Windows and sea(hawk) change in the NFC West

Posted by Darren Urban on March 8, 2018 – 12:48 pm

The so-called “windows” all stay open for only so long in the NFL. That doesn’t mean a team can’t sustain competitiveness, or that any success must be followed with a significant down period. But rosters turn, great players get older, and the equation always changes. The Cardinals have gone through a ton of change this offseason, transitioning from Bruce Arians to Steve Wilks as coach and seeking out a quarterback now that Carson Palmer has retired. It demands the focus locally, but clearly, it’s not the only transition going on in the NFC West.

The Seahawks have traded away star defensive end Michael Bennett. Star cornerback Richard Sherman, coming off a major Achilles injury, looks like he very soon will become an ex-Seahawk. Safety Earl Thomas is reportedly on the trading block, and the future of defensive cogs defensive end Cliff Avril and safety Kam Chancellor is very much in doubt. And that doesn’t even include the fact coach Pete Carroll blew out the majority of his coaching staff and brought in new guys.

The Rams were on the upswing last season and it looks like — although not guaranteed — that the 49ers are trending the same. Everyone is waiting to see what the new versions of both the Cardinals and Seahawks will look like. It’s one thing to have Avril or Bennett not around. It’s quite another to think that Sherman might not be a Seahawk, especially when it comes to playing Larry Fitzgerald and the Cardinals.

The division definitely has a different feel to it.

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  1. By JTDG on Mar 8, 2018 | Reply

    If I opened a Genie bottle and got to be the GM of the cards, I thought how I would approach this team at this point. I know this is long. Sorry.

    After watching tape and thinking about how to work the cap, the situation the cards are in and the coaching staff, and their philosophy, if I was placed in the GM spot, here is how I would attack it.

    First Free Agency;

    The cards have many needs but not much cap room. The cards trade Tyrann Mathieu for a late 4th round pick freeing up 5 million in cap room. After the release of AP , Veldheer, Iupati,and Shipley, Trade or release Bucannon. the cards have 52 million million in cap space. Therefore they sign;

    – G Andrew Norwell – 5 years 60 million (same as Kevin Zeitler last year), the cap hit would be 8 million for 2018. Why? Dominate guard who played for Ray Brown in Carolina. Will play LG

    – DE Daquan Jones – 4 years 32 million, cap hit 6 million in 2018. Why? will pair with Corey Peters and Olsen Pierre to give the cards a very good Dline.

    – QB Josh McCown – 2 years 12 million, cap hit of 6 million. Why? Perfect bridge QB for a rookie.

    – CB Richard Sherman once released. 3 years 39 million, 13 million cap hit. Why? Goes without saying.

    – Resign, Josh Bynes (2 years 4 million cap hit 1.5), Kareem Martin 1 year 1 million, John Brown 1 year 1 million

    Roughly Remaining cap for rookies , ect = 15 million


    First, I love Sam Darnald. He is my first choice. My second Choice is Josh Allen. My Third Choice is Lamar Jackson. Why Jackson? If the cards become a run first team, he can put so much pressure on defenses with RPOs.

    Pick 15 – Lamar Jackson QB / Josh Allen if he falls
    I would do whatever to trade up for Darnald but I don’t know if the cards can move up and I feel Sam Darnald and Josh Allen are picked in the first 4 picks. So, I look at the QBs left. I think there are 4 guys I believe could be Franchise QBs ; Darnald, Allen, Rosen and Jackson.
    You can not pass on a franchise QB and although I love Darnald and Allen, I can’t get them, so I choose Jackson with the 15th pick. If Josh Allen falls, he is my guy. But I doubt he falls.

    Pick 47 – Billy Price – Center
    Many believe he won’t be on the board, but there are 9 OL in front of him. Plus he has a torn pec, which may cause him to drop. I think he will be there at 47 and he gives the cards a really good center with guards Smith and Norwell on each side. If Price is selected,
    Second option – Frank Ragnow -center

    Pick 79 – Braden Smith – G
    Will step in and play RG day one. A Kevin Zeitler type power blocker. Perfect with Price and Norwell.

