 2015/16. Warner had great receivers, but Palmer only had Larry. Yet the offenses clicked. Great QBs make everyone else better.

    Finally, 6 years. What is 6 years? That is the number of winning seasons the cards have had since coming to the valley. During all those years since 1988, the cards have not gone out and traded up to get that top QB. Those 23 years of not winning football has a long legacy of Stan Gelbaugh, Timm Rosenboom, John Skelton, and Max Hall. It is time to end the madness and get a Franchise QB and , regardless of what the talking heads say, Darnald is the real deal.

  15. By ChristianR on Feb 16, 2018 | Reply

    While we talk about QB options on here, here are the guys that probably won’t be available for the Cardinals:
    1. Kirk Cousins: I like this guy, but he will be out of our price range.
    2. Big 3 Rookies (Darnold, Rosen, Allen): Even if Browns sign Cousins, we won’t make a better offer than the Broncos, Jets, or Bills could to move up.
    3. Eli Manning: He will most likely start next season for the Giants (which is also why I think they go BPA at 2).
    4. Nick Foles: Eagles need certainty to start the season.
    5. Tyrod Taylor: the Bills obviously want to move on, but saw what they were without him. Unless they know that they are getting an upgrade (which may not be certain until the Draft), they will probably keep him.
    6. Keenum: Vikings will find a way to bring him back short-term, possibly with the franchise tag.
    7. Bridgewater: if Vikings decide to toll his contract, I think the NFL gives it to them. If not, Vikings backup (with a chance at starting) may be the best offer he gets.

    So, the QBs likely available for the Cardinals are:
    -FA: Sam Bradford, AJ McCarron, Drew Stanton, Josh McCown
    -Draft: Baker Mayfield, Lamar Jackson, Mason Rudolph, Luke Falk, Mike White

    And to be clear: of we go BOTH routes, NEITHER QB we get will likely start a full season.

  16. By El Gallo on Feb 16, 2018 | Reply


    First off I want to say Thank you, to your family for your Fathers Service.
    I appreciate you sharing a little of your experience also. I’m sure it wasn’t easy having your dad away or your mom making it all work somehow. Thanks for the kind words.

    As for the protests,
    I’m just grateful to those before my time such as your father, who made it possible for us to live in a free nation where everyone has a right to pursue happiness. I can see both sides of the protest issue.
    Knowing and seeing first hand that other nations don’t have these same rights, and the suffering, I’ll just say that I’ll willingly fight for those rights anytime so we can all continue to live free.

    If they would take me back after the injuries that is haha.. I fought to stay in but they wouldn’t let me jump-parachute anymore or carry the heavy loads that we were accustomed to per what was expected in my team. The Drs couldn’t believe I wanted to stay when so many were looking for reasons to leave I guess. Idk about them but I had joy and pride for what I did, must be an Airborne or a LRS thing. Tried to get me to go back to the regular army, doing admin. But after being in the type of unit I was in and for the amount of time, it’s just not the same. If they need me they know where I am.

    I remember those days of Sun Devil Stadium. I didn’t get to go till I was in HS back around 96′ or 97′. ASU had such a great team then. Believe they were in the Rose Bowl around that time, Jake the Snake and Pat Tillman. I played football back then, later volunteered coached while in college. Seeing them compete and win as underdogs fueled my passion for the game. It only grew when they both got drafted to our local NFL team. I along with everyone else had something to cheer about on top of them being local as far as college ties.

    But yes it does get a bit expensive as they up the rates each year. Hard to make sense of investing so much money if the product on the field isn’t producing. I can’t fault you there. Just hope you stick it out.

    Your posts are great and very interesting. Always look forward to them.

  17. By JTDG on Feb 16, 2018 | Reply


    Last years combine had everyone buzzing about one QB according to Mayock and Jeremiah (the two guys I trust the most).

    Funny thing was, that QB wasn’t eligible to come to the combine. It was Sam Darnald. Teams all were talking about him and he couldn’t even be drafted.

    So, yes, I would guess Keim was and is talking about him. Question is, will he be bold enough to make a huge move (ala Rams for Goff and Eagles for Wentz)

    Rumors are (and yes, they are most likely wrong, but sometimes they end up being true) the Browns love Josh Allen, whose favorite team is the Browns. I think they are trying to find a way to get both the Running back Barkley and the QB.
    Drafting Barkley #1 and Allen 4 would give them what they needed.

    But they also need a CB and Safety. And Frankly, no one is going to Cleveland after a 0-16 season as a FA. Unless, they money whip Cousins, which would give hope to FAs. They have 100+ million to go get Cousins. They have a great Oline.

    So, what might make the signing for Cousins happen?
    Maybe if they can get Pat P and HB for that Number 1 spot and use that 4 spot for the RB if he drops or take DE Chubb to partner with Garrett to form a great pass rush. Would be nice to have Pat P lining up against Antonio Brown and AJ Green while Garrett and Chubb are coming off the edge. Then you have a back end of Badger and Peppers. Could be a huge selling point and they could get their back with the 33rd pick.

    Personally, I think the cards could make that deal. It would make sense for both teams. Cards get that Franchise QB, browns fill holes and try to win now, since this coach has to be on the hot seat going 1 and 31 over the last two years. They really can’t afford to miss on another drafted QB, and the coach doesn’t have time to wait for him to develop.

    As for the cards, They get their QB. They would free up 15 million in cap space in 2018 and 25 million in 2019. The cards can use freed up cap money for oline along with draft picks (I think the cards need 4 maybe 5 olineman). They also could use freed up cap money to land a CB or two. I think they would be fine with Sherman and Tramon Williams.

    Bottom line, the cards would have over 100+ in cap space for 2019 and no huge QB tag to be hit with for several years. They could fix everything with one trade and two off seasons. #cardssuperbowl2019.

  18. By El Gallo on Feb 16, 2018 | Reply


    Thank you, I really do appreciate that. It means a lot Sir.

  19. By JohnnyBluenose on Feb 16, 2018 | Reply

    mitchaz….you and larry both came back about the same time. coincidence? who knows? i too would like to see us trade for foles but the eagles will probably keep him given the uncertainty of wentz’s availability on opening day. has mccarron shown enough to make him a viable and affordable option? maybe. i still think sam bradford would be a good choice but i think keim and bidwill want to make a statement and i believe they will roll the dice and try very hard to land kirk cousins. like you, i would have my doubts about that for the same reasons but i think it could happen. i don’t follow college football so i know nothing about these young quarterbacks. if we draft one early we could be pleasantly surprised or he could sit and try to learn all year which would not help larry (you) at all in 2018. can we win with a good defense, a better o-line, better (and taller) receivers, a return to form from our star running back, improved special teams, improved play calling and with drew stanton or blaine gabbert as our starting quarterback? maybe we can. time will tell. welcome back.

  20. By ChrisB on Feb 16, 2018 | Reply

    Keim on the radio today talked about how 5 years ago he needed a coach, QB and had to made tough decisions like cutting Adrian Wilson. He pointed out that he feels like he is back in the same situation. So new coach, get a QB, cut Badger?

  21. By creditcard on Feb 16, 2018 | Reply

    I agree with Mitchaz.

    I totally agree about Mayfield — my opinion, that guy is a CFL back-up at best. In the Rose bowl,he totally flopped against a decent and quick defense.

    I have nothing to back up this statement, but somehow I think Josh Allen will be available at # 15. The clubs above us (in the draft) are in the process of buying a free agent and I think Darnold, Rosen and Jackson will be selected before Allen.

    The Cards will have the choice of Stanton / Taylor / Bradford to select from as the crusty vet,and then draft Allen in April for the future.

    This is an odd year with all the available QB’s on the scene,and because of this — the Cards will be available to capitalize on the moment.

  22. By NJAzCardsFan on Feb 16, 2018 | Reply

    After reading Keim’s A,B C and D plan, I bet we end up with Gabbert, Stanton and Barkley…. Too many teams are looking for a quality QB. There is not much cap space for the Cards unless Keim guts the O-Line…. Then any QB they sign won’t last long anyway without some quality O-Lineman….

  23. By erik on Feb 16, 2018 | Reply

    The only thing I hope is that they don’t break the bank for Cousins. He is a mediocre QB and not worth half of what he will get. Please, Cardinals, stay away!!!

  24. By El Gallo on Feb 16, 2018 | Reply

    – Back to football

    Excited Larry is back!

    SK extension did surprise me since he still had time left.
    It would have been nice to have seen what happens this coming season first.
    I can see reasons, Executive of the year a couple times, Palmer & Chandler trades, one year signings like A. Cromartie & others. But that was a few years back. 50 wins must have been it. But the one thing most players say is that they enjoy playing for this team, organization. The positives.

