The draft from Winslow, Az (and a draft show)

Posted by Darren Urban on April 24, 2018 – 1:09 pm

All NFL teams will have a “hook” for Day Three of the draft — Saturday — and the Cardinals are going to Winslow, Arizona, for theirs. Three of their Day Three picks will be announced from Standin’ on the Corner Park in downtown Winslow. The park, which opened in 1999, was opened to commemorate the famous song by the Eagles, “Take It Easy,” which features the line, “Standin’ on a corner in Winslow, Arizona.” Fans are welcome, with the draft starting at 9 a.m. that day.

Last year, the Cardinals did a similar announcing of picks at the Grand Canyon.

A pair of former Cardinals, wide receiver Frank Sanders and kicker Neil Rackers, will be there to announce the team’s fourth-round pick. The fifth-round pick will be announced by Winslow mayor Robin Boyd and the sixth-round pick will be announced by the Winslow High School football team. Barring any trades, of course. (The seventh-round pick will be announced in Dallas by season ticket members Robert and Marcia Fischer.

Then, Saturday night, Channel 12 will host a draft special at 8 p.m. (following the NHL playoff game.) that will feature Ron Wolfley along with Paul Gerke and Kristen Keogh. The joint production between the team and 12 News will have, among other things, a review and analysis of the Cards’ picks, a look inside the Cardinals’ draft room, and segments on Larry Fitzgerald, Steve Wilks and David Johnson. The show will be 90 minutes.


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  1. By Coach K on Apr 24, 2018 | Reply

    Shocker in the draft Thursday night.

    Don’t be surprised if Baker Mayfield is selected #1 by Cleveland.

    Could be a smoke screen, or reality.

    So much illusion being spun today.

  2. By andystandsup on Apr 24, 2018 | Reply

    ‘Standing on A corner’, Darren. Realize they’re the “Eagles”, but that’s ‘Wasted Time’. ‘How Long’ before the editing is ‘Already Gone’? ‘One of These Nights’?

  3. By joe holst on Apr 24, 2018 | Reply

    they will trade away these picks for a medicore rookie QB so don’t waste your time Frank and Neil.

  4. By RagingREDBird on Apr 24, 2018 | Reply

    I think they will pick Lamar Jackson. First they don’t have to give up anything to get him. Second they need a QB or the fan frustration and national media will continue for the next year to beat Keim and Mike up for lack of vision and guts. Last and most important Mike McCoy created a Tim Tebow style O that got the Broncos to the playoffs. If anyone can build around the skill set of a Lamar Jackson…McCoy can do it, cause he has already done it. He can start with a traditional O like he did before with Sam and can change to a completely different O for Lamar half way through the year if he had to do it… He has done it before and the Cards ownership knows it!

  5. By Ron on Apr 24, 2018 | Reply

    I don’t live in AZ, but would like a link to watch Wolf and the 12 news 90 minute show.

  6. By Darren Urban on Apr 24, 2018 | Reply

    Ron —

    RE: Draft show

    There will not be a link. It’s a show produced by 12, so unless they post it to their site, I’m not sure how you will be able to see it.

  7. By D on Apr 24, 2018 | Reply

    RIP Glenn Frey. I think Neil and Frank should wear 1970’s style mustaches. Hopefully for them, Mr. B will lend his helicopter for Sat.

    My dream Thurs for AZ would to take the best player at #15, then
    move up by calling the Hoodie at #31 to draft M. Rudolph.

    Imagine filling 2 holes in one night:

    McGlinchey & Rudolph
    Ragnow & Rudolph
    Vander Esch & Rudolph
    Moore & Rudolph
    Landry & Rudolph
    Hernandez & Rudolph

    Much cheaper moving up to 31 than into the top 10. Now, it’s safe to assume that SK won’t be the only one calling the Hooded one, so, depending on who is taken at #15, I may throw in Mike Iupati to sweeten the deal.

  8. By Dr. G. on Apr 24, 2018 | Reply

    My mock has 4 QBs going before we pick at #15…Darnold, Rosen, Allen, & Mayfield… The remaining teams pick other positions with a couple trades probable that could screw us again!

    As we pick at #15, what are the things that everyone is careful to see in a prospect QB?… Intelligence & Character are the first 2 things before we look at stats and performance.

    Jackson will have challenges with the play book and leadership. Rudolph will have the book down before the week is out…probably the smartest guy in the draft…and a natural leader without pretending…and super sturdy. Behind Bradford, he can be ready very soon.

    If this guy is there at #15, we have one of the best QBs this year! Every QB has a few warts to mend; Rudolph is the most coachable with all the physicality you dream for a QB…a HUGE ERROR to pass on him if he’s there and Keim/Wilks pass on him.


  9. By Dr. G. on Apr 24, 2018 | Reply

    Oh, I forgot to add, BMayfield is super enthusiastic to a fault. He has size issues, but seemingly very mobile. He operates frequently by “”instincts”” without thinking that may mirror what Johnny Football displayed…better for a RB attitude, but for leadership, an accident waithing to occur. Go Keim!

  10. By lloyd wolf on Apr 24, 2018 | Reply

    D…lot to like in your thinking….particularly the first one listed. Rudolph is a poor man’s version of the best qb’s on the draft board….>or= to any of them.

  11. By lloyd wolf on Apr 24, 2018 | Reply

    Coach K….Dorsey and Co. are far too smart to say anything so I do not believe they leaked anything.

  12. By Coach K on Apr 24, 2018 | Reply


    Yes, I agree. Lots of smoke screens being released to media. So it makes for good entertainment I guess.

