Tramon Williams leaves as Cards search for CBs

Posted by Darren Urban on March 23, 2018 – 11:58 am

It became official today that the Cardinals lost veteran free-agent cornerback Tramon Williams, as Williams goes back to the Packers (a team he never really wanted to leave a few years ago.) E.J. Gaines, who visited the Cards recently, signed with the Browns. The Cards are reportedly getting a visit from former Bear and one-time-Cardinal Marcus Cooper, who was solid in his lone season in Arizona in 2016.

Williams, though, turned out to be one of those excellent Keim Time signings when he arrived during training camp last season. He started off on the bench behind Justin Bethel, but when he got into the lineup permanently he made a significant impact even at age 34 (he just turned 35 last week.)

(UPDATE: The Cards signed CB Bené Benwikere Friday.)

It also means the search for stability across from Peterson continues. Since Peterson got into the starting lineup as a rookie, his starting corner across from him has changed yearly:

2011: A.J. Jefferson/Richard Marshall
2012: William Gay
2013: Jerraud Powers
2014: Antonio Cromartie
2015: Jerraud Powers
2016: Brandon Williams/Marcus Cooper
2017: Justin Bethel/Tramon Williams

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  1. By mitchaz on Mar 23, 2018 | Reply

    Keim Moving Backward

    Just when I was starting to think that if Sam Bradford can stay healthy, he’s as good a passer as any of the NFC West QBs and that the signing of G Justin Pugh was a major step in the right direction, when I heard yesterday that CB Tramon Williams signed a 2 year deal with the Packers, I went out to my back porch and found myself ranting so loudly that the birds in my neighbor’s yard fled the scene.

    From day one of free agency we have been told that the three in-house UFAs that Keim wanted to re-sign were CB Tramon Williams, DE Kareem Martin and LB Josh Bynes. At the top of that list, at least in my way of thinking was Tramon Williams, who was the best all-around CB on the team last year. He excelled in both man and zone and, unlike some other defensive backs on the team, he hit people, sometimes with a bang.

    Over the past week, MJ and Gambo have been reporting that the Cardinals and Williams were $1M apart—that Williams wanted $3M and the Cardinals had offered $2M. If this is true, then shame on Steve Keim and the Cardinals. They can pay a backup QB and RT who have yet to ever play for the Cardinals $4M a year and they can’t close a deal with their starting RCB where all it would take is a similar salary?

    What’s so annoying about Keim is how he lowballs players to the point where they feel sucker punched. What’s the point of giving veteran players 1 year prove it deals and then when they prove it in spades like Tramon Williams and Dwight Freeney did—all Keim can offer is the same lowball salary they signed for in the first place?

    It’s bad business that thwarts valuable momentum—and that’s why the Cardinals are not a team that free agents gravitate towards—only desperate free agents whom Keim preys on and then doesn’t reward.

    Players around the league talk. They know what’s going on in Arizona. Why do you think Ravens’ safety Eric Weddle got so incensed over the Cardinals paying oft-injured QB Sam Bradford $20M? Weddle knows how the Cardinals treated his buddy Tony Jefferson. As an undrafted college free agent, Jefferson not only made the team, he emerged as a star and the team’s best and most reliable tackler. His 14 tackles in the NFC Championship game debacle at Carolina was one of the only bright spots in that miserable game. Jefferson came to play, as he had done all season.

    Steve Keim’s reward to Jefferson for his stellar 2015 performance was to give him the lowest RFA tender. Jefferson was understandably miffed and irate. That was the perfect time to sign Jefferson to a multi-year extension, rather than to sucker punch him with the lowest tender.

    So Jefferson used this as added motivation and went and stacked yet another outstanding season in 2016 which propelled him into the top ten of the 2017 free agent most wanted list. At that point Steve Keim was already resigned to losing Jefferson in free agency, but made a half-assed attempt to make it look like the Cardinals made a pitch to re-sign Jefferson, just so the fans can think Keim and the Cardinals are trying—but the Ravens swooped in and signed him to a 4 year $34M contract with $19M guaranteed.

