Wilks: Despite Suh, NFCW moves, “focus on us”

Posted by Darren Urban on March 27, 2018 – 9:48 am

There has been a ton of roster movement for all four teams in the NFC West this offseason, and it was hard not to notice the most recent by the odds-on division favorite L.A. Rams. They signed Ndamukong Suh to add to Aaron Donald and Michael Brockers as an incredibly formidable defensive line. It does not bode well for the rest of the division, including — obviously — the Cardinals.

“I commend the Rams for what they are doing,” Cardinals coach Steve Wilks said Tuesday at the NFL owners’ meetings. “You know how they are on offense already with (Todd) Gurley and (jared) Goff, and they are trying to shore up that defense. It’s going to be a very competitive year in the west with some difficult games in the division. But the biggest thing we will do, we are always going to keep the focus on us. That’s the most important thing.”

Wilks is still in the middle of getting together his initial roster. The draft hasn’t even occurred. To be clear, at some point, the focus will be on the Rams — or Seahawks, or 49ers — when those teams come up (twice) on the schedule. The Cardinals were already trying to upgrade the offensive line, so it’s not like a new Rams’ defensive line is changing that thought process. Wilks still hasn’t gotten a chance to fully outline his philosophy and culture with the players (that comes next week when the players return for the start of the offseason program), so there is still a lot to do before getting to opponents, division or not.

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  1. By erik on Mar 27, 2018 | Reply

    *Buries face in hands and weeps quietly*

  2. By NJAzCardsFan on Mar 27, 2018 | Reply

    If I was Wilkes, I would sit Bradford in both games when they are playing the Rams…

  3. By D on Mar 27, 2018 | Reply

    Guessing the Rams will be focusing on pass rushers next…AZ needs to continue with the Oline rebuild, find a strong Center and then find a long term Right Tackle that can block out the sun…

    this kid from Oklahoma. would work..O. Brown, 6’8 360lbs – 35″ long arms… #15 of the draft.

  4. By AZcardinalfaninSTL on Mar 27, 2018 | Reply

    Darren –

    Any indication how the Cardinals plan to address the CB and WR positions. As of now, it’s hard to imagine them being competitive with their current talent (or lack there of) at these positions. I’m surprised they haven’t made more of an effort to fill these needs.

  5. By Darren Urban on Mar 27, 2018 | Reply

    AZcardinal —

    RE: CB/WR

    They are continuing to look. I am assuming “more of an effort” means spend more money, but they don’t want to be dumb. WR especially, the amount being spent on some of these guys has surprised me. Even John Brown, I did not expect, after the last two seasons, he would get $5M.

  6. By faster on Mar 27, 2018 | Reply

    first something positive:

    QB Drew Stanton, a 2-year deal worth $6.5M, source said, with $3.5M in year 1. $4.15M is fully guaranteed (into year 2) and the max value is $11.3M.

    positive, isn`t it?

    @njaz, only the two games against the rams?
    @d, look at my mockdraft 0.2, this oline should stay alive until the last game:

    15 OT/G/C wynn
    47 C price
    79 C ragnow
    97 OT okorakfor
    134 G teller
    152 G hearn
    182 QB lauletta
    254 QB barrett

    barrett could even play the games against the rams ….

  7. By Ben on Mar 27, 2018 | Reply

    If we can get Ragnow in the 2nd or 3rd I think we can at least be decent. With Shipley we may be in trouble.

  8. By Aaron Allery on Mar 27, 2018 | Reply

    It is amazing that no one brings up the lost opportunities involved in decision making that cost the Cardinal’s fans the most. The players will make their money as will the team, GM, staff, etc. What about the fans? The value of their money is now decreased because of poor planning.

    Once Palmer went down last year the Cards made a prideful show for Arians that was ill advised and misplaced as we can see from the resulting offseason. If they would have had a QB plan in place, any plan other than “who cares the fans still show up”, everything would be different. They could have put the apprentice in last year and had a starter this year. They even had another opportunity they lost that was more costly, as the player landed in the division. Had they aggressively asked about Jimmy G, everything would have been different. SO many lost opportunities…….so many. On top of that, there is not the type of meta-analysis needed to justify the continuation of the philosophy being used.

    Do they analyze their own decisions afterwards both good and bad?