    Yesterday I gave my wish for mock draft. But to be honest, I will be very pleased if they take an impact player, best athlete at pick #15, and then grab Lauletta in round two or three. He reminds me so much of Kurt Warner. Not in arm strength, but in accuracy.

    Round one take either Offensive tackle, Defensive tackle, corner, safety or linebacker. There are plenty of good receivers in round two and three.

  13. By clssylssy on Apr 24, 2018 | Reply

    I keep hearing how much Arizona loves Mayfield and are trying to move up to get their guy. I saw Mayfield play twice last fall, once against K-State and then the much talked about incident in Lawrence, and this guy is a train wreck waiting to happen. He is a DIVA of the first order, immature, poor impulse control, poor decision making but with some bonafied skills that give him credibility. But, he’s all about the Baker Mayfield show. and, seems to get off on creating a firestorm of controversy. As Kurt Warner said the other evening, he is the most divisive and controversial player in the draft, coaches either love him or hate him with no in between. Now, I just don’t see such a person fitting into our ultra conservative organization or fan culture, and I don’t think having such a distraction when we are attempting to rebuild a cohesive team as a smart move.
    The thought of having our QBOF, and new face of the franchise as some finger flipping, crotch grabbing, kid makes me shudder. When I hear analysts say that coaches don’t like Rosen becaue he’s too smart and that’s an “issue” but they don’t consider Mayfield’s on and off field behaviors as “issues” it makes me wonder about the intelligence of these coaches! Give me the guy who is “too intelligent” any day and let the Broncos or Jets have the DIVA! Better yet, don’t mortgage our future. take the road less traveled with somebody like Jackson, while also filling other positions of need.
    I know Keim is feeling a lot of pressure but I’m hoping that he won’t be seduced by the hype and noise, and “blinded by the light”show that is Baker Mayfield.

  14. By creditcard on Apr 24, 2018 | Reply

    Truth be known, it was actually at the corner of Santa Fe Blvd in Flagstaff at a Der Wienerschnitzel.

    Stand’n on a corner in Winslow Arizona — sounds better than

    Sitt’n on a bench at Der Wienerschnitzel in Flagstaff Arizona — is a tongue twister Besides, der Wienerschnitzel reminds most of us of heart burn over romance.

  15. By creditcard on Apr 24, 2018 | Reply

    As for the draft …

    Who really knows what will happen. The ONLY thing I hope the Cards do,is keep their intentions close to their vest as possible.

    Players and positions are moving up/down and sideways. The Cards need a QB (obviously), I continue to think Josh Allen is no more than a mid 1st round (12-20 ish) range. Jackson is a low 1st round, and Louletta is a third round talent. If these kids get selected more than in those ranges, well then a team simply reached for that player.

    My opinion,Mayfield is a 3-4th round pick, NOT a 1st round selection. I don’t think Rosen is a starting QB talent. Rosen could develop into a decent back-up, starter — I think not.

    The kid I like is a DL from Fort Hayes State, Nathan Shepherd. A DII player that played every down, doubled teamed constantly. Late 6th or 7th round pick. I think he is a diamond in the rough.

  16. By Dr. G. on Apr 24, 2018 | Reply

    Jurecki say there’s no interest in Rudolph….Booooo. So who’s the leaker from the war room staff? Fire ’em. I’m hoping this is speculative…gotta be. This kid is the sleeper QB in this draft.

  17. By Scott H on Apr 25, 2018 | Reply

    FWIW, I’ve been hearing that the Cardinals don’t just love Baker Mayfield, they LOVE Baker Mayfield. Not sure if that’s good or bad but I’m guessing if they want him, they are not going to get him at 15. So…..

  18. By JTDG on Apr 25, 2018 | Reply

    Its a day before the draft; Here is my two cents.

    The top 3 picks go;
    1. Josh Allen
    2. Sam Darnald
    3. Josh Rosen

    The cards will use the 15th pick on Minkah Fitzpatrick to play CB.
    Fitzpatrick is a ball hawk who can play CB in Wilks zone scheme.
    Why he drops to 15? Mayfield will get drafted between 5-14 most likely by the bills. You have guys like Nelson, Chubb , Barkley, Smith and Edmunds going in the top 10. Denzel Ward is the best CB in the draft. You have Derwin James, who is a beast at safety. I think Marcus Davenport is a top 15 pick.

    That leaves two spots. Fitzpatrick is definitely worthy of a top 15 pick, but if someone takes a tackle, runningback, LB, He drops to 15.

    I think the cards pick at 15 is Minkah Fitzpatrick.

    In round 2, I would hope for one of these 3 guys;
    Frank Ragnow – Center / Guard
    Billy Price – Center / Guard
    Christian Kirk – Receiver / punt returner

  19. By clssylssy on Apr 25, 2018 | Reply

    I like Josh Rosen, who is a good, traditional, pocket passer with a very high ceiling. But then, I like intelligent people and believe that in today’s NFL in order to succeed and be more than a flash in the pan, it takes intelligence, and foresight to be the next Kurt Warner, Tom Brady, or Larry Fitzgerald. Character should be HUGE. I also like Sam Darnold and, if we go back before all the hoo-haw and hype, they were the two. the PROFESSIONALS saw as being the only guys who were NFL ready. IF, Keim decides to mortgage our future, these are the only two I would feel were reasonably safe choices.
    Yesterday on Rich Eisen, he read a quote from Sean Payton who predicted that in five years the only QBs from this year’s class to still be around would likely be Darnold. Eisen further went on to make a pretty good case for Rosen also.
    At this point, I’m REALLY nervous that Keim is going to feel pressure to take our QBOF at any cost and who may turn out to be another tragic mistake. So, I’m agreeing that maybe we should pump the breaks and the best thing might be to focus on building a Spartan 0-line and D-line, and filling out our other missing pieces (TEs, Receivers, Corner, Safety).

