Wilks’ QB input: “A whole lot”

Posted by Darren Urban on February 22, 2018 – 3:30 pm

Steve Wilks, who makes it clear of his conviction in whatever he might be talking about, took a few questions today prior to an open interview session with his offensive assistants. One of the questions was a very basic one, especially for a head coach with a defensive background: How much input will you have on the decision for the next quarterback?

“Have a lot of input in it,” Wilks said. “A whole lot.”

“We’re going to work together to make sure we bring the right guy in here,” Wilks added. “Coaches are watching tape and evaluating as well. (GM) Steve Keim and myself are constantly talking and communicate about our gameplan of what we want to do. Anyone coming on this roster I will have a definite input and major factor in bringing them in.”

That Wilks would have a large say isn’t a surprise, especially after Keim and Michael Bidwill talked during the coaching search that having such QB input was one of the selling points to a candidate. There is little question, however, how strongly Wilks feels about the process and his place in it.

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  1. By Scott H on Feb 22, 2018 | Reply

    Alright, I hate to do it, but I’m going to invoke the D-word. As in Derek Anderson.

    Yeah. HIM. And I only bring it up because Wilks comes from the team where Derek Anderson has been.

    Look, I’m not gonna say I don’t care what they do at QB as long as they don’t go with a particular guy. You can never say I don’t care what they do at QB. But I AM pretty damn close to saying I don’t care what they do at QB as long as they DON’T go with Derek Anderson.

    Don’t do it, coach. I can’t have us getting off on the wrong foot right off the bat!

  2. By NYCardinals212 on Feb 22, 2018 | Reply


    I admit it. I gave you a thumbs down because you are obviously trolling for likes on this one. It was a well deserved dislike. (to be honest though, I can’t say that about all the other thumbs down I give you)

  3. By NJAzCardsFan on Feb 22, 2018 | Reply

    Scott H.




    I hope you are kidding…..

    Why not Max Hall, or Skelton at this point….. NOT!

  4. By jeffcardinalfan on Feb 22, 2018 | Reply


  5. By Scott H on Feb 22, 2018 | Reply

    NYCardinals212 –

    New York….yeah, that explains it.

    Trolling for likes? ME? Dude, you must be high.

    If you ever paid attention to my posts at all, you would know how bitter I was about the whole Derek Anderson thing. That is where that came from.

    Feel free to continue giving my posts negative ratings. And do so knowing that I never, have never, will never “troll” for likes.

    BTW, I’m getting slammed for that post, so…. so much for your theory. Good call.

  6. By Scott H on Feb 22, 2018 | Reply

    NJAzCardsfan –

    Maybe you’re too close to New York!

    Too bad people don’t pay attention to what goes on around them. When our last HC was hired, what was the first thing he did? He brought in Drew Stanton, a back-up QB from the team he’d just been with previously.

    In reality as we know it, new head coaches do that. They bring people over with them from where they were before.

    And, yeah, I hope you’re right and I AM being ridiculous. But Derek Anderson was still on an NFL roster as of the end of the 2017 season, wasn’t he?

  7. By Charley Shurtz on Feb 22, 2018 | Reply

    nothing else matters nd you are so right jeffcadinafan if the Line is not improved Ironman would be on his back

  8. By Coach K on Feb 22, 2018 | Reply

    I would not be surprised if the Cardinals move back in this draft if the top four QB’s go in the top six picks.

    If so, It makes sense to move down to perhaps 21 or 22, and pick up an extra second round pick and still land a young quarterback like Rudolph or even Jackson lower in round one. Or, if you get an extra second round, take Mike White in round two.

    That’s five picks in the first three rounds. You can build one heck of a good draft with a 1, two 2’s and two 3’s. If the top QB’s go fast, I would move down and load up on talent. Take a QB like White in round two, and maybe another QB in round five like Luke Falk. We will surely hit on one of them.

    I hope Keim does not reach and trade up ricking too much if similar QB talent can be found later. Rudolph, Jackson, White, Falk. All could be developed into good quarterbacks. So if the top guys all go early, we go to plan B.

