Being “aggressive” in the search for QB

Posted by Darren Urban on March 1, 2018 – 6:49 am

It’s the buzzword that the Cardinals — and many teams — use this time of year: “Aggressive.”

It came up with both GM Steve Keim and coach Steve Wilks here at the Scouting combine, when both were asked what exactly it meant when they said they were going to be aggressive in their pursuit of a quarterback.

“When you don’t have one, there is no other way,” Keim said, and that’s hard to argue.

Still, both men described being aggressive pretty much the same way they have been talking about the quarterback search in general.

“We will have plans in place for free agency, but again, a trade option potentially, and the draft, it’s all three because we don’t have any on the roster currently,” Keim said. “Whether we are going to keep two or three, we’re going to have to have someone that’s experienced,  and you’d like to be able to take a young guy and develop him.”

Wilks was a little more specific.

“What I mean by aggressive right here is when free agency starts, we’re going to try to get the best one, not only have a plan A but a plan B and a Plan C,” he said. “You also have to look at trades. And then, there’s the draft. We’re sitting at 15. Do we feel there is a guy we have to move up for? All those things come into play when I talk about being aggressive, not sitting back.”

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  1. By JTDG on Mar 1, 2018 | Reply

    Sounds like , from Tyrann’s tweets, he will be released soon.

    The Cards have been trying to work out a new deal, but again from the tweets, it doesn’t seem like it will work.

    After all, if I am given a huge salary at my work, and then they said we want to change it, I wouldn’t do that, would you? So really, I never thought they would swing a restructure.

    Maybe Keim caves in, but it sounds like Tyrann will not be a cardinal soon.

  2. By JTDG on Mar 1, 2018 | Reply

    So, if you are being aggressive according to the brass;

    1. They plan on going after the best FA QB out there. One would have to guess that would be Cousins, but again, we don’t know the offense they want to run.

    2. Then plan B is looking at trades. I can’t think of many guys out there you would want to trade for unless there are those secret ones, say like Rivers, which I can’t see at all. Other than that, Foles would come into play, but really, can’t see the eagles giving him up unless they got a boat load, and the cards won’t do that.

    As for secret trades, there has been speculation the Dolphins would clear cap space by trading Tannehill. I don’t buy it for a second. He was out last year with an injury, but each year he has improved and many thought last year, he would make the jump. I would be happy with a Tannehill trade, but I just don’t see it.

    3. So, plan C is a trade up in the draft. (ding, ding, ding…. winner) They feel if they can jump up, they will get their guy.

    Speculation on the draft is just that, as we don’t know how FA plays out. It sounds like Plan A is to find that guy in FA. I am sure the Broncos, Jets, Browns, Vikings will all look to this as their plan A. It will be the most aggressive who lands their guys in FA.

    What would be ideal for the cards is if the Jets land Cousins and the Broncos land McCarrens. That would allow QBs to drop out of the top 6 picks. Now the cards can trade up and get someone like Josh Allen.

    Of course my first pick is Darnald, but when the dust settled and the cards ended up with Josh McCown and Josh Allen as the two QBs, I would be thrilled. I can’t think of a better situation than that.

  3. By TucsonTim on Mar 1, 2018 | Reply

    Any Cards fans who wouldn’t trade Keim’s entire 2016 draft class for either Garoppolo or Alex Smith? Aggressive? Hmmm….

    Keimageden is upon us.

  4. By D on Mar 1, 2018 | Reply

    Free agent QB’s.
    A lot of names below, let’s look at reality

    Cards need at least 3 on the Roster including a draft pick QB. Doubtful they will be able to draft 1 of the top 4 QB in this draft.

    D. Brees –Dream On.
    K. Cousins–Too pricey for Mr. Keim’s budget.
    M. Glennon–basically an Overpaid backup now thanks to Chi.
    J. Cutler– No thanks
    J. McCown–Backup/mentor/bridge
    D. Stanton–Backup
    C. Henne–Backup
    R. Fitzpatrick–3rd Stringer
    D. Anderson–No thanks
    M. Sanchez– No way
    C. Keenum–Took his team to NFC Champ Game-will be a starter somewhere
    M. Moore–Backup
    S. Tolzien–way Backup
    T. Bridgewater–Could be a Very Good starter
    G. Smith–Backup
    C. Daniel–Backup
    B. Gabbert-Backup
    B. Osweiler–Backup
    M. Barkley–Backup
    A.J. McCaron –Backup

    Trade–Nick Foles.
    Since Philly most likely won’t have their starter for the first 4-6 weeks of the season, I don’t see Philly trading Nick for less than a 2nd Round Draft pick.

    Trevor Siemian maybe available if Denver signs another QB but he had a serious Shoulder surgery and he didn’t play well when he was healthy.

    Out of the list above for finding a Starter that Keim could sign and pay, I would rank them as follows:

    1- T. Bridgewater
    2- C. Keenum
    3- Trade for Nick Foles.

  5. By Big Ken on Mar 1, 2018 | Reply

    Tyrann isn’t the impact play-maker he once was. Too much money for what the team got out of him last season. I’m not saying he isn’t a good player. Best of luck to him.

