Mathieu pens goodbye letter to Arizona

Posted by Darren Urban on April 5, 2018 – 8:33 am

It’s been a few weeks since Tyrann Mathieu left the Cardinals, but Thursday, he wrote a goodbye letter to Arizona in The Players’ Tribune. He made mention of how hard it was to have so many defensive backs drafted in front of him in 2013. He said thanks to many of his former teammates, particularly former safety Rashad Johnson — who took Mathieu under his wing despite the reality that Mathieu was eventually going to supplant Johnson in the starting lineup.

He said thanks to Patrick Peterson, of course.

“Seeing the rumors and speculation he could leave, I was doing my best to just sweep it under the rug,” Peterson said. “I’m quite sure he was trying to do the same thing. It’s very tough seeing a brother leave and go on to a different team. But I know he’ll make the best of his opportunity. I tell him all the time, I love to see him with his back against the wall.”

Mathieu also made clear that, while he was relishing this fresh start, his time in Arizona meant a lot to him.

No matter what happens next, I’m always going to treasure my memories of looking up into the stands in Glendale and seeing all the fans rocking blonde mohawks and a single eye black. Through all the wins, losses and injuries, you guys gave me strength.

When I first got here, I was just a kid who loved football, but didn’t understand much else about life. Today, I’m a man who understands how much you can offer the world if you give a little of yourself. Arizona did that.

So to every Cardinals fan who has taken an interest in me over the past five years, thank you. Thank you so much for accepting me and embracing me, not just as Honey Badger, but as Tyrann.

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  1. By Dana Francis on Apr 5, 2018 | Reply

    It was thoughtful of Tyrann to write this; I hate to see him leave — he is the heartbeat of our defense. I wish you all the best Badger, both on the field and in life.

  2. By davemaham on Apr 5, 2018 | Reply

    Ty was the most difficult departure for me to accept as a Cardinals fan. Next would be Adrian Wilson and Anquan.

    At least I have an AFC team to root for now.

  3. By John S. on Apr 5, 2018 | Reply

    I’m going to miss him. Although rare anymore, I had thought he would be one of those players that stayed with his original team for his career; a fan favorite, a core face of the Cardinals long term, and mutually beneficial over all that time. Reading his letter, I somewhat think he felt the same way and really wanted to stay here. Perhaps in the future, he will be back… who knows anymore?
    I still think he got bad advice from his agent as a big part of this, and maybe the front office didn’t handle it the best way either, I don’t know… but mistakes were made in there somewhere to my way of thinking. Unfortunate what went down..
    I wish him all the best…

  4. By '87 Cards Fan on Apr 5, 2018 | Reply

    Bummed to see him go but at the same time, he took less money to go to an organization that has never won anything.

    kinda hard for any of this to sit well, if arizona was so special why leave for a perennially bad team in Houston?

  5. By creditcard on Apr 5, 2018 | Reply

    Classy. The AZ Cardinals have certainly produced some classy palyers, Mathieu, Fitzgerald, Warner, Palmer, A Williams, and of course Tillman.

  6. By D on Apr 5, 2018 | Reply

    Mason Rudolph Stats:

    *2014 G Cmp Att PCT YDS TD Int. Rate
    FR 3 49 86 57.0 853 6 4 154.0 _

    13 264 424 62.3 3770 21 9 149.1 _

    13 284 448 63.4 4091 28 4 158.9 _

    13 318 489 65.0 4904 37 9 170.6 _

    Career 915 1447 63.2 13618 92 26 159.7

    Yes, he had a QB friendly system and he had very good WR’s last year, but he could be the right QB for AZ. Give him a year to learn under Bradford and work with the OC, there could be hope for the Cards.

  7. By Judy Beatty on Apr 5, 2018 | Reply

    Oh gosh i miss him already, and the season has not started yet. Some players are just much harder to let go than others.some of mine were Aeneas Williams, Ron McKinnon, Rob Moore, Anquan Bolden, Josh McCowen.,and some others too.I do wish Tyrann The best except if they are playing us.

  8. By Scott H on Apr 5, 2018 | Reply

    I think this kid is a great story and I can only wish the overall story could have been better during his time here. Imagine how damn cool 2015 COULD have been…..winning a SB with guys like Palmer and Honey Badger and Freeney and CJ all making significant contributions, not to mention Fitz finally getting that elusive ring.

    I wish him well. His future looks brighter than ours’ does, that is for damn sure.

  9. By Scott H on Apr 5, 2018 | Reply

    I have just about reached a boiling over point with frustration at this point as I watch the Rams add players like Suh and Brandin Cooks while we add two QB’s whose names are known only to their mothers and have never played a down in an NFL game between them.

    They’re ( Rams ) adding pieces for a SB run. We’re adding camp arms.

    I CANNOT believe Steve Keim was given an extension after the LOUSY job he has been doing here. CANNOT believe it. It is clear there was NO PLAN for life after Palmer. NONE. And I’m not even sure what the hell the plan is now. What he has been doing seems more like he is still in win-now mode. And this is NOT a win-now team. Not up against the other real contenders in this conference. Not even close.

    Getting Palmer was wonderful. Nice job. You KNEW there would be a limited number of years with him. You KNEW that. And if you KNEW that, you needed to have a plan for life after Palmer. And we are seeing, loud and clear, that there was none.

    HOW does a GM that brought us to this get an extension???? That is an outrage.

    This GM is just throwing pieces together, none of which seem to be building blocks for our future. And they’re definitely not giving us a team that is going to compete in 2018. So……poor job of addressing the present and / or the future? And we gave Keim an extension for this????

    The pot has boiled over. It has for me, anyway

  10. By D on Apr 5, 2018 | Reply

    I believe as we get closer to the draft, Wilkes will want SK to focus on 3 areas to draft in Round 1.


    After listening to him discuss what he is looking for in building his team, and reviewing what he was apart of with the Panthers, 1 of those 3 areas will be where the 1st Round Draft pick will play.
    He appears to be fine with WRs and CB’s being drafted in Rounds 2-4 and coaching them up in his system.

    Names to know:
    QB- Rudolph & Jackson
    OL- McGlinchey OT, I. Wynn G/C; C. Williams OT
    LB- L. Vander Esch; R. Smith

  11. By NJAzCardsFan on Apr 5, 2018 | Reply

    Scott H….
    Right on point!!!

