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Posted by Darren Urban on February 27, 2018 – 5:17 pm

Another Scouting combine is here. It’s shockingly warm here in Indianapolis — I’ve never taken my usual drugstore trip upon arrival wondering if I even needed the light jacket I was wearing — but the rest is the same as usual. The Cardinals’ braintrust speaks to the media Wednesday (7:45 a.m. Arizona time for Steve Wilks and 9:30 a.m. for Steve Keim), and footage shot the rest of this week will end up in one of the episodes of the Flight Plan docu-series. We will also record a special Cardinals Underground podcast Wednesday afternoon, and we will have a series of articles not only the balance of this week but also into next week based around Indy information.

By the time the combine ends, we’ll be within a week of free agency (at least the “tampering” front end.) Here, the quarterbacks have their media responsibilities on Friday and then get to the field Saturday as the draft process ramps up for that position.

But as Keim has said multiple times — and as Wilks also believes — it’s the interviews that ultimately are the most crucial here in Indy (along with the medical checks.) Keim said recently that “maybe you need to take a player who is less talented who loves it a little more.” That definitely makes the face-to-face talks crucial.

Check back here often for all the updates.



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  1. By JohnnyBluenose on Feb 27, 2018 | Reply

    We had a pretty good draft in 2004. We got Larry with the third overall pick and with the first pick in round two, 33rd overall, we got Karlos Dansby. There are still some very noteworthy players from that draft class who are still playing at a very high level. Three of them are quarterbacks Manning, Rivers and Big Ben but I don’t know if there is another team who has two players of the calibre of Fitz and Los still on their roster. We know Larry is coming back but we don’t know about Dansby. At least, I don’t. As far as I know he is an unrestricted free agent who played a lot of snaps last year and played okay for a 35 year old player with a lot of miles on him and did not cost us a lot of money. I know Dansby is not as revered as Larry (nobody is) and he has played half his career in places other than Arizona but I still think he will be missed to some degree if his time as a Cardinal is over. And, if he is indeed gone, who will be replacing him?

  2. By creditcard on Feb 27, 2018 | Reply

    “Little less talent and more heart and desire”, I sure hope Nkemdiche, Humphrey, Chad Williams, Justin Bethal, and Troy Niklas are reading this article.

    This draft has about half dozen college QBs that might make it into a Pro-QB. The one college QB I would stay away from is BakerMayfield. Aside from the off-field issues, and that Oklahoma should roll over most of its opponents, I view Mayfield as mediocre at best. In the Rose bowl the Georgia freshman QB completely out played Mayfield. Anytime Mayfield played against a quality defense, he literally was significantly below average in those games.

  3. By Ken Moroney on Feb 27, 2018 | Reply

    I could care less about publicity and programs in the locker rooms for following the camera as the team conducts business and practice. How about THIS TIME, we draft players who will impact the team immediately, and don’t come back without at least one QB from draft and another veteran in a trade or free agent.

  4. By El Gallo on Feb 28, 2018 | Reply

    -Title Town

    Glad things are getting ready to kickoff in Indy.
    Football hasn’t been far from my mind, not even on a trip to see good friends.
    Got in from Green Bay early Tuesday morning.

    First time visitor and I have nothing but good things to say about the whole experience.

    My friend took me on a little tour of downtown that offered some history of the Packers but my favorite part of the day was at Lambeau Field.
    As you enter the main lobby there are six prominent banners. They each featured a Packer legend from his own era.
    • Don Hutson, #14 End
    • Tony Canadeo, #3 Back
    • Bart Starr, #15 Quarterback
    • Ray Nitschke, #66 Linebacker
    • Reggie White, #92 Defensive End
    • Brett Favre, #4 Quarterback

    Then something caught my eye. To the left (east side of stadium) as you face the banners there’s a towering 50 foot replica of fittingly, their Lombardi Trophy. All chrome, imposing and impressive. Understandable, they won the first two SBs, it’s named after their legendary coach and further they have won an additional two SBs.

    I looked around and took in the sights I felt the history of the organization, their winning culture, the lore. As my friend and I walked around independently of the tours going on, I noticed eyes on me. Was it because we were doing our thing? Then I remembered I had on my Cardinal red beanie, bird and all, and my home jersey over my sweater. It was cold so I had forgotten. Then I understood the constant funny faces I was receiving but to my surprise all ending with smiles, which I returned.

    What a great town, cheese, foods-drinks and people. One thing I noticed and laughed about with my friends was the quantity of small bars all around town, I can picture them all full come game days.

    I must be honest, I was taken a lil with everything I saw there. The devotion to their team but still treating me very well despite being an outsider, all while having my team gear on full display. I can’t say that for other towns or larger cities haha but all in fun. Great time in Title Town.