  9. By jeffcardinalfan on Feb 23, 2018 | Reply

    charley shurtz

    we were spoiled by the ol of the 70’s-dierdorf, banks, young, dobler, finnie, brahaney-i think they still hold the record for fewest sacks given up in a season and that was with jim hart at qb-not very mobile. lomax’ line with tootie robbins and luis sharpe wasn’t terrible but if jake hadn’t been very mobile cards wouldn’t have made playoffs in 98. then denny green decides that leonard davis was a tackle? really…back then I predicted he would become allpro at guard and he did with the cowboys. for years my son got fed up with me yelling for cards to get left tackle…I knew joe Thomas probably wouldn’t be available when cards picked In his draft year but I still collapsed onto the floor when Cleveland drafted him. then we sign veldheer and there was joy in mudville, but then cards draft hunphries-a left tackle that they tried at right tackle with bad results, so he is moved to left tackle, valdheer to right and valdheer looked lost. there are several allpro guards available in free agency-cards have got to get at least one. so we are back to sk’s (and green’s for that matter) biggest weakness is in OVEREVALUATING ability of guys on the roster resulting in horrible ol depth and lack of a 2nd corner.

  10. By RBledsoe on Feb 23, 2018 | Reply

    There is an advantage of having a defensive orientated coach in your QB search. It was his job as a DC to identify the QBs strengths and weaknesses. To then exploit those weaknesses in his game plans.

    Have those eyes for the position allows him to offer constructive opposing views in the discussions with the GM, OC and QB coach.

  11. By faster on Feb 23, 2018 | Reply

    scott h, usually i don`t agree with you, but it looks like you are right about anderson.

    if the team would like to get the best backup, they would have signed stanton until now.

    anderson? jesus, and then a trade up for a high risk draft? with the known sucess the cards had a the qb position in the draft (thats sarcasm, if you are a newbee at reading).

    i can only hope they will wait until the last possible moment, so we can dream about OUR dreamteam.

  12. By Coach K on Feb 23, 2018 | Reply

    We must focus on drafting at least two offensive linemen in the first five picks. Unless a defensive stud player like Tim Settle is an option at one of the third round picks. We MUST get push up the middle of the defensive line. This will only help our D-ends get more sacks and give our secondary more picks.

    A Big man in the middle changes everything.

    But as was said earlier, if we don’t get strong on the offensive line, nothing else matters. Yes, we need a QB of the future, but not by giving up too much to move up. According to B.A., there may be as many as eight starter quality quarterbacks in this draft. So no need to panic.

    One good bridge guy and one future starter and we’re good. Even if the bridge is Stanton or Gabbert, that’s fine with me as long as we get our future QB in this draft.

  13. By JCH on Feb 23, 2018 | Reply

    HAHA Yeah
    Emmmmmmm i don’t know what u were thinking when u said what u said at the top of the list. Cardinals need a mobile QB with an arm because Mike McCoy coached a QB with a huge arm “Rivers” and Wilks was around a very mobile QB aka Cam Newton. So cardinals should do good with a like say Lamar Jackson because i think that Baker Mayfield will be taken before cards, and Jackson will be Mobile and the sooo the so called “Legion of BOOM” will have a hard time running deep down the field to chase JJ Nelson then Jackson decides to run for 10 yards or when JJ Nelson gets a big lead he can dime him!!!
    Sorry lol i think we need a Offensive Line and a Quarterback are our biggest needs and i think. Also Derek Anderson is like Drew Stanton he’s a good QB as long as he is a back up QB.
    Derek Anderson would not be a good fit for Arizona we already have one.
    sorry just my thoughts


  14. By Coach K on Feb 23, 2018 | Reply

    This could be the best year for Quarterbacks in the history of the NFL Draft. According to NFL insiders they list the following top ten quarterbacks who will likely become starters in the league. This is their ranking as most NFL likely to succeed:

    1. Sam Darnold
    2. Baker Mayfield
    3. Josh Allen
    4. Mason Rudolph
    5. Josh Rosen
    6. Mike White
    7. Lamar Jackson
    8. Kyle Lauletta
    9. Luke Falk
    10. Riley Fergusin

    According to this publication, all ten of these Quarterbacks WILL BE STARTING quarterbacks in the NFL. Highest number ever for one draft year. I was surprised they had Rosen at #5

  15. By D on Feb 23, 2018 | Reply

    I have QB fatigue. Lets discuss other areas of need for AZ.
    I have a aggressive trade idea.