  6. By erik on Mar 1, 2018 | Reply

    I am so upset regarding Tyrann Mathieu. Keim gives him an insanely stupid contract two years ago and now is forced to cut him. I think most of us would agree, we want the Honey Badger on this team, but Keims poor decision has now made this impossible. It didn’t have to end up this way and it was completely self-inflicted. Hopefully things somehow work out, but who would honestly expect Mathieu to restructure. I don’t think I would if it were me.

  7. By erik on Mar 1, 2018 | Reply

    I can count the good draft picks Keim has had in five years on one hand. Now that he effectively made Mathieu a cap casualty, that number will be one less.

    I know nothing final has happened yet and I am being way over-dramatic. I just get worked up thinking about the state of this team and I think hearing the word “aggressive” being thrown around so much is triggering me!

  8. By JTDG on Mar 1, 2018 | Reply


    The Browns are open to dealing the #1 overall pick.

    So aggressive is trading up to 1 and taking Darnald.

  9. By Darren Urban on Mar 1, 2018 | Reply

    JTDG —

    RE: Top pick

    Wait, the team with the top pick said in Indy they were open to trading?

    I am shocked. Shocked I tell you.

  10. By Rob in Phx on Mar 1, 2018 | Reply

    My ranking for the QBs the Cards should pursue (that are potentially available):
    1. Case Keenum
    2. Trade for Nick Foles
    3. Josh McCown
    4. T Bridgewater

    I don’t think the Cards should spend all of their Cap money on Cousins or trade 2 first round picks and a second round pick to move up into the top 5 of this year’s draft. I think at 15 or later in the first round the Cards could draft Mason Rudolph or Lamar Jackson. They could also look at Kyle Lauletta or Mike White in the 2nd or 3rd rounds.

  11. By Rob in Phx on Mar 1, 2018 | Reply

    The Browns are open to trading the #1 pick because they are not impressed by any of the top Qbs in this draft. Of course last year they weren’t impressed by Patrick Mahomes or Deshaun Watson.

  12. By D on Mar 1, 2018 | Reply

    I am wiping the sarcasm off my key board…wait until the Giants and Colts get in front of the media, guessing they will say the same thing as the Browns.. if you want to send 2 #1 picks along with a 2nd pick to move up…

    Aggressive would be to fly to New Orleans and give one of those Jerry Jones type of deals/offers to D. Brees. Load/structure it to hit the 2019 Cap when AZ will have much more Cap Space.

  13. By Coach K on Mar 1, 2018 | Reply

    When I hear coach using the word AGGRESSIVE, it tells me one thing….

    The Cardinals are going to trade with Cleveland for pick #1 or pick #4

    I am absolutely certain this is what the plan in.

    The question is, what will be offer Cleveland?

    No doubt in my mind listening to coach and Keim, WE ARE MOVING UP.


  14. By JTDG on Mar 1, 2018 | Reply


    Your back to making comments.

    Frankly, after the Wentz failure and then the Watson failure, and the chance to draft a guy many believe has an upside to be elite, I am surprised.

    But hey, they are the Browns. There is a reason they are 1-31 the last two years.

    What was more shocking is how you wrote another article about Keim being aggressive. Now , that shocked me.

  15. By Darren Urban on Mar 1, 2018 | Reply

    JTDG —

    RE: Aggressive

    Just passing on what they said. That phrase seems to be a favorite around these comments. They were asked directly about it. Those were the answers.

  16. By jeffcardinalfan on Mar 1, 2018 | Reply

    no one will believe me but if you could put chase Daniel’s mind and heart into gabbert’s body you would have the next great qb…why chase haS NEVER HAD THE OPPORTUNITY TO compete for a starting job is beyond me just because he is 5′ 11″ and change.

    we will see how much input wilks has as far as being aggressive in qb hunt…sk’s aggressive is the cheaper of keenum, bridgewater, or gabbert foles for a second? that would be wonderful but its not gonna happen…no way sk trades up into top 5 pics!! a gm on the way down just wont spend high pic on qb to develop under next gm. so look for Mayfield if hes there, Rudolph-maybe, or someone like falk from wash state in second.

    tyrann should be gone if he wont take a pay cut-great guy but hurt and not same player he was in past.


  17. By JohnnyBluenose on Mar 1, 2018 | Reply

    Mathieu knows he has been vastly overpaid for the last two years. If he truly wants to be a Cardinal and stay with his teammates and friends he will do the right thing and re-structure his contract. But if it’s all about him and money then he’ll be playing elsewhere next year.

  18. By creditcard on Mar 1, 2018 | Reply

    I’m sorry, every time I hear the Cardinal brass talk about being ‘aggressive’, I almost throw up. When they really are aggressive, it has been a disaster. When the Cards claim to be aggressive, but weren’t; it gives me the sense of an organization w/o a compass.

    I don’t want aggressive, rather I would rather see the words ‘ We have a short-range, medium range, and long range plans, and we are sticking to our plans and objectives. In FA we plan to be smart, and make moves that co-inside with our plans and objectives’.

  19. By Scott H on Mar 1, 2018 | Reply

    JTDG –

    Heck, the Browns might as well deal their first round pick. If they keep it, they can it, they can only screw it up again!

