Cardinals’ 2019 comp pick estimate: Just one

Posted by Darren Urban on May 8, 2018 – 1:47 pm

Today is the deadline for free agents signed counting for or against a team’s compensatory pick haul for the 2019 draft. The Cardinals benefited greatly in 2018 with comp picks, earning three comp picks (and ultimately using all, to choose OL Mason Cole, RB Chase Edmonds and OL Korey Cunningham.) Next year, it won’t quite be the same.

According to Nick Korte of, the Cardinals — based on their free agent gains and losses this year — will get a lone extra seventh-round pick, attached to the departure of wide receiver Jaron Brown to the Seahawks. Three other losses qualified as potential seventh-rounders: quarterbacks Blaine Gabbert (to Tennessee) and Matt Barkley (Cincinnati), and offensive lineman Earl Watford (Chicago). But none figure to earn picks because there are only 32 comp picks awarded and all three fall in at 33 or higher.

(The Cards lost a couple of higher-value free agents but those are canceled out by the ones they signed themselves. And as always, players that had been cut — like Tyrann Mathieu — do not qualify in the equation.)

The list can change slightly depending on how much some guys play or if they are released. But it’s usually a pretty close estimate of where we will be when comp picks are revealed in late February or so.

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16 Responses to “Cardinals’ 2019 comp pick estimate: Just one”

  1. By Scott H on May 9, 2018 | Reply

    Holy cow….not related but is anyone seeing the story that apparently, Kurt Warner actually talked to a coach ( un-named ) this off-season about the possibility of coming out of retirement to play in 2018??? Really?? Sounds like it’s not happening, but it seems he DID think about it.

    Same story indicted that he considered coming back to play for the Cards in 2014 when both Palmer and Stanton went down. Really??

    Same story also indicates that – in regard to playing in 2018 – his wife said go for it, she thought it would be great. REALLY, Brenda?????? OK, where was THAT level of support when Kurt took our SB hopes with him after 2009??? And that was 8 years ago!!!! Oh, but NOW it would be great if he played. REALLY???

    This story is up on right now if ya care to look.

  2. By Steve on May 9, 2018 | Reply

    Darren: When does rookie camp start for the Cards?

  3. By Darren Urban on May 9, 2018 | Reply

    Steve —

    RE: Rookie camp


  4. By Scott Brown on May 9, 2018 | Reply

    agree with you Scott H,
    don’t tell long time Cardinal fans what Warner did when he walked away from his last year ( and left 11 million on the table ). Team was set to make another run in 2010, but it all fell to the wayside when Warner walked away…

  5. By Johnson on May 9, 2018 | Reply

    The people who are taking an aim at Kurt Warner, seriously need to get a life. Football is a business and in 2005/2006, everyone was singing praise of how Cards got their future QB in wannabe Leinart. Nobody expected Warner to even take a snap, including me and when a fairy tale 08 season happened, suddenly Warner is the messiah. Instead Cards (as usual) tried to low ball him and he almost went to the 49ers, but decided to stay back for the 09 season. Suddenly when he retired, Our Hopes and Dreams of winning a SB is gone!!!! Seriously????

    Kurt and Brenda took a decision in ’10 and kudos to them – some of the so called bizarre fans might think he left us in the lurch, but he didnt. There were enough signs to build a team with a new QB but Ken messed up royally from 2010-2012. How is that Kurt’s fault?

    If Brenda is OK with Kurt making a comeback again to the NFL so be it – its their choice. But lets not get all hyped and sensitive how “Warner left us naked, when we coulda/shoulda/woulda been a contender”.

    If this team had a good enough Secondary in that 08 SB, Big Ben would have never been able to make a come back. 3 defenders covering Holmes couldnt stop that “THROW” ..THREE!!!!! The look on Warners face after that “catch” was filled with disgust!

    The only reason this organization has any decency of respectability today is because of Warner and we have a culpability to say “Hey, Warner – you dug a knife on our backs when you retired, and now you wanna make a comeback???”

    Moving on, if Bradford somehow does the impossible and takes this team to the SB next season – and does the impossible once again by winning it – decides to leave in Free agency (cause of course, we will low ball him on the offer as we usually do) – knowing AZ fans, we will screech on Bradford and talk about how we have Rosen as our lord and savior! ….. Appalling!

  6. By faster on May 9, 2018 | Reply

    first, i`m a warner fan, my first ever nfl game was in berlin 2000, the superbowl with the greatest show on turf. i was a warner fan since, and when he signed with the cards, i went with him, and got stuck.

    for me he is one of the greatest qb of all times.

    but, didi you see the last pickture of him? either he developed a truly enormuos six pack, or he used brendas jacket.

    i think it was a good joke, and i wish him well, and many. many years to fool around.

  7. By NJAzCardsFan on May 9, 2018 | Reply

    I would love to see Warner back as QB coach….

  8. By Scott H on May 9, 2018 | Reply

    Johnson –

    No one is taking aim at Kurt Warner. I love the guy. If my one post here somehow outweighs the hundreds of posts I’ve put up over the years about how great I think he is…..I can’t help you with that.