    We all know Wilkes will need to bring in at least 2 LBs this offseason. Since draft picks normally take longer to learn and excel at these positions, let’s fix the Cards area by other means.

    H. Reddick is going to be a solid player, no worries there.
    I would re-sign J. Bynes as soon as possible as your MLB. He played well in 2017.

    I would go aggressively after N. Bradham LB from the Eagles. The guy is a solid LB. I would offer 3yr for 6 mill per year.

    After Bradham is signed, I would then get creative.

    I would offer the Dolphins D. Buccannon in a trade for JaWuan James at RT.
    Both are former 1st round draft picks and both make similar $. The Dolphins are in search for a hybrid Safety/LB for their D.

    The RT position would be filled with a good RT for many years and the Cards would have a solid LB corp with Reddick, Bynes Bradham as the starters…

  16. By Scott H on Feb 23, 2018 | Reply

    JCH –

    And there it is. I knew there was gonna be SOMEBODY who didn’t even read my post and would somehow think I was saying Derek Anderson should be our next QB. And that somebody is you.

    Dude, you couldn’t have missed the point any worse than you did.

    Read my post again. Or, perhaps what I should say is read my post for the first time.

    Oh, but thanks for letting me know that Anderson wouldn’t be a good fit in Arizona. I actually knew that back in 2010, but….whatever.

    This is what I get for invoking the D-word.

  17. By JTDG on Feb 23, 2018 | Reply

    Coach K,

    What is interesting about your list;

    If you like big mobile QBs with good arms who gamble a bit with throws (gunslingers) then you like Darnald and Allen.

    If you like the game manager Alex Smith type, you like Rudolph, Falk.

    If you like classic pocket passers, you like Rosen and Mike White.

    If you like guys who may not fit in traditional offenses, but can scramble, run and are dangerous outside the pocket, you like Mayfield and Jackson.

    The QB you like has so much to do with you philosophy. A team built for Rosen (see Giants) would not be a good place for Jackson (provided they aren’t changing their offense). So, when looking at the QBs in this draft, you have to decide what kind of offense are you going to be.

    I would say there are only a couple guys that needs to sit their first year. The runners can go right away (MayField and Jackson), Darnald and Allen are like Wentz in the way they will struggle their first year at times but have the highest upside.

    That is what makes the chiefs so interesting this year. Mahomes is a gun slinger, Alex Smith was not. It will be interesting if Reid moves the offense to Mahomes or Mahomes moves closer to the offense. I’m thinking Reid wanted more Farve gunslinging big plays.

  18. By JTDG on Feb 23, 2018 | Reply


    Why not get really creative ? The Dolphins wouldn’t mind getting out from under the Suh contract.

    How about Bucannon for Suh? The Dolphins get 5 million in cap room this year but 28 million next year, the cards only take 8 million in cap hit (16 million for Suh minus the 8 Million saved from Buc )

    Far fetched ? maybe.

  19. By D on Feb 23, 2018 | Reply

    Keim doesn’t have a long history of bringing in knuckleheads like SUH
    (Floyd was drafted)
    I would guess if they want to add a DT to their front 7, they would go after Star Lotulelei who will be a UFA. He isn’t dominant like SUH but would be cheaper and a known quantity by the new staff.

  20. By faster on Feb 23, 2018 | Reply

    @coach k, ” ..We must focus on drafting at least two offensive linemen in the first five picks…”

    i disagree, we should pay norwell in FA what he wants, and then add deepth at the draft, one ol in the 3 or 4 round.

    snd i would offer veldheer a restructured contract as a backup for lrt.