    What’s even worse about how the whole episode with Tony Jefferson played out, was that when Bruce Arians was asked about Jefferson’s deal with the Ravens, Arians had the audacity to say, “Well, let’s see how Tony plays now that he has the money.”

    This is why Eric Weddle and numerous other players around the league think the Cardinals are a joke.

    Look at how Keim handled the Tyrann Mathieu situation. Sure, everyone close to the situation knew that something had to be done about Mathieu’s impending $14M cap figure—but—to ask a Mathieu a week before free agency began to accept a $6M a year offer (which nearly cut his salary in half ) is a sucker punch the kind of which a man does not get back up off the pavement from.
    How is a competitive, prideful player like Mathieu supposed to react to an offer like that?

    When Mathieu understandably turned that offer down, Keim countered with an offer of $8M a year—but–by then—the damage was already done.
    After Mathieu bolted to the Texans for a $7M one year deal, Keim issued a statement about how close Mathieu will always be to his heart and how this is the ugly side of business in the NFL. By this time, Steve Keim, your words are pathetically maudlin. The ugliness was your $6M offer in the first place and your obtuse lack of understanding of how prideful a player like Mathieu is
    Keim, you made the contract to Mathieu untenable. You bet that Mathieu was going to be the face of the franchise after Larry Fitzgerald moved on. Clearly, over the past two seasons Mathieu did not return to his Honey Badger form. When this had become clear—for whatever the reasons—his knees—or the gradual erosion of his spirit—or the lack of accountability the Cardinals had for some of BA’s pet players—the honorable thing to do was to let Mathieu go and not insult him by trying to cut his salary in half.

    In retrospect, I was wrong about Mathieu being the Money Badger—had I known of Keim’s original $6M a year offer—I would have completely understood why Mathieu turned away from the Cardinals for good at that time. I too fell into Keim’s little snare to put the onus of the divorce on the Honey Badger.

    So now—in the past week—the Cardinals have lost Tyrann Mathieu and Tramon Williams—and reports are that their replacements are likely to be slot CB Robert McClain and former Cardinals’ CB Marcus Cooper. While McClain might adequately fit the bill as the slot CB…not nearly as well as a healthy and high-spirited Honey Badger mind you, with regard to Marcus Cooper, he is nowhere close to being the baller Tramon Williams is.

    E.J. Gaines is a baller—and he’s 7 years younger than Williams—but—while Keim has neglected to address the Bucannon and Veldheer contracts, which right now would count $19M versus the 2018 cap, a valuable, younger, far more talented addition at RCB is slipping through his and the team’s fingers and squarely into the palms of the Cleveland Browns.

    For Keim now three weeks into the 2018 free agency, to still be adding further confusion to RCB situation after 5 years of repeated uncertainty and turnover at that vulnerable spot resonates about as alarmingly as Keim being handed a 4 year contract extension this off-season as a reward for the Cardinals reverting back to being one of the perennial jokes of the league.

  2. By D on Mar 23, 2018 | Reply

    and yet SK managed to get a 4 yr extension.. after the country goes into another trillion in debt…all too depressing news for a Friday..

    and with the needs at QB, WR, OL-don’t expect this year’s first round draft pick to be a CB either.

  3. By Steve on Mar 23, 2018 | Reply

    Darren: Any chance in the future you will get to accompany the coaches to a Pro Day to write about prospects?

  4. By Darren Urban on Mar 23, 2018 | Reply

    Steve —

    RE: Pro day

    I don’t have any pro day plans right now. If I did, I don’t know if I’d write about the prospects per se. Pro days don’t tell a whole lot anyway.

  5. By hatz askew on Mar 23, 2018 | Reply

    Here we go again. The Cards didn’t want to pay market value for Tramon, a guy that exceeded expectations and that they low-balled last year on a 1 year contract…. sounds familiar. I would be sitting here scratching my head over the rather bizarre/dumb off season/free agency moves made to this point… but I like having a full head of hair.

  6. By Jon on Mar 23, 2018 | Reply

    mitchaz —

    Damn dude, its hard to argue with anything you’ve said. And when you put that all together, stuff like free agents going to teams where they make LESS money starts to make all the sense in the world. The Tony Jefferson story in particular is really the type of story you just don’t ever want out there about your organization. That was bad.