  20. By Scott H on Mar 1, 2018 | Reply

    Darren –

    I hear ya about the questions being asked and the answers given. And I get that.

    It’s just that after awhile, you’ve said all you can say about being aggressive – then you have to do it. It’s like winning. You can only talk about it for so long. At some point, it needs to HAPPEN for the fans to believe you can get there.

    I know, the draft isn’t here yet, FA isn’t here yet, so we can’t dance on those stages yet.

    But…..after last off-season ( and you know what I’m talking about ), I think this is a fan base that is leary of hearing the word aggressive.

    I can say this – considering the extent to which that word is being used by the GM and the head coach…..well, I sure hope they are prepared to back it up.

  21. By NJAzCardsFan on Mar 1, 2018 | Reply

    Keim… Agressive??? Not impressed. Prior history dictates that. All Hat, no Cattle….

  22. By Brett in colorado on Mar 1, 2018 | Reply

    Bridgewater? Are you guys serious? Get your brain scanned!!! As a matter of fact any future ex viking quarterback stay the heck away from them!! Also Trevor Seimen too that guy is a super choke artist he is one of the biggest jokes out there

  23. By p.bailey on Mar 1, 2018 | Reply

    Have seen Staton and Gabbert win games. Why not keep one or both and work to draft a top prospect and allow him to develop.

  24. By clssylssy on Mar 1, 2018 | Reply

    Tyrann is still one of the best backs in the league and if we are honest, nobody but Fitz really played as well as was expected or with much heart or enthusiasm in the last two years. Coming back from injuries doesn’t happen over night but I will give the Badger credit for working his tail off in a secondary that Keim all but gutted.
    Our players shouldn’t have to pay the price for a GM who can’t write good contracts, it’s all a part of ACCOUNTABILITY and not passing the buck.
    Coach Wilks earlier had been praising Tyrann and talking about how excited he was to have a player like him who was so physical and versatile who was like the players he had in Carolina!
    A lot of kids in the community have been touched by Tyrann’s generosity, have attended his camps, and look up to him as a positive role model. I think it would be a huge loss to not only the team but also many future ticket buying fans to allow Tyrann to become a Cap casualty because of our FO’s inability to plan a budget.
    Two words I don’t ever want to hear from our front office are AGGRESSIVE and ACCOUNTABILITY because they obviously have lost all meaning.

  25. By El Gallo on Mar 1, 2018 | Reply

    – Making Moves

    It may be just smoke and mirrors coming from the Browns but given their history you can’t put it past them being willing to trade away their #1 or #4 pick again.
    But hey, let’s play along.

    Pertaining to trades/draft, I hear the word “aggressive” and one of the most outstanding moves of all times comes to mind. The “Herschel Walker Trade” an ingenious plan by coach Jimmy Johnson. Followed by a series of smart moves setting off a chain reaction that had the Cowboys win 3 SBs soon after. That’s aggressive.

    Possible moves we could make with the Browns?
    They’re still in need of QB, but also WR, RB, S, and possibly LT should Joe Thomas call it quits.

    For their #4 pick so we don’t give up as much.
    This year we’d give up our 1st Rd, one of our 3rd Rd picks.
    Next year give up 2nd Rd.
    And then you add 2 players to make it enticing and fulfill part of their needs. Offer HB at safety, one of our younger LTs, or one of our RBs not named DJ.

    We get their #4, ask for Joe Thomas (future HoF) should he be healthy & comes back, and anything else we can swing.
    This would dramatically improve our choice for a QBoF and help solidify our OL. We’d be switching out LTs with them for a proven commodity.
    The players we trade away come off our books.

    It may be wild thoughts, but not too unreasonable to move up to the top 4.
    Idk just thinking out loud..

  26. By georgiebird on Mar 1, 2018 | Reply

    ‘D’ has listed a number of QBs. Except for Brees and maybe Cousins, I think that Andy Dalton is better than any QB on the list. I don’t think it would take much to get Dalton from the Bengals- in fact, they may be glad to get rid of him.
    Dalton needs a change of scenery- he could have his best 2-3 years ahead of him.
    OR we can go all in on a franchise QB and his hand size may not be that important because he’ll play most his games indoors or in decent weather. So while everyone sours on small-hands QBs, Cards may take a chance- But not Baker Mayfield.

  27. By georgiebird on Mar 1, 2018 | Reply

    “Aggressive” means the following:
    “Sooner or later, I’m going to have to take a shot at a franchise QB. Without a franchise QB, I’m out of here anyway in a year or two. So there’s no time like the present to go for the big catch- like I should have done in years past. So considering how I usually draft in the opening round, I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. So here’s to being AGGRESSIVE.

    Steve Keim

  28. By Dr. G. on Mar 1, 2018 | Reply

    A major key to winning in the NFL is controlling the clock, and that starts with the O-Line…not the Ghost of Joe Montana. Yes, it would be supreme to move up to get the QB ((hopefully)) that can become a sterling permanent winning fixture. Still, I would like to see Gabbert stay as one of the 3…with decent coaching he just may be surprising…all the hardware is there.

