Fitzgerald lends hand to Russell Westbrook

Posted by Darren Urban on March 3, 2018 – 10:58 am

Larry Fitzgerald is a basketball fan, and often watches the Suns from courtside seats. Friday night, he also got involved. When the Thunder were playing the Suns, star Oklahoma City guard Russell Westbrook ended up on his back and sliding hard into the sideline right where Fitz was sitting. Fitzgerald eventually helped Westbrook up, although Westbrook didn’t really acknowledge Fitz’s gesture. (He looked perturbed he ended up there in the first place.

After the game, however, Westbrook did compliment Fitzgerald’s effort.

“That’s once in a lifetime that I get helped up by a great athlete like himself and an exceptional football player and a good friend,” Westbrook said.

It’s remarkable sometimes how all these excellent athletes end up friends. There is obviously a kinship when these pro stars reach a certain level. Fitzgerald, if you hadn’t seen, also had a chance to play some golf with Tiger Woods recently.

Once again, as we wait for football to fully gear up again, it’s about the hoops.

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22 Responses to “Fitzgerald lends hand to Russell Westbrook”

  1. By shane on Mar 3, 2018 | Reply

    to whom this may concern i’m a 38 year old male living in Fla but a huge AZ cardinals fan, now i got that out of the way, lets get 2 a few concerns i have with management, 1st u guys get a coach that is defensive minded when we need a offensive minded coach, makes no sense 2 me but ill move on, now i here u want to sign a sub par QB in Kirk Cousins & then the pay him millions of dollars towards your salary cap is not a smart move, this is what the front office should do if they are smart they find a way to draft Lamar Jackson & then go sign A.J McCarron 4 less money than cousins again why pay an above 500% QB why give someone all that money to play 500 win% football, that is what u do when u want 2 lose come on front office lets be smart for once in the off season please please u guys do want to win right?? well i hope so, lets get smart & get the right QB not an over priced average QB like Kirk Cousins let the Broncos or Vikings or Jets pay for an average QB #be smart & draft Lamar Jackson & sign A.J McCarron please front office..

  2. By faster on Mar 3, 2018 | Reply

    @shane, i agree with your assesment of cousins, to much money for his performance.

    but mccarron? hue jackson tried last year to trade him for the browns, and if mccarron signs with the browns, its a win-win situation. mccarron knows, the coach will build around him, and jackson get a known comodity (sorry).

    if foles decides for the vikings, i could live with mccarron, but i doubt, he would turn down a offer of cleveland, even if it is not as high as from another team.

    i expect a try to get foles, if it works, good, if not, then go for keenum.

    backup, stanton, and if he doesn`t fit, maybe try a young one, hey, a copy of the foles trade from the eagles would be appreciated, and take some qbs who were not drafted as FA.

    don`t get it wrong, i appreciate lamar jackson, but with the results of our team with qb in the first round, better take a defense player, BAP, or trade down.

    keim is one of the better in FA, and well above the median with trades, but drafting qbs in the first round …….

  3. By dynosoar on Mar 3, 2018 | Reply

    Wasn’t A.J. McCarron on our team as an undrafted QB at one point?

    I’m not a Cousins fan, but just saw an article on Yahoo (and no, I usually don’t out a lot of stock into Yahoo News being accurate), but that begs the question, why would Larry recruit Cousins unless he saw something different than I see.

    Why is Cousins considered the best FA QB out there right now when we have others available, including the NFL winning QB in Foles?


    I also find it interesting that so many elite athletes are friends, but they do have the means to travel in the same circles, distances not being an issue if one has the money to travel.

  4. By Scott H on Mar 3, 2018 | Reply

    I think my biggest concern related to Cousins is what I imagine his price tag is going to be. I think he is on the cusp of becoming one of THE most over-paid players in the NFL. Over-paid would mean more than what his ability is and what his impact will be.

    Cousins is a good QB….I think that’s all he is. Some of his numbers would say he is better than just good…..and I take into account that whatever numbers he put up last year, he did it AFTER the Redskins let a lot of WR talent go out the door.