  21. By Hammy on Feb 23, 2018 | Reply

    Whoever the Cardinals draft, trade for or sign in FA better be good enough to read coverage. The Rams just got Marcus Peters in a trade from the Chiefs. Peters has a total of 19 interceptions in just 3 seasons total. Seattle is never a push over, and the 49ers are not far off from a contender. This organization says they will bring in the “right” guy. Lets hope that is the case. As always ” In Keim we Trust”

  22. By Big Ken on Feb 23, 2018 | Reply

    A lot of mock drafts floating around have the Cardinals drafting a two QB’s. One early and one late round flier. And I say sign Norwell!

  23. By Coach K on Feb 23, 2018 | Reply


    I agree with your analysis. You’re right, those pairs are exactly how I see them also.

    The good news is, there is enough talent at QB, Keim doesn’t need to reach.

    We also got compensatory gifts with the highest extra 3rd round pick, and the second highest 4th round pick. We are loaded with picks to do some damage, or to package picks and move up if needed.

    This draft could end up being one of the most important drafts in Cardinal history.

    Good stuff JTDG. We are on the same page.

    What an amazing QB class. Perhaps the best ever in history of the league.

  24. By JCH on Feb 23, 2018 | Reply

    Sorry about that what i said up there. If u cant tell i really want the cardinals to get a qb in the Draft. And i hope he is out of the NFL by the time i can play for the Arizona Cardinals. Lets see im 16 i have 5 more years before i can play for Arizona. Also
    Sorry Again Scott i did not read your full thing and thats my bad.

  25. By Steve on Feb 23, 2018 | Reply

    The Rams are completing a trade for CB Marcus Peters of the Chiefs, he is one of the best CB’s in the league, wish Keim had traded for him. Peters and Peterson would have been the best 1-2 CB duo in the league…..oh well.

  26. By Kevin S Mesa on Feb 23, 2018 | Reply

    Steve, just saw that about Peters. Jeez, the rich get richer…

  27. By Scott H on Feb 23, 2018 | Reply

    Steve –

    Funny…..WE keep having critical needs at certain positions but our division mates keep trading for players at those positions. THAT seems aggressive to me. But we obviously have a different definition of aggressive that nobody but our front office understands.

  28. By Scott H on Feb 23, 2018 | Reply

    JCH –

    My man, I give you a tremendous amount of credit for admitting that. You may only be 16 but being able to admit a “my bad” is more grown up than what many people far older than yourself seem capable of.

    And good luck to you in your future Cardinals playing career! 🙂

    Go get ’em, kid!

  29. By NYCardinals212 on Feb 24, 2018 | Reply


    Frankly, the only redeeming quality of your post was the hope that it was a clever troll. Now that you’ve made it clear it wasn’t clever at all, I’m just a little sad.

  30. By clssylssy on Feb 24, 2018 | Reply

    Like others, I am growing weary of the QB hysteria talk, and after seeing that our other Divisional rivals aren’t asleep at the wheel but continue to build their arsenal of weapons while we do a lot of talking, I find my new found enthusiasm with the new staff also fading. Perhaps if Corner wasn’t one of the positions the Cards were in need of, or if our new HC wasn’t a defensive minded guy, seeing the RAMS pull off the Marcus Peters trade might be a bit more palatable. Now that is what I consider “Aggressive”!
    FWIW, a reminder that we have many positions needing immediate attention, not the least of which is a WR successor for Larry Fitzgerald after this year. With a good, solid team in critical positions and a killer D, the urgency to “have to draft a QB” is a little less Somehow getting three compensatory draft picks seems like the short end of the deal when considering all that Keim gave up last season in letting assets walk. Having seven picks for the draft doesn’t really inspire me when I think back at how easy it’s been for the FO to screw up our draft.. I guess I’m starting to see our stay in the “outhouse” a little more prolonged than I dared hope.
    I think, like many long suffering fans, I’m tired of empty promises, and trite phrases like “very aggressive” (the most annoying buzz word phrase that should be forever stricken) and have resigned myself to a “seeing is believing” position.

  31. By faster on Feb 24, 2018 | Reply

    @scott h, after thinking about anderson, arians was the offensive mind of the cards, therefore he added a offensive player, stanton, whom he knows.
    wilks is a defensive mind, would it not be better for him to add a defensive player or better players? young is allready signed by us for one year.
    and i dream of norwell.

    as for the backup qb, if mccoy needs one, kellen clemens would probably his choice as a player he knows.

