Niklas moves on, and the Cards at tight end

Posted by Darren Urban on April 4, 2018 – 1:17 pm

Once, veteran teammate John Carlson said of rookie Troy Niklas, “He looks like a 12-year-old boy who swallowed a grizzly bear.” At 6-foot-6 and 270 pounds, Niklas — the Cards’ second-round pick in 2014 — was a prototype tight end for coach Bruce Arians. He just couldn’t stay on the field enough, beset by ankle and wrist problems.

So Niklas moved on Wednesday, agreeing to a deal with the Patriots. It’ll be very interesting to see how Niklas performs there, especially in an offense that will throw to the tight end. Niklas is no Gronk athletically (no tight end is), but he figures to get more targets and he is coming off his best season, albeit with a low bar. In 2017, Niklas in 15 games had 11 catches for 132 yards and a touchdown, after totaling just eight receptions in 26 career games over his first three seasons.

Meanwhile, the Cardinals are going to have to address the position. As long as Niklas was out there, there was a chance he could return (the Cards also lost a potential depth guy on the offensive line when Earl Watford moved on to the Bears this week.) Jermaine Gresham is coming off an Achilles injury and is limited right now in his offseason work, although I thought he looked better than I might have expected when he was doing what he could Tuesday. The Cards also have Ricky Seals-Jones, who flashed as an undrafted rookie but still skews heavily as a receiver and not a blocker (not a shock, given that he was a wideout in college.) Gabe Holmes also remains.

At this point, it might make more sense to wait until after the draft, see if a tight end emerges there, and then reassess the position afterward.

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  1. By D on Apr 4, 2018 | Reply

    Amazing a kid that big couldn’t or wouldn’t develop into a better Blocking option.

    Mercedes Lewis, vet free agent, can still block above average, he maybe worth brining in on a 1 year deal.

    The team also will need a Fullback, unless they plan on making E. Penny a FB.

    I believe I read somewhere that SK in the past 5 years, has only offered 1- 2nd contract to a player drafted by AZ…and that was for the Honey Badger. Cmon Mr. GM, we need to get this draft Right…

  2. By JTDG on Apr 4, 2018 | Reply

    I’m with you Darren. It will be interesting to see what Troy will do in New England.

    He is big and can block, and is a better receiver than what he showed here. He doesn’t have that separation speed, but at 6’6”, you have to wonder why he wasn’t more of a red zone guy?

    I would have liked to see him return and see what he could have done on play action when that fake is with DJ. Got to believe that would have froze those LBs and Safeties and gave him a chance to make plays in the seems.

    Oh well, we will see if that happens in NE.

  3. By creditcard on Apr 4, 2018 | Reply

    NE uses double TE sets,Niklas will blossom with Grok on the other side. Good for Troy,bummer for the Cards. Niklas is young and has the right build for a TE.

    I don’t see Gresham an answer at TE for the Cards. Gresham was flat out bad last year. Jones has good hands, but can he block? Another entire area the Cards have to completely re-tool.

    Watford, was cut by Jacksonville, and picked up by the Cards and became an instant starter and one of the more stable pieces on the O-line. This is more of a statement on how pathetic the O-line was last year vs. Watford’s greatness.

    Bears got a back-up. Cards have yet another hole to fill.

    Mathieu and Buchanan are the only players drafted by Kiem in his 1st two years, that have amounted to more than mediocre, and only Buchanan remains on the team. Kiem’s 1st two years of draft are coming home to roost its’ ugly shadow.

  4. By DZ on Apr 4, 2018 | Reply

    Just keep getting thinner and thinner. Watford is a loss for sure.
    Niklas, not so much.. he was like owning a monster truck but only driving it back and forth to the grocery store due to it braking parts every time it went over a speed bump.
    I am sure the Pats will find his niche, they always do.
    But for the Cards.. Major bust..

  5. By RagingREDBird on Apr 4, 2018 | Reply

    If Troy has a monster year in NE what does that tell us?

