Childress worked in Flagstaff – but not with Cards

Posted by Darren Urban on November 4, 2010 – 9:29 am

Vikings coach Brad Childress once was an assistant coach for the NAU football program as he started out in the profession. He lost his job and was working at a Circle K convenience store in the town had just begun hosting the Cardinals for training camp.

He also had his phone calls forwarded to the store while waiting to hear about potential jobs, and he talked about getting his break – when then-Utah coach Ron McBride called to offer him a position when he was at work.

“I was actually accepting the job and there were people standing at the counter,” Childress said during this week’s conference call. “I waved them out of the store and I said, ‘no no, go ahead and take it.’ I think it was some Ho-Hos and a Big Gulp. I probably wasn’t real good at that point in time, but I did accept the job and after that was gainfully employed back in college football. It was more important that I didn’t have to get off that conversation than the people that were standing there waiting to pay me for their stuff.”

Childress, in his monotone way, noted “I’ll probably get a letter in my file with Circle K for this,” although it was 1990. Childress, by the way, was on an NAU staff with future NFL head coaches Andy Reid, Bill Callahan and Marty Mornhinweg.

Childress may be the only NFL coach to have ever accepted a job while working the counter at a convenience store (I’ll have to see if the Elias Sports Bureau keeps records on that). Not the best place to be taking calls from potential future employers.

“I was admonished weekly for not answering the phones ‘Circle K 113’ or whatever the hell it was,” Childress said.

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