    All hindsight now of course. Still felt the same back then in each case.
    Questionable contacts given out.
    Butler (punter), Bethel, Gresham, HB.
    Now I like HB, I do think he can do better. Just don’t know if knees will hold up, hope he proves to us he can.

    Decisions to not keep players who perform well, questionable.
    Dansby (during best year campaign), Swearinger, CC

    I wonder what our defense would’ve looked like if he kept Dansby after his best career season? Even for one year, or 2.
    I get it, older in age-lost a step, offered big money to go else where.

    Just wondering if he could’ve helped our defense stop Newton back in 2015.
    Not that having Lindley helped our offense. Having Los, maybe it would’ve given QB better field position and a chance. Stopping a few of those runs and you never know, Larry and QB could’ve caught fire.. Outlandish thoughts maybe but we still lost pretty bad anyway..

    Keeping Swearinger?

    Campbell? He may have been out of our price range but he was always solid. You couldn’t figure out how to keep one of your defensive pillars? He wanted to stay.

    I read our cap room next year 2019 should be huge? We should have plenty to spend.. Is this correct anyone?

  25. By Coach K on Feb 16, 2018 | Reply


    I’ll ask you again. Why isn’t Tyrod Taylor being mentioned as a possible FA for the Cardinals. His stats blow away every other QB being mentioned in FA.?

    Any thoughts?

  26. By Scott H on Feb 16, 2018 | Reply

    Welcome back, mitchaz!!

    Back and better than ever! Much like Fitz….which continues to prompt wonder if you may, in fact , BE Fitz. But never mind that, I’m just glad to have you and Fitz back with us.

    Hmmmm….they say good things happen in 3’s….Fitz is back, that’s ONE……mitchaz is back, that’s TWO……and now I will wait for the headline that Palmer is coming back as well! And that will be THREE.

  27. By clssylssy on Feb 16, 2018 | Reply

    Well, once again it’s Larry Legend to the rescue! As one headline put it, “Fitzgerald to return and save the Cardinals by averting an offensive crisis”. Did I think he’d be back? I had my doubts just like AQ Shipley and the rest of the team, but, there was also a little voice that told me that because he is a man of impeccable integrity, he is a man of his word, who bound himself to the Cardinals when he signed that contract for another year, and he would do the honorable thing and return. The money, nice, (how many millions does a person really need in this life) the accolades and records, unnecessary at this point in his career since being #2 is still short of perfection, but a person’s legacy of a sports great with character, has become a rarity in this day and age, and I believe that is most important to Fitz.
    At the end of last season, I had one foot out the door, but for one more season at least, we have the amazing Larry Fitzgerald to lead our Cards and help our new coaching staff hopefully get a handle on this thing and back to the playoffs.
    I just hope the Organization appreciates what this means for the fans and Fitz will
    have the best season of his career!

  28. By Scott H on Feb 16, 2018 | Reply

    Coach K –

    Well, I can tell you why I’m not talking about Tyrod Taylor….because I want no part of him.

    Look, he’s been in Buffalo for a few years now and he hasn’t convinced THEM that he’s the right guy. He hasn’t convinced me, either.

    I don’t see what he’s going to do here he hasn’t already had a chance to do in Buffalo.

  29. By dynosoar on Feb 16, 2018 | Reply

    One of my favorite memories was attending my first ever NFL game due to the generosity of a friend (one I should call soon and talk all things Cardinals). It was our Packers Playoff game and my son is a Packers fan.

    After the second chant of “Larry! Larry! Larry!” (Something I have never heard before or since on television and that’s a real shame.) My son asked for a Cardinals claw and I asked “What would a Packers Jersey fan want with a Cardinals Foam Claw?”

    His response, with a sheepish grin, “the Cardinals are now my second favorite team.” He got his claw.

    In overtime, Palmer was scrambling and found Larry was 20 yards at least from anyone. Fitz was being run out of bounds and cut back to almost made the endzone (that he made two or three plays later).

    My son turned to me and excitedly proclaimed “The Cardinals and Packers are both my favorite teams.”

    This is not my favorite memory because my son now has my team tied with his first team. It’s a favorite memory because I watched someone who has always been an example of being his best self always, including just knocking a Richard Sherman off line when he could have blindsided him.

    My son saw his greatness on the field and felt it as well. So if Larry really does read these posts as some claim, thank you for inspiring my then 9 year old son. He still chants “Larry! Larry! Larry!” during games (and so do I)

    Larry, I’m so glad your back and really hope the team we both love will get that QB. Hopefully the veteran AND the draft QBOF.

    My veteran list in alphabetical order – Dalton, Foles, Keenum and Rivers.
    Draft list – Allen and Jackson

  30. By dynosoar on Feb 16, 2018 | Reply

    Darren, Mitchaz and everyone else,

    I disagree with you bowing out for a while. Or anyone. However I get it. I really get that some posting on this site are really mean to others who love the same Cardinals we all do.

    For example –
    I made some comments a few years ago regarding the political pressure from congress for Dan Snyder to change the Redskins name. I brought up how every Democrat member of the US Senate and zero Republican member wrote a letter condemning the Washington franchise.

    I even made the joke “The Washington Redskins have decided to change their name to the Virginia Redskins as Washington is offensive.”

    I can count on one hand the amount of more thumbs up than thumbs down since those two posts. And I’ve been proverbially spat on since then.

    Well, I still try and have tried to carry myself with my observations and endless charm. I love the detail I get from JTDG, Scott H., Mitchaz, Clssylssy, JohnnyBluenose, Coach K, Shannon the Rugby Coach, Dr. G and so many others.

    I love the passion of everyone whether we agree or not. I love Darren’s insight and frankly his bluntness in stating his observations and responses.

    I will never ask for the thumbs up/down to change. I would ask as so many have before if someone gives a thumbs down, please share your reasons why, We all love the same team and if you don’t like a comment, perhaps your perspective would be more valuable than an unexplained thumbs down.

    And lastly I hope Darren and Mitchaz will iron things out and that we will all follow their example and be little friendlier with those we have so much in common with.

    And lastly, I get it. After a solid season of nothing but thumbs down, I’ve posted less. I’m at fault for not sticking with things, but I got the impression over time I wasn’t wanted in these comments. So it does happen.

    I get it, and in the words of one I admire, Be well. (Although, Dr. G. I should ask may I use your tagline from time to time?)

  31. By mitchaz on Feb 17, 2018 | Reply

    2018 Cardinals’ RBs

    Under Contract:

    37 D.J. Foster (6-0, 195, 24, 3, Arizona St. 2017 stats: 6/19/3.2/0 rush, 17/133/7.8/0 rec.)—quick, tough 3rd down type RB. Possible punt returner. Plays hard, lacks top end speed.

    48 Bronson Hill (5-10, 215, 25, 2, Eastern Michigan. 2017 stats: 1/-2/-2 rush.)—college stats: 421/2,362/5.6/11 rush.; 37/526/14.2/4 rec. Running style is very similar to David Johnson’s, feels for the hole, bursts through, makes slalom cuts in open field, very good catch and go receiver.

    31 David Johnson (6-1, 224, 26, 4, Northern Iowa. 2017 stats: 6/19/3.2/0 rush.; 6/67/11.2/0 rec.)—budding superstar knocked out of the last 2 games he’s played (knee & wrist). Sensational dual-purpose RB, who smells out creases and busts through them. Upright and slalom running style leaves legs exposed and puts added stress on knees. Will new RB coach Kirby Wilson, help refine Johnson’s technique? Outstanding balance and stiffarm—his chief mode of protection. Can also thrive at WR. Johnson Is at times unstoppable in the open field.

    22 T.J. Logan (5-10, 195, 23, 2, North Carolina St.)—was having very good pre-season as 3rd down RB and starting KO returner until he broke his wrist in pass protection. Has major league burst. Runs hard. High effort player with excellent receiving skills.

    35 Elijaah Penny (6-2, 234, 24, 2, Idaho. 2017 stats: 31/124/4.0/2 TD rush; 4/35/9.5/0 rec,)—power RB who hits the hole hard and lowers his shoulder on contact. Lacks breakaway speed, but is effective in power running scheme and is one of the better STs players on the roster. Improving as a receiver.

    23 Adrian Peterson (6-2, 217, 32, 11, Oklahoma. 2017 stats: 156/521/3.4/2 TD rush.; 19/70/6.4/0 TD rec.)—had a couple of 100 yard games for the Cardinals until injuring his neck. Would count $3.5M on the 2018 cap and is likely to be released.

    38 Darius Victor (5-8, 209, 23, 1, Towson St.)—college stats: 637/3,309/5.2/44 TD rush.; 20/141/7.1/1 TD rec. Was signed as an undrafted free agent by the Saints. Sean Payton lauded Victor for his compact rushing style, ability to fight for yards after contact and stop and go burst. More quick than fast. Teammates and friends call him Vito.