    1) BA used him wrong
    2) Belichick is just a genius
    3) Cards don’t know how to develop players
    4) Blind luck

    I didn’t want him back on the team, but now that the Patriots want him I am upset he is not on the team. It is like when you want your ex back cause she found somebody else and he is better looking than you. I can’t hope for the best for Troy. I know that makes me petty. I don’t care

  6. By Robert on Apr 4, 2018 | Reply

    mark this post, Niklas will have a MONSTER year in New England. I just couldn’t understand why he wasn’t used more. Greasham is too old and brittle, he should be cut. I’m telling anyone who will listen, this is a 5-11 team next year. 100% certain.

  7. By NJAzCardsFan on Apr 4, 2018 | Reply

    Ever get the feeling we are watching a slow motion train wreck…???

  8. By Ric Italia on Apr 4, 2018 | Reply

    After all these draft misses , Keim gets an extension. In todays NFL you need to hit on most of your draft picks..

  9. By Scott H on Apr 4, 2018 | Reply

    Oh, great….another position that will need to be addressed.

    But the TE position will have to take a number and get in line behind all of the other positions that are still waiting to be addressed.

    I think it is ridiculous that this man’s BEST season was 11 catches for 132 yards and ONE TD, yet people were STILL so high on him and hoping he would be back for 2018.

    FOR WHAT?? So he could set a career mark with 13 catches for 146 yards? And probably still no better than ONE TD?

    I know since it’s me posting, people aren’t even reading any more.

    But all of that said, it WILL be interesting to see what Niklas might do in another offense, ESPECIALLY one that DOES use the TE as a weapon. And if Niklas does go on to play well elsewhere, it will only serve to underscore the fact that the Cardinals have been either in-explicably inept OR in-explicably stubborn in regard to having a clue about using the TE position in their offense, Either way, they’e been that way for entirely too long.

  10. By JTDG on Apr 4, 2018 | Reply

    Scott H,

    You answered your own question.

    Why would you want him back? To see what he would do in an offense that throws to TEs.

    Remember this, coming out of Notre Dame in 2014, here was his scouting report;

    “Outstanding size with a well-proportioned, muscular build. Big target over the middle and in the red zone. Athletic with flexible hips and knees to run the full tight end route tree. Bursts into routes and stretches the seam. Good hands. Has playmaking ability. Lined up flexed and in-line. Good potential as a blocker. Bends his knees, shuffles and fans rushers wide. Works well in tandem and can combo block effectively.”

    So injuries and an offense that didn’t use him has gotten him to this point. My thought, if you are a run first team, working off of play action, Niklas seems like a guy you might keep.

  11. By Coach K on Apr 4, 2018 | Reply


    This is a terrible loss. Yes, Niklas had injuries, but when healthy and when he touched the ball, he was a force. He just never got the ball in B.A.’s system.

    It’s clear to me with our limited budget for FA, we need to move down a few spots in round one and hopefully get an extra 2nd round and perhaps 5th round pick.

    We need at least two more picks in this draft to fill in vital spots. TE now becomes a vital spot with the loss of Niklas and the age of Gresham.

    Keim needs to be creative and understand WE NEED MORE PICKS.

  12. By clssylssy on Apr 4, 2018 | Reply

    You are so right, YET ANOTHER, position we now need to fill and are thinner at, even if Nicklas didn’t set the world on fire in Arians system. BA didn’t know how to use TEs so, I think perhaps some fans were hopeful that in a new system with coaches who were interested in teaching proper technique and actually used the position as an offensive weapon, Troy might have the potential to develop and have value? The Patriots seem to see something there and, I would say they seem to know how to evaluate talent (and have the rings to prove it).
    Personally, TE is one of my favorite positions and I have seen how players like Tony Gonzalez , Jeremy Shockey can really help an offense blow the doors off and be the “it” factor (not that Nicklas was on that level).
    This is looking like mighty slim pickens and that’s even before injuries!