    Only empty seats will make a difference at this point…… Then MAYBE Mr. Bidwill will get the message…. Personally, I thought Keim should have been let go with BA, much like what happened to Rod Graves when Wiz was let go. Keim reminds me of a “Used Car Salesman” who will tell the buyer anything they want to hear to make a deal…. I sure a lot of Keim’s personnel mistakes will unfortunately fall on Wilkes shoulders…. A lot of the FA signings for the Cards have been mediocre at best and questionable…. I have to admire the job the Rams/49er’s front office has done. Both of those teams FO have displayed true “Aggressiveness”.
    Mr Keim you should take a good hard look at what they have done!!!

  12. By Jo Ball on Apr 5, 2018 | Reply

    This is by no means sticking up for Keim but I can understand not going full on rebuild mode. In this league, if you have a QB, you have a chance. The cards have a good one, for how long(health)? No one knows. But if he stays healthy, we have a chance. That’s not even accounting for a QB that we will most likely take in the draft who can also be a good one.

    On the other side of the ball, we have a very good defense. We’ve seen defenses win super bowls even with bad to mediocre QB play. Most recently with the Broncos who won it all with a Peyton Manning at the end of his career, playing very average ball. Our defense isn’t as good but a few hits in the draft can change that. We’re not that far off. Hitting in the draft is the key and that seems to be the poorest aspect of the Keim era. So stay positive, stay negative, both approaches are justified.

  13. By thefunluvr on Apr 5, 2018 | Reply

    no thanks to Michael/Steve/BA for taking a chance on him? Really?

  14. By Coach K on Apr 5, 2018 | Reply

    Too bad Tyrann had those ugly injuries. Imagine what he could have been if he stayed healthy?

    Will miss his energy for sure.

  15. By creditcard on Apr 5, 2018 | Reply

    Cards bring in 2 camp arms, while the Rams sign Suh and Cooks.

    Well I guess this is better than the spirited effort in management’s primary focus; the punter.

  16. By creditcard on Apr 5, 2018 | Reply

    Last year, the Cards were overly concerned about Palmer’s pitch count, thus limiting his reps.

    My memory was Palmer was rusty and inaccurate. This move didn’t bode well, then Palmer got hurt. We’re doing this again???? Why????

  17. By JTDG on Apr 5, 2018 | Reply

    Scott H and NJazCards,

    I agree with you both. I have no hope in Keim.
    I renewed my tickets for this season because my brother said he wants one more year.

    It will be no different than the last two years. Don’t expect help from the draft. None is coming. I will state right now they will not take a QB in round 1.

    Since Golden’s contract is up at the end of the year, with pick 15, they take an edge rusher. In round two, they will try to replace the Badger with a safety and then take a tackle in round 3.

    People will say, they have holes at cb2 and receiver, and the holes will be obvious those spots cost us. But they will manage 9-7 and many will be excited. If we just add a ….. we can win it all. Seen this movie too many times

  18. By NJAzCardsFan on Apr 5, 2018 | Reply


    Thanks for the vote of confidence. 9-7 is very doubtful.
    I think they will go 3-13 or 4-12…. So far, they don’t have the starter’s or reserves if there are a lot of players going on IR again to maintain a winning record. The quality of the players lost over the last 2-3 years have not been replaced or upgraded on. I don’t think the draft will be any different…..

  19. By drummer-1 on Apr 5, 2018 | Reply

    I have to ask Scott H… Why do you even come on this site it’s plan as day you really don’t like this team.. You want them to sign every big name that comes along, and don’t care the price.. I hope you don’t run a business.. who cares what the Rams are doing.. I have never seen a SB WON IN April..

  20. By patrick on Apr 5, 2018 | Reply

    Today’s therapy session for the Cardinals fans who are in a bad love hate love relationship with the Cardinals:

    Why Keim sucks for not signing Jordan Matthews.

    Of course if they had signed Jordan Matthews the topic would have been:

    Why Keim sucks for signing Jordan Matthews.

    Keim is the G.M. for the forseeable future unless your dream season comes true.

    Not the dream season of the Cardinals making a magical run to get to the playoffs, and then winning a Super Bowl.

    I am referring to YOUR dream season.
    the one that goes like this:

    Sam Bradford suffers a season ending knee injury, (really any injury will do, the more severe the better.)
    Oh and wouldn’t it be great if it was a sack by Suh given up by Andre Smith.
    And Alex Smith or Teddy Bridgewater or, Josh McCown or Nick Foles, or Tyrod Taylor have a monster year (any one of them will do.)
    Backup plan would be any of the rookie quarterbacks that the Cardinals did not draft.
    Let’s hope Mike Glennon plays like crap (because we knew we should have kept Stanton)
    Then the rookie quarterback the Cardinals drafted but you didn’t like (fill in blank next month) yeah, let’s hope he sucks too.
    Let’s hope Justin Pugh has back issues, or any injury that keeps him out.
    We definitely want D.J. Humphries, Robert Nkemdiche and Haason Reddick to play horrible, because we don’t want them to make Keim look good.
    By mid season we want Fitz to be traded to the eventual Super Bowl winning team so he can finally get his ring. (a first and third round pick should be sufficient compensation.)
    Steve Wilks being fired before the bye would be just awesome wouldn’t it.
    Don’t forget to root against the CB2 (fill in blank).
    Let’s hope Iupati goes down but Veldheer goes up!
    And let’s hope to cap off the magical season with Keim being fired!

    Oh yeah, that would be a great season for the Love, Hate, Love Cardinals fans.

    Maybe, Bidwell (misspelling on purpose) will sell the team.

    Yeah, that last one won’t happen, but true Cardinal fans can dream can’t we.

  21. By Jon on Apr 6, 2018 | Reply


    Do you honestly believe this team will win three games? Where do you even come up with that. Last year we won eight games with Gabbert/Stanton at QB almost the whole season, no David Johnson, every OL a backup, and half the team on IR by the end of the season.

    We have lost no real contributors from last year with the exception of T. WIlliams (B Baker will replace Honey Badger and then some)

    Three wins? Get out of here with that ridiculous nonsense.

