From no QBs to now: Draft aftermath

Posted by Darren Urban on April 28, 2018 – 5:18 pm

The question was about how he and General Manager Steve Keim felt Saturday, two days later, about the ability to trade up and draft potential quarterback-of-the-future Josh Rosen, and Steve Wilks took the opportunity to flash back to January, when he was first hired.

“When you go back to January 22nd, when I was hired, there were questions,” Wilks said. “Here’s a guy with no head coaching experience, you have no quarterback on the roster, the offensive line has a lot of holes, there are a lot of questions about this team. And I would say this: Sight is totally different than vision. Sometimes you have to see past the difficulties. We had a plan. We had a vision.”

Wilks noted the additions on the offensive line, with Justin Pugh and Andre Smith. He noted signing quarterbacks Sam Bradford and Mike Glennon. He reiterated the oft-used “aggressive” phrase the Cardinals have used in relation to the first-round trade and the Rosen pick.

“To be sitting in this situation now, to have what could be a future franchise quarterback for many years, you’ve got a dynamic running back who I consider to be the best in the league in David Johnson, we continue to build that offensive line, dynamic receiver (Christian Kirk) who will learn and grow from one of the best in the league in Larry Fitzgerald, so we got better,” Wilks said. “Going back and looking at it now, we’re in a great situation.”

Whether the draft class pans out is TBD. Keim has been excited about every draft class he’s had on the Saturday of the draft. Then, inevitably, some guys don’t work out. That happen with every team. But Wilks does have a point — the roster, particularly the quarterbacks, looked bleak a few months ago. Suddenly, not so much. That’s not to say Rosen — or Bradford — is a lock to star in Arizona. But they could. And if Kirk becomes the wideout the Cards want and need, if Chris Campbell fleshes out as one of Wilks’ late-round developmental gems in the secondary … yes, there are “ifs.” But the Cards are in a much different spot than they were.

— As for Keim and his Rosen reflection, he admitted “it’s a little bit of a relief” to have that future QB around. Finally.

“But at the same time, (I want) to have a little fun and watch how this thing plays out,” Keim said. “I don’t forget my evaluation on Sam Bradford, and if he can stay healthy, you could be talking about a guy who could potentially be the NFL Comeback Player of the Year. I feel that strongly about how he can throw the football.”

— The Cards are in the process of agreeing with undrafted rookies. The official list won’t be out until Monday at the earliest, but I’ll probably retweet some names on Twitter if you want to look there. The official list always ends up a little different — those guys still have to pass physicals, and sometimes, players tweet out they are “signing” with a team even when they are only invited on a tryout basis.

— Last season, then-rookie safety Budda Baker missed all the offseason work other than the rookie minicamp because of an arcane NFL rule that prevented rookies from taking part until after graduation of their school. (The rule was in place to make sure guys could graduate without the pressure of having to miss time, although the reality is guys who are drafted most of the time are ready to go play football anyway.) There were a handful of schools that are on quarter systems and don’t graduate until mid-June. UCLA is one, meaning Rosen normally would have been out like Baker was. But the NFL changed the rule last fall, and Rosen will be able to be around.

“We all know you can’t get that time back,” Wilks said.

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79 Responses to “From no QBs to now: Draft aftermath”

  1. By Richard S on Apr 28, 2018 | Reply

    Very good draft it looks like. I was about to ask you about if there were any players who had to miss time due to graduation at their school but you read my mind and answered it in the text above. I remember when Leinart was drafted #1 and I made it to his first game against KC and saw him throw a perfect bomb to Q hitting him in stride. Then I think of all the time he was hammered and hurt his shoulder and then Wiz wanted him to throw long but he didn’t in the pre-season and got cut and wondered whether his shoulder injury prevented him from throwing deep.

  2. By Blijiojiodiblido on Apr 28, 2018 | Reply

    Apparently our last pick OT Cunningham at 305 pounds and 6’6″ ran a4.90-second 40-yard dash, 1.75-second 10-yard split, 35.5-inch vertical jump and 9-foot-11 inch broad jump on his pro day. As a 7th round pick, that’s some athleticism.

    CB Christian Campbell 6’0″ had a 41-in vertical jump and ran a solid 4.5 40 yard dash. “Fourth-lowest passer rating (55.7) among corners who played at least 246 snaps.”

    RB Edmonds is highly productive 1838 rushing yards in 2014, following by 1648 yards, 1799 yards, and 577 yards due to injury (67 rushing TDs)

    I don’t think I need to emphasize the greatness of the first two picks by Keim.

    Of course, there are many downsides, but the athleticism and the production may translate to something special. Of course, there are gonna be misses and cuts, but no team has a perfect draft and there is always a “luck” element in the late round.

    This may be the Cardinals’ greatest 2004 NFL draft or the 2015 NFL draft.

  3. By Steve on Apr 28, 2018 | Reply

    Good draft if for no other reason than we finally…..finally draft a potential franchise QB in the 1st round. So many drafts have come and gone over the years with the Cards not getting a QB of the future so this is really special. I am still concerned about our O-line namely our tackle situation because Humphries can’t seem to stay healthy and Andre Smith is a journeyman. I really don’t want to see Rosen out there until we have upgraded the line and can protect him better to start his hopefully long and successful career.

  4. By creditcard on Apr 28, 2018 | Reply

    I see a plan,and management kept to the plan — this is great. There were many naysayers and doubters about the 4th round pick, a running back out of Fordham.

    I think by season’s end,the fan base will be delighted he is a Cardinal. The Cards could have two backs (Johnson and Edmonds) in the backfield in certain sets. The defense will not know if it is a run or pass, and BOTH backs can catch the ball. Plus, both backs,in the open field,and morph a 3rd and 3 into a nice gain. No team,will have two linebackers fast and mobile enough to cover both of these guys — solid move.

    Kirk will be great. I am hoping Chad Williams received a wake-up call over the winter, and he becomes what we expected from last year. Williams is more of a powerful receiver, Kirk is a route specialist with speed, and then there is Larry Legend, only 2nd to Jerry Rice as the best NFL receiver of all time.

    Cards then added depth to the line, grooming them for future use.

    Wilks is soooooo much like Caughlin — they know talent,and how to grind-out wins. Wilks is transforming the Cards from a deep-threat speed team to a team that will pound it down your throat.

  5. By creditcard on Apr 28, 2018 | Reply

    Draft is mostly over, Monday of Tuesday the Cards will add various undrafted rookies. I am in hopes the Cards have been scouting small DII talent — they may come up with a diamond. some pretty talent can come out of the DII level.

    One of the only players, I wish the Cards could have nabbed is Nathaniel Shepherd from Fort Hayes State. Shepherd is a 310 lb, DT, that was double teamed the entire year. Despite this, he still was able to lead his team in sacks, yards for loss etc.. The Jets, got a good one.