  13. By Dan Nicholson on Apr 5, 2018 | Reply

    Scott H.
    Re: Niklas
    I wss happy he played in 15 games last year & didn’t have high expectations due to him missing most of first 2 years.Will agree it’s interesting if he performs better there. Maybe the injuries kept him from from being able to get back to where he was. Palmer & Gresham had it going, so Niklas had something amiss. Just wish Gresham would stop getting too many 15 yard penalties. Maybe they can get Mercedes Lewis …..

  14. By Jon on Apr 5, 2018 | Reply

    Ricky Seals-Jones was is tight end MVP, easily looking better than any other Cardinals tight end has looked over the last five years.

    Ricky Seals-Jones had about 5 catches in that MVP season.

  15. By Dan Nicholson on Apr 5, 2018 | Reply

    So Rosen is possibly slipping out of top 10. According to reports today he is, and he may be the most talented of all the QB’S. So if Cards can get him @ # 15 that’s great value and saves draft picks. This could really open up the possible moves rest of draft. Preferred Darnold, but this would work. Could we be so lucky?

  16. By Darren Urban on Apr 5, 2018 | Reply

    Dan —

    RE: Rosen

    I rarely make draft statements like this, but …

    Rosen is not falling out of the top 10. I’ll be shocked if he falls out of the top 6.

  17. By Joe C. on Apr 5, 2018 | Reply

    If Rosen falls out of the top 10 wouldn’t you question why? a la Matt Leinert? Nicklaus and Mathieu are two FA with injury histories that if the Cards signed them we’d have the chorus of Kiem criticisms about singing FA with injury histories. face it folks, we are preserving options for 2019 when we have cap space while trying to be competitive in 2018. Don’t for a minute think the Cards are going all in in 2018 to the detriment of the future.

  18. By JTDG on Apr 5, 2018 | Reply


    Amen Darren. No way he falls out of the top 10.

    A couple of things to take note about the draft and QBs.

    -The Browns will take a QB. Whether it is Darnald, Allen or Rosen, one will be gone.
    – We are not sure which way the Giants go. They drafted Davis Webb last year and we don’t know how long they will ride Manning. Are they a potential playoff team who had an off year? If that is the case, they take Barkley. But we could see a 2nd QB gone.
    – The Jets moved up to pick 3 to get one of the top 3 QBs. They could get one of the top 2 if the Giants pass.
    – At pick 4, could you see a trade if Barkley is gone? You have the Bills looking to jump up into the top 5 to get a QB. At this point, 3 QBs will be gone, whether it is the Giants , Jets and Browns or Browns, Jets and Bills, Darnald, Allen and Rosen will be gone.
    – If the Giants, Jets, and Browns do take QBs, you could see the Bills trade up into pick 5, to take Baker Mayfield. If the Giants dont take a QB, and the Browns or Broncos trade down with the Bills, Both Mayfield and Jackson will be available at 15.
    – Then it gets interesting. do the cards take Mayfield, Jackson or Rudolph at 15? How about teams with older QBs like Chargers, Steelers, Patriots and Saints? Could the Dolphins or Jags surprise with a QB? I doubt it but some think so.

    Bottom line, if the Giants take a QB, there will be 4 QBs in the top 5 picks. If the Giants pass on a QB, there will be 3 QBs in the top 5.

    I could see all 6 QBs going in the first round. Rivers is 36 and said he wont play till he is 40. The cards need a QB, Big Ben has mauled over retirement and is 36, Brady will be 41 and they traded away both back up/future QBs, Drew Brees is 39 and started to show some age last year.

    So, Qbs in round 1 could go to Browns, Giants, Jets, Bills, Cards, Chargers, Steelers, Patriots, Saints,. That is 9 teams who could use a QB this year. With 6 QBs and 9 teams, we could see the QBs pushed up the draft board.

  19. By Scott H on Apr 5, 2018 | Reply

    JTDG –

    I get that he was highly touted coming out of college in 2014. But we never saw any of it. And I think his health and the Cardinals utilization of the TE ( or, near total lack thereof ) are equal parts to blame.

    But given his health issues, the answer to my question is no, I did not want him back. He can’t be counted on.

