The plan to work outside in camp — maybe

Posted by Darren Urban on April 10, 2018 – 3:16 pm

Steve Wilks won’t be holding any joint practices in training camp in his first season — “I wanted to concentrate on us,” he said Tuesday — but what will be interesting is the amount of practices held inside University of Phoenix Stadium as opposed to not. In the heat of August, getting in the air-conditioning building holds heavy sway, but as the new Cardinals’ coach said, “we will try and get out as much as possible.”

“I know the weather is an issue out here,” Wilks said. “I’ve talked to the trainers about that on several occasions. (Head athletic trainer) Tom (Reed) has looked at me (like), ‘OK.’ We’ll definitely see how it goes. I think it’s all about building that callus up. But I’m going to be smart.”

Wilks isn’t unaware. He told a story about when he was an assistant with the then-San Diego Chargers, and when the team got off the plane, it was 118 degrees. The Chargers were staying in the Biltmore area, and Wilks, it being a night game, was looking to walk around and maybe get a bite to eat earlier on game day.

“I’m just going to get out and walk around,” he said. “I got out to the tunnel and I turned right around and said ‘room service.’ It was hot.”

So Wilks knows what it can be like, obviously.

“I’m listening to the stories,” Wilks added. “I’m saying we’re going to be outside, but we’ll see.”

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  1. By Dr. G. on Apr 10, 2018 | Reply

    Good sense on no joint practices. Keep it in house.

    Coach Wilks’ wisdom will eventually overcome his rookie weather naivete.

    There is really no decision to be made here…The Desert Rats

    Why not practice in the facility where you will play half your games?

  2. By Don Short on Apr 11, 2018 | Reply

    I’ll give Coach Wilks two words of advice………… Korey Stringer.

  3. By John S. on Apr 11, 2018 | Reply

    I don’t think it matters much on the no joint practices decision; they may be more of a distraction to many players and staff anyway than a gain.
    As far as the summer weather coming up… he’ll soon be learning a thing or two first hand, just hope it not at the expense of any player’s health so to say..?

  4. By Adam Smith b1723 fka DTL on Apr 11, 2018 | Reply

    Liking Wilks more as we get to know him, thought he was a very good hire from get go…
    Enjoyed Chad Williams Underground, might be a star in waiting. Lot to look forward to with Cards, maybe especially the 4-3…

  5. By Scott H on Apr 11, 2018 | Reply

    Adam –

    RE: Williams

    We have a definite need at WR, so I hope Williams is ready to step up and into that void this season. There is no real WR2-caliber player on this team right now, at least none that we have seen yet. I think JJ is too small to be that kind of player. When we had Fitz and Floyd as the “bigs” at WR and JJ was able to be the deep threat guy, it was ideal. If we want to return to that ( which I believe we CAN because Fitz and JJ are still here and still very capable ), we NEED a legit WR2.

    I hope Williams is it. I really do. His ability to fill that role will open up this offense tremendously. Takes pressure off Fitz ( and prevents other teams from being able to smother him )….will free JJ up to get deep again…..will ease the burden on DJ… Bradford another much needed target. We need that guy, so I hope he is it.

  6. By creditcard on Apr 11, 2018 | Reply

    I too hope that Chad Williams fills that WR2 role, and morphs into an Anquan Bolden type receiver breaking tackles with each reception.

    Sutton might be available in Rd 2 of the draft for the Cards, but who knows on how the draft might unfold.

  7. By Dr. G. on Apr 11, 2018 | Reply

    ScottH – jtdg – I have not seen much reaction to Seals-Jones stepping it up closing out the season. Do you not think he is ready for prime time success? When Bradford sees him go, he will get a big grin on his face. This kid may be the next big thing…our WR2 may already be in house!

  8. By Dr. G. on Apr 11, 2018 | Reply

    I just figured out why Seals-Jones apeales to me; Eric Dickerson is a cousin and mentor…one of my favorites of all time! If Dickerson likes him…? Gotta have something there to develop…TE/WR hybrid…works for me…it already shows…

  9. By JTDG on Apr 12, 2018 | Reply

    Dr G,

    I think Seals Jones is going to be one of the TEs. How could I not like him, he played HS in the Houston area (by where I use to coach) and college at Texas A&M (where my wife went).

    I think you will see him split out and used in different ways, like many of the TEs today. Got to believe Greg Olsen and Antonio Gates has an influence on McCoy and Wilks.