    Bradford stays healthy and this is a ten win team

  22. By clssylssy on Apr 6, 2018 | Reply

    It’s obvious that some posters didn’t read Tyrann’s very beautiful and heartfelt letter to Arizona, but rather prefer to think they know every little thing that goes into a person’s, often difficult decisions, deciding what’s best for his future and the well being of his family.
    I hate the loss of Tyrann Mathieu and I hate what’s becoming of this team. I didn’t think Keim could do worse than he did last year when he gutted our defense but he continues to be consistent in making bad decisions to make up for his previous bad decisions that have put us in the situation we find ourselves in, with few draft picks, no players being developed, little money, and a roster that is circling the drain.
    Teams need veteran leadership in order to succeed and Tyrann was an amazing young leader that wanted to help other young players learn how to develop into quality professionals and was willing to pass the torch. He gave back as much or more to the community and this organization than what he got. He was a fierce competitor who loved the game and was able to galvanize a locker room and earn the affection of kids as well as fans throughout the league. He was a great ambassador for the Cardinals, and critics should be reminded that he got “all those ugly injuries” doing a job for our entertainment. I have no doubt he will have a comeback year in Houston because he has the kind of heart and ferocious tenancity it takes to become a top notch professional athlete and is what makes a Honey Badger an animal not to be messed with!
    Best of luck to Tyrann Mathieu and thank you for everything you gave to the people of Arizona. You are the real deal and will always have fans in Arizona.

  23. By joe holst on Apr 6, 2018 | Reply

    later trader

  24. By JTDG on Apr 6, 2018 | Reply


    Every Superbowl is won in the off season.

    Don’t believe me? Let’s look at last years winner. In their off season, they signed Nick Foles. Did he have an impact?
    They signed LeGarrette Blount and traded for Jay Ajayi. Did they have impacts?
    The signed Alshon Jeffries and Torry Smith. and traded for Timmy Jernigan. They signed Chris Long to help their 1st round pick Barnett at DE. Together they combined for 40 tackles and 10 sacks as reserves.

    They won that super bowl by the moves they made in March, April, May.

    Look at the Rams last year. They added LT Whitworth, Center John Sullivan, Receivers Watkins, Cupp, and Robert Woods. They added a great draft pick at safety in John Johnson.

    They go from 4-12 to 11-5 and win the west. They did that in the offseason.

    This offseason, we have watched them make more moves like adding Cooks and Suh. They are trying to win the offseason .

    What Scott and NJ, and myself and others are saying is , we don’t agree with the offseason moves the last few years and feel they are repeating the same mistakes. We don’t have faith in Keim righting the ship. That doesn’t mean they aren’t fans. They just don’t think the moves in the offseason equal a superbowl.

    Now, I will say, we could be tainted by years of bad moves and be blind to this year. Maybe adding a deep threat like Butler, to go with this run first oline and accurate QB, and a healthy DJ is just the right moves to go to the superbowl.
    Maybe getting Golden back and a draft pick at CB is what they need on defense.
    Maybe we are wrong.

    But just remember when myself and Scott blasted the moves to go with Bethel, and no real additions to the oline. Did those moves cost us? Just think if we would have added real olineman last year and a real starting CB in the the draft, and a real wr all back in April. Could that have made a difference in the season?

    Seasons are won and lost in March and April and franchises can rise and fall after the draft.

  25. By Joe C. on Apr 6, 2018 | Reply

    Classy, If Mathieu cared so much about the cards he could have worked out a reasonable contract that paid more then he ended up signing with the Texans. I also wish him well but until you realize these players first loyalties are to themselves you are going to be continually disappointed. Fitz was making north off $20M a year on a contract that hurt the Cards immeasurably. He didn’t give ant back ever, Even when the Cards were struggling to add/retain players that could have helped win a championship Fitz kept his. As he should.

  26. By Joe C. on Apr 6, 2018 | Reply

    JTDG-And the Rams sucked bad for five, six, more? years and that’s how they got all their young talent. Didn’t they swindle somebody a few years back who traded up to draft their QBOF? They signed a bunch of uber talented head cases and lost some real talent. But don’t worry, the cards who have had a perennial playoff team suck. They can go the Ram’s route and average four wins a season for the next five years and then be great. Will you keep your season tickets then?

  27. By D on Apr 6, 2018 | Reply

    Already seeing mock drafts for 2019 with AZ picking #1.
    Unfortunately for Larry, I see a 2yr-3yr rebuild that is starting.
    With a new coaching staff and a GM contract extension, can’t expect much this year. Also they Can’t fill all of the holes in 1 offseason

    I say, they should complete the rebuild of the Oline this spring. Find a RT and a G/C in the draft.

    Round 1- M. Rudolph -QB
    Round 2- K. Miller or M. Rankin- RT
    Round 3- F. Ragnow -G/C
    Round 3- K. Tolliver II -CB

  28. By Scott H on Apr 6, 2018 | Reply

    drummer-1 –

    You’ve never seen a SB won in April, huh? Well, we ( Cardinals fans ) have never seen one won in January either, have we? Do you care to speak to that instead of making my posts your problem? My posts aren’t the reason this team has gone longer than any other pro sports franchise without winning a championship.

    I’m commenting on what is and what has been. Not sure why you have a problem with that but it is just that – your problem. You preach waiting for the finished product. And I’m telling you that I’ve waited for 45 years worth of finished products and I’m still waiting for what every fan of every team wants – a SB win. This organization has failed to deliver it.

    My frustration is NOT due to my wanting them to sign every big name that and not caring about the price, etc. If that is what you think, I don’t think you are even reading my posts.

    I’m reacting to what the Rams are doing ( just like everyone else on the planet ) because what the Rams are doing is big time. It is getting a lot of attention. I’d love to pay more attention to what the Cardinals are doing, but…..what is there to pay attention to??? The two camp arms they just picked up? Funny…..that wasn’t quiet the headline that Suh or Cooks was.

    You tell me, because maybe I’m missing it somehow – what do you see this team doing that has you so impressed? Big names??? Are you kidding me?? They’re not even looking at big names so it would be pretty foolish to even hope for them.

    Never mind big names. How about just getting it right in the damn draft? Because when teams do THAT, they don’t need to chase all the big names during FA. Again, do you want to speak to THAT or do you just want to continue to make my posts your problem?

    How about the gross mis-management that leads to not even having a QB on your roster when your late 30’s starter decides to retire? Again, do you want to speak to THAT or do you just want to continue to make my posts your problem?

    Look, you keep waiting for the finished product. If that makes sense to you, then do that. I would prefer to look at the process that continues to result in failed finished products and question that process and ask that those responsible for it be held accountable.

  29. By Dr. G. on Apr 6, 2018 | Reply

    Well, to be fair, Keim rolled the dice on Tyrann to draft him…the up side was there. That showed compassion.