  20. By D on Apr 25, 2018 | Reply


    I like the top 2 of your 2nd Round options. AZ needs to take at least 1 OL player in the first 2 rounds of this draft. SK needs his best draft. Of his total 36 picks- Only David Johnson and T. Mathieu have proved to be solid stars in this league so far. Golden, Bucannon, Baker, Humphries and Reddick could have potential.

  21. By El Gallo on Apr 25, 2018 | Reply

    It’ll be interesting to see how the top half of the draft plays out..

    Who knows what SK & Co. will decide based on everyone else’s moves

    One thing we all know is that in our Division alone we’ll be facing some outstanding young QBs.
    They’ve added some key players to strengthen their units

    Strategically, it makes sense to nullify their offensive fire power.
    •DL: Shore up the middle lanes, provide pressure.
    •MLB: Bucks contract is ending soon. Younger, cheaper, bigger, faster LB makes sense.
    •DE: Hopefully Golden’s knee holds up. Would be wise to add young talent here.
    •CB: Glaring need here. Imagine pairing a top tier rookie ballhawk with PP.

    Will they go defense in RD 1 ?
    RD 2 ?
    Not sure but with Wilks expertise our Defense could make the jump to the next level. Become dominant in the league with an influx of top tier players.

    Our team really needs our 1st and 2nd Rounders to play immediately.
    Or else why pick them that high as a project?

    Don’t mind going Offense.
    Nothing wrong with getting some young OL.
    But will they be ready to play right away? NFL level?

    A dominant young WR could help. Learn from Larry Legend.
    Kid from Maryland looks like a stud. Has great production.

    All I’m saying is that we need to keep pace with our Division Foes.
    Only way we get into the Playoffs is by beating them first.

    Measurables are cool but go get the guys with lots of production, dominant at their position.

    Excited for what will transpire tomorrow..

  22. By Coach K on Apr 25, 2018 | Reply


    I absolutely agree on Fitzpatrick at pick #15. And it would be a steal to get a top 5 talent at pick #15.

    I agree with your round two picks as well, but I favor Kirk the hometown kid if we can get him.

    In round three, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Lauletta to be there and perhaps an offensive tackle with the second pick in round three, or a cornerback.

  23. By gsthck on Apr 25, 2018 | Reply

    My mock (no trades)

    Round 1, pick 15 (No. 15 overall) Will Hernandez G
    Round 2, pick 15 (No. 47 overall) K Lauletta QB
    Round 3, pick 15 (No. 79 overall) Josh Sweat DE
    Round 3, pick 33 (No. 97 overall) Tarvarius Moore FS
    Round 4, pick 34 (No. 134 overall) Allen Harzard WR
    Round 5, pick 15 (No. 152 overall) Alex Cappa OT
    Round 6, pick 8 (No. 182 overall) Troy Apke S
    Round 7, pick 36 (No. 254 overall) Dane Cruikshank CB

  24. By Scott H on Apr 25, 2018 | Reply

    El Gallo –

    Yes, we need to try to keep pace with our division mates but sadly, we are not.

    The NFC West is completely inverted from where it has been in recent years. The Rams and Niners are now the top dogs and the Cardinals and Seahawks have been shuffled to the bottom.

    Seattle has lost a lot of pieces and I think their window has closed. BUT they still have one of THE best QB’s in the NFL in Russel Wilson, so in my mind, that puts them above the Cardinals. I think the Cardinals have sunk to the bottom based on the QB position alone.

    I don’t see the Cardinals winning any more than 2 games in the division this year, maybe a win against SF and maybe a win against Seattle. Maybe.

  25. By dkerry5242 on Apr 25, 2018 | Reply

    Mason Rudolph is by far the best prospect at QB in the draft. If you watched this guy the past two years at OSU you would feel the same way. Smart kid with good size and a good completion %.

  26. By JTDG on Apr 25, 2018 | Reply

    Here is what I see;

    Quarterback – The cards are rolling the dice on Bradford. Either he stays healthy and does well or he doesn’t.

    If he stays healthy, he becomes an option for 2019 and beyond. If he stays healthy, the cards could add a DB, a couple lineman, and a wr and be in contention.

    So, should the cards roll the dice, and take that chance and not draft a QB, use the picks for say CB Minkah Fitzpatrick in round one, Center Frank Ragnow in two, and RT Tyrell Crosby and WR Michael Gallup in round 3.

    After all, if he stays healthy, wouldn’t that give the cards the best chance to win in 2018?

    Wouldn’t drafting a QB take away one or more of those picks (if you trade up)? Doesn’t that hurt your chances to win now by “wasting a pick” on a QB, if Bradford is healthy and leading the team?

    What if Bradford doesn’t stay healthy and flops? Are the cards a top 5 pick in 2019? What if you get guys around him to help, but he still is fragile and gets hurt?

    Doesn’t that give you a frame work to draft a guy like QBs Drew Lock or Jarrett Stidham, while having a couple young receivers going into year two and 3, (Gallup and Chad Williams) and a line that can jel with newcomers Pugh, Ragnow and Crosby, to go with Humphries and possibly another FA.

    So, do you just say, Bradford will get hurt, we should trade up and get that guy who is the QB of the future, and sit him till Bradford is hurt, bring him in and play for 2019?

    Or do you believe Bradford is the guy, he will stay healthy, and build to win around Bradford?