    After Tuesday, the all so important,draft grades will be out (sarcasm) . Often teams, with a ‘C’ grade end up nailing it, while other teams receiving A +++, sometimes fall flat. Draft experts will have their say, but in my opinion, draft grading is a bunch of hooey.

    Draft grades = total nonsense.

  6. By Steve on Apr 28, 2018 | Reply

    Darren: What do you make of the national medias perception of comparing Rosens remarks and intangibles to Jay Cutler, the perception being that Rosen could rub people the wrong way, teammates and media alike? I ask because you once confided to feeling less than enamored with Cutler after hearing him speak during the pre-draft process, have any of Rosens comments so far given you pause?

  7. By Darren Urban on Apr 29, 2018 | Reply

    Steve —

    RE: Cutler

    You are right, I did say that about Cutler. And when I heard Rosen at the combine, I’ll admit, I was looking to see how he did — and I thought he was fine. Better than I was expecting in fact. Mayfield came across much stronger.

    Rosen has a personality that, at some point, might rub some the wrong way. But I don’t see a direct comparison with Cutler and also, if Rosen throws for 350, no one will care — especially his teammates.

  8. By ken moroney on Apr 28, 2018 | Reply

    Good draft. Much more optimistic about 2018 and 2019. Much progress. Time will tell. Hope this coach doesn’t ignore pre-season weaknesses like BA did and then do zero about it. Most optimistic I have been in about 4 years

  9. By Dr. G. on Apr 28, 2018 | Reply

    What is it about the Cardinal dining room that tends to have our coaches bust from last year’s wardrobe? Wilks needs to update things or borrow some of Keim’s shirts. Oh well, gotts take care of out dining in every meeting!

    Talking of busting out, we have some guys from FA and now the draft to really go after it in camp to get our “”ship”” together for the new season. Wilks seems to be on top of things and eager to get organized…passing on the insults with possitive attitude.

    OK, now to the churning 90-man roster to develop our 53 + the PS crew. Go Cards!

  10. By Patrick on Apr 28, 2018 | Reply

    From sbnation Cardinals Udfa
    Hastin Adams, DT, Mary Hardin-Baylor
    Elijah Battle, CB, West Virginia
    Joe Davidson, P, Bowling Green State
    Dennis Gardeck, OLB, Sioux Falls
    Frank Ginda, LB, San Jose State
    AJ Howard, DB, Appalachian State
    Alec James, DE, Wisconsin
    Chad Kanoff, QB, Princeton
    Brant Morris, OL, Toledo
    Mike Needham, LB, Southern Utah
    Deatrick Nichols, CB, USF
    Austin Olsen, OT, SIU
    Matt Oplinger, LB, Yale
    Jonathan Owens, S, Missouri Western
    Austin Ramesh, FB, Wisconsin
    Trent Sherfield, WR, Vanderbilt
    Andy Smigiera, S, Robert Morris
    Tavierre Thomas, DB, Ferris State
    Ezekiel Turner, S, Washington
    Andrew Vollert, TE, Weber State
    Malcolm Washington, DB, Northern Iowa
    Corey Willis, WR, Central Michigan

  11. By Mark on Apr 28, 2018 | Reply

    I think the Cards had a great draft. I love the Rosen and Kirk pick. I think the Cole pick is a good one and like his versatility and durability. I was a little bummed that they didn’t go Corner earlier but the Campbell pick is intriguing. His has all the tools to be a good Corner and PFF said he was the star DB of the senior bowl. Only the Edmonds pick seemed to be a head scratcher but if he turns into the next Dion Lewis, that would be sweet! I am just happy that the cards third round pick was not some extreme reach like the past two years. I was gonna eat my hat if I heard another Rob Housler type pick.

  12. By Rick on Apr 29, 2018 | Reply

    Very positive for Cardinal fans. Go Cards !!!!!!!!!

  13. By Steve on Apr 29, 2018 | Reply

    I agree Darren, if Rosen plays well, winning will trump a lot of the soundbites. Rosen seems a little brash but he doesn’t strike me as a bad guy or one who will be divisive in the locker room. I am pulling for Josh to have a long successful career for the Cards.

  14. By RagingREDBird on Apr 29, 2018 | Reply

    Are the Cards really going to keep 3 QB on the 53 roster? How often does that happen in the NFL in modern times? That will cost some position group a man.

    Keep a watch for FBs being picked up from the undrafted rookie class. I don’t recall any being drafted and there was a few good players coming out this year.

    S, CB, TE and MLB will now most likely be dealt with in the free agent market? Keim Sign could be in huge play again this year. Cards have a ton of money to make a few splash pick-ups.

  15. By clssylssy on Apr 29, 2018 | Reply

    This was about the best draft I can remember since being in Arizona twenty-five years. We’ve had some good ones that produced standout career players but this one was excellent because we had so little to start with, were transitioning to a new coaching staff with new ideas, and we seemed to be circling the drain while being surpassed on all sides in our division and conference. Then, BAM! …overnight we have an offense and have addressed some of our most glaring needs that have plagued us for years. We have our franchise QB (and now one of the best QB rooms depth wise in the NFL), we’ve got a #2 WR, and have improved our 0-line imeasureably! We got our Corner, who seems to be somebody that will make make a difference and will be an even better secondary player down the road. And, it looks like a lot of our Special Teams worries were taken care of too!!!
    Given our limited resources, I think the front office did a masterful job with what they had to work with and while we still have holes and weaknesses in spots, I am excited to see how they will be addressed with UDFAs and even maybe some veterans who have been cut to make room for players in the draft.
    Watching the players being taken by other teams, it seemed that many were going with defensive players and I do have some concern that while attending to the needs of our offense we may have neglected the obvious and over estimated our strength in this crucial area. But, good job in staying on script!
    Most of all, I love this new philosophy and attention to “football DNA” and the difference between being skilled and being competent as a player. We are now much farther ahead of the curve while remaining a work in progress but with a renewed hope and enthusiasm.
    Can’t wait to get going with this new crew!

  16. By Coach K on Apr 29, 2018 | Reply


    Your comment about Rosen rubbing people the wrong way.

    I understand your concern. But it may be his strength. I had a QB years ago
    who was a cocky somewhat privileged kid who at times had conflict with my play calling. Early on, I found it irritating and a distraction to the team. However, we decided to meet and talk it out one day and it really helped both of us find common ground.

    The kid was actually correct on many of his suggestions because what he saw on the field was different than what I saw from the sidelines. After our heart to heart discussion, I made some adjustments to better fit his skill set and allowed him to change the call if he saw something he didn’t like.

    I see so much of this in Rosen. The kid is just smart and I feel it’s very important for Mike McCoy to really take time to understand Rosen’s mind and not box him in. If both of them can get on the same page and keep their ego’s in their pocket, this could end up with a Superbowl sooner than later.