  10. By clssylssy on Apr 12, 2018 | Reply

    Wilks said in his first news conference that he wanted to run the ball and be more physical. That sounds like the WR position is going to be a little lower on his priority list as long as we have Larry in the slot and DG who can both run and catch. With Bradford under center I think this is going to be easy for other teams to figure out, although Bradford’s real strength is his passing accuracy. I just don’t think the Cards will want to expose him anymore than necessary and will try to keep the offense tight and conservative. With Greshem and Ricky Seales-Jones, as more run blockers (hope they work on their technique) and perhaps a beefier RB group I don’t expect Wilks to want to spend our resources on an offense that is anymore than functional. It wouldn’t surprise me to see the Cards take an 0-lineman in the first round, expecting to get their QB later or even try to roll the dice and try to “milk it ” with Bradshaw for the season.
    It’s no big surprise that the Cards are going to a 4-3, and again, I think the focus will be on getting big physical players on the line and at linebacker positions along the lines of the Panthers model. I don’t think Wilks puts as much emphasis on the secondary other than the Corners and would guess that he’s looking for a Josh Norman type for his #2Corner spot,who is physical, aggressive and intimidating. If I were Patrick P, I would be working on my backup plan in case of being traded or phased out, a la Tyrann Mathieu.
    As for Wilks statement about practicing outside, lol, will see out that turns out as he couldn’t even handle an evening walk across the street in the desert heat and the coaches will be out there with the players. My first thought was to wonder if he was talking shorts of full pads and am not sure if he understands that we’ve had fatalities here with players practicing outdoors. Hard to understand his thinking behind this remark since they play all their games in a cool 72 degrees and we have a special practice facility to avoid this very thing. Sometimes, I think these people holding press conferences say stupid stuff to see if anyone is listening and to give the press a story to run with (especially this time of year). Coach Wilks impresses me as a much more intelligent fellow than that story would imply.

  11. By JTDG on Apr 12, 2018 | Reply


    You make an interesting point about Pat P.
    I mean, how could the best CB in football be traded or fazed out? That wouldn’t make sense , would it?

    Just going off of Wilks history, he plays a ton of zone coverages and asks his CBs to be physical in both the pass and run game.

    That is not Pat P’s game. PP takes the other teams best receiver and gives him a bad stats day. Nobody does it better than him. But getting physical, being an asset in the run defense? Not so much.

    You will have to wonder who changes who?

  12. By Adam Smith b1723 fka DTL on Apr 12, 2018 | Reply

    Agree, but hope springs eternally. Chad may be special, ran 4.37 and likes contact, physical. Bryce Carlton Chad (of course Fitz David Johnson and Seal Jones), IF the former 3 can develop, are a physical, big, fast group or receivers… could surprise…

  13. By Adam Smith b1723 fka DTL on Apr 12, 2018 | Reply

    classylassy (and Scott) – Wilks likes to run agree, but WR maybe not a lower priority as much as he’s reconfiguring to big, physical WR that can better block in run game a la Fitz?

  14. By D on Apr 12, 2018 | Reply

    2017 Draft –
    H. Reddick vs R. Foster.
    No debate on this winner

    2018 Draft
    Non QB first Round options: I don’t see how Keim would/could pass over M. McGlinchey at RT. Yes, this would make A. Smith a pricey backup but with the injury history resume of the proposed two starting guards, very good chance he will be playing.

    I also like Frank Ragnow in Round 3 at G/C

    Make this Oline Great Again!

  15. By patrick on Apr 12, 2018 | Reply


    Very interesting analysis on where starting quarterbacks are drafted in the N.F.L.
    So, if you want a starting quarterback in the N.F.L. you should draft them in the first five picks.
    Sam Bradford was drafted in the first five picks, but although he can win 9-10 games, you don’t think he can win a Super Bowl.
    And Super Bowls are all that matter.
    So why do an analysis on where starting quarterbacks are drafted? Shouldn’t the analysis be on where Super Bowl quarterbacks are drafted because isn’t that all that matters.

    Recent Super Bowl winning quarterbacks drafted outside top 5- Nick Foles, Brady, Wilson, Flacco, Rogers, Brees, Big Ben,

    Super Bowl winning quarterbacks drafted inside top 5 P. Manning, E. Manning.
    If we go back further you will find the Elways and Aikman’s. but also your Brad Johnons and Kurt Warner’s.