    And even when he played in 15 games last year…..11 catches?? Where was all of that ability then?? And that was in an offense that was utilizing back-up and 3rd string QB’s. Isn’t the TE supposed to become the QB’s best friend at that point?

    Ya know what? On THIS team, I don’t know why we would bother getting excited about ANYONE at the TE position because no matter who plays there, the productivity is the same.

  20. By Adam Smith b1723 fka DTL on Apr 5, 2018 | Reply

    red flag Cards moved on from Niklas, could’ve resigned for cheap… dubious… not sure if reflection on Niklas… or on Wilks/Keim…

  21. By JTDG on Apr 5, 2018 | Reply

    Scott H,

    “And even when he played in 15 games last year…..11 catches?? Where was all of that ability then??”

    Again, I don’t think it is fair to look at a stat that doesn’t show the whole picture.

    1. BA called TEs glorified Tackles, so tough to get catches or even targets.
    2. With a weak run game, play action was not as effective as it would have been if DJ was there (and we had an actual O line).

    It will be interesting to see him in NE. Brady throws to TEs. They use a lot of two TE sets. Gronk, if he comes back, always gets injured, giving Niklas a chance at more targets, especially in the red zone. I just think, if he is going to regain what he had coming out of college, it will be in NE. It is too bad we couldn’t keep him to see if this new, run first, play action, hit the TEs , offense would have worked for him.

  22. By JTDG on Apr 5, 2018 | Reply

    Funny thing about the Brice Butler signing;

    He had 317 receiving yards last year. So, why was Keim impressed with him?

    Maybe it has to do with the fact that he had 90 of that 300 yards against the cards as he beat Bethel deep for a TD late in the game to help the cowboys secure the win.

    Personally, I haven’t watched him enough to know why he has never broke through. He is a little like Jaron Brown in that way. They have talent and flash it, but seem to never get over the hump.

  23. By davemaham on Apr 5, 2018 | Reply

    This will be a classic case of a player who can’t stay healthy, move on to another team, then stays healthy and tears it up. Was really looking forward to seeing this guys full potential.

  24. By Scott H on Apr 5, 2018 | Reply

    clssy –

    Well, in all fairness to BA, can you name the last Cards head coach who DID know how to use the TE’s? It has been a problem that has transcended coaching changes for decades now.

    Heck, as JTDG points out, I would at least give BA credit for coming out and saying that the TE’s are really glorified tackles. BA’s candor was what I loved most about him.

  25. By Scott H on Apr 5, 2018 | Reply

    JTDG –

    RE Butler / Bethel

    I’m thinking that Butler was interested in coming here because he knew Bethel went somewhere else. That means he can continue to play against him.

    RE: Niklas

    Above all else, it will be interesting to see what he can do in another offense, especially one that does utilize the TE. AND NE has lost a lot of their weapons at WR, so they might be going to their TE’s more than usual in 2018. Hope Niklas is ready to be busy doing something else besides blocking.

  26. By clssylssy on Apr 5, 2018 | Reply

    Eric Decker would be a great signing for the Cards. He’s a good guy, has name recognition, is a legitimate receiver and would be a good bridge after Larry leaves.Decker has played for Mike McCoy and also can return punts.Of course, he won’t play for free but probably won’t be all that outrageously expensive either.
    I am suspicious of plans for the offense or defense that are so secret; makes me think the” secret” probably is that there is no real plan as yet? While I don’t think the organization needs to give away all their plays and “secrets” it would be reassuring to the fans if we could get a glimmer of a general idea of what is in store, supported by roster signings that support” the plan”.
    So far, I’m not seeing anything that has resembled a serious plan, mostly camp bodies and backups? I like that Wilks is pushing the “one game at a time” philosophy but hope that’s not followed with the message that we’re not in any hurry to get to the playoffs, things take time, etc., when most of these guys have a very short career life and some of us long suffering fans could die of old age while waiting for the organization to take their time figuring things out.