    Frankly, I don’t see Rosen sitting on the sideline after mid-season. He is simply too good and I fear Bradford’s bone on bone knee is not going to hold up an entire season. I hope it does, but it concerns me.

    Rosen will turn out to be the best of these four top QB’s especially if McCoy knows how to manage him.

  17. By Darren Urban on Apr 29, 2018 | Reply

    Coach K —

    RE: Concern

    I never said I had any concern.

  18. By Coach K on Apr 29, 2018 | Reply

    Dr. G

    I think the Cardinal’s dining room needs to bring in the Tom Brady food program.

    Lean and mean. No sugar.

  19. By Joe C. on Apr 29, 2018 | Reply

    Now’s where some one year prove it deals can really make a difference. Unlike the culture in the rest of the NFC west I say put character at a premium. Get some guys who are hungry for a title or just who want a big contract next year from someone else!

  20. By Scott H on Apr 29, 2018 | Reply

    Been totally out of the loop since Thurs night but the draft has to be considered a success because of how highly Rosen seems to be and the move the F/O made to get him. Making that trade was about all we could have asked our GM to do at a time when what this team really NEEDED was to pretty much get the best QB available in the draft. I didn’t it was going to happen and it did. So, I have to give SK credit for that.

    Again I heard some others saying they didn’t think the trade was necessary because Rosen AND / OR Jackson were going to be there at #15. But I disagree. With Jackson, yes, he was probably going to be there. But I wanted no part of him. That’s just me.

    Rosen being there at 15? I don’t think so. Sitting between #10 and us at #15 were the Dolphins who I think had to be considered in need of a QB, too. Not to the same extent as us, but I think there is NO guarantee Rosen gets past them if we don’t make the trade. So….I’m glad we did.

    Last year, the Cardinals supposedly wanted Mahomes and it looked like it was gonna work out. Then, the Chiefs swooped in and that was that. Assuming the Cardinals THOUGHT Mahomes was going to be their future and then having the rug pulled out from under them, they COULD NOT sit back and wait again. They needed to do what the Chiefs did last year – they had to make sure they got their guy. So, they had to make a move to get where they knew they could get their guy.

    And that is aggressive. ’bout time.

  21. By joe holst on Apr 29, 2018 | Reply

    the jets gave up 3 2nd rounders to go from 6 to 3 and we went from 15 to 10 for a 3rd and 5th, well done.

  22. By NJAzCardsFan on Apr 29, 2018 | Reply

    The drafting of Edmonds leads me to wonder what they are going to do with TJ Logan? Maybe turn him into a WR…??? He is super fast!

  23. By JohnnyBluenose on Apr 29, 2018 | Reply

    Steve….when I heard what Rosen said I immediately thought of Cutler too and for a lot of bad reasons. When Brady was drafted 199th overall he did not say he was pissed off ( but then again, no one in the press was there to ask him). Instead he told Robert Kraft that drafting him was the best decision the Patriots could have made. Will Rosen be a Cutler or a Brady? Time will tell but for now I like the pick. And I like our second pick too. Maybe Larry will sick around for 2019 too.

  24. By NJAzCardsFan on Apr 29, 2018 | Reply

    Looking at things realistically, I am not quite jumping up and down after the 2nd round pick yet. This was a great draft as the Cards finally got what they needed for a long time- a 1st rate rookie QB. I wonder if Kirk’s size will hinder him in the NFL? There is still a need for a quality CB opposite PP. Some 6th round rookie will not do at this point. Also, there is still a need for at least 1-2 more quality TE’s that can block. This is crucial to the proposed running game. The Cards need to find someone to replace Frosty Rucker, if he is not coming back. There is still a need for a FA O-Line right tackle… if not a starter at least a veteran that can provide some depth. There is still a lot of work for the Cards front office to do before the season starts. Let’s see what Keim can find in the remaining unsigned FA’s.

    The problem with the NFC West now is that everyone got better this year….. It could turn out to be the best division in the NFC…!!!

  25. By Scott H on Apr 29, 2018 | Reply

    As I listen to impressions of Rosen and his potential to rub people the wrong way, I think of Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers has also been described by some as not the easiest guy to get along with…..maybe a little cocky… of those guys who is too cool for the room. But…..damn, man, give me Aaron Rodgers any day of the week and DEFINITELY twice on Sunday.

    As Darren points out, when your QB is as good as a guy like Rodgers is, you ain’t gonna hear his teammates complaining. It won’t be any different with Rosen just as it wouldn’t be any different with any other QB who wins.

    I didn’t mind the 9-mistakes-taken-ahead-of-me comment so much. I like his confidence. I think he needs to cool it for the immediate future but there is something about this kid and his belief in himself. I like it. Jake Plummer believed a comeback was always possible, no matter what their situation was. And he made others believe it, too. Plummer was good but he wasn’t great. He wasn’t great to a point where he could make those comebacks happen on his own. I think what he did that was special was his ability to make others believe they could win. And when everybody started to believe they could win. they did. That was how he made everyone around him better. I loved that about him.

    And if Rosen can be that kind of guy whose confidence makes others around him better because they believe in their QB, then…..I’m OK with Rosen doing / saying what he has to to make that happen.

  26. By Scott H on Apr 29, 2018 | Reply

    I find myself not getting the comparison of Rosen to Cutler. Rosen seems to be engaging and to have a lot of personality. Maybe too much for some people’s liking or comfort. To me, Cutler always seemed aloof…..DEVOID of personality. The guy just didn’t seem to have a pulse.

    Rosen seems to have a pulse.

    Heck, just using my own gut as a barometer, I already feel good about Rosen. But I would have NEVER felt good about Cutler.

    We’ve seen how Cutler’s career played out. Let’s also hope there will be no comparison to Cutler where Rosen’s career is concerned.

  27. By Scott H on Apr 29, 2018 | Reply

    So, I posted earlier about how Bradford may react to the Cards trading up to take their QB of the future. And that was with seeing how he reacted to the Eagles trading up to take Wentz two seasons ago in mind.

    Now, did anyone see the video of the Cards war room and the call that was made to Rosen after they finalized the trade with Oakland? If you did, you saw Keim, Wilks, and Bidwill all get on the phone in succession and tell Rosen how excited they were about the Cardinals future with him. Pretty cool video, by the way.

    So, if you’re Sam Bradford… are you taking this? You’ve been here less than a month and you already know the future for the Cardinals is not you.

    Like I said, it will be interesting to see how this goes.

  28. By Joe C. on Apr 29, 2018 | Reply

    I still think 2018 is a transition year and any success is gravy. Not that the FO,coaches, and players won’t do everything they can to win, but we’re still building the team. I think Bradford knew this and was ready for a rookie QBOF. No way he didn’t think this was a definite possibility or even probability. Hell, that’s why he got what amounts to a one year contract. Anything but the 2016 Bradford and he’s gone. Maybe even anyway. Glennon on the other hand may be around for a while. Clssy, your valleys are very low and your peaks are very high! Good for you.