  32. By clssylssy on Feb 24, 2018 | Reply

    I’m have no warm and fuzzy feelings for the Rams but geez, Marcus Peters, Tavon Austin, Aaron Donald, Dominique Easley, Jared Goff, Todd Gurley, Alec Ogletree, Sammy Watkins…now that’s how to build a roster! Hey MB & Steve Keim, maybe you should be taking notes and not worrying about being a “copycat”!! I don’t think fans are going to mind …

  33. By Scott H on Feb 24, 2018 | Reply

    NYCardinals212 –

    You be as sad as you want. Not my issue.

    But if my post had ONE redeeming quality, then it had one more than yours’ did.

    Be well.

  34. By Scott H on Feb 24, 2018 | Reply

    faster –

    Hey, don’t spend too much time thinking about Anderson! My post wasn’t meant to convey that I’m really seriously worried about him being our next QB. My post was part sarcasm, part humor. That some people took it seriously is so ridiculous.

    But the very simple point about the reality of how new head coaches tend to bring familiar faces with them from where they were previously….well, that’s about as simple as it gets. And if people don’t get that, then I don’t know what to do for them. But I don’t think that was an issue for you.

    And I appreciated your comments. Yes, I know we have butted heads in the past but that doesn’t mean we can’t connect going forward.

  35. By Big Ken on Feb 24, 2018 | Reply

    Wow. Compensatory picks have been handed out and the Cardinals have the highest, pick #97.

  36. By faster on Feb 24, 2018 | Reply

    comp picks, not only the highest third, but also a high fourth, lets trade, keim.

    @scott h, i don`t need to like you, to give you right, if you to be right.

    hey, i think kurt warner is the greatest quarterback of all times, but as an atheist i also think he has some strange habits, i wouldn`t comment on them, that would be way of topics, :-).

  37. By CARDS62 on Feb 24, 2018 | Reply

    Can not believe some of you are tired of the QB talk already. I love this debate and it is our biggest area of need for 2018 and if we get this right we can be contenders for the next decade.

    Some of you are too young to remember the Bill Bidwill years but they were a plague upon all Cardinal fans for season after season of no hope and I mean no hope for even a winning season or seeing good football. Michael Bidwill has made the Cardinals a place where men want to come now as they know we want to win and we will treat you well. The Michael Bidwill and Fitz years are very enjoyable for me. Not perfect but very enjoyable. Sorry for the history lesson, but I mention it only to emphasize the importance of getting our QB situation correct. The organization is in a good place now and we need a great QB to lead us.

    Coach K – I enjoy your QB talk and I have reviewed several mock drafts and all of them show plenty of the QBs on your list available in the second round or later so your strategy of trading down in round 1 make sense if we can find a trading partner. Wondering which of these QBs do you want to see the Cardinals drafting? With that said come draft day we normally see teams trading up to select QBs so with that knowledge if you are Steve Keim and you think you have found your guy do you move up to get him in 2018 surrendering the # 15 pick and either next years first or this years 2nd?

    JTDG you will like this as the Walter Camp draft had us selecting Sam Darnold at # 15.

    This is what I am thinking about our QB situation in 2018
    I am being realistic with our QB situation and our 15th pick in the first round and other team QB needs. I want to see the following QBs on our roster for 2018 and hopefully beyond. 1st round selection Lamar Jackson out of Louisville, Keep Blaine Gabbert – mobile and I like the way he throws the ball, free agent signing Teddy Bridgewater. All 3 guys can run the same system. and if we can not get Bridgewater I am okay with bringing in Tyrod Taylor.

    Go Cards!

  38. By Jon on Feb 25, 2018 | Reply

    Scott H–

    The Anderson post was not a great one. Certainly not one to defend across the entire thread. Derek Anderson is not coming to the valley–even the mention of that idea–joke or not–is just absurd. All these years later it still feels raw.

    Consider taking your own advice–say my bad and just move on.