    Pick 97 – Deon Cain – WR
    Cain is big and fast and would be a nice deep threat for Jackson. Give cards a legit 2nd receiver to pair with Fitz. If he is gone, Michael Gallup would be an excellent choice.

    Pick 134 – John Kelly – RB
    Love this kid. He is a tough runner and can catch the ball. In 2009, a Tennessee RB was overlooked (Arian Foster). This kid is just as good. If Wilks plans on running the ball a lot, he could come in and spell DJ. And if DJ is expecting 14 million a year, he could take over next year.

    Pick 152 – Kameron Kelly – FS
    Lots of range, good size and speed. Played CB this year but was a safety before. Plays behind Bethea in 2018 and could have a shot at starting in 2019. ST and back up in 2018.

    Pick 254 – Trey Walker – S/CB
    He can play both. Is 6’2, 200 lbs and runs a 4.5, with long arms. Sounds like a guy Wilks could turn into a player.

    If you could swing a trade for Badger or Bucannon;
    D’Montre Wade – CB
    Who? Small school guy with loads of talent. Wilks has a history of guys like Josh Norman and Bradbury, who became very good CBs who came from small schools. He will be perfect to play behind Richard Sherman in 2018, and possibly play nickle.

    OLB – Chandler Jones
    DE – Olsen Pierre
    NT – Corey Peters
    DE – Daquan Jones
    OLB – Marcus Golden
    ILB – Josh Bynes
    ILB – Hassan Reddick
    CB – Pat Peterson
    CB – Richard Sherman
    SS – Budda Baker
    FS – Antoine Bethea

    LT – Humphries
    LG – Norwell
    C – Price or Ragnow
    RG – Smith
    RT – Holden
    TE – Jones -Seals
    WR – Fitz
    WR – Cain
    WR – John Brown ??
    RB – DJ
    QB – McCown till Lamar Jackson takes over.

    OK, I am on record. Here is what I would do if I were in charge of the cards. And yes, the cap money works and the draft spots are legit.

  2. By Big Ken on Mar 8, 2018 | Reply


    I like Braden Smith or Ragnow in the second round. I think the Cardinals will pay DJ the 14 million. Nothing against your John Kelly but he is kinda small.

  3. By D on Mar 8, 2018 | Reply

    Changes in the division
    The Ogletree trade by the Rams to NY surprised me, he was their best tackling LB.
    As for the SeaChickens, they did get a ring, something AZ was unable to do in Carson’s window. Cards have a lot of work to do, it won’t happen over night.
    (unless D. Brees comes here)

  4. By Scott H on Mar 8, 2018 | Reply

    Wow, they are really breaking up the band up there in Seattle. But at least they can say they got a SB win ( and they SHOULD HAVE had two ) while the band was together.

    We had a pretty good band ourselves during the Bruce Arians / Carson Palmer era. But no rings to show for it.

  5. By dynosoar on Mar 8, 2018 | Reply


    that was a long story.

    I can go with most all of it. I still want to keep Tyrann Mathieu as I believe we will miss him more in two years than we’ll miss the $5 mil.

    Between you and Darren, I’m becoming intrigued by Jackson.

    So is it possible in your world to trade for a Dalton or Rivers, keep HB and still fulfill your GM wish list?

  6. By dynosoar on Mar 8, 2018 | Reply

    Big Ken,

    Maurice Jones-Drew, 5’7″ and 207
    John Kelly, 5’9 and 205, he could use the weight room.

    But in 2017 he had
    189 carries, 37 receptions for 1077 total yards, 9TDs and 0 fumbles on an imploding Tennessee Volunteers team. He may be big enough.

    Would you draft a RB? If yes, who do you like? I’d probably also lean to paying DJ the $14 mil, but as we’ve seen, we can’t have too many backs.

  7. By Dr. G. on Mar 8, 2018 | Reply

    JTDG = good analysis as usual, but I have 2 men you may reconsider: Jackson and Sherman.