    Since these are questions, here are my answers.
    I would not of signed Bradford and traded everything I could to move up with the Giants (if even possible) and taken Darnald or Allen, spent money on Oline and CB2, and looked to build around the QB for years to come.

    But since Bradford is signed, I feel at 15, take that CB2. That would fill the biggest need for the defense the last few years. Drafting a CB2 also keeps the cap much lower than signing a CB2. Then look to build the oline with young players and roll that dice.

    If it pays off, you are a playoff team. If it doesn’t , you have 2019 and Jarrett Stidham.

  27. By creditcard on Apr 25, 2018 | Reply

    I’m going with the historical trends regarding QB’s selected in the 1st round.

    History has shown us, that if 6-QB’s are selected in the 1st round, one or two,will become a starting QB, a couple other might work their way as a back-up, and yet a couple will be complete flops.

    Thus as stated, about two QBs selected in the 1st round will eventually become an NFL starter,and possibly one of those two will become an impact player.

    So, I’m thinking every GM knows these odds. I’m also thinking there is much more hype (before the draft) about these “NFL ready QB’s”,than reality. I still think 4 to possibly 5 QBs will be drafted in round 1. The Cards will have a 2-3 choices of QB selection at the 15th over-all pick.

    I think the mock drafts and all the QB hype is a bunch of hooey.

  28. By Steve on Apr 25, 2018 | Reply

    Darren: Is the NFL Draft one of your favorite times of the year? Do you suffer from draft fever like the rest of us?!

  29. By Darren Urban on Apr 25, 2018 | Reply

    Steve —

    RE: Draft

    It’s OK. Most of the time, I just want to know what players they get, and go from there. I don’t love the run up or all the speculation.

  30. By Coach K on Apr 25, 2018 | Reply

    Note to Steve Keim

    Dear Steve,

    DO NOT REACH. Stay home and take the best available athlete that helps
    the team this coming season.

    If possible, move down a little and perhaps trade down with Dallas and receive their second round pick as compensation giving us two #2 picks, and two #3 picks.

    Consider the statistics on landing a starting quarterback in this league and choose wisely if the so called top four are off the board. Look for that third round gem like Montana or Wilson if he’s there and meets the criteria.

    Arm strength and accuracy does matter in this league of small passing windows. Take the guy who has both, but don’t reach or bankrupt the future if you miss.

    Faithfully yours,

    Coach K

  31. By Coach K on Apr 25, 2018 | Reply


    Mason Rudolph…

    I wanted to share my thoughts on Rudolph and why scouts have him out of the top QB group in this draft class.

    Arm strength. It’s that simple.

    Mason has a beautiful deep ball with lots of air under it which worked for him in college from his spread offense. However, in the NFL, those high floating air rainbows will not work. They will get picked off or broken up at the next level.

    The reason he puts so much air under his deep ball is his lack of arm strength. He simply cannot deliver that frozen rope thirty yards down the field. His deep balls hang in the air way too long.

    His short and intermediate passing game is great. Against NFL caliber defensive backs, his deep ball is pick city.

    That’s why he is ranked where he is. Great kid. Really smart, but arm strength is average at best.

  32. By Dan Nicholson on Apr 26, 2018 | Reply

    Re Rosen
    Disagree on Rosen being a decent backup. What has hurt him is attitude from all accounts. He is most pro ready of all the QB’S. Watch the tape on him and you will see his talent.

  33. By Dan Nicholson on Apr 26, 2018 | Reply

    Re potential
    I think Golden & Buchanon have shown their potential. Did you forget 12 & half sacks by Golden in 2016? Buchanan while hurt last year and half has already shown he is a pro. Baker, while getting less overall playing time ,except for special teams ,and a pro bowl too boot, is better than could have potential. Humphries has shown his potential, just has to play all 16.

  34. By Dan Nicholson on Apr 26, 2018 | Reply

    Got to say if Cards get the QB @ 15, Rosen hopefully, it frees the rest of the draft up .I am feeling if they don’t they will think about it rest of draft and mess up thought process. This would help in trading up if they want a Kirk, Hughes, Ragnow . Hearing not much difference in talent level of players going from pick 17 of first round to 57 of 2nd round. Lot of assumptions and I may have commented one too……

  35. By Scott H on Apr 26, 2018 | Reply

    Interesting to hear Keim talking about drafting a QB and how you can set yourself back years if / when you don’t get it right. And no argument. But also pretty basic. That’s just the reality of it for all 32 teams. Yeah, getting it wrong can set you back. But getting it right is what gets you to the SB.

    But his saying that also begs the question – if picking the wrong QB in the draft can set you back, then what does ending up with no QB’s at all on your roster after Carson Palmer retires do?? Kinda sets you back a little, too, doesn’t it?? Sure it does. Because it leaves you as the only team in your division without a legit signal caller.

    At some point, Steve Keim is going to have to embrace the challenge of getting it right in the draft with a QB. And that is what his job is. Embracing the challenges. The Sam Bradford thing just feels like trying to avoid doing that and trying to get lucky with another veteran QB.

    Isn’t it time to try a different road?

  36. By lloyd wolf on Apr 26, 2018 | Reply

    A point of information…..Big 12 quarterbacks have been big time failures in the NFL…does that mean anything this year….I don’t know..but history has not been good to them.