  16. By faster on Apr 12, 2018 | Reply

    our team signed another te, Bryce Williams.

    and guess what, he never missed a nfl game because of injuries.
    keim looks to be at the right way out of our clinic missery.

    positive, isn`t it!

  17. By patrick on Apr 12, 2018 | Reply

    …. and the Cardinals went with Bradford who the Vikings did not think could win a super bowl, so they went with Cousins who the Redskins did not think could win a super bowl, so they went with Alex Smith who the Chiefs did not think could win a super bowl so they went with Patrick Mahomes who was drafted outside the top 5.

    Whew! That was fun!

  18. By clssylssy on Apr 12, 2018 | Reply

    I agree with you, and think that is the way we will be going in the future, just don’t know if that is going to be part of his plan this year as we have only five draft picks and have so many areas of need. Bottom line, I think he will want to have a bigger and more physically intimidating presence on both sides of the ball as his end game but don’t expect things to happen all this year. Certainly IF, we get our QBOF, he will build our offense more around him and want some good receivers. I just don’t get the impression that he values receivers that much and the fact that we have Fitz is just kind of dessert, but not part of his main course. I think he would rather have some really good TEs (Greg Olsen, Ed Dickson)?
    Of course, in Carolina, they had Cam who was a brick house and not your typical QB, so running the ball was not a problem. The offense allowed the defense to be off the field more so, it was a different animal and they were rested when they did hit the field and could be forceful.
    Will be interesting to see was this facelift turn out like.

  19. By JTDG on Apr 12, 2018 | Reply



    The Vikings don’t think he can.

  20. By JTDG on Apr 12, 2018 | Reply


    What is your argument?

    The data is the data.
    What I wrote only had to do with the first round, so Brady, Foles, etc don’t matter.

    My comment was about QBs picked in the top 5 of the first round do overwelmingly better than first round QBs outside the first round in the last 10 years. Look at the names, it is true.

    In fact, you have a better % in finding a starting QB in the rest of the draft than you do in picks 6-32.

    You are going off on a tangent that has nothing to do with what I said. The Bradford comment about the Vikings has nothing to do with the QB data. Nothing.
    You just sit like a little troll behind your key board waiting to argue with something I say.

    As for Bradford, the Vikings do feel they are a Super Bowl team and they passed on Bradford, along with Keemun and Bridgewater. That is just common knowledge.

    Whether Cousins, or anyone else can lead them is yet to be seen. As for my opinion, I don’t think Bradford can lead the cards to a Super Bowl.

  21. By clssylssy on Apr 12, 2018 | Reply

    Read a little further. The TE we signed was drafted in 2016 and has never seen the field in a regular season, has” spent time” with Patriots, Rams, Seahawks and Panthers but was released before final cuts. His biggest success was in college and at 6’6, 260, looks like he could be promising IF there was a coach/team who could do something with him. Still, it kinda makes one wonder why he hasn’t “stuck” before.
    The Cards have never been good at developing players so he has “camp body” kinda written all over him.
    Would be great if this would finally be the right fit for him, that kind of size seems to be what Coach Wilks is looking for (as long as the skillset matches the body).

  22. By patrick on Apr 12, 2018 | Reply


    Your analysis was great! Spot on! I gave it a thumbs up!
    Your conclusion that the best way to find a starting NFL QB is through the first 5 picks of the draft and the analysis to back it up was a great read. I believe by your own analysis Sam Bradford qualifies.

    But then you follow that well thought out analysis with a flippant comment like although Sam Bradford qualifies as a first 5 draft pick and can win 9-10 games he is not a Super Bowl Winning caliber QB. So where is the analysis to back that statement up. The Vikings have become the experts on identifying Super Bowl Winning quarterbacks?!

    You are entitled to your opinions, but when posted on a comment section, they are subject to rebuttal, sorry if you can’t handle being challenged.

    And yes I am the troll on the comment section, but in realty a lot of you are trolls. On most team websites if you posted, yeah our QB has no potential to win the super bowl. That would be a troll comment that others would jump on. But on official site of the Arizona Cardinals full of trolls, it goes unchallenged.