  27. By John S. on Apr 5, 2018 | Reply

    I wish Niklas well, and think he will get more opportunity in New England anyway; Belichick has a way of seeing what players have or not, and get the better out of them.
    I’m somewhat surprised Gresham is still here, given his salary, etc. Also don’t get the Watford leaving move either. We seem to be creating more holes to fill than the so-called stated “being aggressive” in filling the ones we already had?

  28. By clssylssy on Apr 5, 2018 | Reply

    Re: TEs
    You are right again! Until I came to Arizona, I never realized that there were teams who DIDN’T use TEs optimally as physical offensive weapons who could block AND catch. I was use to the Tony G, Antonio Gates, Vernon Davis, Jason Witten, Jeremy Shockey,Rob Gronkowski types. Perhaps now that we have Mike McCoy we will see a shift in that and our offense will be more stable (a la Antonio Gates). While BA and Whiz did a lot of things I liked, I wasn’t anybody’s cheerleader. especially, guess it all goes to what you know best and the comfort in what works.

  29. By creditcard on Apr 5, 2018 | Reply

    I guarantee Niklas will do well in NE. Gronk on one side,being double teamed, and Niklas spotted against a 5′ 10′ 190 lb DB. Brady will capitalize on this miss match-up all season.

    Rams look salty this year. Time to rebuild allow Wilks a season or two to become a good head coach. Allow Wilks to mold the Cards into a team of his liking (excellent O-line and D-line).

    It’ll take time — a couple seasons. If the Cards win right out of the gate with Wilks, great. If not, lets not get too much heart-burn over expecting losing seasons on the horizon. Many holes need to be filled,and the Cards are strapped financially with limited dollars for FA , and they have a limited number of draft picks.

    All that said, the Cards have to do better in drafting and player development.

  30. By JTDG on Apr 5, 2018 | Reply


    Have a plan;

    I think on offense, they have stated their plan. They went with olineman that are run blockers and plan to be a run first offense, don’t turn over the ball, work play action.

    On defense, I would think the secret is that they don’t know. I think they have an idea, but they are new to the team and may have to adjust to the talent. For instance, they may need to see if Golden can be a 4-3 Sam LB. Or maybe a 4-3 DE. and if he is a DE, can he hold the edge? These are legit questions that you wont know till you get them on the field. I think the defensive plan will evolve through camp and pre season.

  31. By Dan Nicholson on Apr 5, 2018 | Reply

    Re: Rosen
    You are more than likely right . Just heard a lot about this last 2 days and commented about it. It would be a big surprise

  32. By Dr. G. on Apr 5, 2018 | Reply

    No one is more eager to get to camp than I, so we can see first hand in the stadium who’s who and how they look. I usually go several times.

    JTDG – – for the novice but passionate fan, they may not get the “”sam”” lable you used. You may want to clarify…and while you’re at it, I’ll leave it to you to explain “”mike”” and “”will”” if you wish. ((lots of acronyms in the new information age.))

    As for Golden, if he is healthy, he can be the “”sam”” you mention…stopping the run, getting around a TE block, & defending the short pass…you will agree he must be just short of Superman.

    Still, I have my draft wishes, but like Darren, mostly that is what they are…be well Cards Fans

  33. By Coach K on Apr 5, 2018 | Reply


    what do you think the Patriots have up their sleeve with those two picks in round one?

    I’m thinking they have targeted someone and will make a big move.

    Or, they could be focused on getting a left tackle and one other impact player.

    What do you think their plan is? Tackle and a receiver, or a big move up?

  34. By DZ on Apr 5, 2018 | Reply

    Anyone remember a, guy named Jay Novacek?
    Yeah, that guy. Drafted by the Cards in 85 and played through 89.
    Went to the Cowboys and became all world. 5 Pro Bowls in 5 years.
    Nough said about our ability to utilize TE talent.
    I still think Momah could have been that guy given the right attention.

  35. By DZ on Apr 5, 2018 | Reply

    Don’t get me wrong. Niklas was no Novacek, but we did waste a 2nd round pick on him. Cards are TE illiterate.. too bad.. it could save Bradfords life.