    33 Kerwynn Williams (5-8, 198, 26, 5, Utah St. 2017 stats: 120/426/3.6/1; 10/93/9.3/0)—tough as nails, diminutive RB who plays through pain and scraps for every inch. Hits the hole hard and can scoot in the open field. Inconsistent pass protector and receiver. Loved by his teammates.


    The main question is how to keep David Johnson healthy and how to maximize his talents. One of the principal focuses of the offense should be to find a variety of ways to get David Johnson the ball in the open field where he is a home run threat. Switching him between RB and WR would aid and abet that cause and it would vastly improve the WR talent and production.

    Last year when Johnson was lost for the season with a broken wrist, it was quite a RB scramble after that. Chris Johnson was re-signed and released. The Cardinals essentially trade 2 6th round draft picks to acquire Adrian Peterson. Kerywnn Williams and Elijah Penny picked up the slack after Peterson’s injury.

    Because of last year’s RB scramble and seeing as it would be wise to move David Johnson around like the queen on a chessboard, the Cardinals should add another potential stud RB to the roster. Re-signing Kerwynn Williams would be a popular choice, but another addition could mean wonders. Elijaah Penny should become a combo RB/FB who can help on running and short-yardage downs. T.J. Logan and D.J. Foster are good 3rd down RB options. Bronson Hill is a wild card and may surprise.

    In searching for the one key addition at RB, the first name that comes to mind is Jonathan Stewart. Rumor is that the Panthers may not elect to give Stewart his $1.5M roster bonus in March, which would put his 2018 cap number over $5M. Of course, Steve Wilks and Ray Brown are very familiar with Stewart, who brings a power RB mentality and “physicality” to the table.

    The second name that comes to mind is C.J. Anderson. Word with the Broncos is that they may move on from Anderson for cap reasons, especially if they are trying to sign UFA QB Kirk Cousins. Mike McCoy is very familiar with Anderson and could be influential in bringing Anderson to the Cardinals. Anderson is a banger who has quick acceleration and a real nose for the end zone. He’s entering his 6th season this year.

    Other UFA’s of possible interest are: Carlos Hyde (49ers); Jerrick McKinnon (Vikings); LeGarrette Blount (Eagles); Rex Burkhead (Patriots) and Jamal Charles (Broncos).

    Hyde is likely out of the Cardinals’ price range, but what a 1-2 punch Johnson and Hyde could be. McKinnon is a slasher who is hungry to prove he can be a star. Blount is a hammer and has won SB rings the past two years. Perhaps LGB could bring the Cardinals’ offense some swag. Burkhead is an aggressive runner between the tackles who is a good receiving threat. Charles has ties to McCoy and, if he still has gas in the tank, is a dual threat.

    2018 NFL Draft RB Prospects:

    * Sony Michel (5-11, 212, Georgia. 2017 stats: 1,227/7.9/16 TD rush.; 9/96/1TD rec.)
    * Kerryon Johnson (6-0, 212, Auburn. 1,341/4.9/18 TD rush.; 24/194/2 TD rec.)
    * Derrius Guice (5-11, 212, LSU. 1,751/5.3/11 TD rush; 18/124/2 TD rec.)
    * Ronald Jones (6-0, 200, USC). 1.550/5.9/19 TD rush.; 14/187/1 TD rec.)
    * Nick Chubb (5-10, 220, Georgia. 1.345/6.0/15 TD rush.; 2/20/0 TD rec.)
    * Kalen Ballage (6-2, 222, Arizona St. 657/4.3/6 TD rush.)
    * Akrum Wadley (5-9, 188, Iowa. 1.109/4.4/10 TD rush.; 28/353/3 TD rec.)
    * Royce Freeman (5-11, 230, Oregon. 1.475/6.0/14 TD rush.; 14/164/0 TD rec.)
    * Josh Adams (6-2, 225, Notre Dame. 1,430/6.9/9 TD rush.; 13/101/0 TD rec.)
    * Rashaad Penny (5-10, 224, San Diego St. 2,248/7.8/23 TD rush.; 19/135/2 TD rec.) ratings: (not counting Saquon Barkley—top 5 prospect)

    6.4 Derrius Guice
    6.4 Ronald Jones
    5.9 Sony Michel
    5.8 Kerryon Johnson
    5.8 Rashaad Penny
    5.6 Royce Freeman
    5.6 Nick Chubb
    5.5 Akrum Wadley
    5.4 Kalen Ballage
    5.1 Josh Adams

    It’s unlikely that the Cardinals are going to draft a RB in the 1st or 2nd round. but with 2 picks in the 3rd round and 1 pick in Round 4—the Cardinals may have the opportunity to draft Johnson, Penny, Freeman, Chubb or Wadley. Quite possibly, Ballage and Adams will be available in round 5.


    The Cardinals might be content to re-sign Kerwynn Williams and go with Johnson, Williams, Penny, Logan, Foster, Hill and Victor at RB. While Williams is highly deserving, is he on a par with Tevin Coleman or Alvin Kamara? The prolific RB tandems in the NFL right now, like Freeman/Coleman (Falcons) and Ingram/Kamara (Saints) makes their offenses all the more relentless and explosive.

    Will the Cardinals choose to take a similar route at RB this year?

    You be the judge. What do you think?

  32. By ChristianR on Feb 17, 2018 | Reply

    Coach K-

    Re: Taylor

    In my above post, I tried to clear this. While Buffalo is clearly not happy with Taylor, they have nothing behind him. They won’t drop him until they feel they have a sufficient replacement. That could be late in FA. That could be after he Draft. Maybe we look at Tyrod when he becomes available, but right now the Bills are in no position to give up the QB that took them to the playoffs after so long. This is why Foles won’t be available/affordable, why the Jags went with Bortles last season, and why Redskins used the franchise tag a second time. It’s also why the Bears signed Glennon, even though they obviously had an eye for Tribusky. Having a somewhat-competent QB is WAY better for a team than no QB.

  33. By Dan Nicholson on Feb 17, 2018 | Reply

    Interesting trade scenario you mentioned. I say no way trading Pat Peterson, possible hall of famer and is proven, so maybe their could be a different player as part of a trade. Cap is supposedly going up to 177 million this year league wide, so with possible cap releases that would help to get 2 notable free agents and not have to give up as much. Interesting it is

  34. By Dr. G. on Feb 17, 2018 | Reply

    Dyno ~ ~ Tag line? When I use this line it means I wish you well, and too, take initiative to care for yourself. Professional writing has always been part of my work..borrowing something isn’t plagiarism if we learn without profit…have at it!

    Now, as for differing opinions when posting, if we present indisputable facts or just fun wishful thinking, it isn’t noble to be disrespectful. An alternate or opposing opinion should be presented instead. When accusations come about, a quick look in the mirror could be considered.

    Strong as Mitch’s points may be, he has been fair IMO…and super detailed…don’t always concur though.

    P.S. I try to keep things relatively colloquial here and just root for our guys on the field… And, be well all Cards Fans ((always caps))


  35. By Dr. G. on Feb 17, 2018 | Reply

    ScottH – – Not about the $$$ or records?

    This link tells part of the Saints’ disgusting bounty program in which players got serious coin for a “contract hit” on key opponents. You recall…Payton was suspended for a year.

    I present this as my reasoning again that Fitz returning is the only reasonable thing to happen. You’re right on the $$$; he has more than he can ever spend and more in a future career, but he will not leave the huge probable stats on the table…plus he loves The Game.

    The big difference with Warner is that Fitz is still a healthy stallion… Warner had to be told what his name was…really scary seeing that…and nothing but angry Cards Fans…same thing at Green Bay…be well

  36. By Dr. G. on Feb 17, 2018 | Reply

    JTDG – – I’ll take ANY of your propositions to get Darnold in this draft. However, for me DJohnson, Jones or Budda are untouchable. The others you mention can clear some serious cap…do it!

    If Keim has the stones to make a couple moves like this, we can go back to the betting window with some degree of confidence. It’s NOW or N====! Fill it in…

  37. By Scott H on Feb 17, 2018 | Reply

    dynosaur –

    Well, that was a thoughtful post.

    I just think this is a rough time and it’s affecting people in different ways. I spoke recently of feeling legitimately depressed by seeing the celebration out here in Philly by a fan base that had been suffering as long and hard as we had been. But they got their big win….they got their rings……they go their parade. People everywhere are wearing their SB championship hats and shirts. But for THIS Cardinals fan, it just felt like the parade was passing me by.

    That hit me harder than I expected. But….onward. When it comes to being a fan, there is no bowing out. Never. You sign on with a team, you sign on no matter what. Yet, I recently heard the supremely ignorant and idiotic comment that some of us have no patience. Yeah….brilliant, huh? We are THE longest suffering pro sports fan base on the planet right now but we have no patience, right? Listen, I’ve got a doctorate in patience at this point, OK? What I don’t have, after almost 45 years as a fan of this team, is knowing the feeling of seeing my team hoist a Lombardi trophy. And as far as I’m concerned, I’ve got a right feel however I want to feel about that, the right to say whatever I want to say.