    We agree on Mayock’s general observations. As for Jackson, I think he is a dice roll except for a later round…accuracy is “”the biggest deal”” for QBs. He needs to prove that…such a great athlete though. But, I hear the RPO argument.

    RSherman = respecfully, just “”no way.”” After Achilles work on both ankles, he will never be the same. It takes superior abilities for leaping and direction changes to be a really good CB in the NFL. He will always run scared in addition to having notable reduced skill. These issues can be harder to rehab than ACLs and can have less than similar recovery. ((I had a friend on a tennis circuit blow out an Achilles… despite super skill…never the same.))

    Your strategy in general is well thought still trading P2++ to move up?

  8. By JTDG on Mar 8, 2018 | Reply

    Big Ken,

    John Kelly doesn’t look small. The kid is tough and can play. I think this guy could surprise people. I guess, if you get the rookie QB, you can pay DJ for a little while. I’ll buy that.

  9. By JTDG on Mar 8, 2018 | Reply


    If you could tell me how he will be used, and that he will be back 100%, maybe. But , he really isn’t a safety and he can’t stay with someone in the slot. But since Wilks will be playing 80% zone, and he has good instincts, I can buy the argument to keep him. But 14 million for a guy who doesn’t really have a spot?? If it was 8 million, I’m on board for sure. 14 mil, not sure.

    Dalton , Rivers
    I don’t see any reason those two teams would trade their QB. It could happen, but I really would be shocked. Let me put it this way, if they are good enough that you want them, why would the chargers and bengals not want to keep them?

  10. By JTDG on Mar 8, 2018 | Reply

    Dr. G;

    Pat P trade;
    I just dont see the Browns making a move. It could be BS, but I think they want to land both Barkley and a QB. I think they take Barkley at 1 and Josh Allen at 4.
    If the Giants want to trade out of the two spot, I think the browns (loaded with picks) will move up to 2. I think it would be worth a call, but if I was the browns, I would want to walk away from this draft with those two guys.

    As for Jackson;
    I agree, as a traditional passer, he isn’t good enough. But he is Mike Vick.
    Here is what he does.
    – He makes DEs stay their ground on run plays because he could boot or option and keep the ball.
    – He makes pass rushers stay in their lands and try to keep him in the pocket, helping the oline in protection.
    – He makes the other team have a spy, taking someone out from rushing or dropping into coverage, which BTW, there isn’t going to be a spy as fast as him.
    – He becomes the focus for defenses, getting Fitz or Seals-Jones single coverage down the field.
    -If he gets outside on a scramble, DBs have to decide, go get him or cover. And with his speed, he can blow by DBs.
    – He is faster and better runner than Russell Wilson. His arm is strong.

    Now he will, like Randall Cunningham and Mike Vick. Both have a 56% comp ratio. Vick had years he was in the 40’s. But, man he had an impact on the game.
    Watching old games of Vick and games of Jackson, I began to come around.

    Of course, I am traditional, and like my QBs like Darnald or Allen, but Jackson, in the right offense, could be special.

  11. By jeffcardinalfan on Mar 8, 2018 | Reply

    if you draft kackson you have to go all in with the rpo’s and tailor offense to his strengths…something cards have historically not done…maybe wilks is more flexible but I just don’t know bout McCoy.

  12. By Joe C. on Mar 8, 2018 | Reply

    JTDG- Only critique is your riding on an injured rookie center, a rookie RG, and a back up RT. I think you need two FA Oline and I’d sure want to confirm Prices availability. If Boehm was serviceable you could ride him until price was healthy. I’d swap Daquan Jones for an Olineman. Not sold on Sherman either but another FA for that spot is fine.

  13. By creditcard on Mar 8, 2018 | Reply

    Rams traded a 5th round pick for Aqib Talib. Talib will be back with Wade Phillips, plus they have Peters — Phillips will be able to do many inventive defenses with two outstanding corners.