    But it is unrealistic to think the wins can come mostly in constant aerial fashion…the “”riskit”” stuff is history with this new mgmt crew. The Cards will have a good ground game beginning with DJohnson along with Wilks’ promise of stabilizing the O-Line…and a need for TEs to be “”weapons”” that can also block. That’s going to be fun to see. A decent QB can run a system of quick outs with good team support…can we say Fitz and Seals-Jones to start?

    Somehow not worried about the Defense this Spring…Jones will impact others to “”get it on and Ball out!”” Jones is one of very few that’s worth all the $$$$.

    It’s interesting to see all the things at Combine and read the various personnel wishes with FA and the Draft coming…just eager to see the roster going to camp now…and hoping Keim has fortitude to be bold by turning over a new leaf. I want to ask, “”Who is that new GM who did all that? QB, OL, CB, WR, TE, FS… Be well Cards Fans…

  29. By Larso on Mar 2, 2018 | Reply

    It will be like the years before,
    Keim will adress all positions in FA and take the best player on pick 15.

    Trading up that high will mess up his” Line in the sand”.

    Maybe it will change under wilks, but i have no idea witch type of qb they have in mind.

  30. By RBledsoe on Mar 2, 2018 | Reply

    I would resign Stanton as my Bridge/Mentor QB. His salary shouldn’t break the bank. Stanton’s value is between his ears and his play is not going to outlive a rookie quarterback’s contract.

    I would also resign Gabbert. He still has a lot of upsize and another year of tutelage under Leftwich should prove invaluable. I would see him as a backup and would make a offer that reflects that.

    As far as a quarterbacks in the draft, if Jackson is there at 15 I would consider taking him there. If he’s gone by then I would look a Chase Litton or Mike White in Rounds 2-4.

  31. By JTDG on Mar 2, 2018 | Reply

    D and Darren,

    If the Giants and Colts say they are open to a trade, you should consider that too.
    And yes, if it takes a 1 and 2 this year and a 1 next year, make the move.

    Frankly, like the Rams and Eagles 2 years ago and the Chiefs and Texans did last year, it cost to go get your guy, but it pays off. Let’s see, would you take Goff, Wentz, Mahomes, or Watson ? You wouldn’t even miss the draft picks.

    Also, with a drafted QB, you have 5 years before you have to give him big money, allowing you to sign FAs to put around him (see Rams and Eagles in 2017)

    Here is Keims quote (which Darren, here is where you should pull out your sarcasm)

    “Teams with sustainable success, for the most part, it’s pretty simple,” Keim said. “Find a franchise quarterback and put good pieces around him.”

    Your follow up question should have been, “so with a bad oline and a lack of receivers and no QB, why haven’t you done this over your 5 years? “

  32. By clssylssy on Mar 2, 2018 | Reply

    If we take a step back and ask ourselves who the one player has been that has been critical to winning games for this team, it has been not the QB, but our WR Larry Fitzgerald, who is about to be gone and without any successor in sight. This team can win games if we have the best players around a mediocre QB and a killer defense (which we could have if Keim isn’t allowed to screw that up). Budda Baker is a great young talent but could very easily fall prey to injury as well and hopefully we have learned what the cost is when we have no depth at critical positions.
    It seems that a lot of effort has gone into whipping the fans into a panic over the importance of finding our franchise QB while ignoring the other positions that are even more critical for the Cards to have success (albeit some are carryovers because of past neglect).
    So much is being made about Tyrann Mathieu’s contract and how much it will cos/hurtt the team, when very little has been said about some of the other bad contracts that have helped put us in Cap Hell like the Greshem contract or the AP deal (which not only cost us a draft pick but also a likely forth comp pick since AP had to be treated like a valuable UFA signing).
    Let’s hope that Coach Wilks has enough juice to keep our defense intact and can see the need for our #! WR of the future to learn from Larry Fitz.

  33. By Joe C. on Mar 2, 2018 | Reply

    Clssy you will only be satisfied of they fire Keim. Larry is great but to say Warner and Palmer weren’t more important to team success is nuts. You say the AP contract was crazy? It was a nothing contract. It cost a comp pick but almost saved our season. The Rams had one good year after five bad ones. The 49ers suck but with the ad of Garrapolo you’ve crowned them Super Bowl contenders. The Seahawks are in decline. If you looked at the Cardinals through the same rose colored glasses you look at everyone else we’d be SB favorites. If we land a halfway decent QB and two o-lineman we will be contenders. Good lord its frustrating reading some of these posters.

  34. By RagingREDBird on Mar 2, 2018 | Reply

    Keim’s drafting is the worst part of his GM game. Out of the 40 guys he drafted, how many will give the Cards a 10 year careers? Even Badger John Brown that looked like great picks are to small to last in this league. He had a great 2015 draft class, but honestly Cooper, Nkemdiche?

    He can’t draft O-line or CB. In the Big view his WRs have not worked out. He has like 5 guys from his first two drafts and badger is about to be cut, brown will be gone, Watford already left than came back, Niklas is a bust. It is bad!

