“Very difficult equation” with Dansby

Posted by Darren Urban on March 5, 2014 – 12:20 pm

Karlos Dansby will be 33 this year. He is coming off a tremendous season. He is a free agent. And these are the treacherous waters Cardinals General Manager Steve Keim must now maneuver through in his efforts to bring the linebacker back to the Cardinals.

Former Bills and Colts GM Bill Polian, now an ESPN analyst, said today the tough part with a Dansby deal is the dead money it will almost certainly create at some point. Dansby believes he still has a few good years left, but there is always the possibility — again, because of his age — he could be released with years left on whatever deal he would sign.

“People make a big deal out of dead money when they count it up at the end of the year,” Polian said. “Free agency equals dead money. That’s part of the overpayment (in free agency) and it comes with the territory. You are going to have some, always. As a general rule, you want to avoid as much of it as you can, knowing you will have it.

“The issue becomes how do you structure a contract that pays the player commensurately that is cap-friendly and at the same time, avoids dead money. That’s a very, very difficult equation to try and solve. And I feel sorry for Steve trying to get that done. It’s difficult.”

It also makes Dansby’s re-signing before testing the market tough to envision. Dansby won’t truly know what’s out there for him — even with talks allowed as soon as March 8 — until he can really go on a visit or two. Then again, deadlines tend to spur action, and the real deadline here won’t come until next Monday night and Tuesday morning. It’s a fascinating situation moving forward.


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Who could work with Arians and (gasp!) QB talk

Posted by Darren Urban on March 6, 2013 – 4:54 pm

At some point, the constant offseason debate about who will be the Cardinals’ quarterback will end. In a perfect world, it’d be determined this offseason long-term somehow, but until then, I suppose a third of the posts here lean in that direction. So here’s a midweek base-touching on some quarterback-and-the-Cardinals topics:

— Former Colts general manager Bill Polian, now an ESPN analyst, was on a conference call the other day and gave his thoughts on what QB out there might be the best fit to work with new Cardinals coach Bruce Arians. Polian sounded somewhat optimistic Arians provided a little flexibility in that regard.

“I worked with Bruce for five years, and my feeling is that he can adapt his offensive scheme to pretty much any skill level at quarterback as long as the guy is a good decision maker, as long as he has the ability to see the receiver deliver the ball on time and do it accurately,” Polian said. “Those three things are a must for quarterback play.  I think whomever he has can do that, and he’ll adapt the rest of it.

“For him, that’s not hard at all.  He’s very adaptive and creative.  He’ll figure out a way to make virtually any system work, as long as the quarterback has those (three things) … well, actually it’s four things.  Process information, see the receiver, anticipate his coming open get it out quickly, and be accurate.”

Is that Kevin Kolb? Is that Brian Hoyer? Is that John Skelton or Chase Daniel or Drew Stanton? Is that/could it be Smith/Barkley/Glennon/someone else in the draft? That’s the mystery building up to these next seven weeks or so.

— Speaking of Hoyer, Peter Schrager writes that, given the QB market, Hoyer could be considered by multiple teams in free agency even as a restricted free agent. I went over this before that the Cards probably will tender Hoyer and thus would have a chance to match any contract offer he signs from other team. The soft QB market, both in free agency and the draft, obviously plays into Hoyer’s attractiveness but that doesn’t make him any less of a legit option. One nugget Schrager notes — Ken Whisenhunt was telling teams he would like to bring Hoyer with him in some role when Whiz was interview for head coaching jobs.

— As far as Kolb goes, the fact his roster bonus is reportedly due March 17 could make a big difference. It buys the Cards time if they want, or if Kolb doesn’t want to take as much of a cut as the Cards want him to take. Teams can talk to free agents starting Saturday. In that extra week, the Cards could know for sure if they have another veteran option in place instead of Kolb and let him go if they want. Or, after wading into the free agent pool, they decide Kolb is the guy they want, they can make moves then. I’m speculating on this right now — both sides have been tight-lipped over how this is going — but then again, it’s the season of speculation.


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