  39. By Scott H on Feb 25, 2018 | Reply

    Am seeing where Bortles was locked up by the Jaguars with an extension. I thought that seemed likely so he wasn’t really much on my radar of candidates to be our next QB. But regardless, that is one less QB to be considered and one less team that might have been out there competing with the Cardinals for their next QB.

    As the Vikings seem to be sitting on a bunch of candidates for other teams to consider, I can’t help watching what is going on up there with interest. Although I say that not really sure I would want any of those guys here. Keenum…..maybe? He seems like the best potential bridge QB of that group. I’m steering clear of Bradford and Bridgewater due to the injuries.

    Keenum is interesting. Can’t deny how well he played for them last year. But also can’t deny how he seemed to fold during that NFC title game in Philly. Seemed like after he took that first punch, he wanted to stay down.

    But…..could do worse, I suppose.

  40. By mitchaz on Feb 25, 2018 | Reply

    This week Steve Wilks described what the Cardinals are looking for in a QB:

    “We are looking for a very smart and intelligent guy. A guy that is going to come in and command, not only the huddle, but that side of the ball and the locker room. A competitor. A guy who loves to compete. A guy who has that kind of DNA.”

    It will be very interesting to see what QB Steve Wilks is referring to.

    Ben Volin, who is an excellent Boston Globe football writer, offered his QB predictions in today’s Sunday Globe.

    Here’s his take:

    Jets—Kirk Cousins

    Bronocs—A.J. McCarron on a one year deal, plus a high draft pick.

    Bills—Tyrod Taylor for the final year on his contract and a high draft pick.

    Browns—a high draft pick.

    Saints—Drew Brees.

    Vikings—Case Keenum and Teddy Bridgewater.

    Eagles—Carson Wentz and Nick Foles.

    Cardinals—Sam Bradford (whom Volin called the ultimate “placeholder”) and a high draft pick.

    My question to you this morning: Does, in your opinion, San Bradford meet the QB criteria that Steve Wilks explicated?

    Furthermore–which QBs in the draft meet Wilks’ criteria?

    According to Mike Jurecki—the Cardinals are interested in 7 QBs in the draft:

    Sam Darnold
    Josh Rosen
    Josh Allen
    Baker Mayfield
    Lamar Jackson
    Mason Rudolph
    Kyle Lauletta

    I think Bradford checks most of the boxes, but I am not sure that he is a galvanizing, charismatic presence on the field and in the locker room. I think he is well respected for his talent—but he has never quite struck me as a strong leader. But, maybe I am missing something. Maybe, as was the case with Keenum and Foles, the perceptions of him could be tainted by his years with the Rams and compounded by all the injuries he’s had to battle through.

    What do you think about Bradford?

    When healthy and dialed in, Bradford can sling it, big-time. Love the talent.

    I think that Josh McCown is perhaps a stronger, more charismatic leader, but obviously not quite the talent that Bradford is. if the Cardinals are intent with signing a “placeholder,” would McCown be a better fit than Bradford?

    Could Bradford actually seize the job and be the QB for the next few years?

    As for the QBs in the draft—Darnold strikes me as a very strong student of the game and a solid leader. Rosen is a masterful technician, but comes across as precocious and entitled, which if continued, will not go over well in an NFL locker room. Allen is much like McCown, imo. He has an affable, upbeat demeanor and is highly competitive, but inconsistent production-wise. Mayfield is an alpha—no question about that—he checks all the boxes, but has bouts of immaturity which, if he manifests on an NFL team, might turn off the veterans. Jackson has a quite confidence and charisma. He wins everyone’s respect by how hard he competes and how tough he is. Rudolph is a bit of an enigma. He looks the part one minute and looks tentative the next. But he is highly productive and he battles back from mistakes the way Carson Palmer did. Lauletta turned heads in Mobile with his take charge attitude. He plays with passion and good energy, but may have the most challenging transition from a small school to the NFL. But, hey, Joe Flacco, Tony Romo and Jimmy Garoppolo managed the transition just fine.