    He came in brash and bold to prove Keim was right…and was later given a zillion $$$ by Keim ((dumb?)) while recovering from a 2nd acl…the deal that eventually led to his refusal to take a cut and depart. One could argue both sides here ~ ~ Tyrann was given a ton of dough…did he deserve all that?

    Still, unlike the few passionate Fans who look into the contract details and just enjoy the game, Tyrann will leave a little emptiness for them…be well Cards Fans

  30. By dkerry5242 on Apr 6, 2018 | Reply

    D…I have been commenting for the past two years that Mason Rudolph could be our best bet for a Franchise QB. Who cares what system he played in(shot gun style), he has big time passing numbers. With our O line he’ll spend most of his time in the shotgun anyway.

  31. By Dr. G. on Apr 6, 2018 | Reply

    Like Colombo~ ~ oh, one other thing…

    Early on, Tyrann said and did some naive things that later he would surely handle differently.

    As noted in the subject article Tyrann writes:: “”Today, I’m a man who understands how much you can offer the world.””

    Wisdom tells us that “”life and success is a journey, not a destination.””

    Wisdom also tells us “”you don’t know what you don’t know.””

    Tyrann, you are still young and will surprise yourself as wisdom ages you. One day, I hope your son will say, “”I can’t believe how smart my dad got from the time I was 10 until I was 19…!

    You’re a great athlete…we wish you health on your journey…we are all a work in progress.

  32. By clssylssy on Apr 6, 2018 | Reply

    Joe C….
    And how do you know he wasn’t willing to work out something reasonable IF they had signed a QB like Foles or Cousins or Keenum etc. (pretty much what the deal was with Larry that would offer a glimmer of hope) . But, getting the word that you would be cut if you didn’t want to take a pay cut on the heals of the team signing Bradford for $40M and then Glennon for $20M??!! Sorry, but I think there is a point where a person HAS to look out for his career and the best interest of his family. This IS suppose to be a business and so things cut both ways and while money is very important, so is job security and growth potential and other things that are all a part of the bigger picture. When was the last time you threw yourself on a pyre for the company you work for, took a pay cut, and gambled on your future when your job security was questionable and your role murky at best?
    While, at a certain level, I can understand your sentimentality, I also know that there are two sides to most situations and I believe this was handled poorly by the organization. Rightfully, the Cardinals should budget for player contracts and the cap ramification rather than going over budget and expecting the employees to make up the deficit!
    Sorry, throwing the loyalty card in the real world is not a legit solution.

  33. By JTDG on Apr 6, 2018 | Reply

    Joe C,

    Perennial Playoff Team?? Everyone knows the cards have been in the playoffs 5 times in the last 30 years, right???

    BA only got us there twice in his five years. I wouldn’t call that perennial.

    As for the rams, if I am not mistaken, the rams only had Tavon Austin and Roger Safford on offense before 2015. This year, they blew up there defense and I don’t believe they have anyone prior to 2014 on it starting besides Brockers.

    I would say the two biggest reasons for the rams turn around is the drafting of Goff and the hiring of McVey.

    Maybe the hiring of Wilks and the drafting of Jackson could be the turn around we point at?

    The trade in 2012 (which happened because they had Bradford) with the skins for RG3 netted I believe Janoris Jenkins, Tavon Austin and Greg Robinson, which two of them are not on the team and Austin is a back up/role player.

    As for my tickets, I would have not renewed this year. I did it only because my brother struggled to give them up, but he did agree to put them up for sale on ticket exchange and see which ones sell, and then go to the other games. So, no, I doubt I will have season tickets in 4-5 years.

  34. By JTDG on Apr 6, 2018 | Reply


    I have stated many times, I do not believe anyone is all bad or all good.(not to get into a political discussion) But If you liked Obama or Trump, if you are honest, both have done good things and both have their faults.

    That is exactly how I feel about Keim. He has done some good things but he also has made some big mistakes (which he would say is true and has said he has made mistakes)

    The good;
    -The hiring of BA gave us a solid Head Coach for 5 years.
    -The trade for Palmer, which is the main reason for the cards success the last 5 years.
    -The trade for Chandler Jones, who is the best pass rusher we have had since Simeon Rice.
    – At the time, the signings of Iupati and Veldheer, which haven’t turned out great, but were good signings.
    – The draft of DJ and Golden

    The problem is the bad out weighs the good;
    – No one from 2013 draft left and very little contributions from that group including the first two rounds (minus the two good years of the badger)
    – The lack of a CB2 each and every year (revolving door) see pat p article
    – The lack of inside LBs year after year (revolving door)
    – The lack of finding a WR2
    – Signing Veldheer to a huge contract to pair with Bobby Massie and then drafting Humphries. Made no sense to sign a guy, have a sold Rt and then spend a 1st round pick on a LT.
    – The contract given to Badger while injured which lead to his release this year.
    – The lack of finding a RG and Center year after year (see revolving door)

    These mistakes are the reasons the cards did not take that next step with BA and Palmer.

    Truth is, my opinion of Keim is backed with the fact that our drafts have not netted core players as the 2013 and 14 draft has one player left. My Opinion is based in the fact the cards did not go to the superbowl and only made the playoffs 2 of 5 years with one playoff win. My opinion is based on the fact that the cards are 15-16-1 over the past two years. Frankly, winning championships, that is why they play isn’t it ?

  35. By Halagator on Apr 6, 2018 | Reply

    JTDG –

    The problem is you and Scott H. are always about the I told you so in your posts Should have done this, should have done that. You could say that about every NFL team when they don’t win the Superbowl every year.

    Hopefully the Rams do not win the Superbowl this season so we don’t have to hear I you told you guys so speech.

    I have enjoyed your draft analysis, salary cap breakdowns as well as your insightful comments regarding football in general…But I am sure a lot of people on this site can agree that we are tired of hearing your negativity towards management and the moves they make.

    If you are so dissatisfied with things sell you tickets, stop cheering for the Cards and move on.

    I don’t disagree with you that building a Superbowl winner starts in the offseason by signing guys and shaping the roster but in reality you can’t crown a champ before the regular season games start…

    Oh and just as an FYI the Eagles in 2017 were power ranked before the season anywhere from #15-#20. Giants were ranked in the top 10. Heck even the Cardinals were ranked ahead of the Eagles in some polls. There are a lot of other factors why the Eagles won as well, not just the moves that they made in the offseason.