    But what I’m NOT gonna do is give up or go away. I’m gonna keep being a fan in a way that makes sense to me.

    As for you comments about the thumbs downs…..shoot, I’ve endured as many of them as anyone has. At one time, I WAS bothered by them. And I still don’t understand them much of the time but I think I’ve just come to find them amusing. They make no sense when the content of a post is mostly – if not ALL – positive but most of the ratings are negative. They make no sense when two people say the same thing, within a few posts of each other, and one person gets raves while the other gets slammed. They make no sense when people are pointing out nothing but facts, even if rather un-pleasant, and they get slammed for doing nothing more than speaking the truth.

    Ya know what? They don’t make sense so don’t try to make sense of them.

    I’ve enjoyed your posts and I hope you will continue to chime in on a regular basis. And if I ever happen to find fault with something you say or disagree with it, I promise to comment on it and present the argument as opposed to just pressing a key. To me that is just lazy and people who took the time to present their point of view deserve better than that.

  38. By Coach K on Feb 17, 2018 | Reply


    Have you looked at Tyrod Taylor’s stats the last three years?

    Let’s compare apples to apples against all the other Free Agent QB’s

    I’m talking about a bridge QB, not the future of the franchise.

    Yes, he’s a black QB. I’m sure that’s not an issue with you

    So on what basis do you say “you want no part of him”?

    Team wins and losses last three years 8-8, 7-9, 9-7 playoffs

    51 TD’s against only 18 Int’s.

    Based on the evidence, Buffalo’s losses were not caused by Taylor’s stats.

  39. By Dan Nicholson on Feb 18, 2018 | Reply

    John Clayton is saying A.J. McCarron will end up in Cleveland now
    and what crazy news Mike Florio put out that the Jets will offer Cousins a fully guaranteed contract. How is that possible under the collective bargaining agreement? Wow, guess wait and see how crazy it gets.

  40. By Scott H on Feb 18, 2018 | Reply

    Coach K –

    RE: Taylor

    NO, his being African American has nothing to do with it!

    Look, as always, I take simple views and try to use simple logic. It may not jibe with what other people think, but….that’s my way.

    Taking all that you say into account about Taylor, I can only ask you / myself / anyone else – then why is the team he has been playing for not locking him up to be their guy? Why aren’t they convinced?

    There has to be more to it than just TD-to-INT ratio.

    And when it comes to the QB – always the most important player on the team – how is it that he has no responsibility for Buffalo’s losses? I just don’t buy that.

    Look, I’m just not a Tyrod Taylor guy. What can I tell ya? If I’m wrong, I’m wrong.

    And, yes, I DO understand that you are talking about a bridge QB, not a QB-of-the-future guy. But do you think Taylor / his agent are looking at his future that way?? I don’t. They have to want more than that for themselves. So….

    Just me, but when I think bridge QB, I don’t think about a younger guy like Tyrod Taylor. I think about a guy like Drew Stanton or even ( as someone else recently mentioned ) Josh McCown. As a mentor / teacher for a rookie QB, do you think Taylor offers what guys like Stanton / McCown could? I don’t see Taylor as wanting to be a teacher / mentor at this point in his career. I see him as wanting to be the starter, THE guy. And I wouldn’t blame him for that. How does he do that AND be the mentor for a rookie QB at the same time?

  41. By JohnnyBluenose on Feb 18, 2018 | Reply

    Kerwynn Williams has been on and off our roster so many times I have lost count. When called upon he has played well and he has played well with injuries. He is not a featured back and he will have to compete for his spot, as he does every year. This is a “what can you do for me NOW league”. I just hope he gets a decent salary this year, if not here then somewhere else.

  42. By Dan Nicholson on Feb 18, 2018 | Reply

    Cousins still would have to want to go there no matter the money etc. So, if cards can get the cap relief plus upcoming new league year cap money, which adds around 9- 10 million maybe all of us fans have hope for a QB & other key additions

  43. By JTDG on Feb 18, 2018 | Reply


    Pat Peterson;

    I love Peterson as a player. I think he is a future HOFer too. That is why he is mentioned as part of a trade.

    You see, you are not moving up offering Brandon Williams. So, what one player has enough of an impact to be worth trading a valuable pick?

    I would love to keep PP for his whole career. But, if I thought (and I don’t even know how Cleveland would feel about the trade), I could go get the franchise QB , I am making the trade.

    Again, with only 6 winning seasons since moving to the valley in 1988, business as usual must change. Got to change the way you approach the draft. It may be time to give up valuable assets to get the player you need.

  44. By faster on Feb 19, 2018 | Reply

    @bluenose, agree about kerwynn, and i hope he will get a offensive line, who really can get lanes open. wherever he plays next year, but i hope for us.

  45. By Johnson on Feb 19, 2018 | Reply

    Its clear now that he has no intentions of winning a Super Bowl anymore or else makes no sense for him to return back, this team doesnt even know who the QB will be next season, unbelievable

    AZ sports has had multiple dark days in sports in the past couple of years, so I would guess this is positive sign for a championship hungry state. The WR core was a complete disaster last year, so lot of work needs to be put to get the team moving on that department.

    I just hope for Larry’s sake, we will at least have a team that can win 5 games next season !….We owe it to him that much at least.

  46. By mitchaz on Feb 19, 2018 | Reply

    2017 Receiving Stats:


    109—Larry Fitzgerald
    31—Jaron Brown
    29—J. J. Nelson
    21—John Brown
    5—Brittan Golden
    3—Chad Williams


    477—Jaron Brown
    299—John Brown

    Yards Per Catch Average:

    15.4—Jaron Brown
    14.2—John Brown


    4—Jaron Brown
    3—John Brown

    Analysis: The Cardinals got impressively consistent production from Larry Fitzgerald who topped 100 catches and 1,000 yards and led the team with 6 TDs. Fitz’s 10.6 ypc is the kind of ypc one would expect from a TE and is an indication of how often Fitz was employed in the short passing game.

    The other WRs were targeted more downfield as evident by their ypc averages and yards (985 yards from Nelson and Jaron Brown combined). But, none of them was consistently productive.

    The red zone production (only 15 TDs) was underwhelming.

  47. By mitchaz on Feb 19, 2018 | Reply

    2018 Cardinals’ WRs

    Under Contract For 2018:

    19 Agudosi, Carlton WR 6-6 220 24 2 Rutgers—big target project who showed some flashes in pre-season. Will need to show marked improvement and STs ability to make the roster.

    11 Fitzgerald, Larry WR 6-3 218 34 15 Pittsburgh—legendary first ballot HOF shoe-in, whose play has remained stellar. Is now 2nd all-time in receptions and needs 389 yard to surpass Terrell Owens in all-time receiving yards. Will be the highest paid player on the team with a 2018 cap figure of over $16M.

    14 Nelson, J.J. WR 5-10 160 25 4 UAB—speedy home run threat who was very inconsistent in his route running and catching the ball last season. New WR coach, Kevin Garver, needs to help Nelson polish his game as he heads into his contract year.

    17 Ross, Rashad WR 6-0 180 28 5 Arizona State—2013 undrafted free agent journeyman who was signed to the PS late last year and was retained this year on a future’s contract. His best year was with the Redskins in 2015 where he had a 101 yard kickoff return TD and a 71 yard TD catch from Colt McCoy.

    16 Williams, Chad WR 6-1 204 23 2 Grambling State—last year’s 3rd round draft pick who struggled in training camp and wasn’t used, as his HC predicted, until after Thanksgiving. Williams has intriguing size and speed. Hopefully, he is ready to make a splash this year.


    13 Brown, Jaron WR 6-2 205 28 5 Clemson—is the quintessential #4 WR because he makes solid and sometimes clutch contributions as a receiver, blocker and STs player. Jaron wants to become a #2 WR and is hoping to receive a good deal of interest in free agency. He’s overcome back and ACL injuries in impressive fashion.

    12 Brown, John WR 5-11 179 27 4 Pittsburg State—when healthy, he’s a dynamic spark plug who has a nose for the end zone. However, complications from sickle-cell anemia have sidelined him repeatedly the past two seasons. He seemed to be disgruntled with the coaching staff particularly when he was called out for not practicing while injured during training camp. Perhaps Steve Wilks’ approach would appeal to Brown, although it is generally expected that a change of scenery might do him well.

    10 Golden, Brittan WR 5-11 186 29 4 West Texas A&M—speedy, aggressive STs player who has never gotten on track as a #5 WR or return man. Is well liked by his teammates, but may have to try to make a splash elsewhere.