    I realize that SK can’t operate like a mad man in LA who is driving a new brand and needs a championship to secure 10billion in future revenue. The Rams have taken a page out of the Dodgers book but cannot sustain due to cap restrictions and therefore will have 1-3 years tops to win SB with current MO. SF will be strong for 10 years through GM acumen and lost opportunity by all other GMs especially in division. SEA will bounce back but will have a tough year this year and then fully unload. Year 2 will be 9-7 and Year 3 back to playoffs with RWJ3.

    The Cards have at least 2-3 years until viable due to bad management of assets. Maximization should be happening now but current league All-Pro players will be past their prime when Cards are viable again. Lost opportunity. How can it be accounted for? Do they even care or is the profit gain the extra effort and spending produces too negligible to matter?

  9. By clssylssy on Mar 27, 2018 | Reply

    And they’ve offered their #23 pick for OBJ, apparently money is no object either when a team is serious about being AGGRESSIVE and focused on bringing home a Lombardi!
    Sorry for Coach Wilks and the new guys who were sold the beachfront property in the desert by Keim & Co.!

  10. By Adam Smith b1723 fka DTL on Mar 27, 2018 | Reply

    Sanguine Cards fan postings. Need for stud C key point, has been true for 10 years too…. Always expected Wilks to build from middle out, means another OL, another huge DT?

  11. By Fred on Mar 27, 2018 | Reply

    We might want to get a QB that can run ? the Rams have hurt us in games. SK has not planed well for the future and has not drafted well in round 1 or 2 WE cant keep bringing older often injured players . time to rebuild.

  12. By joe holst on Mar 27, 2018 | Reply

    all you need is an offense and defense coach Wilks and your good

  13. By Scott H on Mar 27, 2018 | Reply

    Steve Keim is just looking more and more ridiculous the more he vows aggressiveness and then so miserably fails to deliver it. Doesn’t someone close to him have to take him aside at some point and say, look, you need to dial back on the aggressive thing because in the eyes of your fan base, you’re just not getting it done. You can’t keep saying it and then not doing it.

    But aggressiveness is being delivered elsewhere in the NFC West, that is for sure.

    Wilks wants us to “focus on us.” OK. Um, I’ve been focusing on us. And sorry to say, there has just been…..NOTHING that offers hope for the future. NOTHING.

    I AM focused on us. And that’s why I say it’s not a matter of how GOOD the Rams look right now – it’s a matter of how BAD we look. This team looks WOEFULLY in-capable of competing with top-dog teams like the Eagles or Rams or Saints or Vikings.

    If you want the fans to focus on “us,” then start giving us SOMETHING to focus on. We’re watching a powerhouse being built right in our own division and all you’ve done to counter that is Sam friggin Bradford. GIVE ME A BREAK!

  14. By Jo Ball on Mar 27, 2018 | Reply

    Hearing Wilks talk about Sam B., it made me laugh. He says “people talk about the injuries, but that can happen to any player”….he goes on to say “we hope Sam is our guy long term” Come on maaaannnn. This guy gets hurt from things like walking and non contact plays. I’ll buy into Sam being the stop gap … which is risky enough. Counting on him for anything beyond that is insanity. Honestly, i’ll be surprised if Sam is still the guy past week 6. I know it’s early but Wilks sounds as clueless as Keim… which can’t be a good thing for this team’s future. With the rams distancing themselves from the pack, this year already seems over for the cards before it even began. We’ll see what the team does next year with all the cap space. Knowing Keim, he’ll probably screw that up too.

  15. By Coach K on Mar 27, 2018 | Reply


    I like your pick of the Lauletta kid. i find his one of the most interesting quarterbacks in this draft because of his mobility and accuracy. Not the biggest arm, but I prefer accuracy over arm strength.

    I agree also with the O-line early in this draft. We cannot afford to reach on a QB if the top four are gone. If anything, we might consider moving down from 15 down to the 20’s and get an extra 2nd rounder if possible.

    O-line and Receiver needs to be our focus in early rounds.

    Best Player Available in every round a priority.

  16. By Coach K on Mar 27, 2018 | Reply


    O. Brown from Oklahoma is a turtle. He is simply to slow a foot to keep up with edge rushers. His body is soft and sloppy.

    The stud OT from Notre Dame makes sense at pick 15. Best receiver in round 2.

    Best Guard at top of round 3.