    Rams are making noise. Dang it.

  14. By dkerry5242 on Mar 8, 2018 | Reply

    Rams are not afraid to make trades and improve their club while the Cards pussy foot around and sit on their hands. Another disappointing season ahead.

  15. By drummer-1 on Mar 8, 2018 | Reply

    People sure do like to whine about what the Cards not doing.. It makes me sick when i hear they did why can’t we, we suck another bad season 1-15.. People need to grow up.

  16. By Dan Nicholson on Mar 8, 2018 | Reply

    That was a well designed way of working the cap and roster JTDG.
    I am sold on it, just don’t know if another team takes Mathieu ‘s contract. I am a Darnold fan too & even though it was long it had to be to state your points. I really think Kirk Cousins is Arizona bound after running into Fitzgerald and Bickley saying on radio he got good vibes from Larry

  17. By Jeff A on Mar 8, 2018 | Reply

    JTDG –

    You left out the option of a pay cut for HB. Big contract and coming off the injury years and less than stellar last year. That’s a recipe for a renegotiation.

    And too much money for an older CB with serious health issues. I respect Sherman’s abilities, but really worry about this injury. Too many eggs in that basket when it could be used elsewhere.

  18. By Big Ken on Mar 9, 2018 | Reply

    Sorry about that JTDG. I was looking at some bad numbers. lists John Kelly at 5′-10″ and 216 lbs. They gave him a Prospect Grade of 5.51 and a good analysis.

  19. By JTDG on Mar 9, 2018 | Reply

    Joe C,

    “JTDG- Only critique is your riding on an injured rookie center, a rookie RG, and a back up RT.”

    I agree, but this was never a plan to win in 2018. I was thinking more about the Eagles and Rams models.

    Both teams drafted their QB, then evaluated how to use them and areas of need on the team. Then, the next year they made their moves. Rams won the west, and are now making moves to get to the next level and the Eagles won it all.

    An injured center who sat out the first 4 games, a rookie guard and back up RT will all have experience to make that leap in 2019. We also would find out in Humphries can play 16 games.

    But most of all, I believe you use McCown for the first 4, 6, 8, 10 games till you fill Jackson is ready and you are ready for Jackson.

    By the end of 2018, you will know the directions to go to get to the next level and fully understand how to use Jackson to get to the playoffs/superbowl.

    Several have voiced their opinion about Sherman, and maybe , that doesn’t shake out. Of course medical will play a huge part before any signing and I would not make the move till I felt he was ready to go.

    What I like, he can play zone, tackle and is a ball hawk. But I could be open to D’Montre Wade with a 4th round pick and resigning T. Williams, till Wade is ready.
    BTW, that move would allow us to keep Bucannon one more year.

  20. By JTDG on Mar 9, 2018 | Reply

    Jeff A,

    I addressed HB. I said we would trade or release. I know I wrote a lot and it would be easy to miss.

    As for Sherman, see what I just wrote to Joe C.
    I get the concern.

  21. By JTDG on Mar 9, 2018 | Reply

    Dan Nicholson,

    Signing Cousins would really change things. It would be a huge cap number every year, preventing the team from resigning players, as we saw in the Palmer era.

    I think Cousins is solid, but he needs a line and receivers. I think we would look at the Dynosoar draft of all olineman in this case.

    My biggest concern is this; does signing Cousins not allow you to sign Golden, DJ, and others ?

  22. By JTDG on Mar 9, 2018 | Reply


    Just remember McCoy was the OC when he revamped the offense for Tebow.

    The biggest difference with Tebow and Jackson is speed. Tebow ran with power , many times between the tackles. Jackson will run everywhere and if he finds a crease, look out, he is gone.

    Don’t forget, with Tebow (I think Jackson is better) , the Broncos went to the playoffs and knocked off the Steelers. What would have happened year two if Elway didn’t pull the plug?

    Same thing here with a guy with better running skills and speed, not to mention quicker release and better arm.