    David, Golden, Deone, maybe DJ, to early to tell for Budda and Reddick… That is after 5 years of drafting

  35. By RagingREDBird on Mar 2, 2018 | Reply

    Just looked at the actual drafts…. Keim has never!!!!!! hit on a draft pick in 5 years past the 3rd round

  36. By D on Mar 2, 2018 | Reply

    If you truly believe as a GM that one of the top 3 QB’s this year will be a franchise leader, then the large bounty is worth it. Since Mr. Keim has a new contract, it would be a perfect time to take the gamble to do it.

    The HC in MN, does ask a good Question: “What C. Keenum are you getting, the one from 2017 or the one that played for the Rams. I think McCoy is smart enough that he would adopt an Off that would benefit the strengths of Keenum along with the help of David Johnson. This would also have to include adding one playmaker at WR along with another solid WR addition this offseason. I can make the Case for Case. His stats for 2017-3547 yards, 22 TDs, 7 Int. 67% Completion %.

    Darren-Any stops yet for Steak N Shake?

  37. By El Gallo on Mar 2, 2018 | Reply

    – Mediocre QB

    I’m not so sure about that..
    Can you win games with an average QB, sure. The majority of NFL teams live this existence.

    Quite a difference of winning some games vs winning a SB.
    Go back 5yrs, can you call any of the QBs that have gone all the way and won it all “mediocre”?
    Foles put up a QB rating well over 100 throughout the entire playoffs and SB.
    Played with skill, accuracy, a calmness liked he’d been there before. I don’t see average there.

    Go back 10+ yrs and it’s the usual suspects:
    Patriots, Steelers, Giants, Packers, Broncos, Saints, Seahawks and Ravens.
    All champions.
    The majority of these teams QBs will be HoFers one day.
    You could try and call Flacco average but it wouldn’t stick because he won a SB.

    I don’t see any average ones though.
    Having a great defense and Larry increases our odds tremendously to reaching a SB. Having other quality guys helps too, so I agree with you in that aspect.

    In 2015, once Palmer went down it was evident we were lacking massively. Changed our whole Offense and team. It wasn’t the same despite having a stacked team, including Larry. It even affected our defense, didn’t show up.

    Having a QB that has it all that can galvanize the entire team is essential.
    That’s what we need, if we want to play for a championship.

    If not, we will be mediocre.

  38. By JTDG on Mar 2, 2018 | Reply

    El Gallo,

    Yes, that Cowboy trade was what turned the franchise around. They gave up their best player and got so much more in return because of their drafts.

    You also are right to think of trading Mathieu. If you are going to release him because of the contract, why not see if you could trade him.

    But back to the cowboy trade with Walker. It goes to show , to get something, you have to give up something.

    I see people saying send this guy for that guy on here all the time and 99% of the time, the trade clearly favors the cards. (ie trade Kerwynn Williams for Teddy Bridgewater). Those kind of trades will not ever happen.

    So think, who on the cards would other teams covet ? I think Badger could draw some interest but the contract might scare away teams. Of course every team wants Pat P, Most teams would love a DJ. Marcus Golden, a guy with 12.5 sacks two years ago, could still have value, Larry is not available, but everyone would want a Larry. Chandler Jones would cost the cards huge cap hits to trade.

    After that, it gets tough. An Oft injured Tackle in Veldheer might draw some interest since his base salary is only 6.9 million. Could Iupati, at an 8 million dollar base salary interest anyone? Maybe, but you are talking very late picks.
    Nkemdiche has no trade value. The rest are roll players, young players unproven, or aging vets.

    So, if you want to make a cowboy like trade, you would have to move your best player, Pat P. There are few on the planet who can cover like him. So, a cowboy-type trade would hurt, get fans upset, and if you pick incorrectly, cost in the short and long run.

    But if, say Pat P and Tyrann are sent to Cleveland and you land a QB who plays 15 years, and you free up 15 million this year in cap room and 25 million next year to land a guard and center, that would change your franchise around like Dallas did.

    The two questions; Do you have the guts to lay your job on the line ? And two, can you find that trade partner

  39. By JTDG on Mar 2, 2018 | Reply


    Great points about the draft. Frankly, I really don’t get how he has his job.

    To further you points,

    Keim took 9 players in the draft in 2013. When Mathieu is traded or released, there will be zero players from that draft still on the team. None, Of course Watford is still available to resign, but why?

    The look at 2014, a back up in Karrem Martin might be resigned, John Brown , with 2 bad years in a row, could come back healthy and sign a minimum type deal. And Bucannon at 8.7 million is playing ILB in his last year of his contract. Will he be back in 2019?

    Darren always says you have to wait 3 years before judging a draft. I think his first 2 , we all can conclude were not good.

    As for 2016, I think we can draw that conclusion early. Nkemdiche, Brandon Williams, Evan Boehm. None of them are starters coming into year 3. Frankly, I would be surprised if Williams and Boehm are on the team at game 1.

    As for the big 2015 year, we have DJ. The guy is one of the top backs in the league but missed all of last year. Golden had a monster 2016, but had no sacks after 4 games last year. Was 2016 a fluke ? And then there is Humphries, who has played average in 18 out of 48 games.
    Besides DJ, I need to see more out of 2015.

  40. By RagingREDBird on Mar 2, 2018 | Reply



    Plus the Badger and Gresham contract are egregious, plus Bethel got over paid for a special teamer.