  17. By drummer-1 on Mar 27, 2018 | Reply

    I’m hoping all these whining cry baby’s jump ship soon.. I can’t believe the crap i read on here… I’m a true cards fan but they suck they didn’t go after every name player that was available, we gone loose ever game. Darren how can you take reading that kind of stuff everyday..I say go get your binky and blanket and just wait till the final roster and then complain..

  18. By Waterboy's Creo Friend on Mar 27, 2018 | Reply

    Darren –

    Are you familiar with the Movie Waterboy & Rob Schneider’s Line ?
    All While thinking at the same time…

    *We’re switching the schemes of top 10 league defense
    *We have a Rookie Head Coach
    *We have no WR’s besides Poor Larry
    *We have No #2 CB and are short on D-Lineman
    We have a made from Glass QB and no QB of the future…


  19. By patrick on Mar 27, 2018 | Reply

    I know I am not the biggest Cardinals fan.
    I have not been the Cardinal’s fan the longest.
    I have not been the most passionate Cardinal’s fan.
    I have not been the most committed Cardinal’s fan.
    I am not the most fanatical Cardinal’s fan.

    So forgive me if I don’t get it.

    This comment section is a group therapy session, for a group of Cardinals fans that have a sick, twisted love the Cardinals so much, but the Cardinals don’t love me back, I am in it no matter what, but I have so many mixed emotions, sometimes I want to leave the relationship, but I have so much invested, I want it to work out, but the Cardinals are not doing the things I want, but I am going to give them one more chance, but I love them so much, but I have so much built up resentment, that I am glad that I can share my feelings with other irrational fans that feel the same way as me, and it help to know I am not alone in my anguish comment section.

    Serious, some of you should look at your medical plans to see what kind of counseling is covered AND seek it.

    Remember, get real help BEFORE it becomes critical!

    My name is Patrick and I have not had a negative comment in 21 days.


    You all have given up on the season, day 1 of free agency, four weeks before the draft, before the Cardinals have filled out their roster and before the Cardinals have stepped on the field, but you want to believe, you want the Cardinals to give you a reason to buy in, but you just can’t let yourself go all in, you been there, and it hurts so bad. You have mood swings with every move, that makes you all band together for comfort.

    Oh, and my prediction is you are not going to like the draft, can’t wait for that therapy session.

    And the Cardinals have had many, many bad moments in the past (let’s say since they moved to the valley, but even way further than that.) Many bad moves, Many bad losses. Way more bad than good.

    But, they have had many, many good moments.
    They had the lead with less than a minute left in the Super Bowl!
    They have been to the NFC Championship game a few years ago.
    I would have loved to see what Stanton could have done in the playoffs the year before that.
    They have had a lot of great signings, great players, great games, more will come in the future. It is not doom and gloom in March. MARCH!!!

    I just don’t get it, the 2018 season is not lost yet, it barely began!

  20. By Phx Raiders on Mar 27, 2018 | Reply

    I’m not sure I totally get this Wilkes thing.

  21. By Phx Raiders on Mar 27, 2018 | Reply

    We need a fast WR, and 2 more top tier starting OL. Or a blocking TE or it’s glennon in week 3. And that’s 4-12.

  22. By Dan on Mar 28, 2018 | Reply

    Bradford Exchange please? PLEASE draft a QB if u have a brain…….draft 2 QBs………and all offensive lineman…….run the ball, a dope could play QB and the defense can rest………DUH!!

  23. By faster on Mar 28, 2018 | Reply

    @patrick, from one positive poster to another one, you are surely able to explain, why bradfords contract has a no trade clause?
    @drummy, “I can’t believe the crap i read on here”, really? which one? and please don`t cite some of our new one post wonders.

  24. By jwoodaz on Mar 28, 2018 | Reply

    Let the Draft work itself out. Plenty of talent in Rnd 1-2 & 3 that can impact a team 1st year. As most don’t play much in year 1, once in a while you get a guy that has to play a la (Reddick, Baker), A team can afford only so many Veterans, the rest comes through Draft, practice squad grabs etc. People will moan when they feel anguish with no foreseeable relief. If Lamar Jackson is Available at 15 Take, as most Athletic Qb in draft Once in 2 Decades so far per Vick. If he’s gone best lineman availabe period get your qb in rnd 2..