    Do the Eagles win if Seattle’s D is healthy all season? or the Cards don’t lose DJ, Palmer, Golden and the majority of our OL. or the Packers lose Rodgers for a huge chunk of the season…or the Giants self implode. Lots of external factors helped the Eagles cause.

    If you want to crown the Rams paper champs be my guest, but until they are hoisting the Lombardi trophy in Feb 2019, I’m with drummer-1 and don’t care what the Rams are doing right now.

    The season isn’t lost before it actually starts.

  36. By Scott H on Apr 6, 2018 | Reply

    Joe C –

    If your question is would I take being a team that sucked bad for 5 or 6 years if that somehow resulted in a team that looks like the Rame do right now? A team that is a legit SB contender?

    One word – yes. I would.

    Now what?

    I would absolutely take that because during my decades as a fan, I’ve seen plenty of stretches of 4 or 5 or 6 years where we sucked real bad and it NEVER led to a team that looks like a legit SB contender. So….do you really think you’re describing something we haven’t seen before?? I assure you, we have. Many times over, we have.

    So, would I endure some down years if it would be productive? Again, one word – yes.

    Hey, we appear to be headed for some down years, anyway, so…..let’s not pretend we’re not. Let’s also not pretend we have a GM that seems to know how to truly BUILD a team.

    Look, I know the last decade or so has been a much better time for the Cardinals. I don’t negate that. But by the same token, don’t negate the entire span of time that I ( and many others ) have been riding on this train. The last 10 years? Please. Add 35 years to that and you’ve got the ALL the years of experience I’m drawing from here.

    Because those years count, too.

    Sorry, I know your post was directed to JTDG but I wanted to respond.

  37. By NJAzCardsFan on Apr 6, 2018 | Reply


    While you disagree with my assessment I will give you the courtesy of some reasons…. I try to look at this realistically.
    1) A complete new coaching staff. Wilkes (I like the choice) has never been a HC before. He and his coaches have a new system and don’t really know the Cards personnel. The personnel don’t really know the new system. Remember how long it took Palmer to learn BA’s system???
    2) Keim and his mediocre and questionable FA choices. Most of these guys are “Salvage Title” IR re-hab projects. There is a questionable starting right tackle. Remember the first game where DJ had 22yds rushing as did APeterson later on. No run blockers. Has the O-Line gotten better??? We will see.
    3) While I like Bradford as our QB, I doubt he will last the season. Glennon-Really??? Stanton and Gabbert are gone! I bet Barkley will end up being better for the Bears than Glennon is for the Cards.
    4) The Cards have lost some good back-up players this year and they haven’t been replaced- yet- maybe?
    5) Did Keim ever fix the CB position in the last 2-3 years??? NO!!!
    6)We lost two WR’s, the safety HB, CB T. Williams, Rucker is gone for now- He was a big asset in the Locker Room. TE position is still in need….
    7) Our ST’s are still questionable. Lee is a good punter, but Dawson was erratic last year and will be 43 this year. We need a new Place Kicker. But, I doubt Keim will get one.
    8) Keim is still GM, no improvement there either.
    9) The Cards will be out maneuvered by team(s) trading up for a QB in the draft….

    I still stand by 3-13 or 4-12….. I hope I am wrong though….

  38. By Jon on Apr 6, 2018 | Reply


    Thanks for the thoughtful response. With the exception of the new coach, all of those problems basically existed last season. We shall see, but a prediction of 3 to 4 wins is truly stretching into the realm of the absurd and I think at some level pessimism is really just completely getting the best of you.

    Our defense and a few chip shot field goals gets us more wins than that.There really is just no way that’s gonna happen….

  39. By Joe C. on Apr 6, 2018 | Reply

    Classy, you couldn’t have twisted my post harder if you tried. JTDG, for the last ten years the Cards have competed for the playoffs. Yah, they sucked for the 25 before that. When has Kiem had decent draft picks? When have the Cards had cap space? I know some of the contracts have been bad. Gresham’s is by far the worst. I keep saying it, $90M in cap space next year. Palmer surprised the Cards and they thought they would be rebuilding these last couple years. If so they would probably be SB contenders now. But Keim with no cap space drafting at the end of the rounds was able to grab old veterans and other injured guys on prove it deals. He did this to capitalize on Palmers window. He couldn’t afford to keep them and they left. Keim is paying off the debt so he can start paying cash. Sorry you’ve suffered all these years. I grew up in th 70’s a Ram fan. I watched them abuse Dickerson and suck. Then they move to St Louis and win. Screw them. The Cards are showing loyalty to AZ and the son is much better then the father.

  40. By Dr. G. on Apr 6, 2018 | Reply

    Cards Fans ~ ~ and Jackson promoters…

    When you look at the 2011 draft, it was probably one of the best in 20 years, to wit ~ ~ Cam Newton, Von Miller, MDarius, A.J. Green, P2, Julio Jones, Aldon Smith, Jake Locker, Tyron Smith, Blaine Gabbert were the top 10 picks.

    The so-called experts raved about Gabbert just as some of our posters did ((me also)), and just as some of our posters rave about Lamar jackson now. ((some of you have a short memory)) If these two were in the same draft, Gabbert would have gone long before Jackson…hands down.

    There are legitimate sceptics about Jackson’s accuracy…among other maturity issues…his mother is in charge…his refusal to run the 40 and let mom pick and choose what’s going to happen, not the scouts…combine performance was mixed and not noteworthy to be top 5…6’1″ ~215 lbs…((just OK)…he refuses to admit he is really a WR in the NFL. ((As CoachK said, I too hope his literary skills improve))

    Those who have wishes for Jackson should remember Gabbert, or even Logan Thomas, recall ((biggest arm around?)) Or, if we just want a good athlete, why not David Johnson or P2 for our QB…makes no sense, huh? I hope Keim has a deaf ear on Jackson…🏈

  41. By MdCards4Life on Apr 6, 2018 | Reply

    this is what i don’t understand… as Keim is rebuilding the Offensive line, why did he not go after Center Mike Pouncey when he was cut from Miami.. I mean to at least an average nfl fan the most important position on offense aside from QB is the Center. Even analyst say a center is a 2 pt swing. holding the line and understanding protection coverage and all, Mike Pouncey at least to me and im sure to most Cardinal fan was obvious to bring in and sign. especially if we are trying to be a run first team and protecting Bradford. Imagine our line being: LT Humphries LG: Iupati C: Pouncey RG: Pugh RT: Smith, once again i am just disappointed in the lack of knowledge he has in upgrading our Center position. of the last 10 to 15 yrs the best Center we have ever had was Lyle Sendlein who at best average. if he was to fix the O-line you must address the Center Position first.