    2018 UFA WRs:

    Sammy Watkins (24)—Rams want to keep him and may tag him. Not worth the tag, imo.
    Jarvis Landry (25)—would be an ideal, all-purpose WR for the Cardinals. He will be pricey, though.
    Allen Robinson (24)—coming off the knee injury, but young, talented and eager.
    Marqise Lee (26)—reminds me some of the Rams’ 2017 UFA Robert Woods, can play slot, has RAC ability.
    Paul Richardson (25)—speedy home run threat who needs to be featured more.
    Terrelle Pryor (28)—coming off down year, is likely headed back to Cleveland.
    Jordan Matthews (25)—smooth route runner with good hands, but not very physical.
    Mike Wallace (31)—had a good year, but may well be past his prime.
    Kendall Wright (28)—starting to come into his own as a slot WR.
    Albert Wilson (25)—physical WR, who plays hard and had over 300 RAC yards last year.
    Eric Decker (31)—still commands the football, although he seems to have lost a step.
    Donte Moncrief (24)—physical and talented, but inconsistent.
    Brice Butler (28)—plays well in the clutch, but needs to command his QB’s attention more.
    Cody Latimer (25)—talented, smooth receiver who got a little lost in the WR shuffle in Denver.
    Taylor Gabriel (27)—can separate quickly and scoot big-time in the open field. Coming off so-so year.
    Brian Quick (28)—good target, has some 50/50 ability, needs a breakout season
    Tavarres King (27)—has big-time speed and good length, but has yet to break through.
    Jeff Janis (26)—outstanding at catching Hail Marys! Needs a fresh start.

    2018 NFL Draft WR Prospects:

    1. Courtland Sutton (SMU)—has size, wide catch radius and big play ability. Some scouts question his speed.

    2. Calvin Ridley (Alabama)—gifted, natural runner and receiver who can make plays all over the field.

    3. Christian Kirk (Texas A&M)—dynamic slot WR and return man who can flat-out scoot.

    4. D.J. Moore (Maryland)—can play in slot and wide, has good wheels and RAC ability.

    5. James Washington (Oklahoma State)—deep threat, who looks like a RB.

    6. Anthony Miller (Memphis)—highly productive slot WR who is superb in red zone. Can he hold up physically?

    7. Equanimeous St. Brown (Notre Dame)—with better QB this year he could be listed as one of the top 3 WRs—has size and surprising separation skills.

    8. Dante Pettis (Washington)—nifty slot WR and big-play return man.

    9. Auden Tate (FSU)—has good size and playmaking ability. Needs to run we’ll at Combine.

    10. Michael Gallup (Colorado State)—speedy sleeper JUCO transfer who put up over 2,600 yards and caught 21 TDs in two seasons.

    11. Jaleel Scott (New Mexico State)—another sleeper WR with very good size and uncanny 50/50 skills.

    12. Antonio Callaway (Florida)—off the field issues cloud his tremendous package of skills.

    13. Deon Cain (Clemson)—rising up draft boards thanks to speed and big-play ability.

    14. Simmi Cobbs Jr. (indiana)—has good length and impressive production in Big 10 games.

    15. Marcell Ateman (Oklahoma St.)—if he tests well at the Combine, he could be sure-fire 2nd round pick because of size, speed and production.

    16. Allen Lazard (Iowa St.)—big, physical playmaker who plays with leverage, not a burner.

    Summary: the Cardinals need to upgrade their WR unit. Of course, one way to do that is to give David Johnson a fair amount of snaps at WR. Adding a good sized wideout and a productive slot WR could do wonders in bringing this unit back to prominence.

  48. By El Gallo on Feb 19, 2018 | Reply


    – RBs

    Keep: DJ, Logan, Penny, Foster, Hill

    Bring in new bigger frame-type backs that can run–catch–block, to add competition till 53 man team forms.
    Best man wins

    I love K. Williams’ toughness and play but had trouble blocking & catching

  49. By El Gallo on Feb 19, 2018 | Reply

    – QB

    I think about where our team is at this point and where is was in the past.

    As far as the Palmer trade, great turn out in the long run.
    • 3 solid yrs, double digit wins
    • NFC West Title, NFC Champ. game
    Good move back then to get so far with a low-risk trade.

    This time, is there a player available out there via trade again? The likes of Palmers abilities..

    Yes. We could trade for anyone virtually but will any teams be willing?
    You’ve all discussed it at length

  50. By El Gallo on Feb 19, 2018 | Reply

    – QBs

    This time it seems it will cost plenty more for a quality QB via trade.
    I think it’s worth it.

    Going for one in the draft is worth it.

    While we still have Fitz on our team, it makes even more sense to go out and do so. Why would our FO sit back and wait once March 14 hits?
    If they miss there, will they sit back and wait again while everyone else makes power moves to ensure their teams future?

    Sitting back and talking about all the scenarios in order to make the right choice (plan A,B,C,D) and you can’t do this or do that, have to wait and be sure as per SK.. we get it
    But once those days hit, you hope he’s decisive pertaining to QBs.
    Goes after their best possible scenario and executes.
    That’s being “Aggressive”.

    Go get the best possible QB with wins under his belt.
    Just pls don’t settle, don’t wait too long.

  51. By clssylssy on Feb 19, 2018 | Reply

    Well, these are some interesting posts with what seems like a renewed sense of hope and enthusiasm. When reading these ideas and forecasts, I can’t help but wish I were a fly on the wall in the “war room” where the philosophies and vision of our new coaching staff outlines with Keim and M. Bidwill their plans for the offseason. Hopefully, our new HC will be the guiding light along with his coordinators in determining exactly what is needed, what our assets look like, and how current players can be utilized in a way that will impact our FA needs and priorities for the draft. I think it goes without saying that most of us know there is always (or should be) A, B,C,D type scenarios although in past drafts it doesn’t seem to have translated to action. With the different backgrounds and experiences of Coach Wilks, McCoy,Holcolm, Rogers, I think any speculations about our current needs are kind of meaningless until we know exactly how our current players will be deployed to fit the “new chapter”.
    Of course, some things are obvious such as the need for a QB, a replacement for Fitz, possible RBs to not only groom for the future but as solid backupsthe importance of finally building a strong and talented 0-line, but, how our new coaches plan to repurpose our existing players will be critical to determining our needs. We have a lot of talent (or latent talent) and it’s possible that our new staff will have more innovative methods to get optimal production from players who were burning bright but then sort of burned out. I have to think that they see potential as so far most are still with us as March nears and there are no rumors.
    In the past, it seems that Keim had a penchant for signing obscure small school players in the hope that he would hit the jackpot on discovering a sleeper talent to the exclusions of bigger school NFL ready talents which was more miss than hit. It will be interesting to see if that changes. recently ran an article ranking the Cardinals as the #3 best team for free agents b/c of Larry Fitzgerald’s return largely, certainly not b/c we were cash loaded, and, it would be a great start to the season if we could justify Adam Schein’s assessment. It would seem that those with a little distances from Phoenix have a more objective view.

  52. By Scott H on Feb 19, 2018 | Reply

    Wow….great little piece up on right now that Cardinals fans would probably find very up-lifting IF you happen to be feeling in need of an up-lift. I know I was….and this really made me feel better!

    Granted, it’s one person’s opinion, nothing more. But it gave a break down of what would be seen as the top FA destinations for this coming off-season. And at #3 on the list is the Cardinals. It talked about how the Cardinals have become one of the great organizations in the NFL, how Bidwill and Keim really have their acts together running the ship, AND how the Cardinals are closer to being back in contention than a lot of people think.

    Pretty sweet, huh?

    And even if I don’t completely agree with every letter of that, it was just nice to see that somebody else was looking at us like that.

    But to inject some of my realism back into the picture…..honestly, there need to multiple and significant up-grades on this O-line for this team to be back in contention.

    Not to mention finding a QB…..and these things have NOT been Keim’s strengths as of late ( at least in terms of drafting a QB ). I mean…..if there’s another Carson Palmer out there to be had right now, then go get him. Fine. But when there’s not, you still got a job to do, Mr GM. So….let’s see what you can do when Carson Palmer ISN’T out there to be had right now.

    Man…..did I just kill my own buzz, or what?

  53. By Scott H on Feb 19, 2018 | Reply

    And to continue my last post…..the 49ers were #1 on that same list. Which I don’t really get. I mean…’ve been one of the lowliest teams in the NFL for the past several years, but just because you bring in Jimmy G, you’re suddenly THE place to be? Really?

    Maybe because the 49ers have a lot of money to spend…..OK, I can see that angle. That is always attractive to free agents.

    But for someone who wants to land with a real contender in the here and now? The 49ers? Don’t know about that.

  54. By El Gallo on Feb 19, 2018 | Reply

    – Coach Buckner

    Headed to Tampa Bay, FL.
    Glad to see him continue, great coach.