  25. By faster on Mar 28, 2018 | Reply

    @patrick, “Serious, some of you should look at your medical plans”

    really, thats your argument? if yes, maybe your mirror is underused ….

  26. By Jo ball on Mar 28, 2018 | Reply


    Whining about “whining babies” ….. good one bro. By the way, staying positive while questionable decisions are being made isn’t being a “real fan” … it’s delusional. I’m always going to be a fan and by being a fan.. me, you and everyone else have earned the right to speak our minds. If you can’t handle it, don’t read the comments. Simple. You’re welcome.

  27. By jeffcardinalfan on Mar 28, 2018 | Reply

    it really doesn’t take much football acumen to know that the cards have so far made only marginal improvements…how smart to you have to be to realize cards weaknesses before free agency were qb, ol, corner, receiver, d-line depth?

    since ba got here the mantra was “win now” but they still didn’t address those needs adequately and poor planning got cards in mess they are in now.

    sure there will probably be a couple of vets added late as cuts are made but no big name deals.

    its possible that cards will draft 5 allpros this year but unlikely. raise your hand if you think sk will have a great draft(based on his prior performance)?

    ive watched every game since 1970 that was televised in my area and with nfl sunday ticket have watched every game since 1994 except for a few blacked out games when I lived near st Louis so im not a fair weather fan and I will root for 19-0 but it looks like 7-9 with a healthy roster and 4-12 if Bradford and o-line suffer injuries.

  28. By RagingREDBird on Mar 28, 2018 | Reply

    I agree with you Patrick you are not much of a Cards fan.

  29. By John S. on Mar 28, 2018 | Reply

    I sure hope it’s not some premonition we all had, but upon hearing that the Rams had just signed Suh, the initial family comments were along the lines of “there goes Bradford’s knees?” Given Suh’s reputation from his behaviors in the past, it just adds one more factor to the QB health equation during the coming season. Let’s hope not.
    Maybe going for Lamar Jackson not such a bad idea after all…?

  30. By p.bailey on Mar 28, 2018 | Reply

    The first Rams vs Cards game will be Breakfords last NFL game.

  31. By lloyd wolf on Mar 28, 2018 | Reply

    OT: Hope the German dude bought a round trip ticket….just sayin’

  32. By Johnson on Mar 29, 2018 | Reply

    When the cards play the Rams next season, for their own sake I hope they forfeit. Cards dont stand a chance in hell to even score a point against the Rams, let alone Win. As usual, comments like these show what a joke this organization has been for decades…..Yeah, the draft will solve all our problems. Naivete has a ceiling or what?

  33. By hawkkiller on Mar 30, 2018 | Reply

    The Rams defensive front isn’t all that great. The Rams have the best DT in the NFL in Aaron Donald, they signed Suh, Brockers will probably man the nose but outside of that, they have ZERO pass rushing OLB’s & they are very soft inside at ILB. Suh doesn’t fit in a true 3-4 defense like Wade runs either, Suh is a 3tech who fits perfectly in a 4-3 so they are going to have to change their defense up somehow. Given all the money Suh has earned over his career, I think Suh has been overrated throughout his career and now is starting to slow/decline now in his early 30’s. Over the last 3 seasons, Suh has just 6.0, 5.0 & last year posted 4.0 sacks. He is nowhere near as dominant as the truly elite DT’s are.