  7. By hatz askew on Mar 23, 2018 | Reply

    mitchaz. Spot on brother, spot on. Arizona, i believe we have a Keim problem.

  8. By erik on Mar 23, 2018 | Reply

    Like others, I agree with Mitch. I am certainly not a Keim fan strictly based on his draft performance. Giving Glennon 4 million a year was the final action that confirmed to me that he is incompetent.

    The funny thing about the Jefferson situation, if I remember correctly, was that we needed all that safety money to pay the Honey Badger, so Jefferson was expendable. That worked out well.

  9. By Johnson on Mar 23, 2018 | Reply

    The crazy part isnt that this organization has been pathetic in finding a suitable CB opposite Peterson, its just that P2 is still with this organization. He is young and still a major threat in this league and he is wasting his good years with this garbage.

    Tyrann leaving should have been warning enough the management in this organization is utterly clueless and Keim has mis managed player signings time in and out. I dont see any hope in this organization and any good player left like P2/Jones/Larry are just wasting their talent.

  10. By Johnson on Mar 23, 2018 | Reply

    Btw Mitchaz – That was a spot on analysis, it pretty much sums up how indecent and utterly abysmal Keim’s management has been of this team. I think I have said enough about the ownership being clueless, but can you seriously Blame that! Keim was signed to an extension???? – Just WOW!

    Wait and watch when DJ becomes a free agent….

  11. By NYCardinals212 on Mar 23, 2018 | Reply


    1. “From day one of free agency we have been told that the three in-house UFAs that Keim wanted to re-sign were CB Tramon Williams, DE Kareem Martin and LB Josh Bynes”

    No, he didn’t. He said there were about four or five guys he would like to re-sign. He never mentioned names. The only person that mentioned names was Mike Jurecki, and this is his exact quote —

    “The Cardinals have 19 FA’s. Really, the only three guys I think they would like to retain: Kareem Martin, Josh Bynes, and Tramon Williams . . .”

    Notice the words “I think”.

    2. “What’s the point of giving veteran players 1 year prove it deals and then when they prove it in spades like Tramon Williams and Dwight Freeney did—all Keim can offer is the same lowball salary they signed for in the first place?”

    Prove-it deals are a chance to get a good player that has a chip on his shoulder for one season. You go into it knowing that if he performs as you expected, he is going to cost more than you might be willing to pay. You put a value on him, and you don’t just throw an extra million at him and go against your original valuation. Tell me, what are YOUR three year revolving cap numbers for the Cardinals?

    3. As for “low-balling” Mathieu, the entire league seems to disagree with you.

    4. “. . . Keim has neglected to address the Bucannon and Veldheer contracts . . .”

    How do you know what they are doing behind the scenes? Maybe they are trying to trade Veldheer, maybe they want him to compete for the RT job, and they still like his price and talent. Maybe, maybe, anything. The point is, you don’t know.

    5. “. . . adding further confusion to RCB situation . . ”

    If that means putting in waiver claims, bringing in established players for visits, adding FA’s now or after the draft . . . drafting a CB, etc, then confusion is exactly what I want.

    6. I’m tired.

  12. By DZ on Mar 23, 2018 | Reply

    This is a huge loss and changes everything. Very disappointing to say the least. X. Williams, Martin, Muro, now T Williams. All you have to do is ask yourselves, are we better now than before?
    No, we are not. This is a thin team right now with many question marks. Sorry Fitz..
    Is it front office or new coaching staff? Or both? I have heard all the rants about Kiem to the point of nausea.
    I will hold all criticisms until I can see the end product and give it an opportunity to come together but right now I am very disappointed in this off season.