  55. By Scott H on Feb 19, 2018 | Reply

    Well, I hope we feel like we “owe” Larry Fitzgerald more than a 5 win season! I hope we feel like we owe OURSELVES more than that, too.

  56. By Coach K on Feb 19, 2018 | Reply


    I think the reason they have not tied up Tyrod Taylor is perhaps
    the new coach does not have a good communication or relationship
    with Tyrod.

    It’s not his play, but perhaps there is another issue.

    Personality conflict
    Coach is looking for a different kind of leader in the locker room

    I think that is why the coach benched him one game. It seems like a
    personality conflict more than Tyrod’s play on the field.

    His stats seem to support my theory.

  57. By Dan Nicholson on Feb 20, 2018 | Reply

    How about this scenario: Colts are one team that could either keep sanity to 1st round or craziness. What if Colts decided to move on from Luck and draft a qb. Maybe if he is healthy Cards could get him in trade for a draft pick. Cousins going somewhere is going to solve one mystery. Now ,if Indy keeps Luck ,they probably trade out because they have needs. Buffalo has 2 1st rd.picks and could trade up very easily with Colts. Buffalo may have 2 2nd rd. picks also?If Cousins goes to Jets or Denver, those are 2 possible trade partners other than Brown’s. It’s going to be a battle to get a QB , but if Colts draft a qb, maybe Luck can be had…..A healthy Luck

  58. By JTDG on Feb 20, 2018 | Reply



    I like Kirk and Gallup. Both could help this team. But you left off a couple others I like.

    I think DJ Chark is a quality guy at 6’3″, speed and can return kicks. Had a big senior bowl. TreQuan Smith is another guy who could contribute. Daeshawn Hamilton did so well at the East West, he ended up getting invited to the Senior bowl and showed excellent ability all week.

    I’ll take these 5 over anyone other than Ridley on your list.

  59. By clssylssy on Feb 20, 2018 | Reply

    I think the 9ers could possibly be ranked #1 b/c of the money issue and the fact that the 9ers have a very rich legacy which the current regime seem to be driven to recapture at any cost. They are a young and forward thinking bunch and I could see why FAs would be drawn there. Getting paid top dollar in addition to the opportunity to play for a team that is destined to be a perennial contender is going to be huge (they even manage to get some of their HOFers to come to spring training and appear now and then).. The 9ers always seem to have plenty of Cap space as well as draft picks, which says a lot for the way their FO is run. They may have had a few down years but if you look at the bigger picture, they have been iconic through the years.
    I was pleasantly surprised (shocked) to see the Cards ranked #3 by at anything and have to wonder if it has to do with our new Coaching staff, as well as the return of Larry Fitzgerald.

  60. By D on Feb 20, 2018 | Reply

    Free agency period can’t get here quick enough.

    A good chance Chicago may release M. Cooper, CB before a large bonus is due. He didn’t play as well last year for the Bears as what we saw here in AZ the year prior, could be a possibility for the Cards at CB.

    Other names that I hope to see AZ look at in free agency
    (i realize the cap space is limited currently)

    S. Bradford or AJ McCarron QB -AZ needs to add at least 3 QB’s with one being a draft pick. If Bradford is signed then AZ would have to draft a QB in Rounds 1 or 2 of the draft. If AJ is signed, then AZ probably will draft a QB in Rounds 4 -6.
    K. Clemens QB, a career backup could be signed since he knows the Offense
    as a backup only.

    G. Gano K.
    C. Latimer WR
    V. Green TE
    A. Norwell G (long shot due to $)
    A. Boone G (backup plan if others can’t be signed)
    Jar. Brown WR (doubtful-probably wants to explore FA)

    N. Bradham ILB
    S. Lotulelei DT (if signed, 1 of the 3 would be released: Gunter, Olsen, X.Williams)
    K. Martin OLB (price may get too high, aka. Okafor )
    M. Cooper CB (if released by Chicago)
    T. Williams CB (if other CB options get too costly)

    QB and OL will be the most focus and fluid positions to fill.

  61. By Scott H on Feb 20, 2018 | Reply

    Coach K

    RE: Taylor

    OK.. Like I said, I’m just not a Tyrod Taylor guy.

    The stats may support your theory.

    I think the fact that Buffalo isn’t committing to him seems to support mine.

    Or, we could both be wrong.

    Keep in mind that JTDG pointed out recently that Taylor was benched last season for a rookie ( Peterman ) that played horrifically. Now….what was that really about? Can’t say I know. But you don’t see that happening with Russell Wilson or Derek Carr. You don’t see a team in playoff contention benching their starting QB to roll the dice with a rookie. For whatever reason was behind that….how can that NOT say something negative about Taylor? It sure doesn’t seem to speak well for him.

  62. By Dan Nicholson on Feb 20, 2018 | Reply

    The whiners dumped on some players that had big contract s , guys teams normally keep and others that were pending fa’s go, plus retirement of 2 young players, so not all is great management. Was not long ago their F.O. was a mess. And many were saying what a 1st round steal Rueben Foster is, but not so fast with his recent problems.Looking like a D Washington type and every other team passed on him. We will see with Garappollo playing a full season, but they paid huge money to a qb with 7 Career starts.

  63. By JTDG on Feb 20, 2018 | Reply

    Scott H and clssy;


    First, I expect a lot of thumbs down, because I am speaking positive about the niners. But I am just telling the truth.

    The niners are going to be a popular place for FAs for several reasons.

    It starts with them having almost 100 million in cap space. A big name FA could think he is going to cash in (say Demarcus Lawrence or Ziggy Ansah)

    Second, If you are a stud pass rusher like DLaw or Ansah, you look at the players around you to help you be successful. The niners have young stars along that dline like DeForest Buckner and Solomon Thomas.

    Third, do you have a QB who can help you win. Jimmy G has never lost an NFL game he has started. 9-0 I believe. With Jimmy G, you believe you will win.

    Forth, you have Shanahan as coach. One of the top two play callers in football. You have a coach who will give you an opportunity to be successful.

    Fifth, you have a GM who seems to have done decent in his first off season. He is currently looking to sign Vonte Davis as another CB. With another decent off season, they could be a playoff team.

    Finally, the organization has won before. Many times. With 5 straight wins to end the season, why wouldn’t a FA not want to go there?

    The team will get back their top receiver and two starting olineman who missed most of the year. If they add a pass rusher, CB, and draft a stud at LB, figure out RB, this team could contend for the NFC West

  64. By JTDG on Feb 20, 2018 | Reply

    From 1 year ago;

    By JTDG on Mar 2, 2017 | Reply

    Interesting how I got some thumbs down regarding Sam Darnold as the best QB I have seen in college football.

    So there is this coming out;
    USC’s Sam Darnold — won’t be eligible for the draft until 2018, at the earliest, but he’s by far the most talked about player in Indy, an NFL executive told analyst Daniel Jeremiah.

    Click on the link and read the article.

    I have been saying this is the guy. The next Andrew Luck. I just do not know if the cards will have the “juice” to be able to trade up to number 1 in 2018.
    If I was the browns, I would go all defense and oline and run Cody Kessler out there again. take my lumps and then draft Darnold next year.

    Hmm, looks like the Browns took my advise.

  65. By Dr. G. on Feb 20, 2018 | Reply

    Cards Fans — Firstly, definite need to draft a QB…an absolute.

    Now for Gabbert & Stanton, is it really productive to keep either…both have as many INTs as TDs. Do we think the causes are the sometimes nutty pocket delays in Arians’ play calling or for Gabbert, he was pressing too hard on some really bad teams with no OLine?

    With Wilks’ and his staff’s newly stated love for TEs as ligitimate weapons versus mostly blockers, I’m thinking most decent QBs can be reasonably effective and cut down on the INTs and grind down the field…again…quick outlets to RBs, WRs and TEs instead of holding the ball creating some panicky errors. An average OLine can work in this system scheme. Fitz will be the best weapon in this crossing type scheme in the NFL..! Funny, he disliked it at first..!

    As for the evaluators, Gabbert may have a slight edge over Stanton…age, health, mobility, etc. With totally new coaching, Cards’ history will not mean much. I don’t see both men getting away. Should we resign one of these guys? Is it prudent to play a litttle waiting game to keep the $$$ reasonable? Your take. Cards Fans?

  66. By Dr. G. on Feb 20, 2018 | Reply

    Also…WHEN, not IF we draft a promising TE, it will be very telling for the new Wilks’ Cardinals’ Offense. Seals-Jones ((TE//WR hybrid)) will be our solid #2 go to guy. Just thinkin’ ((hopin’)) …later

  67. By D on Feb 20, 2018 | Reply

    Josh Sitton, G a good player still that would ask for less $ than A. Norwell.

