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Posted by Darren Urban on May 14, 2010 – 9:14 am

A few things to ponder while I wait for my new (and painfully expensive) air conditioner to arrive:

— Ron Wolfley, Paul Calvisi and I will be doing an offseason Cardinals Underground podcast early next week (Tuesday is the plan). We’d like to answer some of your questions. So if you have a question for us, e-mail me at, put “Underground” in the subject line and we will get to as many of them as we can.

— Speaking of things for the fans, if you have been looking for some new wallpapers, we finally have some up. Just go to this page for a cornucopia of choices.

— Is this where we get into the discussion of where LeBron plays next year?

— One point I meant to bring up in yesterday’s item on Deuce Lutui is that neither he nor the team could have foreseen the Faneca signing. No one thought the Jets were going to cut the guy. Once he was cut, however, the Cards — who had wanted him for a long time — got their man and changed the game. Like the unfortunate turn of events with the CBA that hurt Lutui’s leverage, the Faneca situation threw another wrench in Lutui’s situation.

— Personally, I don’t think Brian Cushing should have gotten defensive rookie of the year award after failing the test for banned substances. He’ll still serve his punishment of a four-game suspension, but that’s the regular season. Meaning the first crowd he has to deal with at a game will be at University of Phoenix Stadium — where the Texans open up the preseason against the Cards. That should be interesting.

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