  36. By JTDG on Apr 5, 2018 | Reply

    Coach K,

    Heard maybe they make the move for Baker Mayfield.

    But I think they take a pass rusher, maybe Lorenzo Carter. Then go with a tackle. Most likely the kid from ND.
    I think they get their QB in round 2-3, like Kyle L. Or Mike White.

  37. By Dr. G. on Apr 5, 2018 | Reply

    Cards Fans – I’ve had issues with Keim’s drafting//FA work since he got the promotion…but many things he’s gotten right. This year just seems super weird…so as posted, I need to see the the new assembly in camp…

    To a point…as in Darren’s tweet, signing 4 QBs is no indication that Keim isn’t looking to another QB move in the draft. I’m ¢√℅¥£¶∆ HOPING!! Meanwhile, gotta have many QBs just to run a flexible camp…

    For those who live nearby or want to travel, the camp is an excellent FREE opportunity to check out the practices and skrimages…calm and cool inside, grab a dog and a brew, ànd sit down low for good viewing in the very sparse attendance.

    You’ll see the schedule posted soon….

  38. By Dan Nicholson on Apr 5, 2018 | Reply

    Re: QB’S
    That was good analysis on how their could be more teams possibly drafting a qb early. So ,even if let’s say a Rosen miraculously slips to picks 11-up,who’s to say a couple of teams wouldn’t do what Texans, Chiefs did last year. Have to say Cards are preparing for any scenario. I’ve wondered the same that could happen….

  39. By Dan Nicholson on Apr 5, 2018 | Reply

    Re: Novacek
    He was awesome when he played for the Cardinals. He was a great athlete and for a TE had speed to burn. Cannot remember if it was contract issue how he ended up in Dallas. No comparison between him and Niklas. When cards were still in St.Louis he was a fan favorite and utilized as not only in te package but some wr plays.Glad you mentioned him

  40. By Big Ken on Apr 6, 2018 | Reply

    It’s interesting I haven’t read any where that the Cardinals have met with or worked out Lamar Jackson. Are they not interested or is this a smoke screen?

  41. By clssylssy on Apr 6, 2018 | Reply

    Thank you. As far as plans for the offense…guess I assumed that part of the plan would be not to turn the ball over (doesn’t that go without saying?) and have a run first scheme since we don’t really have receivers other than Larry, and our QB situation leaves much to be desired. IMO, we still don’t have the kind of 0line that is legit, although improved marginally. I continue to be concerned about the Center and RG positions especially. I do think Palmer had a certain comfort with AQ and was afraid to try experimenting too much and so part of that problem was a “lesser of two evils” situation that Keim was content to go along with if it saved money, However, with this type of offense it seems we are going to need more personnel on that side of the ball, more RBs than David, a FB (nobody seems to remember to include in their mock drafts), TE and WRs
    Our defense and the “secret” non-plan…LOL! I think everybody has pretty much assumed that we would be going to a 4-3 or be playing a hybrid (which we have been doing) but beyond that it’s something of a cluster mess of undefined gibberish. We only have five draft picks and the thought of Keim playing Russian roulette with our picks is pretty scary, especially considering his track record to date (which he can now blame on BA conveniently).Again, we have a pretty shaky D-line and are going to need more linebackers, 2nd Corner, and are thin at safety.
    Counting the critical needs we have on both sides of the ball I come up short even before we begin considering backups (that we will most certainly need with our starters only a step away from IR to begin with),
    So, I guess my question is more, what is the plan for solving this shortage problem and do we have a direction? (Admittedly I am a goals, objectives and time frames planner type, and find this unfocused chaos approach frustrating and maddening).