    He pays his guys like it is a way to show how smart he was for picking them.

    Dansby(2 time here) or Campbell . Both in early 30’s playing great in a position that can play to mid-30 in the league. Cards let themselves get out bid by letting players hit the open market.

  41. By El Gallo on Mar 2, 2018 | Reply

    – Herschel Walker trade

    Losing PP would hurt bad, who’d replace him if we go for a QB with the our new Rd 1 choice ?

    That’s why I was thinking our Rd 1, one of our 3rds this year and 2nd next year would be enough coupled with some players.
    But I can definitely see teams wanting more than just HB, especially at his price tag.

    Yeah that’s a tough one.
    Idk if I’d be willing to part with PP or DJ..
    There aren’t too many of them around to chance it, we’d just be poking more holes in our roster.

    I’d probably choose to part with an additional late round pick for next year to sweeten the pot. I believe it’s worth it to move into the top 4.

    Who of our late round picks is still around or productive after a couple years? Bethel is the only one I can think off the top, and his playing time was so low compared to his salary.

  42. By JohnnyBluenose on Mar 2, 2018 | Reply

    JTDG….Patrick Peterson is a shut-down corner but we are not going to win a Super Bowl (or get to the play-offs) because of him. I agree with you. Offer him to Cleveland and get us a quarterback if the Browns want to make that deal.

  43. By RagingREDBird on Mar 2, 2018 | Reply

    If Keim pulls off another Palmer moment this offseason all Cards fans will remember will be the wining seasons and the great Keim signs that have made a huge difference to the team and a fan base that just wants to support a good team. The crappy drafts and bad contracts will not matter.

  44. By El Gallo on Mar 2, 2018 | Reply

    – 2019 Cap

    Moving up into this years darft we lost picks.
    A couple this year, a couple few next year.

    I think we’re ok still, essentially we’d only trade our #1’s and only lose a 3rd this year.
    Leaving 6 picks but having an all important top 1st Rd pick.

    Next year 2019, we’d have the money available to bring in solid FA to fortify our ranks. Despite the loss of draft picks.

  45. By D on Mar 2, 2018 | Reply

    Glad to see where Mr. Keim has admitted that they have had a Bad Run with the Oline lately.

    I would be happy if the Starting AZ Oline for AZ in 2018 would be the following:

    LT DJ Humphries
    LG W. Hernandez (2nd round draft pick)
    C – E. Boehm
    RG- Josh Sitton free agent signing
    RT- Chris Hubbard free agent signing


    Release of Iupati and Veldheer will save $14 mil against the Cap. Plenty of $ to sign Sitton and Hubbard and would be great improved on the Oline.

  46. By clssylssy on Mar 2, 2018 | Reply

    El Gallo…
    Re: Mediocre QB
    My bad for not clarifying my definition of “mediocre”. I consider Brady,Brees, Wilson, Favre, P. Manning, Warner (?), Rogers (?) elite, Palmer, Rivers, Flacco, A. Smith, Eli, Wemtz. Goff, Good, Keenum, Foles, Garrapolo (unproven so mediocre for now)Dalton, Stanton ,Bridgewater, Bradford * mediocre, McGowan, unknown etc. Most of the guys coming out of the draft besides Darnold would obviously be unknown and no better than mediocre for various reasons. I think Bradford can be good when he’s not injured but considering his knee is reported to be a degenerative condition, I would hope that Keim passes on him even if he is “on sale”. Stanton has the intelligence and football IQ, leadership abilities and decent abilities that he could be an excellent bridge QB and mentor. I think he would make a good coach some day at the high school/college level.
    As I believe JTDG and others have stated, if we can’t get the guy we absolutely love and believe in 100%, I think we can get by one of the “mediocre” guys plus another draft pick and use our #1 pick to get another critical piece.
    I know Coach Wilks has said that he is wanting to have a strong run game so perhaps we need to get another good RB & quality TE who could be a go-to guy when Fitz is gone (Jimmy Graham?). DJ may not come back as expected right away either. I just hope Keim doesn’t sell off our defensive assets and leave us thin like he did last year. I am a believer that the disruption of the chemistry we had going had a lot to do with the morale of our defense and them being so hot and cold. It seems just when we get something going good, the FO sells us out and then cries and points fingers throughout the season when our problem was largely self induced.
    I am a huge fan of both Warner and Palmer, but neither were the consistent force that Larry has been for the last fourteen(?) years. He has managed to stay healthy, which isn’t easy in this league, and has been the glue to hold everything together, helping us win games with not so stellar QBs.
    And, as important as the QB is, if he doesn’t have somebody to throw to or hand off to, he’s just another guy out there like everybody else. Consistency is key to winning Championships whether it’s at WR or QB, and we happen to be in need of both!

  47. By JTDG on Mar 2, 2018 | Reply

    El Gallo,

    PP trade;

    I am a huge Pat P fan. Let me state that first. I love the guy, so trading him would not be easy.

    Also, let me state, the Browns may want more than just PP and HB. So maybe future draft picks may need to come into play also. But the way I see it:

    From the Browns Perspective, adding PP and HB would give them some credit that they are trying to build a winner. They have tons of cap room and could sign Cousins. Hue Jackson also coached AJ McCarron in Cinncy, so there is that.