    Up front along Arizona’s O-Line given the improvements/upgrades they have made along with starting players getting healthy I think Arizona has a top 5-10 O-Line that is more than capable of containing Suh/Donald. AZ LT 6″5-320 DJ Humphries is one of the top young up and coming LT’s in the NFL & is the rare LT who possess both elite athleticism as an excellent pass-protector & explosiveness /power/bend run blocking allowing him to absolutely maul people. Hump had horrible luck last year, his knee was rolled up on from behind, he got healthy after 4-5 WK’s & played a few WKs before the very same knee was rolled up on from behind AGAIN, injuries like that are just unavoidable. The good news is he is fully healthy and ready for 2018. At LG AZ has elite All-Pro 6″5/330 Mike Iupati & at 30yrs old, he has several years of high-level play left. Across from Iupati Arizona went out & signed one of the best elite OG’s in the NFL possessing both elite athleticism/power in 6″5/315pd RG Justin Pugh. At Guard Pugh ranks top 5 both in pass-protection/run-blocking, problem is NYG’s line was ALWAYS hit by injuries the last 2-3yrs so NY would move Pugh between LG/RG/RT. In Arizona, the Cardinals are going to keep Justin Pugh at one position and that’s OG n wont move him. Given that of the two OG’s Justin Pugh is more athletic/nimble and the best pass-protector of the two & Mike Iupati is much more powerful in the run game I think we are likely to see Pugh @ LG and Iupati @ RG. Arizona should be a lot better at Center with both 6″2/315pd A.Q Shipley & 6″3/320pd Evan Boehm battling it out. Now back at his natural position I think Evan Boehm will run away with the starting job as he’s a better athlete n much more powerful than AQ & younger, excelling in the run game as well as anchoring in pass-pro. Lastly Arizona upgraded at RT as well compared to last season as well going out and signing 6″5/332pd Andre Smith who ranked 13th of 78 OT’s in the run game, he is a mauler as a run blocker and average pass-protector, when CIN lost their starting RT last year Andre Smith stepped in and played at a high level.
    Arizona has quality backup Offensive Linemen behind their starting 5 to in 6″7/330pd G/T John Wetzel who is a very good starting quality linemen, especially at OG. As a rookie last year 6″7/320pd swing OT Will Holden played very well for a rookie thrust into the fire & has starting ability. Holden has spent all off-season in the weight room he should really improve. Arizona is going to re-sign either 6″7 Alex Boone who’s a good OG or 6″4/320 OG/T Earl Watford after the draft, they likely sign Watford as he’s so much younger.
    Arizona will also definitely draft an offensive lineman or two as well.The Cardinals have two young OT’s who could start at RT in the future so they very likely will look to draft interior linemen to start grooming for the future. A player like UBER athletic 6″3/315pd OG Isaiah Wynn possessing elite athleticism excelling in pass-pro n versus the run would be a HUGE addition to AZ’s O-Line and he redshirt as a rookie and replace Iupati in 2019. AZ with two 3rd round picks though will definitely draft a lineman within their first few picks.

    This season Arizona will have an extremely stout O-Line that will easily be a top 5 to 10 O-Line so long as their starting 5 stay healthy but that goes for every good O-Line. Four of Arizona’s 5 starting O-Linemen rank as Elite run blockers in the run game in Humphries-Iupati-Pugh-Smith and both Centers excel versus the run especially young Evan Boehm, all that will be music to the ears of arguably the best RB/WR in the NFL in Elite All-Pro 6″2 RB/WR David Johnson who doubles as an elite #2WR & Excellent young 5″10/200 RB/WR TJ Logan possesing 4.35spd who the team is extremely high on also is fully healthy. Those two backs especially David Johnson behind Arizona’s O-Line will give the Cardinals one of the best if not thee best rushing offense in the NFL next season. AZ wont have any issue at all fielding one of the best grond attacks in the league.

  34. By hawkkiller on Mar 30, 2018 | Reply

    By D on Mar 27, 2018 | Reply

    Guessing the Rams will be focusing on pass rushers next…AZ needs to continue with the Oline rebuild, find a strong Center and then find a long term Right Tackle that can block out the sun…

    this kid from Oklahoma. would work..O. Brown, 6’8 360lbs – 35″ long arms… #15 of the draft.

    The Cardinals will have FOUR 1ST Round draft picks STARTING up front on there Offensive Line in 2018. Arizona now has a top 5-10 Offensive Line that will be extremely good this year & will be the best in the NFC-W so long as they keep their starting 5 healthy.. 6″5/320 uber-athletic DJ Humphries is a top young up n coming LT who excels both in pass-pro n run blocking. 6″5/330 All-Pro LG Mike Iupati healthy again after tearing his tricep is a top 10 NFL OG healthy, At 30yrs old he has multiple years of very high-level play left, Guards play to their mid-late 30s. Back at his natural position where he has played since age 12 @ Center big 6″3/320pd Evan Boehm is going to excel as an above-avg Center I believe now at his natural position, Arians/Goody moving him to RG was extremely stupid yet Boehm still held his own @ the NFL level despite having never playing OG before. Boehm will battle it out with 32y/o 6″2/315 A.Q Shipley to start but I think Boehm will run away with it, Boehm is a better athlete and is more powerful though Shipley is a quality starter.
    In Free-Agency Arizona went out & signed an Elite top 5 OG who healthy at Guard ranks in the top 5 among OG’s both in pass-pro/run-blocking in extremely athletic/nimble 6″5/315pd RG Justin Pugh who was an Excellent signing. NY due to injuries kept moving Pugh around from LG to RG to RT had him at Center putting his body in situations it wasn’t used to & it got him injured, straining a back muscle last year. Here in Arizona Pugh is going to play just ONE POSITION and he will STAY at the position which in AZ is RG. Lastly at RT Arizona went out and signed an Excellent RT 6″5/332pd who’s an excellent mauling run blocking RT ranking 13th of 78OTs as a run blocker and is Average in pass-protection, a Big upgrade over Veldheer who was just horrible esp at RT and was in decline. Arizona has multiple quality back-ups’s as well.