  29. By NJAzCardsFan on Apr 29, 2018 | Reply

    At this point why should Bradford care at all? He gets $15-$20m for 1 year!!!
    He is going to start as Rosen is still raw for the NFL. He has to learn the Cards playbook and system. With Bradford starting, Rosen has time to learn. Glennon at this point maybe expendable though…..

  30. By Dr. G. on Apr 29, 2018 | Reply

    Well, the QB thing for Keim//Wilks is solved for now…except for having to cut a few camp body QBs later.

    Psychologically, I prefer leadership by “”example;”” that is how I see JRose coming across. He is amped to show how he can spin that football for his guys. I read confidence, not arrogance.

    The screaming theatrics doesn’t work for me. He noted that he is willing to learn from Bradford for the Pro game preparation. This kid is a tough nut. Lesson #1 Here kid, let me show you how to hand off to DJohnson! OK?

    All the so-called “”know-it-all”” media guys say he should start right away, but first, JRose must surpass a guy who really can spin it if he stays healthy. Let’s not throw him in the fire until he’s ready. My God, ((as Scott likes to say)), what a wonderful situation going into this season. Injury to Sam won’t worry as much.

    And, when he wakes up, would he really rather “”live”” in Cleveland, New York, or Buffalo…freezing his tutu mostly? Golf in January?

    Be well, Cards Fans Anxious to tee it up!

  31. By JTDG on Apr 29, 2018 | Reply

    Scott H,

    Bradford and Rosen;

    The debate begins.

    Rosen does not need to sit and learn. The only thing he needs to learn is the speed of the game and windows of what being open looks like in the NFL. He can only do that by playing.

    Rosen is smart. His footwork is good. He runs a pro set. He was coached by a former NFL coach.

    To me, Bradford is only going to slow the progress of Rosen. Bradford starts the season while this Oline gels. Once you know the line can protect, bring in Rosen and the future begins right then,

    You brought in Bradford because you had no idea if you could land one of the big 3 QBs. Thank God The browns are the browns, and Rosen fell to a place Keim could climb up and get. If you knew for sure you could get Rosen, then there would have been no need to sign Bradford.

    Instead, you could have done exactly what the Bears did with Trubisky. Glennon goes for the first month and the Rosen takes over.

  32. By Scott H on Apr 30, 2018 | Reply

    NJAz CardsFan –

    RE: Why should Bradford care?

    Well, I guess if all Bradford cares about is making money, then life is good. But I’m thinking Bradford must care about more than just that. I’m HOPING Bradford cares about more than that. I’m HOPING he’ll show a competitive spirit that shows he cares about being on the field and playing QB.

    Again, look at the recent past for Bradford. The Rams moved on from him. The Eagles traded up to draft a QB that immediately took his job. Then, he goes to Minny, gets injured, Case Keenum makes everyone forget about Sam Bradford, and a year later, the Vikings move on to Kirk Cousins.

    Look, the last three seasons have been a succession of teams either not believing in OR wanting to move on from Sam Bradford. At some point, if you’re Bradford, don’t you reach the point of enough is enough and wanting to prove everybody that passed on you ( no pun intended ) they were wrong?

    This is the point where Bradford needs to show that he is either a lion or a lamb. If he is content to just kick back and count his money, then he isn’t the competitor he needs to be to be an NFL QB.

  33. By Joe C. on Apr 30, 2018 | Reply

    If Bradford is smart he takes his $15M this year and then decides to back up Rosen for ten years at $5M a year. Meanwhile the cards can churn project QB’s every year with low round draft picks or UDFA’s. But I suspect he’ll move on to another QB desperate team. Heck, we might even get a draft pick for him!

  34. By Chris G. on Apr 30, 2018 | Reply

    I agree with JTDG. Let Bradford/Glennon take the heat while the O-line gels. Let Rosen acclimate to the speed of the NFL. Fans will certainly start pushing for Rosen to start immediately, but this is were I hope the front office learned one thing from BA. Be stubborn and don’t listen to the fan noise.

  35. By D on Apr 30, 2018 | Reply

    So, AZ went to Winslow to make a few picks on Sat. Mostly do to the town name being mentioned in a very good/popular song by a well known band.

    That same musician who sang and wrote the song, also played the GM in a movie about the Cards and a player who played WR.

    G. Frey as the GM in the movie was hesitant about production/paying a short WR. Fiction became reality as the Cards made their 2nd Round pick on a less than 6 ft WR.

    AZ needed a WR and I hope he is successful.

    AZ also had other needs besides WR when the 2nd Round began. They didn’t move up for some quality OL players that were drafted at the start of the Round.
    But, I’ll be watching the next few years on how AZ’s WR does compares to other needs/players that they could have taken at pick 47

    TE-Dallas Goedert-Philly
    RT- Connor Williams-Dallas
    CB-Donte Jackson-Panthers
    CB-Isaiah Oliver -Atlanta

  36. By JTDG on Apr 30, 2018 | Reply


    I get what you are saying about those picks. I like all 4 guys.

    Having a Conner Williams who could have challenged at either RT or LG would have been nice, but they have Boehm , Wetzel and Holden as back ups this year.
    You could find that starter in next years draft / off season.

    The CBs are the big question. Olivier and Jackson could have started day one. Tough to not go that direction.

    But I like Christian Kirk. One of the biggest reasons is his pass route running and explosiveness with the ball in his hands. I still think the cards need another threat outside, but Kirk is that Wes Welker guy a young QB will love. He will get open quick, allowing Rosen to get the ball out of his hands and then, he can make things happen.

    Heard the cards may keep Fitz inside and use Kirk outside. I am not sure about that. I’ll need to see how that works out.

  37. By D on Apr 30, 2018 | Reply

    Keim Time Signings to fill 2 Holes after the Draft:

    TE- Antonio Gates. We all know Gresham may not play this year or if he does won’t be until late in the season. Ricky Seals Jones is not enough for the position. Gates played under McCoy in SD. He is a future HOF and would be Special having him and Larry on the Starting Offense .

    CB- Bashaud Breeland. He could be the missing CB that PP has been waiting for. SK has signed plenty of guys since last season ended and drafted a CB in Round 6 that will need to play SP to make the club, but as of today, I don’t see an Outside CB that can start Week 1. SK will need to sign a Vet. Breeland was good for Washington and is only 26yrs old. His voided deal with the Panthers had $10mil guaranteed $, he probably won’t get that now, but SK can make a nice offer with the decent amount of Cap $ available.

  38. By Dr. G. on Apr 30, 2018 | Reply

    I’m very open as to whether Bradford or Rosen starts in September. We can learn a lot during pre season games. Yes, the debate begins. But, it is naive to think the speed of the NFL is the major reason to shove a rookie in and say, “”got get’em kid. Learn the hard way.””