    Not speaking for Darren, but why do you think he just answers factual questions to him the last couple months instead of jumping in and giving a pro Cardinal view point. My guess is he does not want to deal with YOU trolls. (or he is really busy,)

  23. By Joe C. on Apr 12, 2018 | Reply

    JTDG-I thought your analysis was very good. Basically if the NFL scouts don’t value a college QB enough to take him at the top of round one they are outliers to be NFL starters. Patrick’s round robin was entertaining though. Clssy, we just have different lenses on how we view the NFL. Well its always good to get another’s perspective. I think Bradford is good enough to lead the Cards to a Superbowl IF, IF (in capital letters) IF he stays healthy. They need o-line help before I’ll start talking about SB. But I’m almost there.

  24. By Big Ken on Apr 12, 2018 | Reply

    A curious side note: Just read that the Cardinals released Max Tuerk. I’m surprised and thought this was a good FA pickup when we signed him. Lots of O-line depth in the up coming draft. Exciting!

  25. By JCH on Apr 12, 2018 | Reply

    Draft party for Cardinals fans in South Carolina Please!! HAHA! Or anywhere on the east coast.

  26. By Scott H on Apr 12, 2018 | Reply

    Um….never mind any opinion as to whether Sam Bradford can win a SB or not. How ’bout the question of whether Sam Bradford can even make it through 8 games without another injury? Let;s start there. He’s had enough trouble accomplishing that. When he can make it through a 16-game season, I’ll worry about whether I think he’s good enough to win a SB.

    Until then, what’s the point?

    SB-winning QB’s, regardless of what their names were, tend to have one basic thing in common – durability. What has Sam Bradford NOT had? Durability.

    What has become Sam Bradford’s defining trait? That he can’t stay healthy.

    Absolute fact – QB’s that can’t stay healthy don’t win SB’s.

    Therefore, Sam Bradford doesn’t seem likely to win a SB. Has nothing to do with whether he’s good enough or not. Has EVERYTHING to do with his in-ability to stay healthy long enough for it to matter.

    And BTW, let’s not forget that before the Vikings didn’t think Sam Bradford was good enough to win a SB, the Eagles didn’t think he was, either. They opted for a first-year rookie. At that time – before anyone saw how good Carson Wentz could be – that really didn’t speak well of Sam Bradford.

    Some historical perspective – Andre Wadsworth. Remember him? Had the talent and the ability to be all-world great. Was thought to by some to be the next Reggie White coming out of college. He was THAT good. But why did he never achieve the greatness he was so capable of? Why was his NFL career over after two seasons? Simple – couldn’t stay healthy.

    What a player CAN do or COULD do really doesn’t mean squat. Players do not and cannot reach their potential if they can’t stay healthy. It’s not super-natural. It’s reality. And the reality of Sam Bradford to this point has been that he can’t stay healthy.

    If / when he does, maybe THEN we’ll find out if he’s good enough.

    Until then, I will continue to draw from what the reality of Sam Bradford has been. Because there is no evidence yet that says he IS good enough, either. None.

  27. By dan on Apr 12, 2018 | Reply

    Awesome news…………Reuben Foster should be done and locked up for good. Even a great football career couldn’t keep him out of jail……and his ex-girlfriend and future girlfriends are safe.

  28. By patrick on Apr 13, 2018 | Reply

    Let’s talk about reality based on history.

    Many of you do not believe in the Cardinals management.
    Many of you do not believe in the Cardinals players.
    Many of you do not believe in the Cardinals team even though it is not assembled yet.
    Many of you have given up on the season from day 1 of the league year.
    Go back and read the comments section over the last month.

    I am talking about the posters who believe the Cardinals never had a chance to make a run this year from day 1 of league year.

    But yet you keep coming on the website day after day posting in different ways how you don’t believe in the team.

    Waiting for Darren to post new content, or finding any Cardinals news to same the same non believing stuff a different way.

    Yeah, that makes YOU a troll! No hope in the Cardinals, No belief in the team as judged by your comments again and again.

    Why do you come on the website day after day, because you have bonded with other Cardinals fans who have become jaded, non believing trolls.

    This comment section should be a place where we can ask Darren questions and get some of his 19 year insider opinion. And a place where Cardinals fans who still believe in the team, who haven’t given up on the team

    Instead it has become a troll fest.

    If I was Darren, I would just turn the comment section off and let you trolls troll somewhere else. Not like you care what he says, it would likely be pro Cardinals, which is the last thing you trolls want to read.

    How is that for reality as evidenced by history.