    I agree with you that Arizona is going to be looking to draft atleast 1 maybe 2 O-Linemen. All-Pro LG Mike Iupati is in the last year of his deal, I think they’d like to draft his replacement. I’d love to see Arizona draft 6″3/315pd OG/C Isaiah Wynn in round 2 who possess elite athleticism/power with very polished technique, I think he is going to be a Pro-Bowl caliber starter and would be a steal in round 2. With two 3rd round picks in this years draft I’d love it if Arizona used their 3rd RD Comp pick 97th overall on big very powerful 6″5/310pd Center Frank Ragnow, Ragnow can also kick inside to OG, he can be either an above average OG or Center in the NFL & is an excellent run blocker. Heading into the 2018 season though Arizona’s Offensive Line looks excellent, Keim has done a great job. Main problem last year was 4 of 5 starting linemen got injured, with 2 starters replaced & everyone healthy Arizona will have a top caliber O-Line so long as they stay healthy.

  35. By hawkkiller on Mar 30, 2018 | Reply

    By AZcardinalfaninSTL on Mar 27, 2018 | Reply

    Darren –

    Any indication how the Cardinals plan to address the CB and WR positions. As of now, it’s hard to imagine them being competitive with their current talent (or lack there of) at these positions. I’m surprised they haven’t made more of an effort to fill these needs.

    It’s hard to imagine Arizona being competitive next year given their WR & CB rooms?? Are you serious? Arizona has one of the best defenses in the NFL, via DVOA Arizona’s defense ranked 4th overall last season, #1 versus the run & #11 versus the pass & that was with some of their top premium caliber talent on out injured on IR!!!! Arizona’s defense will be even better next year w/ guys coming back healthy & especially a bunch of young players going into there 2nd & 3rd NFL seasons like Elite All-Pro/Pro-Bowl SS/FS/CB Budda Baker & ILB/OLB Hasson Reddick. The secondary is loaded with talent & Arizona has the best pure shutdown CB in the NFL in Elite All-Pro CB Patrick Peterson who is the 1st Defensive player in history to make 7 Pro-Bowls before his 28th Birthday. Arizona signed a good solid above-average CB 6″1/195pd Bene Benwikere who’s a good solid above average CB, PFF gave him a grade of 78.7 last year, he’s gotten better each of the last 4 seasons and has a Long history with Head-Coach Steve Wilks, he knows this system inside and out. After the draft Arizona will almost certainly bring back SS Tyvon Branch to & the NFL Draft is LOOOAADDEEDD with Cornerbacks this year, Arizona will definitely snatch up a CB in either round 2 or round 3.

    At Wide-Receiver Arizona is a bit light but (they have a lot of receivers/pass-catchers on the roster) they arent not done filling the room out as Arizona will definitely sign a free agent & will be drafting a WR in round 1 or 2, very likely RD-2 this year. AZ is very likely signing 6″3/220pd WR Brice Butler who is a very solid WR with 4.37 40 speed, 6″3 Jordan Matthews is still a real possibility & I believe they will draft either 5″11 Christian Kirk or 6″3 Courtland Sutton in round 2. Arizona definitely is not done adding talent, by the time they are Arizona will be loaded up with talent.