  42. By patrick on Apr 6, 2018 | Reply

    By JTDG on Apr 6, 2018 | Reply

    – “The lack of finding a WR2”

    In 2015, the Cardinals receiving yards::
    Larry Fitzgerald with 1,215,
    John Brown with 1,003
    and Michael Floyd with 849
    They also had JJ Nelson, Jaron Brown.

    Going into 2016 the wide receivers were considered a strength of the team.
    I don’t know of anyone who saw this group underachieving like they did.

    So how can you say that is Keim’s fault Michael Floyd dropped off a cliff, maybe because of drinking issues.
    John Brown’s injuries and illness that did not allow him to return to 2015 form is Keim’s fault?

    Not sure about that.

  43. By patrick on Apr 6, 2018 | Reply

    By JTDG on Apr 6, 2018 | Reply

    – The lack of a CB2 each and every year (revolving door) see pat p article

    There are two issues here. Yes there has been a revolving door at CB2, but there has not been a lack of a CB2.

    2017 Tramon Williams was on the roster the entire season, but it is Keim’s sucks because he did not see the field until week 8? I think that was a coaching issue.

    2016 Marcus Cooper played well especially considering the Cardinals picked him up late for a 7th round draft pick and paid him $675,000. So Keim sucks for not paying him the 3 year 15M contract the Bears gave him? The contract the Bears just waived him to reduce the amount to $2.5M.

    2015 was a whiff by trying to address the position with Brandon Williams in the draft.

    2014 Antonio Cromartie had a good year and was a bargain for $4M, but he struggled with the Jets in 2015 4 year 32M contract. So Keim sucks for not signing him, but he would have also sucked for signing him.

    Yes, CB2 has been a revolving door, but Keim has had success (except for 2015) at filling that position with a capable player.

  44. By patrick on Apr 7, 2018 | Reply

    By JTDG on Apr 6, 2018 | Reply

    “My Opinion is based in the fact the cards did not go to the superbowl and only made the playoffs 2 of 5 years with one playoff win. My opinion is based on the fact that the cards are 15-16-1 over the past two years. Frankly, winning championships, that is why they play isn’t it ?”

    Steve Keims record is 49-30-1 over 5 years. A very good record.
    2 out of 5 years is accurate, but typically a 10-6 record like 2013 would get you into the playoffs.
    2014 had a chance to win a championship if Carson Palmer AND Drew Stanton did not get hurt. I am not sure the Eagles would have won it last year if Carson Wentz and Nick Foles were to get hurt.
    2015 playoff game was just horrible.

    It is all about winning the championship, but I just don’t agree with giving up on a team day 1 of the league year.

  45. By Scott H on Apr 7, 2018 | Reply

    Patrick –

    I’ve said many times, what happened with Floyd was NOT the fault of the organization. And I’ll say it again, what happened with Floyd was is NOT the fault of the organization.

    But the fact that there has been no up-grading at the WR position since Floyd imploded IS ABSOLUTELY the fault of the organization.

    Do you dispute that?? What has been done since that point to address the fact that Floyd DID fall off a cliff?

    We went into 2017 with the same corps of WR we had the year before, just without Michael Floyd. Yes, they drafted a WR last year. And like many other Keim draft picks, we’re still waiting to see any evidence of his existence ( see Robert Nkemdiche, bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, etc )

    And right now, we appear to be potentially weaker at the WR position than we were at this time last year.

    That IS the fault of the organization.

    We saw a 33-year old Larry Fitzgerald have more catches last year than the rest of our WR corps combined. Now, if Larry had had a 300-catch season, that would be due to Larry’s eternal greatness. But Larry just had another ho-hum Larry Fitzgerald year with his usual 100 catches and 1000 yards.

    And the rest of the WR’s on the team couldn’t match that between them. How do we get so little from the rest of the players on the team at that position? HOW is it NOT the fault of the organization that the needs at that position were not addressed, along with other glaring needs like CB and the O-line???

    Look, all of this positivity stuff is one thing. Trying to defend what this GM has failed to do during the last 3 off-seasons is another. I see a distinct difference between the two.

  46. By Joe C. on Apr 7, 2018 | Reply

    Scott H., Last year we had Larry. We also had John and Jaron Brown who many lament letting go. We had JJ Nelson, and Britten Golden who have flashed. We had DJ a great receiver out of the backfield, Gresham, Nicklas, Momah, Seals. And we drafted Williams in the third round. So yeah, I think you are being unreasonably harsh. CB2, they must have thought Bethel could cover it, but Keim dropped the ball there. And I scratch my head on the Mathieu contract, Palmer contract (too much and dead money) and especially the Gresham contract. Fire away at those moves. But really,if and if’s are a dime a dozen, just ask Zac Prescott, Chad Williams erupts, if DJ Hump plays like he should, if Boehme covers center even adequately, we don’t need much. Yeah, if Bradford stays healthy. Like Palmer, Brigdewater, Wentz, Romo, Tannehill, Luck, Watson, Newton, Rodgers, or any other starting QB that’s been hurt the last couple seasons.

  47. By patrick on Apr 7, 2018 | Reply

    Scott H

    My response was to JTDG regarding Keim not addressing the WR2 position.
    Which should have been a strength in 2016, but was a complete bust.
    As far as 2017, you know the answer, you just don’t agree with it.
    But here it goes anyways.
    They were relying on John Brown to step into the WR2 position and regain with 2015 form which he had a 1,000 yard receiving year.
    Was this a reasonable? For you no, but:
    They removed a cyst in his back and identified the sickle cell condition that was the cause of his hamstring issues.
    John Brown and Carson Palmer timing on the out route was great, also they had a connection on the red zone skinny post.
    Obviously it did not work in 2017.
    But it was not unreasonable.
    Patrick Peterson improved when they identified his diabetes.
    It is not unreasonable to count on David Johnson bouncing back to his 2016 form in 2018.
    Of course if he does not, we will have you and others to criticize it, but that does not mean it is not a reasonable expectation.
    As for 2018, the Cardinals are addressing the position. They have given up on John and Jaron Brown who both did not step up last year.
    Interesting that the Ravens and Seahawks are still betting on their potential.
    Because the off season is not over yet, the Cardinals still have time to address the position.
    But let’s be real, you are not going to like their solution whatever it is.