    Man, the way Steve Wilks was talking I thought he was describing Drew Brees to a tee. Could Drew Brees be in play here? There were rumors a couple of years ago that Brees had expressed interest in the Cardinals as a team he would like to play for if he ever moved on. Could you imagine how elated Cardinals’ coaches, players and fans would be if they managed to sign Drew Brees? Larry Fitzgerald might rush in and sign a new 3 year contract if that happened.

  41. By faster on Feb 25, 2018 | Reply

    i like the qb discussion, but first things first, lol.

    the rams traded for peters, and it could be, they will release trumaine johnson.

    as i`m not a big rams fan, i do not closely follow them, and know johnson not very good. any ideas, if he would fit in a cb combo with PP, williams and young?

    with a CB like johnson or butler and a first round pick (best defensive player available) our defense could look great.

  42. By Joe C. on Feb 25, 2018 | Reply

    I think we need to temper our enthusiasm for what the Rams did with Peters. First and foremost he is a head case. Read about some of his antics. Second they are using this move to cut ties with Trumaine Johnson (?) hope I got his name right, but an all pro in his own right. So really they are saving cap money with this deal. They may actually be worse on the field. Although I love saving cap money.

  43. By faster on Feb 25, 2018 | Reply

    autsch, after looking at spottrack, and the market value of my preffered CB:
    johnson 13,7 mio
    butler 13,0 mio

    and PP gets 11,25 mio, he would not be happy for a number 2 to get more then him.

    okay, back to the qb discussion.

  44. By Steve on Feb 25, 2018 | Reply

    Darren: Which draft pick will the Cards have to send to N.O. for the Adrian Peterson trade?

  45. By Darren Urban on Feb 26, 2018 | Reply

    Steve —

    RE: Draft picks

    All Cards picks upcoming broken down here:

  46. By Fmr USAF Pilot on Feb 25, 2018 | Reply

    Sign A.J. McCarron (sp?). He’ll BE better than the other QBs on the roster.

    And, draft a QB @ #15 or in the second round..

  47. By Scott H on Feb 25, 2018 | Reply

    CARDS62 –

    Oh, I assure you, some of us ARE old enough to remember Bidwill Sr and what I refer to as the dark ages! It was not a time of hope, that was for sure.

    In regard to the QB’s you want to see on our roster for 2018….a rookie, Gabbert, and Bridgewater / Taylor… question is, where is the veteran leadership coming from?? I think you have too much youth, not enough experience in that group.

    Whatever our grouping of QB’s will be, I would still prefer a veteran like Stanton or McCown in the mix. You need to have someone the young guys can look to for guidance. I can’t see that coming from Gabbert or Bridgewater or Taylor.

    I don’t know that Gabbert is going to be looking to hang around here after being benched with only a couple of games left in a season that was pretty much over. That didn’t seem to say a lot about our faith in him. He might be wanting to be somewhere where there would be a sense of a fresh start. Then again, with a new couching regime here for 2018….who knows?

  48. By JTDG on Feb 25, 2018 | Reply


    I am totally in agreement with Volin. That is very logical.

    Jurecki to me is just guessing. He named the top 6 guys and said the cards are interested in them? Come on Jurecki, you can do better than that.

    As for Bradford, his stats are eye popping with the Vikings, but missed 15 games this year. That has been what has haunted him all his career. Talent wise, we would be lucky to have him. But can’t see a fragile QB behind this line. Hell, Palmer was tough as nails and got hurt.

    You have Free Agency hitting first. So, you have to decide which direction to go. Bradford is going to want a big salary, so then, how do you get lineman and receivers for him. Wouldn’t you have to use the draft to get them? So, can you take a QB at 15?

    The problem is , I have no read on what the cards will want to do. I can tell you what I would do. First, I would look if there was a way I could climb to pick 1 to take Darnald. If I felt that was going to be a no (and I would find that out before FA), then I would look to see if I could climb into the top 5, to take Allen. If I didn’t believe that would happen, then I would sit at 15 and take Orlando Brown to play RT. Then look at Lamar Jackson or Mike White (depending on the offense we would run) in round 2.