  42. By lloyd wolf on Apr 6, 2018 | Reply

    clssylssy…points well taken…what part of the QB scenario are you disappointed in? i think the one thing we can hope for (duh) is if bradford stays vertical he can be excellent. a big if no doubt, we can’t dismiss everything quite yet.

    my big disappointment remains hiring wilks….yes he may become a terrific head coach somewhere/someday….but the urgency of obvious offensive issues is like having the dessert chef prepare the main course…keim blew it, knowing that ba
    was going to be a relative short timer he did not have the talent on staff to step in…the canary in the coal mine was an offensive coordinator who was not prepared to call a game. nice to hire your buddies BUT your buddies better be ready to take over….reid had a few on staff and scattered all over the league.

  43. By Joe C. on Apr 6, 2018 | Reply

    I’ve not seen Kiem blame his drafts on anyone let alone Arians. That seems to be the realm of the posters here.

  44. By clssylssy on Apr 7, 2018 | Reply

    Lloyd Wolf…
    Thank you for your acknowledgement of my questions, as well as sharing your concern with the hiring of Coach Wilks.
    First of all, I think Bradford can be good BUT is so fragile that in the long run he will prove too costly, not just money wise but moreover in the extra effort and attention that the organization, as well as his teammates, will have to devote to trying to keep him healthy. The Vikings couldn’t do it and they had a MUCH stronger and more complete offense than we do. I think having to designate too many resources to one player will only make our total offense more watered down and less effective. On the other hand, Keim will almost have to finally address the 0-line deficit that has plagued the Cards almost forever. I HATE the Glennon signing, believe it to be a total waste of money when there were other, much better backups out there. I would rather have had Keenum or Osweiller or RGIII… there were others. Also, we have a new coaching staff, with little veteran leadership to help out so, Glennon will probably be on his own. Keeping Stanton or Barkley would have made more sense to me, unless they were looking for the door and a fresh start.
    As far as Wilks goes, I like him. He is quite the departure from BA which could be good. Plus, this is becoming a defensively strong league and I think it is a step in the right direction to try to capitalize on our strongest suite, our defense. He is a very cerebral guy, which I really like, and has sound ideas for building this team into (if he’s allowed and not handcuffed by the FO). He is not so arrogant as to want to call offensive plays and be the center of attention, but seems able to delegate these roles to people who are knowledgeable and have an expertise for the specialized areas. I like that he is more of a teacher/bigger picture kind of guy and wants our team to learn proper technique that will translate into positive yards rather than losing yards to penalties etc.I know he hasn’t had previous experience as a HC but he did stand in for Ron Rivera on occasion and seemed ready to take the next step. Yes, there were others on my wish list ahead of him but the Cards have always chosen the budget route, and knowing this I’m sure didn’t help our cause as most coaches want to be able to hire impact players who also cost more.
    At this point, I am cautiously optimistic and have more faith in the new Coaching staff than I do with the puppetmasters in the FO. Until we put more of a priority on signing healthy players from the start and player development, I fear we will continue to waste our energy and money spinning our wheels, getting nowhere but frustrated.

  45. By lloyd wolf on Apr 8, 2018 | Reply

    clssylssy… well put. whatever the FO does there will never be a majority of those posting in agreement,,,again i say majority, if they decided between rosen/and whomever no more than 50% would agree unless mr, whomever was a strong armed (ugh) quarterback from fordham, if i was king of the forest i do one of two things,,,,trade down a few spots pick up a draft choice or two…knowing the db (say the kid from iowa) is there…the number of holes are far too great than at this moment worry about a developmental qb…or just sit up and be happy under the circumstances that we can select 4 out of the top 100. no need to take a wr in round 1 or 2…they will be there in round 3+….it’s the db’s and ol that are critical….
    we’ll see soon. ciao!!

  46. By lloyd wolf on Apr 8, 2018 | Reply

    joe c…i have to assume the draft board is a culmination of a plethora of scouting reports…whispers from college coaches the current scouts know,,,BUT the ultimate decision of the order on the board is keim..period. if fault needs to be doled out he is the ultimate responsibility…..not the dudes watching fordham or va tech play with “supposedly strong armed” quarterbacks…….yeah a real good arm is needed but an outstanding football iq is critical to win games, equally as important is the guy evaluating if the qb has a high football iq better have the ability to make that call,


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