  37. By lloyd wolf on Apr 26, 2018 | Reply

    dkerry….i am in total agreement with you on rudolph. IF the first group of 4 are too expensive, rudolph in round 3 would be a sensible gamble. head strength is more important than arm strength sometime. some of duds team accumulated and tossed over the past, say 10 years…strong like bull…dumb like bull. need names?
    that by the way is why rosen is probably the most ready of the top 4…

  38. By lloyd wolf on Apr 26, 2018 | Reply

    Coach K….Amen. With all the holes, reaching this year does not make sense.

  39. By lloyd wolf on Apr 26, 2018 | Reply

    credit card….spot on. folks have short memories…every year there are 4 or so called top shelf guys….let’s put some plugs in the dam first….they really need it badly. when you face a perfect storm…new qb, new coaching staff, new philosophy etc..gotta minimize issues….get the holes plugged as best as possible and go from there.

  40. By D on Apr 26, 2018 | Reply

    I would be doing flips if M. Fitpatrick was still on the board at #15, he would fill the Safety and Slot CB roll. F. Ragnow in Round 2 would be very solid pick at Center.

    I think most “experts” and fans are over looking S. Bradford. Give him protection and a healthy D. Johnson and he will move the Offense.

    I also agree with Mr. Urban, I will be glad when this is over because this is all guess and speculation, no one knows how these kids will do in the NFL because College ball is so much different these days.

  41. By clssylssy on Apr 26, 2018 | Reply

    I see we got pick #182 from Denver. What/who is that for?

  42. By Darren Urban on Apr 26, 2018 | Reply

    Clssy —

    RE: 182

    That was the pick received for Jared Veldheer.

  43. By Aaron Allery on Apr 26, 2018 | Reply

    Here are what the picks could be. Why reach?

    Number 15……………Vita Vea…………..Washington DL

    Number 47……………Billy Price…………Ohio State C

    Number 79……………Anthony Miller……..Memphis WR

    Number 97…………….Carlton Davis……….Auburn CB

    Number 134……………Arrion Springs………Oregon CB

    Number 152……………Shaquem Griffin…….UCF LB

    Number 182……………Poona Ford………….Texas DT

    Number 254……………Luke Falk…………….Washington State QB

  44. By Joe C. on Apr 26, 2018 | Reply

    JTDG-I agree with your analysis. Unless a QB the cards just love falls to 15 or the 2nd round, I would ride Bradford/Glennon in 2018 and draft multiple pieces. I like the idea of a stud CB2 who can be a future CB1 when PP ages. Add a o-lineman and WR that can start (a tall order I admit) and we look really good in both 2018 if Bradford stays healthy and 2019 we will either have a high draft pick and/or lots of cap space to build on that either way.

  45. By Cardsfan503 on Apr 26, 2018 | Reply

    Give me Baker all day. We need a spark on offense and the dude is about as accurate as they come. Trade up and bring that man to AZ.

  46. By faster on Apr 26, 2018 | Reply

    i hate this job, lol. but nevertheless, lets start the fun:

    1 (15) mike mcglinchey LT
    2. (47) braden smith G
    3. (79) o`neill brian RT
    4. (97) jaylen samuels WR
    5. (134) griffin shaquem S
    6. (152) dante pettis WR / PR
    7. (182) valdes-scantling marquez WR / TE
    8. (254) j.t. barrett QB

  47. By El Gallo on Apr 26, 2018 | Reply

    @Scott H

    I hear you.
    Did our FO bring in as many marquee names during FA?
    No. But they did address a major need at OL.
    Is that enough?
    No. Hope they continue to supplement our OL and DL in the draft and after.

    There are other higher needs that need to be addressed.
    CB, WR, QB, TE, LB, S, DL, DE
    The highest being CB, WR, QB

    At the beginning of the year there were close games that had we had a legitimate CB2 starting the out come could’ve been different.
    Instead of 8-8, we could’ve possibly been 10-6 or better.

    That’s all hindsight yes, but not unreasonable to think if our GM had addressed the need at CB.
    Or had the coaching staff put in Tramon Williams opposite of PP from the jump.
    Sure, he was new to our system, but football is football.
    How many times did we hear that they ran the “Cat Defense. You got this cat, I got that cat” coming from BA?

    Instead they went for unproven Bethel.
    Giving up game winning touchdowns.

    If we add some legitimate starters in Rounds 1 & 2 or beyond..
    No reason we can’t win many games.
    As for how many they win, we don’t know. I’ll let them play them..

    But our immediate success does hinge on one guy.
    Bradford. He has to stay healthy.
    Hopefully they get somebody else this draft to back him.
    I believe in 2nd chances but current QB2 Glennon has had his shots already and has proven to be ineffective.

    It’d be wise to get a quality, accurate QB at some point today.
    He he doesn’t fall to us in the 1st RD it’s ok, get BPA.
    But I’d move up to get who they love in the 2nd RD.

  48. By Kevin S Mesa on Apr 26, 2018 | Reply

    I don’t think the Cards end up with a QB in this draft. I don’t think they signed Bradford AND Glennon intending to grab one.

  49. By Darren Urban on Apr 26, 2018 | Reply

    Kevin S —

    RE: QB

    So you’d sign Bradford as your only vet, and then try to draft one? Awfully risky.

  50. By JTDG on Apr 26, 2018 | Reply

    The QB comparisons in this years draft;

    If the cards decide to go QB, here is how I see them.

    Sam Darnald – Andrew Luck, Big strong gunslinger who makes everyone around him better. He is athletic and can move and run. Has a strong arm to make the throws and should be a day one starter.

    Josh Allen – I see Brett Favre. Who leads the NFL in TDs ? Favre. Who leads in INTs? Favre. . Allen is a guy who believes in his arm so much (like Favre), that he will make throws no one else can. He can roll one way and throw back the other 60 yards down the field. But just like Favre, taking chances equals turnovers. They both are homerun hitters that will strike out from time to time.