    Look, if you don’t think a 47 year old Kurt Warner talking to an NFL coach about making a comeback / trying to play again is a remarkable story…..I can’t help you with that, either. It was being talked about on every sports talk show I tuned into today, so it got people’s attention.

    As for Brenda, hey, I have nothing against her, I’m sure she is a wonderful person. If you were paying attention back in Jan 2010, you saw her in tears in New Orleans when her husband got knocked into next week and had to leave the game. And you know how bad she wanted him to stop playing. But 8 years later – when he’s 47 – she thinks it would be great if he played?? I’m sorry, I’m calling that ridiculous. Because, no, I’m pretty sure it would NOT be great for a 47 year old man who has been out of the game for 8 years to try playing QB again. That would, in fact, be foolish and dangerous. Because there is no way that man could be in shape enough to keep up with the speed of the game. He would get pummeled. How does a wife think that would be great?? Why does anyone who loved Kurt Warner want to see that?

    I would NOT. Because I don’t think it would be great. I think it would be akin to a human sacrifice.

  9. By faster on May 10, 2018 | Reply

    @scott, cool down, warner made a joke (and maybe get some (well deserved) attention for his charity).

    @njafan, me too. if i remember right, there is only little time to prepare because of the nflpa limitations .

    and lindley is working as a coach, maybe it would not be a bad idea, to ask warner and lindley for a special training session for rosen, chanoff and glennon.

    with bradford as a attentive spectator, to go easy on his knee.

  10. By ChristianR on May 10, 2018 | Reply

    Just got all caught up with my football podcasts. #1 thing that I hear about the Cardinals draft class? “Pro-ready.” It just hit me today how much of a relief that is to hear after how long our early picks tend to take to contribute.

    Hopefully, Bradford and DJ both are/stay healthy and play well. But it sure is great to hear people around the league say that our top four picks (if needed) could play well as starters THIS SEASON.

  11. By D on May 10, 2018 | Reply

    Time for some More Keim Time Signings…

    I like the FB signing, should be good competition with Coleman, Penny and the kid from Wisc.

    After the rookie pool ($6mil plus) and to keep around $5.5 mil for the season for bonuses, signings/injuries, etc. Keim should have roughly $6mil still to spend if desired.

    He could sign 2 or 3 of the following:

    B. Breeland CB. -6ft , 26years old, if he passes a physical, sign him up to a 3 year deal. The kid would solve the outside CB slot tomorrow and allow the current CB’s on the roster to compete for the Nickel / slot job. He would be the best quality CB2 since Cro in 2014.

    T. Boston or K. Vaccaro at Safety. Deep safety help is still needed. Kenny would be lower cost. 2 yr deal.

    M. Lewis or A. Gates at TE. Lewis is still a good blocking TE, which could always help if coach wants to smash mouth run DJ down opponents throats. 1 yr deal.

  12. By El Gallo on May 10, 2018 | Reply

    – Comp picks

    As projected, 1 is better than none.

    One of the best to do it as a GM Ozzie Newsome recently retired.
    Not a surprise his organization has been successful.
    Learned how to scout, evaluate talent and build a team while under HC Belichick of the then original Cleveland Browns.

    Ozzie was a wiz at navigating FA, always seeming to collect comp picks yearly.
    Increasing their chances to find talent but also now being able to use them as trade capital.
    Major reason the Ravens are a top end team, winning a SB soon after arriving in Baltimore.

    SK brought in some much needed OL and most importantly a QB in Sam.
    With Rosen in the fold we’re in a good spot.
    I’m sure the FO looks to collect comp picks with the roster turnover each year.
    Having 3 comps this year was big, gave us more bites at the apple.

    Can SK be better, sure.
    But he has kept the team competitive with class act guys more often than not.
    Not bad for a house grown, former scout.

    Hope to see SK bring in a vet CB & TE soon..

  13. By Scott Brown on May 10, 2018 | Reply

    without SK having to give away the top couple of picks in 2019 to move up, add this comp pick and at the moment the Cards should have eight picks to start the draft next year.

  14. By Scott H on May 10, 2018 | Reply

    Looking forward to seeing some players getting on the field tomorrow. Will be nice to be able to focus on what is going on there.

    Liked the fullback signing. Will be interesting to see what kind of role that will have in the offense. Just as it will be interesting to see what role the TE’s will have. After 5 years of BA’s aggressiveness, Palmer’s downfield arm, and a loaded WR corps ( although not as much last year ), I think we are going to see a very different type of offense in 2018. I’ll miss what we had during BA’s time ( it was a lot of fun ) but if what we transition to is effective and is winning games, I’ll take it!

  15. By Scott H on May 11, 2018 | Reply

    I swear, looking at the pic of Rosen and Bradford up on the site elsewhere…..Rosen looks like a high school kid! Seriously! My youngest daughter has her prom tonight and her friends were lust here taking pictures. Josh Rosen looks like one of them!

  16. By Scott H on May 13, 2018 | Reply

    Oh, man….a tragic typo in that last post. Obviously ( I hope ), the word lust should have been JUST. Yikes.

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