  68. By dobie on Feb 20, 2018 | Reply

    Are we going to get any new news on this site

  69. By CARDS62 on Feb 20, 2018 | Reply

    Talk of QB. I have no problem with Gabbert coming back, but we need to draft a QB and bring in another veteran at a good price. Taylor is fine with me. Scott H remember the Rams and Giants did not want Kurt Warner to our great fortune and now he is in the HOF. The Raiders no longer wanted Carson Palmer and Carson no longer wanted the Bengals so we have had very good luck with cast offs. Several other veteran QBs I will be okay with if we can sign to a team friendly deal.

    JTDG I know you are a Sam D. guy, but will you be upset if we drafted L. Jackson out of Louisville if he falls to us in round 1? He needs to put on some weight or he will be killed, but I like his game. He reminds me of Watson out of Clemson, but surrounded by less talent. Several good rookies to select at QB, but I am hoping Jackson falls to us and then we trade up for Billy Price to begin round 2.

    MitchAZ I like the running back out of Iowa for a late round pick, round 5 or later.

    WR – Will be great if we could get Robinson from the Jags in free agency. but we do not want Lee from the Jags, another Floyd only worse.

    I think we will be competitive in 2018 if we make the right moves, and hopefully back to the Super Bowl in 2019 with Cap space and 2 drafts. Will be nice to have Larry retire in 2019 with our first Super Bowl trophy.

    Go Cards!

  70. By Coach K on Feb 20, 2018 | Reply

    I think Wilks will bring back Gabbert, and then draft our future starter. There isn’t much sense in taking any of the other FA’s with weaker arms, or those who are older with only a couple years left on their career.

    If Tyrod Taylor and Nick Fules are off the table, I can’t see them signing injury prone Bradford. Everyone else is career backups with weak arms.

    So if that’s how it fall, I say take the arm in Gabbert and move up in this draft and take Sam Darnold.

  71. By Dan Nicholson on Feb 20, 2018 | Reply

    RE: Darnold
    I say go for it on Darnold, just keep Pat P. I have liked Darnold since last year, just had fumble problem this year. He is a cross between Rothlisberger & ? Cannot remember guy right now. He makes uncoachable throws, a pass coaches cannot teach and is accurate, magical. Cards have enough on roster except few spots and would be able to add through FA, draft with what is left to win.
    When Ben was a rookie if memory serves me right, he won 13, lost 1.

  72. By Scott H on Feb 21, 2018 | Reply

    JTDG —

    RE: The next Andrew Luck

    Yes, I get what that is supposed to mean. But, right now? This moment in time? Looking at what Andrew Luck has become….I’m not so sure I want the next one! It just seems like it’s been years since Luck has played well. OR played at all.

    And, yes, I acknowledge that the Colts have done a criminally poor job of building anything around him.

    But then there is his health…. geez, he didn’t play a down last year and I’m hearing now that he is throwing a little. A little? One wonders if this guy is ever going to be right again.

    From the standpoint of health / durability, I do not want the next Andrew Luck.

  73. By mitchaz on Feb 21, 2018 | Reply

    2017 TE Receiving Stats:

    Receptions: 33-Gresham; 12-Seals-Jones; 11-Niklas; 1-Momah
    Yards: 322-Gresham; 201-Seals-Jones; 132-Niklas; 46-Momah
    Yards per catch: 46.0-Momah; 16.8-Seals-Jones; 12.0-Niklas; 9.8-Gresham
    TDs: 3-Seals-Jones; 2-Gresham; 1-Niklas

    Analysis: The production of the Cardinals’ 2017 TE group was the worst in the NFL. The Eagles’ TE Zach Ertz had 17 more receptions, 123 more yards and 2 more TDs than the entire Cardinals’ unit combined.

    PFF Grades: Gresham (47.4, #45 TE); Niklas (42.4, #66 TE); Seals-Jones (76.3, NR).

    Under Contract for 2018:

    84 Gresham, Jermaine (6-5 260 29 9 Oklahoma)—last year the Cardinals awarded him a contract of 4/$28M/$16.5Mg. He counts $7.2M on the 2018 cap. By comparison, the Redskins signed defensive captain D.J. Swearinger to a contract of 3/$13M/$9Mg/2018 cap hit of $4.3M. Gresham’s play in 2017 was wildly inconsistent in blocking and receiving. He’s still penalty prone, but the Cardinals insist that they like the physical aspects of his play. Unfortunately, he ruptured an Achilles at the end of the year and it is possible he will not be a full go at the start of training camp.

    85 Holmes, Gabe (6-5 255 26 4 Purdue)—signed by the Raiders as an undrafted free agent in 2015, Holmes has spent time on the Raiders’, Seahawks’, Ravens’ and Cardinals’ practice squads. he was activated to the Cardinals’ roster late in the season after Gresham’s injury. He has yet to record a reception in an NFL game. Has good size and athleticism, but is raw and inexperienced.

    86 Seals-Jones, Ricky (6-5 243 22 2 Texas A&M)—was the nice surprise during the second half of the season, when he burst onto the scene with 12 catches for 201 yards and 3 TDs. He is now the brightest hope in what has become a depleted and underperforming group.


    80 Momah, Ifeanyi (6-7 255 28 4 Boston College)—has the worst luck when it comes to injuries. Has turned heads in the pre-season the last few years but was lost to a broken wrist mid-way into the 2016 season and lost to a broken leg early in the 2017 season. When healthy he’s an athletic, tall receiver who fights hard for every yard after the catch. His one catch on the season was a 46 yard dandy. His blocking remains a work in progress, but he has shown improvement.


    87 Niklas, Troy (6-6 270 25 5 Notre Dame)—the Cardinals 2014 2nd round draft pick has been a major disappointment due to years of injuries and inconsistent play. At times in 2017, Niklas looked like he was going to break out—but his blocking was inconsistent and he dropped what would have been a game winning TD versus Washington. Was supposed to be one of the best blocking TEs in the 2014 draft, but that promise has thus been unfulfilled. Not sure what kind of interest he will garner on the UFA market, but, in light of his injury history, signing him to a multi-year deal is a risk.

    Top UFA TEs:

    Jimmy Graham (31)—poor blocker who regressed as a receiver in Seattle.
    Tyler Eifert (27)—coming off 2 back surgeries, when healthy he’s a very good receiver.
    Austin Seferian-Jenkins (25)—tall and athletic TE had a good season with the Jets who want him back.
    Trey Burton (26)—hybrid TE/WR who creates mismatches against LBers and smaller DBs.
    Virgil Green (29)—has yet to have a breakout season, but has talent and works hard.
    Niles Paul (28)—smallish TE who has 856 yards and 2 TDs for his career (12.2 ypc)
    Luke Willson (28)—showed promise as a pass catcher but injuries and drops have been an obstacle.
    Antonio Gates (37)—still feels he has “the juice” to play, now overshadowed in LA by Hunter Henry. McCoy interested?
    Ed Dickson (30)—has ties to Wilks/Brown as Panther’s #2 TE, had a line of 30/437/14.6/1 TD in 2017. One game versus the Lions he caught 5 passes for 155 yards.
    Darren Fells (31)—speaking of the Lions, Fells started the season strong, has 2 TDs versus Carolina, maybe Wilks/Holcomb/Brown took notice. The Lions at times flexed him wide. Wasn’t targeted much 2nd half of season.

    Top TEs in 2018 NFL Draft: (Per Mel Kiper’s Rankings, with my notes)

    1. Dallas Goedert, South Dakota State—2 1,000 yard seasons in a row with 18 TDs combined—some teams have medical concerns on him.
    2. *Mark Andrews, Oklahoma—athletic seam buster (62/958/8TD in 2017), Mayfield’s favorite target. Not a strong blocker.
    3. *Hayden Hurst, South Carolina—turns 25 this year, solid blocker and productive receiver (44/559/2TD in 2017)
    4. Mike Gesicki, Penn State—had a good showing at the Senior Bowl after good senior season (57/563/9TD).
    5. *Jordan Akins, Central Florida—smallish H-back type who catches well (32/515/4 TDs).
    6. Ian Thomas, Indiana—athletic pass catcher (25/376/5TD) who didn’t quite live up to the hype at Indiana.

    UFA Fullbacks

    Anthony Sherman (29)—still one of the top 3 FBs in the NFL, would love to have him back in AZ.
    Zach Line (27)—has developed nicely, clearing space for Ingram and Kamara in New Orleans.
    Mike Tolbert (32)—despite age he’s still a top shelf lead blocker, ask Shady McCoy. If we sign QB Tyrod Taylor it would be great to have Tolbert come with him.
    Derrick Coleman (27)—has sprung the Falcons’ Freeman and Coleman on some big runs.