    Josh Rosen – Jared Goff. In a nutshell. Give him a line, give him weapons, and he will pick you apart. I think the personality thing is overblown. Eli Manning isn’t showing all this ra ra stuff, but has two rings. Goff showed the last two years, without weapons and protection, looked like a bust, with protection and weapons (and a great coach) he shined.

    Baker Mayfield – Jake Plummer. There was never more excitement from card fans as the day Jake came in the huddle, said”there is a new sheriff in town” and lead the cards 90+ yards for a TD. That energy and excitement the Snake brought to his team helped take a lowly card team to the playoffs. But go back, look up Jakes stats. Not great in AZ, even the playoff year. I think Mayfield is that guy. He will lift up his teammates and the team will be better, but he won’t be one of the top QBs in the league in stats.

    Lamar Jackson – Randall Cunningham. The greatest runner as a QB might have met his match. Built the same, run the same, throw the same, Cunningham was inaccurate at 56% but man could he ball. Same will be said about Jackson. In the right system with the right coach, he could be special. But don’t expect 4000 yards passing and 60% comp, because that won’t happen.

    Mason Rudolph – Garrett Grayson – Grayson is the back up for Matt Ryan, and coming out, he had tremendous touch on floating balls down field to open receivers. Toughness, touch, pocket passer with presence. Neither have rockets and neither could play in a BA style offense. But there are offenses that throw between the numbers and then take a shot.

    Mike White – Tom Brady. I’m not saying he is the next Tom Brady, heck he is the GOAT. I’m saying, put White in a pocket and let him get the ball out, he will eat defenses alive. Very accurate, knows where to go with the ball, smart player. Like Brady, White won’t win any foot races and will be bothered with pressure from inside, so White needs to go to a team that can protect between the gaps.

  51. By NJAzCardsFan on Apr 26, 2018 | Reply

    I hope Keim selects a QB who is a very accurate passer. Accuracy is trait where either you have it or you don’t ie Logan Thomas. It is a trait that cannot be taught.
    With all of the QB’s expected to go early, that is going to leave some top round bargains during the later first round.
    I am sure we will all have something to “bitch” about tomorrow thru Saturday….
    This draft will make or break the Cards near term future. I would like to know how much input Wilkes has on selecting the draft choices….

  52. By faster on Apr 26, 2018 | Reply

    i expect vea to be of the board at 15, and griffin at 134 too.
    billy price, if his injury isn`t serious, he will go earlier (i had him too very high for 47), if the injury is serious, and by serious i mean, can it happen again, he will get a lot later.

  53. By JTDG on Apr 26, 2018 | Reply


    Kevin’s comments about QBs;

    I think going in to the draft with just Bradford, and going in with two QBs could tip your hat on what you might be doing and how you feel about the teams chances.

    If the team was getting one of the top 4 guys, why would he be buried on the depth chart, getting very few reps, when clearly, you believe he has the talent and is the future?

    The answer is , when you think you have a chance to win this year and you are worried your starting QB might go down.

    But would any of the top 4 QBs give you a better chance to win than Glennon? I would think so, since you obviously think highly of them since you took them high in the draft.

    So, if you had Rosen, Allen or Mayfield, it would seem silly not to dress them out (since 3rd QBs rarely dress) and have him sitting behind two guys in practice reps.

    I hope I am wrong, but I have concluded , when Glennon was signed, that the Big 3, were not happening.

  54. By Eric G on Apr 26, 2018 | Reply

    First, Darren: will there be an episode of Flight Plan for the draft? I want to see what happens with the first round pick. I really just want to know everything the Cards did (or did not do) to try and get a QB of the future. I don’t need specifics, but I want to know if Keim attempts to trade with teams to get Rosen or Allen.
    So, I’ll go ahead and predict the Cards #1 pick by telling you the name of the player I don’t want to hear. That was who was drafted the last two years. See below for proof. This year, the one name I positively do not want to hear the Cards draft in the first round is Mason Rudolph, QB. While the Cards need a QB of the future, Mason Rudolph isn’t it in round 1. He’s a huge stretch to draft that high and I don’t think he’ll be first round good in the NFL.
    I don’t know if I don’t want to hear Lamar Jackson, QB. Again, while the Cards need a QB, I’m not 100% sold on him. But, the consensus is that there is so much upside to him and the talent is just undeniable. If the Cards draft him then I think I will be fine with it like I became with Reddick.
    I would be ecstatic to hear Allen, Rosen or Darnold. However, none of these will happen without a huge trade. I’d be happy with any trade if it gets one of them, including #1 and #3 this year and next. Darnold and Allen are near impossibilities. I want a guaranteed franchise QB this year, not some Round 2+ project. If Rosen drops to #10, we had better freaking trade with the Raiders to get him. I’d be happy with any trade if it gets him. Mayock has him sliding to the Cards at 15, but he doesn’t reach that far as other teams will 100% trade ahead of the Cards to get him. We better trade up if he slides. I will do back flips if we get him. I will be pissed if he slides past the Broncos and Keim does nothing.
    Calvin Ridley is the likeliest choice if not one of the top 4 QBs, but even then I don’t think it’s a great deal at #15. He has too many drops. Think Michael Floyd v.2. I don’t like D.J. Moore either. It’s a weak year at WR and just because they are the best ones of the crop doesn’t mean they are great. Honestly, I don’t think I’d be happy with Ridley.
    I’d be very happy to hear Denzel Ward or Jaire Alexander as we need that #2 CB. I would draft them over Ridley or Moore.