    I just imagine us paying a king’s ransom for him…..he turns out to be less than what we hoped for….and less than what we PAID for…..and when we realize we still don’t have a QB, we will have been set back a few years yet again. And back to square one.

    I just don’t believe in Cousins.

  5. By Scott H on Mar 3, 2018 | Reply

    Larry is such a good guy! But I guess after all the guys he has taken DOWN at Cardinals practices, it is good to see him help someone UP for a change.

  6. By D on Mar 3, 2018 | Reply

    So if the HoneyBadger is released, AZ Defense will need 2 CBs. One outside and one for the Slot. I don’t think anyone would want his contract in a trade. Since the Wilks was a Secondary coach, you know he’ll want to find some quality players.
    How about signing UFA CB B. Maxwell and drafting M. Hughes CB UCF in Round 2.

  7. By Patrick on Mar 3, 2018 | Reply

    If Keim learns from his mistakes, he will become a great g.m. (because he has made many huge mistakes to learn from)

  8. By JTDG on Mar 3, 2018 | Reply


    AJ McCarron was drafted in the 5th round in 2014 by the Bengals.

    Here is what is fun, Keim took Logan Thomas 44 picks earlier than McCarrens.

    As for Cousins,
    he was a pro bowler in 2016. In the last 3 years, he has thrown 81 TDs and has passed for more than 4000 yards each of the last 3 seasons. He has a comp% of over 65% and that is even higher the last 3 years.
    His QB rating is around 97% over the last 3 years and he has played every game, all 48 in the last 3 years. He also rushed for 13 TDs over the last 3 years.

    So in a nutshell, the reason he is the number one QB in FA ? He is pretty good.

    As for Foles, He is under contract and one has to trade for him. The eagles may not risk a trade (I wouldn’t) since Wentz is coming back from injury. Foles will still have trade value in 2019, especially if teams like Pitt, LAC, Giants, dont draft a QB and their QBs retire.

  9. By jeffcardinalfan on Mar 3, 2018 | Reply

    espn reports that cards WILL BID ON COUSINS

  10. By drummer-1 on Mar 3, 2018 | Reply

    I saw something in Cousins when he played behind RG3.. I wanted to go after him then, now i think it’ll be to high of a cost..I still wouldn’t mind having him but a Bridgewater,Stanton and a drafted QB (Lamar Jackson would be fine with me..

  11. By JCH on Mar 3, 2018 | Reply

    Yeah i would say Cousins is a ok QB be smart and draft Lamar Jackson or Baker Mayfield they would cost less than Cousins and prob just as good if not better. Don’t get me wrong i don’t like Cousins i will give him a few points because he is good 60% of the time.He would make a GREAT backup for Tom Brady!! But for real, cardinals should not sign Cousins let the Jets or Jags be stupid and spend a lot of cap money on em we need to take high road.

  12. By faster on Mar 4, 2018 | Reply

    cousins? look at the roster cap spending offense vs. defense, and then start to wonder why cousins did such good numbers:

    i don`t trust him, if he must play in a balanced team. not at this costs. if he would accept a one year proof it contract, but i doubt it, he will want a lot more.

  13. By faster on Mar 4, 2018 | Reply

    @jtdg, if someone puts this numbers in cash on offense, i expect cousins stats a bit better.

    the rosaskins cap numbers in 2016:
    Offense 29 $81,626,831 55.80% 2
    Defense 32 $44,991,794 30.76% 30

  14. By JTDG on Mar 4, 2018 | Reply


    His numbers should be better in 2016 ??
    Cousins was a Probowler who was a tad under 5000 yards, 25 TDs and 67% comp with QB rating 97.2.

    Now, I am not one who wants to sign Cousins as I’ve stated before last years draft many times, I would target two QBs ; Sam Darnald and Josh Allen.