  29. By Joe C. on Apr 13, 2018 | Reply

    I’ll buy the Bradford has to prove he can stay healthy. It is valid to assume he won’t. But to say the Vikings thought they couldn’t win a SB with him? They traded quite a draft haul to get him just to do that. The Vikings got Cousins, that’s why they cut ties with Bradford, Keenum, and Bridgewater. But I concede they pursued Cousins at least in part because Bradford got hurt. But that doesn’t explain why they let Keenum go. I say it was because Cousins was better and if they had to they would have stuck with Keenum. And the eagles didn’t just “give up” on Bradford. They got the aforementioned draft haul and they had their QBOTF on the roster. They traded for Bradford (from the Rams) because they saw something in him. Now if Bradford gets hurt again I am pretty sure he’ll never get another contract. Definetly his last chance!

  30. By Joe C. on Apr 13, 2018 | Reply

    Patrick, many of us come here to find out from Darren whether DWash is in playing shape. Darren, is he?

  31. By JTDG on Apr 13, 2018 | Reply


    Again, what are you rambling about ?

    Are you saying if someone comes on and says they don’t like a player signed or you don’t like draft picks, you are a troll?

    It seems anyone with an opposite opinion than you is a troll ? You want to shut them down. Now you want Darren to shut down the site instead of having anything you might find negative.

    Here is the truth;
    Fans have a right to demand more from their team. Do you oppose people questioning the moves by the government (whichever side you support) ? I would like to think that democrats, who are criticizing Trump, are still rooting for good things for America, right? I would hope no one wants America to fail.

    That is all Scott or I am doing. Saying we want better moves, better management, better draft picks, but overall, we want the team to win it all. Even if it is Keim and Bradford.

    I know you prefer censorship and everyone thinking just like you. Sorry.

  32. By Dr. G. on Apr 13, 2018 | Reply

    Patrick ~ ~ When first I saw this name here some time ago, I had to reserve opinion on his postings…seemingly very negative and sarcastic… But apparently, that was a different Patrick…the one now is somewhat cheering for the team.

    Lately, as a co-fan with some optimism, I feel your frustration with some posters who just hammer away at all things Cardinals.

    If one were trying to defend the Hammers, he would point to a mere handful of winning seasons since 1988 when Mr. Bidwill did a deal with ASU. That is the “”total basis”” of the scepticism and complaints…it has metastasized into “”show me, dammit.””

    As hopeful fans and ticket-holders, and contributors to their charitible efforts over the years, we used to say, “”at the least, it is the NFL!”” We had our own team.

    Most of the Valley didn’t know how to cheer for a home team, so we had many games where we seemed to be outnumbered by the visitors. After reasonable analysis, we acknowledged that everyone moved here from somewhere else…or there were those who would only follow the latest winners…so all the foreign jerseys filled the stands.

    I believe Darren and I are in the same court regarding FA and the Draft…if you are not in the War Room, it is all somewhat guess work. HOWEVER, I appreciate the enthusiasm some fans take in the process to hopefully build a winner as obvious needs are debated.

    I’ll always be a fan…when we win, I’ll brag a bit. If we are not successful, I’ll
    say, “”they might be a bunch of bums, but they’re OUR bums.”” My history runs long and deep with our team. ((ala, playing golf with Swann or Plummer))

    Sorry, my entries are rarely half this long…

    And, the past is just that…optimism is better for our health…! Go Cards…

  33. By Scott H on Apr 13, 2018 | Reply

    Patrick –

    Wait, I thought we were talking about Bradford. Way to avoid the topic.

    I think you need to have another long talk with yourself and get back to us with what yourself said. It was so enlightening the last time you did that.

    In the meantime, try answering the simple question that JTDG put out to you. What is your argument? And if we have no basis for an opinion that Bradford isn’t good enough to win a SB, then then what is your basis for an opinion to the contrary?

    Spare me the troll non-sense. You say all some of us do is come here to complain. But it seems to me that all you do is come here to complain about people complaining.

    Hey, if you’ve got better things to do……

  34. By Scott H on Apr 13, 2018 | Reply

    Joe C.

    RE: We come here to ask Darren about D-Wash

    I don’t think a post ever made me laugh out loud like that one did. Well played, my friend.

    BTW, you are on for having that beer after the Cardinals win a SB. I’m there! First round’s on me!

  35. By Dr. G. on Apr 13, 2018 | Reply

    Cards Fans ~ ~ please check out this link. It shows the injury history of Carson Palmer…take special note of his history prior to 2013 when he came to us. You can plug in Bradford for similar info…both have unffortunate history. ((Another dice roll?))