    You keep praising the Rams have Cooks. The Rams traded their first round draft choice, a player they can control at a rookie salary for the next 5 years, for a good wide receiver who is entering the last year of his rookie contract and a 4th round draft pick. The Rams got fleeced! Thank God Keim did not make that move.

  48. By Jon on Apr 8, 2018 | Reply

    Pretty thoughtful reesponse Patrick. I agree

  49. By Scott H on Apr 8, 2018 | Reply

    Joe C –

    Time out. Ok, we had Larry and the two Brown’s. So far, so good. Of course, counting on Smoky was risky because of his health. JJ Nelson…..closed out 2016 strong and I was hoping he was going to be a big contributor. But he was no sure thing. But from there, you go to Brit Golden ( who has done very little ) to our TE’s ( please ) and basically counting on DJ to be a WR.

    Somewhere in there – and it didn’t take long – you were on shaky ground.

    If Golden truly had something to offer, we would have seen it by now. He’s been here long enough. And if he couldn’t play his way into a bigger role for this team last year, then…..when is it gonna happen???

    Our TE’s? Surely, you jest. Do I have to ask this question again – when was the last time our TE”s made a significant contribution for this team, whether it was one player or a group of players?? Going into last season, we haven’t had a TE that a fan of any other team could name in over 20 years. Maybe more. But we were counting on them to come up big in 2017? Really? And you say I’m being un-reasonably harsh……for what? Being realistic? Playing percentages? Not counting on miracles to save us?

    Yes, DJ is a heck of a player and capable of making plays anywhere on the field. I’m OK with having split out as a WR once in awhile. I just think we might be a better team if we let the best RB in the NFL play RB and find another Michael Floyd-caliber player come in and play WR.

    The jury is out on Williams. And while that may not be so un-reasonable after only one season…..I submit that in reality as we know it, many WR’s come into the NFL every year and DO make an impact in their rookie season. So, I’m not being totally un-reasonable, either.

  50. By Scott H on Apr 8, 2018 | Reply

    patrick –

    Do you listen to yourself?? I swear, you can talk yourself into anything.

    Example – As for 2018, they are addressing the position. They have given up on players ( the Brown’s ) who did not step up last year.

    Oh, I get it now. Addition by subtraction. Brilliant! Getting better by “giving” up on talented players.

    Unfortunately, that only works if / when you replace them with equally talented players.

    And here’s a thought – if giving up on players who did not step up is how you address a position and “move on,” then what are they waiting for with Nkemdiche?

    Back to John and Jaron, you say it’s interesting that the Ravens and Seahawks are “still” betting on their potential……first, I thought Smoky went to the Giants. But you’re right, what do those teams know? The Ravens have won 2 SB’s since 2000 and are almost always a playoff-contender in the AFC. The Seahawks have been to 2 SB’s in the last 5 years, won one of them, should have won them both. Yeah….lucky for them they sustain themselves on our castoff’s, right?

    If you’re so big on being real, then let’s be real – when this organization has given us a REAL solution, I think I will recognize it and I will be very happy with it.

    Just let me know when that happens. You talk about it like it’s already happened. But then again, you can talk yourself into anything.

    As for the Rams getting fleeced…..well, to quote another one of my biggest fans, maybe you should wait to see the finished product before you say that. Because if the Rams are holding up a Lombardi trophy a year from now……how fleeced are they going to look then?

    And you and I both know that Keim didn’t even THINK about making that move, so….were you really losing sleep over thinking he might??? You must be new here.

    Keep it positive.

  51. By clssylssy on Apr 9, 2018 | Reply

    I think we all agree that the WR position needs to be addressed. Obviously, we don’t have John or Jaron Brown, but how exactly has that position been addressed? The two receivers we signed are no where near the quality of players we lost, maybe they can develop into something with this new coaching staff but player development has never been a strength here so, that remains a question mark. Addressing the issue would be by replacing the receivers we lost with players who are of equal or better skill.
    Our TEs are also an area of weakness. Greshem is over paid, over-the-hill, and a liability b/c of all the penalties he costs in negative yards due to poor technique, Nicklas and Momah are gone, leaving Ricky Seals Jones possibly?
    We have five draft picks and little money and could use it all on offense to not only fill WR and TE slots but also to address the 0-line beyond something this is marginally improved. Plus, we have legit defensive needs.
    You do a lot of complaining when others point these things out but my question is how exactly would you go about fixing all these things so we can at least have enough starters to play a NFL level game (and remember there is going to be a steep learning curve for rookies and other newbies made more complicated by the transition to a new staff)?

  52. By Joe C. on Apr 9, 2018 | Reply

    Classy/Scot, My point, which you blew through, was we had four options plus Williams (3rd rd) BEFORE we got to Golden, TE, and a 1000 yd receiver out of the backfield. You were talking about the past and how the FO neglected the #2 WR. I answered it. Classy, you make no sense. How does a new staff make it harder for rookies and newbies? What the rookies and newbies no longer have experience in the old coaches syatem. And oh by the way, last i checked the Cards have near $20M in cap space, the seventh SEVENTH most in the NFL. So yeah, they pretty much ca sign anyone who’s remaining they want compared to other teams. Be realistics folks,. the Cards have issues. But if Bradford stays healthy (see previous post about all the QB’s, Luck, Rodgers, Tannehill, Wentz, Watson, etc) they can contend. What if they pick up an UDFA and castoff vet equivalent to Jefferson and Swearinger at Wr2 and CB2? Then what? Huh?