    Our team also has its special history, it’s lore and its legends. Most recently the likes of Aeneas W., A. Wilson, Warner, Dockett, Tillman, can’t leave out still active Larry. We’re just missing the titles.

    Is it a coincidence that Warner knew what it took to get there? Not only for himself which is difficult on its own but to show the whole team. To press on Larry, to demand more of him. While on their playoff-SB run, Larry wanted more action and then Warner asked him something along the lines of “do you want the ball or do you wanna win?”

    This was all running through my mind as I looked on to all of the Packers accomplishments and personnel they bring in, that are now hallmarks throughout their unique stadium.

    Couldn’t help but think of 2015 when we had our epic game vs them.
    What a trip, in every sense..

  5. By El Gallo on Feb 28, 2018 | Reply

    – Decisions

    How do we achieve and sustain the type of success GB has had?
    Their history has a common variable.
    A gifted QB.
    Starr: 2x SB MVP, Farve: SB Champ, Rodgers: SB MVP.
    Physical, can sling the ball, mobile, tough, but above all intelligent.
    You move onto the rest of the roster and it’s much the same.

    These are the kind of individuals we need, especially at QB. And the guys protecting him. Those are the type of decisions we can take from. Trade, FA, or draft it doesn’t matter. It’ll take a combination of all for depth anyway.

    Much like the Eagles recently. I don’t buy into the copycat notion, you have to do what works for you yes. But it doesn’t hurt to pay attention and see what works for others so you can apply it.

    Do we really need to re-invent the wheel or be a pioneer for the sake of being an individual?
    Yes we’ve enjoyed some success.
    But we’re also still without SB titles.

    Really do implore the organization to find a way to do so while Larry is still playing. I hope they take more calculated risks, get creative, anything at this point, actually be “aggressive”. Do whatever it takes to bring in varied winners. Only way we get back to the big show.

  6. By D on Feb 28, 2018 | Reply

    I could see the following playing out for AZ based on Mr. Keim’s track record:

    QB: He signs a known quantity veteran who would be a perfect QB to help a draft pick, Josh McCown is signed and a decent rate. Fall back option-D. Stanton.

    Then, he goes after Teddy BridgeWater and signs him. Teddy is a Classic great low-risk high reward option that Keim loves to sign on a Prove it Contract. One thing about Teddy, is that he is accurate and his team mates love him. (if MN signs Cousins, if MN doesn’t sign Cousins, then Teddy probably will stay in MN)

    3rd-Keims does his usual mid level QB pick in the draft to develop and learn from Josh/Teddy or Drew.

    Free agency: I see Keim and Wilks signing a few known players to Wilks / Keim and McCoy. Luckily, there are plenty this free agency with ties.

    WR- C. Latimer Broncos, Jar Brown AZ or D. Moncrief Colts (no ties to staff)
    TE- V. Green Broncos or E. Dickson Panthers
    G- -A. Barbre Broncos or A. Boone -AZ
    DT- Star Lotulelei Panthers (I see Frosty retiring )
    MLB- Josh Bynes -Cards need a true MLB and Dansby won’t be back.
    CB- Tram Williams (would need to draft a CB in rounds 2/3)

    I just don’t see how they could afford A. Norwell at G and address the multple other holes to fill for the starting 22. If they can, it would be great, but I am not holding my breath. Josh Sitton would be a nice signing he would be more expensive than Barbre or Boone and better. I would vote for Sitton.

    1st Round Draft pick–He takes the best Right Tackle at 15.
    Releases Veldheer.

  7. By erik on Feb 28, 2018 | Reply

    I don’t think D is that far off, but I have a prediction. The low risk/veteran QB Keim is going to end up with is Mike Glennon. For some reason, he loves this guy and I bet you he will end up on this roster somehow. I hope that does not prevent them for going hard after the QB they want, but I am still skeptical they will pick the right guy. I hope they prove me wrong. I read the line where Keim said they were going to stick to their philosophy and take the best player available. I found that pretty humorous since they have only selected a few good players total in 5 years.

    I still will hold out hope for Baker Mayfield, Mason Rudolph, or Mike White. I know Mayfield is a divisive prospect, but from what I saw, he can ball. He just seems to command respect and I think that is a huge deal. I’m not worried about his attitude as it comes from his passion to compete and win. Remember, Carson Palmer’s “Suck it” gesture to Seattle fans a few years back?

  8. By JohnnyBluenose on Feb 28, 2018 | Reply

    El Gallo. Thanks for commenting about your trip to Green Bay. A friend of mine is a Packers fan and he saw his first game at Lambeau Field a few years ago and he really enjoyed the experience too.

  9. By El Gallo on Mar 1, 2018 | Reply


    Thank you also. It’s not everyday that one gets to see an iconic stadium up close. It’s a beauty, figured I’d share a lil. That’s awesome for your friend. I can only imagine what it must’ve been like to be there for a game. The atmosphere, the noise, the game itself.

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