    I don’t recall as much scepticism when compared to Bradford in light of what could be argued similar injury history. Palmer was tough, not doubt. Is Bradford fragile or just unlucky. Both men had some really weird injuries.

    I say, let’s give him a chance to prove he can stay on the field. My objection to bringing in Bradford is the SIZE OF THE DEAL$$$$$ he got…I would like to hear what went on during the negotiation, if there was anything other than this huge offer for a guy who may have signed a deal a bit better for the team.

    This year can provide a smooth transition to the guy we need to DRAFT for the future…!

  36. By Dr. G. on Apr 13, 2018 | Reply

    This may just be the year for complaining about everything ~ politics ~ teachers unions ~ safe spaces ~ toy bats in schools ~ weed ~ gun laws ~ sanctuary cities ~ and now Cheer Leaders, yep…them too.

    I have done no home work on this critical story, but there’s some complaints regarding equality of some sort. I always thought these girls stood in very long lines to get this internship/hobby to show how they love to show off their stuff. ((New hair extensions, pretty porcelain veneers, among other numerous enhancements.))

    A quick spot on the news said 6 NFL teams do not have these squads. Shocking! The Packers, Steelers, etc. have no cheer squads. I wonder who keeps the players motivated. Lawyers are trying to get Roger Goodell to testify.

    These young women ((some mothers)) work very hard to be clones of one another…looking good and being fit…requirements of the membership. Outrageous, I tell ya. Trouble on the horizon. There really is a cheer draft.

  37. By Coach K on Apr 13, 2018 | Reply

    Darren, Rumors increase that Rosen is falling

    Today I heard from Gambo, and also Good Morning NFL about rumors of Rosen falling off draft boards.

    If this is true, I hope the Cardinals let him keep falling. The word I keep hearing
    is potential bust. Spoiled brat. Silver spooner. Doesn’t love the game.

    What would you do Darren? Pull the trigger, or dig a little deeper and start calling around for second opinions?

  38. By Darren Urban on Apr 13, 2018 | Reply

    Coach K —

    RE: Rumors

    I am always leery of rumors this time of year.

    I haven’t changed my mind — I think all four QBs go in the top 12 (and I said that on the podcast before the Bills trade) if not sooner.

  39. By Scott H on Apr 13, 2018 | Reply

    Dr.G. –

    Always appreciate your weigh-ins. Hey, I’m going to give Bradford a chance. Not like we have a choice at this point! I’m not a fan of Bradford’s ( in case that wasn’t clear 🙂 ) but since I AM a Cardinals fan ( despite what some trolls here may think ) and since Bradford is our best hope for anything in 2018, I am going to hope he does well.

    Just as I hoped Justin Bethel was going to do well last year, even though I believed it was NOT going to happen. And it didn’t. Anyone remember myself and JTDG and a few others expressing that opinion last off-season? Only to be right?

    But I digress.

    Patrick, this one’s for you, brother. This is me being positive. I am absolutely going to give Sam Bradford a chance. Because I AM a fan and I DO want to see the team have success, I am going to wish him success here and hope that he has a lot of it. And this I vow – if I am wrong about Bradford, I will absolutely come out and admit it on my own. You won’t have to come look for me.

    There. That’s the best I can do. And given his history, that is completely fair.

    But let’s also have an operational definition of what Bradford doing well should mean. And let’s keep it simple. He has to be durable, play the majority of the season, and have stats that equate with the talent / skill that so many of us believe he has. We should be better because of him if we believe he is good enough to make us better.

    Fair enough?

  40. By Dan Nicholson on Apr 14, 2018 | Reply

    Cochran K
    RE: Rosen
    The things people say about these players certainly can cause a fall in draft, yet teams find it hard to pass because of the position. Most pro football players are in age bracket 20- 27, and I could be wrong or right that most forget how old they actually are and maturity level. As for Rosen or any other draftees, who’s to say people can’t change along the way.It would be awesome if he did slide that far…….

  41. By patrick on Apr 14, 2018 | Reply

    Dr. G.

    Same Patrick.
    New year, new attitude, new hope!
    Seeing the negative comments feed off of each when Sam Bradford signed only reinforced the fact I no longer want to be one of them.
    If you see me post something negative about the Cardinals, feel free to offer a pro Cardinal rebuttal.