    I think I would pass on the named vet QBs and look for someone like Stanton who understands he is a placeholder and backup to be.

    I release Veldheer and Iupati and sign Norwell and Josh Sitton at the two guard spots and I would trade to the top of round 3 and draft Frank Ragnow at Center.

    That way, depending if I could trade up , I would have an oline of Humphries, Norwell, Ragnow, Sitton, and either Orlando Brown in round one or Tyrell Crosby in round 2.

    Then the QB (if I could move up using next years first round and 15 this year), is either Josh Allen (since I dont believe we can get to #1) in round 1 or Lamar Jackson in round 2.

  49. By RBledsoe on Feb 26, 2018 | Reply

    Regarding Sam Bradford, he may benefit from playing in the Cardinal’s stadium. The natural turf and warmer weather may be easier on his knee.

  50. By clssylssy on Feb 26, 2018 | Reply

    Drew Brees has the kind of relationship with the Saints that Fitz has with the Cards. Every year there will be “talk” of these players going some place else but the reality is that they are comfortable where they are, have become something of a local treasure to the community and state, their families are secure in their schools/communities with friends and commitments that make them happy, and the “talk” is hype. Brees, while technically a FA, like Larry, could choose to retire but, IMO, with this current team could also see another SB as a possibility to cap off a career chocked full of records and with little else to lure him away. He doesn’t need the money and who could give him more than what he has in NOLA?

  51. By Johnson on Feb 26, 2018 | Reply

    Lets just make Fitzerald a QB…he threw an amazing pass last season and it was clear that the man can do anything.At least the games will be worth watching next season since at this point the coming season looks a complete loss. Only 2 or 3 possible wins.

  52. By Dan Nicholson on Feb 26, 2018 | Reply

    Derek Anderson is not an option. Remember, he thinks it funny. Cards will get their QB’s , we just have to wait

  53. By NJAzCardsFan on Feb 26, 2018 | Reply

    “Regarding Sam Bradford, he may benefit from playing in the Cardinal’s stadium. The natural turf and warmer weather may be easier on his knee.”

    If Bradford is signed by the Cards, I would seriously doubt he would make it of out the pre-season without being injured with the current O-Line…..

    One would have to ask… How many of the current FA QB’s would actually want to play for the Cards at this point….. Unproven coaching staff, Weak O-Line, Weak WR/TE squad and not a lot of Cap Room…..

  54. By mitchaz on Feb 27, 2018 | Reply


    * We need to move on from Drew Stanton. Glad that he went out a winner, but it’s time to invest in a new group of QBs. I get that if the Cardinals can’t trade up to get Darnold or Allen that the draft options might be limited—although I love Lamar Jackson and would be happy to take him in the 1st round.

    * The Cardinals are not going to be able to sign both Andrew Norwell and Josh Sitton. I love your plan, but it’s going to be tough to sign one of them, let alone both.

    * While T Orlando Brown is a top prospect, but here we go again drafting a 1st round tackle and moving him to the other side as a rookie. Plus, Orlando Brown’s weight issues could be a real problem.

    * It may make sense to rework Jared Veldheer’s contract and then sign one of the top guards, a less expensive guard like Josh Klein (Titans) or Jack Mewhort (Colts) and then draft one of the top centers Billy Price (Ohio St.), Isaiah Wynn (Georgia), James Daniels (Iowa) or Frank Ragnow (Arkansas).

    * Good call on Ragnow in the 3rd round.

  55. By mitchaz on Feb 27, 2018 | Reply


    I agree that the Saints and Brees seem as inseparable as the Cardinals and Fitz, but according to reports the Saints want to meet with Brees’ agent at the Combine to offer somewhere between $20-25M a year. Sounds like they are slightly low balling Brees, the way the Cardinals lowballed Warner following the Super Bowl.

    If that’s the case, maybe Brees and his agent feel out the market? And if so, maybe the Cardinals offer a more attractive package?

    There are also rumblings that the Saints want to trade up for Baker Mayfield or Josh Allen. Perhaps this is why they may not want to make a 3 year commitment to Brees.

    You are probably right, but it might not be as much of a slam dunk at it appears.

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