  13. By Patrick on Mar 23, 2018 | Reply

    A bridge qb1 ✅ (Bradford)
    Veteran Qb backup ✅ (Glennon)
    Release Adrian Peterson ✅
    Resolve HB contract ✅
    Sign inside LB ✅ (Bynes)
    Improve O-line ✅ (Andre Smith)
    Improve O-line interior ✅ (Pugh)
    Resolve Iupati contract ✅
    Resolve Veldheer contract ✅
    To do list:
    Draft QB of future preferably round 1 but definitely in first 2 rounds.
    Sign Fullback
    Sign WR2
    Sign WR depth
    Sign TE depth
    Sign CB2
    Sign slot CB
    Improve Interior D line

  14. By drummer-1 on Mar 23, 2018 | Reply

    @ DZ How do you know we’re not better, they haven’t played a game.. I have read on here so so many times how we should let Veldheer go, now is gone and the sky just felled… Some of you so called Cards fans makes it hard for REAL fans to sit back and enjoy the ride..

    That Micthaz seem to hate everything.. I say quit crying and wait on the finished product..

  15. By patrick on Mar 23, 2018 | Reply


    Excellent post, very passionate, very well organized, very well presented.
    When I first read it I was like “yeah, I got nothing.”
    But I am committed to being all in this year with a 98.7% chance of being wrong so I have to try. And Keim is a difficult subject to defend, so I will offer a rebuttal with full respect and hoping it is half as good as your post.
    If anything it will offer fodder for you all to bash me, please be gentle.

    It will be a 4 part response to try to break up the long posts.

    here it goes (gulp!)


  16. By NJAzCardsFan on Mar 23, 2018 | Reply

    I wonder what Wilkes and his staff have to say about this on-going debacle…???
    I lost all respect for Keim after last years draft…. yea that turned out well , his constant “this is unacceptable” BS after each Cards loss- though he did nothing about it, Special Teams last year along with the previous keeping Butler …UGH!, finally his “Aggressiveness” statement that went unfilled. He has been anything but in this FA period… Too bad Mr. Bidwill believed his BS and renewed his contract instead of sending him packing….. Maybe this year will wake him up???

  17. By patrick on Mar 23, 2018 | Reply

    Patrick’s Positive Comment #3
    Part I rebuttal to mitchaz

    Background: In 2007, Larry Fitzgerald made his second pro bowl. This accomplishment triggered an escalator in his rookie contract (remember when the Cardinals used those) that triggered his 2008 salary to go from $1M to $14M+ and his 2008 cap hit was going to be $16.5M. The Cardinals needed to extend him desperately. At the same time they had Anquan Boldin who was entering year three of a four year extension and wanted a new contract since he was out performing his current contract.

    What do you do? Do you give Fitz his money, or Boldin his money or do you pay both and throw a lot of your cap space into one position. Ideally you want to pay both to reasonable contracts, but Fitz has all the leverage and you don’t want to set a precedent of renegotiating contracts with several years left on them.

    So the Cardinals paid Fitz, (Whiz and Fitz at the Suns game.) 4 years $40M.
    Fitz became a legend, Ring of Honor, First ballot HoF, I consider him WRGOAT.
    Boldin played disgruntled, felt disrespected, before being traded to the Ravens.
    He had a great career. Potential HOF.

    Did the Cardinals make the right decision?

    100% yes.

    But, have the Cardinals ever filled that WR2 opposite Fitz?
    Breaston, Doucet, Urban, Roberts, Floyd, Brown, Nelson.

    Maybe Floyd before the drinking issues.

    But Yes the Cardinals made the right decision and it worked out great.

    I see Honey Badger and Jefferson in a similar situation.

    End Part I.

  18. By patrick on Mar 23, 2018 | Reply

    Patrick’s Positive Comment #3
    Part II rebuttal to mitchaz

    So a similar situation happened going into the 2016 season. You had Tony Jefferson a restricted free agent one year away from free agency and Honey Badger going into the last year of his contract.

    It is interesting that Keim gets bashed for signing Honey Badger with one year left on his rookie deal AND get bashed for not signing Jefferson with one year left on his rookie deal.

    The Cardinals had five options:
    1) Sign HB to a large contract extension.
    2) Sign TJ to a large contract extension.
    3) Sign both to large contract extensions tying up a lot of money to the safety position.
    4) Wait a year and try to sign one or the other during the last year of his contract.
    5) Try to sign both to reasonable deals and keep both (would require both players agreeing.)