    Wisdom, confidence, experience, and time in the saddle can’t be absorbed like taking a pill. Our Fans have been so desperate for so long for a QB, that some just can’t demo a little patience for things to develop.

    I, as with many Fans, was not thrilled with Bradford’s signing, $$$$ and injury history, etc, but now that he is here, gotta play him in the beginning. Bradford is not a chump. Rosen will be called upon when he is ready soon enough. Don’t ruin him by tossing him to the lions too early…still…can see him playing pretty soon.

  39. By JTDG on Apr 30, 2018 | Reply

    As for the draft;

    You have to give the cards a good grade on the simple fact they landed a legit Franchise QB. That pick alone is good enough.

    The cards came back and landed two more solid picks in Kirk and Cole.
    Kirk gives the cards a punt returner and a quick receiver who can be explosive. Mason Cole is a guy who can play center , guard and tackle and has lots of experience playing.

    If those 3 guys hit, this will be labeled as one of the better drafts by the cards. Maybe the best, since they got a QB.

    The cards went running back in round 4 after going running back last year. DJ is the back. DJ will get 300 touches. TJ Logan and Elijah Penny could handle the other 75-125 touches. Logan showed a little in pre season before getting hurt and Penny is OK. I’m lost on this pick unless they don’t plan on resigning DJ.

    Then in round 6, the CB they picked Campbell at CB. A long lanky kid who is a project for Wilks. He could and probably will end up at Safety, but even if he stays at Cb, he is not a guy who will start any time soon, if at all.

    In the 7th round, they landed a 7th round tackle. Meaning, don’t get too excited about his, as he will have a difficult time making the team. But he is long and big and athletic, so there is a chance you hit on one of these guys.

    I was a little disappointed the cards did not find a CB2 who could come in day one. I was hoping for Holton Hill, but as I said, his off the field issues must be worse than anyone knows as a guy with late first round or second round talent went undrafted.

    The Vikings decided to ink him to an UDFA deal. We will see if he continues to be a problem or if Zimmer can turn him into a solid CB.

    So, the cards MUST find a CB2 between now and the first game. Last year, Bethel gave up forth quarter TDs to lose two of the first 3 games. Can’t do that again. Got to, at some point , address that glaring hole. I doubt DRC, but I always liked him. Breeland is guy with experience that can play.

  40. By CardsNation on Apr 30, 2018 | Reply

    If Keim signs Dez and DRC or Breeland and Tre Boston or re sign Branch. We have all the pieces we needed. Just a thought lol, but I think we still have a solid team with the addition of the draft.

  41. By JTDG on Apr 30, 2018 | Reply

    Dr G,

    I got to disagree with you on this point of Rosen.

    What will he learn sitting? Seriously. He is not a dumb guy.. He will understand the offense quickly. He has the tools to play now.

    Unlike someone like Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson or Baker Mayfield, who all have issues that they need to work on to be ready, Josh Rosen is pro ready.

    Holding a clip board does no one any good unless they don’t understand the playbook, don’t understand the coverages, or have mechanic issues they need to work on.

    He might (and probably will) have his ups and downs, but it will make him stronger for 2019. Holding a clip board won’t.

    Again, the only reason I hold him out is to allow the oline to gel and find out if they can protect, and to allow the young receivers to learn and develop. Those two things may take some time. That is the only reasons I send Bradford out there,

    Also, with Rosen’s attitude and Bradford knowing this kid is taking his job, don’t look for a whole lot of cooperation between the two on the sideline.

  42. By Scott H on Apr 30, 2018 | Reply

    JTDG –

    I agree about wanting to get to the Josh Rosen era sooner as opposed to later. And why not? Hey, it’s probably gonna happen, anyway. Because anyone who thinks Bradford can stay healthy long enough to hold Rosen off isn’t being realistic.

    Yeah, I know, I may as well give myself 10 thumbs downs right now and save people the trouble.

    Maybe what we should ALL be worried about is possibility that Rosen DOES have to play sooner than would be ideal because Bradford DOES go down again. Vikings fans are lucky that Case Keenum was ready to step in when he was called on – in WEEK 2.

    And I know you’re thinking what I’m thinking….Rosen takes over during pre-season, is named our Week One starter, and Sam Bradford goes on the trading block that gets us another needed piece THIS year or a draft pick(s) for NEXT year. Worked out pretty well for the Eagles when they did that. huh?

    Let me tack on a few more thumbs downs before I sign off…..

  43. By NJAzCardsFan on Apr 30, 2018 | Reply

    Scott H.. et al.
    Doesn’t Bradford have a no trade clause in his current Cards contract? Unless he waives that, I don’t see him going anywhere, especially if he stays uninjured…..

    It all depends now on how “good” the O-LIne will be protecting the QB now….

  44. By Coach K on Apr 30, 2018 | Reply

    Scott H, Steve,

    I think Rosen is more like Aaron Rogers, and not like Cutler.

    Cutler never had fire in his belly. Never was a vocal leader.

    When I watch Rosen video’s, I see him taking control and verbally leading. Watch the Texas A&M game. You will see Aaron Rogers, not sleepy Cutler.

  45. By Kevin S Mesa on Apr 30, 2018 | Reply

    Bradford starts because you owe him $15M guaranteed and we didn’t pay him that to sit.

    Yes, Rosen needs to play to develop, but it’s Bradford’s job (for 2018 anyway) as long as he’s healthy and produces.

    I agree with JTDG that if we knew now that we could land Rosen, no need to get Bradford in the first place. But we didn’t know that at the time.

    Bradford has gotten better nearly every year he’s been in the league. His last full season, he had a 99.3 rating and set an NFL single-season record for completion percentage. We don’t know yet if Rosen is going to be elite, or just a middle-of-the-road guy, or a failure. I don’t think he’s going to be a failure, but projecting that he’ll be elite is a stretch too — it’s just impossible to know.

    What we do know is that if Bradford is healthy, he’ll be a legit QB. No reason to think he’d be any worse than Palmer was. Most of us would take another year of Palmer (not the aging version, but the version from his first few years in AZ) paired up with David Johnson and Fitz, and take our chances.

  46. By creditcard on Apr 30, 2018 | Reply

    The Cards were able to get their 5th round selection back, in the signing of Frank Ginda as a URFA. Ginda had crazy numbers at San Jose St.,came out early as a junior. 6′ 0″ 245 lb.

    His pro-day he was in a car accident (not his fault) about a week earlier where he had stitches in his head and a hurt arm in his pro-day, despite this he had 29-bench press reps,and a 4.7 second 40-yd, and excellent cone drill. I think he had 170 +/- tackles,with 90 or so solo tackles.

    I like the selection of the URFA class for the Cards. Top punter, top kicker in the 2017 draft class, DE from Wisconson, some of the DBs, and Ginda.

    M/b a Ricky Seal Jones or Lyle Sendlien is in this group.