    Top FBs in 2017 NFL Draft: (per Mel Kiper’s ranking with my notes)

    1. Jaylen Samuels, NC State—more of an H-back/TE, but exceptionally versatile and productive.
    2. Dimitri Flowers, Oklahoma—highly versatile as well, very productive in red zone. Strong, thick and muscular player who can run, block and catch.
    3. Nick Bawden, San Diego State—physical, well coached, had a solid week at Senior Bowl and showed why he helped Rashaad Penny lead the nation in rushing.
    4. DeAndre Goolsby, Florida
    5. Khalid Hill, Michigan
    6. Austin Ramesh, Wisconsin
    7. Deon Yelder, Western Kentucky
    8. Daniel Marx, Stanford
    9. Marcus Martin, Slippery Rock
    10. Donnie Ernsberger, Western Michigan

    Summary: The Cardinals will now be using a more traditional offense where the TEs will be featured more in the passing game and in running situations a FB will be used to isolation block on the Bobby Wagners of the world. Thus, Steve Keim and Steve Wilks need to make a few strong additions to the TE/FB group via FA and the draft.

  74. By JTDG on Feb 21, 2018 | Reply



    With one of my two 3rds, I would take Ian Thomas. Can block and seal the edge, and has good enough hands and size to be effective as a pass catcher.

  75. By clssylssy on Feb 21, 2018 | Reply

    Thank you sir for clarifying with more eloquence what I just said in so many words. It’s always a good feeling when we are on the same page as you are something of the gold standard on this blog. I, too, believe that the 9ers are on their way back! (Not a popular view point I agree) after a brief lull.
    Dr. G…
    I would like for you to explain why exactly you feel that Gabbert has ANY value, especially over someone like Stanton, other than the fact that he is younger. His accuracy is terrible, which is not something that you are going to fix. He doesn’t have the trust and confidence as a leader that Stanton has shown us he has and has not been able to win games for us when it counted, which is what it really comes down to. So Gabbert looks good in a uniform? is a nice guy? has a good arm (however inaccurate) b/c beyond that he just doesn’t seem to have the IT factor of a leader. Seems we’ve been down that road too many times before. On the other hand, we have seen all to often the negligence in developing a talent that is not turn key ready then abandoning the project when the player fails to develop at the pace we had hoped. What are you basing your statement on; I feel like I’m missing something here! I do, wholeheartedly, agree with you on the issue of one day employing a TE who will be utilized for his multiple skillset rather than just brute force and I am anxious to see how McCoy is going to use Seals-Jones and maybe even drafted TEs.
    In other news, I see that Mel Kipper now has us taking Calvin Ridley at #15, something I would love to see as Darnold will be gone and I would rather not “settle” for a QB just to be taking somebody when there are other players we could take who will be difference makers from day one. I also like the RB Derrius Guice from LSU (we saw the importance of a quality RB last season and IMO you can never be too good or deep in the run game) and Interior O-lineman, Will Hernandez.
    Gonna be interesting to see how this new group is “aggressive” in the offseason.

  76. By JTDG on Feb 21, 2018 | Reply

    Scott H,

    You can’t predict injuries like what happened to Luck. The talent is off the chart though.

    That is what I am referring to with Darnald. Athletic, big body, strong arm, competitive, smart. All the traits of Luck. Hopefully for Cleveland, none of the injuries of Luck.

    I can’t imagine Cleveland messing this up and taking McCarrons and passing Darnald, but hey, they are Cleveland. If anyone can mess this up, the Browns can (see 2016 draft with Wentz- 2017 draft with Watson) .

    Keim just needs to ready to pounce on their mistake.

  77. By JTDG on Feb 21, 2018 | Reply


    Lamar Jackson;

    This is the hardest thing about the draft. You see, if I was building a team, I would find a big, athletic pocket QB who can move when needs to, but throws first. Darnald, Wentz, Josh Allen, Andrew Luck, Big Ben. even Bortles, fit my style of what I want in a QB.

    Lamar Jackson is out of the box. I hear the Watson comparisons but frankly he reminds me of two guys The obvious one is Mike Vick. He even flicks the ball the same as Vick.

    But really, if you go old school, Jackson is like the tall, skinny QB the Eagles drafted in 1985. He was 6’4 and 212 lbs , had a pro passing % of 56%, but also was electric. He made plays no one had seen before. Of course I am talking about Randall Cunningham.

    Cunningham struggled with comp % and could make you scratch you head at times, but other times, you thought he was amazing.

    Now, here comes this 6’3″ , 200 lb guy who struggles with comp % but is electric, making plays in college like no one has seen since…. well Mike Vick and Randall Cunningham.

    If you can live with your QB not being consistent , but from time to time, carrying the team on his back like Cunningham did, then you will be very happy with Jackson. I think Watson is more consistent and better pocket QB, but Jackson could be electric.

    So, if the cards offense wants to use a lot of RPOs and has a plan with Jackson, I wouldn’t be heart broken over the pick. With DJ back there, and Larry’s ability to beat guys off the ball, a solid TE who can get down the field and that deep threat, that when the play breaks down, takes off, you could have an offense build around him. Just don’t expect him to sit in a pocket and pick apart defenses.

  78. By JTDG on Feb 21, 2018 | Reply

    Something to think about;

    Was Carson Palmer the reason we are in this mess at QB? What would have happened if that trade never happens?

    2013, Drew Stanton is in charge. Drew would have done OK but it would have become obvious the cards needed a QB in 2014.

    Flash ahead to 2014, Keim isn’t really looking QB because Palmer is there and Stanton is backing up. The team can afford to take a risk and draft a flyer in round 4 in Logan Thomas, which fails.

    But without Palmer, Keim is looking for that QB. Keim said he like Derek Carr and claimed he would have taken him in round 2. But that is because he had Palmer/Stanton. Without Palmer, maybe the sense of urgency is greater and instead of Bucannon, it is Carr.

    Now move on to 2015. Derek Carr is a pro bowler throwing for 4000 yards and 32 TDs with the raiders. But more importantly, he is not injured going into the playoffs (palmers hand). The cards also have money freed up from Palmers contract to fix a couple woes like CB2 or Oline.

    Do the Derek Carr 2015 cards win it all?

    Interesting to think that the issues the cards are having with no QB could be connected to the trade for Palmer. I have come on here and posted that Keims best move was the trade for Palmer, but was it the worst move?

    Just a thought.

  79. By Scott H on Feb 21, 2018 | Reply

    CARDS62 –

    RE: Warner / Taylor comparison

    Are we really going to compare Kurt Warner to Tyrod Taylor? C’mon, man, I can’t go there.

    The problem with TRYING to make the comparison between those two is that by the time the Rams and then Giants didn’t want Warner anymore, he had at least played at levels of true greatness before then. We KNEW he had that capability. Tyrod Taylor? No, he hasn’t shown that yet.

  80. By Dr. G. on Feb 21, 2018 | Reply

    CLSSY – – yeah…I hear your reticence for Gabbert…With what we all know for 2017, IMO, I posted prior that he makes more sense to keep than Stanton only after comparing their stats as I generalized before. More specifics:

    Preamble – – WE NEED TO DRAFT A QB…hoping to find the future.

    * Did Stanton blow out a knee? Gabbert’s health history is not very notable.
    * Indeed, age is a factor if Gabbert somehow blossoms with Wilks.
    * Gabbert is a physical specimen.
    * Mobility? Few LBs will be able to run down Gabbert when saving a broken play.
    * $$$ I’m guessing Stanton may opt for a bigger deal. Gabbert should be reasonable.
    * I mentioned that both have similar TD//INT numbers…surprising. Take a look.
    * Accuracy? With the OLine we had, both men were always rushed…not a good thing for Arians’ penchant for the long ball. Palmer had 24 TDs with 22 INTs his first year with the Cards. That worked out OK..
    * Pro Gabbert? He has been with nothing but sorry teams and about 7 different coaches with little opportunity to develop. I’m thinking Wilks can be an asset for him with a fair chance to be one of 3 we keep…I could go on…be well

  81. By Dan Nicholson on Feb 21, 2018 | Reply

    RE : Palmer trade. Have to say that was a good move to trade for him. No super bowl but lots of wins and exciting games.

  82. By CARDS62 on Feb 24, 2018 | Reply

    JTDG and Scott H thanks for responding.

    I agree with Dan in that Carson Palmer was a gift for us and made us contenders. Very glad he ended his career as a Cardinal.

    I get you Scott on the Warner comparisons. T. Taylor is definitely a huge risk as is my first choice for free agent QB Teddy Bridgewater. I just wanted to give you something to think about as you are so down on T. Taylor.

    I am being realistic with our QB situation and our 15th pick in the first round and other team QB needs. I want to see the following QBs on our roster for 2018 and hopefully beyond. 1st round selection Lamar Jackson out of Louisville, Keep Blaine Gabbert – mobile and I like the way he throws the ball, free agent signing Teddy Bridgewater. All 3 guys can run the same system. and if we can not get Bridgewater I am okay with bringing in Tyrod Taylor.

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