    2017 – Reddick
    (As a side note, it’s a good thing I wasn’t the armchair GM for the Cards or we’d (not) have Reuben Foster. Did they know what was coming?)
    2016 – Nkemdiche

  55. By JCH on Apr 26, 2018 | Reply

    Cards should trade up and either grab Mayfield or any of the top five QBs. The cards need a good healthy QB to backup Bradford if he gets injured, or possibly even star by the beginning of next season. My mock
    1. Trade up if you have to grab Mayfield or stay put and get Jackson.
    2. Get a good WR like Christian Kirk
    3. Griffin Shaquem S
    4. O`neill Brian RT

  56. By lloyd wolf on Apr 26, 2018 | Reply

    Point of fact….based on the poll conducted….77,8% of the comments tonight and tomorrow will be from disgusted fans…unless we do pull off the trade for Brady!!

    Then some will crawl out of the woodwork and still be disgusted, eh?

  57. By CARDS62 on Apr 26, 2018 | Reply

    It is nice to play GM but really without doing homework and background checks and interviews it is really hard to know who to pick. I remember being upset that we passed on the TE from Florida Hernandez and selected a no name receiver called Roberts. I was right between the lines, but not too good off the field.

    I wanted Lamar Jackson at 15, but I changed my mind because of his Wunderlick score and coach in college. I think he is a great athlete, but great athletes bomb out at QB every season whereas students of the game like Brady and the Mannings have long productive careers.

    I will be very pleased if we get the players JTDG recommends for the first two rounds. You just can not go wrong drafting a Fitz in round 1, plus I am okay if we grab Calvin Ridley WR in round 1, but if FItz is there I think he should be our pick.
    Hopefully after the QBs go early there will still be some good prospects in round 3 or 4. JTDG – DARNOLD is going # 1 not Allen.

    Scott H. I do not look at the draft daily, but I do enjoy the speculation and this time of year and the smoke screens are funny. You say you hear the Cardinals absolutely love Baker Mayfield, and I heard an interview with Steve Keim on a radio show three to four weeks ago where it did not look good for Baker, and I just heard a draft guru today report that Baker turned off the Cardinals in the first 5 minutes of his interview with the team. So you never know, but I will be shocked if Baker becomes a Cardinal.

    So good luck to everyone playing GM and I really hope Billy Price is our 2nd round pick out of OSU.

    Go Cards!

  58. By Eric G on Apr 26, 2018 | Reply


  59. By Scott H on Apr 26, 2018 | Reply

    OK, so Rosen it is. I like it.

    Now……let’s keep an eye on Sam Bradford. Because I’m telling you, I saw this up close out here in Philly, folks – Bradford obviously thought the starting job should be his because…..well, just because. Then, the Eagles traded UP to take Barkley and Bradford pouted. He pouted. And it came across to Eagles fans ( and myself ) as Bradford not wanting to have to COMPETE. And that rubbed a lot of people ( and myself ) the wrong way.

    Call me crazy ( I’ve been called worse ) but if you want your QB to be ONE thing, you want him to be a competitor. And Bradford didn’t come across as a competitor. And I wonder how much that may have had to do with Wentz taking the starting job out here for the Eagles.

    So…..let’s keep an eye on how Bradford reacts. Frankly, I am glad we appear to have his replacement and I hope we see him sooner than later.

    And as for Glennon……does he even seem necessary at this point???

    My God, I wish we had just kept Stanton. Said it from the day Palmer retired – keep Stanton around and draft your QB of the future. It wouldn’t have cost us $20 million, I know that.

  60. By creditcard on Apr 26, 2018 | Reply

    I sure hope I’m wrong, but I think Kiem is insane. Rosen would have fallen to 15 anyhow as well as Lamar Jackson. I sure hope Rosen isn’t Matty Boy II.

  61. By El Gallo on Apr 26, 2018 | Reply

    The QB came earlier than expected..


    Finally SK shoots his shot.
    Let’s see what unfolds..

  62. By Dan Nicholson on Apr 26, 2018 | Reply

    Great job Keim, Wilks, and Mike Bidwell. Darren, he didn’t make it out of top ten, LOL.. And what the Cards gave to the Raiders
    is a good deal. Wow, and Cards still have a 2& 3 this year.. Got to love it.

  63. By CARDS62 on Apr 26, 2018 | Reply

    I am just amazed at how little Steve Keim had to give up to move up 5 spots. Hopefully Rosen will be our guy for over 10 years. There was talk the Dolphins wanted Rosen so Keim got his guy while not over paying. Scott we need Bradford to be the guy in 2018 while we work on our Oline issues. Rosen I believe is coming off of 2 concussions from last seasons so hopefully we see him in the preseason and as our starter next year with a better O line.

    I do not know what Cleveland is doing. Passing on Darnold and Chubb. I watched Denzel Ward play for several years and he is a good corner, but not elite. Denver has to be pleased to team Chubb with Von Miller. I think we play Denver twice this season and the Rams of course twice so our Oline better get ready.

    Just hoping now for Billy Price in round 2.

    Go Cards!

  64. By JTDG on Apr 26, 2018 | Reply


    Finally a quality QB drafted. Never saw this coming. I just didn’t think Keim had it in him and prepared myself for something else.

    First, thanks to the Browns for being the Browns. There is a reason they are 1-31 the past two years. This allowed the Big 3 to drop.

    Second, thanks to the Broncos for signing that crazy deal for Keenum. They couldn’t guarantee that much and take a QB.