  47. By ChristianR on Apr 30, 2018 | Reply

    If Wilks feels that Bradford has earned the week 1 start, then I say let him play the whole season. The Cardinals are paying him enough, and our goal should be a Super Bowl every year.

    Outside of CB2, do we really have a glaring hole right now? This QB room seems deep, o-line is much improved. Kirk will be a solid option that takes some pressure off Fitz. Pass rush has been good the past couple years. I’m not saying this team is flawless, but we have a much better shot at a big season than any team that lost its head coach and QB should be able to hope for.

  48. By Jon on Apr 30, 2018 | Reply

    If Rosen reminds people of Aaron Rodgers, then it should be noted that Rodgers sat when he came into the league behind a vet. It didn’t hurt his development one iota. There is a strong argument to be made that it helped. No college QB is truly NFL ready day one.

  49. By Dr. G. on May 1, 2018 | Reply

    JTDG ~ ~ You aren’t in disagreement with me…kinda saying the same thing on Rosen. Your caveat about “”UNTIL THE O-LINE GELS”” is very key. You know that with all the changes, it may take until until the BYE ((week 9)) to gel…lets hope not. ((When in 2017 did our line ever really gell?))

    O-Line can be way more complicated than most fans realize depending on the playbook. (I know you are aware of this)…the reason they get big bucks. Every Offense starts there.

    Listing all the things that NFL time in grade I posted earlier cannot be learned in just the first camp…Bradford is way ahead here, ((no jitters)) unless Wilks simplifies the play book for Rosen. I know he’s smart and eager…goes without saying.

    FWIW, interested to hear your comparison of these 2 guys’ arms and accuracy at this point…trick question? I want our best chance to win while we develop.

    But, i will give you this, both guys are really starting with an “”unknown playbook,”” so there’s that. Gel, and Be well…! Got the QBOF!

    Today, Vegas Book makers have the Cardinals winning 5 or 6 games…gotta make some cash on the over there…I don’t get this one.

  50. By Dr. G. on May 1, 2018 | Reply

    Kevin ~ Amen on who starts for now…sensible. We are not desperate.

  51. By faster on May 1, 2018 | Reply

    draft grades (this is for the draft, not how the players will develope):

    rosen b
    kirk x (i would not try to value the home town hero, lol)
    cole a+
    edmonds b
    campbell b-
    cunningham a+

  52. By faster on May 1, 2018 | Reply

    a question at darren, if i remember right, we bid for kirk cousins. but it was never revealed. or i did overlook it, how much did we offer.
    do you know some numbers?

  53. By Darren Urban on May 1, 2018 | Reply

    Faster —

    RE: Cousins

    I do not. I don’t know if it got to that point or not. In the end, it’s moot now.

  54. By faster on May 1, 2018 | Reply


    worst prediction and best prediction:

    worst first, in the by week our starting qb is torgersen and the backup glennon.
    bradford, rosen, kanoff and doughty are injured (as is a lot of our oline).
    and a lot of fans will ask for keims head.

    best prediction, oline klicks and all are healthy, bradford stays healthy and plays his usual mvp games, rosen is developing great, glennon is traded to a needy team for a second round pick (because he played great in preseason) and kanoff gets a rosterplace (and there is interest for a trade too).
    and i will praise keim as the greatest manager ever.

    and now lets pray ……..

  55. By michael on May 1, 2018 | Reply


    So the Pack drafted CB in Rd 1 and 2, drafted CB Kevin King last year, and resigned Tramon Williams to 2yrs/$10m and resigned Davon House to a one year deal

    That is 5 potential starters for 3 spots. not to mention the 9 others CBs they have on the roster

    Any talk of Keim offering a 6th or 7th rounder in 2019 for Davon House, same kind of deal he made for Marcus Peters? Draft pick for the Pack, and a great opportunity for House, as every CB2 who plays across PP21 on a one year deal make a major payday the next year. Cards give up a late round pick and use their 1st rounder next year on CB

  56. By Darren Urban on May 1, 2018 | Reply

    Michael —

    RE: Trade

    Not that I’ve heard.

  57. By D on May 1, 2018 | Reply

    Everyone needs to simmer down about the Rookie QB.
    I doubt he can walk on water or create peace in the middle east.
    Expectations needs to be lowered about Rosen and playing in 2018.
    Aaron Rodgers first year playing 16 games, his team finished 6-10.
    I believe T. Aikman was winless his first season starting.
    Learning from Bradford this year is a good thing. 2015 isn’t ancient history,
    that is the year Sam played in 14 games, threw for 3700 yards and had a
    completion % of 65. Don’t send Sam to Carson’s retirement house yet.

  58. By faster on May 1, 2018 | Reply

    @darren, thanks, and i was only interested because i read today of the top 100 player ranking, and as a numbercruncher i was curious, where the top 100 starts with their salary or value.
    my favorit was foles, followed by a healthy bradford.

  59. By JTDG on May 1, 2018 | Reply


    Exactly my point. Rodgers first year playing , the team went 6-10. The next year, they were in the playoffs.

    Why not get that 6-10 out of the way, so Rosen can be taking us to the playoffs in 2019?

    Aikman was 1-11 his first year, but then was 7-8 his second (only because the team wasn’t great yet) By year 3, he was a pro bowler.

    Look at Wentz. 7-9 first year, 11-2 in year two.

    How about Goff? 0-7 his rookie year, 11-4 the next year.

    Think of Russel Wilson. The hawks brought in Matt Flynn to a big contract, but started Wilson over him. Of course Wilson balled from the opening bell, going 11-5

    So, understand. no one is claiming Rosen is taking this team to the playoffs, although that has happened. What I am claiming is, exactly what happened to these other QBs, whether they played right away or waited like Rodgers, they usually need to play, then they get better the next year.

    So my question is, What will he learn from Bradford? Tell me exactly. Because I see a kid who will do it his way, not Bradfords.

  60. By Scott H on May 1, 2018 | Reply

    Kevin –

    RE: It’s Bradford’s job

    Why? Simply because what we’re paying him? I get what you are saying but I really hope the QB competition will be wide open and not determined by who is making more money.

    Hey, Bradford was supposed to be the starter in Philly in 2016, too. Then, they realized that their rookie QB was a better option. And they went with him. And it was absolutely the right thing for them to do.

    Could it happen here, too? Yeah, it absolutely could. And IF Rosen is looking like a better option for 2018 than Bradford, then he should play.

    All NFL teams should have a culture of competition. The best players should play. And that may be Sam Bradford this year. I’d probably be surprised if it wasn’t. But the job shouldn’t be his because of anything other than his being the better player.

  61. By Scott H on May 1, 2018 | Reply


    I actually have no idea if Bradford has a no-trade clause in his contract.

    But, quite frankly…..the way things have gone for Bradford in recent years, he probably should.