    The Cardinals decided to pay Honey Badger (Fitz) and not Tony Jefferson (Boldin). Was Keim blinded by his fondness for Honey Badger? Possibly.
    Did Keim make the right decision, in retrospect after Honey Badger refuse to renegotiate his deal. YES!
    Do we know how it would have turned out if Keim chose Jefferson? Would we be bashing him if he had? Probably.

    As for Jefferson, once Keim made his decision, Jefferson was going to fill disrespected, just like Boldin. Sure tendering at the highest rate would have been a nice gesture, but the chances of signing Jefferson after you gave all the money to HB was going to be slim.

    The Cardinals disrespected him by giving him the low tender. Note: No team signed Jefferson to a contract even with no compensation going to the Cardinals!

    The Cardinals got one more fantastic year out of Jefferson. The Cardinals offered Jefferson a contract not based on the amount he would have made in free agency, but the amount the Cardinals wanted to commit to the safety position. So yeah, it may have been disrespectful to Jefferson vs. the contract he signed, but it was what the Cardinals slotted for the position.

    Jefferson, to his credit, used this as motivation, had a great year and got paid. Good for him (just like good for Boldin).

    End Part II

  19. By patrick on Mar 23, 2018 | Reply

    Patrick’s Positive Comment #3
    Part III rebuttal to mitchaz

    So the Cardinals rolled the dice with Honey Badger, with two torn ACLs.
    Honey Badger recovered from his first ACL to be in discussions for DPofY consideration before tearing his ACL again.

    As Darren has pointed out numerous times, the contract Honey Badger signed had a decision point in March to commit to the next two years.

    The Cardinals paid Honey Badger in 2016 and 2017 as if he played at a DPoY level. One of the highest paid (if not the highest paid) safety in the league.

    Steve Keim took a chance on Honey Badger coming out of college.
    Took another big risk on Honey Badger by paying him big money over paying Tony Jefferson.

    Honey Badger played poorly in 2016 having to be shut down with a few weeks left. He played the most snaps in 2017, but was a step slow and even he admitted he was not satisfied with his play especially early in the year.

    So, he did not earn the Cardinals paying him for the next two years in his contract. He did not earn the money the Cardinal paid him for the first two years of his contract. So is $6M a reasonable amount? Apparently not, so they bumped it to $8M. Now he is disrespected by the man that bet multiply times on him?! Please!

    END Part III

  20. By patrick on Mar 23, 2018 | Reply

    Patrick’s Positive Comment #3
    Part IV rebuttal to mitchaz

    So what’s the conclusion.

    KEIM SUCKS! Right?!

    He should not have given HB that contract.
    He should have signed Tony Jefferson.
    He should have signed D.J. Swearinger.

    And we are pissed! And Keim got an extension?!

    but let’s ignore some facts.
    Keim signed Tony Jefferson as an undrafted rookie and got four good years out of him. (Irrelevant)
    Keim signed D.J. Swearing off the streets when everyone else gave up on him and labeled him a hot head and head hunter. (Irrelevant)
    Keim drafted Honey Badger who became a fan favorite and if not for two acl’s and being easily disrespected, could have become a Cardinal’s great.

    At the end of the day. Keim made a decision. Maybe it was made more with his heart than his brains. Maybe, in retrospect, it was the wrong one. But unlike the Fitzgerald decision, this one did not have the same happy ending.

    Time to move on!

  21. By Blijiojiodiblido on Mar 23, 2018 | Reply

    The first couple of days, I was impressed and happy that our O-line is rebuilt. Now it looks like a solid o-line if no injuries. However, it seems like we’ve done nothing since then. Now, with the departure of Veldheer, we have a little over 20 million of cap space. There are still many great CBs out there, the last time that we had a solid CB group is probably when Cromartie was here. DRC is still out there. Did they offer Jordan Matthews a contract? There are many great safeties out there. I would like to see more signings or trading.

  22. By Mark on Mar 24, 2018 | Reply

    I just have to shake my head when it comes to the way Keim runs this team. I liked the Pugh signing but the other signing are dubious at best. I’m ok with the Bradford signing but rather had AJ McCarron for much less money and draft the QBOTF. The Glennon signing is a complete head scratcher and over payment. They should have been aggressive and signed EJ Gaines who wanted to play here but was given the typical low ball Keim offer. He would have shored up that second corner position once and for all. Lastly, A lot of us long suffering cards fans used to cuss former GM Rod Graves for the way he handled free agency but he was much better at drafting than Keim.