    I also think the HC Jackson can’t be losing another season while waiting for QBs to develop. He needs a QB ready and He needs a number one CB and he needs a safety.
    If he signs his QB, even if he over pays, then he could maybe get Barkley at the 4th pick or add a stud pash rusher like Bradley Chubb to join Myles Garrett or if both are gone, they could add Calvin Ridley. They also have 3 second round picks. They could get good in a hurry.

    The cards land Darnald. They will have 51 million in cap space after the release of Veldheer and Iupati and trade of PP and HB in 2018 and in 2019 have over a 100 million.

    So, knowing that, you can add Norwell and Sitton/Pugh as guards, draft McGlenchey or Orlando Brown with pick 15 for RT. Both are suited to play RT, then look in round 2 for your center like Frank Ragnow. The cards now can run the ball with DJ and let the young QB develop behind a line that can protect him.

    At CB, this team is moving to a zone defense. They will need big physical CBs who can tackle. Maybe you go out and sign Trumaine Johnson. You can make the cap work since you have a 100 million plus next year in this scenerio . I also still think Sherman will be released by Seattle.

    With the two guards signed at 20 million, you have room to sign really both CBs.
    The two CBs could cost 30 million a year but, you can push some money into 2019 and 20. You still would have 40-50 million next year to get DJ and Golden done.

    That’s my rationale for the trade.
    It would benefit both teams and both would be better. The Browns with Cousins/McCarrens and Barkley or Sony Mitchell in a trade up from 33, and a receiver live Ridley at 4 or Kirk, trading into round one, could give them an offense to match a potentially really good defense. While the cards get their franchise QB and cap relief to fix the oline and add CBs.

    Of course, I don’t see either team doing it. That would be aggressive.

  48. By El Gallo on Mar 2, 2018 | Reply

    – QBs
    @ Clssylssy

    Trust me I hear you about not wanting our Defense picked apart again haha..
    And true, there aren’t that many elite QBs out there that’s for sure.

    I just think it’s necessary to go for one of that caliber. But you’re right we can’t forget about the rest of the holes we have on the roster.

  49. By El Gallo on Mar 2, 2018 | Reply

    – Trades

    Now that could definitely work to. We would make up on the back end for sure next year. Financially it would make sense.

    I think we’re thinking the same thing just getting there by different routes.
    It would just really be sad to see PP go if they were to add him to a potential trade.

    We would get set up though. Idk that’s a tough one. And your also right, a lot of the fan base would go nuts haha..

    But you laid out a hell-ova deal there. Nice one if they could pull something like that off..
    If it’s me I’ll do everything I can before I let PP walk.
    Your point is well made though.
    If we win out like the Cowboys did, would everyone forgive? haha..

  50. By Larso on Mar 2, 2018 | Reply


    With a look at the timing of all injuries the last 5 years… the 10-6 no playoff season, the strong nfc back than, darell washington. We had 1 losing season with 7-8-1 and go 8-8 in a season without dj and palmer…..

    it was up and down and went from promising to struggle, every game in five years (exept the 3string qb playoff game and the Doppelganger vs rams in london game) they looked like they could win it, i had fun cheering and see them fight trough all adversity… and i will miss the hell out of arians…

    Keim was Unlucky as hell with the Cb position, i remember a year with 2 or 3 injuries in training camp to the starters at cb2. OL is a hard position in arians offense.

    ok i dont understand our special teams because every draft it was a focus point! 🙂

    I dont rly wanna defend keim or attack anyone…but……………..its just….when i read all the comments, it sounds like we had the past 5 seasons the browns have had..

    He did at least build a good team every year and i had a lot of fun watching with friends, cheering, laughing over arians press conf, wolfleys comments,
    The hail larry, standon following ellington on the sideline, freaking out, so many rlly cool memories from that years. iam from europe and i regret nothing, not paying for the gamepass nor staying up all night for the games..

    Lets hope Wilkis makes gold out of the first round defense picks

  51. By clssylssy on Mar 3, 2018 | Reply

    RE: Keim “unlucky”
    You must be new to Cardinal football or haven’t paid attention to Keim’s draft and FA signings. He has a history of signing players with a history of injury that other teams pass on and so, re-injury is even more likely. In his first year he even drafted a player, Ryann Swope, who had a history of concussions in college and never even made it to training camp! That’s not unlucky, that’s not doing your homework or understanding sports medicine (which you would think a GM would have a passing interest in). Last season, he signed AP, who would have been great BEFORE he was injured or even at a much discounted deal, but, only played six games before re-injury, cost us a draft pick plus a likely extra compensatory pick (2 picks in reality) and added heavily to our Cap number. Same with Greshem, who has been a Cap joke, etc. Keim does his shopping from the discount bin of previously damaged players who have been marked down in price so big surprise that we have so many injuries, much is self-imposed!
    And, while the Cardinals had their share of injuries, football is a physical sport and the team should never be without backup. If we were a team that was constantly developing players we would have that “next man up” like the Patriots and other teams seem to have. In retrospect, we came away rather lucky in comparison to other teams around the league who lost players to sometimes career ending serious injury. we had nobody paralyzed, or with a lacerated liver, bruised heart, multiple serious concussions, etc.
    My hope for this “new regime” is that we would start putting more value on players health, we would do our homework before drafting, involve our team doctors in the scouting and signing process, and also become more focused on development of all of our players so that when we pull a guy off the practice squad, he’s ready to step in without hurting himself or anybody else and knows the actual job.
    If there seems to be a lot of “bashing”, it comes grounded in facts.