    But good point. I have no idea. No, I don’t imagine things will play out here ( with Bradford ) as they did in Philly two seasons ago. Not THIS year, anyway. But, hey, I don’t think anyone was expecting things to play out the way they did in Philly, either!

    Honestly, I would not have given Bradford a no-trade clause. If I’m the Cardinals, I don’t need Sam Bradford that bad. And I really doubt the demand for him was such that it would have been necessary.

  62. By Darren Urban on May 1, 2018 | Reply

    Scott H —

    RE: Don’t need Bradford that bad

    So who was your QB if the draft doesn’t work out and you don’t get Rosen? Because you had to chase a QB long before the draft.

  63. By Jon on May 1, 2018 | Reply

    Darren —

    I think Scott is saying that we should have negotiated harder on not allowing a no-trade clause in Bradford’s contract. Maybe we already tried, but I see the point.

    I don’t think it really matters because there is a very high chance Bradford is the better QB for us this year.

    This roster is a win now roster IMHO. That means Bradford likely gets the job unless Rosen is off the charts

  64. By Scott H on May 1, 2018 | Reply

    Darren –

    Yeah, you’re right – we DID have to chase a QB long before the draft. And the reason for that? Poor planning by the F/O, having not a single QB on the roster after Palmer retired. That wasn’t my doing.

    Who was my QB if the draft doesn’t work out? I’ve already said, ad nauseum, they could have kept Stanton around, or even Gabbert, then doing what they needed to do to find their QB in the draft either this year or next. Because I didn’t see the Cardinals being truly competitive in 2018 anyway.

    But, Darren, the question of who was your QB going to be isn’t mine to answer – that is Steve Keim’s job. HE had us in the position of needing to chase a QB long before the draft. So, it was HIS job to solve that problem either via FA or in the draft.

    I’m just not a Sam Bradford fan and I don’t believe in Sam Bradford. That is my opinion, I’m entitled to it, and I stand by it. So, no, I do not feel we needed Sam Bradford so badly that we needed to give him a no-trade clause if that is what Sam wanted.

    I humbly submit that better planning by the F/O would have prevented the need to chase a QB. “Chasing” by definition seems to imply a degree of desperation. And that is how I felt about where we were after Palmer retired. Steve Keim put us there and it was his job get us out.

    I have said I applaud him for making the move to get Rosen. Keim deserves massive credit for that. But he kinda created the situation that had us where we were, didn’t he? Am I wrong for seeing it that way?

  65. By Darren Urban on May 1, 2018 | Reply

    Scott H —

    RE: Keim’s decision

    But see, that’s the rub, isn’t it? Keim loves Bradford. Always has. Said again the other day he thinks if he stays healthy he can be in the discussion to be comeback POY. I remember talking to him in 2010 and he loved Bradford coming out.

    So yes, he had a problem to find a QB. And he signed Bradford and Glennon. And then got Rosen. I get you don’t like Bradford, but if you are going to say it’s Keim’s job, then it seems kind of disingenuous to say he screwed up getting Bradford.

    As for better planning, yes, you needed to plan better. That ends up water under the bridge, IMO. Especially now. For all the concern, if you would’ve told me the day Palmer retired that the answer was going to be Bradford/Rosen in 2018, I would’ve thought that’s a great plan.

  66. By Jon on May 2, 2018 | Reply

    Here is the other issue — is it possible that if we don’t pick up Bradford that the Raiders demand more from us to move up? Without Bradford, we kind of reek of desperation in that situation. And that’s true even if we had had kept some combination of Stanton/Gabbert but never got Bradford. No GM is going to seriously believe we are comfortable rolling out that duo, hence the premium on that trade potentially skyrockets to an affordable place and we never get our QBOF in the first place

  67. By JTDG on May 2, 2018 | Reply


    Playing Devil’s advocate;

    I get why everything happened. I’m happy with Rosen, and hope they build around him in 2019. But the question is, was it the best path?

    I think what Scott is saying is if the cards had Stanton and Rosen, they could have used the money that signed Bradford to sign LG Norwell and RT Chris Hubbard.
    (Norwell is a 5 mil cap hit in 2018 and Hubbard is a 5.8 mil hit vs Bradfords 10.6 million hit.) and with the money saved from Iupati and Smith, you could have resigned Tramon Williams.

    That is a better team today and in the future.

    To say, well we didn’t know we could get Rosen , I think the plan would have been to do whatever you could to move up and get one of the Big 3. You knew there were 3 draftable QBs, and there were teams willing to trade out. You look at the Jets and Bills , who took that approach. They were getting a rookie QB in this draft.

    So, I think the argument is, They took Bradford, but was it the best path? Why?

    Next year, the cards will need a LG and RT and Center again, not to mention CB2.. Maybe a better plan would have been to build a line with the money paid to Bradford and get a CB2 and then see if you could move up for your QB in the draft. I think it is a legit question to raise.

  68. By Darren Urban on May 2, 2018 | Reply

    JTDG —

    RE: QBs

    You can say they were going to try and trade up, etc., but you didn’t know. So IMO you make sure you have a legit QB in place.

    So if they stick with Stanton and are unable to trade up and get any of those QBs, is the fan base thinking, “OK, but that was the best plan to try?” I’m gonna say no. I’m gonna say the fan base would’ve crucified this team.

  69. By JTDG on May 2, 2018 | Reply



    If the Browns take Darnald, the Jets grab Allen, and the Bills come up and get Rosen (which is what I thought would happen) yes, we are left out of the cold and who knows, maybe we are grabbing a Mayfield or Jackson.

    Look, I am happy how it turned out, but I just never bought into the Bradford signing. Let’s say we had to roll with Stanton and Gabbert but were able to add those lineman and draft a CB2, knowing we need to go all in for that QB in 2019, I would have been good with that.

    I would rather see a team build something than keep patching holes.
    The whole 2013 draft is gone, the 2014 draft has one guy. 2016 has no help. This is what frustrates me personally. I’m ok with losing if it meant building something that will last.

    The Bradford signing just was a throw back feeling of desperation. After this many years, it was, here we go again.

    I think that is what frustrates Scott and myself. The Rosen era can’t get here too soon.

  70. By Darren Urban on May 2, 2018 | Reply

    JTDG —

    RE: Rosen era

    I get it.

  71. By JTDG on May 2, 2018 | Reply

    Of course , looking back before the draft, would the colts have taken 2 ones and a two ?

    Could have ended up with Sam Darnald

  72. By Scott H on May 2, 2018 | Reply

    Darren –

    First, thanks for not taking my previous post as heated as it may have sounded.

    But to be clear, I’m not saying HE screwed up by getting Bradford. Yes, we needed a QB before the draft and I do believe HE believed Bradford was a good way to go, maybe the best way to go. I have no idea whether he had any intention of making a draft day trade or not at that time. Heck, after they signed Bradford AND Glennon and were sitting at #15, could you blame me / anybody for thinking maybe drafting a QB just wasn’t in the plans this year?