  23. By clssylssy on Mar 9, 2018 | Reply

    I’m not a big fan of the Rams but sure have to respect the way they are building their organization . It’s obvious that they had high hopes for the SB last season and after having to swallow a bitter pill are determined to do what it takes to build themselves a war machine that will take them farther this year. A new billion dollar stadium, young progressive minds creating the blueprint, an owner who isn’t afraid to put his money where his mouth is, now that’s AGGRESSIVE! Between tje Rams & 9ers (even a retooled, younger Seahawks), I’m feeling like the Cards missed their small window of opportunity.
    This time of year can be so depressing. Thank God we have March Madness!!!

  24. By Big Ken on Mar 9, 2018 | Reply

    No team will trade for HB considering that contract he has. He’ll be released for sure.

  25. By Scott H on Mar 9, 2018 | Reply

    UP-DATE – Sherman has been released!!!

  26. By Big Ken on Mar 9, 2018 | Reply

    RE: John Kelly it’s the zero fumbles that catches my eye. He’d be worthy of the 5 rounder the Cardinals have. As for DJ he’s on the level of Le’Veon Bell we gotta him or use the ‘tag’.

  27. By Joe C. on Mar 9, 2018 | Reply

    JTDG-Got it. But I still say too many question marks on the o-line even if you are looking at 2019. What if the C-RG-RT don’t pan out or two don’t pan out? You go all in in 2019 and you still have o-line issues. Disaster on offense no matter what. Sign two solid FA, Humphries and one rookie. Ride our LBs and DB’s on D. Grab another 0-line in 2019 and you have a team.

  28. By CARDS62 on Mar 9, 2018 | Reply

    I hate the Seahawks and Pete C. so I hope we pound them twice in 2018.

    JTDG – interesting work as always. I just wrote my plan in another post and it is similar to yours. Fix oline, get a qb and qb of the future, and find a second CB. I think we can make the playoffs in 2018 if we succeed, but like you to have a chance to win the Super Bowl I believe is 2 years away.

    Glad you are coming around on Jackson and as I mentioned in earlier posts my first two selections will be Jackson and Price. I do not know what it is and I do not watch them a ton but Darnold and Rosen just worry me too much. Hoping Jackson can be another Randall Cunningham.

    McCown is not my favorite. I think Bridgewater’s game will be closer to Jackson’s game plus Gabbert is mobile. With 10 rookie QBs being selected in the draft this year that is going to make for a lot of veteran QBs looking for work and our starting job will be open. If we fix our line and have Johnson and AP healthy plus Fitz of course I think a very good QB is going to look at our situation and say I can win with this team and stay healthy and if were winning the GM and coaching staff is going to keep that hot shot rookie on the bench and I can take the Cardinals to the playoffs and either get an extension from the Cardinals as Jackson will have a cheap salary or I will be coveted in free agency for 2019.

    I hope Steve Keim is on the same page as we are as I really think this plan is the best based on our salary cap situation and personnel currently on the roster.

    Will love to hear from some of our other GMs on their plan and as always GO Cards!

  29. By Dan Nicholson on Mar 9, 2018 | Reply

    A lot of cap space will be opening up for next year ,unless something happens before F.A. this year with Iupati and Veldeheer. So maybe cards will be ok then. Cousins signing means draft is huge to get an wr, qb, cb, o-lineman. Good receivers in draft , Ridley, Kirk and Wahington. Also , their is a wr @ Bowling Green. Redding not many know that is 6’2″ , runs a 4.3 and unbelievable from what I hear..So let’s hope the dominoes fall Cards and fans way..This draft could really help the salary cap for next year for DJ, MG and others

  30. By Charley Shurtz on Mar 10, 2018 | Reply

    Hopefully we stay away from Jackson he is not going to make the cut at the top as a QB, Mayfield and Jackson are about the same size with Lamar only slightly igger and mayfield is more acriate, unless we pul off something astounding in the trading up for a better spot the best qb we can get and stats say a good qb with size comes down to Mason from ok state, we must, in my opinion increase cap numbers but how that plays out is up to keim and steve, diff need oline improvement and another corner, a mistake for PP to be traded any one else should be available if the right trade is there on the defensive side of the ball. RP with Johson and Foles or Cousins would be good but Foles would probably be less expensive.