    Third, thanks to Steve Keim. A few days ago, I wrote about he admitted to mistakes, which is the first step to correcting them.

    Keim did not wait to see if Rosen would fall to 15 only to have someone else grab him. Instead, he moved up and got one of the Big 3 QBs in this draft.

    Rosen is a Franchise QB. He is NFL ready. No matter how this turns out or what happens with Rosen, this is Steve Keims best pick of his tenor.

    Now the only question is, how long before he is starting?

  65. By JTDG on Apr 26, 2018 | Reply

    Scott H,

    Great comment.

    Can’t wait till Rosen takes over and frankly, why would Glennon even dress out ?

    Could have used that 20 million towards a couple more lineman.

  66. By Tradersbrain on Apr 26, 2018 | Reply

    I love this pick! McCoy is the perfect OC for Rosen.

  67. By JTDG on Apr 26, 2018 | Reply

    Some scary stats;

    Matt Leinart was picked with the 10th pick.

    Only 17% of the QBs picked between picks 6-32 become reliable starters in the last 10 years.

    Rosen had two concussions last year, an injured shoulder in 2016.

    Even with all that, I still think Keim made the right move

  68. By Patrick on Apr 26, 2018 | Reply

    A bridge qb1 ✅ (Bradford)
    Veteran Qb backup ✅ (Glennon)
    Release Adrian Peterson ✅
    Resolve HB contract ✅
    Sign inside LB ✅ (Bynes)
    Improve O-line ✅ (Andre Smith)
    Improve O-line interior ✅ (Pugh)
    Resolve Iupati contract ✅
    Resolve Veldheer contract ✅
    Draft QB of future preferably round 1 but definitely in first 2 rounds.✅ (Rosen)

    To do list:
    Sign Fullback
    Sign WR2
    Sign WR depth
    Sign TE depth
    Sign CB2
    Sign slot CB
    Improve Interior D line

  69. By Joe C. on Apr 26, 2018 | Reply

    Love it Patrick!

  70. By creditcard on Apr 26, 2018 | Reply

    My prediction for next year’s Super-bowl winner …. the team with the least amount of injuries.

    Sounds like Rosen has a burning desire in his belly to compete and prove all the pundits wrong. I like that. Bradford doesn’t give me the warm and fuzzy feeling that he will do anything to win, or care for that matter.

    Sometime near the end of the 2018 season Rosen will be getting his chance to start. Watch out — 2019 Rosen will be the starting QB,and do well as his playing experience increases.

    I pray that the O-line will hold up (pardon the pun) and protect our QB room.

  71. By ChristianR on Apr 26, 2018 | Reply


    Re: List

    While I don’t expect any of the recent signings to make much of an impact on the roster, shouldn’t Butler count as depth at WR? No one should jump to the conclusion that he can be a WR2, but he is at least a veteran to have on the depth chart.

    I also personally want to see Benwikere take a role, but I just liked him when he was a Panther.

  72. By Kevin S Mesa on Apr 27, 2018 | Reply

    OK, I was wrong. But really, what’s the point of Glennon now?

    I guess we didn’t know for sure this was going to happen and that Rosen would be available. Don’t get me wrong — I’m glad we moved up. But Glennon has no role on this team in my view, unless Bradford goes down in preseason. And even if that happened, Rosen is considered the most pro-ready QB in this draft… wouldn’t we just play him at that point? Dak Prescott stepped in for Romo immediately and did fine, and he was a 4th rounder. Deshaun Watson took over halfway through the first game and did fine. And so on.

  73. By JTDG on Apr 27, 2018 | Reply


    I was thinking the same thing initially, but after thinking about it, it is Bradford who will be out , not Glennon. Glennon is going to be Rosen’s back up in 2019.

    As for this year, Bradford and Glennon are there to allow Keim to fix the oline and add weapons.

    As soon as those issues are playing out in real games, Rosen will take over. That is why Bradford has a 1 year contract.

    In 2019, Rosen is the starter and Glennon backs him up.

  74. By Kevin S Mesa on Apr 27, 2018 | Reply


    Hadn’t thought of it that way. Like you, I’m glad we got Rosen. But, honestly, now I kinda wish we hadn’t sunk so much guaranteed money into Bradford. Seems like we’re paying a lot for a 1-year rental of a guy who’s likely not to last the season anyway. If we were drafting a project QB, I’d feel differently, but with Rosen being (supposedly) the furthest along of these QB’s, I’d have been fine with doing exactly what the Bears did last year with Trubisky — start with Glennon and then move to Rosen once Glennon started sucking.

  75. By JTDG on Apr 27, 2018 | Reply


    I totally agree with you about Bradford. Always thought it was a bad signing.

    I am also with Scott. If Rosen takes over at some point, or maybe it happens in preseason, you got to wonder how Bradford handles this?

    I was not a fan about the signing of Bradford and felt, before we signed him, the cards should go get one of the big 3 QBs. Once they signed him, I thought Keim was trying to catch fire with another cast off QB. I thought getting one of the big 3 was dead.

    To Keim’s credit, there was no way he could have known the idiot Browns would do what they did and Rosen would drop. So he signed Bradford. Just another decision I disagreed with. That 20 million this year could have been used to find a RT, center and receiver.

  76. By lloyd wolf on Apr 30, 2018 | Reply

    I am worn our but it was fun….FO gets a 99 …almost perfect..main reason is they came back to a level of reality…aside from Rosen. Recognized mistakes of last year’s draft early…rounds 4 and 3…last year,…G-d bless BA he did a super job but
    stubborn streak reared it’s ugly head from time to time. Tried to do too much himself when not in the best of health hurt as well.

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