    Again, I just don’t like Bradford. My not liking Bradford and not feeling good about him as my QB is NOT the same as saying Keim screwed up by getting him. Understanding that Keim / we needed a QB doesn’t mean I have to agree with the one they got.

    At the time he signed Bradford, Bradford made sense simply because we needed SOMEBODY. I get that 100%. But it doesn’t mean the SOMEBODY we needed was an injury prone QB on a one-year $20 million deal.

    Now, since it was the issue that started this whole thing in the first place, can you verify if he has a no-trade clause in his deal?

    FWIW, no, I would NOT have crucified the organization for staying with Stanton for 2018. And I realize I may be in the minority here.

    And I continue to believe Glennon was a mistake. And I was saying that from the moment they signed him, so the events of draft day are irrelevant as it relates to that.

  73. By Darren Urban on May 2, 2018 | Reply

    Scott H —

    RE: No-trade clause

    That was reported, yes.

    I know you wouldn’t have gotten on them for Stanton. But you are most definitely in the minority for that. That’s why this is always so funny from my perspective. In this case, people all were not happy with the QB situation — but the fans all had so many different plans to fix it. Keep Stanton, dump Stanton. I hate Bradford. I love Bradford. How could you not get Cousins. Thank god we didn’t spend any money on Cousins. Yay, we got Rosen. I hate Rosen, should’ve been Jackson. Why didn’t we trade up for Allen? Trade for Darnold? Heck, I have people angry we took a QB at all in the first round.

    No winning here.

  74. By Joe C. on May 2, 2018 | Reply

    JTDG-I disagree. You plug players in strictly by cap hit. You don’t know whether you could have signed these players. Its a great speculation. Same with the QB situation. Of course the Cards should have signed a future HOF QB while we still had Carson. I mean they were laying around all over the place. This was played well. Sometimes you have to run right up to the cliff. One last thing, lots of these players you say we should have got would have been on multi year contracts with significant cap hits in the future. That’s a factor. We have the potential for a decent oline. Interior lineman are not that hard to find. If either Cole or Boehm turn out to be a serviceable center you grab another guard in the draft or free agency next year to replace Iupati. Same with a tackle. Use your first rounder on a CB2. You still have over $50M left in free agency after signing draftinga couple olineman and 4-5 draft picks.

  75. By Scott H on May 2, 2018 | Reply

    Darren –

    Nope, can’t please everybody.

    For the record, I am happier with Rosen than I would have been with any other QB in this draft, especially Jackson. I am also happier with Rosen as a legit QB of the future than I would have been with Cousins. I just don’t think Cousins is worth what he got. He’s the luckiest man alive right now, being the best FA QB available at a time when so many teams needed a QB. Timing is everything. He walked right into the best situation he could ever hope for. Unless he plays like an ELITE QB for the Vikings, they over paid for him. The odds favor this turning out to be yet another good / solid veteran QB that a team over-paid for.

    You know I’m a Stanton guy. He was a great guy to have around and I still wish he were here. It was all good with him. He could play as a starter, he would be the best back-up QB we could hope for, and I believe he would be a great teacher for a young QB. But….we move on. Sadly.

    Everything on the scale, I’m glad we landed where are. I’ve barely even commented on the draft beyond Rosen, but it looks like a very solid haul. I like that they went almost all offense. Kirk and the O-lineman they took could be immediate impact players.

    Thanks for the dialogue.

  76. By JTDG on May 2, 2018 | Reply

    Joe C,

    Future HOF QB while having Palmer;

    What are you saying? No one is claiming that. My comment is that Bradford was a bad signing regardless of who the QB was.

    I get why he signed him, but, as I said back in January, I would have looked at McCown or Stanton, depending on salary, and did everything possible to land one of the big 3 QBs.

    FAs were examples of money spent on FAs that equals Bradford. . I can only go by what they were signed by. I can’t know if they would come here.

    But this goes back to several conversations I had during free agency. Why would the FAs not come here? Please tell me why? Do you think this organization is so bad, no one wants to come here for the same amount of money as somewhere else? Is that your premise?

    I’m not thinking that way. I actually think players would want to come here. Again , why wouldn’t they? Especially, since Norwell’s OLine coach, who took him from undrafted to one of the best guards in football is the cardinals O line coach. Isn’t that a logical conclusion?

    Then you say interior lineman are not that hard to find. What? Is that why the cards signed Pugh to 45 million? Why Zietler got 60 million, Osemele got 58 million, Norwell got 66 million, Travis Fredrick got 56 million .

    Then you look at the draft. Nelson goes 6th overall. You have Ragnow and Price going first round.

    Seems the league disagrees with you.

  77. By Joe C. on May 3, 2018 | Reply

    JTDG-One reason they wouldn’t come here might be the perception the Cards are a couple years away from winning? Hell before Rosen got drafted you were turning in your season tickets! What I’m say is you keep repeating the cards should have got a QBOF sooner. You are right. It just wasn’t that easy. Would you have grabbed Paxton Lynch? Not sure how that’s working. Mahommes? maybe. Watson? Who knows. My point is we had Palmer, Keim waited until the last minute and he got lucky. I see on the other thread you think 2018 is a transition and 2019 the Cards are poised with cap space and draft picks to win it all. Yep, that’s what I’ve been saying.

  78. By JTDG on May 3, 2018 | Reply

    Joe C,

    QB of the Future;

    Actually, you are wrong. Go back and read my post. (Darren could verify).

    I argued many times that this class of QBs was going to be much better than 2017, and we should wait and draft our guy this year. I have been high on Sam Darnald and Josh Allen since last years draft.

    I will be honest, I had Rosen as my number 3 guy, mainly because I personally like gun sliggers more than pocket passers. Give me Favre and Rodgers over Brady and Warner. Just what I like in a QB.

    Like the Bills and Jets this year, I would have been set to move up and get my guy regardless of the cost. This was the year to get one of the Big 3.

    Last year, (you can go back and see my post) but I wanted the cards to draft;
    Round 1
    -WR Mike Williams – who went to the chargers
    -CB Marshon Lattimore – Although I never thought we had a chance. as he dropped to 9, I posted we should trade up
    – CB Marlon Humphrey – who went to the ravens after us
    – CB Travarious White, who went to the Bills

    In round 2 and 3, I was very high on JuJu Smith Schuester and thought he was better than Corey Davis , who went #5. I also was big on C Pat Elflien.

    I thought, as long as you had Palmer, give him a chance to win it all. I also lobbied hard to sign Kevin Zietler at Guard.

    So, to recap, with a CB2, a WR 2 and 2 new interior lineman, I think you could have risked more draft picks for your QB.

  79. By Joe C. on May 3, 2018 | Reply

    JTDG-I enjoy your posts so I’m not going to argue with you. Cards got young QB to rally behind without mortgaging their future draft. They have great cap space flexibility going forward. HOOYAAHH

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