  23. By Scott H on Mar 24, 2018 | Reply

    Geez….no sooner than I think Veldheer has no trade value…..he is traded. But it didn’t seem he was going to be worth any more than a 6th or 7th rounder, so….there we go.

    Some really good posts here from mitchaz ( as always ) and responses to him.

    I’ve said several times, this just looks like another off-season where we lose more pieces than we gain…..and I usually get scolded for being negative. But looks to me like I ain’t the only one feeling that way.

  24. By forbessh on Mar 24, 2018 | Reply

    What on earth is going on with Steve Keim?

    With him, it always seems one step forward, two steps back. When we thought we were on the cusp of glory after the 2015 season, he goes and offloads all the hungry vets that got us there. Result is, we’ve had two disappointing seasons since.

    Now at CB2, just when Trammon was providing stability opposite P2, Keim lets him walk to another team. So we are back in search of a replacement, when we could be focussing on the O-line.

    The worst part is that there is no transparency and no clear indication of a recruitment strategy. Most of the FAs we have got this offseason have come with significant injury history (Pugh, A Smith, Bradford). Added to vets like Iupati and DJ Humphries, who are coming back from injuries, we are one injury away from our O-line being decimated and then Bradford going on IR with £15m down the drain. Where’s the logic?


    When will Michael Bidwell wake up and walk the talk of accountability pls?

  25. By RagingREDBird on Mar 24, 2018 | Reply

    When SK talks about having a Plan A,B,C,D does it feel like we never get Plan A to work. Badger leaving can’t be Plan A, QB is not Plan A, Pugh not a bad pick up..but not Plan A, CB seems to be on Plan G and WR seems to be a few Plans down the chain at this point. Losing Williams I don’t think was in any Plan. Even the coaching staff. I am hoping for the best, but Wilks is in my guess Plan C or D from what I have read.

    I don’t blame SK or Mike for all of this cause sometimes the ball does not roll your way. Still It gets frustrating as a Cards fan to always feel like you are taking a back seat to high profile teams. SK could have gotten some of these players if he opened up the pocket book. In the end I will just sit back and hope SK and company know what they are doing. In Keim We Trust used sound better to me! LOL

  26. By faster on Mar 24, 2018 | Reply

    we got ben benwikere for our cb (2 or deepth or ir).

    ben started 16 games of the last 66, and played in 41 of them.
    not bad for a future defensive cardinal, if you compare it with the offense.

    so the defense should be ok. positive, isn`t it?

  27. By John S. on Mar 24, 2018 | Reply

    This off-season is leaving me somewhat perplexed in what we’re doing here? At this point feel that perhaps we just bite the bullet and stop being starry-eyed over the frenzy with the top favorite QB’s in the draft this year, and get a top CB and WR that can most likely start instead with our 2 early picks up-front. Let everybody else fight over those QB’s, while some gems at CB/WR slide down to us. Then go from there with what is left from 3rd round on down; switching our priorities around some here. I just don’t think we’ve had much luck with filling these CB/WR slots with later picks and “developing” them as a plan in recent years has worked so to say, so just go get them now… another potential Petersen and Fritz type level player that can stick around.
    I dunno’… these one year contract fills in these positions hoping to get by just gets tiresome to me.

  28. By Scott H on Mar 24, 2018 | Reply

    RagingREDBird –

    I know we’ve butted heads recently but I will tell you I have been very much in agreement with your last few posts.

    Where Keim is concerned, I have felt recently like we are just about always settling for Plans C or D. Because the players that most of us would see as Plan A or B caliber players are ending up in other places.

    And in regard to Tramon Williams…..we should have kept THAT Williams and got rid of BRANDON Williams. Yet another higher Steve Keim draft pick we are getting nothing from. I mean, how did it not speak VERY poorly of him that the team brought in a 35-year old CB on the eve of the season last year, then when it became evident that Justin Bethel continued to be a failure in progress, the team called on the the 35 year old guy to bail them out instead of the guy we drafted in the 2nd round ( yes? ) in 2016.