    So, I am sticking with what I said this time last year. Darnald or Allen. I’m not interested in anyone else, but I also am not bashing Cousins. He is good.

  15. By Patrick on Mar 4, 2018 | Reply

    If Cousins wants 90M over 3 years, Keim, PLEASE do not be AGGRESSIVELY stupid! Most of the quarterbacks that are talked about on these boards are system quarterbacks. They are not Kurt Warner, Drew Brees, Peyton Manning types that can read a defense at the line of scrimmage.

  16. By Dr. G. on Mar 4, 2018 | Reply

    Although it’s Fitz, our main man…seems there is no interest in the social media travels outside football here regardless who it is. Cards Fans, not following the subject line, wanna talk the game and the personnel. Gotta have a filler, I guess in off-season.

    The time is nearing for the CRITICAL decisions regarding possible trades, FA ((minus costly Cousins)), and some obvious cuts to convince the Fans that Mgmt really does want a winner NOW…not just to rebuild.

    Throughout this blog, the consistent theme is this ~ with about 5 or 6 key pieces, we can have a product that other teams fear…starting with 2 QBs. Aggressive? Prove it SK…the Fans can learn to love you if you show fortitude. Don’t disappoint, please. No 2nd guesses here.

    An intriguing prospect~ JTDG’s repetitive thought ~ package P2 & Badger for #1 pick. Yep! ((Caveate – we might get our QB at #4 as well if Browns buy Cousins))

    The best philosophy~ “”there are NO rebuilding years. Be well, Cards Fans

  17. By Steve on Mar 4, 2018 | Reply

    Looks like the Vikings will get Cousins.

  18. By NYCardinals212 on Mar 4, 2018 | Reply

    “System quarterbacks”, huh? Rarely do NFL team’s incorporate a “system” that requires the QB to read a defense, right? And I’m not sure that a current Hall of Fame QB and two future ones would be the right measuring stick for that ability anyway.

  19. By faster on Mar 5, 2018 | Reply

    @jtdg, cousins is good, but is he good for 30 mio? that`s what i doubt.

    look at bortles , he got for three playoff games last year 20 mio and no guaranties. and cousins has first to show, he can carry a team to the playoffs and win.

  20. By Hammy on Mar 5, 2018 | Reply

    @Shane I am also a huge Arizona Cardinals fan living in the beautiful state of Florida, 34 years old I might add. I dont necessarily agree with your post about having a defensive minded coach when our obvious need is to fix the offense. In my humble opinion we already addressed that with Mike McCoy as our offensive coordinator. Also I believe defensive minded head coaches can see the field better than offensive coaches. They can read defenses and make adjustments accordingly. If Cousins is available and wants to sign here then offer him the most money we can without compromising the rest of our team. Cousins is the type of player who you can win now with! Not over hyped but very productive for a second round draft pick years ago.Trade Honey Badger and get some value for him now if you can. We are almost back to being a serious contender. Just a few players away.

  21. By D on Mar 5, 2018 | Reply

    After the Combine-

    I really like the Guard from UTEP- W. Hernandez. He put up 37 reps on the bench, weighs 330lb and can move for a big guy. He is M. Iupati 10 years younger. The total package for a Left Guard.

    If AZ signs a QB in free agency which they wouldn’t need to draft a QB in Round 1–I would be fine if AZ moved back in Round 1, pick up additional draft picks and draft/take W. Hernandez. He could be a Starting LG his rookie year.

  22. By Coach K on Mar 5, 2018 | Reply

    I would not move up in this draft unless I am sure I can get either Sam Darnold or Josh Allen. I like Allen even more than Darnold, but these are the only two i see worthy of a move up to the top four picks.

    If the price is too high, I say draft Vita Vea, or Mike McGlinchey both solid plug and play starters.

    Reaching for any other QB is simply not worth it. We need to address the offensive line and middle of the defensive line. Both Vea or McGlinchey upgrade both sides of the ball immediately.

    I hope we can get Darnold or Allen, but those are the only two worth moving up for in this draft.

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