  52. By NJAzCardsFan on Mar 3, 2018 | Reply

    Keim… is an idiot in my opinion. The only QB he and BA picked was Logan Thomas. Thomas suffered accuracy issues and some other problems and eventually became a TE for Buffalo. Keim had 3 years to find a replacement for Palmer, but nothing was done about it. Why take a project QB (Thomas) over a QB that was known factor. Now that Palmer is gone, the Cards has a real “crisis” on their hands without a QB. They now have limited Cap Space, he over paid Bethel, Gresham and Mathieu, last years draft was a utter disaster, we keep hearing him say “this is unacceptable” after the Cards losses- but nothing was ever done to correct poor ST play and other issues, then there was the debacle at CB- until T. Williams was inserted into the line up- there still is a debacle at CB position, Keim talks about being aggressive while other teams are making the correction they need to be “winners”…. What I can’t understand why his contract was renewed instead of being released for someone who is really aggressive and smarter…????????
    Hopefully, he will prove his doubter wrong, but I don’t see that happening….

  53. By CARDS62 on Mar 3, 2018 | Reply

    Like to get your input on making an aggressive trade, and feel free to input some names that I do not mention.

    We know New England is not happy with CB Malcom Butler, and New York had issues with CB Eli Apple and Seattle was shopping Richard Sherman last season plus he is coming off an injury.
    Do you think we could get any of these three players or insert your player for Honey Badger and if you could will you make this trade? My first choice would be for Eli Apple and my second for Richard Sherman and I will make that trade. Butler I would have to research his performance more, but would definitely consider that trade.

    My boy Billy Price C/G OSU tore is peck muscle on his 3rd bench rep and now will miss a large portion of his rookie season or maybe the entire season. This is amazing as this kid loves to lift weights and I believe he is the strongest player at OSU or very close to the strongest plus I believe he broke the record for most games played at OSU so very dependable. This will make it easier for us to draft him which I think we should, but I just do not know where exactly we need to select him to make sure he is a Cardinal. JTDG and others where do you think he now goes in the draft?

    GO Cards!

  54. By Joe C. on Mar 4, 2018 | Reply

    Classy, You do realize that a. Keim didn’t negotiate AP’s contract, the Saints did. And B., it is non guaranteed and has NO EFFECT on the cap? I know you are passionate. But come on. And the Cardinals have sucked throughout Larry’s career except when they havd Palmer and Warner. So in theory you could say he had nothing to do with their success. And his contracts have really hamstrung the cardinals over the years. I know, every team is two deep with probowl caliber players.

  55. By JTDG on Mar 4, 2018 | Reply


    I don’t know if Tyrann would be trade bait for NYG.

    The Giants have Landon Collins as SS (one of the best). Tyrann has said he doesn’t like to play centerfield, so I don’t think he fits. Plus the giants only have 25 million in cap room and issues on the oline (several FAs).

    Malcolm Butler is a FA, so we would either sign him or not. o trade.

    Richard Sherman I would love to have but I don’t see teams trading in their division. I have said many times I would not put it past Seattle to release Sherman and we should sign him.

    I could see Dallas moving Dez Bryant for TM. Dallas had issues at safeties and look to release Dez. Question is, do you want Dez? He gives the cards another red zone threat.

    The skins need another safety, but not sure who they might trade. Maybe you could get a 4th or 5th rounder for TM.

    Jarvis Landry is available but they can’t take on any salary. They are over the cap by 15 million.

  56. By CARDS62 on Mar 5, 2018 | Reply

    JTDG great point on Dez. I could see Fitz holding Dez in check for a season or two like he did Floyd and Chris Carter held Randy Moss in check for numerous seasons, and Randy could not even play for Bobby Bowden at FSU and that is really saying something. Definite risk with Dez but definitely a position of need for us plus we are okay at safety so I will be okay if Cardinals make this trade.

    Would you guys go for Butler in free agency remembering how much we will have to pay him?

    NJAZCardsfan – Everything you say about Keim is true. I was okay if we fired him, but did not think M. Bidwill would especially with coach retiring. Just do not understand why we extended him as Keim was under contract for 2018 with a team option for 2019. I do not know if he signed Gresham to make Palmer happy as they both played in Cincinnati but whatever the reason it was a huge mistake. Honey Badger was playing at such a high level I understand trying to extend him, but there was no reason to do it during the season and we all watched him get hurt in the Eagles game. Bethel they just over promoted as he was an excellent role player for us. Keim has made some good moves, but like you I think he doomed us the last few seasons with moves he made and did not make especially at CB for 2017. All of us knew the problems at CB and special teams before the season even started and he did not step up and correct the issues.

    Hopefully he has learned his lessons well and with coach retired will fill more comfortable calling the shots with a new young coach in place.

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