  31. By Scott H on Mar 10, 2018 | Reply


    RE: “they did, why can’t we?”

    Oh, you mean like winning a Super Bowl? You have a problem with people saying that? Why? Considering that we are one of the FEW teams left in the NFL that hasn’t done what “they” have, I consider that a valid statement, supported by nothing but simple fact.

  32. By Jeff A on Mar 10, 2018 | Reply

    JTDG –

    I missed nothing. I addressed a pay cut. Not trade or release. Overwhelmed with responses?

  33. By dieselbomb on Mar 10, 2018 | Reply

    Re :

    By JTDG on Mar 8, 2018 | Reply

    If I opened a Genie bottle and got to be the GM of the cards, I thought how I would approach this team at this point. I know this is long. Sorry.

    After watching tape and thinking about how to work the cap, the situation the cards are in and the coaching staff, and their philosophy, if I was placed in the GM spot, here is how I would attack it.

    First Free Agency;

    = = = = = = = = = = = =

    Before anything else, I’m not trying to be dismissive nor insulting by posting my comments. No hard feelings meant …

    Now, I respectfully disagree to a couple elements of your choices –

    A.) College Draft QB –

    I’d prefer to draft Josh Rosen as a QB . Mainly, as many have said, that he’s the most polished Passer in the draft; and that he’s quite as intelligent as he is ( and capable of learning and absorbing a complex Playbook – and dealing with advanced offense concepts quickly with relative ease ). He’s got Range and Accuracy.

    With a solid RB crew, the QB is handing the ball off. It’s always a positive if your QB can run to extend the play, it’s always a positive if the QB can tuck the ball and run when the play breaks down. QB keepers make good change of pace plays.

    Hope you can see I’m not willing to put our lead guy’s chin in jeopardy by means of the Run-First Offense behind a running QB. And how many of that type of QB are you going to have on the Roster? One major injury, your O just might be toast.

    Besides, if Wilks just doesn’t work out well enough, the experience of McCoy is a great fall-back. If McCoy inherits the team ( should Wilks go down) then he’ll no-doubt gradually abandon the exclusive Run-First/Running QB profile – where you’d need a capable Pro Pocket Passer to work it; or at least split Pocket with Spread … so the Pass-First or Pass Heavy mentality will always be needed in the Pros, even if it isn’t leveraged exclusively.

    B.) Richard Sherman –

    Age, Injury History, Cost are the negatives here. Seahawks’ Defensive scheme and approach might have helped bolster Sherman’s apparent credibility. We haven’t seen him play in the same scheme PPeterson has had to play. Seahawks shared the field.

    The 25 Jersey is available to take the field; but whether the one-time talent and capability is there along with the Jersey anymore is anyone’s guess. Why pay so much for that multi-level ‘ IF ‘ ?

    C.) Badger

    As good a player as he is, it just might be time to let him go. I like him. But he’s a part-time player. He has Injury history. He’s edging toward being a Cost Liability because of spotty play time ( read : availability, not spotty performance ).

    D.) Buchannon

    Deone’s in on very nearly every play. I like Badger and Buchannon; but I can live with trading Badger … I don’t think we can afford to let Buck go. He’s the face of the current D Hybrid player. Buck is stouthearted. I’m convinced he’s a keeper.

    A long post … thanks for reading.

  34. By Dan Nicholson on Mar 11, 2018 | Reply

    Charley Shirts
    Re: Foles is less expensive than Cousins.
    Foles is pretty expensive too. Don’t know if you have heard but Eagles upped trade demands for his services. A 1st, 3rd& 4th round asking price .I say draft picks save team money in the long run . They may even try and get a 2nd rounder in a deal….

  35. By JTDG on Mar 11, 2018 | Reply


    I appreciate your imput. Let me address a couple things.