  53. By clssylssy on Apr 9, 2018 | Reply

    Joe C…
    My question to Patrick was directed to the present, not what was or what didn’t happen. I am concerned with the problems needing to be addressed now, which, so far, IMO, has not been accomplished in the signing of a few receivers.
    You asked, how does a new staff effect newbies and rookies? Clearly you have no experience with organization operations and the enormous impact that large staffing changes have on the entire organization with changes in philosophies, terminology, technique. It’s a regime change and so having seasoned veterans at all levels is important in establishing a stability to the entire unit. Rookies coming into the league are entering a different universe not only with the way the game is played, but where there are different expectations and exposures to life changing influences both good and bad. Newbies are being thrust into a culture change and while there is a different “coaching staff”, this new staff having been drawn from a variety of sources, all with their own idiosyncratic nuances, and have not worked together as a functioning unit. So, this staff is a little more undefined from the beginning than simply going to a more established system. Players with some years under their belt who have played in the league in difference systems adjust to these types of change more easily as they have experience doing so. It’s as simple as that and makes perfect sense. (This is the reason teams with new coaching staffs are allowed to begin the season earlier than the rest, to ease and facilitate. the process)
    $20M??? is not that much money when you consider all the holes we have, even after the rookies are accounted for, the backups, any incentives and bonuses, as well as the camp bodies that will need to be signed. Remember, we have only five draft picks who would all need to be starters(and what are the odds of that!) I would LOVE to pick up a Swearinger or Jefferson or Freeney or Decker but those guys are going to play for free either.
    But, gotta love your optimism or energy or whatever!!!

  54. By Scott H on Apr 9, 2018 | Reply

    Joe C, –

    RE: I answered it

    No, sir, you did not. With all due respect, I’ll decide if I feel like my questions have been answered.

    Just because you provide a post, it doesn’t mean you’ve answered the question.

    I love how you say myself and Clssy “blew through” your point when you obviously blew right through mine as well. Sure feels like it to me.

    Look, we’re not getting each other’s points and that is clear. As the song says – there ain’t no good guy, there ain’t no bad guy, there’s only you and me and we just disagree.

    I’m wearing myself out at this point debating with people, so I just want to move on.

    What I DO salute is your passion for the team, which is evident in your presence here on a regular basis. Whether we oppose each other or not – and to whatever degree – I forget that we’re all on the same side sometimes.

    Movin’ on.

  55. By patrick on Apr 9, 2018 | Reply

    Scott H-

    I decided to listen to myself and this is what myself said.

    Myself said Scott H would save himself some embarrassment if he did a quick google search before correcting somebody where a player signed. i.e. John Brown signed with the Ravens (not the Giants)

    Myself also said it would be easy to tell whether the Rams got fleeced without waiting to see who hosts the Lombardi Trophy next year. Just look at the Sammy Watkins trade. The Bills traded Sammy Watkins and a 6th Round pick for E.J. Gaines and the Rams 2nd round pick. Sammy Watkins a good receiver on the last year of his rookie contract. 39 catches 593 receiving yards and 8 Td’s. Yet the Rams did not host the Lombardi trophy….. and now they do not have a 1st or 2nd round pick.

    Myself said Nkemdiche is still on the team because he is on his rookie contract and it is reasonable to let the new coaching staff evaluate him before the decide his future.

    Myself does not understand how on one hand you can criticize the Cardinals for going into 2017 with the exact same WR’s as 2016, but then say you like Fitz, Jaron Brown, John Brown and hoping J.J. Nelson was going to be a big contributor. So this is about the rookie wide receiver and the 6th string wide receiver.

    John and Jaron Brown is subtraction by subtraction. John Brown is not worth 6.5M the RAVENS paid him, and Jaron Brown has proven at best he is a 3rd, 4th, 5th sting wide receiver. Because it is April, there is still time to do addition by addition.

    So maybe you should listen to yourself and in the spirit of keeping it real here it is.

    Because the Cardinals have not won a super bowl, your fandom is in a deep, deep, deep dark place.

    Proof, look at your post, you criticize the Cardinals , but defend the Rams, Giants (actually Ravens) and Seahawks. That is a consistent pattern for you, hate on the team you love. How is that working for you and your happiness.

    Steve Keim, Darren Urban, and I will not be able to pull you out of your deep, deep, deep dark place. That is only something Scott H. can do.

    I wish you luck in finding some light.

  56. By patrick on Apr 9, 2018 | Reply


    I agree your concerns are valid. The Cardinals do need to improve their WRs, and TEs. They also need to get a CB2, a slot CB, Fullback and depth on the defensive line, linebackers (inside and outside) and secondary…. and yes, I agree their is improvement areas on the offensive line. All valid points.

    It does not matter how I would address these areas, it only matters how the Cardinals address it. I expect the Cardinals to fill some of the holes through the draft. I would imagine some un-drafted rookie free agents to have a shot to make the final roster. Although the free agency market is thin, I would expect a few signings. There is always the possibility of some unexciting trades (6th, 7th round picks for a player) and then waiver wire when cuts are made.

    That has been Keim’s MO in the past and don’t really expect it to change. yes, maybe not aggressive enough for some.

    The bottom line is this, when the season starts I think the Cardinals will have a competitive team that will make us proud to root for. You can make legitimate arguments why they are not going to be competitive. I understand how life long fans are frustrated because the Cardinals have not won a Super Bowl and they don’t think this year’s team will either from day 1 of the new league year. But as a fan, can you imagine being a lifetime Cubs fan and hating on the Cubs the entire year in which they finally won the World Series. Or being a Cubs fan and going through game 7 not believing your team will win because of all the past hurt where they came close and lost.

    When the Cardinals do win the Super Bowl (this year or 20 years from now) I am going to enjoy it! and NOT be jaded. If the Cardinals do win the Super Bowl, I am going to look back on my comments and be proud of it. If they lose, who cares, I don’t have any credibility withe the haters anyway.

    Do what you want, argue for or against, be don’t be too upset if I offer a pro Cardinal rebuttal.

  57. By Halagator on Apr 10, 2018 | Reply

    patrick –

    I appreciate your positivity. I have been a long time Cardinals fan and have seen the lousy seasons and some great recent seasons. I agree that you cant go into a season with the attitude thinking we are going to lose, that we are junk and will be eliminated from contention on Day 1.

    Winning does equal job I trust that management and coaches are doing their best to put a winning product on the field.

    I will cheer hard for the Cards regardless and it will be sweet when that first Championship has been won here in Arizona.

    Forever an optimist.

  58. By Scott H on Apr 10, 2018 | Reply

    patrick –

    There is your real and there is my real.

    Movin’ on. No point to endless back and forth that isn’t leading anywhere.

    And because I can’t stand to read any more long posts from someone who refers to himself as myself. Good lord.

    Forgive my error about John Brown and where he went. I didn’t correct you. I stated I thought he went to the Giants. Made a simple mistake. Why do I have to feel embarrased about it? I don’t, but….hey, thanks for your kind words.

    And we sure do agree about one thing you said – Steve Keim is probably not going to pull me out of my “deep, dark place.”

    Took ya awhile but you finally got it right!

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