    I still have a hard time getting past that. That said to me this is a player ( Brandon ) you don’t feel like you can count on. And they haven’t.

    Heck, bring back Marcus Cooper and admit the mistake we made by not just holding on to him.

  29. By DZ on Mar 24, 2018 | Reply

    Been a Cards fan since the day they showed up in the moving trucks and a first year season ticket holder.
    Don’t tell me or any other person who is and who isn’t a REAL fan.
    This blog is about allowing people to express their thought and opinions on various subjects.
    In my opinion, this team at present is not better than they were a year ago. With those that we allowed to leave, we lost lower cost backups and spot starters that have a positive impact on game. You have to have those in place or you are concidered (thin). The chance of making up all of that loss in the same year is almost impossible. Unless you are the 49ers with a ton of cap space.
    And the last thing I stated is that I will hold final judgement until I can see the end product have time to gel.
    Seems to be a fair assessment to me. And that’s all that counts.

  30. By NJAzCardsFan on Mar 24, 2018 | Reply

    Scott H.

    Cooper went back to the Bears for $2.5m….

    I am scared to see what Keim does in the draft for a QB at this point….

  31. By mitchaz on Mar 25, 2018 | Reply

    Jon, hatz askew, erik, Scott H—

    Thanks for the feedback. I am very concerned about the Cardinals’ and particularly Steve Keim’s modus operandi. It just feels more wrong than right. But, II am still hopeful that the tide will turn back in the Cardinals’ favor.


    Excellent rebuttal…you make valid points…the fact is I am not behind the scenes, thus much of what I wrote is speculation, but speculation hinged on reports such as that Keim first offered Mathieu $6M a year.


    Thank you for taking the time to respond in such a detailed and passionate manner. I appreciate and agree with a number of your points and responses. The one thing i would like to say is that while there are aspects of Steve Keim’s modus operandi that feel wrong to me (especially from the standpoint of the Cardinals’ players players around the league), he’s made a lot of a good decisions and he deserves his chance to rebuild the Cardinals after the BA hurricane.

  32. By Scott H on Mar 25, 2018 | Reply

    NJAzCardsFan –

    RE: Cooper

    Yeah, saw that. I think he was signing that deal to return to the Bears as I was posting the suggestion that we bring him back. Story of my life these days….

    But they also acquired Benwikere and he is a decent player, so… complaints. About this.

    There. See, Patrick? I can be positive!

    Benwikere…..good lord, another guy on the defense with a name that is impossible to remember the correct spelling for! First Nkemdiche, now him!

  33. By Scott H on Mar 25, 2018 | Reply

    DZ –

    Right on, well said. It is not ever anyone’s place to tell another fan how to be a fan or to dictate who is a REAL fan and who is not. Clearly, you have been witness to many finished products that were pretty bad. And some that were good, too. Doesn’t matter. Your being on board through the good AND the bad over an extensive period of time ( at least 20 years in your case ) gives you the right to see it any way you want without someone telling you you’re not a REAL fan.

    You are as real as it gets.

  34. By Corgon on Mar 25, 2018 | Reply


  35. By tom manoogian on Mar 25, 2018 | Reply

    you can say all you want about keim’s moves but i also blame michael. been cards fan since 1968 and it’s like father like son all over again.he can step in and say hell no .we’ve got to keep certain players but he just let’s leave.when you as a player take less money from a team worse than cards,you got problems.

  36. By lloyd wolf on Mar 26, 2018 | Reply

    NJ….short and so well put. Keim is a “Drama King.” Not that I am surprised based on past performance but when he pronounced how aggressive they would be, those phrases of his put him over the top with me. When a guy lot Tom Coughlin was looking for work and wound up in Jville that set me off too. I like a guy who wins Super Bowls, eh?

    Even the dumpster empties out after awhile..

    OT: And I repeat…although I believe Wilks might one day be a good coach,,,how was the boss convinced when we had a putrid offensive showing and ditto special teams that a defensive assistant was the answer…I just can’t buy that.

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