    1. I am not a fan of Josh Rosen. Yes, he is a franchise QB and he will be solid. But he isn’t my style of QB. He seems to fit in the mold of Jared Goff and Eli Manning. That is good, as long as you have the players around him.

    My first preference is gunslingers (Aaron Rodgers, Brett Farve). I see that in Darnald and Allen. I think these are the kind of QBs who can elevate teams and make everyone else better. I would choose one of those two if I can.

    My premise is, I don’t believe I can trade up to get one, so I look at the last of the QBs who I believe can be the guy. I requires a team to change philosophy, but not dramatically. This team, as stated by Wilks , will be a run first team. There is no doubt DJ will get the ball often. To have a QB, who because of his threat to run, will actually help the run game is a huge benefit.

    2. Sherman was signed immediately by the aggressive niners. So, that argument is done.

    3. I want Badger released also. I said if I could trade him I would, but if not , release him.

    4. Bucannon. Yes, he has done a nice job for the cards. I think the ILB position has been devalued in todays NFL. I think teams are using run stuffers for first and maybe second and switching them out for DBs on passing downs. So one would think Bucannon’s value is there. But I dont find Bucannon good in coverage.

    In 4 years, he has a total of 11 passes defensed and only 1 int. He also has only had 6 sacks in 4 years. In contrast, we let Dansby go after 2013 after posting 19 passed defensed and 4 int to go with 6.5 sacks because he was too expensive and he signed a 4 year 24 mil contract (6 million a year) . Bucannon is due 8.7 million this year.

    Dansby did better in one year than bucannon did in 4 years combined but was deemed too expensive, yet Bucannon isn’t ? I don’t get it?

  36. By JTDG on Mar 11, 2018 | Reply

    Jeff A,

    It is obvious Badger is not restructuring. He has already said multiple times he is not taking a pay cut.

    So the ball is in Keim’s hands and it looks as if he is exploring trade options to the last minute and then he will release him.

  37. By JTDG on Mar 11, 2018 | Reply

    Joe C,

    Of course it is a disaster if your draft picks don’t pan out. Just look at the drafts Keim has done to put us in this place we are in.

    But I will say, even Humphries, who has played 18 out of 48 games can’t be counted on.

    Signing Norwell (in my example above) would be the only olineman you know for sure. But even then, look at Iupati and Veldheer. They were good signings for a year or so, and the disaster.

    So, I would roll the dice on Price/Ragnow and Braden Smith this year with the signing of Norwell and ride Holden this year. I fully expect, I would need to up grade the tackle spot (maybe both) in 2019.

  38. By JTDG on Mar 11, 2018 | Reply


    Here is why I would not take Bridgewater if I am drafting Jackson.

    I listened to Mike Vick talk about Jackson and he said his biggest challenge is the NFL terminology. Just understanding presnap reads, ect.
    Physically, he is off the charts. but understanding the NFL game is his drawback.

    McCown could QB for a little while and help him really understand the game on the sideline and the QB room. Bridgewater, I believe, would be in compete mode, wanting to keep his starting gig.

  39. By Joe C. on Mar 12, 2018 | Reply

    JTDG, my biggest divergence from you is I would sign two quality FA O lineman and not a d linemen this year. This will protect what ever QB we get and give DJ some blockers. It would also allow Boehm/Price/Ragnow a chance to prove himself. If you can go into 2019 with 3 of 5 olineman proven you can pick up one more and find a serviceable type for the fifth. FYI, I’d sign two guards and keep Hump, Veldheer, and Wetzel/Holden.

  40. By Dan Nicholson on Mar 12, 2018 | Reply

    How about this scenario: Lets say the Saints do not give Drew Brees what he is looking for and Cards swoop in and give him a deal close to or a Little less than offer to Cousins. He takes it , Saints come back and trade up with Cards to get Mayfield?, whom they like. Cards then get extra draft picks also. Not really counting on it happening, but you never know…..Just saying

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