  42. By patrick on Apr 14, 2018 | Reply


    What is the cutoff date for free agency signings to not count towards 2019 comp picks?

    Over the cap has the Cardinals with (1) 6th and (3) 7th
    I know the Cardinals are focused on the draft, but is a 6th or 7th round comp pick worth delaying an UFA signing? Seems like a couple players came and left without deals. I am sure money is the big factor, but not sure if a low comp pick would factor into the decision.

  43. By Darren Urban on Apr 14, 2018 | Reply

    Patrick —

    RE: Comp pick cutoff

    It’s the second Tuesday after the draft.

  44. By patrick on Apr 14, 2018 | Reply


    Reuban Foster has been a train wreck off the field.
    A few mock drafts had him going to the Cardinals last year at #13 including Todd McShay 2.0.
    Somebody in the organization did a great job in deciding Reddick over Foster.

  45. By NJAzCardsFan on Apr 14, 2018 | Reply

    Two years ago Nkemdiche value dropped and he fell into the Cards Lap… look how that worked out…. If Rosen’s value is dropping it is for a reason. Would he turn out to be as good as Aaron Rodgers who also dropped on draft day? Time will tell. Watch the movie “Draft Day”…. it gives an insight on what goes on in a teams War Room during draft day…..

    When it comes to posting here, I am not being negative….. I am just being realistic….. I have been following this team since I was a little kid in 1965….
    I seems Keim has this team going backwards since they peaked at 13-3.

  46. By Blijiojiodiblido on Apr 14, 2018 | Reply

    I expect and hope that the coaching staff put pat p. on man coverage most of the time despite playing zone. They should have a man zone defense so that the CBs are playing man and the linebackers and safeties are playing zone. Pat P. is not a zone guy, you can see often time he can’t tackle physical WRs and running backs.

    Also, we rarely see any wide open TDs when we played man when Bruce Arians was here, unless the CBs are getting beat. Often time, zone is confusing and the confusion leads to a wide open receiver in the deep route. I see that with the Seahawks a lot of time despite having two of the best safeties and one of the best CBs in the league. That’s why I prefer man more than zone. Since Coach Wilks likes zone, he should use the talents correctly and play a man zone defense so Pat p is still covering the best opposing WR

  47. By faster on Apr 15, 2018 | Reply

    @troll, we are retooling.

    and if you don`t believe me, ask wilks or keim.

    and i did not question bradfords engagement (if he is healthy, he is for me one of the 10 best qbs at the moment), i question a very stupid contract. no, make that two, glennons is as stupid as bradfords.

    if sam bradford is the starting qb in the first game of thr season, he will get more money then tom brady.
    and why? because he got the only available starting qb place shoved up his backside.
    a proof it contract would have been a lot more appropriate.
    and a no trade clause?
    really? for a qb who lost his job to chase keenum?

    and about glennon, with his 4 mio, he is at a level of mahomes, or fitzpatrick or henne and so on. cashwise, but otherwise?

  48. By Scott H on Apr 15, 2018 | Reply

    faster –

    Well said, my friend. Others will say that is negative, negative, negative. But I will say that positive, negative, or somewhere in between, nothing you said was wrong.

    And THAT is why I appreciate it.

  49. By Scott H on Apr 15, 2018 | Reply

    NJAzCardsFan –

    RE: Being realistic

    Also well said. Some people claiming to be fans are getting entirely too hung up on comments being positive or negative. Get over it. Get past the positive / negative thing and listen to what is being said. If it is factual, then it is neither positive or negative – it’s reality.

    Having concerns about Bradford’s health is based in what the reality of his career to this point has been. Period.

    Saying that the team has seemed to be in decline since they were 13-3 in 2015 is nothing but sheer mathematical fact. Recognizing that and / or pointing that out is neither positive or negative – until someone paints it that way.

    When anyone gets to a point where they can’t or wont say anything negative about a team / player / coach / GM / whatever we’re talking about simply because they don’t want be negative, then I can’t take them seriously. They have no credibility at that point.

  50. By Dan Nicholson on Apr 15, 2018 | Reply

    Coach K
    Re: The comment about Rosen.
    I apologize for not catching a gaffe I made in response to your post. It should have read Coach K, not Cochran K. Time to hire an editor.

  51. By Tbru on Apr 16, 2018 | Reply

    Take it back to Flagstaff, training camp was fun back in the day

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