    On the roster right now Arizona has 6″3/220pd Elite All-Pro WR Larry Fitzgerald who’s coming off his 3rd straight 100/1000+YD season, David Johnson is basically a #2 receiver, 5″11 JJ Nelson w/ his 4.28spd is a lethal deep threat, last years 3rd round pick has made tremendous progress & is ready to take off according to teammates who workout with him in 6″2/205pd WR Chad Williams possesing 4.37 40 speed,He is going to be a very good Wideout I believe. Arizona signed a talented young free agent WR in 6″2/200pd WR Cobi Hamilton with 4.41 40 speed, today its highly likely Arizona sign 6″3/220pd (4.37) WR Brice Butler. Come the draft you can bet Arizona will draft one of the best top WR prospects & will take a receiving TE in round 3 or 4 probably further beefing up their TE core as unlike Bruce Arians new Offensive Coordinator Mike McCoy features TE’s in the pass-game.
    On top of the WR’s Arizona has multiple other pass catchers on the roster including arguably the best RB/WR in the NFL in Elite All-Pro RB/WR 6″2/225pd David Johnson w/ 4.48spd who Doubles as an Elite #2 caliber WR, last years rookie RB/WR 5″10/200pd TJ Logan possess elite 4.35 40spd & hands dropping only ONE PASS in 3 years in college and is a very good crisp route runner. Before breaking his wrist TJ Logan was lighting it up in camp and in the pre-season, he is going to be very good. 6″1/230pd Elijah Penny is a very good power RB. We could see Arizona possibly draft a guy like Rashadd Penny who doubles as a WR as well or someone else to help shoulder the load and serve as insurance behind Johnson in case something were to happen to him. AZ will hane an Elite top 5 rushing offense next year without much trouble, especially given their now stout O-Line DJ will be running behind.
    Arizona has a couple very good receiving TE”s as well & unlike BA new OC McCoy actually features TE”s in the passing game & plans on featuring excellent young receiving TE 6″5 Ricky Seals-Jones in his offense as McCoy knows that kid is going to be special. At 6″5/250 with 4.59 speed Seals-Jones is a WR playing TE & is a very good very crisp route runner as well, LB’s and Safeties just cannot cover that guy. Seals-Jones is just a pure receiving TE right now,
    Behind Seals-Jones is a veteran 6″5/260pd TE Jermaine Gresham who doubles as an Excellent above-average receiving TE & good run blocker, Gresham should be ready to start the season coming off his achilles.
    Mike McCoy wants to run two TE sets and feature TE’s in the passing game so I’d be willing to bet they draft yet enother receiving TE, one who makes a lot of sense who AZ could draft with the First of AZ’s Two 3rd round picks @15th overall in round 3 is 6″5 1/2 255pd TE Mark Andrews who is an EXCELLENT receiving TE who will excel in the NFL, I could see AZ going after him but they definintely will draft a both receiving TE & WR, I’d love to see Arizona draft WR Courtland Sutton and Mark Andrews .

  36. By Scott H on Mar 30, 2018 | Reply

    Jo ball –

    That was VERY well said. Bravo.

  37. By Scott H on Mar 30, 2018 | Reply

    RagingREDBird –

    Well, I guess someone needed to say it.

  38. By Johnson on Apr 1, 2018 | Reply

    Jo-Ball – you are my favorite person on this site now, other than Darren of course. And you have hit the nail on the wall. This is a serious problem we face in this organization – majority of the fans are so naive that it seriously bothers me at the state of AZ football and culture. If you read most of the comments on social media – you will hear absolutely bizarre fans proclaiming their loyalty like “Win or Lose – Always a Cards fan – in Keim we trust???? It makes me wonder in what pretense these people live their lives. They have no intention to question and decision making and they call themselves fans? Simply bizarre and stupid!

    People like Drummer1 are a reality of this organization and I feel majority of cards fans live on wonderland. They have no intention of understanding that Cards as a organization has had very few years of winning mentality and questioning any decision or simply speaking your mind makes you less of a fan and person.

    At the end, the state of the Cardinals shows the reality of the fan base mindset – Stay Naive, Stay Cheap, Stay Conservative. Oh dont forget – We will win the Super Bowl next year! Its become a fool’s paradise!

  39. By Dan Nicholson on Apr 3, 2018 | Reply

    The Rams pass rush is only good when they know other team is passing it. They have no edge rushers ,Quinn & Long are gone, Ogletree is gone, and this draft is razor thin for pass rushers. I just got to say Kerwynn Williams tore them up last year.Just don’t fall behind them too much and we will all see. Lot of hype around rams,expectations are the root for disappointment in sports
    See ‘Eagles Dream Team’……

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